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TNA Lockdown 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that misses Aidan English's hair! TNA's Lockdown 2006, TNA's pay per view where verything is inside of a cage, Christian vs Abyss. Sabu vs Samoa Joe and Team Sting vs Team Jarrett! But with every match being inside a cage, will we all care? Let's find out!

Team Japan (Hirooki Goto/Minoru/Black Tiger) vs Team America (Jay Lethal/Alex Shelley/Sonjay Dutt)

The stars of New Japan vs TNA's X Division stars, Shelley and Minoru begin the match. Wristlock by Shelley, Minoru flips out of the hold. Minoru and Shelley trade kicks, Minoru nails a big dropkick. Tag to Black Tiger, cobra clutch by Black Tiger. Shelley back drops Tiger, Tiger trips up Shelley. Armdrags, headscissors and a backbreaker. Tag to Lethal, huge Lethal chants. Goto and Lethal wrestle with Goto taking down Lethal. Black Tiger eats a codebreaker and moonsault combination from Team USA. Minoru saves Tiger, tag to Shelley.

Abdominal stretch and dropkick by Team USA, leapfrog senton by Dutt for two. Tag to Dutt, elbow by Dutt for two. Goto comes in and stomps Dutt, here is Minoru. Snap suplex with a knee drop, Dutt eats kicks of all kind for two. Team Japan dropkick for two, Minoru stomps on Dutt. Dutt escapes Team Japan and tags Lethal. Diving leg lariat on Tiger for two, Tiger takes down Lethal. Tag to Goto, back drop for two. Team USA batter Goto, suplex. Shelley nails a frog splash for two, Lethal plants Goto with a German suplex for two. Minoru kicks Lethal into the Cross Armbreaker, Dutt saves Lethal.

Lethal is grabbed by Black Tiger, Irish whip is reversed. Flapjack by Lethal, Minoru dropkicks Lethal. Shelley faceplants Minoru, Dutt nails Goto with an enzuigiri. Shelley nails Dutt by mistake with a superkick, Lethal is all alone. Kick by Minoru, Tiger Suplex and it's done!

Fun stuff in this one, Team USA got to strut their stuff against the bigger stars on The New Japan teams, you had false-finishes and all sorts going on in this match. Really fun opening match, wish we could see some singles matches between these guys!

Winners: Team New Japan over Team USA via Tiger Suplex!

Senshi vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels is in shock, it is Low Ki now called Senshi. The two were in Triple X together, this is old friends turned enemies. Chop and kicks by Senshi, Daniels fires back. High elbow by Senshi, Daniels is being chopped to death. Leaping leg lariat by Daniels, high elbow for two. Daniels misses a high knee, flapjack by Senshi. Kicks hard, two for Senshi. Brutal kicks by Senshi for two, camel clutch by Senshi.

More kicks, suplex for two. The two trade chops, Senshi nails a double chop and a stomp. Two for Senshi, bodyscissors from Senshi. Daniels rallies and nails a powerbomb on Senshi for two, Senshi looks for a suplex. Daniels blocks, Senshi sidesteps Daniels. Running dropkick by Senshi for two, chops by Senshi. Daniels ducks a chop for a death valley driver, BME for two. Both men climb the cage, Daniels bangs Senshi's head off the cage wall. Super Angel's Wings is blocked, Daniels is shoved down. Double foot stomp misses, STO by Daniels. Senshi blocks the angel's wings and backdrops Daniels while using the ropes for leverage.

Not the heated war I could have wanted, the fans welcome back Senshi but needs to work on his wrestling gear. Baggy Nike shorts are not wrestling gear but yes, the match was fine in parts but if you want Senshi to come back strong, a big win over Daniels would be great. However, a roll-up using the cage I do not see that as a great comeback for Senshi.

Winner: Senshi over Daniels via Roll-Up!

Country Whipping/Arm Wrestling Match Konnan vs Bullet Bob Armstrong

Well, Machete is gone. Hernandez is in, we have the arm wrestling match. Konnan makes excuses, good stuff. Downhill from there, this feud went from personal to joke. Bullet Bob beats Konnan, Mexicans are not good at arm wrestling. LAX and The James Gang have words, LAX are suspended if they do not take a whipping. They take the whippin, waste of time. DUD!

X-Division Escape Match (Puma/Petey Williams/Elix Skipper/Chase Stevens/Shark Boy/Chris Sabin)

Pins and submissions are the ways to eliminate until there is two, the final two can only win by escape. Williams and Shark Boy begin, they tarde holds. Slap by Williams, Williams stomps all over Shark Boy. Shark Boy comes back with chops, ten punches. Biting, Williams rakes the eyes. Here comes Puma, dropkick by Shark Boy. Hurricanrana by Shark Boy on Puma, missile dropkick.

Tag to Skipper, spinning kick by Skipper. Back drop by Skipper, twisting leg drop for two. Skipper climbs the cage, Shark Boy nails a Russian Legsweep off the cage. Williams comes in and nails The Canadian Destroyer on Shark Boy for the elimination, Shark Boy is first out.

Sabin and Williams trade moves, tornado DDT by Williams for two. Straight-jacket hold by Williams, Sabin tags Stevens. Stevens throws Puma into the cage, everyone annhiliates one another. Stevens is on top of the cage, Stevens does a shooting star press off the cage. Skipper drills Stevens with Sudden Death for the elimination. Williams rolls-up Skipper with ease with a sunset flip. Cradle Shock on Puma and Puma is out!

Williams and Sabin are the last two, you know the other guys in the X-Division. Sabin tries escaping, Williams chases Sabin. Sunset flip powerbomb is blocked, Williams leg drops Sabin. Boot by Sabin, Williams is in the tree of woe. Running dropkick by Sabin, Sabin climbs the cage. D'Amore has Sabin stuck on the cage, Williams and Sabin brawl on the cage. Williams tries to jump to the floor but D'Amore catches him while Sabin jumps down for the win.

 Standard X Division Match, nothing that we have not seen before. Fast-paced action that grabs your attention but fast paced eliminations suck you out of it when it comes down to the only two worth a damn and we have a comedy bunder finish from Team Canada. Been done to death, I beg you for something new!

Winner: Chris Sabin over Petey Williams via Escape!

(X-Division Championship Match) Samoa Joe (C) vs Sabu

Sabu comes right at Joe, dropkick to the knee. Camel Clutch, Joe kicks back at Sabu. Chair to the head by Sabu, Joe shakes it off and punishes Sabu. Front chancery from Joe, more stiff kicks. Sabu is bleeding, chops and kicks followed by a knee drop. Sabu brawls his way back in, Arabian Facebuster. Triple Jump Leg Drop, Sabu has a spike. Joe counters with a cross armbreaker, Joe attacks the arm of Sabu. Senton on Sabu, Joe and Sabu meet on the cage. Samoan Cutter by Joe for two, Joe misses a knee drop. Triple Jump Moonsault is stopped as Sabu is hit with the chair, Muscle Buster.

That was disappointing, it never really got going for me. There was action and some nice spots but it seemed all a bit basic and contained when all was said and done, I also am surprised to see Joe as champion again like why would Daniels win it at the last pay per view? Anyways, not a fan of this match.

Winner: Samoa Joe over Sabu via Muscle Buster!

Team 3D vs Team Canada W/ Scott D'Amore

Spike is here, sorry Brother Runt. It is Capture The Flag, Brother Ray and Roode brawl while A1 and Brother Devon brawl. Tornado rules, everyone is brawling. Roode and Brothe Ray fight on the cage wall, BoƧrther Ray Bomb off the top rope. Devon Russian legsweeps A1 off the cage, Runt double stomps Young. Runt eats a spinebuster from Roode, sidewalk slam and leg drop by Team 3D.

The referee gets squished off an Irish whip, reverse 3D by Team 3D . Double flapjack on A1 and diving headbutt on Young. American Flag is captured by Team 3D, A1 clotheslines Team 3D. Runt is alone against Team Canada. Powerbomb on Runt, Young is placing the flag back up, D'Amore opens the cage and pulls out a table. Runt is on the table, Young misses a top rope elbow drop. Low blow to A1, Acid Drop on A1. Roode battles but eats the cage, 3D on Roode. Runt climbs and gets the flag.

It was grand, nothing special and nothing I will remember anytime soon. Team 3D do all their regular stuff, Team Canada are beyond stale and they have a match where Team Canada fuck things up again and manage to lose the match.

Winners: Team 3D over Team Canada via Capturing The Flag!

(TNA/NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian Cage (C) vs Abyss W/ James Mitchell

Abyss awakened the beast in Christian, Christian was assaulted at home, choked out in the ring and his wife stalked by Abyss. It was all or nothing for Christian, Christian misses a stinger splash at ringside, Abyss brawls in the crowd. Abyss and Christian brawl on the stage and in the crowd, Abyss waffles Christian with the cage door. Christian is pressed into the cage by Abyss with ease, Christian is whipped into the corner once more. Christian is splashed up against the cage, powerbomb against the cage by Abyss.

Make it two times, chest chops from Abyss. Christian rallies, forearms to the face. Abyss clotheslines the referee, two bumps in back to back matches. Christian nails a diving tornado DDT, cover but no referee. Micthell tosses Abyss the championship and cane, Christian dodges and nails The Unprettier for two. Frog Splash off the top of the cage, 1........2.... Abyss kicks out! Unprettier attempt is blocked for Shock Treatment. Abyss pulls out his thumbtacks.

