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WWF Summerslam 1991 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet with more questionable opinions than Jim Cornette on commentary! WWF Summerslam 1991 with A Match Made In Heaven as Randy Macho Man Savages marries Miss Elizabeth while Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior battle the trio of Sgt. Slaughter, Colonel Mustafa and General Adnan. Special referee with Sid Justice as law and order, this will be quite the match. Also, Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect for the WWF Intercontinental Championship and much, much more. I enjoyed Wrestlemania VII so will Summerslam continue to the streak? Let’s find out!

Power & Glory & Warlord W/ Slick vs The British Bulldog/Texas Tornado/Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

An interesting opening match for sure with the pay per view return of Ricky The Dragon Steamboat teaming with Tornado and Bulldog against this trio of heels. Piper on commentary again, we shall see how it goes as the night progresses, I do miss Ventura for sure. Roma and Steamboat begin, Roma takes down Steamboat with a slam and dropkick. Roma taunts the fans, Roma is on the middle rope. Roma’s dive is countered for an arm-drag, Steamboat wrenches the arm. Hook kick to the ribs, arm-wringer again. Roma grabs the hair, elbows and right hands from Roma. Whip to the buckle, Steamboat dodges Roma. Deep arm-drag, massive dropkick.

Snap-mare, Roma tags out to Hercules. Hercules runs into arm-drags before a tag to Tornado. Tornado batters the arm of Hercules, right hand from Hercules. Hercules cannot ram Tornado into the buckle, Tornado rams Hercules into the buckle over and over. Ten punches in the corner, roundhouse right floors Hercules. Hercules tags in Warlord, Tornado tags in Bulldog. Shoulder blocks and clothesline floors Warlord, massive suplex but Warlord kicks out at two. Tag to Steamboat, diving brain chop from Steamboat. Steamboat leapfrogs Warlord before Warlord counters the monkey flip by shoving down Steamboat. Tag to Roma, running clothesline. Hercules nails Steamboat from the apron, Steamboat counters a scoop slam for an O Connor roll before Warlord decapitates Steamboat with a clothesline.

Roma has the front chancery, cutting off Steamboat’s side of the ring. Snap suplex from Roma for two, rib-breaker from Roma. Make it two, make it three. Tag to Hercules, Hercules attacks the spine. Military press slam from Hercules, Steamboat chops back but Hercules lands knees to the head. Warlord is in, scoop slam to the mat. Tag to Roma, Roma drops all his weight on the back of Steamboat. Chops from Steamboat, Roma grabs a headlock and tags in Hercules. Whip from Hercules, Steamboat ducks under with chops. Stun-gun from Hercules, tag to Warlord.

Warlord clubs down on the spine of Steamboat, another big scoop slam. Warlord goes to the middle rope, Steamboat blocks the attack with his boots. Tag to Tornado, right hands from Tornado to everyone. Hercules and Roma are down, Warlord tries a sunset flip but Bulldog is the legal man off a blind tag. Bulldog almost pins Warlord off a crossbody, Roma is caught for The Running Powerslam from Bulldog. Warlord breaks up the pin, Steamboat lands his Diving Crossbody for the win.

Good opening match, fans are into the action for sure and they make the right choices throughout the match such as Tornado coming in for quick flurries and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat getting his sell on for the heels, Steamboat’s facials alone are almost worth the price of admission because Steamboat is phenomenal. Finish was a little sloppy with a little mis-communication but we got there in the end so happy days.

Winners: Team Steamboat over Team Warlord via Diving Crossbody!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect © W/ Coach

To be a champion, you have to be Perfect. Can Bret step up to that level? Let’ see! Hart has the headlock, Perfect has the hair. Shoulder block by Hart, hip-toss onto Perfect. Perfect is on the floor, recovering for now. Side headlock with Perfect holding the hair, crucifix from Hart for two. Another big side headlock takedown, Perfect has a grip of the hair of Hart. Hart returns the favour with the hair-pull, Perfect goes back to holding the hair. Hart returns the favour again, knee from Perfect to escape. Whip with Hart ducking the clothesline for a flying crossbody for two. Hart is on the floor, sunset flip from the apron for two. Side headlock takedown from Hart again, Perfect grabs the hair again.

Perfect slaps the taste out of Hart’s mouth, Perfect tries a boot. Hart catches the boot, leg trip and a stomp to the mid-section. Right hands from Hart, Perfect whips Hart to the corner, scoop slam from Perfect but Hart answers with one of his own. Hart clotheslines Perfect to the floor, Perfect takes a breather. Perfect is taking a walk, Hart gives chase. Perfect’s singlet is ripped, Perfect is begging for mercy. Perfect does not want this fight, Perfect is in the ropes. They lock-up, Perfect lands a cheap right hand to the face. Vicious kick to the ribs from Perfect, Coach is fired up now as Perfect kicks Hart to the floor.

Perfect sends Hart flying into the guardrail, Hart slowly re-enters the ring. Hart retaliates with rights, Hart ducks Perfect off the Irish whip to the corner. O Connor roll for a close two, Perfect smashes Hart with a right hand to the face. Hart is sent into the corner, hard Irish whip from Perfect. Snap neck-breaker with jacknife cover for two, Perfect is irate. Whip with Hart reversing but Hart foolishly ducks his head, kick to the chest and Perfect dropkicks Hart to the floor. Perfect and Hart are on the top rope, Perfect knocks down Hart falling into the cover for two.

Perfect and the referee have words, frustration is setting in for the champion. Slaps from Perfect, Perfect throws Hart by the hair. Big sleeper from Perfect, Hart is in deep trouble. Hart survives though, elbows to the ribs. Crucifix is countered for a Samoan drop, two for Perfect. Chops in the corner from Perfect, whip with Hart doing his sternum-first buckle bump. Two for Perfect, Perfect calls for the end. Perfect-Plex connects, 1..2… Hart kicks out! Shock, Perfect is losing his mind! Hart fights back with an inverted atomic drop, atomic drop for good measure.

Headbutt from Hart, hair-pull with Perfect landing groin-first on the ring-post. Snap suplex for two, small package for two. Russian leg-sweep for two, back-breaker and Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop. 1…2.. Perfect kicks out! Hart is mad now, O Connor roll from Perfect for two, Perfect is shoved out of the ring. Hart sends Perfect into the ring-post, Hart kicks at the leg of Perfect who is doing flips he is being kicked that hard. Perfect is begging for mercy, Sharpshooter attempt but Coach is here. Coach is waffled by Hart, Perfect kicks the rope into the groin of Perfect. Perfect stomps low, Perfect leg drops onto the groin of Hart. Perfect tries it again but Hart blocks it and applies The Sharpshooter for the win.

Fucking awesome, I could leave it at that because it was just that good. You need to see this, Bret’s coming out party with an excellent match. These two are so damn good, Perfect is antagonizing Hart throughout, slapping him, pulling the hair and why? Because Bret is the better man and Perfect knows it, Perfect takes the short-cuts and nails that Perfect-Plex but Bret will not be denied and Perfect’s desire to cheat ends up costing him as Bret blocks the low blow and turns it into The Sharpshooter. Perfect put over Bret big time, fantastic match.

Winner: Bret Hart over Mr. Perfect via Sharpshooter!

The Natural Disasters W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Bushwhackers W/ Andre The Giant

So sad to see Andre like this but the man was dedicated to the business that made him a star, Earthquake attacked Andre which led us to this confrontation at Summerslam. Typhoon is here, no longer Tugboat so we have this massive tag team taking on The Bushwhackers with Andre looking to murder Jimmy Hart.

It starts on the floor with Bushwhackers thumbing The Natural Disasters in the eyes, hit and run guerrilla tactics from The Bushwhackers. Butch and Typhoon begin, Butch ducks a right hand and bites the ass of Typhoon. Earthquake tries to help but ends up hitting his partner, Bushwhackers whip Typhoon into Earthquake. They use Earthquake as a battering ram on Typhoon and Earthquake eats a double clothesline. We reset, Butch is attacked from behind by Earthquake. Earthquake slams Butch into the corner, Butch dodges the elbow drop from Earthquake. Butch is reaching for the tag but Earthquake pulls back Butch, elbow drop and tag to Typhoon.

Rib-breaker from Typhoon, slam to the corner. Argentine back-breaker from Typhoon, Typhoon drops Butch into a bearhug from the now legal Earthquake. Butch tries to escape but Earthquake lands a back-breaker, tag to Typhoon. Elbow to the face for two, Luke saves the match. Typhoon holds Butch, Earthquake clotheslines Typhoon by mistake. Butch tags Luke, rights and lefts to Typhoon. Flying headbutt and now we have all four men in the ring, Battering Ram into Earthquake and Typhoon. Typhoon is whipped into Earthquake, Earthquake is on the floor. Butch is slammed onto the floor, Earthquake smashes Luke from behind and tags in, Earthquake Splash and it is over.

