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WWE Vengeance 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has more heat than Enzo Amore! We are looking at WWE’s Vengeance 2005, quite the odd B level pay per view show for the simple reason that both world championships are being defended, we have Batista vs Triple H inside a Hell in a Cell while John Cena defends his WWE Championship against Christian and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match. Also, we have a Wrestlemania rematch as Shawn Michaels faces off against Kurt Angle, to say this pay per view is promising would be an understatement. Will it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

John Cena has been drafted to Raw, Cena was shining brighter than anyone in WWE so it only made sense to bring Cena over to Raw. We get a nice montage of Cena battling Jericho and Christian. We also get a great package for Batista and Triple H inside The Hell in a Cell, we have Batista talking about being in the cell while we have the likes of Foley, Bischoff and JR talking about what Hell in a Cell does to a person. It is pretty epic stuff, no surprise from the WWE.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Carlito © vs Shelton Benjamin

Carlito is the luckiest man when it comes to debuting, Carlito debuted on Smackdown and defeated Cena while when drafted to Raw, Carlito won the championship in his first match. Carlito has a swagger to him, another rising star drafted to the Raw brand. Lock-up, clean break from Benjamin. Firemen’s carry by Benjamin for two, Carlito begs for mercy from Benjamin. Lock-up and side headlock by Benjamin, takedown by the challenger. Carlito counters with a headscissors, Benjamin flips over for a pin and Carlito begs for mercy once more, it is clear Benjamin is on his A-game.

Boot and clubbing blows by Carlito, elbows by the champion. Irish whip to the corner, Benjamin explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Chops and right hands to Carlito, knee to the ribs for two. Carlito elbows off Benjamin and grabs a side headlock, shoulder block by the champion. Benjamin kips-up and clotheslines Carlito down, Benjamin looks a little dazed, they are playing up the fact that Benjamin may have hurt himself on Raw. Carlito grabs his championship and tries leaving, Benjamin batters Carlito down the ramp. Snap suplex by Benjamin for two, Carlito pokes the eyes. Carlito whips Benjamin, Benjamin lands on the top rope and clotheslines Carlito. Benjamin is slow to cover, two for Benjamin.

Right hands by Benjamin, another eye poke by Carlito. Forearm to the back of the head, knee to the head by Carlito. Carlito chokes Benjamin using the middle rope, Benjamin is kicked to the floor. Cover by Carlito for two, scoop slams by Carlito. Two for Carlito, reverse chinlock by the champion. Benjamin applies an inside cradle for two, Carlito mows down Benjamin and locks in a reverse chinlock. Benjamin fights back, spinning reverse elbow by Benjamin. Right hands by Carlito, Irish whip with Benjamin reversing for a big Samoan drop. Two for Benjamin, they trade blows on their knees with Benjamin winning the war.

Clotheslines and a back body drop by Benjamin, backbreaker for two. Benjamin slowly climbs to the top rope, Carlito chops Benjamin to slow the challenger. Benjamin hotshots Carlito, Benjamin delivers his springboard bulldog for two. The referee pulls away Benjamin as Carlito is in the ropes, Carlito exposes the top turnbuckle. Blue Thunder bomb by Carlito for two, Benjamin Dragon Whips Carlito. Carlito crawls over to his corner, Benjamin attempts the Stinger Splash but crashes against the exposed turnbuckle and Carlito rolls up Benjamin for the win.

That was a fun opening match, crowd is hot like lava. They were into everything these two were doing, they had their story of Benjamin with a possible concussion, Carlito worked the neck well. Good psychology there, finish plays into the injury and I like how the setup felt very natural. Carlito exposed the turnbuckle and went back to it, it was not used right away which I can appreciate, good stuff from two rising stars.

Winner: Carlito over Shelton Benjamin via Roll-Up!

Victoria vs Christy Hemme

Victoria turned heel with the company trying to make some money with Christy after signing her to such a huge contract. I enjoyed Victoria’s babyface run, she more than held her own with Lita out of the picture and Trish preoccupied with the Jericho/Christian feud. Anyways, Hemme sprints to the ring, Victoria beats the piss out of Hemme before Hemme spears Victoria. Victoria is rammed off the top turnbuckle, Hemme chokes Victoria before taking a stungun. Victoria tees off on Hemme, vicious hair-pull by Victoria. Corner clothesline and choke by Victoria, Victoria continues to choke Hemme over and over.

