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WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that had no idea Battleground was on this Sunday! We are back for WWE’s Taboo Tuesday where the power is in the hands of the fans. You decide who faces who and what kind of matches they have. Tonight, we will see the likes of John Cena, Kurt Angle, Batista, Trish Stratus and many more in action for the Raw exclusive pay per view. The match I am most excited for is the returning Triple H who has taken out his once closest friend Ric Flair, there is a lot of history there and I am sure it will not disappoint. So, shall we get down to it? Let’s do it two it!

Opening Promo

It is all about power and domination, The Mcmahons are back after firing JR. Bischoff wants to screw over Cena, Triple H battles against Ric Flair and it could be Cactus Jack beating the piss out of Carlito. We have the power, the authority and the control.

Snitsky/Chris Masters vs Rey Mysterio/Matt Hardy

Edge was originally meant to compete in this match but Edge backed out, Edge’s replacement would be Snitsky. Masters jumps Mysterio, Snitsky attacks Hardy on the floor. Stalling vertical suplex for two, tag to Snitsky. Small package by Mysterio for two, Snitsky kicks out and clothesline Mysterio. Foot choke by Snitsky, scoop slam for two. Tag to Masters, backbreakers by Master. Mysterio knees his way out but Masters counters the wheelbarrow bulldog for a huge slam for two. Reverse chinlock by Masters, Mysterio escapes for a headscissors, tag to Hardy. Rights and lefts by Hardy, flying forearm by Hardy. Hardy is dropkicked off the apron, Hardy nails a side effect on Snitsky for two. Hardy motions for The Twist of Fate, Snitsky backs Hardy into the corner. Snitsky misses a corner big boot, Hardy has Snitsky for a middle rope DDT that looked nasty.

Masters saves Snitsky, Masters shoves Hardy into a big boot. Tag to Masters who has Hardy in a surfboard, Hardy escapes before a huge clothesline with Mysterio saving Hardy. Snitsky is in, suplex by Snitsky for two. Keylock by Snitsky, Hardy breaks free but Snitsky regains control with a spinebuster. Two for Snitsky, rope hung guillotine. Tag to Masters, front chancery by Masters. Hard Irish whip by Masters, Hardy elbows off Masters and nails a diving clothesline for two. Masters tags Snitsky, elbow drop to the spine. Mysterio is knocked to the floor by Snitsky, scoop slam on Hardy. Two for Snitsky, Snitsky stomps on Hardy in the corner.

Hardy drops Snitsky with a reverse DDT after sliding out of the scoop slam, tag to Mysterio. Springboard senton to Masters, springboard crossbody for two. Low dropkick for two, Snitsky Irish whips Mysterio. Snitsky nails his shoulder off the ringpost, Snitsky blocks a tornado DDT. Masters has Mysterio for The Masterlock, Mysterio pushes off Masters with the two referees arguing. Snitsky is lowbridged to the floor, Hardy clotheslines Masters to the floor. Mysterio and Hardy dive onto Snitsky & Masters, springboard sunset flip by Mysterio for two.

Snitsky trips Mysterio, testdrive neckbreaker by Masters for two. Hardy drops Snitsky with a swinging DDT, Hardy trip Matsers who falls into The 619. Hardy nails a Twist of Fate and Mysterio lands a huge springboard splash for the win, Smackdown’s Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio win the match!

That was a good opening match, crowd was very hot for the show. They loved Hardy and Mysterio was over like rover in his hometown. I felt bad for Masters and Snitsky, both came in and worked with big stars like Kane and Michaels, they would go onto lose and it is hard to recover after that. Anyways, the heels worked well together, they had Mysterio to throw around, Mysterio should have had been the one to play face in peril, I think it would have worked better but they did a good job, it was fine and it furthers the feud between Raw and Smackdown at the time.

Winners: Matt Hardy/Rey Mysterio over Chris Masters/Snitsky via Springboard Splash!

Maria has a Nice Day!

Mick Foley has a luggage mix up with Maria which leads to Maria handing over Foley’s mask and her tights which leaves Foley a very happy man.

Jimmy Snuka & Eugene vs Tyson Tomko & Rob Conway

So, Conway is alone with no La Resistance anymore and Tomko is without Captain Charisma who would leave the company very shortly or might have already left. Tomko scoop slams Eugene with Snuka as his chosen partner, Eugene messes with Tomko before a throat thrust, chop by Snuka. Scoop slam by Eugene, Conway attacks Eugene from behind. Tag to Conway, right hands and a choke by Conway. Stomps by Conway, back elbow by Conway for two. Dropkick by Conway, tag to Tomko who stomps on Eugene.