Abyss is spreading the tacks, Christian smacks the cane over the back of Abyss. Christian is knocked from the cage by Abyss, Abyss slams the referee into the cage. Abyss and Christian brawl atop the cage, Abyss wants a chokeslam. Sunset flip powerbomb onto the tacks, no referee. Two for Christian, Black Hole Slam for two. Abyss has another bag, more thumbtacks. Chokeslam is avoided, Unprettier on the tacks.

Was there any ever doubt that Abyss would eat an Unprettier on the tacks? I mean, it happens so God damn often with this company. Abyss takes out tacks, Abyss eats said tacks. It had some great spots but it is every Abyss match ever and just like the X Division matches and Team Canada, I require something new because Abyss is wrestling the same match over and over.

Winner: Christian Cage over Abyss via Unprettier!

(Lethal Lockdown Match) Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner/AMW) vs Team Sting (Sting/Rhino/Ron Killings/AJ Styles)

Simple formula, two men start and we continue until everyone is in the match. You can then win by pin-fall or submission, Team Jarrett win the coin toss so they will have the man advantage. Harris and Styles begin, Harris waffles Styles, dropkick by Styles. Harris spears Styles into the cage, fallaway slam onto the cage. Drop toehold by Styles and a knee drop on Harris, Styles kicks the head of Harris. Leaping splash into the cage on Harris, Harris is banged off the cage. Harris catches Styles for The Catatonic.

 Styles counters the catatonic for The Styles Clash, here comes James Storm. Styles dropkicks the cage door into Gail Kim's face, Storm slams the door on Styles. Styles meets the cage wall, Eye of The Storm. Styles is bleeding, Styles battles AMW. However, Hart Attack from AMW. Rhino is in for Team Sting, Rhino throws haymakers at AMW. Storm avoids the gore, Rhino is down. Harris clotheslines Styles, Jarrett comes and is waffled by Team Sting. AMW double team Styles and Rhino, Team Jarrett are in control. Killings comes in to even the numbers, Lie Detector for Jarrett. Osaka Street Cutter by Killings, Styles is on top of the cage.

Tower of Doom spot, Steiner comes in and suplexes everyone. Steiner talks trash with everyone being busted open before the man called Sting enters the chaos. Team Jarrett eat forearms and cage walls, inverted atomic drop. Stinger Splash on Team Jarrett, the roof comes down as there are weapons everywhere. Storm and Styles climb onto the roof, Gail Kim is climbing the cage. Jackie Gayda rips off Gail's skirt.

Storm sets up a table, Styles nails a Pele on Storm. Jarrett has his guitar, Sting has a guitar. Jarrett has his guitar smashed, Steiner saves Jarrett from Sting. Styles sets up a ladder on the roof, Storm is on the table. Styles splashes through Storm on the table, everyone takes turn hitting finishers. Steiner gets caught by Sting in The Scorpion Death Drop, rhandcuffs to the head by Harris to Sting. Scorpion Deathlock by Harris on Sting, Sting reverses the hold and applies it to Harris for the win.

That was a lot of fun, similiar to War Games, The Lethal Lockdown match has a simple story of the heels beating up the babyfaces until the teams are even and all hell breaks loose. Jarrett, while being on my most hated list for his preposterous main event matches in TNA is perfect coward here shitting himself when Sting comes in, I would have liked to seen more interactions between the two but it was clear they were saving it. Styles was great fun in this match too, already a huge star by this point I would just pull the trigger on Styles or Joe.

Winners: Team Sting over Team Jarrett via Scorpion Deathlock!

This was TNA's Lockdown of 2006, a very average show in the books for TNA. I thought there was nothing of substance on this pay per view when wall was said and done, what did Senshi do in his comeback match? What did standout about The World Cup matches? What did Steiner do for Team Jarrett? Why bring in Sabu against Samoa Joe for a match like that? The main event was fun, they saved Sting vs Jarrett and I want to see it but I do not know how much more I am looking forward to when it comes to next month and that is not a good thing. It is one thing for some acts/gimmicks being stale, it is another thing if the product is stale. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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TNA Destination X 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to let you down like an episode of Raw! It's TNA Destination X 2006, it has been long enough since I have featured TNA on the channel and with Wrestlemania 24 out of the way, I might aswell start with TNA so I have little memory of the card but I am sure you will figure it out as we go along so this is TNA's Destination X 2006!

Alex Shelley vs Jay Lethal

Huge Lethal chants to begin, two ROH guys who are rising the ranks of TNA. Shellley takes down Lethal, Lethal kicks off Shelley. Test of strenght, takedown from Shelley into a tequila sunrise, Lethal escapes with a headlock takedown. The two trade holds with Shelley raking the nose of Lethal they are slapping one another in a bizarre hold. Front chancery from Lethal, arm-drag. Arm-drag by Shelley, they sweep one another and we have a stand-off. Shelley wants a handshake, right hands from Lethal. Arm-drags into an armbar by Lethal, springboard crossbody and slingshot hurricanrana by Lethal.

Suicide dive by Lethal, back suplex by Lethal. Reverse chinlock from Lethal, German suplex is stopped by Shelley with a foot stomp. Dropkick by Shelley, boot to the head. Submission hold from Shelley, cover fot two.  Jawbreaker by Lethal, enzuigiri by Shelley. Reverse chinlock fromb Shelley, elbows to escape by Lethal but Lethal eats a massive lariat for two. Springboard moonsault miss from Shelley, clotheslines from Lethal. Hiptoss and dropkick, jawbreaker counter by Shelley. Lethal nails a neckbreaker and front chancery suplex for two.

Dropkick to the knee by Shelley, cradle goes wrong as Lethal counters for a close two. Corner clothesline, Shelley bits Lethal. Super inverted atomic drop, Shelley misses a clothesline and Lethal lands a German suplex for two and a half. Suplex by Lethal, Lethal climbs to the top rope. Shelley crotches Lethal, slap to the face. Lethal shoves down Shelley, diving headbutt for two. Dragon suplex is blocked, boot to the ribs and a shiranui for the win.

Good way to kick off tyhe show, Lethal is made out to look great countering Shelley at each corner, coming close on a number of occasions but in the end, Shelley is more craftier and has the experience to put away Lethal. Good showing for both, crowd loved the match.

Winner: Alex Shelley over Jay Lethal Via Shiranui!

Matt Bentley W/ Traci vs Lance Hoyt

Bentley turned heel and took out Hoyt with a chair, busting Hoyt open. Hoyt vows for revenge in this match, Bentley hammers Hoyt. Hard Irish whip by Hoyt, military press is avoided but not the back drop. Clothesline by Hoyt, Traci tries teasing Hoyt but Hoyt clotheslines Bentley hard. Big boot misses, chokeslam is stopped but powerslam connects for two. Sidewalk slam by Hoyt for two,  Bentley is placed on the top rope. Low blow by Bentley, Traci distracted the referee. Top rope neckbreaker by Bentley, neckbreaker for two.

Elbows by Bentley, choke using the middle rope. Snapmare into a front chancery, Hoyt powers out and nails a one-armed flapjack. Right hands and a clothesline by Hoyt, corner clothesline. Bentley is placed horizontally on the top rope, Hoyt kicks Bentley hard. Pumphandle slam by Hoyt for two, Hoyt misses his moonsault. Superkick is stopped, complete shot by Bentley. Young and Shelley are looking for Sting in the rafters to find Sting, funny stuff. Traci is showing the poster to Bentley, Bentley is distracted. Massive boot and Hoyt wins.

Well, I felt it was a nothing match. I mean they were working hard but the story did not really come through and to top it off, they cut away from the match to show Young and Shelley looking for Sting. The ultimate fuck you when we take away the audience from watching wrestlers in the ring and why would Traci be so stupid to distract Bentley with the flyer? I do not ever remember her being stupid, this sucked!

Winner: Lance Hoyt over Matt Bentley via Big Boot!

Team Canada W/ Scott D'Amore & A1 vs The Naturals

Poor old Team Canada, they have well and truly run their course and what could really bring me down is when they work with The Naturals who are bland babyfaces and heels. Roode jumps Stevens to start, elbows and stomps from Roode. Side headlock by Roode, shoulder block too. Stevens trips Roode, side headlock. Dropkick by Stevens, shot to the ribs. Russian legsweep for two, Stevens tags Douglas. Roode tags in Young, Douglas nails arm-drags into an armbar. Tag to Stevens, double necktie neckbreaker for two, tag to Douglas. Douglas is tripped by Roode off an Irish whip, Young takes control.

Backbreaker for two, Roode pummels Douglas. Back suplex by Roode, Douglas is placed on the top rope. Douglas nails a huge diving rock bottom, tag to Stevens. Atomic drops, Young misses a Stinger Splash. Young is crotched on the top rope, dropkick to the floor. Stevens misses a dive and Young takes control, reverse elbow by Young. Two for Young, Roode is legal. Elbows to the back of the head, neckbreaker for two. Scoop slam, middle rope knee drop. Tag to Young, boot to the ribs.

Young chokes Stevens with the middle rope, Roode pulls the neck of Stevens behind the referee's back. Tag to Roode, elbow drop for two. Choke by Roode, Young is legal. Stevens crotches Young who eats an ebnzuigiri and drops to the floor from it. Roode is legal, Roode clotheslines Douglas off the apron. Sleeper on Stevens, Roode pulls down Stevens by the hair, Stevens crawls through Roode's legs.

