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WWE Vengeance 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another bone-breaking edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that comes up on the losing end more than Curt Hawkins! WWE’s Vengeance 2007, Night of Champions based around the concept of every match being a title match. Batista’s last chance at becoming World Heavyweight Champion as The Animal battles Edge while John Cena finds himself in a five-way match for his WWE Championship. The card does not have me overly excited but let us see where things head, this is Vengeance 2007.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch © vs The Hardy Boyz

Cade & Murdoch had reformed their evil ways or so we thought before the two stole the tag team championships from The Hardys, The Hardys look to win back the gold on this night. Cade and Matt start, some nice wrestling before Matt crossbodies Cade and lays down right hands. Tag to Jeff, Omega combination for two. Cade grabs a headlock, blind tag from Murdoch. Big neckbreaker for two, Jeff reverses a back drop with a kick. Corkscrew mule kick, tag to Matt. Middle rope axe handle, Matt tags in Jeff. Poetry in Motion, corner dropkick from Jeff. Matt clotheslines Cade to the floor as The Hardys rule the ring. Tag to Matt, the champions decide to regroup after their beating.

The challengers chase down the champions, Matt has Murdoch. Slap from Murdoch, Murdoch runs from Matt. Tag to Cade, Matt misses the tag. Chop block by Cade, Matt had his leg attacked on a match on Smackdown, it has been worked into this match. Murdoch works the leg before tagging Cade, another massive chop block. Matt’s leg is driven forcefully into the mat, tag to Murdoch. Matt tries fighting back, Murdoch attacks the leg. Single leg Boston crab, Matt escapes and tags Jeff. Slingshot dropkick, inverted atomic drop and low leg drop. Back drop for Murdoch, Cade gets caught for a neckbreaker.

Two for Jeff, Whisper in the Wind on Cade. Two for Jeff, sit-out front suplex. Jeff looks for the swanton, Murdoch eats a boot to the head. Matt is with the referee, Murdoch trips Jeff. Sit-out Spinebuster from Cade and the heels retain their championship.

Decent tag team match from these two, you cannot get a bad tag match from the Hardys, their reunion in 2006 and 2007 makes it appear to be 1999 all over again as there is not one young child or woman who does not love The Hardy Boyz. The two teams have fought for at least three pay per views this year, I am ready for something new but fearful for the future.

Winners: Cade & Murdoch over The Hardy Boyz via Sit-out Spinebuster!

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero © vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Oh, this championship is still around and the push that Chavo received from his feud with Mysterio is but a distant memory. Roll-up from Yang for two, lock-up. Side headlock takedown from Yang, Chavo lures in Yang and smashes Yang. Hard Irish whip, uppercut floors Yang. Yang answers with a suplex and a kimura hold, whip to the corner. Yang walks up Chavo but Chavo hurls Yang to the floor. Baseball slide from Chavo, Chavo climbs to the top. Yang dropkicks Chavo off the top rope, Yang climbs the top rope. Big crossbody attack by Yang, two for Yang in the ring.

Chavo begs for mercy, Irish whip to the corner. Chavo reverses Yang, hiptossing Yang into the turnbuckle. Chavo chokes Yang using the bottom rope, high-angle back suplex for two. Stretch from Chavo, Yang escapes and chops Chavo. Drop toehold and splash by Chavo, more kicks to the spine. Hard Irish whip to the corner, snapmare into a camel clutch like manoeuvre. Back suplex escape from Yang, Yang nails a middle rope dropkick. Spinning heel kick in the corner, crossbody for two. Chavo counters for two amigos, spinning heel kick from Yang. Two for Yang, Chavo rolls out of the way of the moonsault. Gory Special from Chavo, Yang rolls through for two and a half. Chavo pulls Yang into the corner and up to the top rope, Yang knocks off Chavo. Chavo crotches Yang, Yang tumbles to the mat, Frog Splash by Chavo and the champion retains.

The division was on its dying legs by this point, there was little heat or interest in this match from the crowd. The near-fall at the end was as close as the fans got to being into the match. However, the two men involved worked hard , it is a shame that the match mattered little to the fans.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Jimmy Wang Yang via Frog Splash!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) CM Punk vs Johnny Nitro

So, we know that it was meant to be Benoit vs Punk which would have been very good but Benoit missed the show which would lead to Nitro filling in for Benoit. Nitro had dropped off the face of the earth as Jeff Hardy took his Intercontinental Championship and The Hardys beat the piss out of MNM in every match they had, the championship has been vacated by Bobby Lashley in the pursuit of the WWE Championship.

Punk and Nitro begin wrestling, Nitro wins and taunts Punk. Punk kicks the legs of Nitro, huge head kick with Nitro rolling to the floor. Nitro slaps Punk, Nitro runs from Punk. Punk nails a slingshot splash on Nitro, whip to the corner. Slap from Punk, Punk finds himself on the end of a huge kick from Nitro. Nasty forearms from Nitro for two, cobra clutch style choke from Nitro. Kick to the chest by Nitro, arm wrenches from Nitro. Backbreaker from Nitro and a single arm DDT for two. Another rest hold from Nitro, Punk escapes and nails a huge enzuigiri. Kicks and forearms from Punk, leaping leg lariat for two. Nitro blocks the knee in the corner, roll-up with feet on the ropes for two.

Massive lariat from Punk for two, GTS is blocked with elbows from Nitro. Nitro wants the sunset flip, Punk counters his own pin for two. Muay Thai knees from Punk, high running knee in the corner with a bulldog. Punk is feeling it now, Punk is on the apron. Punk rolls through off a springboard, Punk is on the apron. Punk tries a shoulder block, Nitro knees Punk in the head and nails a snapping neckbreaker for the win.

Similar to the last match, this match suffered from an intense lack of heat. Fans were not happy without Benoit being in the match, Punk and Nitro did not have plenty of time to put the match together either so this must be factored into any criticisms of this match but it just fell flat at the end of the day, Vengeance needs something big to get me back into this show.

Winner: Johnny Nitro over CM Punk via Neckbreaker!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Santino Marella © vs Umaga

Santino had become champion thanks to the help of Bobby Lashley who decimated Umaga which led to Marella winning the championship. Marella tries to roll up Umaga, Umaga grabs Marella by the throat. Marella escapes, massive forearms from Marella, Umaga drops his weight back on Marella. Marella blocks a headbutt with his knees, superkick from Umaga. Shoulder claw from Umaga, Umaga throws Marella to the corner. Umaga gets disqualified for beating the crap out of Marella. More of an angle than a match, no rating for this.

Winner: Santino Marella over Umaga via DQ!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Ric Flair vs MVP ©

First championship defence for MVP on pay per view after besting The Rabid Wolverine, Flair is a good day at the office. The two lock-up, MVP clean breaks in the corner. Trash talk from MVP, Flair has none of it. Chops and right hands from Flair, MVP powders while Flair struts. Takedown from Flair, Flair wrenches the leg. MVP escapes and boots Flair to the floor hard, MVP rolls out to take control of the match. Two for MVP, clubbing forearms from MVP. Reverse chinlock from MVP, Flair is bleeding. Flair is battered in the corner, chops from Flair. MVP whips Flair to the corner, big back body drop.

Reverse chinlock from MVP, Flair escapes but eats a gorilla press slam from MVP. Knee to the head for two, forearms by MVP. Jawbreaker from Flair, big right hand. Chops galore, reverse elbow from Flair. Back drop, ten punches in the corner. Stungun from MVP to counter Flair, MVP misses the player’s boot. Chop block from MVP, Figure Four from Flair. MVP makes it to the ropes, rights and lefts from Flair. Eye poke from MVP behind the referee’s back, Playmaker from MVP and MVP retains the championship.

Another solid performance from MVP, Flair is always entertaining from the ring and guaranteed to make the most of the time that he has in the ring. The show just seems to be in one gear though, hoping that things pick up with the main event matches that are on their way but the pay per view is just moving along at a decent pace.

Winner: MVP over Ric Flair via Playmaker!

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Deuce & Domino © W/ Cherry vs Sgt Slaughter & Jimmy Snuka

Why, just why? Snuka pummels Domino, tag to Slaughter. Slaughter kicks the crap out of Domino, snapmare for two. Shoulder thrusts from Slaughter, back drop for two. Cobra Clutch on Domino, Domino reaches the ropes. Reverse elbow from Slaughter, short-arm clothesline. Another Cobra Clutch, Deuce attacks from the apron. Domino takes control, tag to Deuce. Deuce tags in Domino, elbows and such for two. Deuce comes in, Deuce misses his Snuka splash, tag to Snuka. Right chops and headbutt, Domino gets nailed too. Flying forearm, two for Snuka. Backbreaker from Snuka, crossbody but Deuce rolls through for the win. Awful and unnecessary, no thanks! DUD!

