Friday 28 January 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions IX: New York Knockout Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to baffle the people more than a Wrestling Stan Account! It’s time for WCW Clash Of The Champions IX: New York Knockout! This seems like the biggest Clash in quite some time as we have a I Quit Match between Funk and Flair as our main event, we also have Luger vs Pillman in a rematch from Halloween Havoc and some interesting tag matches to round out the card, could this be a good clash? I think the clash could have a similar record to In Your House at this point, far more uninteresting ones compared to interesting ones but we are only 9 shows in so I guess I won’t judge too quickly but let’s do this!


The Road Warriors W/ Paul Ellering vs The Fabulous Freebirds

This is what I want to see, LOD smashing people who can bump for them. Hayes and Hawk to start, Hayes dodges the right hand from Hawk but Animal brings Hayes back into the ring. Hawk clotheslines both, I think we are going to have lots of stalling here. Military press slam by Hawk, Animal smacks Hayes around. Flying shoulder tackle from Hawk, Hawk lands a dropkick on Garvin. Double elbow on Garvin, Garvin rakes the eyes and clubs Animal. Suplex connects and Animal pops right back up, massive clothesline by Animal who poses for the fans. Hayes lands an elbow but Animal does not move, clothesline and the flying shoulder tackle. Tag to Hawk, Hawk wrenches the arm of Hayes. Clothesline by Hawk, tag to Animal.


Animal and Garvin are in, Animal misses a corner splash. Hayes hurls Animal to the floor, stomps by Hayes. Tag to Garvin, they batter Animal. Hawk is with the referee, right hands by Garvin. Hayes chops and chokes Animal, choke with the ropes and more double-teaming before Hawk tosses the referee and batters The Freebirds. We have a DQ, what a hot start eh?


Never really got going, the match being thrown out is quite disappointing but I guess that is what they thought would be a good idea to open a show.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over The Road Warriors via DQ!


Doom W/ Woman vs Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich

Gilbert seems to have slid down the card, possibly due to his heat with Ric Flair as Gilbert considered himself a big star like his big personality but it was not meant to be unfortunately, Woman continues to manage her men in black and this looks like it will be a squash.


Gilbert and Simmons to start, Simmons throws down Gilbert. Side headlock from Gilbert but Simmons tosses Gilbert across the ring. Simmons poses, O’Connor roll from Gilbert. Gilbert lands a face-buster before strutting, tag to Rich. Diving axe handle from Rich, Rich works the arm with elbows before Simmons goes low with a right hand. In comes Reed, Reed gets caught in an arm-bar before drilling Rich with forearms. Leapfrogs before Rich lands a hip-toss, stand-off between the two as Gilbert tries firing up the crowd. Tag to Gilbert who drills Reed, side headlock before Reed grabs the hair. Sidewalk slam from Reed, suplex from Reed and a tag to Simmons.


Simmons tosses Gilbert around the ring, big axe handles from Simmons. Tag to Reed, massive knee to the ribs. Reed lands closed fists to the head of Gilbert, swinging neck-breaker from Reed for two. Gilbert escapes to tag in Rich, elbows from Rich. Gut-shot and back body-drop, we have a brawl now with everyone in the ring. Tag team atomic drop and diving clothesline combination by Doom for the win.


Another brief match to put over this impressive new tag team, fine by me but not exactly super interesting to review!


Winners: Doom over Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich via Diving Clothesline!


The Dynamic Dudes vs The Midnight Express

The Dudes were being managed by Cornette as a thank you for saving Cornette when Paul E. Dangerously knocked out Cornette with his cell-phone. This led to tension between the two teams as Cornette was seen as neglecting his Midnight Express. The Midnight Express have given Cornette an ultimatum: choose which team you will continue to manage. It baffles me that I have not seen The Midnight Express near those tag team championships considering how good they are inside of that ring.


Cornette stands in a neutral corner for this match, Douglas and Eaton to begin the match. Clean break from Eaton, lock-up. Side headlock from Eaton, abdominal stretch from Douglas but Eaton escapes before being caught in an arm-drag. Douglas takes out Eaton and Lane, arm-drag on Lane. Shoulder block by Douglas before Lane drop toeholds Douglas but Douglas slips out with a hammerlock. Lane counters the hold by pulling the hair and works the arm, Douglas lands a drop toehold into a wristlock. Lane pulls the hair, schoolboy by Douglas for two. Little shoving, Ace wants to brawl. Lane misses an enzuigiri, Ace ducks the manoeuvre.


Lane brings Ace to the ropes, dropkick counters from Ace. Scoop slam and Lane backs up, tag to Eaton. Side headlock from Eaton, shoulder block too before Ace lands more dropkicks. Douglas dives onto Eaton, crowd reacts somewhat positively. They lock-up with Douglas grabbing a headlock, Lane delivers a belly to back suplex. Douglas dodges the elbow drop and lands an arm-drag, in comes Eaton but Eaton eats an arm-drag. Eaton pushes Douglas to the ropes, massive punch by Eaton. Eaton wants a superplex, Douglas slips out and lands an O’Connor roll for two, diving crossbody for two. Ace is in now, hip-toss and monkey flip.


Ace wanted the head-scissors but Lane smashed Ace from the apron. Karate kicks from Lane, snap-mare into a Russian leg-sweep. Tag to Eaton, Rocket Launcher and Ace counters with his knees. Tag to Douglas, right hands all around. Back body-drop from Douglas, Olympic Slam from Douglas but in comes Lane. We have a brawl, Eaton has something in his wrist. Cornette takes the chain and tells Douglas to go after Eaton and with Douglas’ back turned, Cornette waffles Douglas with the racket for the win.


Solid tag team match with an ending that makes me happy because The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette are meant to be, that’s the way it should always be. Ace and Douglas have been solid as a tag team but their gimmick is dying a slow death and I am not sure how they will recover, the future does not look bright. Luckily for Douglas and Ace, ECW and AJPW were going to come calling to revive their careers after WCW.


Winners: The Midnight Express over The Dynamic Dudes via Racket!


Super Destroyer vs Dr. Death Steve Williams

Jack Victory in his Midnight tights again, little effort to hide Victory at this point. He’s been destroyed more times than I can count, Destroyer gets a shot or two in before Williams destroys Super Destroyer with a military press slam and The Oklahoma Stampede!


Winner: Dr. Death over Super Destroyer via Oklahoma Stampede!


The Skyscrapers W/ Teddy Long vs The Steiner Brothers

Meaty tag team matches! Spivey and Rick to start, Spivey clubs Rick. Rick ducks and wants a German, Spivey is tossed in a brutal German suplex. Steinerline to the floor, that’s fucking sick. Spivey drills Rick with a tombstone, Rick elbows back at Spivey and lands another Steinerline. In comes Scott, Frakensteiner on Spivey and fallaway slam on Sid Vicious. Sid and Scott are in there, whip to the buckle but Scott dodges Sid and works the arm. Same spot we saw from the previous match with LOD, Spivey and Sid land a dropkick/clothesline combination. Powerslam from Spivey, big boot too. Scott blocks the suplex and Scott suplexes Spivey, Steinerline on Spivey.


