Monday 31 August 2020

WWF Summerslam 1993 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that does not have a shiny new AEW Contract! It’s WWF Summerslam 1993, big matches on this night as WWF attempts to go all out with a main event featuring Lex Luger against Yokozuna for the WWF Championship! We also have Ted Dibiase taking on the newly face Razor Ramon, The Undertaker vs Giant Gonzalez, Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels vs Mr. Perfect. On paper, this might be the most stacked card the WWF could offer at the time but will it be a good show? The quality has been less than stellar since the transition into The New Generation. Will I leave this pay per view satisfied? Let’s find out!


Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase vs Razor Ramon


Ted Dibiase along with tag team partner IRS laughed at Ramon’s loss to the 123 Kid which led to the turn of Ramon who is now a beloved babyface. Dibiase sneak attacks Ramon before Ramon turns the tide, back body drop and a fallaway slam before a right hand floors Dibiase. Dibiase slowly makes his way back into the ring, they lock-up. Dibiase uses the hair to pull Ramon into the corner, rights and lefts from Dibiase before Ramon reverses an Irish whip to the buckle. Clothesline and clothesline to the floor, Dibiase is out of the ring. Dibiase is pulled into the ring, Dibiase begs for mercy. Ramon mocks Dibiase before Dibiase pulls Ramon into the buckle. Choke using the top rope from Dibiase, repeated choke attempts from The Million Dollar Man.



More choking on the canvas, Irish whip and back elbow from Dibiase. Back-breaker from Dibiase for two, Dibiase lands a clothesline for two. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock from Dibiase, Ramon survives the sleeper and grinds it out with elbows against the ribs before Dibiase lands a knee to the gut to thwart Ramon. Neck-breaker from Dibiase, suplex and Dibiase calls for the end. Ramon counters with an elbow, Dibiase chops back. Irish whip reversal from Ramon, clothesline with both men going down. Dibiase rams Ramon into the buckle, Ramon spills out the floor. Dibiase unties the corner buckle, Ramon rams Dibiase into the exposed buckle though. Razor’s Edge and this match is over.



That would be it for the in-ring career of Ted Dibiase in the WWF, what a career it had been. Always enjoyed the work of Dibiase, a breath of fresh air upon entering the WWF and his matches with the likes of Hogan, Warrior and Savage were so much fine. Dibiase slowly wound down through the years but I will remember his work with Bret as well as The Dusty Angle followed by The Virgil Angle. Now, it is bizarre to see Ramon and Luger as babyfaces because in the months prior, I enjoyed their work so much as heels. Ramon could put on a damn good match too, the roles have changed though and I am not sure how I feel just yet. The match was alright, nothing special. Dibiase loved to use that buckle finish in the WWF, a few times it has come up on pay per view. A big singles win for Ramon to gain momentum but with the size of Ramon, how many heels can bully him or elicit sympathy? Decent opener, crowd was very much behind Ramon, just wish the in-ring action matched the crowd’s enthusiasm for the match.


Winner: Razor Ramon over Ted Dibiase via Razor’s Edge!


The Heavenly Bodies W/ Jim Cornette vs The Steiner Brothers


The Bodies sneak attack The Steiners, Rick takes a flapjack and more while Scott is kept out of the ring before Scott has enough. Big punches, the Bodies are whipped into one another. Tilt-a-whirl slam from Scott to Del Ray, huge power move from Scott. We settle, Prichard and Scott will kick us off. Military press slam, Rick nails Prichard from the apron. Back body drop for Del Ray, Scott tags in Rick. Pritchard eye rakes Rick, hip-toss does not work though. Clotheslines for both Bodies, scoop slams too. In comes Scott, inverted atomic drops for both Bodies.



Pritchard and Del Ray combine though, bulldog and trip takes down Scott. Enzuigiri from Pritchard, Scott is hurled to the floor. Del Ray takes out Scott with an apron con hilo. Tag to Del Ray, axe handle to the back of Scott. Del Ray jiggles for justice! Scott reverses an Irish whip before Del Ray nails a massive DDT on Scott. Tag to Pritchard, drop toehold and elbow drop combination. Pritchard jokes Scott, reverse chin-lock from Pritchard. Scott battles back before a drop toehold from Pritchard ends that flurry. Superkick from Del Ray for two, tag to Pritchard. Back rake from Pritchard, middle rope choke and Cornette waffles Scott with his racket.