Throat toss by Victoria, two for Victoria. Reverse chinlock by Victoria, Hemme fights back before Victoria rakes the eyes. Hemme slides out of a slam but her roll-up does not work. Victoria looks for The Widow’s Peak, Hemme slides down the back for a sunset flip but Victoria blocks the pin and rams Hemme’s head off the top turnbuckle. Victoria climbs to the middle rope, Hemme dodges the moonsault. Hair-pull by Hemme, stomps and a DDT by Hemme for two. Hemme is whipped into the corner, Hemme tries a sunset flip but Victoria uses the ropes to steal the win.

That was an awkward screaming match, I give them credit for trying to do something with Hemme but Hemme could not really work or sell or emote without screaming at the top of her lungs, it was just a mess. Victoria looked good out there though, Victoria made it passable.

Winner: Victoria over Christy Hemme via Shenanigans!

Todd Grisham & Cena

Cena embarrasses Tod, Cena talks about being the new kid on the block, Cena is ready as the time for talking is over, Cena is ready to whoop Jericho and Christian.

Edge W/ Lita vs Kane

Well, Lita was fooling around with Edge in real-life which would lead to a very dodgy break-up between Matt Hardy and Lita in real-life. WWE decided to do the smart thing and make the two a couple on-screen so now, we have Lita and Edge together. This was the beginning of The Rated “R” Superstar, it also made for a great story as Lita was Kane’s wife and the bitch had cheated on Kane. The Big Red Machine is coming for you Lita and coming for you Edge, Lita might be the must over heel on the roster at this time.

Kane chases Edge, Edge stomps Kane. Kane shoves off Edge, right hands by Kane. Rights and lefts by Kane, uppercut by Kane. Back body drop by Kane, Kane chokes Edge using the middle rope. All Kane so far, hard Irish whip by Kane. Edge is clotheslined to the floor, Lita talks trash with the fans and does not see Kane coming. Kane continues to pummel Edge in the ring, Kane knocks Edge onto the ramp. Edge is helped by Lita as Lita pulls Edge off Kane’s shoulders and Edge shoves Kane into the ringpost. Spear by Edge on the floor, Edge recovers in the ring. Kane tris to enter the ring but Edge baseball slides Kane. Edge stomps Kane in the ring, corner spear by Edge. Edge chokes Kane with a knee to the head, repeated knees to the head and chest of Kane.

Right hands by Edge, Kane begins to shake off the punches. Right hand by Kane, Edge dodges the powerslam for an Edge O Matic. Oh damn, Kane sits-up from it, a dropkick does not keep Kane down. Huge uppercut by Kane, corner clothesline by Kane. Edge dodges the second and tries an axe handle, Kane blocks with an uppercut. Snake eyes and a clothesline for two, Kane lowers his head off an Irish whip. Boot by Edge but Edge walks into the sidewalk slam, Kane misses his top rope clothesline as Edge dropkicks The Big Red Machine. Edge measures for a Spear, Kane counters with a boot.

Kane motions for a Chokeslam, here comes Snitsky. Kane knocks Snitsky off the apron, Lita has a chair in the ring. Kane grabs her by the hair and motions for a Chokeslam. Kane does not Chokeslam Lita but he grabs the steel chair, thinking of the Pillmanizer. Snitsky enters the ring and boots Kane for two, Kane blocks The Edgecution. Snitsky is caught for a Chokeslam, Edge has his briefcase but nails Snitsky by mistake and Kane wins with The Chokeslam.

On a lesser show, this could have been a show-stealer. This was so much fun, Kane brought all the intensity you want from a man who has lost his wife. Edge bumps all around for Kane, Edge gains control thanks to Lita but the monster’s rage is far too strong. I did groan when Snitsky came out but Kane showed his heart and won in the end which I believe to be fitting. Kane got his revenge over the man who stole his wife, few stories are better than that.

Winner: Kane over Snitsky via Chokeslam!

Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

The rematch from one of the best Wrestlemania matches of all-time, Angle was drafted to Raw which led to the chance for this rematch. Angle had done some BS angle where he wanted to rape Sharmell, thankfully that crap has been dropped and everyone just wants to see an awesome match.