Not bad, crowd is massive into Bushwhackers which helps for their matches as usual. Kind of shocked they did not do more with Andre but then again, Andre The Giant is on crutches and not in great shape at all. We have LOD scare off The Natural Disasters which is cool, I would love to see some big man fights. Anyways, the match served its purpose as a breather and ended before it was bad so no complaints.

Winners: The Natural Disasters over The Bushwhackers via Earthquake Splash!

(Million Dollar Championship Match) Ted Dibiase © W/ Sensational Sherri vs Virgil

Virgil vs Dibiase, the rematch from Wrestlemania. Not wanting to blow the match early, Dibiase would assault Roddy Piper at ringside which made everyone want to see Piper vs Dibiase and Virgil kind of became an afterthought despite that turn at The Royal Rumble. This starts right away with Virgil destroying Dibiase with right hands, back drop and clothesline to the floor. Sherri is helping out Dibiase, Dibiase has been utterly shocked by the assault of Virgil. Jabs and a big right that floors Dibiase, Dibiase is atomic dropped to the floor.

Sherri tends to Dibiase again, a furious Heenan returns to ringside after Hogan slammed a door in his face. Virgil tries a plancha, Dibiase dodges at the last second. Dibiase begins taking it to Virgil on the floor, Virgil is rammed into the steel steps before we return to the ring. Big clothesline from Dibiase, fist drops from Dibiase. Dibiase stomps on the head of Virgil before climbing to the middle rope, axe handle finds the mark right between the eyes. Cover for two, chops from Dibiase. Whip to the buckle and a back body drop from the champion for two, Dibiase is irate. Dibiase calls for the end, Virgil ducks a clothesline and applies The Million Dollar Dream.

Sherri is losing her mind, Dibiase is fading fast. Sherri enters the ring and waffles Virgil with her loaded purse. The referee has decided that Sherri is ejected from ringside and that this match will continue, the fans are loving this decision. Dibiase and Virgil start to stir, both feeling the effects of this brawl. Right hand by Dibiase, Dibiase brings Virgil to the corner but Virgil does not taste the buckle, it’s Dibiase who tastes the buckle. Virgil is fired up, rights and lefts which rock Dibiase. Whip to the buckle, ten punches in the corner from Virgil.

 Dibiase reverses the Irish whip and whips Virgil into the corner, crushing the referee who was standing in the way. Dibiase surveys the scene and decides to trash talk Piper. Suplex from Dibiase, Dibiase points to Piper again. Another suplex, Dibiase continues to taunt the fans and Piper. A third suplex flattens Virgil, Dibiase points at Piper while Dibiase slaps Virgil. Piledriver on Virgil, Dibiase goes to wake the referee before kicking the official. Piper is furious as Dibiase exposes the buckle, Dibiase talks trash to Virgil. Virgil sends Dibiase into the exposed buckle twice, both men are down. Virgil is crawling over to Dibiase, 1….2…..3! Virgil is your new Million Dollar Champion!

A great pay-off to an angle that had a lot of steam in the beginning, I still think the fans were invested but the fans wanted Piper to murder Dibiase so bad, I wanted Piper to murder Dibiase so bad and I cannot help but think what a wasted opportunity with Piper and Dibiase not doing battle at Summerslam. It’s a heart-warming moment for sure and Dibiase was a masterful heel in this match. Riling up the fans, riling up Piper. Gleefully taking apart Virgil and that finish was so fitting, the tease and build-up was great.

Winner: Virgil over Ted Dibiase via Ramming Into Exposed Buckle!

(Jailhouse Match) The Mountie W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Big Bossman

The nightstick vs the cattle prod, Mountie had humiliated Bossman with the prod so we have this match where the loser goes to jail. Bossman slaps Mountie to begin, they trade blows before Bossman elbows and splashes Mountie. Headbutt and uppercut from Bossman, Mountie is choked on the middle rope. Bossman drops his leg across the back, Bossman tries again sliding out after Jimmy Hart and a smack to the face of The Mountie. Eye poke by Mountie, middle rope crossbody does not work as Bossman catches Mountie. Massive spinebuster, Bossman eyes up Jimmy Hart.

Neck-crank from Bossman, Bossman chases Hart before Mountie shoves Bossman into the steps. Whip off the ropes and flying reverse elbow from Mountie, fist drop for good measure. Make it two, whip to the buckle. Bossman collapses down, scoop slam from Mountie. Bossman reverses a whip to the buckle but Mountie dodges the corner splash, elbow drops from Mountie but Bossman stays alive. Mountie is on the floor, Bossman is elbowed from the apron to the floor. Mountie stomps on Bossman who fights back from his knees, massive haymakers being thrown before Mountie bites Bossman. Mountie tries a piledriver, it connects beautifully.

Mountie gives a signal to Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Hart distracts the referee and Mountie has the cattle prod. Massive uppercut from Bossman who dodged the attack, Mountie leapfrogs Bossman but eats a massive uppercut. Whip off the ropes, Big Bossman Slam and it’s a close two. Big confusion there, Mountie sweeps the legs of Bossman. Bossman lands a massive Alabama Slam to reverse a piledriver and Mountie will be going to Jail as Bossman wins this one.

Was not awful, it was entertaining at times. Bossman’s energy is great when he’s allowed to throw people around and run wild, his selling is good too. However, Mountie is not the ideal opponent for Bossman. Mountie does not have the connection or the character to pull this off, have not been impressed since Rougeau came back to the WWF. Wish I was more positive but Mountie was screwed from the second he died a slow death wrestling Koko in his debut match on pay per view.

Winner: The Big Bossman over The Mountie via Alabama Slam!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Nasty Boys © W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Legion Of Doom

LOD come rushing to the ring, a brawl erupts on the floor. Knobbs and Animal are in the ring, Animal boots Knobbs and we have a powerbomb which Sags breaks up. Hawk pummels Sags, whip off the ropes. Enzuigiri by Hawk, Sags eats a flying shoulder tackle, Knobbs breaks up the pin. Animal kicks Knobbs down, Hawk is fighting both behind the referee’s back, Sags blinds Hawk with some sort of spray to gain control. Sags grabs a drink tray and smashes in on the back of Hawk, Hawk is booted down by Knobbs. Nasty Boys double team Hawk in the corner, Hawk is choked with the tag rope as Knobbs antagonizes Animal. Hawk is bounced off the steel steps as Animal continues to argue with the referee allowing for double teaming on Hawk.

Hawk starts fighting back, chops to Sags. Sags brings Hawk to the corner, tag to Knobbs. Shots to the ribs, whip off the ropes. Elbow takes down Hawk, Knobbs tags Sags. Quick tag to Knobbs, corner splash squishes Hawk. Tag to Sags, Top Rope Elbow Drop. Animal saves the match, Knobbs tries a middle rope splash but Hawk boots Knobbs, Hawk tags Animal. Rights and lefts, clotheslines decapitates both Nasty Boys. Axe handle for Sags, Powerslam on Knobbs. Match breaks down, Sags dumps Hawk to the floor.

The Nasty Boys double team Animal, Hart throws his helmet to Sags who decks Animal for two, Animal presses Knobbs out of the ring to escape the pin. Hawk has Jimmy Hart, helmet to the head of Knobbs. Sags is waffled with the helmet too, Doomsday Device in the middle of the ring and we have new champions as The Legion Of Doom capture the WWF Tag Team Championships!

Winners: Legion Of Doom over The Nasty Boys via Doomsday Device!

I.R.S vs Greg The Hammer Valentine

Here comes the taxman, IRS is here to unleash hell on the world wrestling federation. His opponent is babyface Greg Valentine, arm-wringer from Valentine but IRS is in the ropes quickly. Side headlock from Valentine, shoulder block by Valentine. IRS recovers in the corner, another side headlock. Shoulder block again by Valentine, drop down from IRS but Valentine reverses the hip-toss and lands one of his own. Clothesline and IRS is on the floor, IRS lures in Valentine before Valentine lands a sunset flip for two. Valentine eats some big kicks from IRS who applies an abdominal stretch while using the ropes for leverage.