Tag to Del Ray, choke from Del Ray. Tag to Pritchard, quick tag to Del Ray. An elbow here and an elbow there, Del Ray tries his DDT again but a northern lights suplex from Scott finds the mark. Del Ray tags Pritchard, Pritchard gets caught for a tigerbomb. Scott tags Rick, Rick batters Del Ray. Steinerlines brother, scoop slams all around. Scott dropkicks both Bodies, Rick lands his Diving Bulldog for two. Scott pummels Pritchard in the corner, Pritchard dumps Scott to the floor. Cornette distracts Rick, Prtichard is thrown the racket and nails Rick. 1…2… Rick kicks out of Del Ray’s pin. Del Ray moonsaults Pritchard by mistake. Frankensteiner on Del Ray and this match is over.



Heels are meant to lie, there is no greater lie than calling those two men Heavenly Bodies. I don’t know why it makes me laugh so much but it truly is the perfect gimmick. Anyways, The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette are absolutely annoying and they pose and taunt but when its time to sell, they bump all around for The Steiners. Good ol-fashioned tag team match with a satisfying pay-off at the end, only thing missing is Cornette being bumped around by one of the Steiners. Enjoyed it, easy to breeze through.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over The Heavenly Bodies via Frankensteiner!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Mr. Perfect vs Shawn Michaels © W/ Diesel


Who has killed it in the WWF during this time? Mr. Perfect, I have loved every second of his babyface turn. This match was set in motion at Wrestlmania IX when these two brawled after Perfect’s match with Luger. Key-lock takedown from HBK, Michaels is cocky and confident. Snap-mare from Perfect with ease, Michaels has a side headlock. Michaels will not let go, Perfect pulls at the hair. Michaels slides through the legs, both men duck one another’s attacks before Perfect takes control, knees to the shoulder of Michaels. Hammerlock from Perfect, both men reverse the hold before Michaels grabs a side headlock. Perfect counters with a headscissors before HBK escapes and misses an elbow drop.



Perfect is in the head of Michaels, Michaels backs Perfect to the corner. Cheap shots before Perfect reverses it for chops. Michaels leapfrogs and elbows Perfect, whip to the buckle reversed. Michaels flips over Perfect but Perfect lands a clothesline for two. Arm-bar from Perfect, Michaels backs Perfect to the corner. Perfect whips Michaels to the corner, Michaels dodges and tries a top rope crossbody before Perfect lands two arm-drags back to back for two. Short-arm scissors from Perfect, Diesel looks a little tense at ringside. Michaels misses two right hands before being caught on a dropkick, catapult to the floor from Perfect.



Diesel edges towards Perfect, this allows Michaels to land Sweet Chin Music. Perfect is dazed on the floor, Michaels lands an apron axe handle. Knees to the back and an elbow drop for good measure. Make it 4 elbows, hard whip to the buckle. Michaels clubs the back, make it two. Whip to the buckle, the ring shakes with that whip. Michaels drops his weight on the back of Perfect, back-breaker into a submission from Michaels. Perfect punches his way out of the hold, Perfect leapfrogs and dodges before a big dropkick. Back body drop from Perfect, knee-lift from Perfect. Inverted atomic drop for two, chop from Perfect.



Big right hand from Perfect for two, Michaels whips Perfect. Hip-toss is blocked, backslide attempt from both men. Perfect flips over Michaels, Perfect-Plex in the ring before Diesel trips Perfect. Perfect is dragged to the floor, Perfect hammers Diesel and Michaels. Michaels is thrown into the ring, Michaels dives onto the referee so Diesel can send Perfect into the ring-post, Michaels wins by count-out.



Could it be that bad for Michaels to go over Perfect? I mean, Michaels needs it badly to go over a big star, few are on the level of Perfect in the WWF. Of course, I enjoyed this match because these two are great inside of that ring. That backslide into The Perfect Plex was simply awesome, crowd erupted on that. Some of the sequences were fantastic, the way the two would move was great. I really wanted Michaels to go over clean but it’s great that these two actually got to work one another, it almost didn’t happen but I am sure glad it did. Hopefully, I will get to see Mr. Perfect for a few more pay per views inside of that ring because from matches with Bret to matches like this one with Michaels, the guy can still deliver when it is go time.


Winner: Shawn Michaels over Mr. Perfect via Count-Out!


