Monday 29 April 2019

WWF Wrestlemania IV Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that delivers as poorly as Enzo & Big Cass in ROH! It’s Wrestlemania IV, the tournament for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. After the controversy of the twin referee Saturday Night Main Event finish, Ted Dibiase was stripped of his WWF Championship won for The Million Dollar Man by Andre The Giant and a tournament was announced to crown a new champion. The biggest and the best of the WWF competing for the WWF Championship but can the grand-daddy of them all live up to last year’s Wrestlemania? Let’s find out!

20-Man Battle Royal

After a rendition of America The Beautiful, we have Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon introducing us to the action, this night will kick off with a twenty-an battle royal. The likes of The Hart Foundation, Bad News Brown and The Rougeau Brothers fill the ring, Ken Patera is also in sight. The Fink introduces everyone, we have The Hart Foundation, The Young Stallions, Sika, Danny Davis, The Killer Bees, Bad News Brown, Sam Houston, The Rougeau Brothers, Ken Patera, Ron Bass, Junkyard Dog, Hillbilly Jim, King Harley Race The Bolsheviks and George The Animal Steele.

Everyone rushes one another, hard to keep track of this but I shall do my best as the match kicks off, many superstars crowd Sika, Sika maybe the biggest man in the match and the toughest to remove from the ring. The first man out is Sam Houston followed by Sika, the tag teams stick together in the match as George Steel stays out on the floor pulling and attacking people from the floor. A lot of standing around and pairing off in corners, Neidhart pulls Steel out of the match by his beard. The Killer Bees and one of the Rougeaus have been eliminated. JYD dumps out Bass, Hillbilly Jim gets dumped out to the disappointment of the crowd.

Davis gets caught by Roma, Roma dumps out Davis which gets cheers from the fans, Jim Powers has been dumped out in the meantime. The Bolsheviks are working well together, being the only tag team still in the match, Race and JYD are trading headbutts. Patera dumps out The Bolsheviks, Brown dumps out Patera. JYD smacks Race out of the ring, Roma, Brown, Bret and JYD remain in the match. Brown dumps out Roma, we are down to three. JYD begins headbutting Bret and Brown, Brown and Bret team up against The Dog. Brown and Bret talk strategy, JYD continues to take a pounding from Brown and Bret. JYD refuses to be dumped out but the combined strength of Bret and Brown are too much. Brown enzuigiris Bret right in the back of the head, stomps and rights from Brown. Bret meets the turnbuckle hard off an Irish whip and we have a winner as Brown dumps out Bret.

An Ok opening match, I was not expecting much but even then, things were slow and plodding at times, there was no real rhyme or reason to what was going on, it just continued to keep going slowing along, hoping for the match to come to an end sooner rather than later. So, it was acceptable but it was not the hot opening match that I would have wanted out of the gate.

Winner: Bad News Brown Via Survival!

Ted Dibiase vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Fourteen men have been selected, only one man can be your WWF Champion. The first match will see Jim Duggan battle against Dibiase, Duggan has been less than stellar since debuting mostly being disqualified or attacking whoever is in his way, Dibiase has been the exact opposite being a breathe of fresh air as a character who has all the money, the suits and ultimately, almost bought his way to the WWF Championship. Duggan corners Dibiase, Dibiase backs off from Duggan. Lock-up and clean break from Dibiase, another lock-up. Duggan blocks the right hand, massive right from Duggan.

They trade blows, atomic drop by Duggan. Dibiase bails to the floor, eye rake and chops by Dibiase. Big right hands, Irish whip but Duggan ducks and nails a clothesline. Right hands by Duggan, ten punches in the corner. Irish whip, boot block by Dibiase, Dibiase smashes Duggan into the turnbuckle. Shots to the ribs, Irish whip to the corner, clothesline from Dibiase. Stomp to the face, Dibiase talks trash. Middle rope elbow by DIbiase and a Fist Drop for two. Duggan fires back with rights, eye rake by Dibiase. Irish whip and Duggan counters with a sunset flip for two, massive knee lift and fist drop from Dibiase. Duggan blocks the suplex, nailing his own massive suplex. Dibiase climbs to the middle rope but eats a shot to the ribs, rights and lefts by Duggan.