Valentine hip-tosses IRS before missing a knee drop, flying clothesline from IRS and a reverse chin-lock. Valentine rallies before a rib-breaker from IRS, IRS goes to the top rope.  IRS talks trash to the fans which allows Valentine to get up, Valentine tosses IRS off the top rope. Chops from Valentine, IRS misses a corner knee as Valentine kicks the legs of IRS for his finishing hold. Elbow to the knee, elbow drop on IRS. Figure Four in the middle of the ring, IRS makes it to the bottom rope. Valentine drags IRS to the middle of the ring, Valentine misses his elbow drop. IRS walks into a shin-breaker though, headbutt to the groin. IRS reverses the figure four for a roll-up, using the hair to pull in Valentine.

Well, that cooled off the fans massively. Can’t say it was not the intention but Valentine and IRS give you nothing of merit or substance in this match. You think a pay per view debut for IRS would be a bit more lively but no, this would have been a poor house show match. Time for Valentine to go, I do not think there is a role for him in the WWF during this time. Not impressed with IRS, hopefully there is some stellar work in his future.

Winner: IRS over Greg Valentine via Roll-Up!

Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan vs The Triangle Of Terror (Sid Justice As Special Guest Referee)

Slaughter, Adnan and Mustafa have had issues with both Hogan and Warrior since The Royal Rumble where Slaughter took Warrior’s WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Hogan would win the championship at Wrestlemania but Slaughter would continue to wage war against The Hulkster. However, there are other factors to this match. That being, The Undertaker who has tormented Warrior by placing him in a coffin and marched ominously toward a showdown with Hogan for the WWF Championship. You also have Sid Justice as the referee, another factor which could go either way. Also, Warrior has been bitten by a cobra by Jake Roberts, the faction of Undertaker and Roberts could have quite the effect on this show.

Slaughter is cautious to get in there with Hogan, we finally get going with Sid large and in charge. Slaughter has his belt, Sid takes away the belt. Eye rake and clubbing blows from Slaughter, shots to the chest. Hogan whips Slaughter to the buckle, Slaughter hits the ring-post hard and is pin-balled between Hogan & Warrior. Hogan takes down Mustafa & Adnan too, tag to Warrior. Double clothesline and double boot as Hogan is legal again, Slaughter hits the ring-post hard. Mustafa makes the save, whip and forearm shot from Hogan. Tag to Warrior, arm-wringer from Warrior.

Whip and shot to the ribs by Warrior, Warrior rams Slaughter into Hogan’s boot. Tag to Hogan, middle rope axe handle before Mustafa pulls the hair of Hogan. Slaughter eats a corner clothesline, Hogan chokes Slaughter. Sid gets involved, Slaughter eye pokes Hogan. Headlock and throat punch from Slaughter, tag to Adnan. Eye rake and clubbing blows from Adnan, back rake from Adnan. Make it two, Mustafa holds Hogan as Adnan is on the attack. Tag to Mustafa, gut-wrench suplex from Mustafa. Camel Clutch from Mustafa, Warrior boots Mustafa down. Mustafa tags Slaughter, back-breaker for two. Slaughter whips Hogan into Sid, the two have words before an axe handle from Slaughter.

Tag to Adnan who continues to rake the back, eye rakes from Adnan. Tag to Slaughter, stomps all over Hogan. Slaughter climbs to the top rope, Warrior shoves down Slaughter. Warrior receives the tag, clotheslines to Slaughter before running into Sid. Hogan and Sid have words again as Slaughter takes down Warrior. Triple teaming in the corner, Mustafa tries a suplex but Warrior reverses for a suplex of his own.

Slaughter gets the tag, cutting off Warrior’s tag. Slaughter cheap shots Hogan too, Hogan and Sid have words as Adnan helps Slaughter double team Warrior. Slaughter kicks at Hogan, whip to Warrior. Warrior ducks and nails a flying clothesline, both men are down. Warrior reaches Hogan, Slaughter is backing up big time. Punches, big boot and Adnan is nailed too. Warrior knocks down Mustafa and Adnan, Hogan rams Slaughter into the buckle. Warrior chases Mustafa and Adnan to the back, Hogan blinds Slaughter with powder and lands The Atomic Leg Drop for the win.

Underwhelming is what came to mine when looking at this match, which is odd considering I am watching a Hogan match which usually never fail to deliver but I do not know, I simply was not feeling this match. The three on two handicap was not in the favour of the heels, Hogan and Warrior never looked in danger throughout the match and it was so short no? For a main event match, I thought it was very one-sided. However, this was a criticism I had for Slaughter’s main event run with Slaughter getting annihilated by everyone he worked with and then just narrowly winning. Maybe I was never able to buy into Slaughter, this was just there when all was said and done.

Winners: Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan over The Triangle Of Terror via Atomic Leg Drop!

Macho Man Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth’s Wedding

My favourite story of the WWF, an angle that has ran from Wrestlemania IV all the way to now. Savage and Miss Elizabeth were meant to be together, Savage had mistreated Elizabeth and abandoned her due to Savage’s jealousy over Elizabeth’s friendship with Hulk Hogan. For two years, Savage had Queen Sherri in his corner, trying to capture the connection and success that was had when Elizabeth was by his side. Savage slipped and fell time after time, The Macho Man was a shadow of his former-self but Elizabeth still cared for The Macho Man. It all came to a head at Wrestlemania where Savage lost everything, Sherri and his career and there was one person to pick him up, the same woman who always loved it and looked after him, Miss Elizabeth. Now, they get married at Summerslam, beautiful moment for sure. That’s all folks!

That was WWF’ Summerslam 1991, a solid pay per view from the WWF. We kick things off with a big six-man tag with Ricky Steamboat stealing the show through his selling which leads to a very satisfying encounter with the babyfaces thwarting the dastardly heels. Things get even better with Mr. Perfect showing why Bret Hart is ready to step up in the WWF, these two absolutely steal the show with a match that delivers ten fold in terms of action and subtle touches, very satisfying as Perfect’s cheating ways ultimately cost him his championship as Hart outwits The Perfect One. We cool off a bit with Natural Disasters vs The Bushwhackers, Bushwhackers work the crowd well and it does not go too long which are both bonuses.

Virgil and Dibiase end their feud in entertaining fashion with Dibiase reaching cartoon villain levels of evil with his attacks on Virgil, taunting of Piper and his demise at the hands of his exposed turnbuckle. Bossman and Mountie was alright, not a fan of Mountie as a performer and this feud did nothing for him but the shots of Mountie being jailed were entertaining. LOD and Nasty Boys was fun with LOD slaughtering Nasty Boys which is what they should do and continue to do while being champions. IRS died a slow death on his pay per view debut, had no interest in him. Our main event was underwhelming for me but you have to think about Warrior walking out/Vince firing him depending on what you believe to be the details. Warrior’s situation easily could have thrown that match into chaos which makes me see it in a different light but still not a great main event. So, Summerslam 1991 had its bright spots that were enjoyable and there were nice breaks between the big matches so the card was laid out well but I think more could have been done with the main event. If you want to watch this, check out Bret Hart vs Perfect! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event April 27th, 1991 Edition Review

Saturday Night's Main Event XXV | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is in more hot water than Velveteen Dream! It’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event and sadly, this is one of the last ones for a while as we won’t be seeing this until around Wrestlemania. Some have been great, others have been awful but I would not change viewing them for a second. So what do we have here? Well, it’s time for a 20-Man Battle Royal as well as The Ultimate Warrior looking to take out Sgt. Slaughter as well as The Nasty Boys defending their WWF Tag Team Championships against The Bushwhackers.

Sgt. Slaughter W/ Colonel Mustafa & General Adnan vs The Ultimate Warrior

What has changed? Rematch time as Slaughter takes on Warrior, Randy Savage is on commentary due to his career ending. We start with Warrior slamming Slaughter to the mat, clothesline and back body drop. Slaughter is punched to the floor, massive right in the aisleway. Back to the ring, Slaughter is begging for mercy. Eye poke by Slaughter, Slaughter tosses Warrior to the floor. Mustafa attacks Warrior before Slaughter assumes control, axe handles to the spine. Warrior is rammed into the ring apron, Slaughter continues to punish Warrior. Gut-buster from Slaughter, whip off the ropes and Slaughter applies the bearhug.

Mustafa is happy with the work of Slaughter, Warrior breaks free and lands a scoop slam. Warrior collapses to the mat in pain, Slaughter goes right to the spine. Bearhug once more, Paul Bearer comes to ringside with the coffin that Warrior was placed in by The Undertaker. Warrior breaks free from Slaughter’s grip but Warrior eyes up that coffin as Bearer stares a whole through Warrior. Warrior is clotheslined to the floor by Slaughter, Slaughter lands blow after blow but Warrior is shaking it all off. Right hands and clotheslines for Slaughter, flying shoulder block but Bearer opens the coffin and Undertaker is inside. Warrior and Undertaker lock eyes, Slaughter lands a blow on Warrior. Mustafa, Adnan Slaughter and Undertaker demolish Ultimate Warrior.