In comes Rick, rights and lefts from Rick. Steinerline on Spivey, powerslam with Sid eating a double clothesline from The Steiners. In comes Doom, belly to belly suplex on Spivey. We have a DQ as Doom come to ringside and batter The Steiners, Woman is here to batter Rick with her heel. Rick shakes it off and Rick says there will be a belly to belly suplex. We have a bodyguard in the ring, a beatdown ensues before LOD come to ringside and it’s a brawl that pops the crowd.


More of an angle than anything else but man it is fun to watch Steiners throw people around the ring. Especially when it is Spivey because Lord knows I love Sid and Spivey is such a disappointment when standing next to Sid Vicious.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over The Skyscrapers via DQ!


(NWA United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Lex Luger © vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

These two had quite the good match at Halloween Havoc, showcasing the strengths of both men. WCW decided hey why not do that again? So here we are with Luger taking on Pillman II. They lock-up, clean break from both. Luger looks hesitant to get in there with Pillman, they lock-up again. Luger continues to create distance between the two, Luger looks to the crowd and tells them to shut-up. Luger chants around the arena, Luger talks more trash to the fans. Knee from Luger, elbows to the spine. Right hands from Luger, Pillman eats a shoulder block but leapfrogs Luger and nails two beautiful dropkicks. Luger powders and talks more trash, an irate Luger is on the floor. Lock-up, right hands by Luger who waffles the challenger, Irish whip with Pillman leapfrogging Luger and Luger is clubbed down and powders once more.


Luger calls for a time-out, Luger shoves Pillman to the corner. Cheap-shots from Luger, Luger poses for the fans. Chops from Pillman, belly to back is countered and Pillman skins the cat after missing a clothesline. Big kick staggers Luger, Luger calls for another break. Missile dropkick from Pillman for two, chops rock Luger. Pillman wrenches the arm of Luger, Luger begs for mercy as Pillman lands the hot-shot. Pillman works the arm off the ring-post, Luger meets the guardrail too. In the ring, Luger brings Pillman to the corner and lands some massive rights. Whip to the opposite buckle and a belly to back suplex from The Total Package. Irish whip and a military press slam with Luger calling for the finish, military press drop from Luger.


Pillman is on one knee brawling back into this one, Luger pulls Pillman to the floor. Luger slams Pillman on the floor, Luger suplexes Pillman back into the ring. Only two for Luger, Pillman schoolboys for two. Irish whip from Luger into the powerslam, Luger calls for The Rack. Pillman schoolboys Luger for two again, they are trading blows. Right hands and chops, flying clothesline by Pillman. Irish whip and a back body-drop, Pillman climbs high. Diving Crossbody but the referee is wiped out again, chop down from Pillman. Luger clubs Pillman, Pillman lands an O’Connor roll but there is still no referee. Dropkick with Luger rolling to the floor, Pillman tries waking the referee. Luger grabs the chair, Pillman does not see the chair and Luger waffles Pillman and picks up the win. After the match, Sting makes the save as we built towards Starrcade.


This was a great match between these two, Luger at his best as a massive douchebag heel who believes he is better than everyone. Luger is happy to bump around for Pillman, Pillman gets two visual pin-falls over Luger too showing that one day we might revisit but more importantly, there are very high on Pillman. Great finish from Luger too and angle afterwards, Luger says Sting finally has the guts to face him only to turn and run when given the chance to face Sting. Great heel work from The Total Package!


Winner: Lex Luger over Brian Pillman via Chair To The Head!


(I Quit Match) Ric Flair vs Terry Funk W/ Gary Hart

A fantastic angle began with Terry Funk being upset that Ric Flair would not accept his challenge for the world championship, Funk proceeded to almost break the neck of The Nature Boy. This led to a heated contest between the two, intensity that we had not seen from The Nature Boy in quite some time but that was not enough, they continued their feud with Funk almost suffocating Flair with a bag over his head. They got it on at Halloween Havoc but apart from the finish, it was not enough for me but an I Quit Match tonight will settle the score. Terry Funk has been tremendous since joining WCW and I am sad to see him go but Funk would never truly retire.


Funk being the badass that he is, Funk gives Flair one chance to quite before we begin. Lock-up, clean break. Another lock-up, Funk misses the chop and is chopped to the floor. Funk threatens the fans, chops from Flair. Whip to the buckles, chop and Funk is down again. Funk almost attacks a camera guy showcasing that he is rocked, Funk is so awesome. Funk powders, jabs from Funk but they have little effect. Shoulder block by Funk, Flair goes for the leg and chokes Funk. Funk rakes the eyes, stomps to the head. They are on the apron here, right hand floors Flair. Headbutt rocks Flair, Flair chops back at Funk. Funk drills Flair with a left hand, elbow to the skull. Flair is dumped to the floor, Flair meets the guardrail. Left hands batter Flair, microphone to the head from Funk. Flair throws pick right hands to get back into the match, Flair chants are strong here tonight. Ten punches in the corner, Funk eats an inverted atomic drop. Neck-breaker from Funk staggers Flair, Flair chops back again with Funk spilling to the floor. Flair sends Funk to the guardrail, Flair shoves Gary Hart. Flair is distracted by Gary Hart and Funk takes advantage. Swinging neck-breaker, Funk wants a piledriver. Texas-sized Piledriver from Funk, Funk begins working the neck and face. On the floor, Funk piledrives Flair on the concrete. Funk is getting sadistic now.


Funk slams Flair off a table before taking the table for himself, what is the plan here? Flair is battling back out of desperation, right hands too. Funk’s head meets the table, Funk is tossed across the table before Flair goes after Gary Hart. Inverted atomic drop and Flair is going to work the leg, Flair drops all his weight on the leg over and over. Chops and right hands, Funk is trying to run away but Flair tackles Funk to the ground and lands a shin-breaker. Flair suplexes Funk into the ring, Funk kicks and fights to block the hold and thumbs the eye of The Nature Boy. Funk is suplexed to the apron, Flair applies The Figure Four Leg-Lock. Funk quits after being locked in the hold, I thought that was a little less dramatic than I thought it would be. Gary Hart turns on Funk and Muta goes after Flair. Sting makes the save but Luger comes here too, Sting is waffled before Flair makes the save.