IRS vs 123 Kid


The Kid beat Razor Ramon, he is an underdog that you cannot help but get behind when he is in that ring. Kid is as awkward as possible, playing his gimmick to perfection I suppose. Everyone underestimates him and takes a whipping for their overconfidence. Anyways, IRS charges in and roughs up Kid, Kid lands a big spinning heel kick before IRS lands a flapjack. Kid is decked again before a pop-up dropkick puts Kid back into the match. IRS throws Kid to the floor, big right hands before Kid almost schoolboys IRS for a close two. Back elbow and elbow drop from IRS for two, abdominal stretch with using the ropes for leverage. Reverse chin-lock, Kid reverses and lands huge kicks in the corner. Hard Irish whip, Kid wants the Moonsault. 1..2. IRS kicks out! La Magistral for two, IRS catches a leg but eats the other leg to the head. IRS reverses an Irish whip, dropping down and landing a massive Write-Off for the win.



Glorified squash match? Sad when IRS is one of your top heels in the company, nothing against the guy but he puts me to sleep inside of that ring. I do not know how he sweats so much when he ain’t hauling ass inside of that ring. You could have left this off the card to be honest, did nothing for me or for the career of 123 Kid.


Winner: IRS over 123 Kid via Write-Off!


Bret Hart vs Doink The Clown


Lawler is meant to be battling Bret due to Lawler’s hatred of Bret winning the title of King of The Ring. Lawler assaulted Bret after his coronation, ending the pay per view so this major angle is stuck in the middle of Summerslam. Suppose that is how it goes sometimes, Todd is here to interview a hobbling Lawler who is on crutches. Lawler cannot compete due to a car-crash, Lawler has a replacement though in Doink The Clown. The demented Doink The Clown throws water on Bruce, Bret comes to the rescue hammering Doink and clotheslining Doink to the floor.



More right hands from Bret, Doink is clotheslined to the floor. Doink hits the ring-post hard, Hart continues to batter Doink in the ring. Bret swings around Doink and pummels him to the floor, Lawler supports Doink at ringside. Doink nails Bret from the apron with a shoulder, big right hand but Bret was playing possum. Bret crotches Doink on the top rope, Doink is slammed face-first into the mat. Elbow from The Hitman, Doink’s attacks are blocked by Bret who nails a big headbutt. The headbutt dazes The Hitman, Bret goes to the floor. This allows Doink to sneak attack Bret. Bret hits the steel steps hard, massive right from Doink.



Doink lands an axe handle from the top rope, Lawler cheers on Doink. STF from Doink to continue to slowdown The Hitman. Bret is back up though, elbows before Doink lands a huge knee to the ribs. Doink drags around Bret by the hair before applying The Stump Puller. Doink uses the ropes for leverage, the referee stops the cheating ways of the villainous clown. Doink stomps on the head of Bret, Doink looks for The Whoopie Cushion but Bret blocks with his knees. Right hands by Bret, shot to the gut. Russian leg-sweep, Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop. Sharpshooter and Doink is helpless as Lawler cracks Bret with the crutch again and again. Lawler has fooled The Hitman again, President Jack Tunney is here though and Tunney is not happy.



Tunney forces Lawler into a match with Bret, Lawler must fight or he’s banned from the WWF forever! Bret batters Lawler back to the ring, headbutt in the ring from Bret. Bret bites the head of Lawler, back body-drop from The Hitman. Headbutt to the lower regions of Lawler, Owen cheers on his brother. Bret cracks Lawler with the crutch, Lawler suckers in Bret and nails him with the crutch. The referee is allowing the action go, Lawler shoves Bruce Hart before choking Bret with the crutch. Bret is pulled into the ring-post groin-first by Lawler, Lawler has the crutch again. The referee is with Bruce & Owen, Lawler nails Bret with the crutch.



Right hands from Lawler, Bret meets the buckle hard. Lawler poses for himself, Bret catches Lawler with a low blow. Bret pulls down his straps, mocking Lawler and firing up at the same time. Right hands from Bret, headbutt from The Hitman. Another back body-drop, back-breaker from Bret. Piledriver from Bret to Lawler, Bret decides to go to his rope. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop, Bret gives Lawler the thumbs down. Sharpshooter from Bret, Lawler submits to The Sharpshooter!



That was a long affair, I did love the idea of Lawler coming up with any possible excuse not to face The Hitman. Makes sense for Lawler to want no part of Bret, the Doink match was rather flat though. Never felt like Doink would be able to hurt Bret, the best part of the match was the finish with Lawler revealing his ruse attacking The Hitman before being forced into the match. When Lawler and Bret faced off though, it was good. Felt like the two hated one another, every strike from the crutch to Bret’s comeback was full of hatred and fire. Icing on the cake from Bret is pulling down the strap and the piledriver on Lawler, perfection from The Hitman. Lawler battered and payback has been given tenfold. However, things change quickly as Lawler is declared the winner of the match as Bret refused to let go of The Sharpshooter.