Man, they were high on Undertaker from the get-go, The Man From The Darkside has Warrior and Hogan backing up in fear, The Undertaker could be taking down two of the strongest forces in the WWF without so much as breaking a sweat. Warrior lands clothesline after clothesline on Undertaker and Taker takes it all in, The Undertaker has his eyes set on Warrior and this could be quite the match.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior over Sgt. Slaughter via DQ!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) The Nasty Boys © W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Bushwhackers

Butch & Luke have a shot at winning tag team gold against the newly crowned champions in The Nasty Boys. Luke and Knobbs, knees by Knobbs in the corner. Elbows and forearms, Luke dodges and pummels Knobbs before Knobbs cowers in the corner. Boot and right hands by Knobbs, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Luke reverses an Irish whip, rights and lefts by Luke. Butch saves Luke from a cheap shot, Knobbs and Sags are whipped into one another and knocked down with double clotheslines. Sags poses for the fans as Butch poses too, Sags attacks Butch from behind with a massive forearm.

Sags whips Butch, reversal by Butch. Knee to the gut and a knee-lift, running clothesline from Luke for two. Knobbs saves the match, Sags and Knobbs eat Battering Rams as The Bushwhackers are in firm control. Luke is whipped off the ropes and Knobbs nails Luke with a kick to the head, Sags steps on the head of Luke. Multiple elbow drops from Sags, tag to Knobbs who quickly tags Sags who hits a big elbow but Butch makes the save. Whip to the buckle, Luke dodges Sags.

Luke tags Butch, Sags tags Knobbs. Rights and lefts, massive clotheslines from Butch to both Nasty Boys. Cover with Sags saving the match, Luke is with the referee. Sags interferes illegally, Butch eats a clothesline from Knobbs. Luke saves the match, a near-fall for Bushwhackers as Luke trips Knobbs. Big brawl before Knobbs trips Butch and with some help from Sags, The Nasty Boys retain their championships before The Bushwhackers use their battering ram to knock both Nasty Boys out of the ring.

Fun match, Bushwhackers may be limited to what they can do after years of brawling but they have a gimmick that gets the fans on their feet and they use it to their advantage because this may be short but it is entertaining.

Winners: The Nasty Boys over The Bushwhackers via Roll-Up!

20-Man Battle Royal

A lot of your top WWF Superstars in a battle royal because why not, the big angle going into this is Earthquake squashing Damian, Jake The Snake Roberts’ snake. We have the likes of Hogan and Mr. Perfect in here too as well as Tugboat, Haku, The Rockers, Warlord, Barbarian and more. Jake has Lucifer with him, Damian’s big brother. We begin with people squaring off in corners as Mr. Perfect surveys the scene from the apron. Roberts goes right after Earthquake, Hogan chops at the behemoth too. Jannetty and Roma brawl by the ropes, Jannetty eliminates Roma before Roma returns the favour by pulling down Jannetty.

Not as choreographed as you would imagine, seems to be no rhyme or reason to who is attacking who. Warlord dumps out British Bulldog, revenge for his defeat at Wrestlemania. Snuka is gone via Haku, Tanaka was thrown out beforehand but the camera missed by who. Earthquake dumps out Roberts, all that build up for that. Roberts brings out Lucifer, scaring Earthquake and everyone in the process. We restart, Tugboat and Hogan were brawling before a bunch of heels broke it up. Bodies start being dumped out, Duggan takes out Warlord. Earthquake takes out Duggan as well as Texas Tornado, Hogan grabs Earthquake and dumps out Earthquake. Tugboat dumps out Hogan, that’s a huge elimination but Michaels dumps out Hogan with ease.

Bossman wants Perfect, Perfect and Barbarian combine to eliminate Bossman as Perfect dropkicks Bossman into Barbarian who back drops him out. Michaels manages to dropkick Haku out of the ring, we have Valentine and Michaels as well as Heenan Family members Mr. Perfect and Barbarian. Perfect and Michaels tear it up, Perfect almost flies out. Dropkick by Michaels, Michaels is whipped to the apron. Michaels ducks the first punch but Perfect elbows Michaels off the apron. Valentine is stuck in there with two Heenan Family members, Valentine knocks down Perfect and chops away at Barbarian. Perfect aids Barbarian and the beatdown continues on Valentine, Perfect dropkicks Barbarian by mistake, Valentine dumps out Barbarian.

Vicious chops in the corner by Perfect, Valentine reverses the hold. Whip to the buckle, chop sends Perfect flying. Super atomic drop sends Perfect into the buckle, elbow to the head. Wind-up elbow drop from Valentine, make it two. Perfect is tossed but holds onto the ropes, Valentine tries valiantly to toss out Perfect but Perfect reverses the scoop slam to dump out Valentine.

So, this match means nothing until the last few minutes. What is there to note? Well, Tugboat dumped out Hogan, will that lead to something? Surely, that is a massive deal. Shawn Michaels makes a name for himself, they obviously had their eyes on the future Heartbreak Kid. Valentine gets a crowd reaction that you will not believe unless you see it but yeah, this battle royal meant nothing seemingly in the long term and it was not entertaining either so very disappointing to be honest.

Winner: Mr. Perfect!

Ted Dibiase W/ Sensational Sherri vs Bret Hart

Dibiase beats down Hart to start, Hart counters with a reversal whip to the buckle and a hip-toss. Multiple clotheslines and Dibiase is dumped to the floor, plancha from The Hitman. Side headlock takedown from Hart, Dibiase reverses for a two count. Dibiase eats a shoulder block, missing a clothesline but Sherri grabs Hart’s ankle. Dibiase knees Sherri by mistake, O Connor roll up from Hart for two. Shoulder block again by Hart before a massive stun-gun from Dibiase, piledriver from Dibiase. Two for Dibiase, whip off the ropes. Dibiase misses a scoop slam, O Connor roll is countered as Hart is sent to the floor.

Sherri marvels at Dibiase’s work, Sherri gets in a slap on Hart. Sherri chokes Hart behind the referee’s back, Dibiase distracts the referee. Dibiase chokes Hart using the ropes, more attacks from Sherri. Chops in the corner from Dibiase, Hart is whipped into the buckle sternum-first. Million Dollar Dream is applied, Hart backs Dibiase into the buckle who hits his head hard. Dibiase is on the middle rope, Hart counters with a right hand. Right hands from Hart, to the ribs from Hart. Inverted atomic drop and flying elbow for two, Russian legsweep from Hart for two.

Hart is upset with the call from the referee, back-breaker from Hart. Bret’s rope elbow drop for two, Hart is frustrated now. Right hands, Dibiase ducks under Hart. Sherri grabs Bret’s foot, Sherri backs up. Hart eats an axe handle from behind, Piper has seen enough. Piper is walking to the ring, Hart slams Dibiase into the mat. Sherri spots Piper, Piper tells Sherri to get out of here, scaring her off. Piper looks under the ring, finding a broom saying that Sherri is a witch before smacking Sherri away. Dibiase rakes the eyes of Hart, Dibiase is after Piper. Hart and Dibiase brawl in the ramp, the referee calls for the bell as they are counted-out.

So, these two locked up at Survivor Series for a number of minutes and it was great. They were given more time here and they killed it again, Dibiase is great and Bret has quickly found his feet as a singles wrestler. Again, focus is Piper vs Dibiase with Virgil serving as a back drop, almost an afterthought. I just wonder how this will actually play out when it is time to do business. Exciting times in the WWF for sure!

Double Count-Out!

The Mountie W/ Jimmy Hart vs Tito Santana

Wrestlemania rematch, they lock-up. Clean break from The Mountie, Santana decks Mountie with a right hand. Atomic drop and dropkicks from Santana, Jimmy Hart and Mountie regroup on the floor before Santana comes out, sending Mountie into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Mountie goes low with rights but Santana is in control. Rights and lefts from Santana, Mountie is down in the corner. Whip to the buckle, monkey flip is blocked by Mountie. Santana holds his head, Mountie stomps away at Santana. Mountie has Santana in a hold where Santana cannot defend himself, Santana is bounced off the buckle over and over.