Irish whip to the corner, clothesline from Duggan. Another Irish whip and scoop slam by Duggan, Three-Point Stance attempt from Duggan but Andre grabs Duggan’s leg and Andre waffles Duggan. Knee lift from Dibiase and a Fist Drop for the win, The Million Dollar Man steals a win in the tournament.

Not a lot of time but a lot of fun in the time given, Dibiase is a heat magnet with every mannerism drawing anger from the crowd, Andre at ringside is a nice touch, a great security measure for The Million Dollar Man. Despite the booking of Duggan, Duggan is very popular with the audience and when Duggan starts swinging, the crowd comes alive so I was very happy with the way this match played out, Duggan taking a tonne of punishment to keep him strong and Dibiase continues to cheat his way to victory.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Jim Duggan via Fist Drop!

Dino Bravo vs Don Muraco W/ Superstar Billy Graham

The Rock is here in this tournament match, lock-up and clean break. Lock-up, Bravo pushes off Muraco, shoulder thrusts and chops. Muraco reverses an Irish whip to the corner, clotheslines and hiptosses. Bravo dodges an arm-drag and nails elbows, gutwrench suplex. To the turnbuckle, Irish whip to the corner. Bravo misses a corner knee, Muraco begins kicking the knees of Bravo. Leg-snap from Muraco, make it three. Spinning toe hold, more neck snaps from Muraco. Bravo blocks the toe hold, Muraco applies the hold again. Bravo pushes Muraco into the ropes, big right hands from Bravo. Piledriver from Bravo, two for Bravo. Second piledriver is blocked, both men nail clotheslines, both men are down.

Both men slow to their feet, Muraco nails right hands. Irish whip and a flying forearm from Muraco, scoop slam. Bravo pulls the referee in front, Muraco knocks out the referee. Bravo nails his sidewalk slam behind the referee’s back, there is no pin-fall but Muraco wins by DQ as the referee realized Bravo pulled him in front of Muraco, justice is served.

Passable for sure, nothing much to talk about inside of the ring, two big bastards hitting one another for what seems like forever, nothing wrong about it and the finish was fun, who does not love when the referee shows a bit of spine? But with this many matches, I feel it is going to be hard to write meaningful reviews of every match, this is not good!

Winner: Don Muraco over Dino Bravo Via DQ!

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Greg The Hammer Valentine

Good to see Steamboat, lock-up with a clean break. Side headlock from Steamboat, big hiptoss and arm-drag from Steamboat. Dragon works the arm, sidekick and throat thrust from Steamboat for two. Irish whip by Valentine, Steamboat nails a shoulder block, make it two. Right hand by Steamboat, Valentines sidesteps Dragon. Steamboat skins the cat, dropkick for two. Arm-wrench from Steamboat, Valentine makes his escape and chops down Steamboat. Knees across the throat, making use of the referee’s five count. Steamboat is pulled away from the ropes, smacking his head off the mat. Elbow for two, Steamboat flips out of the back suplex, Valentine meets the turnbuckle hard.

Knee drop and arm-wrench from Steamboat, inverted atomic drop and clothesline by Valentine. Elbows to the nose from Valentine, chops to the throat from Valentine. Jabs from Valentine, Steamboat chops Valentine who falls to the mat, two for The Dragon. Valentine gets a two off a failed scoop slam by Steamboat, gut-buster from Valentine. Headbutt to the groin, figure four is blocked as Steamboat pushes Valentine into the turnbuckle.