Tag to Douglas, clotheslines and back drops. DDT for two, Young gets caught in a German suplex and elbow combiantion. Douglas nails a double arm DDT on Roode for two, Young saves Roode from a powerbomb. Tower of Doom spot, D'Amore distracts Douglas. Young nails Douglas with a hockey stick for the win.

Bleh was my feeling towards this match, the cards that TNA produce usually have no place on pay per view, they are at home on Impact. This is a perfect example, no real reason for this match other than oh hey Team Canada are popular let's put them in another tag match and I am just fed up of it, time to move on as we have seen everything we could ever see.

Winners: Team Canada over The Naturals via Hockey Stick!

The James Gang & Bullet Bob Armstrong vs LAX

Machete obviously screwed up somewhere because I only remember Homicide and Hernandez. Anyways, LAX took out Bullet Bob Armstrong so The James Gang are out for blood.

The James Gang take out LAX, BG and Machete to start. Boot by BG, punches. BG has Homicide, Machete smacks BG in the back. Spinning heel kick by Homicide, snapmare and dropkick. Tag to Machete, triple team on BG.  More triple teaming, punches by BG. Machete nails a low blow, boot to the side of the head, more triple teaming from LAX. Neckbreaker for two, front chancery from Homicide. Homicide is thrown off the top rope; no DDT. Both men bang heads, could it be hot-tag time?

Yes! Kip is in, rights and Stinger splashes. A brawl ensues, Konnan and Bullet Bob remain. Slapjack misses, Bob pummels Konnan. Machete and BG are in the ring, Bullet Bob saves BG from a chair shot. Homicide is tossed to the floor, Machete is surrounded. Triple team right hands into The One and Only for the win.

Another fine match, this has a tastier storyline than the previous matches and that's what gave it an edge. They kept Konnan and Bullet Bob away from one another until the end, Kip James' frustration was a welcome sight.

Winners: The James Gang over LAX Via One & Only!

(International X Match) Petey Williams W/ A1 vs Puma vs Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Sabin

I feel I should call this The Other X Division Guys Match because they are all here. The focus was usually around Styles and Daniels along with their opponent of the month which left a number of guys competing in meaningless multi-man match. This is that match as Puma and Dutt start, beautiful transitions and holds. Stand-off, Williams and Puma are legal. Sabin and Williams are in, arm-drags and handstands/leapfrogs. Williams eats a springboard dropkick for two, Williams asks for a tim!e-out. Eye rake by Williams, roll-up for two. Everyone trades roll-ups, tornado DDT by Sabin for two.

Puma and Sabin are in, kicks by Puma. Butterfly lock, Williams tags in and kicks Puma. Scoop slam, leg drop for two. Low dropkick by Williams, Dutt tags into the match. Moonsault, Sabin tags into the match. Kick to the head of Dutt for two, Sabin and Dutt trade holds before Dutt throws Sabin to the corner. Corner elbow by Dutt, Puma is legal. Snapmare, two for Puma. Kicks and slaps exchange, Williams tags into the match. O Canada from Williams, straight-jacket submission from Williams.

Slingshot hurricanrana by Williams onto Sabin, Puma dives onto everyone. Puma cuts off Dutt with a clothesline, Sabin dives onto Williams. Dutt dropkicks Puma to the floor, Dutt moonsaults onto everyone. Puma avoids cradle shock and enzuigiri, kick to Sabin. Everyone kicks one another down, brainbuster by Puma on Williams. Middle rope hurricanrana by Dutt on Sabin, suplex by Williams on Dutt. Sharpshooter by Williams on Puma, Dutt dropkicks Williams. Tornado DDT by Williams, the destroyer is blocked for a jig and tonic. Sabin stops that, powerbomb by Sabin on Dutt with Puma saving the match. Double underhook supex by Puma for two, Dutt saves the match. Williams flapjacks Dutt, Canadian Destroyer on Dutt. Puma spikes Williams with a blockbuster, Cradle Shock by Sabin on Puma for the win.

Fast-paced exciting match up right there, similar to the first match. It is all balls to the walls, an exhibition to whoever is in the match, everyone looks fantastic coming out of it and it was what TNA was the best at during this timeframe due to their poor booking of the main event, do not worry I will get there soon enough! But matches like this made people fans of TNA and those fuckers cut away immediately not even giving the wrestlers that standing ovation moment when clearly the crowd wanted to do it.

Winner: Chirs Sabin over Everyone Via Cradle Shock!

Jeff Jarrett/AMW/Abyss vs Team 3D/Rhino/Ron Killings

Everyone in this match has issues, we start with a brawl. Abyss and Rhino pair off, Team 3D and AMW pair off. Killings and Jarrett are on the ramp, the others are in the crowd. Rhino wants to gore Abyss off the rafters again, Abyss boots Rhino Down. They continue to brawl around the arena, this goes on for a solid five minutes. We finally have ring action, Rhino batters down Storm. Tag to D-Von, spinning elbow. Storm elbows D-Von, ten punches by Storm. Brother Ray eats a massive Chokeslam, Storm tags Jarrett. Jarrett nails a middle rope knee to the back, tag to Abyss.

Devon smashes Abyss but Abyss shrugs it off, tag to Storm. Clothesline by Devon, tag to Brother Ray. Back drop, sidewalk slam and fallaway slam. Chest slap to Harris, tag to Rhino. Corner Gore into AMW, spinebuster for two. Jarrett saves his team, Rhino military press slams Jarrett. Belly to belly suplex, Gail Kim saves Jarrett. Slap from Gail, Abyss saves Gail from a piledriver. Rhino is swatted down by Abyss, corner clothesline for two. Jarrett tags in, dropkick by Jarrett. Two for Double J, Storm is the legal man.

Powerslam by Storm for two, double elbow by AMW. Sleeper by Harris, Jarrett and Storm put the boots to Rhino. Here comes Abyss, right hands by Abyss. Boot rocks Rhino, middle rope splash. Two as Brother Ray saves Rhino, Jarrett and Rhino clothesline one another down. AMW fail to double team Rhino, Rhino tags Killings. Right hands and kicks to everyone, complete shot to Jarrett. Lie Detector to Harris, Abyss splashes Storm by mistake. Osaka Street Cutter for two, Jarrett has his guitar.

Killings uses the splits to avoid the guitar, Rhino Gores Jarrett. Black Hole Slam by Abyss on Rhino, Killings clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Gail Kim is taken down by Brother Ray. Double diving headbutt by Devon and Killings, Abyss clotheslines Team 3D. Abyss eats a low blow, 3D! Harris and Storm come in, Superkick and full-nelson slam on Team 3D. Death Sentence on Devon, Killings is handcuffed to the corner but no Harris is in the cuffs. Scissors Kick on Storm, referee is pulled out by Jarrett.

Jarrett and Killings in the ring, back drop by Jarrett. Stroke is blocked, Harris pulls the leg of Killings and The Stroke connects in the middle of the ring, Team Jarrett take the win.

Five minutes of crowd brawling to begin is not a good start in my book, its just punching for five minutes, it stinks of laziness. No Sting whatsoever despite all the teases, the match goes for a long time without the flurries of excitement of an X Division match while the finish is as flat as a pancake.

Winners: Team Jarrett over Team Killings via Stroke!

(TNA X-Division Ultimate X Championship Match) Samoa Joe (C) vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

Three of the best battle it out in this match with Joe being at a disadvantage due to his size, Daniels & Styles try to climb the structure but Joe dominates on the ground. Dropkick by Styles, Styles & Daniels climb to the cables. Both men kick one another down, flying knee by Joe. Styles & Joe battle in the ring, forearms by Styles. Phenomenal Forearm, Joe elevates Styles onto Daniels, diving tornillo from Joe.

Joe begins to climb to the championship, Joe falls from the structures. Daniels nails Joe with a cross-armed powerbomb, leg lariat to Styles. Enzuigiri to Joe, high knee too. Daniels climbs the cables, Styles stops Daniels. Snapmare and kick to the spine by Styles, Styles and Daniels are on the top rope. Sunset flip powerbomb by Styles, Styles is closing in on the championship. Joe pulls down Styles, inverted atomic drop. Boot to the face, senton and face wash to Daniels. Daniels and Joe brawl to the floor, Styles saves Daniels from a running boot with a leaping forearm.

 Uranage from Joe, Joe has a chair. Daniels stops the muscle buster, Joe slaps back but Daniels comes back with a spear. Shotei misses, Coquina Clutch from Joe. Styles nails an enzuigiri on Joe, Joe is perched on that top rope. Double Muscle Buster by Styles and Daniels, Joe is down. Pele kick by Styles, Styles is on the cables. Joe wallops Styles with a chair, Dnaniels dropkicks the chair into the face of Joe. Daniels climbs the cables and grabs the championship, simple as that.

Well, that was out of the blue. The match was getting to a good point, some really nice stuff mixed in there and on Daniels' first attempt at properly trying to grab the championship, Daniels gets in like a piece of cake. No struggle, no triumph over Joe. Daniels just got the championship, I thought that was rather tame to be honest with you, rather underwhelming.

Winner: Christopher Daniels over Everyone Via Retrieval Of The Championship!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Christian Cage (C) vs Monty Brown

Cage took the championship from Jarrett (Thank You Jesus!) and now faces one of Jarrett's henchmen in Monty Brown. To be honest, Brown's momentum had been stalled almost to a standstill after his initial dominance in the company, Brown was turned heel and has been just kind of there. Christian has taped ribs due to Brown's attacks, Christian takes the back to begin the match.