Santana blocks a splash with his knees, Flying Forearm from Santana. Jimmy Hart is in the ring with the cattle prod, Flying Forearm to Jimmy Hart. Hart dropped the prod to Mountie though, the referee does not see it and either does Santana. Cattle prod to the throat with cheesy electric sound effect and Mountie steals the win. Yeah, it was grand and short.

Winner: The Mountie over Tito Santana via Cattle Prod!

An alright edition, a good showcase for Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. All those three men look great, I want to see Taker vs Warrior. Not sure about Hogan vs Tugboat, will it lead to anything? Will we get Piper vs Dibiase? More questions than answers, not always a bad thing though. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Saturday 18 April 2020

WWF Wrestlemania VII Review

Wrestlemania VII Hulk Hogan | Wwf poster, Wwe ppv

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is ready for Asuka! It’s WWF Wrestlemania VII, considered a great mis-step in WWF history as poor ticket sales led to the changing of venues for the biggest show of the year and well, the WWF just was not firing on all cylinders as it had in the years gone by. Sgt. Slaughter defends his WWF Championship against Mr America himself Hulk Hogan, we also have Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Macho Man Savage in a Career vs Career Match, another big matches include Virgil challenging Ted Dibiase. Sweet mother of God, there are 15 matches on this card and Jim Duggan is on commentary? I think I have lucked out, I do not think 1991 is going to be a banner year for the WWF but the show must go on, let’s do this!

The Rockers vs Haku & Barbarian W/ Bobby The Brain Heenan

Haku catches Michaels, Michaels is caught in the bearhug and thrown to the corner. Michaels slips out of a powerslam, leapfrogs all over before a massive shoulder block for two. Arm-wringer with Haku going to the throat, elbows and chops. Haku misses a clothesline, tag to Jannetty. Double hip-toss and elbow drop before Barbarian clotheslines both Rockers. Barbarian tries whipping Haku into The Rockers but they dodge and they superkick Barbarian. Regroup time, Barbarian vs Jannetty now. Barbarian knees and chops Jannetty, massive headbutt knocks Jannetty to his knees.

Stomps from Barbarian, Jannetty is dazed on the apron. Jannetty slides under the ropes, sunset flip attempt but Barbarian misses the right hand. Jannetty tries the hurricanrana, Michaels aids Jannetty with a dropkick as Jannetty nails the hurricanrana. Jannetty wants to maintain control but Barbarian rakes the eyes, tag to Haku. Double headbutt, chop by Haku. Jannetty tries for the hurricanrana again but the referee catches Michaels, Barbarian comes in for the stun-gun on Jannetty. Back elbow by Haku, tag to Barbarian. Whip by Barbarian, military press slam from Barbarian. Michaels is nailed on the apron, the referee is with Michaels as Haku & Barbarian choke Jannetty.

Whip by Haku, Jannetty ducks the clothesline and lands the crossbody for two. Haku is up first, whip to the buckle sends Jannetty down. Back-breakers by Haku, tag to Barbarian. Cover for two, bearhug from Barbarian. Jannetty battles back before being whipped to the buckle once more, Barbarian whips Jannetty again before Jannetty kicks back Barbarian. Jannetty goes to the middle rope, Barbarian counters the crossbody for the powerslam. Barbarian climbs to the top, falling headbutt misses as Jannetty rolls out of the way. Jannetty crawls and crawls, reaching Michaels. Right hands to Haku, flying reverse elbow.

More right hands, ten punches in the corner. Michaels dives onto Barbarian with a crossbody, Haku eats a neck-breaker for two. Eye poke by Haku, whip with Michaels looking for a sunset flip counter, Jannetty helps with a clothesline. Barbarian eats a double dropkick to the floor, Haku eats a double clothesline. Missile dropkick by Jannetty, diving crossbody by Michaels and this match is over, The Rockers are your winners.

Well, the crowd is loud for sure. I appreciate the fans in the arena for this one, they react huge to the powerful moves of Haku and Barbarian and they get behind The Rockers big time in this match. A fun opening match made better by the crowd, The Rockers have to be near the top tag team in the WWF. Kudos to all four involved, you have given me a great start.

Winners: The Rockers over Haku & Barbarian via Diving Crossbody!

The Texas Tornado vs Dino Bravo W/ Jimmy Hart

Bravo jumps Tornado, Tornado starts throwing bombs back before Tornado is clotheslined to the floor. Rights by Bravo, Tornado tastes the apron. Tornado ducks a right hand, atomic drop with a clothesline. Whip to the buckle, claw attempt from Tornado but Bravo blocks, big chops in the corner. Whip to the buckle reversed by Tornado, Bravo stops Tornado with a boot. Inverted atomic drop and leg drops from Bravo for two, whip by Bravo. Tornado ducks the clotheslines before running into the Sidewalk Slam but Tornado kicks out. Bravo is on the middle rope, diving chop by Bravo.

Throat thrust by Bravo, stomps from Bravo. Another diving chop goes wrong as Tornado clamps on The Texas Claw. Bravo fades and goes down to one knee, Bravo is back up on his feet though. Tornado lands his massive Spinning Tornado Punch and this match is over.

Nothing special but thankfully short, that finishing stretch was odd. It felt like Tornado was supposed to block the first chop and then the Claw went on and on, the crowd were just reacting to it like a sleeper rest hold. Odd one for sure but another win for Tornado, The Modern Day Warrior Kerry Von Erich has some steam coming into the new year.

Winner: Texas Tornado over Dino Bravo via Spinning Tornado Punch!

The British Bulldog W/ Matilda vs The Warlord W/ Slick

The Full-Nelson vs The Powerslam, both big men who can throw down. Warlord scores with a knee and a clubbing blow, shoulder tackles with neither man going down before Bulldog brushes down Warlord. Slick talks strategy with Warlord, it is back on. Gut-kick and elbows by Warlord, whip with Bulldog dodging the clothesline. Crucifix does not work, Samoan drop by Warlord. Elbow drops by Warlord, three in quick succession. In the corner, gut punches and a bearhug by Warlord. Bulldog breaks free and ducks a clothesline but a stun-gun ends Bulldog’s comeback. Two for Warlord, clubbing blow to the back of the head. Bulldog blocks the forearm, the two trade shots before an eye rake from Warlord. Belly to belly suplex from Warlord, reverse chin-lock from Warlord.

Bulldog escapes and rams Warlord into the buckle, diving fist drop and flying crossbody for two. Warlord goes low, whip and ducks the head. Bulldog boots Warlord, piledriver attempt from Bulldog. Bulldog looking for the sunset flip, Warlord sits down for a pin, two with Bulldog countering for two. Bulldog whips Warlord to the buckle, boot counter by Warlord. Warlord calls for his full-nelson, Warlord clamps on The Full-Nelson! Bulldog uses the cheers of the crowd to break free of the hold, Bulldog slips out of a slam. Running Powerslam from Bulldog connects, Bulldog walk away with the win.

I am always partial to a big hoss fight, these are two big meaty bastards clubbing the life out of one another and I am all for it. Could have it been tighter and prettier? Of course but that’s not it is about and it was glorious cheese when Bulldog escaped and Warlord looked at his hands in utter shock as his inescapable hold was broken before our very eyes. Very fun, shocked by how fun this Mania has been so far.

Winner: The British Bulldog over The Warlord via Running Powerslam!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hart Foundation © vs The Nasty Boys W/ Jimmy Hart

To think that we had that amazing two out of three falls match between The Hart Foundation and Demolition only months prior and now, we have The Nasty Boys challenging for the tag team championships. Knobbs did well being one of the final competitors in the rumble though, I must give him that. Sags and Bret to start, lock-up with Bret pushing Sags to the corner. Cheap shot by Sags, right hands to the head. Sags kicks Bret in the ribs, whip by Sags. Bret ducks the clothesline, thesz press by Bret who pummels Sags. Inverted atomic drop for Knobbs, Sags is on the apron. Bret pulls him in over the top, arm-wringer from Bret.

Sags tries a big boot, Bret catches it. Trip from Bret and stomp to the mid-section, Sags tags in Knobbs. Knobbs wants a piece of Neidhart, Bret tags in The Anvil. Lock-up, Knobbs has Neidhart in the corner. Neidhart turns the tide, massive right hands and a hip-toss before a shoulder block sends Knobbs to the floor. Arm-wringer by Neidhart, Knobbs backs Neidhart to the corner. Sags grabs the singlet of Neidhart, Knobbs nails big right hands. Sags tags in, whip and Sags lowers his head. Neidhart slams Sags’ head to the mat, tag to Bret. Russian legsweep and Bret’s rope elbow from Bret, Knobbs interferes and eats right hands before Knobbs clubs Bret from behind.