Both men chop one another, they are leaning against one another to stay on their feet, massive chop from Steamboat. Valentine is down, two for Steamboat. Eye poke by Valentine, shoulderbreaker from Valentine for two. Valentine is climbing high, massive axe handle. Figure Four is blocked with a chop, Valentine hits the mat hard. Valentine is rammed into the mat again and again, reverse flying elbow by Steamboat. Steamboat is climbing high, diving chop from Steamboat for two. Valentine is rammed off the turnbuckle again and again, Steamboat manhandles the referee, out of character for The Dragon. Crossbody but Valentine rolls through, holding the tights for the win.

That was a good match, Steamboat is awesome we all know this and we see it in full display here, selling like nobody else in the company at this time, Steamboat’s facials and body language are perfect throughout, they sell you that desperation needed for the match, Valentine is mean and nasty, just a massive pain in everyone’s back side. Good match from this tournament, the first one I have seen and hopefully, more to come.

Winner: Greg Valentine over Ricky Steamboat Via Roll-Up!

The Natural Butch Reed W/ Slick vs Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth

The Natural Butch Reed has his hands full with The Macho Man being a fully fledged fan favourite at this point due to his battles with The Honky Tonk Man. Reed is enjoying himself, cool as a cucumber as the match begins, Savage has no time for mind games. Lock-up, Reed misses a right hand, far too slow for Savage. Lock-up, Reed backs Savage into the corner, knees in the corner from Reed. Snapmare and a fist drop, to the turnbuckle we go with Savage reversing Reed. Kick to the ribs, Reed suplexes Savage with ease. Elbow drop for two, closed fists to the head from Reed, Reed talks trash to Elizabeth. Savage drops to the floor, being hung up in the ropes.

Reed stomps away at Savage, Savage can barely make it to the ring. Elbow to the face from Reed, more taunting from Reed. Reed climbs to the middle rope, middle rope fist drop from Reed. Savage kicks Reed off an Irish whip, chops and rights. Reed misses a corner elbow, Irish whip by Savage but Reed counters with a clothesline, Reed talks trash to Elizabeth. Reed gets caught on the top rope, Savage yanks down Reed, Elbow Drop from Savage and Savage advances in the tournament.

Not as long as the previous match but you have some nice stuff in here despite the length, Reed being a total arrogant fool is great fun, trash-talking to Elizabeth and losing because of it is just fun stuff, how could you hate it? Savage is tremendous inside of the ring, love the way Savage moves inside of the ring. Good stuff!

Winner: Randy Savage over Butch Reed Via Elbow Drop!

One Man Gang vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Two big men killing one another, should be fun. Gang smacks around Bigelow to begin the match. Massive rights stagger Bigelow, Irish whip to the corner, Gang squishes Bigelow in the corner. Gang misses a splash, shoulder block from Bigelow and a splash for two. Crossbody by Bigelow for two, fist drop from Bigelow. Rights by Bigelow, clothesline from Bigelow. Elbow by Bigelow, headbutt floors Gang. Falling headbutt by Bigelow, Slick pulls down the ropes and Bigelow falls to the floor. Gang grabs Bigelow on the apron, Bigelow does not make it back into the ring. We have a count-out and Gang advances in the tournament. DUD!

Winner: One Man Gang over Bam Bam Bigelow Via Count-Out!

Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan vs Jake The Snake Roberts

Rude shrugs off Roberts and poses, Roberts drags down Rude, Rude smacks his face into the canvas. Right hand and scoop slam by Rude, multiple rights and a scoop slam. Roberts answers with a slam of his own, make it two. Rude is caught in an arm-wrench, Rude misses a punch as Roberts continues to punish Rude. Rude punches down Roberts but Roberts continues to grasp the wrist of Rude, Rude is in a lot of pain as Roberts continues to work the arm. Rude backs Roberts into the corner, Rude nails shoulder thrusts and places Roberts on the top rope. Rude shoves away the referee, diving knee from Roberts. Roberts signals for The DDT, Rude wriggles free from the hold.