This was a great match in my eyes, Funk sets the tone by asking Flair if he wants to quit before he lays this beating on him. The bell rings and these two scrap it out, beating one another all over the ring. Flair goes for the leg, Funk piledrivers Flair on the floor to bring up the neck injury again and I am getting flashbacks, the piledriver on the concrete is just vicious and it’s incredible. Funk on the mic is great and Funk saying he will never great only to have to utter those words to save his leg from being broken, great stuff and a strong angle heading into Starrcade although I have heard bad things about Starrcade so let’s say I am a little worried but we had two big blow-offs on this show with The Midnight Express vs The Dudes and Flair vs Funk coming to an end. A solid Clash of Champions for WCW despite the jobber matches and DQs that filled the early parts of the show!


Winner: Ric Flair over Terry Funk via I Quit!

WCW Halloween Havoc 1989 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that gets more internet traffic than Scarlett Bordeaux’s OnlyFans! Pfft, I wish right? It’s time for WCW Halloween Havoc 1989 headlined by The ThunderDome Match! It’s Halloween Havoc so it has to be scary, a massive cage above the ring with Bob Caudle and Jim Ross speculating what will happen in that main event. Looking at this card, it is not what I expected for the show with Pillman challenging for a big championship this early into his run in WCW while we have Steiners vs Doom and The Dudes challenging The Freebirds? Well if you say so, let’s get it on!


Mike Rotunda vs The Z-Man

Oh God no, please no! Z-Man is taken down before grabbing a side headlock on Rotunda, shoulder block by Z-Man. Rotunda is not happy with this development, nice shoulder block again by Z-Man. Stalling from the great Rotunda, another side headlock from Z-Man. Hip-toss from Rotunda, Rotunda misses his elbow and eats a dropkick to the face. Rotunda does not give a clean break off a lock-up, thumb to the eye from Rotunda. Rotunda sends Z-Man to the floor, Z-Man comes back into it with some arm-work. Rotunda breaks the hold before being caught in a hammerlock. Side headlock takedown from Z-Man before Rotunda counters with a head-scissors. Rotunda uses the ropes for leverage before rolling to the floor, Rotunda sends Z-Man to the floor.


Z-Man cannot re-enter the ring as Rotunda stomps on the head of the rookie. Suplex into the ring from Rotunda, two for Rotunda. Abdominal stretch from Rotunda, Rotunda uses the ropes for leverage. Time and time again, Rotunda uses the ropes for an advantage before Nick Patrick stops that. Sleeper in the middle of the ring, Z-Man fights out before a massive flying clothesline by Rotunda. Rotunda misses a dropkick though, Z-Man is firing up. Whip to the buckle, elbow from Z-Man. Eye-rake from Rotunda, whip to the buckle is reversed as Rotunda tries a dicing crossbody but Z-Man rolls through for the win.


As awful as I thought it would be and Z-Man is being rejected by the fans here as the boos are quite audible in this one and the cheers are loud when Rotunda is whooping Z-Man. Regardless, Rotunda continues to be the most boring person I have to watch wrestle inside of the ring, not many people I would hold below Rotunda on a consistent basis. Very boring opening match so I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come.


Winner: Z-Man over Mike Rotunda via Roll-Up!


The Midnight Express & Dr. Death Steve Williams W/ Jim Cornette vs The Samoan Swat Team W/ Oliver Humperdink

Cornette and his Express continue to do battle with The Samoans despite the fact that Paul E. Dangerously has been dropped from the angle. Tama from The Islanders is here to make sure we have three Samoans. No idea what is going on here to be honest especially with Humperdink as their manager. Lane and Tama start the match, Eaton smashes Tama hard. We have a third stand-off, incredible how many times they will pull that. Lane and Eaton deliver an elbow to Tama, Eaton works the arm before Tama reverses the hold. Eaton reverses the hold before Tama rakes the eyes and lands a scoop slam. Samu comes in and misses an elbow as Eaton waffles The Samoans. We have another stand-off, why?


Chop from Samu which staggers Eaton, Eaton dodges the splash and in comes Williams. Jabs to all 3 Samoans, it breaks down momentarily before we have a tackle on Fatu. Crowd is loving this, Fatu and Williams in the ring. Massive clothesline on Fatu, shoulder tackles on Samu and Fatu. Eaton works the arm of Fatu, tag to Lane who lands his karate kicks before applying a side headlock. Fatu decks Lane with a clothesline, tag to Samu. Eye-rake on Lane, Samu lands his own thrust-kick. Standing dropkick from Samu, Lane fights back on his knees and a tag to Williams. Samu is hesitant, lock-up. Chops from Samu and a headbutt, Williams sends Samu to the corner and  lands a corner clothesline.


Samu eats a right from Eaton and Williams, snap-mare into a leg-drop from Williams. Another disgusting right from Eaton, neck-breaker from Eaton. Samu and Eaton reset, Eaton elbow drops Samu in the head. In comes Lane as Samu has his head massaged, Fatu tags into the match.


Drop toehold by Lane who works the arm, Fatu is back up to his feet and pulls the hair. Clothesline misses but Fatu counters the crossbody for a powerslam, Fatu misses the elbow drop and Lane tags in Eaton. Eaton works the arm, eye-rake and tag to Tama. Eaton lands a punch, bulldog is countered as Tama sends Eaton into the ring-post. Eaton is dropped on the guardrail, The Samoans are here to get their heat now. Tama measures and chops Eaton hard in the chest, tag to Fatu who lands a clothesline and a headbutt for two. Eaton continues to get rocked by the three Samoans, headbutts and leg-drops are on the menu for Eaton. Elbows again from Samu, headbutts from the aprons. Lane tries to make the save but nothing can be done. Triple beatdown on Eaton, headbutt rocks Eaton again.


Tama bites the arm of Eaton, sidewalk slam from Tama for two. Williams makes the save, Williams wants a piece but we have to wait. Fatu has a shoulder-claw on Eaton, Tama wants a slingshot splash but Eaton blocks with his knees. Tag to Williams, diving axe handle to Tama. Clothesline and military press slams, scoop slams and military press slam onto the three Samoans. Powerslam for two, neck-breakers from Lane. The match is breaking down, enzuigiri onto Tama. Cornette knocks down Humperdink but Tama shoves Lane into Cornette’s racket and Tama covers for the win.


Balls to the wall action in this one, everyone in this match just brings the heat to this. From the opening bell with Eaton’s first right hand on Tama to the second that Williams receives that tag, everything is fast-paced and full of snap. Eaton does a fantastic job selling the beating at the hands of The Three Samoans while Williams is electric inside of that ring, finally getting to do what he could as a babyface. Everyone in this match brings it and the result is a very exciting six-man tag match.


Winners: The Samoans over Team Williams via Racket To The Head!