Clean break from Brown, hammerlock into a side headlock by Christian. Shots to the ribs and a shoulder block by Brown, test of strength. Irish whip by Brown, chops by Christian. Brown tosses Christian to the floor, shots to the ribs by Brown. Christian is tossed into the crowd, the two begin brawling in the crowd. We get back to the ring, top rope axe handle is a bad idea for Christian as Brown smashes the ribs. Chops by Christian, Brown military presses Christian to the floor.

Onto the guardrail, Christian's ribs are the target. More shots to the ribs, Christian is suplexed rib first onto the top rope. Ribs first again, Christian is sent into the ringpost. Right hands to the head, abdominal stretch by Brown. Christian battles back but eats a knee to the ribs, knees to the ribs some more. Christian is Irish whipped, elbow from the corner. Tornado DDT is countered again, two for Brown. Rights by Christian, massive DDT out of desperation.

Clothesline by Christian, make it two. Rib shots by Brown, leaping leg lariat by the champion for two. Ten punches by Christian, Brown shoves off the champion twice. Knees and facebuster by Christian, frog splash misses. Bodyscissors by Brown, Christian escapes and nails a top rope senton for two. Unprettier is countered for a powerbomb, two for Brown. Unprettier is blocked twice, F-5 for two. Pounce is blocked, Alpha Bomb is countered for an Unprettier, Christian Wins!

Solid main event match, Christain and Brown tell the story of Brown decimating the ribs of Christian with raw power throughout the match. Christian weathers the storm to survive and plants Brownwith One Unprettier to end it all! Brown looked good in this match, Christian was able to much of the heavy lifting and it did not go too long.

Jarrett comes out and wants a rematch for the championship. Christianand Jarrett just brawl instead. Fair enough so, more people spill out, babyfaces and heels before Sting or Steve Borden comes out which leads to the debut of Scott Steiner. Steiner Recliner!

Winner: Christian Cage over Monty Brown via Unprettier!

That was TNA's Destination X 2006, a good pay per view but not a great pay per view. It has the usual TNA charm of exciting X-Division matches  but beyond that, some things could have been better. Matches that mean nothing, Hoyt vs Bentley? The Naturals vs Team Canada? It's notr only been done but there's nothing to these matches. Similar with the four way, it was fun but is it any different to anything I have seen or will see as I cover TNA pay per views? Probably not and more importantly, is there any growth in terms of any wrestler in this match? No they will be doing in the next pay per view so the question becomes why should I care? Joe vs Daniels vs Styles was disappointing, it ended without much drama at all. For a feud built up and it ending in TNA's signature match, you would think this would be special. Nope, Daniels wins with ease it was just weird. Good in parts, same old shit in others. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

WWE Wrestlemania 24 Review

Image result for WWE Wrestlemania 24 

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that makes less sense than Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley again! It's WWE's Wrestlemania 24, the grand-daddy of them all. Nothing bigger, nothing sweeter. Tonight's feature matches include the always fun Money In The Bank match, a multi-man ladder match where the winner will earn a briefcase that entitles them to a championship match at a time of their choosing. We also have Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show, the best boxer in the world vs the biggest athlete in sports entertainment. Could Orton's days as champion be numbered with him defending against Triple H and John Cena in a triple threat match and what of Edge who stares down The Undertaker, the man he twice screwed over on his way to holding the championship. It's Wrestlemania and it's on!

Opening Promo

What does Wrestlemania mean to you? Our entire careers? Steal the show? Nothing more high-profile, becoming immortal at Wrestlemania. A lot can happen in a year, twists and turns. Epic stuff, not going to lie this was brilliant. Quite possibly the best I have seen in a while.

(Belfast Brawl Match) Finlay W/ Hornswoggle vs JBL

JBL took out Hornswoggle in a cage while Finlay watched on, JBL is one of the best bullies in WWE history and JBL rammed up the dickhead factor in this feud. It starts on the floor, JBL meets the steel steps. Finlay has kendo sticks and a trash can, JBL cracks Finlay in the head with a trash can. Lid to the head, steel plate to the head of Finlay. Short- arm clothesline, JBL has half of the steel steps. Piledriver on the steel steps is blocked as Finlay back drops JBL. Boot to the head, steel tray to the head by Finlay. Two for Finlay, boot by JBL. JBL stomps on the fingers, right hands by JBL. Hornswoggle enters the ring, kendo stick to the back of JBL. Shillelagh to the head by Finlay, JBL tumbles to the floor.

Finlay stomps a trash can into the head of JBL, Finlay brings out the table. Both men tease smacking into the table, lariat from Finlay. Finlay grabs the steel steps, JBL powders. JBL slaps down Hornswoggle, Finlay comes to whip JBL's ass. Finlay checks on Hornswoggle, JBL rolls out again. Suicide dive goes awry for Finlay who gets cracked in the head with a trash can lid. Two for JBL, JBL grabs a trash can and waffles Hornswooggle with the trash can. Finlay is cracked with the trash can too, Finlay stops the clothesline with a trash can shot, lid to the head multiple times. Rolling firemen's carry by Finlay, JBL is tossed through the table.

Finlay covers for two, Finlay grabs the steel steps while JBL uses the kendo stick. Finlay is whacked hard in the knee with the kendo stick, Finlay falls into the steel steps. JBL seiwes the opportunity with a massive Clothesline From Hell and it's all over for Finlay as JBL picks up the win at Wrestlemania.

Good stuff in this street fight, they made the most of the time they had inside of the ring. Some goood spots in there, they had the crowd going but I wonder if the reaction from the fans and the feud itself warranted a longer and more bloody match between the two. I mean the angle started off as comedy but Finlay was fighting against Mcmahon's handpicked guys, Finlay was fighting against The Evil Vince Mcmahon so I thought it could have been something more but a hardcore brawl is usually a good way to start the show.

Winner: JBL over Finlay via Clothesline From Hell!

(Money In The Bank Ladder Match) John Morrison vs Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito vs Chris Jericho vs MVP vs CM Punk vs Mr Kennedy

Seven men? How odd why not six or eight? Anyways, the ring empties except for MVP who controls the ring until Jericho brings his own ladder. The two duel with Jericho winning that battle, Morrison and Jericho stand-off. Morrison knocks down Jericho and Morrison grabs a ladder and moonsaults onto everyone using the ladder. Kennedy climbs for the briefcase, Jericho stops Kennedy. Walls of Jericho attempt, Kennedy is catapulted onto the ladder. Jericho pursues, Kennedy is so close. Morrison scales the ladder, the two trade blows. Benjamin joins the battle, Benjamin powerbombs Kennedy who suplexes Morrison. Holy hell, that was awesome! Carlito tries to tip Benjamin, does not work as Carlito eats a ladder to the face. Punk is trying to win, Kennedy stops Punk.

Punk nails Benjamin with a GTS, Kennedy stops Punk again. Green Bay Plunge on the ladder, Carlito is climbing towards the briefcase. MVP knocks down Carlito, Carlito sends a ladder into MVP's leg. Dragon Whip by Benjamin on Carlito, Benjamin is climbing for the gold. Kennedy and Carlito tip over Benjamin who front flips onto a bridged ladder and smacks the ladder in half. Jericho, Kennedy and Carlito are all down as a result of MVP tipping the ladder. Morrison destroys MVP, Morrison is close. Jericho battles with Morrison, Walls of Jericho on top of the ladder. Kennedy sees his opportunity and sets up a ladder next to the two of them, Jericho smacks Kennedy. Punk and Carlito springboard onot the ladder, Mic Check on Punk off the ladder. Carlito Backstabbers Jericho off the ladder.

MVP looks around and sees his chance, MVP climbs towards the briefcase but wait a minute, here's Matt Hardy. Twist Of Fate off the ladder, Matt Hardy is back and has screwed over MVP. Jericho has a ladder, stabbing everyone with the ladder. Using a springboard, Morrison almost steals the briefcase before being floored, Jericho begins climbing towards the briefcase. Carlito spits in Jericho's face, Kennedy shoves off Carlito. Kennedy gets taken down by Punk with a ladder, Codebreaker using the ladder by Jericho on Punk. Jericho is close to the briefcase, Punk meets Jericho. Punk and Jericho fight for the briefcase, Jericho waffles Punk with the briefcase and Jericho is pulled through the ladder rungs, Punk steals the briefcase from Jericho.

What a match, these are always spectacular matches. Again, Benjamin is an absolute star and athletic freak when all is said and done, Benjamin takes the highlight reel moment and makes the most of his Wrestlemania moment. They all had their moments though, the Matt Hardy appearance was great too, Punk winning was a shock due to his treatment in his feud with Chavo and the fact that Punk was an ECW guy, that's the last brand expected to have a winner in this match.

Winner: CM Punk via Retrieval Of The Briefcase!

(Brand Warfare Match)

Batista and Umaga battle representing their respective brands at Wrestlemania, a low-key match for Batista considering how high profile his 2007 was with The Animal carrying Smackdown in Undertaker's and Edge's absence. We start off fast, Batista shoulder blocks Umaga to the floor, right hands by Umaga. Boot by Batista, spinning wheel kick by Umaga. Batista is booted to the floor, strong Irish whip by Umaga. Throat thrust and nerve hold from Umaga, Batista is in agony. Umaga misses a middle rope headbutt, Batista could not nail the powerslam though due to the back work from Umaga. Samoan drop by Umaga, two for Umaga.