Rude returns to the ring, they criss-cross, scoop slam from Roberts. Running knee lift misses for Roberts, Rude sweeps up Roberts who hits the mat hard on his head. Clothesline and pose from Rude, elbow to the head of Roberts for two. Sleeper hold from Rude, Roberts is back on his feet but Rude uses a handful of hair to hold onto control. Heenan distracts the referee as Rude chokes The Snake. Roberts finally escapes but Rude nails a double axe handle from the middle rope, Rude poses before nailing right hands and a flying clothesline for two. Another sleeper wears down the snake, Roberts grabs the hair of Rude but Rude shakes it off, The Ravishing One is in control.

Elbows from Roberts, Rude flapjacks Roberts down to the mat. Rude is on the top rope, diving fist drop from Rude for two. Another sleeper hold from The Ravishing One, Roberts scores with the back suplex but Rude continues to hold onto the submission, Roberts crawls to the ropes as Rude stomps the life out of the snake. Another two for Rude, sleeper is latched on again. Boring chants are beginning to ring out from the crowd, I can understand their views with this reliance on the sleeper. Roberts escapes with a massive jawbreaker, Roberts stings Rude with lefts and rights, back drop from Roberts. Short-arm clothesline, it’s DDT time! Rude backs Roberts into the corner to avoid the ddt, Irish whip to the corner. Roberts blocks with a boot, gutbuster for two. Massive back suplex from Rude, two for The Ravishing One. The time limit expires!

This could have been something truly special but with the finish to protect both wrestlers, we have a draw which means we do not get that quality match that these two could deliver, we have a match with sleepers and a lot of downtime, could have been so much more but nevertheless, I do like a long match as opposed to a quick match that I cannot even truly talk about when it comes to reviewing.

Time Limit Draw!

Hercules Hernandez vs The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior sprints down to the ring, a house of fire as these two big men are going to collide inside of the squared circle. Hercules is already in the ring, awaiting his opponent. Hercules attempts a shoulder block, Warrior does not move. Both men attempt shoulder blocks, the two talk trash. Both men are posing, lock-up with Hercules being backed into the corner. Cheap shot from Hercules, chops from Warrior. Irish whip, Hercules ducks a clothesline and it takes three clotheslines from Hercules to knock down Warrior. Short-arm clothesline from Warrior, Warrior chops Hercules before Hercules dumps Warrior to the floor. Warrior pulls out Hercules, they trade blows on the floor.

Warrior ramps Hercules off the steel steps, Heenan is looking devious at ringside. Hercules gains control in the ring, rights and lefts from Hercules. Elbows from both men, right hands from Warrior. Ten punches in the corner from Warrior, Hercules nails an inverted atomic drop. Warrior is rammed into the turnbuckle, Irish whip to the corner. Warrior reverses but misses the corner splash, Full-Nelson from Hercules. Warrior kicks off the turnbuckle as both men tumble to the mat, Warrior raises his shoulder while Hercules is pinned to the mat. Hercules attacks Warrior after the bell and uses his chain but Warrior shakes it off, Hercules retreats in shame.

Well, that was as bad as it gets, no way you can do worst on this night than Warrior and Hercules, what they did in that ring sucked on so many levels. The way they moved, the way they transitioned and the way they sold were absolutely awful. Anything about this match was horrid, a waste of time!

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Hercules Via Roll-Up!

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant W/ Bobby Heenan

The biggest match of all-time part 2, this is as big as it gets and it was the match that everyone was talking about in this tournament. The tournament has begun because of the controversy between these two men, Andre stole the championship from Hogan due to crooked referees, these two have had a feud that has lasted over a year. They recap the feud with Andre nailing the giant butterfly suplex that screwed Hogan out of his championship.