Winners: Deuce & Domino over Snuka & Slaughter via Roll-Up!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge © vs Batista

Last chance for The Animal, Edge had slipped through the cracks against Batista on two previous occasions but for how much longer could Edge run? Well, this is Batista’s last chance, Batista has to beat Edge in this match. Batista goes right after Edge, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Shoulder block for two, keylock from The Animal. Edge escapes but eats a massive sidewalk slam for two, Edge holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip. Batista is lowbridged, Edge tries an apron splash but Batista catches the champion. Back first into the apron, Batista wants to lawn dart Edge into the ringpost. Edge shoves Batista into the ringpost, Batista eats blows to the back of the head. Batista is tossed shoulder first into the ringpost, Edge keeps the challenger on the floor with a baseball slide. Edge wears down the arm, hiptoss from Batista.

Batista meets the ringpost once again, Batista fights back. Drop toehold from Edge and into a hammerlock, Batista counters for a Samoan drop. Edge holds on, crucifix hold from Edge. Batista fires back with forearms, Edge blocks the clothesline. Edge hangs up the arm of Batista, gigantic lariat from The Animal. Spinning sidewalk slam from Batista for two, Batista Bomb is countered for The Edgecution, two for Edge. Roll-up from Batista for two, roll-up by Edge for two. Running powerslam is countered for the Edge O Matic. Edge wants the spear, Batista Spears Edge. Low blow to stop the Batista bomb from Edge, Edge cannot win by DQ though as Theodore Long restarts the match.

Edge is not a happy boy, Edge marches back to the ring. Edge batters Batista, Spear by Edge for two. Batista kicks out! Edge grabs a chair, Edge throws down the chair. Small package for two by Batista, Edge wriggles free from the Batista Bomb. Clothesline to the floor, Edge pulls Batista into the steel steps. Batista blocks a spear for a Batista Bomb on the floor. Batista pushes Edge into the ring but Batista does not break the ten-count.

Sweet Jesus, that finish sucks. The way it was set up, I thought it was time for The Animal to be the champion but Batista looks like a chump again. Fair enough if both men cannot answer the count, I could live with that but Batista pushes Edge back in and does not make the count himself? You can powerbomb Edge after the match all you want to get your heat back but you look so dumb when you think of it, Batista could have broken the count and grabbed Edge again restarting the count. The building came alive for the match but that finish sucks!

Winner: Edge over Batista via Count-Out!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Melina © vs Candice Michelle

These two had a pudding bowl match last month, they are now battling for the championship. Candice looks amazing, Melina starts strong choking and kicking Candice. Two for Melina, headbutt by Melina. Running knees in the corner, headscissors choke from Melina. Roll-up from Candice for two, Candice is slammed into the mat. Bow & Arrow from Melina, Candice escapes for a two count. Melina misses a splash as Candice lowbridges the champion, slingshot from Candice. Powerslam from Candice, elbow drop for two. Whip to the corner, running bulldog from Candice for two. Eye rake from Melina, Melina looks for a neckbreaker. Candice kicks out at two, forearms by Melina, Candice nails a massive spinning heel kick for the win.

Lots of screaming and groaning, it is bizarre to me when the division was looking good with Melina as the head bitch and this push for Candice comes out of nowhere, truly a shock that nobody was expecting but I am an optimistic man so maybe Candice is going to do things with the championship that had no been done since the days of Trish and Lita.

Winner: Candice Michelle over Melina via Spinning Heel Kick!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs King Booker vs Mick Foley vs Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley

Why is Foley here? Why did Lashley give up his ECW championship after fighting so hard to get it back from The Mcmahons? Why are we wasting the heel push of Orton with all the momentum he has built up? These are my questions, I do not understand this match. We start off hot with Lashley diving onto everyone, Lashley grabs King Booker. Lashley nails Booker with a massive backbreaker, Cena saves the match. Cena and Lashley face-off, the two slug it out. Spinebuster by Lashley, Cena rolls to the floor. Lashley starts ripping at the announce table, everyone begins brawling on the floor. Foley takes apart King Booker until Foley meets the steel steps.

 Orton tries an RKO on the floor, Lashley blocks but Cena FUs Lashley through the announce table. Booker goes after Cena, massive knees and an Irish whip to the corner. Scissors Kick by Booker, Orton saves the match. Shoulder blocks and spinning side slam by Cena, Cena tries for a five knuckle shuffle but Orton nails an RKO, Foley saves the match. Running knee to Orton, Double Arm DDT on Orton. Mr. Socko is here, Booker sidekicks Foley. Double knockdown between Orton and Booker, Foley has a chair. Foley cracks Lashley and Booker, Cena eats it too. Orton attacks Foley from behind, Orton punt kicks Foley. Lashley Spears Orton, Booker sidekicks Lashley. Cena hotshots Booker who falls to the floor, FU onto Foley by Cena and Cena wins the match.

Compared to everything else on this show, this match was pure bliss and a breeze, I did think it was a waste of some talent like the likes of Orton who was on the heel run of his life and Lashley who needed to be groomed slowly but hats off to all involved they delivered on a show that was mostly a waste of your time.

Winner: John Cena over Everyone Else via FU!

That was WWE’s Vengeance 2007, definitely one of the weaker shows of the year from the WWE. The rematches hurt this pay per view in my eyes, Cade & Murdoch vs The Hardys was very old by this point and Edge vs Batista had been done to death which made the matches hard to show anything new or interesting. The fresh feuds going into the show were disappointing too, Punk vs Nitro on short notice was a shame as neither man got to truly show what they could do while the Smackdown tag team match was a joke, MVP vs Flair was all Flair and the women’s match was in the slot of death which was deserved looking back, you have a fun main event but it’s not enough to save this show, best to avoid this one if you are looking back on the year. Thanks for the continued support, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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WWE One Night Stand 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is as real as Cena’s breakup with Nikki Bella (It’s a work brother). WWE’s One Night Stand 2007, no longer an ECW-themed reunion show but rather a pay per view that pays homage to ECW through exciting and dangerous stipulation matches. The big matches on the card include John Cena facing The Great Khali in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship while Edge defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Batista inside of a steel cage. Stretcher matches, table matches and much, much more. This looks like we are in for a treat tonight but the ECW One Night Stands were held in such high regard so the question is simple: Could WWE’s One Night Stand deliver?

Opening Promo

A great promo package showing that there is no rules, anything goes on this awesome night. Mr. Mcmahon is all alone against Bobby Lashley, could this be possible? Edge has nowhere to run inside of the steel cage, highlights of all sorts of extreme action lead us to this one night stand.

(Stretcher Match) Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

The Legend Killer has found his edge once more, Orton was feeling very flat over the past number of months despite being a main-stay and centrepiece on the Raw roster. With his rope-hung DDT and his Punt kick that took out Shawn Michaels, things are looking fantastic for The Legend Killer who has tapped into a side of himself that was not seen since his battles with The Undertaker. RVD has been brutally beaten by Orton, not being able to continue in their match on Raw. Is RVD in any condition to compete? This match can only be won by placing your opponent on a stretcher and pushing them over the finish line at the top of the entrance way.

Stare-down, RVD talks trash and asks Orton who does he think he is before a massive kick to the face. Forearms from RVD, spinning heel kick in the corner. Ten punches in the corner from RVD, monkey flip from Van Dam. Slingshot leg drop from RVD, another spinning heel kick in the corner, this match has been all RVD. Roundhouse kick and corkscrew leg drop from RVD, mounted punches from Van Dam. Massive right from Orton, RVD looks to not know where he is, RVD might be showing the signs of the concussion. RVD blocks the RKO with a kick to the head, RVD goes high but misses the top rope. RVD is concussed, this match should be stopped.

Uppercut by Orton, make it two. Standing dropkick by Orton, Garvin-style stomps by Orton. Massive knee drop from Orton, Orton pummels the head of RVD. Elevated neckbreaker from Orton, RVD is rolled onto the stretcher. RVD rolls off and begins waffling Orton, Orton meets the ringpost. RVD puts Orton on the stretcher, RVD climbs to the apron. Corkscrew leg drop from the apron onto Orton, slingshot leg drop by RVD. RVD makes his clothesline, Rolling Thunder is stopped for a powerslam. RVD blocks an apron suplex and dropkicks Orton to the floor, Orton is on the stretcher and RVD attempts a Rolling Thunder onto the stretcher but Orton dodges. RVD lies broken on the floor, Orton pushes RVD to the line but RVD battles back and kicks Orton in the head to steal the win. Post-match, Orton decimates RVD.