Batista stops the Irish whip, right hands by Batista. Knee to the ribs, Batista blocks the corner splash. Samoan Spike is blocked, headbutt by Umaga. Umaga hits the ringpost hard, spinebuster by Batista. Batista Bomb and this match is over!

Rather simple match bu that's not always a bad thing. Two big monsters going at it, Umaga targets the back and Batista powers through and the botched powerbomb at the end actually helps the narrative of Batista's back being greatly weakened, really good stuff there. Enjoyed this match when all was over.

Winner: Batista over Umaga via Batista Bomb!

(ECW Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero (C) vs Kane

Kane won a battle royal earlier on the show to earn this opportunity, Chavo must face Kane. Kane is behind Chavo, Chavo freaks out and attacks Kane head on, Chokeslam and this match is over.

Well, Chavo looks like a joke, Punk looks like a joke for losing to Chavo and the brand as a whole seems weak when their champion was utterly destroyed by a Smackdown Superstar but no point in ranting and raving, ECW never had any respect from the WWE. DUD!

Winner: Kane over Chavo Guerrero via Chokeslam!

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels

Ric Flair will retire once he loses a match, Vince Mcmahon gave Flair this ultimatum months back, Flair survived veterans and newcomers but Michaels stepped up to the plate. Flair angered Michaels and now the two will give one another everything in this match.

Shoulder block by Michaels, hammerlock by Mr. Wrestlemania. Michaels is dropped down, hammerlock from HBK. Hiptoss by Flair who struts, lock-up. Clean break from Flair, they talk trash and Michaels slaps Flair hard. Flair is bleeding from the mouth, swollen lip and all. Flair goes to work chopping, they trade blows. Michaels chops Flair over and over, Flair turns the tide. No backdrop out of the corner; boot by Flair. Elbow by Flair, knee drop to the head. Elbow by HBK, Michaels is yanked off the top rope. Flair climbs high, crossbody for two. Shin breaker by Flair, figure four attempt. Michaels shoves Flair to the floor, baseball slide and beautiful Asai moonsault but Flair dodges and Michaels breaks a rib off the announce table.

Michaels re-enters the ring at eight, back suplex by Flair for two. Double underhook suplex by Flair, suplex by Flair. Two for Flair, neckbreaker from Michaels. Flair is back dropped to the floor, Michaels nails a moonsault from the top rope. The two men trade chops, flying forearm by Michaels. Kip-up, inverted atomic drops. Scoop slam, elbow drop into the heart of Flair. Michaels measures for Sweet Chin Music, Michaels hesistates so Flair takes control with The Figure Four. HBK reverses the figure four, Flair breaks the hold. Chops by both men, side headlock takedown and they trade pins. Shin breaker is countered for a victory roll, two for Michaels.

Michaels flips out of the corner, running chop block by Flair. Small package out of the figure four for two, enzuigiri is ducked and Flair clamps on The Figure Four! Flair pulls back Michaels from the ropes, Michaels cannot reverse the hold. Flair has Michaels but HBK reaches the ropes last second. Michaels is in the ropes, Flair stomps all over Michaels. The referee pulls back Flair, Flair is strutting and walks into a massive Sweet Chin Music. Michaels crwals into the cover, 1.....2.... Flair kicks out! Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music again, Michaels screams at Flair. Low blow by Flair with the referee distracted, cover by Flair for two.

Flair gets trapped in an inverted figure four from Micahels. Flair pulls off a bottom turnbuckle, the referee is distracted again. Thumb to the eye, Michaels gets rolled-up for two. Both men chop one another on their knees, they are standing. Chops by Flair, Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Michaels hesistates about finishing Flair, Flair calls for Michaels to finish it. I'm sorry I love you mouths Michaels as Flair eats Sweet Chin Music and it is over.

Emotional? Hell yes, the fans were invested and not one person could not feel the anguish of Shawn Michaels having to put down Ric Flair, a man he idolized inside of that ring. Flair wanting to fight, everything they had was put on display in that match. The match just toys with your emotions throughout as Flair reaches deep down inside his trick book to overcome Michaels but Michaels is simply too strong and it is game over for The Nature Boy. It would have been one of the best returements of all-time had Flair not gone to wrestle in TNA but if you blank out that trash, it is a beautiful moment with a quite good match.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Ric Flair via Sweet Chin Music!

(Playboy LumberJill Tag Team Match) Ashley & Maria vs Melina & Beth Phoenix

Beth and Ashley start, Ashley nails a forearm and hurricanrana, Beth eats a double hiptoss from Maria. Melina tags in, Melina is thrown to the floor. Stomping from the lumberjills, corner splash. Bronco buster from Maria, two off a yank out of the corner. Tag to Ashley, headscissors and clothesline by Ashley. Facebuster out of the corner, Melina and Beth double team Ashley. Ashley is stomped, bearhug by Beth. Tag to Melina, assisted moonsault for two. Maria tags into the match, kicks by Maria. Headscissors, handstand kick by Maria. Middle rope crossbody for two, Glam Slam is countered for a bulldog. Melina saves the match for her team, Maria is distracted. Beth spears Melina by mistake, Ashley dives onto the lumberjills. Maria bulldogs Beth, Santino pulls off Maria. Lawler waffles Santino, Fisherman Buster and Beth wins. Trash, lights go out and it is mostly screaming. DUD!

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Melina over Maria & Ashley via Facebuster!

(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton (C) vs Triple H vs John Cena

Triple H won the elimination chamber match at No Way Out to earn this opportunity while Cena was screwed out of the championship by Orton at No Wya out when Orton intentionally got disqualified to prevent Cena from winning the championship. Orton faces his two biggest challengers on this night, can Orton escape unscathed this match?

Orton waffles Triple H with the championship to begin the match, Cena goes to work on Orton. Modified bulldog, fisherman suplex by Cena. Right hands, Triple H throws Cena to the floor. Orton is tossed to the floor, The Game batters Orton on the table. Sleeper by The Game, Cena attempts a double FU. Low blow by Triple H, Orton nails his unique backbreaker, Orton stomps both men. Knee drop on Cena, knee drop on The Game. Two for Orton each time, they battle to the turnbuckle. Assisted crossbody by Orton, Cena rolls through for an FU attempt. Triple H takes down Cena with a clothesline, Orton clotheslines Triple H.

Orton nails Triple H and Cena with his rope-hung DDT, two both times. Cena blocks the rko throwing Orton onto Triple H. Knee and throw back by Cena, Kobashi-style leg drop by Cena. Orton slides away from the stfu, Cena is hurled into the ringpost. Triple H punishes Orton in the ring, knees to the thigh muscle of Orton. Orton nails The RKO on Triple H who falls to the floor, drop toehold by Cena who applies The STFU. Triple H helps Orton reach the ropes, Cena meets the steel steps. Indian Deathlock from Triple H, Cena breaks it up with an elbow. Triple H flips out to the floor off an Irish whip, STFU on Orton in the middle of the ring.

Triple H breaks up the submission, crossface by Triple H. Cena makes it to the ropes, Cena and Triple H trade blows in the middle of the ring. Shoulder block by Cena, massive clothesline. Spinning side slam, five knuckle suffle connects on The Game. FU is countered, Pedigree is countered. STFU is countered, facebuster by Triple H and huge clothesline. Spinebuster, Triple H chop blocks Orton's knee. FU is countered again, Pedigree by The Game. 1.....2..... Orton Punt Kicks Triple H and steals the win!

I do not know what it was about this match but it did not click for me, I thought it was a rather quick match which was short on stand-out moments which is a crazy thing to say considering the names in the match. But I did not feel the desperation, the struggle in this match and it is a WWE championship match for God's sake! It felt like it was just there, filling up the card which is a bizarre spot for a WWE Championship match but that's just the way I saw things!

Winner: Randy Orton over Everyone via Punt Kick!

Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show

Mayweather is good friends with Rey Mysterio, Mysterio was about to be brutalized by a returning Big Show before Mayweather made the save for his friend. Show mocked the boxing champion and Show's nose was broken in return for his mocking. Mayweather ducks Show at first, rights and lefts that Show cannot catch. Show is getting pissed off, Mayweather jabs Show in the face. Show takes out some of Mayweather's crew for mocking Show. Mayweather has went from cocky to scared real fast. Show catches Mayweather, Show tries stomping on the hand of Mayweather but Mayweather avoids the stomp.

Show places Mayweather on the top rope, big rights stagger Show. Sleeper, Show breaks free. Stomp on the hand, Mayweather is in trouble. Massive chest slap by Show, Show steps all over Mayweather. Boots by Mayweather, sidewalk slam by Show. Leg drop on the arm of Mayweather, Show steps all over Mayweather. Rights and lefts do not work, headbutt by Show. Elbow drop by Show, the entourage save Mayweather. Show beats down the entourage, Mayweather is dragged back to the ring. More entourage members are down, chair to the back by entourage man. Chokeslam to entourage man, Mayweather has the chair.

Show stops the chair shots, low blow by Mayweather. Massive chair shot to the head, make it two. Make it three, Mayweather robs brass knuckles off the neck of his entourage. Show has been knocked out by the brass knuckles, the referee begins counting and Show has lost the match to Mayweather.