Powerslam for two, tag to Conway. Reverse chinlock by Conway, Eugene tries escaping but Conway clubs down Eugene. Low headbutt by Eugene, knee by Conway and a shot to Snuka. Tag to Tomko, right hands by Tomko. Eugene fights back before a right hand by Tomko, Conway is the legal man. Eugene dropkicks Conway after Tomko crotches himself. Tag to Snuka, chops and headbutts by Snuka, Tomko and Eugene brawl with Tomko being clotheslined to the floor. Snuka and Eugene headbutt Conway, Rock Bottom by Eugene and a Superfly Splash by Snuka for the win.

Well, I think I have seen much worse legend returns. The one that comes to mind is Mr. Wonderful at that WCW pay per view in 2000 which resulted in a very scary injury for Paul. Anyways, Conway and Tomko are not entertaining enough to pull this off or make it memorable, it did nothing for me.

Winners: Eugene/Jimmy Snuka over Tomko/Conway via Superfly Splash!

Mankind vs Carlito

From the promo package, you would believe Cactus Jack would be favourite for a hardcore style match against Carlito but the fans chose Mankind to face Carlito. The match begins with Carlito dropkicking and punching Mankind, no effect on Mankind. Mankind back elbows and rakes the back of Carlito, Carlito is in the tree of woe. Elbow drop to the face by Mankind, rope hung guillotine by Mankind. Baseball slide by Mankind, neckbreaker on the floor. Mankind has a chair, Carlito drop toeholds Mankind onto the steel steps, Mankind bounces his face off the chair too. Dropkick with Mankind’s head hitting the steps, two for Carlito. Carlito stomps all over Mankind, Mankind eats a Russian legsweep for two.

Electric chair drop by Carlito for two, sleeper hold by Carlito. Mankind pulls off Carlito, double clothesline with both men down. Mankind sits up and begins ripping out his hair, right hands by Mankind. Right hands in the corner, knee to the face by Mankind. Cactus Jack clothesline, diving elbow drop from the apron to the floor. Two for Mankind, Double Arm DDT by Mankind and Mankind calls for Socko. Mandible Claw for the win.

It had all your Mick Foley spots but I cannot help but feel it was a bit phoned in, it was a nothing feud and they made it out to be nothing. So, I do not feel disappointed as I saw everything that I would like to see from Mankind but nothing had any impact, it was just there at the end of the day.

Winner: Mankind over Carlito via Mandible Claw!

Who is in The Main Event?/Trouble for Bischoff?

Bischoff has a char with Vince Mcmahon who is less than pleased with Bischoff as Smackdown has beaten Raw on Raw’s own pay per view. Vince tells Bischoff to get his act together. Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels wins the vote to be in the main event with John Cena and Kurt Angle, that means Kane & The Big Show will challenge for the tag team titles.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Kane & The Big Show vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch ©

The champions defeated Hurricane and Rosey to win the championships and now, face the impromptu team of Show and Kane. Show bangs the head of the champions together, Kane uppercuts Murdoch in the ring. Murdoch is caught between the two, Murdoch shoves Kane. Kane uppercuts and elbows Murdoch in the corner, choke by Kane. Corner clotheslines, Murdoch boots Kane blocking the third clothesline, tag to Cade. Cade clubs Kane, uppercuts by Kane. Boot by Show who is tagged in by Kane, clubbing blows by Show. Chest slap by Show, stomps and chops by Show. Snapmare and boot by Show, eye rake by Cade. Tag to Murdoch who elbows and chops Show. Show does not move for the Irish Whip, chop to Murdoch.

Headbutt by Show, chop and step-over by Show. Kane is in, eye rake by Murdoch. Tag to Cade, boot by Kane. Kane is on the top rope, Murdoch distracts Kane. Murdoch shoves Kane to the floor, high and low combination by the champions. The champions put the boots to Kane, knee to the back by Cade. Submission by Murdoch, Kane fights off Murdoch but Murdoch tags in Cade. Tag to Murdoch, inverted atomic drop and swinging neckbreaker by the champions.

Kane sits-up, Murdoch helps out Cade. Show is on the floor, Kane boots Murdoch and clotheslines Cade. Tag to Show, clotheslines all around. Headbutt to Cade, headbutt to Murdoch. Stacked in the corner, splash to Cade. Murdoch eats a diving clothesline from Kane, Murdoch is knocked to the floor. Double Chokeslam by Kane and Show, we have new tag team champions.

That was a surprise, here I was thinking we had new life in the division under Cade & Murdoch, they have lost the championships in their first defence. Match was nothing spectacular, I did like Murdoch a lot. I think he could be a good mid-card heel with those facials and bumps, we will see what happens with the two as the year progresses.

Winners: Big Show & Kane over Cade & Murdoch via Double Chokeslam!