Well, I did not think RVD was winning the match. That was a shock but the aftermath was what I was looking forward to because Orton is on fire at the minute in terms of building heat. Orton destroys RVD, arguably one of the most beloved babyfaces to ever grace the WWE, Orton destroys RVD in a sickening fashion, an assault that makes you feel uncomfortable, a feeling that you do not get often in wrestling. Orton is tremendous in his destruction of the ECW Original.

(Six-Man Tables Match) CM Punk/The Sandman/Tommy Dreamer vs Elijah Burke/Marcus Cor Von/Matt Striker

A continuation of Punk vs The New Breed people that Mr Punk screwed over, Burke may have lost Kevin Thorn but Cor Von and Striker are still here, this should be a fun match with tables you can hardly go wrong. Dreamer and Cor Von begin, shoulder block by Cor Von. Side headlock by Dreamer, stand-off. Striker distracts Dreamer, double underhook suplex from Cor Von. Tag to Burke, snapmare and knee drop by Burke. Burke misses a corner splash, Dreamer nails a bulldog. Tag to Sandman, flapjack by Sandman. Knee by Burke, tag to Striker. Hiptoss from Sandman, tag to Punk.

Muay Thai knees, high knee and bulldog on Striker. Tag to Dreamer, sidewalk slam and elbow drop combination. Punk and Dreamer do a tribute to The Dudley Boyz, Cor Von attacks Dreamer on the floor. Suicide Dive from Punk, Burke eats a springboard clothesline from Punk. Striker is caught between Sandman and his cane, Striker eats a massive right from Dreamer. Burke and Cor Von save Striker from going through a table, the match continues. Burke and Cor Von isolate Punk in the ring. Slam by Cor Von, slingshot elbow by Burke. Striker has a table, Punk is beaten down. Sandman pulls out Striker, Dreamer saves Punk. Striker shoves Sandman to the floor, Dreamer nails sky high on Striker.

Burke clotheslines Dreamer, Punk kicks Burke before Cor Von powerbombs Punk to the mat. Table is setup, Cor Von lays Punk on the table. Sandman canes Cor Von, Striker drops Sandman onto the steps. Dreamer piledrivers Burke, Burke is placed on the table. Punk superplexes Striker through the table onto Burke and The ECW Originals win this match.

This was fun, tables are fun. The ECW Originals were allowed use their weapons, the action was fast-paced in parts all the while, it centred around the future of the brand, that being Burke and Punk. Punk gets the final say in the feud, fun stuff and this would be some entertaining stuff to watch on the much criticized brand.

Winners: ECW Originals over New Breed via Superplex!

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz © vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Ladder Match)

The Hardy Boyz continue to dominate the tag team division as they face a new challenge in what would be considered their signature match. Much like Cade & Murdoch, it appears Benjamin & Haas have come from nowhere to become challengers. The match begins with brawling, Matt bulldogs Benjamin. Double suplex on Haas, Omega combination from The Hardys. Haas double clotheslines the champions, everyone grabs ladders. Stand-off before The Hardys dropkick the ladders into Haas & Benjamin’s faces. Haas meets a corner ladder, Haas is sandwiched between ladders before Benjamin is smacked into Haas. Poetry in Motion on both challengers, Benjamin is buried under ladders.

Jeff almost grabs the championship, Haas yanks off Jeff. Haas climbs for gold, Matt has Haas for an electric chair drop. The Hardys climb, Benjamin grabs a ladder and knocks both Hardys off the ladder. Short-arm clothesline on Jeff, Matt is smacked onto a ladder. Haas & Benjamin maintain control before Haas climbs for gold, Benjamin joins Haas. Matt backdrops Benjamin off the ladder, Haas brawls with Jeff. Haas drives the ladder into both Hardys’ ribs, Benjamin and Haas create a see-saw of ladders. The Hardys stop the see-saw, hiptossing Benjamin onto the ladders. Haas is thrown from the top rope onto the see-saw, The Hardys roll to the floor and grab the large ladders.

Jeff places a ladder across the ring apron and the barricade, Haas is front suplexed on the ladder. Benjamin suplexes Matt into the ring, Benjamin attempts a running splash but Matt backdrops Benjamin over the top rope and onto the bridged ladder. Benjamin is placed on the ladder, Jeff wants to dive onto Benjamin. Haas saves Jeff with a super German suplex, Matt sees an opportunity to climb. Haas & Benjamin tip Matt over, Matt smacks his face off the ropes. Benjamin drops Jeff with a t-bone suplex, Haas has Matt on the floor in position for their signature tag team move. Benjamin climbs a ladder in the ring and drops all his weight on Matt on the outside, impressive looking visual here and a nice twist on their usual offense.

Haas climbs for gold, Jeff joins Haas on the ladder. Superplex from Jeff, Jeff recovers to climb the ladder, Benjamin kicks the ladder over leaving Jeff to the floor. Benjamin stabs Jeff with the ladder, Benjamin climbs for the win. Matt says no way, Benjamin is tied up in the ropes. Neckbreaker by Matt, two ladders stand in the middle of the ring. All four men begin brawling on the ladders, The Hardys tip over The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Benjamin spills out to the floor. Swanton Bomb on Haas and Matt brings home the gold.

The Hardys and ladder matches are the perfect mix, I enjoyed this match a lot with some really nice spots mixed in with the usual chaos that is brought by putting Jeff Hardy in situations where he can do some crazy shit. Hats off to Benjamin too, the guy would kill himself to get noticed and Benjamin’s athleticism is on full display throughout the night which makes it all the more sad than Benjamin was like a forgotten man by this point. Great match though, underrated because I have never heard anyone talk about this ladder match.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over Haas & Benjamin via Retrieval Of The Championships!

(Lumberjack Match) Kane vs Mark Henry

What a waste of Chris Benoit, the lumberjacks include Val Venis, Santino Marella, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards, The Miz, Kevin Thorn, Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro, Chavo Guerrero Kenny Dykstra, and Carlito. Perhaps this is a good piece of storyline continuity as Henry did take out The Undertaker which led to Edge winning the world heavyweight championship, Kane could be here to defend his brother’s honour. Henry sends Kane to the floor, Kane scares away the lumberjacks. Kane boots Henry to the floor, lumberjacks are shaken off by Henry. Kane uppercuts Henry, Henry rolls to the floor. Both men brawl on the floor, Henry sends Kane into the ring apron. Kane is slammed into the ringpost, Henry clubs Kane in the lower back.

Kane fires back before running into a powerslam, two for Henry. Bearhug from Henry, Kane backs himself into the corner. Henry releases the hold, Kane tries a chokeslam but the back of Kane is too weak for such a move. Bearhug again for Henry, Kane chokes Henry to escape. Kane lures Henry in, Henry is on the floor. Kane dives onto Henry and the lumberjacks, corner clotheslines from Kane. Diving clothesline from Kane, Kane calls for the chokeslam. Kane’s back holds, Chokeslam on Henry. Dykstra and Chavo jump Kane, Kane clears the ring but Henry has a bearhug. Kane does not survive and Henry claims victory.

It was alright, lumberjack matches have never been spectacular. The only one of note that I can remember was Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, that is the only one that blew me away. The rest are usually boring affairs with the same group of spots, it was weird aswell with Dykstra and Chavo jumping Kane without the babyfaces and heels all brawling on the floor, they stood around like cheerleaders, they could not even get that right. So, it was what it was, nothing special and just there on the card.

Winner: Mark Henry over Kane via Bearhug!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Vince Mcmahon © vs Bobby Lashley (Street Fight)

Vince has Shane and Umaga in his corner, flashbacks of the last two pay per views enter my mind. Lashley has defeated the trio but Lashley failed to pin Vince which allowed Vince to change the rules and screw over Lashley out of regaining the championship. Lashley dives over the top rope onto Umaga, Lashley botches the landing and hurts himself. Great start, Shane jumps Lashley. Rights and lefts from Shane, Vince watches from safety. Lashley presses Shane onto Umaga, Vince is all alone.

Lashley pummels Vince, Lashley takes care of Shane. Right hands to Umaga, Umaga misses a splash. Lashley boots Shane, Lashley has a chair. Vince is picked up, Umaga Samoan Spikes Lashley. Shane DDTs Lashley on a chair, clothesline by Vince. Make it two, headbutt from Umaga. Low blow from Vince, Lashley is dumped to the floor. Vince chokes Lashley with the hammer for the ringbell, Shane and Umaga put the boots to Lashley. Vince kicks Lashley while talking trash, more choking and strangling from Vince. Samoan drop from Umaga, Vince covers for two. Spear by Vince for two, Umaga splashes Vince by mistake.