Winner: Jerry Lawler over Bret Hart via DQ!


Ludvig Borga vs Marty Jannetty


Poor Marty, it never panned out. Ludvig Borga is new, big, impressive heel wrestler who hates America. Already calling out Lex Luger so the future looks bright. Jannetty is attacked from behind, rights and lefts from Borga. Hard Irish whip and clothesline from Borga. Knees in the corner from Borga, Jannetty is rocked. Irish whip, massive flapjack with a punch on the way down. Two-handed choke from Borga, Borga places Jannetty in the corner. Rights and lefts to the ribs of Jannetty, another whip to the buckle. Borga misses a splash, clothesline from Jannetty before Borga clotheslines him down.



Borga picks up Jannetty and headbutts Jannetty. Sunset flip attempt from Jannetty, a right hand stops that attempt. Borga continues to talk very well into the hard camera. Bearhug from Borga, Jannetty escapes and tries a scoop slam but Jannetty cannot lift Borga. Massive clothesline from Borga which leads to a flip bump, sunset flip but Borga misses the punch this time. Two massive Superkicks from Jannetty, the middle rope crossbody leads to a falling powerslam from Borga. Torture Rack from Borga, and it’s over.



Nothing overly impressive there, Jannetty does all he can to make Borga look like the real deal. Unfortunately, not much would come for Borga from what I remember. Anyways, this was a squash and it serves its purpose.


Winner: Ludvig Borga over Marty Jannetty via Torture Rack!


(Rest In Peace Match) Giant Gonzalez W/ Harvey Whippleman vs The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer


Debuting at Royal Rumble, Gonzalez was Whippleman’s new monster to take out Undertaker. Kimala had failed so Whippleman chose an even bigger opponent for The Deadman. Taker would walk away with the victory at Wrestlemania thanks to a DQ but Taker wants his revenge here at Summerslam. Taker comes out with the biggest reaction of the night so far, let’s hope the fans can stay with this match because it’s going to be a rough one.



Taker goes right after Gonzalez, throat thrusts and big choke in the corner. Harvey ain’t happy with Taker, Taker scares off Harvey. Taker takes his eye off the ball though, big boot and headbutt from Gonzalez. Taker fires back with a clothesline, make it two. Gonzalez is still standing though, Gonzalez clotheslines down Taker but Taker sits up, Gonzalez hurls Taker to the floor. Taker meets the apron and then, Taker meets the steel steps. Gonzalez has a chair, Taker is waffled with the chair twice. Taker is hurled into the steel steps, his knees taking the brunt of the impact. Taker is struggling big time, Gonzalez hurls him into the ring. Taker reaches out to the stolen urn, Harvey snatches it away.



Taker is back to his feet though, two massive right hands. Harvey steals away the urn once more, Gonzalez reassumes control. Hard whip to the buckle, Taker collapses to the mat. The gong of The Deadman sounds in the arena and here comes Paul Bearer. Once again, monster reaction and it seems that Gonzalez will be resting in peace all too soon. Whippleman and Bearer to brawl, Whippleman eats a clothesline from Bearer. Bearer has the urn once more, monster reaction. Gonzalez slams Taker hard to the mat, Gonzalez spots Bearer. Bearer holds the urn to the sky, Taker sits up. Gonzalez has no clue, clotheslines from The Deadman. Throat thrust has Gonzalez to a knee, Taker leaps off the top rope with a Diving Clothesline. It’s over!



Easily my match of the night so far, such glorious campy WWF goodness. Character development, years of careful planning leads to a wonderful little moment. Paul Bearer returning, the urn in the clutches of Paul Bearer and the power it gives Undertaker. I loved how this match had some genuine attempts at shooting shots to tell a story, should have had one on the entrance ramp to catch Bearer coming through the curtain but there was some great stuff here. It suckered me in, didn’t insult me because I mean who wants to see a Gonzalez match without smoke and mirrors? A moment that I will not forget, a nice little moment for Undertaker & Paul Bearer.


Winner: The Undertaker over Giant Gonzalez via Diving Clothesline!