(Handicap Match) Vader/Goldust/The Coach vs Batista

The original plan was Austin to face Coach in the honour of JR, Austin had stunned every member of the Mcmahon Family on the homecoming show of Raw, The Mcmahons would retaliate by firing JR which would lead to Austin beating the piss out of Coach. However, Austin could not commit to the pay per view and there was a quick change to Batista being put in the role to destroy Coach who is flacked by Goldust and Vader.

Batista pummels Vader and Goldust, both scramble. Batista is backed into the corner, Vader & Goldust beat down Batista. Batista spears Vader in the corner, Spear for Goldust. Corner clothesline and Coach is in the ring. Punch by Batista, Batista looks to slam Vader but Goldust beats down Batista with a kendo stick. Coach has a leather belt, Batista is whipped with the belt. Batista kicks off both and clotheslines Coach, clotheslines for all. Whipping for all three, spinebuster on Vader. Slap by Batista, Batista Bomb and it is over. DUD!

Winner: Batista over Coach via Batista Bomb!

Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle Promo

Kurt Angle asks Michaels to team up and take down Cena so that the two can find out who is truly the best on Raw. Michaels tells Angle that he will think about it and that’s all we have there.

(WWE Women’s Championship Battle Royal Match) Trish Stratus © vs Micke James vs Victoria vs Ashley Massaro vs Maria vs Candice Michelle

Did you know Trish had been champion for like 4 months while being injured? I wondered where Trish was during the summer, I assumed it was Lita turning heel that had ruined any big angles for Trish but no, poor Trish was injured and returned in September, feuding with Vince’s Devils. However, we have a new girl in town named Mickie James and this is a big deal due to this being the beginning of one of the best angles in WWE for women’s wrestling. Did I mention that this is a Lingerie Battle Royal? Yeah, kind of takes away from the serious tone of what I said.

Everybody pairs off, there are four faces compared to two heels. Victoria and Trish get down to business with teasing eliminations and you see Mickie James saving Trish. Candice saves stablemate Victoria, Maria and Ashley are rolling around in the background. The heels are thrown into one another, Maria is bouncing around before being tossed to the floor. Mickie and Trish almost throw out Victoria, Candice saves herself from elimination. Leg scissors choke by Candice, Ashley recovers and knocks down Candice. Tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam by Victoria on Trish, Victoria fights off Mickie James and Ashley. Ashley is catapulted to the floor, side slam on Mickie.

Trish pummels Victoria, headscissors by Trish. Trish and Victoria are almost eliminated, Trish is so close to touching the floor. Mickie saves Trish instead of winning, Victoria stops the matrix move and clotheslines Mickie. Mickie saves Trish, Victoria slaps Mickie with Mickie spearing Victoria to the floor. Trish wins as the two fall to the floor.

It had a story, one of these stupid matches had a damn storyline. I am in shock, it was a good story too. Something that had not been done for the WWE, a stalker-type fan obsessed with their idol, doing everything they could to help their idol, their hero win and succeed. It was quite-gripping and put focus on the women. Also, props to Victoria who looked damn good and real compared to the other “wrestlers” in the match.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Everyone Else via Survival!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage Match) Ric Flair © vs Triple H

According to The Game, Ric Flair had embarrassed himself becoming a shadow of his former self with Triple H refusing to see his memories of The Nature Boy to be tarnished. Flair was an icon, a legend to Triple H and Triple H would be damned if Flair became a joke. This would Triple H’s return match on pay per view after putting over Batista at Vengeance. A good choice of feud for The Game, it made sense and had the backstory to be great.

Lock-up, Triple H misses a right hand. Chop by Flair, first blood to Flair. Lock-up with chops by Flair, rights and lefts. Triple H tees off but Flair comes back with chops, The Game is down. High knee by Triple H off a reversed Irish whip, right hands in the corner. Chops by Flair, spinebuster by Triple H. Right hands by Triple H, Flair is rammed into the cage. Flair is bleeding, Flair meets the cage again. Snapmare and knee drop by The Game, Flair’s face is raked off the cage wall. Flair is bounced off the cage, splash by The Game. Right hands to the cut by Triple H, Triple H pulls down his kneepad to strike Flair with the knee. Flair hits the cage hard, Triple H begins climbing to the top of the cage.

Flair is up with Triple H, chops by Flair. Headbutts by Triple H, chops by Flair. The result is both men are crotched on the top rope, Triple H pulls a chain off the steel cage. Triple H raps it around his fist but Flair boots The Game in the face. Shin breaker by Flair, the figure four is blocked as The Game decks Flair with the chain for a close two. Fist drop with the chain, the chain is taken away by the referee. Slap by Triple H, right hands to the cut from The Game. Rights and lefts by Triple H, knee drop the back of the head. Figure four by Triple H, Flair reaches the ropes for a break. Triple H tries another figure four which results in Flair sending Triple H into the cage wall, Triple H is bleeding.