Sags nails a clothesline to the floor, Bret is really hurting at this time. Neidhart is distracted by Jimmy Hart, back-breaker in the ring by Sags. Knee to the back, camel clutch from Sags. Sags drops his weight on the back of Bret and applies the hold once more, in comes Knobbs. More attacks to the spine, camel clutch from Knobbs. Tag to Sags, neck-breaker from Sags. Camel clutch clamped on again, this is a lot of rest-holds in quick succession. Bret manages to wriggle to his feet, jaw-breaker from Bret. Knobbs is tagged in and levels Neidhart, elbows to the spine of Bret. Sweet fuck, another clutch. Bret stands up and drops back, crushing Knobbs. Sags attacks Neidhart again, Bret dodges a corner splash on Knobbs and tags in Neidhart but the referee was with Knobbs.

Knobbs has the megaphone, Bret ducks and Knobbs nails Sags. Neidhart receives the tag, scoop slams and The Nasty Boys eat a clothesline. Elbow smash and clothesline for Knobbs, two for Neidhart. Anvil Flattener with Sags making the save, in comes Bret. Bret and Sags run around the ring, Knobbs is whipped into Sags in the ring. Jimmy hart eats a right hand, Hart Attack on Knobbs. Referee is getting Bret out of the ring, Sags nails Neidhart with the megaphone and Knobbs covers for the win.

So, at times this was very exciting with the fans going nuts and continuing to be the stars of this show but once those camel clutches began, we were in trouble. It just dragged on, 4 or 5 in a row. The hot-tag would have been great had Neidhart really going but that finish was hot for sure. The Hart Foundation’s reign was definitely not what I expected after that great match at Summerslam but they will recover for sure. I do like the idea of The Legion Of Doom destroying The Nasty Boys though!

Winners: The Nasty Boys over The Hart Foundation via Megaphone!

(Blindfold Match) Jake The Snake Roberts vs Rick The Model Martel

To say I would be disappointed about how this feud will end is an understatement, this was a really violent feud for WWF considering the nature of the angle. The grotesque looking eye of Roberts, Martel blinding him it seemed far more intense than anything else on WWF at the time. So, we have a blindfold match which would make sense that Roberts would want Martel to experience what he went through but still, it’s such a silly gimmick match. Plus, Martel was getting over strong as an annoying prick that everybody wanted to see murdered, the rumble was a showcase of what sort of heat that Martel could generate.

Roberts stumbles into Martel’s foot, Martel squirms away before choking Roberts. Irish whip, Martel looks for the back-drop. Roberts runs away, they bang asses before missing one another once again. More comical dodges and the crowd screaming to tell Roberts where to go, scoop slam from Martel. Martel misses an elbow drop, more swimming through the air looking for one another. Martel is on his knees, Roberts edges closer and misses him again. Roberts claps to alert Martel, Roberts fools Martel. Roberts grabs Martel, Martel is in the ropes.

They are separated once more, loud DDT chants. Martel is freaking out, Martel touches the snake by mistake, Roberts is in pursuit again. More trying to find one another, Roberts and Martel collide with a shoulder block. Roberts is on the floor, Martel is on the floor now too. Martel has a chair, Martel stabs at the air over and over. Martel feels the ring-post, smashing it by mistake. Roberts pulls in Martel, Martel counters with a back-breaker. Boston Crab from Martel, Roberts shoves off Martel. Martel stumbles backwards in Roberts, DDT and this match is over.

While it was not the murderfest I would have preferred, I have to give it to the two for selling the shit out of the gimmick. They never gave up on it, Martel was comedic and his timing was perfect for the match. Roberts kept the fans interested in this match, good interaction with the fans. A success for sure, not my choice for a match type to a feud that was very serious in tone but they worked it and it was enjoyable.

Winner: Jake The Snake Roberts over Rick Martel via DDT!

The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer vs Jimmy  Superfly Snuka

The man! The Undertaker took out a lot of The Dream Team at Survivor Series in his debut, Undertaker was a force to be reckoned with in the rumble before LOD had to combine to get him out, The Undertaker is a big deal and Snuka is in big trouble. Snuka locks eyes with Taker, Taker is unmoved. Paul Bearer is here as Brother Love has been discarded as the manager, Snuka turns his back on Taker and Taker smashes Snuka. Into the buckle, throat thrust from Taker. Choke against the top rope, whip and flying clothesline from The Deadman. Taker rips at the face of Snuka, corner choke from Taker.

Whip to the buckle reversed by Snuka, Taker knees Snuka to the floor. Bearer is very happy, Snuka is on the apron. Suplex into the ring from Taker, Taker misses an elbow drop, Snuka rallies. Headbutt and chops, whip with Taker reversing. Snuka ducks the clothesline but misses the crossbody with Taker dodging at the last second. Snuka headbutts Taker on the apron, Snuka tries a springboard but Taker lands a big right hand and it’s Tombstone Piledriver time.

Impressive showing from Taker, an extended squash with Snuka trying to stagger The Undertaker but Undertaker has a presence and charismas that simply sucks you in, it’s great to see how the character develops.

Winner: The Undertaker over Jimmy Snuka via Tombstone Piledriver!

(Career vs Career Match) The Ultimate Warrior vs Macho King Randy Savage W/ Queen Sherri

Savage wanted a title match, Warrior refused. An enraged Savage attacked Warrior on Saturday Night’s Main Event before costing Warrior his WWF Championship against Sgt Slaughter due to a sceptre strike to the head. Both men risk their career and what makes this even more crazy for Savage is who is in the crowd tonight but the lovely Miss Elizabeth. Savage’s descent into Madness started with Savage turning his back on Elizabeth, Elizabeth could never replace her but he tried with Sherri, anytime Elizabeth was there, Savage failed. At Summerslam 89, at Wrestlemania VI, Elizabeth was there and even though, Savage goes into a rage anytime he spots her, Elizabeth is here for Savage. Why am I saying all this? Because this is so crucial to this match and what I consider one of the best long-term angles in wrestling. Another nice touch is Warrior walks to the ring, Warrior knows how much is on the line here.

Both men cautious before a lock-up, clean break from Savage. Warrior shoves down Savage, knee by Savage. Elbows and clubbing blows, side headlock but Warrior knocks down Savage. Savage is on the floor, regrouping as Sherri distracts Warrior. Warrior counters though with a clothesline, two-handed throat toss from Warrior. Inverted atomic drop for Savage, atomic drop from Warrior. Two-handed throat toss with Sherri entering the ring only to be knocked down by Savage, Warrior has Savage tied up in the ropes. Shot to the ribs by Warrior, whip off the ropes. Warrior lowers his head, Savage nails a kick. Running clothesline by Savage, Savage climbs high. Diving crossbody but Warrior catches Savage, Warrior slaps Savage.

Savage is on the floor, regrouping once more. Sherri is on the apron, Savage flings a chair in the ring and attacks a distracted Warrior but Warrior responds with big right hands. Corner kicks from Warrior, Elizabeth is watching the action at ringside. Savage is knocked down again by Warrior, whip to the buckle with Savage dodging Warrior’s splash. Sherri slaps Warrior, Savage dives off the top rope with an axe handle. Knee from Sherri, eye rake from Sherri. Back rake before Warrior shoves down Sherri, Savage makes the save with an axe handle. Warrior is rammed into the ring-post, scoop slam and knee drop from Savage. Neck-breaker is countered for a backslide, two for Warrior.

Savage spits on Warrior and bails to the floor, Sherri is on the apron again. Warrior catches Savage, clothesline. Warrior misses a flying tackle, Savage slams Warrior’s face into the mat, reverse chinlock from Macho King. Warrior is rallying, elbows to escape. Shoulder blocks before both men knock one another down with a clothesline, Sherri wakes Savage. Sherri is arguing with the referee, Warrior clamps on a small package but the referee is distracted. Only two, Warrior is rammed into the referee. Savage has Warrior, Sherri has her high heel. Sherri dives, nailing Savage by mistake. Warrior corners Sherri, Sherri rolls into the ring but Warrior has her, Savage rolls up Warrior for two.

Warrior knocks down Savage with right hands, Savage pulls Warrior into the buckle. Top rope guillotine from Savage, Savage runs Warrior into the rope. Clothesline to the back of the head, scoop slam from Savage. Two for Savage, Savage climbs high. Diving Elbow Drop, Savage scores with five elbow drops into the heart of Warrior. 1…2.. Warrior kicks out! Axe handle to the head, Warrior is shaking it all off. Warrior lands a right hand, make it three. Clotheslines, Military Press Slam into The Ultimate Splash. Savage manages to kick out of the splash, Warrior looks to the heavens confused by this turn of events. Warrior is conflicted for sure, Warrior is on the apron. Warrior asks for guidance, Sherri is cheering on Savage.