It seems the crowd has woken up, that is understandable I mean this is Hogan and Andre II, the biggest match of all-time and here we go again. Hogan bolts to the ring, Andre jumps Hogan. Headbutts and boots, Hogan has been shaken. Hogan meets the turnbuckle, chops by Andre. Massive clobbering blow, more chops and a massive headbutt. Hogan comes back with forearms, Andre is driven to the ropes. Hogan grabs Dibiase, Andre and Dibiase bang heads. Chops by Hogan, Andre is tied up in the ropes. Dibiase and Virgil are trying to free Andre, Hogan is coming for Andre.

Right hands by Hogan, Andre is staggering. Andre is down, elbows from Hogan. Andre grabs Hogan for a sleeper, choke hold from Andre. Headbutt from Andre, massive choke hold from Andre. Squeezing and squeezing with Hogan looking like it could all be over, Hogan’s arm is checked and it does not drop, here comes The Hulkster. Hogan is backed into the corner, Dibiase grabs a chair and nails Hogan in the back. Hogan and Andre fight over the chair, Hogan cracks Andre with the chair, Andre cracks Hogan with the chair. Both men have been disqualified for their use of the chair.

The biggest rematch of all-time does not live up to the hype but the crowd were into it all the way, as they should. Hogan is the hero and everyone was expecting Hogan to end the night with the WWF Championship in his hands and Hogan poses for long enough, you would believe that Hogan was closing the show but we have a tournament to do damn it! On a lighter note, Andre could still pull off a performance at this time in his career, what a talent Andre The Giant was!

Both Men Have Been Disqualified!

Don Muraco W/ Superstar Billy Graham vs Ted Dibiase W/ Virgil

Dibiase is grabbed from the floor, Muraco rams Dibiase into the turnbuckle. Scoop slam, elbow drops from Muraco. Massive powerslam for two, shots to the ribs. Elbow from Muraco, diving fist drop for two. Dibiase eats a snapmare and neck-snap, Dibiase begs off in the corner. Muraco drags Dibiase out of the corner, standing dropkick from Muraco for two. Dibiase rolls to the floor, Muraco nails right hands. Irish whip, Dibiase hits the corner hard. Dibiase pulls Muraco into the corner using his legs, stomps from Dibiase. Irish whip and clothesline from Dibiase for two, knee lift from Dibiase. Fist Drops from Dibiase for two, Muraco counters a back drop with a boot. Scoop slam from Dibiase, diving elbow misses for Dibiase, Dibiases stunguns Muraco after a flurry of offence from The Rock and steals the win.

That was decent, Muraco showed a lot of fire and intensity throughout pummelling Dibiase around the ring while Dibiase is such a heat magnet but The Million Dollar Man’s selling is tremendous, love the sell off the diving elbow, it was just awesome.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Don Muraco Via Stungun!

Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs Greg Valentine W/ Jimmy Hart

Valentine is hammered early on, rights and lefts followed by a snapmare with knee drop. Forearm from Valentine, diving axe handle from Valentine. Elbow drop from Valentine, massive wind-up elbow drop for two. Shoulder-breaker for two, Savage is tossed to the floor. Apron axe handle from The Hammer, chops from Valentine. Elbow across the throat from Valentine, Valentine chokes the life out of Savage. Knees to the leg of Savage, Savage avoids the figure four.

Valentine nails a great suplex, two for Valentine. Savage stills alive in the match, backbreaker for two. Savage fights out of the corner, elbow to Valentine. Choke from Savage, scoop slam from The Macho Man. Diving axe handle from Savage for two, Jimmy Hart distracts Savage on the apron. Elbow by Valentine, Savage reverses the suplex. Another diving axe handle but Valentine smashes Savage in the ribs, both men are down. Savage misses double knees against the ropes, Valentine’s Figure Four is reversed for a small package, Savage wins the match.

Another short match, hard to leave a memory on your mind when they all end so quick, I will give Valentine his due though, one of my favourite heels in the company since I started these reviews, Valentine continues to rough up all of our beloved babyfaces, Savage continues to storm through the competition.