Wildfire Tommy Rich vs The Cuban Assassin

Assassin jumps Rich to start before Rich fires back with big scoop slams and elbows, Assassin powders to the floor. Assassin thumbs the eyes, throws Rich to the apron. Rich messes up an apron sunset flip and the crowd give it to Rich. Important to note we are here in Philly so those damn ECW fans must be occupying those seats. Assassin is caught in an arm-drag before Assassin fights back and chops Rich. Whip to the buckle, Rich dodges the splash and works the arm. Rich continues to work the arm, Assassin works the arm then after out-foxing Rich. Headbutt from Rich, Assassin lands a suplex. Rich crotches Assassin before an elbow from Rich. Assassin is sent to the corner and tries a diving crossbody and Rich lands a Thesz Press for the win.


Garbage match, the sunset flip sets the tone for the match. It is just so dull and lifeless, like neither man should be in the ring on PPV for a mainstream company.


Winner: Tommy Rich over Cuban Assassin via Thesz Press!


(NWA Tag Team Championship Match) The Dynamic Dudes W/ Jim Cornette vs The Fabulous Freebirds ©

Give me The Steiners murdering Garvin & Hayes again with suplexes because I have a feeling that the crowd is going to have no mercy on these two dudes.  The Freebirds continue to be annoying but worthy of being the team in the division? I think not as Hayes struts and moonwalks before starting the match, Douglas eats an arm-drags to begin the match. Side headlock from Hayes, leapfrogs and drop-downs before Douglas almost rolls-up the champion. Hayes is not happy, Douglas and Hayes mess-up a spot so here we go, ugly-looking neck-breaker before Garvin comes into the ring.


Tag to Ace, Garvin tees off before Ace fires back. Garvin misses a clothesline and Ace lands a dropkick into an arm-bar. Tag to Douglas who lands on the arm of Garvin, Douglas lands a back body drop. Garvin lures Douglas to the heels’ corner, Hayes works the arm before Douglas flips out of the hold. Tag to Ace who lands a diving axe handle, the champions are knocked down as The Dudes land a big powerslam and dropkick combination on Hayes & Garvins. Loud Freebird chants fill the arena so you know this is not a good thing, Douglas works the arm and avoids a kick from Hayes. Tag to Ace who lands a massive face-buster and elbow, Garvin comes in and is caught in a side headlock from Ace.


Ace lures in Hayes who eats a back-drop and a head-scissors by Ace, the fans continue to boo the Dudes. Shoulder block and O’Connor roll from Ace, Garvin shoves off Ace and Hayes lands a massive left from the apron. Belly to back suplex and knee from Garvin, Douglas stands over his partner. Ace is in serious trouble, Hayes lands another cheap-shot to the head of Ace. Garvin lands another kick to the head to stagger Ace, Garvin tags in Hayes who lands right after right on Ace. Ace fires up with roundhouse right hands before Hayes lands a massive elbow to the head. Combination clothesline from Hayes, Ace blocks the DDT. In comes Garvin and in comes Douglas, back body-drop and dropkick from Douglas. Make it two, Hayes eats a dropkick too. Noggin-knocker and Ace lands a double clothesline. Double knee to Hayes, The Wipeout is coming but Hayes trips Ace and Garvin crushes Douglas for the win.


A disaster in terms of reaction for the babyfaces, Douglas and Ace are absolutely despised in WCW at the time. Hayes and Garvin are having a solid run but I still think Hayes must be in the ear of someone who has power in the company because I just can’t see Hayes at the level they have him at here. Decent tag match at the end of the day but things are not looking good for The Dudes.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over The Dynamic Dudes via Crossbody!


The Steiner Brothers vs Doom W/ Woman

Woman was Robin Greene, a fan of Rick Steiner who had problems with Missy Hyatt. This leads us to Doom, a massive tag team to brawl with The Steiners. This is meaty from the get-go, this just start drilling one another before we see stereo German suplexes from The Steiners. Double clotheslines and it’s a dog pound right now. The Steiners control the ring, Scott and Doom 1 start us off. Whip to the buckle and clothesline from Scott, snap-mare into a knee-drop. Cover for two, tag to Rick. Rick batters Doom 1, Irish whip and a Steinerline. Make it two as Doom 2 gets taken out too, more big right hands from the big guys. Reverse chin-lock from Rick, inverted atomic drop from Doom 2. Doom 1 comes in, headbutt from Doom 1. Rick blocks the suplex and lands a suplex of his own, side headlock and tag to Scott. Diving Steinerline from Scott for two, reverse chin-lock from Scott.


Tag to Rick, hammerlock is countered with a jaw-breaker from Doom 1. Doom 2 comes in with a fist-drop, massive clothesline from Doom 2. Rick is dropped across the top rope for a close two, Rick boots Doom 2 in the head and in comes Scott. Gourdbuster suplex from Scott, tag to Doom 1. Eye rake and headbutt from Doom 1 before Scott lands a massive German suplex, elbow drops from Scott for two. Snap-mare into a chin-lock, Doom 2 lands a cheap-shot from behind and allows Doom 1 to take control. Doom 2 climbs high, diving axe handle finds the mark. Scott is thrown to the floor and dropped across the guardrail, Doom 2 repeats the actions of Doom 1. Tag to Doom 1, Irish whip and double elbow to the face of Scott for a close two.


Reverse chin-lock from Doom 1, Scott escapes but cannot take control. Doom 2 stomps Scott and chokes Scott with the ropes. Doom 1 snaps the neck of Scott using the ropes before Scott is hurled to the apron by Doom 2. Doom 1 chokes Scott as Rick loses his cool at ringside, Scott is tossed over the top rope which would have been a DQ had the referee seen this manoeuvre. Doom 2 stomps all over Scott who is on the apron, Scott lands a slingshot sunset flip but Doom 2 survives and lands a neck-breaker for two. In comes Doom 1, Scott fights back and back but an eye rake slows down Scott. Powerslam from Doom 1 for two as Rick makes the save.


Double suplex to Scott, Doom 1 covers for two. In comes Doom 2 who clamps on a front chancery, Scott tries powering over to his corner. Doom 1 distracts the referee so that when Rick receives the tag, it’s missed. Spike piledriver on Scott, Doom 1 covers. 1..2.. Scott kicks out! Reverse chin-lock from Doom 1, Scott escapes and Rick has the tag. Back body-drop for Doom 2, more right hands and we have a Steinerline. One for Doom 1 too, Frankensteiner on Doom 1. Rick powerslams Doom 2, Woman is on the apron. Rick is distracted, Rick wants to suplex her. Woman puts something in the mask of Doom 2, a headbutt cracks Rick in the head and Doom pick up the win.


Doom is comprised of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed, this is an upgrade for Reed in my eyes who bored me when wrestling in 15-minute singles matches but here we have quite the fun match. Why? Because all these big bastards knock the stuffing out of one another, I have never seen so many dangerous German suplexes and belly to belly suplexes in one match, these guys are flying around the ring. Scott and Rick are so popular, only a matter of time before those tag team championships are around their waists but this was good stuff so I am happy to sink myself more into the feud of Rick Steiner vs Woman.