Lashley throws Umaga to the floor, Lashley belly to belly suplexes Shane to the floor. Lashley has a chair, Vince is smacked in the head hard with the chair. Lashley wears out Vince with the chair, Running Powerslam with Umaga saving Vince. Lashley has another chair, superkick from Umaga. Umaga splashes Lashley from the apron, Umaga clears the announce table. Shane is on the top rope, Elbow Drop through the announce table. Vince covers and it’s a two! Umaga nails his running hip attack, Shane wants coast to coast. Lashley dodges, Shane kicks the trash can into Umaga’s face. Spear to Shane, Spear to Vince and Lashley is ECW Champion.

The tale of redemption comes to an end with Lashley winning back his championship, I thought the best version of this match was the one at Judgment Day, short and sweet. This was not like that match, this was more like Backlash which was less enjoyable. I had seen the same match too many times by this point, happy for Lashley as you cannot deny that Lashley feels like a bigger deal now after the feud but what would be next for Lashley? Once you work with The Mcmahons, only the WWE Championship would not be considered a step down but isn’t it a bit soon?

Winner: Bobby Lashley over The Mcmahons via Spear!

(Pudding Match) Candice Michelle vs Melina

AND I JUST SAID THIS DIVISION WAS TAKING STEPS FORWARD! DAMN YOU AND DAMN EVERYTHING THAT I SAID PREVIOUSLY! Ok, got that out of my system, I am ready for whatever the fuck this is, a big pool of pudding just like the days of Stacy, Torrie, The Kat. Melina is dumped in, they roll around in the pool. Shoving, pushing etc. They roll out of the pool, Melina applies a choke. Candice escapes, DDT in the pudding? Forearms from Melina, Candice tries drowning Melina who taps. SHITE!

Winner: Candice over Melina via Choke!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Edge © vs Batista (Steel Cage Match)

Ah yes, the death nail in the coffin for Mr. Chickenshit heel Edge. Edge has stolen the championship from Undertaker, Edge has squeaked past Batista at Judgment Day. This is a cage match, Edge cannot run or hide. Batista is coming to the ring with a purpose, Edge looks petrified as he should knowing that this could be the end of his championship reign. Batista is 100% too, no taped up limbs on The Animal. Edge tries running out the door, Batista stops the champion in his tracks. Edge tries climbing over the top, Batista drags down Edge. Batista punishes Edge with foot chokes and a camel clutch, Edge is hanging on by a thread.

Shoulder block for two, clothesline for two. Suplex for two, Edge is being battered in this match. Batista looks to escape, Edge stops Batista. Dropkick to the knee, Batista lands between the ropes and cage, massive Spear from Edge. Edge slams Batista into the cage, Batista crumbles to the ground. Baseball slide to the ribs from Edge, Batista smacks off the cage. Edge tries escaping but Batista has some fight left in him, Edge exposes a top turnbuckle. Batista blocks and kicks Edge, Edge counters a powerslam for an Edge O Matic. Batista and Edge are on the top rope, Edge tries escaping only to eat a superplex from The Animal. Two for Batista, Batista attempts escaping. Edge stops Batista, Batista rams Edge’s head into the cage. Edge falls to the mat, Batista looks for a diving shoulder block but Edge has it scouted for a dropkick.

Both men bang heads of a spear collision, Batista clotheslines Edge hard. Sidewalk slam for two, Edge misses a dropkick. Batista catapults Edge into the cage, schoolboy for two. Corner clothesline and Batista lawn darts Edge into the steel cage. Edge sends Batista into the exposed turnbuckle, Spear from Edge for two. Batista recovers, Edge scales the cage to escape The Batista Bomb. Edge just has to drop down, Batista has Edge by his hair. The two struggle for what seems like an age, low blows from Edge. Batista falls to the floor, the two race out of the cage with Batista crawling for the door and Edge climbs over the top. The two race but Edge drops to the floor before Batista could escape!

It was solid but not as fun as I thought it could have been at the end of the night, I looked forward to Batista destroying Edge, I did not exactly get that when all was finished. I think the crotching yourself spot is always comical, I think the two low blows without Batista landing on his balls would have been more acceptable and the crawling out of the cage finish is a bit iffy to me for the simple fact that the wrestlers are always told before the match that both feet must touch the floor yet they always crawl out on their hands. Just nit-picking but I never like my babyfaces looking like complete imbeciles.

Winner: Edge over Batista via Escaping The Cage!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs The Great Khali W/ Ranjin Singh (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Rematch time, Cena vs Khali with pin-falls count anywhere. Khali has never been pinned, let’s see how this match goes for The Master of Thuganomics. Cena chops at Khali with kicks, Khali catches the leg and punishes Cena. Elbows in the corner, headbutt by Khali. Big boot by Khali, scoop slam from Khali. Khali misses a leg drop, Cena goes to the top rope but Khali brain chops Cena and pushes the champion to the floor. Two for Khali, Cena attempts a low dropkick using the steps. Khali dodges and slams Cena’s head into the announce table, Cena blocks the brain chop but Khali throws Cena into the crowd. Cena and Khali brawl in the crowd, Cena tries an FU.

Khali stops Cena with a massive chop, more clubbing blows from Khali. Khali boots Cena, they make their way around the arena. Khali misses a clothesline, Cena waffles Khali with a camera boom mic, Cena covers for two. Khali blocks another FU, Khali press slams Cena onto a crane. The two are on the crane, Cena blocks a throat toss. Cena FUs Khali to the floor, Cena covers and Cena retains the championship.

Well, it was as basic as you could get with Khali in there, bordering on laughable with the big man’s attacks but the crowd were into this match. Cena managed to turn this into an entertaining affair with a fun finish despite the limitations within Khali, it did not go very long like their other battles and nothing here blew me away but it was a fun end to the show with a finish that few were expecting.

Winner: John Cena over Great Khali via Super FU!

That was WWE’s One Night Stand 2007, a hit and miss pay per view from the crazy mind of Mr. Mcmahon. While the show was full to the brim with gimmick matches, some of these matches did not deliver or were rather dull. The pay per view was chugging along solidly with the tables match and the ladder match was a lot of fun too before dipping with the ECW Championship match that was a repeat of Backlash, the pudding match which was filler at its worst, the World Heavyweight Championship match that was not enough of either Edge getting his ass kicked or Batista being screwed out of his championship while the main event was fun for the finish and the crowd’s participation/reaction to the match but it was nothing to write home about. To conclude, there were things I enjoyed about this pay per view but it did leave much to be desired, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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Thursday 17 May 2018

WWE Saturday Night's Main Event, 2nd June 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that gets more heat than Big Cass! It’s one of the final Saturday Night’s Main Events with Cena facing Khali, a strange main event and an arm wrestling contest. The early Saturday Night Main Events were a lot of fun but can these later events recapture the glory days?

The Great Khali W/ Singh vs John Cena

Cena attacks Khali right away, Khali blocks every shot. Shoulder block and FU attempt, Khali smacks down Cena. Clubbing blows from Khali, Cena is sent to the floor. Khali Irish whips Cena hard, Cena eats a boot. Massive scoop slam, Khali misses a leg drop. Cena attempts an STFU, Khali shoves off Cena. Headbutt by Khali, massive clothesline from Khali. Khali shuts down Cena’s comeback attempts, Cena is choked on the middle rope. Massive right hand by Khali, massive headbutt. Khali blocks an FU, Giant Brain chop by Khali. Two-Handed Throat Slam from Khali and Khali wins this match with ease. A squash match really, no rating for that.

Winner: The Great Khali over John Cena via Throat Toss!

Arm Wrestling Match

Vince places Mark Henry in his spot, Lashley and Henry do battle. Lashley would Spear Henry but Vince would cheap shot Lashley with a chair, it was alright nothing special.

Batista & Chris Benoit vs MVP & Edge

MVP tees off on Benoit, Benoit fires back at MVP. Crossface by Benoit, MVP makes it to the ropes. Edge tags in, Edge beats down Benoit. Benoit chops Edge, snap suplex and elbow drop for two. Reverse elbow and clotheslines by Benoit, tag to Batista. Edge tags MVP, Batista brings in MVP. Shoulder blocks and a huge slam, Edge saves MVP. MVP unloads on Batista with right hands, front chancery from MVP. Knee from Batista, boot for two. Benoit tags in and pummels MVP, chops in the corner. MVP misses a boot and Benoit drills MVP with German suplexes. Edge eats a right hand from Benoit, Benoit misses a headbutt though for taking too long.