Winner: Randy Savage over Greg Valentine Via Small Package!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Honky Tonk Man © W/ Jimmy Hart & Peggy Sue vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake

Beefcake has been a fully-fledged babyface since leaving behind Valentine and adopting his most famous persona in The Barber, Beefcake has a chance to win championship gold in this match, what an opportunity for Beefcake. Lock-up, Honky cheap shots Beefcake. Irish whip, Beefcake ducks and catches the foot. Atomic drop, right hand by Beefcake. Honky rolls to the floor, Honky backs away from Beefcake. Eye rake by Honky, Beefcake sends Honky into the turnbuckle, multiple rams into the turnbuckle from Beefcake. High knee from Beefcake, Honky rolls to the floor.

More stalling from Honky, Beefcake pulls Honky onto the apron. Elbows by Beefcake, snapmare into the ring. Honky misses a kick, Beefcake misses a big elbow though. Honky seizes the opportunity, kicks to the back of the head. Elbows by Honky, right hand to the face. Fist drop from Honky who dances for his fans, headlock and big right hands. Honky signals for his finish, knee to the ribs. Beefcake grabs the rope to avoid the neckbreaker, right hands by Beefcake. Back body drop, Honky begs off. Sleeper by Beefcake, Jimmy Hart is on the apron, Hart knocks out the referee with his Megaphone. Beefcake notices the referee is down, Hart grabs the bag of Beefcake. Beefcake crawls under with Jimmy Hart, Beefcake cuts the hair of Jimmy Hart on the steel steps. Peggy Sue wakes up Honky, the referees pull away Beefcake. Beefcake wins by DQ!

Fun for what is was, Beefcake is passable, a little more focus on the wrestling would have been nice, I understand they are both tremendously huge characters but Beefcake selling or showing interest in winning the championship would have been nice but for what it was, I did enjoy the antics of The Honky Tonk Man and his Entourage.

Winner: Brutus Beefcake over Honky Tonk Man Via DQ!

The Islanders & Bobby The Brain Heenan vs The British Bulldogs & Koko B Ware

A feud centred around the mistreatment of a dog, a bulldog named Matilda. The Islanders and Heenan scatter as the babyfaces enter the ring, Heenan is in full attack dog protection gear, it is quite priceless. God forbid something happens to that dog, I imagine this wont be a long match. Dynamite and Tama begin the match, arm-drags and throat thrusts from Dynamite. Tama is catapulted to the floor, in comes Davey Boy. Davey Boy misses an elbow drop, Haku enters the ring. Crossbody from Davey Boy for two, scoop slam by Davey Boy for two.

Crucifix for two, snapmare and reverse chinlock by Davey Boy. Arm-wringer by Haku, tag to Tama. Arm-wringer is countered for a military press slam by Davey Boy. Eye rake by Tama, tag to Haku. Forearms and elbow to the face, Davey Boy tags Koko. Dropkick by Koko, cheap shot to Tama. Headlock and headscissors takeover by Koko, tag to Dynamite. Clothesline by Dynamite, Dynamite eats a boot out of the corner. Chops by Haku, tag to Heenan. Boots to the head of Dynamite, tag to Tama. Back drop and scoop slam, Dynamite blocks a splash with his knees, tag to Koko.

Back drop and headbutts by Koko, Islanders collide in the ring. Haku boots Koko in the face, clothesline from Haku. Face rake from Haku, tag to Tama. Diving headbutt from Tama, tag to Heenan. Heenan chokes Koko, Koko rallies and a right hand to Heenan. Eye rake by Heenan, Irish whip with Heenan hitting the corner. Dropkick into the ringpost, The Islanders jump Koko. Here comes The Bulldogs, Heenan is thrown onto Koko by The Islanders. Matilda bites Heenan, the end.