Lock-up, Angle shoves back Michaels but we have a clean break, Angle takes the back and throws down Michaels. Michaels dives for the ropes, lock-up and a side headlock by Michaels. We have a clean break, Angle takes down Michaels again. Lock-up and side headlock by Angle, shoulder block by Angle. Hiptoss by Michaels into an armdrag with a transition to an armbar. Angle wriggles free and armbars Michaels, keylock and stomp to the elbow by Angle. Michaels powders and holds his elbow in pain, chops by Michaels after Angle misses a clothesline, Angle powders to regroup. Angle takes the leg but Michaels rolls to the floor, Angle corners Michaels.

Angle trips Michaels, single leg Boston crab by Angle. Michaels reaches the ropes, Michaels backs into the corner and lures in Angle for chops. Irish whip to the corner by Michaels, Angle reverses. Michaels boots Angle and attempts a diving sunset flip, Angle rolls through for The Ankle Lock. Quick as ever, Michaels kicks off Angle who lands on the floor, Michaels chops Angle who reverses Michaels and looks for an angle slam. However, Michaels has it well-scouted but Angle German suplexes Michaels onto the announce table. Angle covers for two, uppercut by Angle. Neckbreaker for two, foot choke by Angle. Uppercut by Angle in the corner, make it two. Angle seems to be laying it in stiff on Michaels, makes for good selling.

Michaels begins throwing bombs at Angle, Angle kicks Michaels in the gut. Turnbuckle powerbomb by Angle for two, elbow drop by Angle. Snap suplex by Angle for two, reverse chinlock by Angle. Micheals fights out of the hold but misses a corner splash with Angle delivering a German suplex. Angle Slam is countered for an armdrag, Angle comes back with a huge clothesline for two. Angle places Michaels on the top rope, right hands by Angle. Angle looks for a belly to belly suplex, Michaels batters Angle with forearms. Middle rope axe handle is blocked for a belly to belly suplex, Angle gets another two-count. Sleeper by Angle, Michaels wriggles free to back suplex Angle. Right hands by Michaels, flying forearm form a resilient Michaels.

Michaels kips-up, inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Scoop slam by Michaels, elbow drop by Michaels. Michaels is all fired up, Michaels sets up for Sweet Chin Music when Angle takes off Michaels’ head with a clothesline for two, the angle slam is countered for a swinging DDT, two for Michaels. Angle slides out of a suplex for a German suplex, Michaels elbows out of the German but eats an Angle Slam, two for Angle! Inside cradle by Michaels for two, Angle rolls into The Ankle Lock. Michaels rolls Angle into the referee, Angle elevates Michaels to the floor, Michaels clutches his leg in pain.

The trainers are motioned for but Angle wants the win. The straps are down and Angle is going for the kill, Angle dodges Sweet Chin Music and applies The Ankle Lock. Michaels tries kicking off Angle, Angle does not let go. Michaels writhes around in pain before Angle is flung into the ringpost. Angle charges in and eats Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. Michaels covers and gets two, Angle begins climbing to the top turnbuckle. Angle tries an axe handle but dives into Sweet Chin Music, Michaels wins the match.

Another great match from Angle and Michaels, they have an insane chemistry that is meant for show-stealing. I love the intensity of Angle in the early parts of the match, the turnbuckle powerbomb looked absolutely brutal. Michaels is one of the best sellers in the wrestling business, Michaels was awesome. I love the Angle Slam/Ankle Lock/Sweet Chin Music counters, it is great stuff to watch, two of the best at the peak of their powers showing off their craft. I guess my only issue would be Angle climbing to the top rope for the finish, Angle only goes up for  a moonsault so to try a dive while Michaels was standing was very out of character but I can let that go as these two were just brilliant in this match.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Kurt Angle via Sweet Chin Music!

Batista vs Triple H/Viscera and Lillian Garcia

Batista and Triple H get into a scuffle backstage with Coach pissing off Batista before the confrontation. While Viscera is the 500 pound love machine who wants to marry Lillian Garcia, Godfather comes out and changes the mind of Viscera because Hos are better than just one woman. Some filler, I am indifferent to it, it could have been worse but yeah, women and the WWE did not go well together during the times before the revolution.