MVP stomps and elbows Benoit for two, Edge comes in and kicks Benoit. Gutwrench suplex from MVP, elbows and knees for two. Benoit stays near the ropes, MVP tags Edge. Snapmare and waistlock from Edge, Benoit escapes with a massive enzuigiri. Benoit kicks off MVP, hot-tag to Batista. Right hands to MVP, clothesline and corner splashes. Running powerslam, Edge runs away from MVP’s aid. Spinebuster on MVP, tag to Benoit who nails a Diving Headbutt for the win.

Solid tag team match, I like the idea of Edge being such a chickenshit heel that he wants no part of The Animal, Benoit sold well and Batista’s hot-tag was decent. Probably going to be the match of the night based on this card.

Winners: Batista & Chris Benoit over Edge & MVP via Diving Headbutt!

Finlay & Hornswoggle vs Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman

A rematch from a Smackdown pay per view that I never knew I wanted to see again, Boogeyman shrugs off Finlay. Finlay is smashed off the turnbuckle, rights and lefts by Boogeyman. Hip splash, inverted atomic drop and splash. Tag to Little Boogeyman, tiny hip splashes, Finlay eats slaps to the face. Little Boogeyman bites Finlay, DDT on Finlay. Finlay tags Hornswoggle, Finlay dropkicks Little Boogeyman. The two dance, Little Boogeyman gets two of an inside cradle. Big Boogeyman chases Hornswoggle, Finlay boots Little Boogeyman for the win. Bleh DUD!

Winners: Finlay & Hornswoggle over Boogeymen via Boot!

Weird & Wacky Match

Kevin Thorn teams with Umaga and Viscera to do battle with Doink who teams with Eugene and Kane. Doink mocks Thorn for a while, clothesline by Thorn. Stomps by Thorn, Kane uppercuts Thorn. Tag to Eugene, double axe handle by Eugene. Umaga is legal, boot and stomps by Umaga. Tag to Viscera, Eugene fires up on Viscera. Spinning side slam by Viscera, Thorn is now legal. A few kicks from Thorn before a tag to Umaga who clamps on a shoulder claw. Umaga batters Eugene, Umaga continues to beat up Eugene before Eugene manages to break free to tag Kane.

Kane batters Viscera and Thorn, corner clothesline on Thorn. Sidewalk slam, Umaga eats a fist to the face. Diving Clothesline by Kane, Umaga saves Thorn. Doink gets smacked by Umaga as does Eugene, Thorn tags Viscera. Viscera misses a splash, Kane Chokeslams Viscera for the win. God, do not make me watch that again.

Winners: Team Kane over Team Umaga via Chokeslam!

Entirely forgettable and nothing to make you tune into One Night Stand that would be on the next night. So, I would recommend to avoid this because there is nothing you need to see here. Thanks for reading if you bothered to click on this review and remember: There’s always another night!

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Wednesday 16 May 2018

WWE Judgment Day 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to stumble along more than Impact Wrestling! It’s WWE Judgment Day 2007 where a whole lot has changed in the space of a month. Edge is your World Heavyweight Champion after cashing in on Undertaker on an episode of Smackdown, Batista looks to regain the championship in a one on one match against Edge. John Cena faces his biggest challenge yet in the form of The Great Khali while Lashley continues his war with The Mcmahons. Another solid card from the three active brands so let us see how things turn out! This is Judgment Day 2007

Ric Flair vs Carlito

Poor Carlito had lost his way, Jeff Hardy stealing the babyface push intended for Carlito, Carlito floundered and turned heel leading us to this match. Carlito charges Flair, Flair chops the hell out of Carlito. Sunset flip by Carlito, Flair counters for right hands, more trading of blows before Flair wins the war. Back drop from Flair, Carlito powders. Carlito lures in Flair and yanks The Nature Boy’s arm off the ringpost, keylock from Carlito. Carlito stomps on the arm of Flair, Carlito works on the arm with a hammerlock. Flair tries to fight back but Carlito goes back to the arm, Carlito drops elbows onto the arm. Flair is sent shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Knee drops on the arm by Carlito, Carlito smashes Flair’s arm off the ringpost. Carlito dropkicks the arm of Flair into the ringpost, hammerlock scoop slam. Flair fires back, Carlito wrenches the arm. Dropkick to the arm, keylock from Carlito. Flair chops back at Carlito, Carlito maintains control by going to the arm. Snapmare into a keylock, Flair breaks free but a reverse elbow from Carlito stops Flair in his tracks. Two for Carlito, another keylock, this match is going a bit long and becoming very repetitive by this point. Armdrag by Flair, Carlito answers with a dropkick for two. Flair meets the turnbuckle shoulder first, Flair answers with chops.

Carlito back drops Flair, two for Carlito. Armbar from Carlito, knees and stomps to the arm from Carlito. More keylocks, fuck me I am sick of this match. Arm-drag from Flair, more chops. Right from Flair, chops from Flair. Snapmare and stomp, more chops against the ropes. Reverse elbow and Woo, back drop. Chop block, more chops. Carlito misses The Backstabber as Flair holds on to the ropes, stomps from Flair, massive knee drop and it’s time to go to the school. Figure Four on Carlito and Carlito has to tap!

While the fans may have popped at the end of the match, I was certainly not into this match. Far too long and not enough action for my liking, Carlito works the arm, the bad arm of Flair. Would have been more effective to take out Flair’s good arm, a lot of rest holds and cut-offs that sucked me out of the match the more it went on and on and on, nowhere to really go for Carlito now in my eyes so we will see what future holds.

Winner: Ric Flair over Carlito via Figure Four!

HBK Promo

HBK has a concussion and Randy Orton knew that all too well by introducing us to an early version of the punt kick. Michaels tells us that The Heartbreak Kid is ready to kick ass before Orton hurls HBK into some metal bars by the interview area, HBK smashes his head as The Viper strikes!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Bobby Lashley vs Shane Mcmahon & Vince Mcmahon © & Umaga

Lashley’s chance at revenge, The Mcmahons took what mattered most to Lashley, that being his ECW Championship. Odd to have a rematch when it’s a three on one handicap match but no surprise when The Mcmahons are stacking the odds against a babyface. I just hope this match suits Lashley a little better for I felt the previous match did no favours for the rising star who The Mcmahons wanted to be at the top of the company.

Lashley has no fear, staring down his three opponents. Lashley smacks Umaga to the floor, Lashley pummels Vince. Shane makes the save, Lashley fires back. Umaga cannot make it into the ring, Shane saves Vince for a second time. Rights and lefts from Shane, Lashley belly to belly suplexes Shane. Corner splash, Umaga splashes Shane by mistake. Spear to Umaga, Shane is picked up and a huge running powerslam that they call The Dominator for some reason? Weird but that’s all! Lashley pins Shane for the win. Well, it was hardly a match but it is everything I could have hoped for, I did not need to see a repeat of Backlash.

Winner: Lashley over The Mcmahons via Dominator!

CM Punk vs Elijah Burke

What a nice surprise as we have a second match on the card from ECW, this features CM Punk, the man who fooled The New Breed and the constant thorn in the side of Elijah Burke doing battle. Punk has his ribs all taped up due to an assault on the hands of Burke, this should be a simple enough story to follow for the match.

Punk looks to create distance through kicks while Burke looks to attack the ribs, Punk takes the back. Burke breaks the lock and hammers the ribs, Punk forearms and kicks Burke in the ribs. Side headlock from Punk, shots to the ribs from Burke. Punk looks for leg kicks, Burke brings Punk to the corner. Punk dodges the attacks of Burke, shots to the ribs from Burke after cornering Punk. Stomps to the ribs, Punk is a wounded animal. Big kick from Punk, snapmare into a stiff kick to the spine. Scoop slam, two for Punk. Reverse chinlock from Punk, massive kicks to the ribs by Burke.

Punk answers with an exploder suplex, shots in the corner by Punk. Kick to the ribs, corner clothesline from Punk who hurts himself. Delayed vertical suplex from Punk, two for Punk. Reverse chinlock from Punk, rib shot from Burke. Burke smacks the ribs of Punk, the referee pulls away Burke. Punk whips Burke to the corner, forearm shots from Punk. Punk nails a middle rope crossbody for two, kick from Burke. Irish whip to the corner, corner spear from Burke. Make it two, Punk blocks the third with a kick to the head. Burke dumps Punk to the floor, Punk is left on the apron. Punk slides under the bottom rope for a sunset flip, two for Punk. Side headlock takedown from Punk, shoulder block from Punk. Burke tries a hiptoss, Punk counters but no GTS.

Springboard dropkick by Punk that leaves Burke on the floor, Punk decides to risk it all. Suicide dive from Punk, two for Punk. Punk tries another springboard but Punk is dragged off the turnbuckle, landing hard on his ribs. Forearms to the back, two for Burke. Bodyscissors from Burke, Punk fights back before a suplex and back suplex from Burke for two. Bodyscissors from Burke, Punk battles out. Small package from Burke for two, knee from Burke. Burke climbs to the top rope, Punk crotches Burke. Top rope superplex from Punk, both men break the count at nine.