Savage clotheslines Warrior, Warrior is on the floor. Sherri holds Warrior on the guard-rail, Savage climbs to the top rope. Savage wants to break the neck of Warrior, Warrior shakes off Sherri. Savage slams into the guardrail, Warrior drags Savage to the ring. Warrior has his second wind and his confidence back, flying shoulder tackle leaves Savage on the floor. Another flying shoulder tackle, Savage is on the floor. Another shoulder tackle on Savage, Warrior places a boot on Savage and wins the match. Sherri is heartbroken and begins attacking Savage which leads to Elizabeth making the save, saving the very man who cursed her since the day she let him. They embrace and it’s fucking beautiful!

What a match, this one was packed full of drama. Warrior walking to the ring, that’s never happened before, you feel the weight of the match on his shoulders. Then, this was not Savage being pinned by Warrior but Warrior destroying Savage. For every trick that Savage had, every move in his arsenal, Warrior had a counter. Warrior battered Savage and completely annihilated The Macho King, Savage was broken by the end of the match. It was just pure emotion backed into the match, the five elbow drops was a lot but it worked in an odd way, it adds to the narrative of Warrior being better than Savage in every way due to Savage losing his way and going down that dark path. The only person who could save Randy Savage was Miss Elizabeth, the heart and soul of Savage had been ripped from him. Seeing her saving him from Sherri made Savage realize what he had been missing, Savage may have lost his career but by God, he can proudly call himself a man once more. The icing on the cake, Savage carries Elizabeth just like he did when he won the championship and opens the ropes for her. 10/10

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Randy Macho Man Savage via Flying Shoulder Tackle!

Demolition W/ Mr. Fuji vs Genichiro Tenryu & Koji Kitao

Bit of an odd match for Mania, this is a case of a partnership as the WWF is partnering with SWS, Tenryu is considered Mr. Puroresu and was one of Giant Baba’s big stars in AJPW before leaving abruptly to start SWS and later start Wrestle and Romance. Kitao is considered a shithead and famously gets knocked out by Nobuhiko Takada via brutal head kick. It seems Demolition are working heel, no Ax in sight. Kitao is battered by Crush before Smash tags in, Fuji lands a cane shot. Back suplex by Smash, axe handles before a tag to Crush.

Diving axe handle from Crush, scoop slam too. Tag to Smash, choke using the first rope. Tag to Crush, headbutt before a tag to Smash. Kitao is whipped to the corner, explosive clothesline out of the corner. Tag to Tenryu, chops and dropkicks. Scoop slam and diving elbow drop misses, lariat from Smash. Tag to Crush, back-breaker from Crush. Tag to Smash, belly to back suplex. Demolition Decapitator is blocked as Crush and Kitao brawl briefly, Crush throws Kitao out of the ring but Kitao shoves Crush to the floor. Tenryu nails his enzuigiri, Powerbomb Pin from Tenryu for the win.

Well that did not work at all, Kitao was battered very boringly I might add before Tenryu comes in for a sloppy hot-tag. We get to the end but it was not the most exciting, the perfect comedown from the last match. But boring to watch as a reviewer, wish I could have went to the bathroom.

Winners: Team SWS over Demolition via Powerbomb!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Mr. Perfect © W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Big Bossman

Perfect throws his towel at Bossman, Bossman wipes his ass with the towel. Bossman spits on Perfect, Perfect slaps back. Bossman slaps Perfect on the floor, Bossman has gone through most of the Heenan Family. This would be sweet for Bossman to win the championship, Perfect is pummelled in the ring. Bossman outsmarts Perfect, boot and a clothesline. Bossman tosses Perfect to the floor, right hands in the ring from Bossman before Perfect dodges a corner splash. Bossman reverses an Irish whip with Perfect flying across the ring, Bossman smashes Perfect with his legs before taking off his belt.

Bossman whips Perfect before glaring at Heenan, Perfect grabs some sort of tape and whacks Bossman in the ribs. They are trading rights, Perfect wins the war. Hard Irish whip from Perfect to the corner, reverse chin-lock with the ropes for leverage. Stomps to the spine, Bossman is caught in the abdominal stretch. Perfect releases the hold, beautiful standing dropkick for two. Hard chops from Perfect, Bossman retaliates but snap-mare and neck-snap from Perfect. Perfect-Plex but Bossman blocks for a small package, two for Bossman. Another neck-snap from Perfect, two for the champion.

Perfect climbs to the top rope, Bossman blocks with his foot. Heenan is in shock, Bossman rams Perfect into the buckle. Biel across the ring before Bossman pulls Perfect groin-first into the ring-post. Rights and lefts with a huge uppercut sends Perfect to the floor, Bossman threatens Heenan before Perfect sends Bossman crashing into the steel steps. Heenan gets in some cheap shots behind the referee’s back, Andre The Giant is here. Heenan says Andre, Perfect exposes the buckle. Andre has the championship, Perfect is not happy. Stalking Heenan, Andre is in pursuit. Perfect tells the referee about Andre, Perfect is not happy.

Heenan is edging closer to Andre, Perfect tries taking the championship. Andre waffles Perfect with the championship, both men down. Heenan is still running from Andre, Bossman is stirring. 1…2… Perfect kicks out at the last second. Here comes Barbarian and Haku for the disqualification, Andre knocks down Perfect.

How nice to see Andre The Giant again thwarting Heenan who treated him poorly, this was an entertaining match with Perfect and Bossman really going after one another in this match. Bossman proving to be a very valuable asset to the WWF during his babyface run, Andre puts over Bossman and I suppose the finish was the correct one because I did not see Bossman as an Intercontinental Champion and Perfect is so damn good, it is simply not fair. Heenan selling shock throughout the match was tremendous, nobody could touch Heenan at ringside, I am going to miss him when his run is over.

Winner: Big Bossman over Mr. Perfect via DQ!

Earthquake W/ Jimmy Hart vs Greg The Hammer Valentine

Babyface Valentine, how brave you are WWF. Earthquake brings Valentine to the corner, shoulder thrusts and a running powerslam. Earthquake poses, two for Earthquake. Whip to the buckle, Valentine dodges the splash. Rights and chops from Valentine, elbow to the head. Multiple elbows, whip attempt from Valentine but Earthquake reverses, another whip but Earthquake lowers the head. Elbow from Valentine, rights and chops from The Hammer. Earthquake is shaking, middle rope for Valentine. Elbow knocks down Earthquake, elbow drop and now, headbutt to the groin. Jimmy Hart distracts Valentine, Valentine is clubbed in the back, Valentine is down on the mat. Massive elbow drop and Earthquake Splash ends this one. Seems like the end for a lot of the older stars in the WWF, Snuka, Bravo and Valentine all eating losses on the show. It’s been a long time coming and it makes sense.

Winner: Earthquake over Greg Valentine via Splash!

Legion Of Doom vs Power & Glory W/ Slick

You could not pay me to be Power & Glory on this night, LOD are out for blood. Roma & Hercules jump LOD, Hawk is whipped off the ropes but ducks both clothesline attempts. Clothesline by Hawk, Hercules dumps Hawk to the floor. Roma is with Animal in the ring, Roma tries a diving crossbody but Animal nails a powerslam. Doomsday Device and this match is over, right call and LOD do what made the special.

Winners: LOD over Power & Glory via Doomsday Device!

Virgil W/ Roddy Piper vs Ted Dibiase

Dibiase had always abused his loyal servant Virgil but Virgil had enough at the Royal Rumble, Virgil struck Dibiase with his own Million Dollar Championship which leads us to this match. Piper in Virgil’s corner adds another dynamic to this match. I do love The Hot Rod and super happy that he is not on commentary because I believe Piper is too much on commentary. Loud Virgil chants in the arena, Dibiase is mocking Virgil. Big slap to the face, Dibiase is jabbed over and over again. Dibiase is throwing big kicks and missing, Virgil continues to strike and bamboozle The Million Dollar Man.