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs Chris Jericho vs Christian W/ Tyson Tomko

John Cena was drafted to Raw, Christian and Cena continued their beef from Royal Rumble. Bischoff made Christian the number one contender, Jericho was not happy and assaulted Cena in order to bully his way into the match. This was Jericho playing the heel for the first time in over a year and also Y2J’s final angle before his departure from the WWE for two years.

Jericho slaps Cena, Cena takes down Jericho. Christian saves Jericho, Jericho and Christian fight over stomping Cena before they both take turns showing off the many ways they can punish the champion. Jericho gets sick of it and clotheslines Christian, back elbow for Christian. Tomko pulls out Jericho and drops Jericho across the barricade, Cena hiptosses Christian and stomps Captain Charisma. Christian is with the referee when Tomko clubs the back out of Cena, the referee catches Tomko and Tomko is ejected from the ringside area. Cena flapjacks Christian and FUs Christian to the floor when Christian refuses to let go of the ropes.

Cena turns around into a back elbow from Jericho for two, low dropkick and slaps by Jericho. Jericho stomps Cena in the corner, Irish whip to the corner. Cena boots back Jericho, Cena pummels Jericho in the corner. Jericho Irish whips Cena to the corner, modified bulldog by Y2J. Cena avoids the Lionsault but Jericho back elbows Cena and baseball slides Cena on the floor. Cena meets the barricade, Jericho attempts a suplex through the announce table but Cena DDTs Jericho on the floor. Christian recovers to pin Cena for two, Christian chokes the life out of Cena. Reverse chinlock by Christian, Cena fires up and clotheslines Captain Charisma. Shoulder block by Cena and a huge spinning sideslam. Five Knuckle Shuffle is stopped by Jericho, Christian baseball slides Jericho into the announce table.

 Jericho counters a clothesline for a roll-up into a Walls of Jericho attempt, Christian kicks off Jericho into Cena who falls to the floor. O Connor roll by Christian for two, Christian is on the top turnbuckle. Jericho meets Christian, Cena comes in for the tower of doom spot, fans eat that up. Cena covers for two, Cena clotheslines down Jericho and Christian. Scoop slams, Christian is drop toeholded into Jericho. Double Five Knuckle Shuffle, sunset flip on Jericho by Cena for two, roll-up by Christian on Cena for two. Double jacknife cover by Jericho for two, double back elbow by Christian and Cena on Jericho.

Christian and Cena clothesline one another, Jericho is on the top rope. Cena crotches Y2J, Christian is sent into Jericho’s nuts. Jericho tumbles to the floor, Christian is rolled-up for two, Christian counters The FU with a rake to the eyes, falling reverse DDT by Christian for two. Christian has the championship, Tomko returns to clothesline Cena. Christian covers for two, Cena elevates Christian to the floor. Jericho is back in, Walls of Jericho on Cena. Christian is on the apron, springboard dropkick by Jericho and back to the walls on Cena. Christian rolls-up Jericho for two and a half, Christian goes for The Unprettier on Jericho. Jericho pushes Christian into Cena, Cena scoops up Christian for The FU, Cena whacks Jericho away with Christian’s body and plants Captain Charisma for the win.

A fantastic triple threat, a lot of hard work was put into the match. You could tell from the choreography, it was some nice stuff. I liked the way people were taken out of the match to make it one on one, the likes of the FU to the floor and the DDT on the floor were nice. The multiple pins were nice and the ending was very dramatic, it could have gone anyway. That’s what you want from this kind of match with everyone looking like they could win, great triple threat match.

Winner: John Cena over Jericho & Christian via FU!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Batista © vs Triple H (Hell in a Cell Match)

Batista was in Evolution, Batista was The Animal and a rising star. Triple H could not keep Batista under his thumb, Batista won The Royal Rumble and won the championship from Triple H at Wrestlemania. Batista was established as the main man on Raw, Triple H lost his rematch against Batista but Batista was still goaded into this match because Triple H said so, that’s all there is to it when it comes down to the nitty gritty. This is the blow-off to the feud that has not helped Batista that much, neither pay per view match has been something to look back on as a good match. Hopefully, this match breaks the trend, it is hard to have a boring Hell in a Cell match but Triple H has managed it before.