Ugh, far too long and while Heenan is a shining beacon of light anytime he is in that ring, there was simply not enough of Heenan in this match and the babyfaces do little for me, they are all very good wrestlers but in terms of selling and character, there is little appeal for me in that match. You kind of lose sympathy when you see the way Davey Boy drags around poor Matilda on that leash, poor dog.

Winners: Islanders & Heenan Over Bulldogs & Koko Via Splash!

Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs One Man Gang W/ Slick

One Man Gang is well rested while Savage is bordering on exhaustion. Savage has to get by this behemoth to qualify for the finals with Dibiase. Gang shoves Savage to the corner, Savage ducks the punches. Savage pulls at the hair and eyes, Gang hits the top rope hard before Gang shoves Savage into the corner. Clubbing blows from Gang, Gang reigns down right hands on Savage in the corner. Splashes from Gang and a foot choke from Gang, scoop slam from Gang for two. Elbow drop, two for Gang. Scoop slam and splash misses for Gang, corner splash misses for Gang. Rights and elbows from Savage, axe handle as Gang lands on the floor. Diving axe handle to the floor from Savage, Gang prevents a scoop slam. Throat toss by Gang, Slick advances on Elizabeth.

Gang gets distracted by Slick’s actions, Gang misses an elbow. Savage is whacked with a cane behind the referee’s back, Savage dodges all the cane attempts of Gang, the referee disqualifies Gang and Savage will be heading to the finals of the tournament. Savage axe handles Gang into Slick and they both fall to the mat.

I was wondering how they would protect Gang from losing clean to Savage, would Gang be surprised by Savage? Showing overconfidence and his cockiness being his weakness? Nope, Gang tried to use a weapon he clearly did not need to win and One Man Gang is eliminated from the tournament, what a dumbass right? Hate silly weak heel booking, this could have been handled an awful lot better.

Winner: Randy Savage Over One Man Gang Via DQ!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Demolition W/ Mr. Fuji vs Strikeforce ©

Two premier tag teams colliding at the grand-daddy of them all, Smash and Martel begin the match. Clubbing blows from Smash, Martel is on the defensive. Ducking a clothesline, Smash catches Martel before Tito dropkicks Martel onto Smash. Martel crossbodies onto Ax, the champions have control. Double gut punch and clothesline, Martel tags Tito. Diving axe handle, arm-wringer from Tito. Smash tags in Ax, arm-drag from Tito. Tag to Martel, arm-wringers before Ax grabs the hair. Eye rake from Ax, tag to Smash who eats a hiptoss.

Arm-wringer and tag to Tito, right hands and more arm work. Smash grabs the hair, Tito runs into a bearhug and clothesline from Ax. Tag to Ax, Tito is rammed into the corner. Powerslam for two, Tito fights back from his knees before a knee from Ax ends that flurry of offence. Tag to Smash who chokes Tito, Smash nails a suplex for two. Tag to Ax, Irish whip, Tito nails an elbow before a back body drop, Smash drags Tito to their corner. Flying Forearm off an Irish whip by Santana, Tito tags Martel who is on fire.

Martel begins with right hands before dropkicks galore, forearms to the face. Polish hammers, Boston Crab from Martel. Tito takes out Ax, Fuji has his cane on the apron, Tito waffles Fuji but Ax has the cane, Martel is clobbered in the back of the head, Smash covers for the pin. The referee wakes up, Smash covers Martel and we have new champions.

That was good, this show has been a damn slog to get through at times so maybe a decent match appears like a great match in my eyes but after all I have saw, this was good stuff. Tito sells his ass off, taking a whooping from Demolition, love the way the cane is knocked into the ring. It is so natural, not super planned, not super co-ordinated it was as simple as Tito clobbering Fuji and the cane flying into the ring. Martel is an incredible babyface given the chance, take a look at his work before the WWF, the man was incredible. Good match with a great cheap finish, happy with the way this played out.