Winners: Doom over The Steiner Brothers via Headbutt with an Object!


(NWA United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Lex Luger © vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

A bit too soon though? Flyin’ Brian Pillman has been a breathe of fresh air in WCW, racking up victories against many talents in the company but a shot at Lex Luger this early into his career? I am not too sure, Luger has been a revelation as a heel here, taking out Ricky Steamboat and becoming the smuggest man on the planet.


They lock-up, Luger pushes Pillman to the corner but Pillman escapes and Luger is not happy with this development. Another lock-up, Luger pushes back Pillman and knees the challenger. Big clubbing blows, Luger bounces Pillman off the buckle. Right hands from Luger, scoop slam from Luger. Luger taunts and slaps Pillman, Pillman comes back with a massive tackle. Chops and Luger is whipped to the buckle, back body-drop and a dropkick from the challenger. Baseball slide from Pillman, more chops from the challenger. Pillman looks for his finish, Luger powders wisely. Luger is running from the challenger, Luger fools Pillman and knees him in the head. Clubbing blows from the champion, choke using the top rope from The Total Package.


Right hands and boots from Luger, Pillman leapfrogs Luger and delivers a diving crossbody for two. Arm-drag into an arm-bar from the challenger, knees and clubbing blows from Luger to survive. Roundhouse rights from Luger, Pillman counters a hip-toss and delivers dropkicks followed by arm-drags into the arm-bar once again. Luger escapes again and clubs down Pillman, Irish whip and shoulder block from Luger. Another shoulder block, Pillman leapfrogs and lands a hip-toss followed by a dropkick and then an arm-bar. Pillman wrenches the arm, Luger is down to a knee. Luger escapes it again, Pillman lands a crucifix pin for two. Arm-drag into the arm-bar, Luger pushes back Pillman and clubs the challenger.


Pillman boots away an oncoming Luger, Pillman is on the top rope and Luger dodges the top rope splash. Luger drops Pillman across the top rope, massive clothesline from Luger. Luger stomps all over the head and neck of Pillman, massive suplex from Luger for two. Pillman ends up on the floor, apron sunset flip for two and Luger misses a clothesline and dives to the floor. Pillman wants ten punches in the corner but Luger counters with an inverted atomic drop, Pillman is propped up on the top rope. Luger cannot hit the superplex, siving sunset flip from Pillman for two, back body drop from Pillman and Air Pillman lands but Luger places his foot on the ropes. Neck-breaker from Pillman, Luger side-steps a missile dropkick and Luger lands a stun-gun for the win.


Very good match from these two, I like Pillman a lot but it was very soon into his run to have him in there with Luger so I don’t think anyone was thinking the championship would change hands. On top of that, Luger is over like rover despite being a heel. They work a very solid match here though, Luger bumps all over for Pillman’s offense and Pillman is very capable of making Luger look like a monster. Good back and forth with Pillman almost stealing it with a foot on the ropes, the missile dropkick spot was a little weird, didn’t look to me like Luger swatted away but the finish is solid as Luger did work the neck and done right, a stun-gun/hot-shot can look devastating.


Winner: Lex Luger over Brian Pillman via Hot-Shot!


The Road Warriors W/ Paul Ellering vs The Skyscrapers W/ Teddy Long

Did I say the previous tag match was meaty? Sweet Jesus, this is going to be stiff although the match quality might be significantly less interesting in this one. Spivey to start with Animal, forearms and lefts from Spivey before Animal clotheslines Spivey to the floor. Hawk comes in and works the arm, shots to the ribs before Spivey tries a shoulder block. They meet in the middle of the ring before Hawk lands a flying shoulder block to knock down Spivey. Sid comes in and gets a clothesline from Hawk, Sid works Hawk in the corner. Irish whip and Sid misses a splash, Hawk works the arm and tags in Animal. Double elbow, more shoulder blocks and no movement. Animal tees off on Sid and lands a flying shoulder tackle, how will this match end?


Hawk and Sid go into a test of strength, flip over from Hawk and a corner clothesline. Hawk gets beaten down as Sid and Spivey combine, Sid tosses Hawk around the ring helicopter style. Spivey comes in for a sidewalk slam for two, Hawk ducks the clothesline and slaughters Spivey but Hawk cannot capitalize and Sid drops Hawk on the guardrail. Suplex from Spivey, tag to Sid. Corner clotheslines and knees from Sid & Spivey, choke-hold from Sid. Spivey comes in and clotheslines Hawk, Hawk blocks the suplex and drills Spivey. The referee does not see the tag for Hawk so Animal cannot come in, Spivey lands a corner splash on Hawk. Hawk boots back Spivey, tag to Animal. Dropkick on Spivey, flying shoulder tackle. In comes Sid and we have a clubbing battle.


Sid clubs Animal, Spivey drills Hawk in the corner. Powerslam on Sid, Teddy Long drills Ellering with the key, Spivey and Sid batter The Road Warriors with the key, this match ends in a DQ before Hawk comes back and wipes out Spivey. Hawk batters Sid and Spivey with the key and this match is done.


Nowhere near offensive I thought it would be, very enjoyable with the big moves and the stand-offs. However, I would agree with the thoughts of Jim Cornette who has said it was a mistake to have The Road Warriors go up against other giants and big teams, Warriors did their best when in there with the likes of The Horsemen or The Midnight Express. The finish leaves up open for a rematch at Starrcade which is terrifying.


Winners: The Road Warriors over The Skyscrapers via DQ!


(Thunderdome Cage Match) Ric Flair & Sting W/ Ole Anderson vs The J-Tex Coporation W/ Gary Hart

Bruno Sammartino is your special guest referee and is over like rover which is great to see, a mountain of a man and a former WWF guy which is bizarre at the same time to see. So this will be the climax to the feud between Funk and Flair, an electrified steel cage match. Have I seen an electrified steel cage match before? Yes good ones and bad ones, there is the FMW bouts which were nuts and the TNA one which was infamous. Ric Flair and Sting continue to team together while Funk and Muta have formed an alliance. Funk and Flair have been fantastic together in the ring while Muta and Sting tore it up in their match, I am dying for a rematch.


The cage surrounds the ring, there are pieces of grass and twigs on the cage. We can see that the cage catches fire immediately which is a nice touch for realism and Muta puts out the fire with his mist. Flair and Funk begin, shoulder block by Funk but Flair shoots for the legs. Chops by Flair, Funk eats a shot from Sting. Funk collapses to the mat while Flair antagonizes Muta, Muta grabs Bruno and Bruno shoves off Muta. Flair slams Funk over and over before landing a chop, Funk is dropped to the floor. No use of the cage just yet, Muta checks on Funk. Flair hot-shots Funk, tag to The Stinger. Sting comes in with big rights, Funk is tossed to the floor. Funk is rammed into the cage and has his back raked, double clothesline to Funk.