Triple H goes right after Batista with right hands, Batista reverses an Irish whip to the corner and clotheslines Triple H. Sidewalk slam and Triple H meets the steel cage, side headlock by Triple H. Shoulder block by Batista, corner clothesline and clothesline to the floor by the champion. Triple H is rammed off the cell wall over and over, Triple H turns the tide by sending Batista shoulder first into the ringpost. Batista is on the apron but Triple H bumps Batista off the cell wall. Triple H finds a chain under the ring, Batista is whipped over the back with the chain, it looks barbaric. Triple H wraps the chain around Batista’s neck, Batista is having the life choked out of him. Batista eats knees to the back while Triple H continues to choke the champion.

Batista hotshots Triple H, Batista has the chain. Triple H is whipped hard by The Animal, Batista spinebusters The Game into the cell wall. In the ring, Triple H manages to spinebuster Batista, Triple H is bleeding everywhere. Triple H pulls out a chair wrapped in barbed wire, Batista is waffled in the back. Triple H charges in and Batista goes low with a kick, Batista lowers his head off an Irish whip. Facebuster by The Game, Triple H runs off the ropes but eats a huge clothesline from the champion. Batista smacks Triple H right in the face, Batista rakes the face of Triple H with the chair. Triple H has his face raked off the cell wall, Batista throws Triple H like a javelin into the cell wall.

Batista tries a corner spear Triple H dodges and Batista meets the ringpost. Triple H wants a pedigree on the barbed wire chair, Batista back drops The Game. Batista scoops up Triple H and powerslams the challenger onto the chair, two for Batista. Batista has a chain, Triple H lures in Batista for a DDT on the chair. Batista is bleeding, Triple H sends Batista into the cell wall. Batista is raked off the cell wall, Triple H pulls out his trusty sledgehammer. Batista knocks the hammer out of The Game’s hands, Batista looks for The Batista Bomb but Triple H backdrops The Animal. Triple H has the sledgehammer, Batista eats the hammer to the face. 1….2… Batista finds a way to muster the strength to kick out of the blow.

Batista low blows Triple H, Batista has the sledgehammer. Triple H rocks Batista’s world with a chain, two for Triple H. Triple H has the chain, Triple H dives on the middle rope with the chain but Batista blocks with the sledgehammer. Triple H falls to the floor, right hands by the champion. Irish whip to the corner, Triple H tumbles to the floor. Batista has the steel steps, Triple H is walloped in the face. Batista props the steel steps in the corner, Triple H is bounced off the steel steps. Triple H is Irish whipped into the steel steps, Batista calls for the end of the match.

Triple H avoids the powerbomb with a low blow, Pedigree by The Game. 1…2.. Batista kicks out! Triple H is looking for a pedigree on the steel steps, Batista counters for a spinebuster on the steel steps. Triple H rolls off with not a clue where he is at, Triple H has the sledgehammer but Batista powers up The Game and drills the challenger to the mat with The Batista Bomb for the win.

Now, that is the match I was hoping for from these two, as much good Triple H had done for Batista’s career, Triple H was not helping Big Dave shine as the new top star, both their matches on pay per view before this were nothing to write home about, this match saved this feud. It was brutal and exciting all at the one time, it was bloody with a lot of graphic imagery which helped create the idea in the minds of all those watching that these two hated one another and Triple H would do anything to hold the championship once more, I liked the desperation of The Game, I liked the raw, grit and badassery of Batista as he tore through The Game as the match progressed.

 I also liked the finish, the imagery of Triple H picking up ol’ reliable the sledgehammer, the weapon that has saved his skin through thick and thin only for The Game not to be quick enough to take down The Animal. Batista had well and truly beaten and vanquished his greatest foe, Batista was the king of the mountain and was on to his next challenger.

Winner: Batista over Triple H via Batista Bomb!

That was WWE’s Vengeance of 2005, a great pay per view. I have to believe that this would be up there with the likes of Money in the Bank 2011 as one of those shows that kicked ass from top to bottom. Earlier in the month, you had ECW’s One Night Stand and it seemed like the Raw crew did not want to be outdone by a bunch of wrestlers who never made it to the big time in their eyes, granted some were under contract to the WWE. With the exception of the filler and Hemme vs Victoria, how could you hate this card? Michaels vs Angle 2, a great triple threat which had a lot of planning and love put into it and a bloody exciting and fitting end to your main feud on your show. This was great stuff for a B level show, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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