I remember this being far more entertaining, it was fun in parts but I thought a bit boring towards the end. Mayweather's screams are fantastic and his manager is great, I would love to see him around ringside. Overall, it was fun but it was dull for me at times, still far more entertaining than anything they have done with celebrities in years.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather over Big Show via Knock-Out!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge (C) vs The Undertaker

Edge cost Undertaker eveyrthing twice, Edge stole the championship from Undertaker not once but twice. Edge had Batista's number and also has had Undertaker's number. No tricks ths time though, it is all or nothing as Undertaker says it is time for Edge's death. Edge unloads on Taker, clothesline by Taker. Clothesline to the floor, Edge is down. Edge stomps on Taker, hotshot by the challenger. Taker re-enters the ring, elbows to Taker. Irish whip to the corner, boot by Edge. Leaping clothesline by Taker for two, shoulder thrusts by Undertaker. Old School is countered but Taker transitions to an arm-drag, Taker chokes Edge in the corner.

High knee in the corner by Taker who spills to the floor, Edge wants the count-out win. Baseball slide connects, Taker is rammed into the apron. Edge controls the ring while Taker grimaces in pain, headbutts to the ribs by Edge. Corner spear by Edge, forearms to the back. Taker battles back, scoop slam does not work due to rib work from Edge. Dropkick by Edge, Edge climbs to the top rope. Taker pushes Edge to the floor, suicide dive from Undertaker. Edge is laid across the apron, apron leg drop from The Deadman. Two for Taker, Taker tried for The Last Ride but his back gave out, Edge plants The Deadman with a boot.

Taker is backdropped onto the barricade, falling into the crowd. Two for Edge, single leg Boston crab. Taker manages to escape, Edge sinks in the hold once more. Edge pummels Taker before The Deadman turns the tide. Knees by Taker, right hands. Slugfest, Edge loses the war, headbutt by The Deadman. Irish whip to the corner, corner clotheslines. Snake eyes, Edge counters the boot with a dropkick for two. Edge tries an axe handle, chokeslam attempt. Edge escapes and plants Taker with an Edgecution for two. Spear is blocked with a knee to the face, Chokeslam by Taker and it's two!

Old School is stopped, Edge crotches Taker. Top rope superplex, two for Edge. Edge ten punches Taker in the corner, Taker counters for Last Ride but no, Edge counters with a neckbreaker. Two for Edge, Taker manages to connect with The Last Ride for two. Tombstone is avoided for an Edge O Matic, two for Edge. Big boot by Taker, Old School finally connects. Edge avoids a boot which takes out the referee, falling reverse DDT by Edge. Edge talks trash in Taker's face, low blow by Edge to avoid a chokeslam. Edge steals a camera, wham to the head of Taker. Taker sits up, Edge is going to go crazy. Tombstone attempt by Edge, Taker counters for The Tombstone Piledriver.

No referee, Taker has the pin. Out comes Charles Robinson sprinting down the massive ramp, Edge manages to save enough energy to kick out of The Tombstone. Taker is even shocked, here comes The Edgeheads, Ryder is Chokeslammed onto Hawkins. Edge Spears Taker for two, another Spear from Edge but Undertaker has Hell's Gate, Edge has fallen into the trap of The Deadman. Edge taps out, Undertaker is your champion.

Great match, fantastic match, say what you want about it, it is all good. Edge had The Undertaker scouted, every move Edge had an answer before, you did not see this a lot in Taker matches. Usually, Taker's opponents try to go toe to toe or avoid Taker, they rarely combine the two and NEVER have an answer for everything. There is a call back to Survivor Series and Armageddon with The Edgeheads and the camera shot, Edge used everything and just when Edge believed he had achieved a feat nobody else could achieve, Taker brings out a move that Edge never saw coming and that was it, Undertaker had been screwed over by Edge throughout the year but now, The Deadman has had his redemption.

Winner: The Undertaker over Edge via Hell's Gate!

That was WWE's Wrestlemania 24, a very good Wrestlemania in my books! Things start off hot with the likes of The Belfast Brawl and The Money In The Bank providing huge memories on top of a new star in CM Punk. The shortcomings for me came in the Playboy tag garbage, just a filler way to get everyone on their card, nothing of note there while that triple threat for the WWE championship was just disappointing, I do not know what made it so boring because these were some of the biggest starts the company had but everything just seemed quiet. Flair vs Michaels was super emotional, it might not have been the best match on the night but nobody could not feel in that match as two of the very best killed one another. The main event was fantastic, could not have done it better it was the finest match of Edge's career and another great Wrestlemania match in Undertaker's belt. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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Thursday 19 July 2018

WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more shocking than Hogan's return to the WWE! Elimination Chamber matches hold the key to deciding what will take place at Wrestlemania, Smackdown's number one contender for the championship at Wrestlemania will be decided with a chamber match, Raw's number one contender will be decided through an elimination chamber match. Cena challengers Orton for the championship that he never lost, Mysterio vs Edge 2 and much much more! Let's Go!

(ECW World Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero (C) vs CM Punk

Punk vows for revenge on Chavo, Chavo stole Punk's championship with help from Edge. The match starts with a boot from Punk, reverse elbow. Chavo battles back, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Punk. Irish whip to the corner, Chavo boots Punk to the floor after Punk was elevated to the apron. Chavo wants the count-out win, elbows to the back of the head by Chavo, two for Chavo. Vicious kicks to the ribs of Punk, Punk screams out in pain. Right hands by Punk, kicks to the legs before a drop toehold and senton by Chavo.

Back suplex by Chavo, bodyscissors from the champion. Punk escapes with a catapult to the corner. Spinning sole butt, knee lift by Punk. Back drop, Irish whip to the corner. Chavo boots back but Punk counters with a powerslam for two. GTS attempt, Chavo counters with a headscissors. Tornado DDT for two, step-up enzuigiri by Punk for two. Punk mis-reads the vibe of the crowd and attempts the three amigos, high knee in the corner and bulldog by Punk for two as Chavo places his foot on the ropes.

Another GTS attempt, Punk dumps Chavo to the apron. Head-kick by Punk, Chavo is laying out on the floor. Punk picks up a dead-weight Chavo. Two for Punk, Punk places Chavo on the top rope, Punk is looking for a superplex. Chavo beats down Punk, Punk crotches Chavo on the top rope. Punk's hurricanrana is blocked with Punk crashing to the mat, Chavo nails The Frog Splash for the win.

Rather disappointing match, the crowd let down Punk and Chavo in this match, Punk was booed out of it while they weren't exactly reacting to Chavo either. The leg work was never really set up, Chavo went after the ribs, there was little story to the match and a clean win is the last thing I expected in this one and it went down like that, people did not really know what to make of all of it.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over CM Punk via Frog Splash!

(Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match) Finlay vs The Great Khali vs Big Daddy V vs MVP vs Batista vs The Undertaker

Taker and Batista start, right hands by both men. Batista wins the war, to the corner we go. Shoulder thrusts by Batista, knee by Taker. Batista is tossed to the steel floor, Batista's face is raked off the chain wall. Batista right hands and boots Taker back into the ring, clothesline by Batista for two. Boot by Taker, right hands as Batista is being worn down. Choke from Taker, Batista begins to rally after a flurry from Taker. High elbow for two, both men boot one another down. It is Big Daddy V, Big Daddy V clubs both men. Massive chops, clotheslines to Taker and Batista. Scoop slam to Taker, Samoan Drop to Taker. Big Daddy V steps all over Taker, Batista takes more chopped.

Taker falls through the chamber door after a headbutt from Big Daddy V. Splash against the chain wall, Big Daddy V has Batista in the corner. Splash in the corner, Batista spinebusters Big Daddy V out of nowhere. Clothlesline to the floor, Taker DDTs Big Daddy V on the floor and we have our first elimination!

Big Daddy V Has Been Eliminated Via DDT!

Here comes The Great Khali, headbutts and chops from Khali. Taker pummels Khali, chokeslam attempt. Two-handed throat toss by Khali, Taker kicks out at two and a half. Khali applies The Vice Grip to Batista, Batista escapes and Spears Khali.Singh is booted by Taker, Taker applies Hell's Gate and Khali has been eliminated!

The Great Khali Has Been Eliminated Via Hell's Gate!

Down to two but not for long as Finlay comes into the match. Big boot by Taker, Finaly dodges a corner big boot, elbow to Batista. Batista is tossed to the steel floor, Celtic Cross on Taker for two. Batista catapults Finlay into the chain wall, Batista re-enters the ring and eats a clothesline from Taker. Taker is tossed to the floor by Finlay, Taker is rammed into the chain wall. Two for Finlay, Taker is hurled into the chamber pods over and over.

Batista sends Finlay into the ringpost shoulder first, muscle buster from Batista. MVP is out but Taker pummels the bejesus out of MVP. MVP nails Batista with a shining black, Player's Boot to Taker. Two for MVP, MVP chokes Finlay with a chain from around his neck; two for MVP. Taker has been opened after a chin shot from MVP, boot to Finlay. Taker is on his feet, the punches from MVP are not taking down Taker. MVP tries to run from Taker, MVP is on top of the chamber pod. Taker grabs MVP by the throat, super Chokeslam from The Deadman and Finlay pins MVP!

MVP Has Been Eliminated Via Super Chokeslam!

Taker misses a top rope elbow on Finlay, Batista seems to be the freshest of the bunch. Hornswoggle appears from under the ring, Finlay has a shillelagh. Shots to Batista and Taker, Batista looks for the powerbomb but Finlay waffles Batista with the shillelagh, two for Finlay. Finlay turns into Taker who Chokeslams Finlay onto the steel floor for the elimination!

Finlay Has Been Eliminated Via Chokeslam!