Rights and lefts by Flair, biting and Triple H meets the cage wall. Triple H is raked off the cage wall, Flair chops and tees off on The Game. Chop block by Flair, more leg work by Flair. Figure Four by Flair, Triple H shoves the referee into Flair in desperation. Flair climbs to the top rope, Flair double axe handles Triple H for two. Low blow by Flair, Flair crawls towards the door for victory. Triple H has the boot of Flair, Flair drags a chair into the ring. Triple H takes the chair from Flair, Triple H has the chair. Testicular claw and chops by Flair, Triple H looks for The Pedigree. Back drop on the chair by Flair, Flair waffles The Game. Make it three shots with the chair, Flair crawls out of the cage for the win.

That was great stuff, just an all-out fight from two of the best in the company. I liked there was little attempt to escape the cage, you got the intensity and the feeling that these two hated one another. It was brutal at times with Triple H’s heat segment being a dissection of Flair almost to the point of too much but I thought they got it right on this night. Flair’s comeback was awesome and I loved the finish of Flair battering the bejesus out of Triple H. I feel very rarely nowadays you get to see the heel taking the asskicking they have coming to them but there was no fucking around on this night. You had Flair beat Triple H into oblivion, that would have been a good blow-off never mind a first match between the two.

Winner: Ric Flair over Triple H via Escaping The Cage!

(WWE Championship Match) Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle vs John Cena ©

Angle had a legitimate gripe with Cena over defeating the champion at Raw’s previous pay per view Unforgiven. With Michaels’ feud being cut short with Hogan, Michaels was in an awkward position for the months that followed as the WWE geared up towards Wrestlemania. So, the match is a continuation of the feud between Angle and Cena with Michaels added in due to his history with Angle and nothing going on angle-wise for HBK.

 Angle takes out Michaels, double-cross right away. Angle pummels Cena in the corner, Michaels is knocked down off the apron. Back elbow by Cena on Angle, Michaels is down again before attacking Cena. Chops by HBK, Angle works on Cena. Angle kicks Cena before Cena elevates Angle to the floor, HBK chops away at Cena. Angle is knocked off the apron, Cena backslides Michaels for two. Clothesline by HBK, foot choke by Michaels. Angle German suplexes both men. Belly to belly for both, Michaels counters the angle slam for a sunset flip. Angle rolls through for an Ankle Lock, Michaels shoves off Angle into an FU attempt, Angle escapes. Michaels tries sweet chin music but Cena blocks for a clothesline, lots of pin attempts with Angle stomping Cena.

HBK and Angle beat down Cena, Cena is tossed to the floor. Michaels has the announce table ready, Cena is suplexed through the table face first. Michaels and Angle go at it, powerslam by HBK for two. Back elbow by Angle, uppercuts and right hands by Angle. Angle applies a bodyscissors, HBK escapes before eating a belly to belly suplex. Michaels is on the top rope, Angle is knocked down. Angle plays possum and lands a top rope Angle Slam for two. Cena is back up, clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Angle is on the floor, back drop for Michaels. Michaels’ flip in the corner, spinning side slam. Angle stops the five knuckle shuffle, Michaels nails a tope con hilo onto Angle.

Flying forearm by HBK, inverted atomic drop, clotheslines and a scoop slam. Cena eats chops, flying forearm for Cena. Michaels kips-up, Angle belly to belly suplexes HBK to the floor. Spinning side slam and five knuckle shuffle by Cena, Cena has Angle for the FU, Angle rolls through for The Ankle Lock. Cena cannot break Angle’s grip, Angle grapevines the leg. Michaels is up on the top rope, elbow drop on Angle. Sweet Chin Music by Michaels on Angle, Cena capitalizes with an FU on Michaels for the win.

That was fun, Michaels and Angle’s interactions were a lot of fun, it seemed like Cena took the backseat in this match, I am not sure it was the best call with a hostile crowd. At this point, Angle and Michaels were dicing up Cena in the ring so for Cena to steal away the win from Michaels, I don’t know if that was a good call unless they are stretching out Cena vs Angle which is most likely now that I think about it. Maybe scratch that last part. Anyways, it was a fun triple threat with Cena gaining another important win, this time pinning HBK. The future was indeed bright for The Doctor of Thuganomics.

Winner: John Cena over Everyone Else via FU!

That was WWE’s Taboo Tuesday of 2005, a largely forgettable show. Apart from the last two matches and the story being told with Mickie James and Trish, there is nothing you need to see on this show. It had a lot of legends on the show, some who could not work anymore and others who seemed disinterested. Batista vs Coach was meh like the whole first hour and a half. Things get really good with Flair vs Triple H and the main event is fun but you do not need to go out of your way to see this show. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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