Tatanka & The Smoking Gunns vs Bam Bam Bigelow & The Headshrinkers


The heels control the ring to start as Team Bigelow clothesline the shit out of everyone. Tatanka is whipped to the ropes, shoulder block by Bigelow. Stomp to the back of the head from Bigelow, Tatanka ducks a clothesline and lands a flying shoulder block before a big dropkick. Back body-drop from Tatanka, both men duck one another’s attacks before both men try a crossbody and meet in the middle. Billy and Fatu receive tags, rights from Billy before a superkick takes down Billy. Billy counters a suplex for a variation of a DDT, reverse bulldog from the top rope. Fatu reverses an Irish whip and shoulder blocks Billy, tag to Samu. Double headbutt from The Headshrinkers, stun-gun from Samu.



Afa attacks Billy as the referee is with Tatanka, superkick from Samu. In comes Bart, flying crossbody from Bart for two. Arm-drag, Samu elbows Bart in the face for trying a crossbody. Samu whips Bart and slams him face first into the mat. Bigelow gets the tag, dropkick into the face of Bart for two. Tag to Fatu, powerslam from Fatu for two. Tag to Samu, Samu bites the head of Bart. Double headbutt from Headshrinkers, tag to Bigelow. Shoulder block from Bigelow, Bart is rammed into the heads of The Headshrinkers. Tag to Fatu, Bart tries to slam Fatu head-first into the mat but Fatu shakes it off. Clothesline turns Bart inside-out, Team Bigelow batter Bart behind the referee’s back.



Bigelow is the legal man, double elbow with Samu to the face of Bart. Whip to the buckle, Bigelow misses a splash in the corner. Bart finally tags Tatanka, Tatanka runs wild with Tomahawk Chops. Scoop slam from Tatanka, DDT plants Bigelow to the mat. Tatanka is on the top rope, diving crossbody from Tatanka for a close two. Bigelow sends Tatanka into the buckle, Tatanka was firing up before Bigelow clips Tatanka with a massive enzuigiri. Samu is now legal, middle rope headbutt for a close two as everyone enters the ring for a brawl. The Gunns end up on the floor, Tatanka is all alone. Bigelow lands a running splash, triple headbutt on Tatanka. Fatu, Samu and Bigelow are up top, they all miss their diving headbutts. Billy and Bart dive onto Bigelow and Fatu, Tatanka rolls-up Samu for the win.



It just never came together in this match for me, we were building to that Tatanka hot-tag and when it came, it was alright and nothing special. Crowd didn’t come un-glued, crowd was burned out after The Taker match. Crowd came alive for the possibility of The Headshrinkers & Bigelow squishing Tatanka to death which is always a great thing when you have a babyface. Match comes to an end, nothing gained or lost to be honest.


Winners: Team Tatanka over Team Bigelow via Roll-Up!


(WWF Championship Match) Yokozuna © W/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs Lex Luger


This is so disheartening for me, Lex Luger as a heel in the WWF I was loving the guy was one of the biggest assholes I had ever seen and was such a great addition to the roster. However, plans changed and now we have Mr. America Lex Luger, the new Hulk Hogan. Luger slammed Yokozuna after arriving via helicopter and was destined to challenge Yokozuna for his championship. Could Luger overcome what Hogan could not? Luger toured America in The Lex Express to raise support for this moment, can the evil Yokozuna be thwarted by Luger? Randy Savage gets a monster reaction, it’s maddening to think Vince thought Savage was too old for the WWF at the time when few are more over than The Macho Man. Also, Luger has to be in consideration for one of the worst themes of all-time? What is that fanfare style crap?



The two lock eyes, no fear on the face of either man. Fuji is almost in the ring, catching Fuji in the act Luger launches himself at Yokozuna. The champion meets the buckle, massive clothesline from Luger. Yokozuna does not go down, knocking Luger but Luger dodges the leg drop. Luger goes after the calf, Yokozuna is down. Big elbow drop from Luger for two, Luger runs into a scoop slam from Yokozuna. Luger dodges the elbow drop this time, right hands from Luger. Stomps in the corner, corner clothesline from Luger. Ten punches in the corner from Luger, the referee pulls down Luger for the closed fists. Yokozuna lands a throat thrust to take down Luger, choke from Yokozuna.



Fuji sees the powder coming, Luger dodges the powder and goes back to work on Yokozuna. Scoop slam attempt but Luger’s back gives out on him, Superkick from Yokozuna. Luger eats a headbutt and is down on the floor, Cornette and Fuji are stalking Luger. Yokozuna has a camera cable, Luger is choked against the guardrail. Luger lays against the ring-post, massive clothesline against the ring-post. Yokozuna has a chair, Luger ducks the chair shot. Rights from Luger, Luger stares down Fuji. Luger is on the middle rope, diving axe handle from Luger. Luger on the top rope, massive diving axe handle. Luger calls for his forearm, Massive Diving Forearm from Luger. 1…2… Yokozuna manages to kick out! Luger waffles Yokozuna with a clothesline to the back of the head for two, Luger is looking frustrated.