Burke goes to the ribs, Punk shrugs it off for clotheslines. Enzuigiri from Punk for two, clinch knees from Punk. Bulldog in the corner is blocked, Elijah Express is dodged. GTS is countered, Elijah Experience for two! Burke wants a back superplex, super Elijah Express which leaves Punk in the tree of woe. Two for Burke as Punk reaches the ropes, Elijah Experience is countered for a GTS and Punk is your winner!

Given plenty of time but it did not hit the right spot for me, I thought Burke would make the most of Punk’s injured ribs with his offense but I was really let down. I loved the super Elijah Express, if it was used earlier to setup the heat it would have been fantastic but Burke’s methods of going after the ribs left a lot to be desired, nothing that looked devastating. It was choppy in parts too due to bad chemistry between the two, Punk has been a verbal critic of Burke in the past so there is that but yeah, this match was not that good.

Winner: CM Punk over Elijah Burke via GTS!

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton

HBK has not been cleared for the match, HBK comes down to the ring and Orton goes to work on Michaels. Orton knocks Michaels down hard with a right hand, rope-hung DDT from Orton but Michaels somehow kicks out. Orton stomps on Michaels’ head, Orton continues to kick the head of The Heartbreak Kid. Michaels cannot stand, Orton does not hit The RKO. Michaels is placed on the top rope, Orton wants a super RKO. Michaels claws the eyes of Orton, Orton is shoved off the top rope. Michaels nails his elbow drop, Michaels attempts a Sweet Chin Music but comically falls over, this a bit much now. The referee calls off the match, Orton looks down at Michaels before delivering a massive RKO.

I felt robbed of a big money match at the time, it would have been great to see these two go at it again but what comes of this is something I asked for on the last pay per view. That being Orton is on the up ladies and gentlemen, the women can cheer him all they want, a despicable and ruthless Orton is on the horizon and I am looking forward to the rise of Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton over Shawn Michaels via TKO!

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz © vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Cade and Matt begin the match, this a rematch from Backlash. Lock-up, clean break. Side headlock takedown from Cade, headscissor counters from Matt. Armdrag from Matt, hammerlock from Matt. Cade reaches the ropes, side headlock takedown by Matt. Hiptoss from Cade, two for Cade. Tag to Murdoch, Murdoch drives his shoulders into Matt. Tag to Cade, right hand from Matt. Reverse elbow and elbow drop, tag to Jeff. Slingshot dropkick, Cade drives Jeff to the corner. Murdoch is in the ring, hammerlock from Murdoch. Armdrag from Jeff, more deep armdrags and a tag to Matt.

Clothesline from Matt after poetry in motion, middle rope elbow drop for two. Side headlock from Murdoch, blind tag to Cade who smashes Matt with a lariat for two. Dropkick for two, Cade and Murdoch throw Matt into the corner. Tag to Murdoch, Matt counters Murdoch and Jeff is legal. Flying forearm, ten punches in the corner followed by a seated dropkick for two. Whisper in the Wind, Cade saves Murdoch. Matt slams Cade, The Hardy Boyz clear the ring. Jeff grabs a side headlock on Murdoch, Murdoch shrugs off Jeff. Murdoch is kicked to the floor, Jeff misses a tope con hilo. Jeff smashes his back off the floor, driving the air out of his body.

Murdoch throws Jeff in, two for Murdoch. Cade works the spine with knees, assisted leg drop for two. Murdoch is legal, reverse chinlock. Murdoch boots Jeff in the face for two, Cade nails a massive forearm for two. Quick tags from the challengers, sunset flip powerbomb for two with Matt saving Jeff. Jawbreaker from Jeff, Cade can’t stop Jeff’s tag to Matt. Matt cleans house, clothesline and bulldog combination, two on Cade. Side Effect for two, Matt throws Murdoch to the floor, Sit-out Spinebuster from Cade for two. Twist of Fate on Cade, tag to Jeff. Swanton Bomb and The Hardys retain their championships.

Not much difference between this and their Backlash match, this match was tighter due to the time limit on this match. The heat sequence on Jeff was quite good too with Jeff having the wind knocked out of him off the flip to the floor, The Hardys continue to be the best tag team in the WWE.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over Cade & Murdoch via Swanton Bomb!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)  Edge © vs Batista

So, Kennedy went and fucked things up for himself which led to the decision of giving Edge the money in the bank and cash-in on The Undertaker after a war with Batista. Edge sits atop the Smackdown mountain with The Animal coming for the gold, Edge looks petrified and I love it. Batista shoves down Edge, Edge covers up in the corner. Edge continues to fear for his life with Batista, lock-up. Batista picks up Edge placing him on the top rope, Batista stares down Edge who covers up once more, Edge is doing great so far. Side headlock by Edge, shoulder block from Batista. Elbows and right hands from Batista, reverse elbow for two.

Eye rake from Edge, Batista sidesteps the champion. Batista tries a powerslam, Edge slips out the back and sends Batista’s knee into the steel steps. Batista retaliates by sending Edge back first into the ring apron. In the ring, Edge low dropkicks the knee, chop block from Edge. Batista misses a corner spear, nailing his shoulder off the ringpost. The two trade blows as Edge smacks the arm of Batista, Fujiwara armbar from Edge. Transition into a hammerlock, Batista shakes off Edge. Batista spinebusters Edge into the corner, Batista attempts a superplex but Edge shakes off The Animal.

Edge attempts a double axe handle only to eat a clothesline from Batista, both men are down. They trade blows, back drop by The Animal. Corner clothesline, punches from Batista. Powerslam for two, spinning side slam by Batista for two. Edge counters, Edge wants the spear. Batista Spears Edge,1…2…Edge kicks out! Edge is caught for a running powerslam, Batista calls for the end. Edge avoids the powerbomb, spinebuster but Edge rolls up Batista as Batista hurt his leg off the spinebuster.

What was that finish, Edge no sold the spinebuster? Is that possible? Batista never showed that his leg was that weak in the match so it was a super shock for me, that was different but this match never felt like a top quality match or a championship match. I never got sucked into the match, the way Edge no-sells the spinebuster is very comical, not a fan of this match.

Winner: Edge over Batista via Roll-Up!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs MVP (Two out of Three Falls Match)

MVP’ last crack at the championship, has MVP found the answer to Benoit’s craftiness? The two lock-up and roll to the floor, Benoit slaps MVP. Sharpshooter and Crossface attempts, MVP escapes. Arm-drags by Benoit, drop toehold into a crossface attempt. MVP makes it to the ropes, MVP goes for the legs of Benoit. Side headlock takedown by MVP, Benoit escapes with a back suplex. Benoit punches and chops MVP, MVP shoots for the takedown and connects with ease. Benoit has to use the ropes to escape, chops from Benoit.

MVP takes out the legs of Benoit for two, elbow to the knee by MVP. MVP wrenches at the knee of Benoit, Benoit makes it to his feet but MVP is on the knee like a vulture. Chops from Benoit, MVP takes a massive German suplex. Three by Benoit, Benoit’s knee is weak though. MVP recovers, Crossface from Benoit but MVP reaches the ropes with his foot. MVP kicks the leg of Benoit, repeated stomps from MVP. Player’s Boot misses, Sharpshooter by Benoit. MVP reaches the ropes, Benoit nails MVP with an enzuigiri. MVP is up first, chop block from the challenger.

Massive stomp from MVP, Benoit has MVP on his shoulders. MVP counters into The Playmaker and MVP manages to take the first fall in this match, a great counter from the challenger with Benoit not being able to hold the weight of MVP. We have the rest period, MVP shoots for the leg of Benoit. Benoit stops the takedown and knees MVP, right hands by Benoit. MVP slides under Benoit and elbows the champion’s knee, elbow drop to the knee form MVP. Two for MVP, MVP places Benoit in the tree of woe. Massive boot to the knee of Benoit, Benoit is in a bad, bad way.

Two for MVP, heel hook from MVP. Benoit fires back, crossface is countered as MVP ties up Benoit in a stretch muffler, beautiful counter from MVP. The knee has been worked on for the majority of the match, this would be a great finish for MVP. Benoit sells tremendously, Benoit crawls to the ropes. Cravate with knees, playmaker is countered for a crossface attempt. MVP elbows the knee to escape, small package for two. MVP kicks the knee of Benoit, small package from MVP and MVP is your champion.