Flair whips Funk across the ring and delivers another sickening chop, knee-drop for Funk and a slap to Muta. Muta attacks Flair, Sting makes the save. Flair continues to chop and drill Funk, Funk is punch-drunk. Tag to Sting who lands a dropkick, Funk gets mouthy with Bruno. Sting and Muta are in now, military press slam with Muta landing on Funk. Suplex on Muta, tag to Flair. Boots by Flair, snap-mare into a flurry of punches. Inverted atomic drop on Muta, knee-drop by Flair and a tag to Sting. Muta is knocked to the floor and shoved into the cage, everyone is brawling now but Muta catches Sting when re-entering the ring. Funk clubs down Sting, snap-mare and flashing elbow by Muta. Flair comes in and has his eyes raked by Muta. Funk chokes Sting on the floor, Muta lands a suplex in the ring.


Sting lands a nice bulldog on both Funk & Muta, both heels roll to the floor. Hot-shot from Sting, Funk breaks up a Scorpion Death-lock attempt. Funk and Bruno continue having words, Flair and Funk are brawling on the floor. Muta throws Sting to the floor, Ole Anderson cheers on Sting as we continue walking around the ring. Sting is walking away from Funk. Muta chokes the life out of Sting, Flair and Funk are brawling on the apron. Both men are climbing the cage, not sure how wise that is when it is electrified. Muta is climbing the cage, Sting is in pursuit of Muta who is on the cage. Muta gets electrocuted, everyone is brawling on the cage. Flair pulls down Funk, Muta has control of Sting in the ring. Flair and Funk are on top of the cage, how are they not getting electrocuted? Flair tangles up Funk in the cage while Sting presses Muta above his head.


Funk is still in the corner, Sting is in hot pursuit while Muta escapes Flair by hiding under the ring. Muta and Flair are chopping one another, belly to back suplex on Muta. Figure Four Leg-Lock on Muta, Gary Hart refuses to throw in the towel. Nice visual as we have Sting swinging across a rope to attack Funk, Muta slides into the ring behind Flair, Muta kicks Flair in the back of the head viciously. Indian Death-lock from Muta into The Muta-Lock! Sting is tied up in the cage, Sting cannot escape as Funk Piledrivers Flair. Sting cannot break free, Flair is choked by Funk & Muta. Sting finally breaks free, Sting is planning something crazy. Diving crossbody from Sting, chops to Muta. Funk is hobbling, his leg crushed by Sting’s crossbody which is perfect for The Nature Boy.


Flair begins working the leg that was crushed by the crossbody, massive shin-breaker to The Funker. Muta and Sting are climbing the cage high, no electricity here while Flair lands a knee-drop on the knee. Figure Four Leg-Lock is coming but Muta distracts Flair. Muta back-breakers Sting, Sting crotches Muta off-camera I believe as Flair slaps on The Figure Four on Funk. Sting is on the top rope, diving splash from Sting while Funk is in the Figure Four. Another splash on the chest of Funk, Bruno Sammartino wipes out Muta who tried taking him down. Ole Anderson decks Gary Hart and the towel flies out of his hand, Flair and Sting win the match!


Not as good as I hoped, I thought it was hokey at times. It is meant to be a barbaric cage match full of violence to end this feud but that never comes into really for me. We have a lot of Funk and Muta walking around the outside, being shoved into the cage etc but nothing of note there. The most interesting part of the match for me was Sting’s crossbody onto the knees of Funk coming into the finish, I thought it was really well done but apart from that, I felt it lacked the intensity of the other matches between Flair and Funk and this was not as exciting as Sting’s first match with Muta. Disappointing really when the electrified cage stipulation was pretty much abandoned when Funk and Sting etc were climbing to the top of the cage and nothing was happening.


Winners: Team Flair over Team Funk via Throwing In The Towel!


That was WCW’s Halloween Havoc 1989, a good show mostly from WCW. We kick things off in awful fashion with Rotunda in a singles match, I can’t stand the man and will curse him until the end of time but The Z-Man is not doing much for me either so it is not looking too good there. We switch to a be six-man tag match that kicks all sorts of ass and furthers the angle of tension between The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette. The match was 18 minutes long and I was never bored, end to end great stuff. We have Tommy Rich then, very boring match and I think Rich should not be in the company at the time. The tag team matches that follow are good, terrible for The Dudes that they are being booed but the match is decent while The Steiners vs Doom is just big men beating the shit out of each other which I can get behind, same thing with The Road Warriors match against The Skyscrapers but no complaints from me, both matches were an interesting watch. Pillman and Luger is probably the best match on the card, it was not amazing but a solid match with Luger and Pillman coming together to make something very fun while I viewed the main event as disappointing. A cage match should have been intense and bloody or at least have some seriousness/violence to it, I didn’t buy it here. Just felt like a prop that limited the performers instead of aiding them in creating a dramatic story for me to get sucked into. 1989 was such a strange year for the company but there were good things/signs that things could be fun, I am curious to see how they will play out so fingers crossed as we look to end 1989. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Sunday 16 January 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions VIII: Fall Brawl Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that Dave Meltzer won’t rate 5 Stars! It’s time for WCW Clash of The Champions VIII: Fall Brawl! We have Lex Luger defending his NWA United States Heavyweight Championship against Wildfire Tommy Rich, The Steiners vs The Freebirds, The Road Warriors vs The Samoan Swat Team and Ric Flair and Sting to take on The J-Tex Corporation! What will happen on this night? Let’s find out!


The Road Warriors W/ Paul Ellering vs The Samoan Swat-Team W/ Paul E. Dangerously

Attacking The Road Warriors was not a smart idea, The Samoan Swat Team have quite the task on their hands. Animal and Fatu to start, superkick from Fatu. Headbutts from Fatu, powerslam from Animal and a clothesline to Samu. Animal poses and the crowd comes unglued! Hawk and Samu comes in, headbutts from Samu. Hawk reverses a whip and wants a clothesline but Samu powders, Animal clobbers Samu before Hawk nails a massive boot. Scoop slam and fist-drop from Hawk for two, tag to Animal. Standing dropkick by Hawk on Samu, Fatu comes in and locks-up with Animal. Side headlock from Animal, Fatu grabs the hair but Animal lands a shoulder block. Tag to Hawk who chops and pummels Fatu, Fatu eats another clothesline for two.