Winners: Demolition over Strikeforce Via Cane Shot!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ted Dibiase W/ Andre The Giant & Virgil vs Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth

One more match, to crown the champion. This will decide who is the best of the best, they lock-up. Dibiase backs Savage into the corner, elbow from Savage. Andre trips Savage, Andre involves himself from the beginning. Hogan chants ring throughout the arena, lock-up. Hammerlock from Savage, side headlock. Shoulder block by Savage, Andre trips Savage for the second time in the match. Savage is very frustrated, the odds are against The Macho Man. Arm-wringer by Savage, Dibiases reverses and sends Savage into the corner. Rights and chops from The Million Dollar Man, elbow to the back of the neck. Clothesline from Dibiase for two, sunset flip does not work for Dibiase. Clotheslines for a two, Andre talks strategy with Dibiase.

Chops by Dibiase, stomp across the throat. Elbow by Dibiase, Savage nails his own running elbow. Clothesline Savage style, knee to the back as Dibiase goes to the floor. Savage wants to fly but Andre blocks Savage’s path, Savage asks Elizabeth to go and get someone, Elizabeth runs to the back. Dibiase tees off on Savage, Fist Drops from Dibiase. Three in a row, two for Dibiase. Snapmare and reverse chinlock from Dibiase, Elizabeth has brought Hogan to ringside. Hogan has a chair, Hogan is in the corner of Savage. Dibiase brings Savage to the corner, rights and lefts from Dibiase.

Hogan and Andre brawl momentarily, Andre is down. Dibiase nails Savage with a clothesline and elbow drop for two. Suplex by Dibiase, two for Dibiase. Gutwrench suplex by Dibiase, scoop slam by Dibiase. Savage yanks Dibiase off the top rope, Savage is going for the elbow, Dibiase moves out of the way of the elbow drop. Million Dollar Dream, Andre is close to the referee. Hogan smashes Dibiase with a chair in the back, the referee did not see it. Savage has an opening, Savage climbs high. Flying Elbow Drop and Savage is your new WWF World Heavyweight Champion, The Macho Man has done it.

There you have the beginnings of one of my favourite character arcs in the history of wrestling: The Rise Of The Macho Man. From arrogant heel to beloved champion, Savage was about to embark on one of the best arcs for a character in wrestling, tasting the highest of highs to the lowest of lows only to rise in the end, I cannot express how important Randy Savage is for the next several Wrestlemanias and how people should appreciate The Macho Man that much more when it comes to viewing his own personal Wrestlemania journey from Wrestlemania IV to Wrestlemania VIII. The match may not have been tremendous, I did not get the desperation of Savage in the match, they sold the issue of Andre in a great way, Elizabeth getting Hogan to even things out was a nice touch too but it is the culmination of the face turn of Savage is what makes this an amazing moment, Savage had climbed to the top of the mountain.

Winner: Randy Macho Man Savage over Ted Dibiase Via Flying Elbow Drop!

That was Wrestlemania IV, did it top the historic Wrestlemania III? No but did it ever have a chance? Like Survivor Series 1998 The Deadly Game Tournament and that pay per view from 2000 WCW where they vacated all the championships, this pay per view is dominated by a tournament. Historically, these shows I have mentioned are tough to get through because they are so many matches with little meaningful action until dare I say the semi-finals or simply, the finals itself. So, what you have here is a bunch of matches smashed onto the pay per view with no real substance and one overdriving narrative, Dibiase is cheating his way through while Savage is a heroic warrior overcoming the odds. That story could have been told a little tighter but it is very passable and you get an amazing pay-off to all the drama unfolding before your eyes. This Wrestlemania survives on that moment alone, not a lot else will have impacted you nor I, I will most likely be unable to tell you all the participants in the tournament or the rest of the undercard come tomorrow. However, that’s alright because the ending to this Wrestlemania left the pay per view on a positive note for me, seek it out only for Savage’s peak in the WWF. Thanks for reading and supporting and remember: There’s always another night!