The culmination of a three month feud and it was great, MVP has grown by leaps and bounds by working with Benoit, MVP continued to learn counters and battle Benoit to the very last, MVP was finally able to outsmart the veteran and it made for a satisfying conclusion to the feud, this would be the last feud for Benoit and it was certainly not a bad feud to end your career on, Benoit’s work inside of the ring will be missed while his legacy is forever tainted.

Winner: MVP over Chris Benoit via Inside Cradle!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs The Great Khali

Cena brawls with the monster, big mistake by Mr Cena. Khali is here to kill Cena, elbows by Khali. Headbutt by Khali, massive right hand with Cena rolling to the floor. Cena meets the steel steps, two for Khali. Scoop slam and leg drop by Khali, two for Khali. Hard Irish whip, make it two. Clothesline by Khali, Khali misses a leg drop. Throwback for one, spinkick by Khali. Khali applies his shoulder grip, Cena fights his way out of the hold. Shoulder block, Khali is tied up in the ropes. Right hands by Cena, boot by Khali. Cena blocks the chop, Cena is on the floor. Cena dropkicks the steel steps into Khali’s knee, Kobashi style leg drop to Khali, STFU on Khali. Khali taps! Cena wins the match!

Well, it was hardly a classic clocking in at eight minutes, basic Khali match with a little comeback from Cena at the end, tough way to end the show but the fans ate it up so it is not all bad, I just wanted something more after sitting through this pay per view.

Winner: John Cena over Great Khali via STFU!

That was WWE’s Judgement Day 2007, a rather disappointing pay per view, the three advertised major brand championship matches all felt rather flat to me, Lashley beating Shane within a minute, Edge no selling Batista’s spinebuster to roll him up made no sense and Cena beating Khali like a regular Raw main event did nothing for me, a bright spot on the card was MVP overcoming Benoit after growing as a performer and Punk and Burke managed to put together a decent match while Flair was entertaining as all hell in the opening match. But I would give this a miss, you are not missing much here. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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Monday 14 May 2018

WWE Backlash 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that goes on hiatus more often than Berserk! It’s time for WWE’s Backlash 2007, the dust from Wrestlemania has settled with new storylines emerging and the WWE calendar resetting itself. On the Raw side, we have John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Edge while on the Smackdown side we have Undertaker vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing Match. Bobby Lashley’s climb continues as Lashley battles The Mcmahons and Umaga for the ECW Championship. The card is a big one, so let’s see if Backlash can deliver!

Opening Promo

A well-produced promo package airs hyping up all of tonight’s major championship matches, I am excited for all these matches based on what is shown here, Lashley also gets a lot of attention which is nice to see for the ECW brand, does not happen often when you think about it.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz © vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

This is odd to me for I feel Cade & Murdoch had their moment in late 2005 but their momentum was immediately squashed by the dominant Big Show & Kane. Since then, I have not seen a whole lot from them, this is a surprise. Matt and Cade begin the match, lock-up with Cade pushing back Matt. Clean break, another lock-up. Side headlock by Matt, takedown with Matt scoring a two count. Multiple pin attempts, Cade pushes Matt off the ropes. Massive elbow to the face, Matt fires back at Cade before Matt hiptosses Murdoch. Murdoch comes in eating a dropkick from an incoming Jeff. Jeff Tags Matt, leg drop and elbow combination for two.

Tag to Jeff, Omega combination for two. Whisper in The Wind, Cade saves Murdoch. Matt clotheslines Cade to the floor, Murdoch is dumped out and Matt allows Jeff to leapfrog and nail air Hardy on Cade & Murdoch. Matt decides to grab Murdoch, middle rope elbow for two. Matt tries a bulldog but Murdoch reverses for a back suplex, Cade tags in and clotheslines Matt. Cade and Murdoch make quick tags, smacking Matt into the turnbuckle. Matt reverses a piledriver for a Russian legsweep, tag to Jeff. Dropkick to Cade, clothesline to Murdoch. Cade avoids a baseball slide and pulls Jeff onto the floor hardway, Jeff smashes his back off the floor. Cade covers for two, sit-out spinebuster for two. Murdoch is tagged in, assisted leg drop for two.

Reverse chinlock by Murdoch, boot and neckbreaker by Murdoch. Tag to Cade, Cade taunts Jeff. Short-arm clothesline for two, tag to Murdoch. Small package by Jeff for two, boot by Murdoch for two. Jeff mounts a comeback before a right hand shuts that down, Murdoch tags in for a leg drop. Tag to Cade, knee to the head by Cade. Snapmare and reverse chinlock, jawbreaker by Jeff to escape. Murdoch gets the tag, back suplex for two. Tag to Cade, Jeff boots Murdoch in the face off an Irish whip. Reverse mule kick by Jeff on Cade, Cade tags Murdoch who knocks Matt off the apron. Murdoch misses an elbow, Jeff tags Matt.

Right-hands by Matt, forearm shot and back drop by Matt. Clothesline and bulldog for two, Cade saves Murdoch from poetry in motion. Matt measures Murdoch, Murdoch blocks the twist of fate but eats a Side Effect. Cade drills Matt with a top rope elbow drop, Murdoch covers Matt for two. Sunset flip powerbomb by Murdoch for two, Murdoch eats a massive Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb by Jeff on Murdoch and Matt breaks free from Cade to pin Murdoch for the win.

This was a fun opening match, I was curious to see how Cade & Murdoch would do in this match, I love their gimmick, there is an air of believability about those two, they look like two tough bastards who will fight you to the death while you cannot go wrong with a team like The Hardys, the crowd loves the two, they are massively over and it should always be an easy night for their opponents in terms of getting heat and putting on a good match, good stuff to open the show.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over Cade & Murdoch via Swanton Bomb!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Melina © vs Mickie James

In the process of rebuilding the division following the loss of not only Trish Stratus but also Lita, the women’s division had found their top heel in Melina while Mickie was adjusting to her role as a top babyface. Melina has a hammerlock, firemen’s carry by James. Melina elbows James and applies a top wristlock, James counters with a monkey flip for two. Side headlock from James, takedown. Headscissors counter from Melina, James escapes with ease. Stare-down, boot from Melina. Side headlock takeover, headscissors counter from James. Melina escapes for a side headlock, Melina appears to have a vision problem.

James is lured in, cheap shot from Melina, James has had enough and charges Melina into the counter. Monkey flip and mounted punches by James, throat chop by Melina. James tries a top rope manoeuvre but Melina pushes James to the floor. Melina chokes James using the ropes for leverage, two for Melina. Butterfly-like submission hold from Melina, Melina transitions to a pin for two. Referee catches Melina using the ropes and the hold is broken, small package by James for two. Sleeper from Melina, James fights back with huge forearms, Melina drills James with a seated senton. Seated chickenwing from Melina, James breaks free. Both women are left in the splits position trading blows, dropkick from James.

Leaping clothesline from James, two clotheslines. Hair-toss from the challenger, neckbreaker for two. Knee by Melina, James is on the apron. Forearm, crossbody by James for two, Melina nails James with her boot. Take to the eyes and Melina nails a reverse DDT for the win.

Solid match from these two women, the finish was a little flat but they had played up to the fact that Mickie did have a neck that was hurt, just wish they could have had a bigger lead-in to the finish, good stuff from Mickie though as a babyface. Melina was not all there just yet but she was taking huge strides in becoming the top heel in the division.

Winner: Melina over Mickie James via Reverse DDT!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs MVP

MVP has a second chance at the prestigious United States Championship, Benoit had bested the cocky MVP at Wrestlemania but MVP is a little wiser now, would the result be the same on this night? Lock-up, clean break. MVP kicks the leg of Benoit, MVP has a gameplan coming into the match. MVP shoots for a takedown, Benoit stops MVP before MVP wriggles free for a front chancery. Benoit trips MVP with hiptosses and drop toeholds, crossface attempt But MVP dives for the ropes and takes a breather on the floor. Side headlock takedown by MVP, right-hands from MVP. MVP and Benoit trade counters before a backslide from Benoit. Back suplex by Benoit, sharpshooter from Benoit.

MVP reaches the ropes, Benoit knees and chops MVP. MVP whips Benoit to the corner, boot to the back of the head for two. Mounted forearms by MVP, reverse chinlock from MVP. Benoit escapes and elbows MVP, MVP counters for a belly to belly suplex, two for MVP. Standing crossface from MVP, Benoit escapes. MVP misses a clothesline, German suplex time. A trifecta of suplexes, Benoit tries to climb to the top rope but MVP stops Benoit. Northern lights suplex, MVP stunguns Benoit. Two for MVP, neckbreaker by MVP for two. MVP picks up Benoit, Crossface out of nowhere but MVP reaches the ropes.