Whip to the corner, Fatu dodges and Hawk spears the ring-post and crumbles to the floor. Samu goes for the kill with big punches to the injured Hawk, atomic drop onto the guardrail. Bearhug from Fatu, Hawk begins clobbering Fatu and makes the tag but Samu distracted the referee. Samu is in there legally now, shoulder thrusts in the corner and a massive shot to the neck. Back-breaker and elbow combination from The Samoans, two for Fatu. Scoop slam, Fatu climbs high but runs into the boot of Hawk. Tag to Samu but Animal tags in, boots to Samu. Elbow to the face, flying shoulder tackle with Fatu making the save. Match breaks down, Samu and Animal are brawling. Fatu is in, Fatu has the phone but Hawk makes the save and clotheslines Samu. Fatu is caught, Doomsday Device and this match is over.


Red-hot crowd, no doubt about that for sure. They batter one another in this one, very quick match but the fans don’t care, it’s amazing as you get everything you want from a Road Warriors’ match. Big bumps, massive attacks and it is a lot of fun. However, after the match we have The Samoans turning their backs on Paul E. Dangerously.


Winners: The Road Warriors over The Samoan Swat-Team via Doomsday Device!


The Cuban Assassin VS The Z-Man

Who is this newcomer who gets caught in the entrance way, The Z-Man? Side headlock from Zenk, arm-drags and dropkicks from Zenk. Assassin sneaks in with a right hand, Irish whip but Assassin ducks his head. Kick by Z-Man, two arm-drags right there. Assassins fights out before getting caught in another arm-drag, sunset flip from Z-Man before Assassin goes for the headbutt and a scoop slam. Middle rope headbutt misses for Assassin, Z-Man whips Assassin to the buckle. Assassin blocks with an elbow, Z-Man ducks a clothesline and applies The Sleeper for the win.


If you are not a giant or Roddy Piper, it’s hard to buy a sleeper as a finish. That was a very average match with all things considered, I do not know if the wrestling business will be so kind to Z-Man in the future.


Winner: Z-Man over The Cuban Assassin via Sleeper!


Sid Vicious W/ Teddy Long vs Ranger Ross

Oh yeah boys and girls, I believe we are going to see a slaughtering tonight. Sid jumps Ross to start the match, Ross is dropped across the guardrail. Spivey is here in the most ridiculous of pants, man resembles Sandman. Ross lands kicks and punches to Sid, Sid drops Ross with a massive DDT. A whirlybird they call it as Sid Powerbombs the shit out of Ross for the win. SID IS GOD!


Winner: Sid Vicious over Ranger Ross via Powerbomb!


(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Fabulous Freebirds © vs The Steiner Brothers W/ Robin Green & Missy Hyatt

The Freebirds were able to capture the championships due to The Midnight Express being flustered without Cornette by their side, Hayes and Garvin are not exactly my ideal premier heel tag team but this is WCW at the time. Scott Steiner is still relatively green, no singlet yet but hopefully, the promise will start to show soon enough.


They lock-up, Hayes stalls and stalls. Arm-drags and an O’Connor roll from Scott, Hayes lands a massive left to Scott’s jaw. Diving crossbody but Scott rolls through for two, Scott lands Steinerlines on both Hayes and Garvin. Garvin comes in and takes the same punishment, Garvin pulls the hair and lands corner knees. Mean rights, Scott whips Garvin to the corner and lands a German suplex. That was beautiful, single leg Boston crab from Scott. Tag to Rick, massive Steinerlines to the tag champions. Hayes stalls more before eating a powerslam from Rick, Garvin dives into a powerslam. Ten punches from Rick, Irish whip to the opposite buckle and a massive Steinerline. Hayes clubs his way back in, another clothesline in the corner.


Belly to belly suplex from Rick, Rick misses a massive clothesline. Tag to Garvin, Hayes whips Garvin into Rick and a massive DDT with Scott making the save. Hayes knocks down Scott, Rick is dumped to the floor and sent into the guardrail. Hayes lands a clothesline for two, Hayes is throwing a fit. Big punches and a tag to Hayes, kick and knee-lift from Garvin for two. Sleeper and Rick whips off Garvin but Garvin comes back with a bott, DDT is blocked and Rick lands a sling-shot suplex. Hayes cannot stop the count, Scott is running wild with two Frankensteiners and a double clothsline. Irish whip and a powerslam for two, Garvin makes the save. Hayes and Scott remain, Hayes lands a DDT running off the ropes and The Fabulous Freebirds retain their championships. Apparently, we may have had either Robin Green (Woman) or Missy Hyatt tripping up Scott but who did it?


Drama in the Steiner house! Anyways, Hayes and Garvin are a lot of sizzle and not a lot of steak but Scott Steiner is buckets of potential and that was clear the second he slapped on two Frankensteiners followed by a clothesline. The match may not have been anything special but there are a number of young stars that this company can rely on in the future from Sting to Sid to The Steiners, it is looking good.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over The Steiner Brothers via DDT!


Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs Norman The Lunatic W/ Teddy Long

Two new stars but one on a very different path from the other, Pillman is attacked from behind to start the match. Pillman fights back with dropkicks and Air Pillman, Diving crossbody to the floor. Teddy Long distracts Pillman, corner splash from Norman The Lunatic and a middle rope splash too, Pillman somehow survives. Norman runs towards Pillman who is up against the ring-post, massive splash. Norman decides it is time for round two, Pillman dodges the second splash. Missile dropkick from Pillman, scoop slam from Pillman. Back body-drop from Pillman, diving crossbody does not work for Pillman who eats a massive powerslam. Clothesline from Norman for two, Pillman counters the clothesline for a crucifix win!


Very exciting match from Pillman, Pillman continues to be a hot prospect and shows off here using a high-flying style that nobody is using in the company at the time. High hopes for Pillman, we will see where things go!


Winner: Flyin’ Brian Pillman over Norman via Crucifix Pin!


Mike Rotunda vs Dr. Death Steve Williams

Williams charges in, Rotunda is in control before a military press slam. Chop-blocks from Williams before Rotunda decapitates Williams with a massive clothesline. Rotunda dumps Williams to the floor, Williams tries a sunset flip but Rotunda lands big right hands. Williams stills pulls Rotunda down, big knee from Rotunda and an elbow drop for two. Rotunda applies a rear chin-lock, Williams pushes Rotunda to the corner. Thumb to the eye from Rotunda, make it two. Scoop slam, make it two. Rotunda climbs high, Williams grabs Rotunda and yanks him to the mat. Ten punches in the corner from Williams, Rotunda misses a clothesline and sends himself to the floor. Williams wants the stampede, Rotunda holds onto the ropes. The referee kicks Rotunda’s hand and Williams rolls through and picks up the win.


Well, this might be my favourite Rotunda match because of how brief it was, I had to watch so many bad Rotunda 15-minute plus matches so that’s why I am happy when it came to this match. Still disappointing that they made Williams a part of The Varsity Club when he was white-hot coming into the territory but at least, we are back on the track.


Winner: Dr. Death Steve Williams over Mike Rotunda via Roll-Up!