Both men collide off a clothesline, Fuji throws a bucket to Yokozuna. Luger is smashed right between the eyes, Yokozuna crawls into the cover. 1…2. Luger powers out! Chop from Yokozuna, belly to belly suplex from Yokozuna. 1…2… Luger kicks out! Yokozuna chokes Luger on the middle rope, the champion rakes the eyes of the challenger. Saito suplex from Yokozuna, Luger manages to kick out. Shoulder hold from Yokozuna, Luger powers up and rams his elbow into the ribs of Yokozuna. Scoop slam attempt but Yokozuna falls onto Luger for another close two.



A massive leg drop from Yokozuna, Luger manages to kick out of the leg drop. Yokozuna wants his Banzai Drop! Luger manages to roll out of the way! Luger is struggling to his feet, Luger tees off on Yokozuna but Yokozuna bites the head of Luger. Yokozuna misses a corner splash, scoop slam by Luger. Luger explodes with emotion, Fuji is dropped off the apron. Bionic Forearm to the face of Yokozuna, Yokozuna is unconscious! Cornette is on the apron, Luger decks Cornette and Luger wins by count-out, celebrated by his fellow WWF Superstars.



We will tackle the finish in a second, I want to give Luger credit in this match because I really enjoyed this match. Going in, I thought I don’t know if I want to see this but Luger and Yokozuna held my interest, Luger exploded along with the crowd at the end and it was tremendous. If only there was a flurry to follow, knocking Fuji, Cornette and Yokozuna one after another could have really rammed up the heat here in the arena but it did not come. Luger also got way up there for those belly to belly suplexes and leg drops, putting over Yokozuna as the man. The finish itself, I mean yeah Luger looks ridiculous as it appears as if it’s Luger’s Coronation as WWF Champion and Vince is screaming, the locker room empties and they cheer our hero. But Luger did not win the championship, he scored a count-out victory over the champion. So why the madness? Why the confetti? The long-standing rumour has been Vince was unsure to put all his eggs in the Luger basket and boy, it sure looks that way here.


Winner: Lex Luger over Yokozuna via Count-Out!


That was WWF’s Summerslam 1993, a mostly poor effort from the WWF during a time where they were looking vulnerable and weak. We kick things off with Dibiase vs Ramon, enjoyed Dibiase’s work throughout covering him during The Golden Era years. Sad to see him go but I would rather Dibiase retire than have to work with IRS and work against the likes of The Natural Disasters. Steiner Brothers vs Heavenly Bodies is a fun tag team match. Jimmy Del Ray is one of the most irritating sights to be committed to a wrestling ring and I love him for it, I will always be a fan of that man for what he does inside of that ring. Steiners get beat down and then batter the cheating heels, loved it.


Michaels vs Perfect was what I expected from two greats, I didn’t know which way it would go and the finish left me wanting more. If that’s it for the two locking up, I will be saddened as it showed just how good the two could be with one another. IRS vs 123 Kid was not my style at all, cannot get behind IRS and I also find it hard to get into The Kid considering his whole gimmick premise is that The Kid beat Ramon by fluke so everyone else is more than likely going to batter him. Lawler vs Hart was a lot of fun, Lawler cheating in every way possible followed by him getting wrecked by Bret was great. Did not care for The Doink match, could have thrown anyone in that heel role so no harm done. Borga vs Jannetty was a squash, Team Tatanka vs Team Bigelow was passable as it served as a cool down between the big two matches.


Taker vs Gonzalez had no right to be enjoyable yet that moment where Paul Bearer comes back and Taker rises when he regains the urn, just magic and I loved it and felt like a kid again. That made up for the sluggish pace of the match and we can finally move on from that feud so that’s another plus. Yokozuna and Luger, any pay per view that ends in a count-out is never going to sit right with me because of the money people had to and have to spend on the things but the celebration is what tips it over the top. Complete madness to celebrate like that but it could have been a last minute switch. Regardless, Summerslam 1993 has some big matches but it doesn’t feel like a Summerslam much like some of Summerslam’s 92 card. It was enjoyable in moments, small little bites here and there but it was also boring and I found myself doing other things instead of reviewing. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!