Down to two, the same two who started the match. Batista is bleeding, Taker is bleeding. Slugfest, Batista looks for The Batista Bomb. It connects, 1.......2........ Undertaker kicks out! Ten punches in the corner, Taker counters for The Last Ride. 1......2....... Batista kicks out! Tombstone is countered, Taker is sent to the floor. Lawn dart into the chain wall, Batista tries it again but Taker counters over the rope and into The Tombstone, it's over Taker is going to Wrestlemania.

Excellent chamber match from everyone involved, this was well-produced with the monsters Khali and Big Daddy V being allowed to dominate but being taken out early due to their limited skills. The rivalry of Taker and Batista, the feud that dominated Smackdown throughout 2007, they fought so many times, they both scored victories over one another but only one man could stand tall. They started the match, they finished the match. Great stuff from this match, Raw has a lot to live up to for their chamber match.

Winner: The Undertaker over Batista via Tombstone Piledriver!

Mr. Kennedy vs Ric Flair

Ric Flair's career will end the next time The Nature Boy loses a match, Kennedy will be Flair's opponent tonight. Lock-up, shoulder block by Kennedy who struts. Flair chops and struts, hiptoss from Flair. Kennedy is not happy, boot and forearms by Kennedy. Rights and chops by Flair, dropkick to the injured knee by Kennedy. Smart move from Kennedy, single leg Boston crab by Kennedy. Figure Four around the ringpost by Kennedy, Kennedy talks trash in Flair's face. Slap from Kennedy, two for Kennedy. More slaps from Kennedy, slap by Flair. Boot to the knee, Kennedy slaps on the figure four. Flair edges his way to the ropes, Kennedy holds onto the submission for as long as possible.

Chops by Flair, Green Bay Plunge from Kennedy for two. Flair counters the move the second time, massive chop blocks by Flair. Roll-up by Kennedy for two, Side headlock, Flair counters for a figure four. Small package for two, Kennedy runs into Flair though. Figure Four by Flair and Kennedy taps out!

It was a good match, it's hard to have a bad match against Flair. Flair always garners a reaction from the fans, Kennedy's heel work is also very good. Loved the slapping and trying to beat Flair with his own move but I can't help but think that Kennedy could have benefited so much from beating and retiring Flair but sadly, the company had lost faith in company since the year prior.

Winner: Ric Flair over Mr. Kennedy via Figure Four!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge (C) vs Rey Mysterio

Mysterio has his rematch, also of note is that Floyd Mayweather is at ringside. Edge is utterly confident as Mysterio has an injured bicep. Heavily taped, headscissors by Mysterio. Head-kick by Mysterio, ten punches to the champion. Big boot by Edge off a leapfrog by Mysterio, Mysterio regroups out on the floor. Baseball slide by Edge, Edge stomps Mysterio hard. Mysterio is thrown into the steel steps, Edge gleefully asks Mysterio if he will continue, hammerlock by Edge. On the top rope, Edge places Mysterio in the tree of woe, dropkick misses as Edge smacks groin first into the ringpost. Moonsault by Mysterio for two, diving tornado DDT for two as Edge places his foot on the bottom rope.

Sunset flip by Edge, Mysterio dodges and drop toeholds Edge. 619, Mysterio is in tremendous pain. Kick to the head, springboard crossbody goes wrong and Edge plants Mysterio with a spear.

Super short match but the injury has to be legit, unfortunate for Mysterio and the fans as we are robbed of that jaw-dropping Mysterio performance. The angle after the match is fantastic though as The Big Show returns to the WWE as seemingly a babyface. Show transitions in a fantastic fashion by turning on Mysterio and Floyd Mayweather breaks the nose of The Big Show. Money, Money, Money!

Winner: Edge over Rey Mysterio via Mid-Air Spear!

(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton (C) vs John Cena

The Viper took out John Cena which led to Cena vacating his championship, in Cena's absence, Orton dominated every person in his path, nobody could touch Orton. Not HBK, not Triple H, nobody could measure up to Orton. Then, the unthinkable happened. Cena returned at the Royal Rumble and managed to win the damn thing. Orton had nowhere to run from the man who he could not beat for the championship.

We begin, small package by Cena for two. Takedown by Cena for two, boot to the stomach by Orton. Cena is clubbed down, right after right hand by the champion. Cena reverses an Irish whip to the corner, bulldog for two. Irish whip, high elbow by Cena. Elbow drop for two, Cena tries another Irish whip and Orton boots Cena in the head. Huge right floors Cena, Orton poses as Cena is down. Cena tries the schoolboy for two, lariat for two for Orton. Boot to the chest, Cena is being battered against the ropes, right by Orton. Dueling chants from the crowd, Cena hotshots Orton. Kobashi-style leg drop for two, Orton stops the corner clothesline. More rights from Orton, choke from the champion.

Cena attempts an FU, European uppercut stops Mr. Cena. Orton stomps the ankle, make that both ankles. Garvin-style stomps from Orton, Cena survives but misses a corner splash. Orton locks in a vicious looking sleeper to ground the challenger, Cena breaks free to nail massive shoulder blocks. Spinning side slam, Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle. It connects, FU but Orton escapes to the floor. Cena pursues,Orton and Cena trade blows. Both men try to win by count-out which is a little weird for the challenger to do, they trade blows some more.

Orton backbreaker, Orton clutches his leg once more. Sliding to the cover, Orton gets two. Orton places Cena on the top rope, Cena shoves off Orton. Kobashi-style leg drop misses this time, Orton measures for The RKO. Cena blocks, back suplex and Cena applies The STFU. Orton screams and scrambles, Orton edges to the ropes but Orton cound tap, Orton reaches and Orton makes it to the ropes. Orton rolls to the floor; clutching his knee once more. Orton wants to be counted out, Cena is lured in. RKO on the floor, Cena makes it into the ring at nine. Cena is pissed, Cena wants a war and Orton bitch slaps the referee for the DQ.

That was good stuff in this match, Orton was thee ultimate chicken-shit heel in this match. Orton tried having Cena counted out, Orton wanted himself counted out to avoid losing the championship and just when Cena is all sick of Orton's tricks and it looks like it is time to die for Orton. Orton slaps the referee to cost Cena the championship that was firmly in the grasp of the challenger. The crowd was alive for this match and it worked so well, Orton is at his best here.

Winner: John Cena over Randy Orton via DQ!

(Raw Elimination Chamber Match) Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs Chris Jericho vs JBL vs Umaga vs Jeff Hardy

The winner of this match will face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania, Jericho and Michaels start off this match. Lock-up; hammerlock by Jericho. Elbows by HBK, shoulder block by Michaels. Chop war between the two, Jericho leapfrogs Michaels. Crucfix into a sunset flip pin by HBK for two, series of pins by boht men before a northern lights suplex by Jericho for two. More pins before a clothesline by Jericho, slaps by Jericho. Flying forearm by Michaels, inverted atomic drop and clotheslines. Scoop slam, Jericho blocks the elbow drop with his knees. Bulldog, Lionsault is blocked by Michaels but Jericho blocks the knees and looks for The Walls of Jericho.

Small package by Jericho for two, both men bang heads in the middle of the ring. Umaga is the next man in the match. Umaga dominates both men with clotheslines and strikes, double Samoan drop by Umaga. Umaga hip drops on both Jericho and Michaels, Umaga drops everything on the back of HBK. Jericho comes back with chops, throat thrust floors Jericho. Umaga misses a middle rope headbutt, elbow drop by HBK. Jericho looks for the Walls of Jericho, Umaga is stuck in the hold. Michaels applies a crossface on the monster too, can Umaga hang on? JBL is the fourth man in the match, JBL goes after Jericho. Neckbreaker and short-arm clothesline, Michaels is thrown to the steel floor.

Jericho is stomped down, big boot to Jericho. Tornado DDT by Jericho, two for Jericho. Umaga rakes the face of Michaels off the chain wall. Umaga tortures Michaels in the ring, Triple H comes into the match. Triple H comes to the aid of Michaels, facebuster to JBL. Facebuster to Umaga, JBL and Umaga bang heads. Spinebuster to Jericho and Umaga, DDT to JBL for two. Umaga misses a splash and meets the chamber pod glass courtesy of The Game. Modified bulldog by Jericho on Triple H, Lionsault misses. Pedigree attempt, JBL Clotheslines Triple H but Jericho nails The Codebreaker on JBL and it's night night for JBL.

JBL Has Been Eliminated Via Codebreaker!

JBL grabs a chair and waffles Michaels, Umaga and Jericho. Everyone is down and the countdown for Hardy begins, forearms to Umaga. Corkscrew mule kick to Umaga, sit-out suplex to Jericho. Poetry in Motion on Umaga using Jericho, Triple H comes back with right hands. DX eat a Whisper In The Wind. Thrustkick by Umaga, spinning slam on Jericho. The Game is in the tree of woe, Umaga hurls Michaels into Triple H. Headbutt to Triple H, shot to the ribs of Jericho, Umaga is dominating this match. Umaga hip attacks Jericho through the chamber pod glass. Umaga eats a Sweet Chin Music, Codebreaker, Pedigree and Swanton Bomb to stop the monster! Sweet Chin Music and Jericho is gone, Hardy hits Twist of Fate while Triple H hits a Pedigreee on Michaels, HBK is gone.

Umaga Has Been Eliminated Via Swanton Bomb!

Jericho Has Been Eliminated Via Sweet Chin Music!

Michaels Has Been Eliminated Via Pedigree!