(NWA United States Championship Match) Lex Luger © vs Tommy Wildfire Rich

Did I step into a time-machine? Tommy Rich challenging for a championship in 1989? It’s certainly a surprise and Rich looks a little past his prime here, I am getting a little worried. Luger is frustrated early with Rich using his experience to frustrate the champion. Luger eats right hands from Rich, Irish whip to the corner and a back body-drop. Scoop slam into an ugly arm-drag, Luger gets caught into a side headlock. Luger goes to the ropes, Luger grabs a headlock. Shoulder blocks floors Rich, Luger shows off his impressive physique. Side headlock from Rich, Rich catches Luger again with a big right hand. Arm-drag into an arm-bar, Luger battles his way out and starts waffling Rich with right hands.


Luger misses a corner splash, schoolboy and roll-up from Rich for two. Arm-drag again to frustrate Luger, Rich makes a mistake missing a dropkick and Luger capitalizes with a massive powerslam. Forearms across the spine, two for Luger. Luger sends Rich to the apron, shoulder block and slingshot sunset flip for two. Luger misses a clothesline and falls to the floor, Rich lands a big right. Rich could not lift Luger, Luger flattens Rich with a sidewalk slam. Two for Luger, another powerslam and Luger says it is over! Rich blocks the rack but the O’Connor roll does not work. Superplex from Luger, two for Luger. Luger climbs high, Rich dodges the splash. Rich fires up with big rights, back elbow from Rich.


Luger is begging for mercy, more right hands from the challenger. Another elbow, Rich goes to the middle rope. Diving fist drop for a close two, Rich whips Luger again. Lou Thesz Press for a close two, Luger had his foot on the ropes. Luger rolls to the floor, Rich hits the ring-post as Luger ducks. Rich applies a sleeper, Luger hot-shots Rich with the rope and Luger steals the win.


Rich gave everything he had in this one, even if it was only for one night. Rich showed a lot of fire in this one, Luger is still very over despite his turn to the dark side. I am happy to continue to the push of Luger if he continues to work with people who know what they are doing, Luger is looking good inside of the ring as long as he has someone else leading the dance.


Winner: Lex Luger over Tommy Rich via Hot-Shot!


Ric Flair & Sting vs The Great Muta & Dick Slater W/ Gary Hart

The most unlikely of partners, Sting and Ric Flair are side by side as there is no Horsemen and Flair is a fully-fledged babyface for the first-time since 1983. Dirty Dick Slater is taking the place of Terry Funk, this is a solid swap as Slater is like Funk-lite in many ways. Sting and Muta to start, they had a fantastic match at the previous PPV. Sting sends Muta to the corner, clean break from The Stinger. Crowd is hot again, boot and side headlock from Muta. Shoulder block and rolls before Sting clotheslines Muta and Slater. Important to note: Funk said he would be there on this night!


Lock-up and side headlock from Muta, arm-drag into an arm-bar from Sting. Sting wrenches the arm, Muta backs Sting to the corner. Muta batters Sting before Sting reverses an Irish whip, back body-drop into an arm-bar. Sting drags Muta to Flair’s corner, chops from Flair and right hands. Muta eats chop after chop, Muta tags in Slater. Slater shuffles before they lock-up, Flair and Slater trade chops. Flair wins that war with right hands, Slater is in a bad way. Slater sends Flair to the corner, boots by Slater. Flair flips to the corner, chop to Muta and a diving axe handle to Slater. Muta takes down Flair with a jumping sole butt, plancha to the floor by Muta. Sting dives out on Muta, everyone is on the floor brawling against the guardrail.


We reset with Slater and Flair, Flair chops and works the cast of Slater. In comes Sting who begs, diving axe handle and Sting works the arm. Flair and Sting work the arm, Sting lands a suplex for two. Slater drags Sting to the corner, in comes Muta. Muta eats a military press slam, Flair is legal and elbows Muta in the head. Belly to back suplex from Flair, knee-drop from The Nature Boy. Muta rakes the eyes, in comes Slater who chops and elbows Flair. Flair begins fighting back, Irish whip but Flair lowers the head and Slater lands the neck-breaker. Slater is sent into the boots of Muta, thrusts from Muta and a spinning sole butt. Flair is dumped to the floor, Slater goes after the neck of Flair. Right hands from an irate Slater, snap-mare and a flashing elbow from Muta. Neck-hold from Muta, Flair answers back with an inverted atomic drop. Big tag to Sting, Sting clubs away on Slater. Scoop slams on Slater, Muta is knocked down before tagging into the match.


Sting presses Muta again, clothesline into the corner. Flair and Slater are brawling on the floor, Sting lands The Stinger Splash on Muta. Scorpion Death-Lock, Gary Hart clocks Sting with a roll of quarters. Sting kicks out at two! Folding powerbomb from Muta for two, Slater is tagged into the match. Rope guillotine from Slater, Slater slams Sting on the floor. Slater wants a piledriver, Sting back-drops Slater down. Flair gets the tag, chops to both Muta and Slater. Everyone is in the ring, Sting dropkicks Muta to the floor. Muta mists Sting, Slater is loosening his cast. Sting is blind on the floor, Slater knocks out the referee and busts Flair open. Sting is trying to see but Sting has been blinded, Muta keeps Sting out of the ring. Terry Funk is here who tries choking the life out of Flair with a plastic bag. Show goes off the air with Flair unconscious receiving medical attention from a doctor!


Great tag team match, Flair and Sting work so well together here in this match. Crowd loves them both and Flair looks energized and fired up every time that he is in the ring. This is never a problem for Sting who is a ball of energy, great stuff from Muta and Slater here. Everything works in this one, the shine and the heat segment are good shit, the sympathy is there with the neck injury and the finish where the match descends into chaos only for Funk to keep his promise and almost murder Flair on TV is just the icing on the cake. Great tag team match with a hot finish to boot.


Winners: Ric Flair & Sting over Dick Slater & Great Muta via DQ!


Clash of The Champions VIII: Fall Brawl is a one match show, there are a lot of squashes on this one, you have Sid squashing Ross, Pillman squashing a relatively new gimmick in Norman The Lunatic and the debut of The Z-Man. Not exactly must-see tv but these matches make the show breeze by, the tag team matches are interesting on this card because we start with a hot one as The Road Warriors destroy The Samoan Swat-Team while the tag team championship match leaves much to be desired as Hayes and Garvin do not have the credibility in my eyes to hold those championships without a Gordy in there with them. Luger against people who can carry him and make him look awesome will always be a treat to me because I cannot help but enjoy the matches that do not expose a wrestler’s flaws. The main event is really good, all four men bring the pain and the angle at the end if gripping albeit perhaps too violent for the censors at TV but I thought it was great, there’s a reason to see Funk have another crack at Flair now instead. Check out the last match, it’s really good! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!