Virgil continues to block everything Dibiase throws, Dibiase is knocked to the floor in frustration. Dibiase and Piper lock eyes, Dibiase is talking trash. Virgil pulls Dibiase into the ring, clothesline and Dibiase is on the floor once more. Dibiase is tossed back into the ring, Dibiase lands a boot and a clothesline. Virgil recovers for a back elbow for two, Dibiase is on the floor again. Virgil takes down Dibiase with ease, Dibiase is livid. Drop toehold by Dibiase, Virgil is rammed head first into the canvas. Chops by Dibiase, whip into a back elbow. Dibiase talks trash to Piper, another whip with a clothesline. Loud Virgil chants again, piledriver from Dibiase.

Two for Dibiase, Dibiase delivers a beautiful suplex for two. Gutwrench suplex from Dibiase for two, Virgil is dumped to the floor near Piper. Dibiase talks trash, Dibiase shoves down Piper who has a crutch and cannot defend himself. Powerslam on Virgil, Piper pulls himself up using the steps and apron. Dibiase tries to run the ropes but Piper lowers the rope, Piper eats a right hand to the face. Dibiase is counted out as he attacked Piper, Dibiase is irate. Dibiase attacks Virgil, applying The Million Dollar Dream before Piper makes it to the ring with his crutch in hand and Dibiase is walloped from behind. Sherri is here, saving Dibiase. Dibiase whacks Piper in that injured knee over and over, Virgil makes the save but the damage has been done.

Not much of a match, a lot of stalling from Dibiase but the angle afterwards was some great stuff. Could we be seeing Dibiase vs Piper, that could be quite the fun match. Sherri is an interesting dynamic too, I like where this is going.

Winner: Virgil over Ted Dibiase via Count-Out!

Tito Santana vs The Mountie W/ Jimmy Hart

Oh no Tito is going to have to put another person over? This actually breaks my heart considering when given the chance, Tito absolutely smashes it. Mountie and Santana lock-up, side headlock from Santana. Leapfrogs before Mountie eats a Flying Forearm. Mountie rolls to the floor to Jimmy Hart, their heads are banged together by Santana. Atomic drop and a massive right, Hart hands Mountie his prod. Santana is stabbed in the ribs and Mountie steals the win, another new star going over an established star.

Winner: The Mountie over Tito Santana via Cattle Prod!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sgt. Slaughter © W/ General Adnan vs Hulk Hogan

Exploiting the very real war taking place at the time, Slaughter came to the WWF adopting an Iraqi Sympathizer gimmick with General Adnan at his side. Slaughter has been booked questionable despite the heat generated by the gimmick, Slaughter would win the championship from The Ultimate Warrior thanks to Macho King Randy Savage before Jack Tunney announced Hogan would be the new number one contender to Slaughter’s championship.

Loud USA Chants, we have a stand-off as Hebnar gets rid of Adnan from the ring. Looks like we have stalling, lots of finger-pointing which is bizarre considering how deep we are into this show. Come on, start killing one another already! Finally, a lock-up. They jockey around the ring, Slaughter is in control. Hogan and Slaughter trade control again, the referee is being knocked around these two. Hogan pushes down Slaughter, Slaughter complains about a hair-pull. Side headlock from Hogan, shoulder block with neither man going down before Hogan shoulder blocks Slaughter down hard. On the floor, Slaughter eats an axe handle as Adnan looks on before attacking Hogan from behind.

Hogan grabs Adnan, Slaughter cracks a chair over Hogan’s back but it has no effect! Hogan brings Slaughter back into the ring, Slaughter is begging for mercy. Eye rake by Slaughter, massive rights by Slaughter. Whip off the ropes and a massive back elbow by Slaughter, headlock into a right from the champion. Knee drop to the face, make it two. Elbow drop misses for Slaughter, Hogan rallies with right hands. Axe Bomber from the challenger, Adnan is on the apron. Right hand for Adnan, Hogan has Slaughter in the corner.

Corner clothesline from Hogan, atomic drop from the challenger for two. Back rake from Hogan, whip and clothesline from Hogan for two. Slaughter bounces off the buckle multiple times, off the ring-post at the end. Whip to the buckle, back body drop from Hogan. Another hard whip into the buckle, running knee to the spine and a catapult into the buckle. Mounted right hands to Slaughter, Slaughter cannot defend himself. Whip to the buckle and a corner clothesline from Hogan, ten punches in the corner. Slaughter is rammed into the buckle again for two, Hogan climbs to the middle rope. Adnan grabs Hogan’s foot, a momentary distraction before Hogan lands a scoop slam and elbow drops to Slaughter.

Hogan climbs to the top rope, Adnan grabs the foot again. Slaughter throws Hogan off the top rope, Slaughter clotheslines Hogan to the floor. Slaughter chokes Hogan with a camera cable, axe handles to the spine from Slaughter. Back-breaker from Slaughter for two, Slaughter stomps on the back of Hogan. Boston Crab from Slaughter, Adnan adds extra pressure with Hogan struggling to break the hold. Hogan has the ropes, Slaughter holds onto the hold for as long as possible. Knees to the spine from Slaughter, Slaughter climbs to the top rope. Diving Foot Stomp from Slaughter, Adnan is distracting the referee at the wrong time.

Two for Slaughter, Slaughter slides to the floor for a chair while Adnan distracts the referee. Chair to the head for two, Hogan is bleeding everywhere as Slaughter continues to keep down The Hulkster. Short-arm clothesline, Camel Clutch from Slaughter in the middle of the ring! Slaughter breaks the hold to stomp the back more, another Camel Clutch. Hogan is on his feet, Slaughter shoves Hogan into the buckle.

Slaughter spits on Hogan and covers Hogan in the flag for a two count, Hogan powers out and rips up the flag. Slaughter’s right hands are having no effect on Hogan, Hogan is Hulking Up. Right hands from Hogan, whip off the ropes. Big boot and An Atomic Leg Drop and we have a new WWF Champion and it is Hulk Hogan!

Credit to Hogan and Slaughter for an entertaining main event, I believe we were spoiled with Hogan vs Savage and Hogan vs Warrior at the two years before this but Hogan manages to keep the fans invested in this one despite a few hiccups here and there. I think Adnan blew his spots a few times, appearing on the apron several times before his cue to do so, we also had a rather odd part of the match where Hogan decimated Slaughter which seemed to stretch on and on, Slaughter must have hit that turnbuckle at least 8 times during that beatdown but we get what you came for as Slaughter takes control and cheats every way he can, with camera cables and a chair. Hogan a bloody mess but That Immortal Hulk Hogan comes back and everyone goes home happy, a job well done.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Sgt. Slaughter via Atomic Leg Drop!

That was WWF Wrestlemania VII, arguably my favourite Mania up to this point. It is the most memorable? Certainly not but there are some good decisions made on this show and some very memorable moments. One of the things this show absolutely nails is the killing off of a lot of established acts that was needed, you had the likes of Valentine, Snuka, Dino Bravo and Santana all putting over newer stars which is important for the continued growth of the business. Granted, all the names I named could still have a good match and especially with Santana, I think it was a wrong call to use him in such a role but we need to keep the ball rolling with new acts like Undertaker, Texas Tornado, The Mountie and Earthquake. With such a long card, it was nice to see such matches take place at a quick pace and not overstay their welcome, very much appreciated when reviewing this pay per view.

Onto the big matches, The Nasty Boys vs Hart Foundation was a great tag team match, the fans were very into The Hart Foundation and the shenanigans leading to the finish led to great heat for The Nasty Boys and you just know LOD are coming to destroy them which will be so entertaining to watch when that day comes. Roberts vs Martel delivers also, not a fan of the light-hearted stipulation compared to the serious nature of the angle but Martel and Roberts play their part working the gimmick which leads to the always satisfying DDT in the middle of the ring. Savage vs Warrior is hard to come up for words with, they make you feel like this is truly the end of everything. Savage throws everything at Warrior and Warrior weathers the storm and destroys Savage, leaving Savage a broken man, his career over and Sherri kicking salt in the wounds. Until Elizabeth, the woman who Savage feels caused his downfall makes the save for him despite his hatred and all his horrible acts towards her. Understanding what he was missing all along, Savage embraces Elizabeth and can ride off into the sun knowing he’s made the right choice, perfect stuff.

Virgil vs Dibiase, tough one to judge. I can see why they would assume it’s too early for Virgil to defeat Dibiase but this angle made me want to see Piper murder Dibiase as opposed to what I should be originally invested in, I hope they can win me back to being interested into the original angle. Hogan vs Slaughter has some faults but ultimately, Slaughter cheats and infuriates the fans until they are crying out for Hogan to comeback and overcome the Iraqi Sympathizer and it’s great, we were definitely spoiled by the prior two main events. So it might be my favourite Wrestlemania up to this point due to the booking decisions made throughout the show and matches like Savage vs Warrior. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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