Hardy and Triple H battle it out, DDT on the floor by Hardy. Triple H is bleeding, Triple H is rammed off the chain wall. Hardy dives off the top, Pedigree counter but no Hardy back drops Triple H into the ring. Hardy misses his swanton, Triple H nails The Pedigree but Hardy kicks out at two! The Game has a chair, Pedigree on the chair. No it's blocked, low blow by Hardy. Twist of Fate does not connect, Triple H tosses Hardy onto the chair. Pedigree on the chair and Triple H is going to Wrestlemania.

This match was good but just did not have the charm of the Smackdown elimination chamber. The eliminations came quick and fast, not much pacing between them which is what hurt the match in my opinion. If there was time between Jericho being eliminated or Triple H coldly Pedigreeing Michaels to achieve his goal of becoming WWE Champion. Hardy kicking out of the Pedigree was a huge moment but they squandered the moment seconds later but I can understand why they did not want Hardy going down so easily. So, there were some cool spots, Umaga's elimination was a particular highlight but if the eliminations were given time to breathe, I thought it could have been much better!

Winner: Triple H over Jeff Hardy via Pedigree!

Well, that was WWE's No Way Out 2008, a very good pay per view from WWE. No real bad matches on this card, we have two very good chamber matches with the Smackdown chamber match being excellent. The WWE Championship had great heat to it with the crowd's energy being at a peak during this match, Big Show's return was a great way to get the fans to forget about Mysterio and Edge while Flair and Kennedy was good stuff too. So, I would recommend this pay per view, WWE was in full Wrestlemania mode and it delivers in bucketloads with exciting and dramatic chamber matches coupled with a great return and WWE championship match. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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Monday 9 July 2018

WWF's Saturday Night Main Event January 3rd Edition, 1987 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is All In! It is all about Hogan vs Orndorff inside of a steel cage, this is going to be a massive edition because we are opening with a cage match while we also have George The Animal Steele batting long-time nemesis Randy Savage, Adrian Adonis vs Roddy Piper and King Harley Race taking on The Junkyard Dog. Another show that promises to be a tonne of fun, cannot wait for this edition.

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs Paul Orndorff W/ Bobby Heenan

Kicking it off big, we have the cage match between the two. Orndorff and Hogan had battled at The Big Event with Orndorff almost upsetting The Hulkster but this should settle the feud, it’s been six months of war between the two. There has to be a winner, only one way to win and that is by escape. Also note that there are two referees on the floor, one of them being corrupt referee Danny Davis.

Orndorff interrupts Hogan entering the ring, Orndorff whips Hogan with the championship. Orndorff almost escapes immediately before Hogan grabs the leg of the challenger, Orndorff begins dropping elbows on Hogan. Hogan thwarts the escape of Orndorff once more, clothesline by Mr. Wonderful. Orndorff almost out of the cage, Hogan has Orndorff by the hair. Hogan uses the cage to choke Orndorff, right hands both men are high on that cage. Orndorff is upside down, being smacked off the cage. Hogan chokes Orndorff with his headband, Hogan begin climbing the cage but Orndorff is too quick, a right hand floors Hogan.

Knee across the throat from Orndorff, Orndorff misses a series of elbows on Hogan. Hogan is powering up, Orndorff eats massive rights. Axe bomber from Hogan, Danny Davis is slow to unlock the cage door. Low shot from Orndorff, Hogan reverses Orndorff and Orndorff bangs off the cage wall. Both men are on opposite sides of the cage, they are racing over the cage. Both men’s feet hit the floor at the same time, we have a controversial decision. Danny Davis shoves down Joey Marella, we need a video replay. Orndorff knees Hogan in the back who was distracted with Davis.

Marella rules that the match will continue, Orndorff nails a top rope elbow. Orndorff attacks Hogan with his headband, knee to the back of the head. Hogan Hulks Up as Orndorff has gone too far, right hands from Hogan. Chops too, Orndorff meets the cage. Orndorff is dazed, Orndorff meets the cage for a fourth time. Rib-breaker from Hogan and a massive Atomic Leg Drop! Heenan nails the referee, Heenan is trying to stop Hogan. Heenan is buying Orndorff sometime, Hogan says no way. Heenan is down, atomic drop to Orndorff. Heenan is hurled to the cage, it is a race between Hogan and Orndorff but Hogan climbs over and wins the match.

So much fun in this match, starts off great with Orndorff attacking Hogan. I have enjoyed the heel run of Orndorff thoroughly, always seemed like a loose-cannon so being a heel came naturally. This match had the controversial finish, the screwy referee, Bobby Heenan doing what Heenan does best and Hogan overcoming the odds, you could not ask for a match on television, it was fantastic fun!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Paul Orndorff via Escape!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Randy Savage © W/ Miss Elizabeth vs George The Animal Steele

Steele has a big surprise for Savage, Steel carries an action figure of himself. Steele gives the action figure to Elizabeth, Savage is irate. Savage hops it off the ground, here comes Steele. Two-handed throat toss by Steele, Savage is rammed off the top turnbuckle. Steele begins calling to the back, what could this be? Savage takes control, Steele is yanked down. Knee drop by Savage, scoop slam by Savage. It’s Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Steele yanks Savage off the top rope, Savage has been tossed to the floor. Steele steals Miss Elizabeth.

Savage has no clue, Savage enters the ring. Savage cannot do a thing because standing in his way is Ricky Steamboat. Savage had crushed the larynx of Steamboat in November of 1986 using the ringbell. The Dragon has stopped Savage who wants no part of The Dragon. Steele is back, Savage is rammed off the turnbuckle. Steele rips at the turnbuckle, scoop slam by Steele. Savage has been blinded, Steele rips at another turnbuckle. Savage rams Steele into the ringpost, elbows and middle rope choke from Savage. Steele fires back at Savage, biting from Steele.

The referee is admonishing Steele, Steele shrugs off the referee. Eye rake by Savage, sleeper attempt goes awry as Steele bites the arm of Savage. Clothesline to the floor by Savage, Steele has some object. Surely a disqualification? The referee is searching for the object, Steele shoves down the referee. Savage has a ring-bell, Steele has been waffled in the back of the head and Savage gets away with the win. Savage grabs the ring-bell, planning to do what he did to Steamboat but Steamboat makes the save.

Great angles coming out of this feud, first you have The King Kong tendencies of Steele who just wants to see Elizabeth treated properly, Savage being the ultimate dick who mistreats her and just wants to hold his championship. In the middle of the match, Steamboat returns and the fans want to see Steamboat murder Savage so bad.

Winner: Randy Savage over George Steele via Ring-Bell To The Back Of The Head!

King Harley Race W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Junkyard Dog

Race takes a cheap shot to take control, headlock with punches by Race. High knee from Race, another knee from Race for two. Right hands from JYD, Race meets the ringpost. Headbutt by Junkyard Dog, eye rake by Race. Right hands, belly to belly suplex. Falling headbutt from Race but JYD does not feel the effects, Dogbutts from JYD. Race is sent tumbling to the floor, JYD has the crown and robe of Race, JYD tries on the gear and Heenan looks on in utter disgust. Heenan tries to attack JYD, no dice. Massive right hand by JYD, Race is climbing the top rope, elbow to the back of the head of JYD. Elbow drops, Heenan gets in too. We have a DQ, Race and Heenan batter Junkyard Dog.

More of an angle than a match, Junkyard Dog is super popular and the feud will come to an end soon enough but this is good stuff. Sidenote: Heenan’s face when JYD strutted around in the robe and crown may have made my day, fantastic from the best of all-time.

Winner: Junkyard Dog over Harley Race via DQ!

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Adrian Adonis W/ Jimmy Hart

Piper throws his kilt on Adonis, right hands and hiptoss from Piper. Huge knee lift, Adonis is all tied up in the ropes. Boot from Piper, Piper bites the head of Adonis. Adonis is in a bad, bad way. Piper hotshots the arm of Adonis, Adonis is begging for mercy. Two low shots from Adonis, eye rake from Adonis. Knees in the corner, Adonis is raking at the body of piper. Huge rights from Piper, Adonis is smacked off the mat. On the floor, the referee is dealing with Jimmy Hart which leads to Adonis spraying Piper in the eyes with his perfume spray gun thing. Piper is blinded and gets counted out.

I understand that they have to get heat on Adonis for the Wrestlemania match but Piper wandering around aimlessly while he gets counted out was a bit stupid, not my type of thing at all.

Winner: Adrian Adonis over Roddy Piper via Count-Out!

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Blackjack Mulligan

Mulligan clotheslines Funk to the floor, we are on the outside. Funk eats a backdrop to the floor, Funk rakes the eyes but he cannot get the scoop slam. Mulligan scoop slams Funk, Mulligan nails a massive clothesline. Funk begs for mercy, Mulligan nails a spinning reverse elbow for the win. DUD!

Winner: Blackjack Mulligan over Jimmy Jack Funk via Reverse Elbow!

Another really good edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, Hogan vs Orndorff delivered in bucketloads, you had everything when it came to the match. The crowd were in a frenzy, Hogan and Orndorff tore the house down with some awesome wrestling spots. The return of The Dragon, big things on the horizon between Steamboat and Savage, loved the feud between Adonis and Piper despite the weak finish on the show, I felt Adonis could have blinded Piper in the ring instead of Piper just getting counted out while still being on his feet, surely Piper could feel where the ring was? That’s nit-picking though, this was a good show, fun and enjoyable. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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