MVP attempts a submission, Benoit breaks free. Boot by MVP for two, Benoit dodges the boot on the second attempt. German suplexes, five German suplexes. Diving Headbutt is blocked as MVP uses his knees to crush Benoit’s ribs, single leg Boston crab on Benoit. Benoit reaches the ropes, MVP rolls through a crossface but cannot escape the small package as Benoit pins MVP.

Great stuff, really enjoyed the story of MVP becoming better and better, learning the ins and outs of Benoit’s offense and just when you think that MVP is going to beat Benoit, Benoit pulls one more trick out of his bag to beat MVP and ruin the day of the rising star of MVP. Benoit is so much fun to watch inside of the ring, it is a shame to know that Benoit will not be around much longer.

Winner: Chris Benoit over MVP via Small Package!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Bobby Lashley © vs Vince Mcmahon/Shane Mcmahon/Umaga

Lashley had humiliated Vince Mcmahon, Vince had his head shaved bald thanks to Lashley defeating The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. At Wrestlemania, at Vince’s creation, Vince was humbled by Lashley and it was time for revenge. Shane and Lashley start the match, takedown and right hands by Lashley. Right hands and stomps in the corner by Lashley. Spinebuster, Shane rolls to the floor. Tag to Umaga, Lashley hammers away at Umaga before Umaga smacks down Lashley. Elbows by Umaga, Lashley clotheslines Umaga in the corner. Headbutt from Umaga, Lashley clotheslines Umaga to the floor. Shane is thrown to the floor, Vince is on the apron all alone.

Vince begins to step into the ring, Umaga and Shane eat shots from Lashley. Delayed suplex on Shane, Umaga is dropped toeholded onto Shane. Shane lowbridges Lashley, killing the momentum of the champion. Lashley meets the steel steps, Umaga leg drops Lashley. Umaga rakes the back of Lashley, hard Irish whip to the corner. Shane tags in, Fujiwara armbar from Shane. Knees and elbows from Shane, head & arm choke from Shane. Lashley uses his strength to escape Shane’s hold, Umaga saves Shane. Massive splash by Umaga, bearhug from Umaga.

Lashley escapes but as Lashley runs off the ropes, Shane nails Lashley with a knee to the back. Samoan drop from Umaga, tag to Shane. Elbow by Shane, more knees to the spine. Elbows to the spine and a camel clutch from Shane, Lashley digs deep and smacks off Shane into the corner. T-Bone suplex by Lashley, shoulder block and clothesline. Umaga is smacked off the announce table, back drop to Shane. Torture rack backbreaker by Lashley for two, Spear for Umaga. Corner Spear to Shane, running powerslam with Vince saving the match.

Vince realizes his mistake, Lashley stares down Vince. Lashley picks up Vince, Shane grabs Lashley’s leg. Throat thrust from Umaga, Shane waffles Lashley with the ECW Championship. Vince tags in but Lashley kicks out, Lashley rolls up Vince but Shane saves the match. Tag to Umaga, massive top rope splash from Umaga but Lashley kicks out for a second time. Umaga is tagged in once again, another huge top rope splash. Vince tags into the match and Vince is your new ECW Champion.

I do not know how much this really did to help poor Lashley, Lashley had such an up and down career in the WWE before getting the push to be ECW Champion and falling into this storyline with The Mcmahons. Usually, that’s a good sign but I just do not know how much Lashley connects with the WWE Audience, we will see as the storyline continues but I am not super convinced as things continue to move forward.

Winners: The Mcmahons over Bobby Lashley via Splash!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) The Undertaker © vs Batista (Last Man Standing Match)

Not one person thought these two would steal the show at Wrestlemania, not one person thought they would have a phenomenal match but by God, these two kicked a tonne of ass and now, we get to see the two do battle in a last man standing match. Taker starts hot, boot and elbows but Batista comes back with rights of his own. Chokeslam attempt is thwarted, both men have body parts taped up which adds a war factor to the match. Leaping clothesline by Taker, Batista has his hamstring taped while Taker has his right arm taped. Old School by Taker, Batista counters an Irish whip for a huge powerslam. Taker is slammed hard but makes it to his feet, Batista knocks Taker to the floor. Taker slams Batista into the steel steps.

Apron legdrop from Taker, Taker meets the steel steps as Batista beats the count and reverses the Irish whip. Batista is on the top rope, Taker stops The Animal. The two trade blows, superplex with both men crashing hard. Batista clotheslines Taker and slams the champion. Taker pulls Batista to the floor before clearing the announce table, backbreaker on the floor and Batista is walloped with steel steps to the head. Batista is bleeding everywhere, Batista is placed on the announce table, Taker climbs to the barricade behind the announce table before delivering a massive leg drop. Batista crashes through the table but survives the count, Spear by Batista after Taker nails snake eyes.

Spinebusters by Batista, Taker breaks the count at nine. Batista Bomb is blocked, Chokeslam by Taker. Double count as both men are down, Taker tries ten punches in the corner but eats a Batista Bomb for his troubles. Taker survives at nine, chair to the head by Batista. Taker back drops Batista onto the chair, Tombstone Piledriver from the champion. Batista survives, Taker boots Batista to the floor. The two brawl to the stage, Batista pummels Taker. Batista Bomb is blocked, Taker goes to the weak leg of Batista. Taker wants a tombstone, Batista escapes and Spears Taker off the stage, both men are counted out as we have a draw.

This was an excellent match from these two giants doing war, Taker and Batista waste no time in setting the tone, they start dropping bombs from the beginning with each blow having a lot of weight behind them, each minute that passes leads to more drama with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked in the match. Finally, you have the barrage of finishers from both men until Batista decides to risk it all on one last spear, it does not pay-off for The Animal but it leaves us wanting more and the feud cannot end on a draw, the fight must continue and I look forward to the war. Batista’s best work by this point and Taker continues to show that there were excellent matches left in The Deadman.


(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Shawn Michaels

John Cena bested Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels would later best Cena on an episode of Raw. Lurking in the background, you have Edge and Randy Orton, Rated RKO. Both men former champions, both men itching to be champion once again. Orton and Edge are no longer friends though but friendships are usually formed in these type of matches and the duo are not above being allies once more. Meanwhile, you have the WWE Champion John Cena, the dominant king of the WWE. No matter the challenge, Cena always rises to the occasion. Who can stop Cena? Well, Cena does not have to be pinned to lose his championship in this match, will that stipulation be Cena’s undoing?

All four men talk trash, Cena and Michaels clear the ring. Chop and rights by HBK, big fisherman suplex by Cena for two. Neckbreaker by Michaels on Cena, Orton & Edge clear the ring. The two have a stand-off before blows are traded. Dropkick by Orton, right hands before HBK trips Orton. The two do battle on the floor, Cena clotheslines both before Edge baseball slides Cena. Edge whips Orton into the steel steps, Cena is slammed on the floor. Michaels slams Edge on the floor, HBK nails a moonsault onto everyone. Michaels and Edge clothesline one another, Cena sees an opening. Kobashi style leg drop to both men, Cena covers HBK for two.

Orton clotheslines Cena, Orton stomps on everyone else. Backbreaker on Cena, Garvin stomps by Orton. Cena misses a spear on Orton, Cena hits the turnbuckle hard. Michaels chops Orton, flying forearm by HBK. Kip-up but Edge nails a spinning heel kick, Edge & Orton have words before negotiating to team-up against HBK. Hard Irish whip for Michaels, Cena is knocked off the apron and meets the announce table with his face. Double back drop to Michaels, Michaels is locked in a double Boston crab. Cena saves HBK, shoulder blocks for all, spinning side suplex on Edge. Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge, HBK and Orton pull out Cena, Cena meets the ringpost as does Orton courtesy of Michaels.

Michaels and Orton make their way to the announce table, Edge waffles Michaels and Orton with the chair. Cena avoids the chair shot for an STFU, Edge is stuck in the middle of the ring. Orton tries to save Edge, Cena applies the STFU to Orton. Michaels comes in, Cena falls into a small package. Flying forearm by HBK, inverted atomic drop to Edge and Cena. Orton eats one too, scoop slam to Cena. Elbow drop, Edge misses a spear on HBK. Scoop slam by Michaels, elbow drop on Edge. Scoop slam to Orton, Cena stops the elbow to Orton.

Cena wants a super FU, Orton & Edge combine for a tower of doom spot. Cena picks up Edge for an FU, Edge counters twice before Cena lifts HBK and Edge. Orton nails Michaels with an RKO, Cena saves his championship. Edge nails an Edgecution on Cena for two. Edge measures Cena for a spear, Cena dodges and Edge manages to spear Orton. Cena FUs Edge but HBK nails Sweet Chin Music on Cena who luckily falls onto Orton for the win.

That was so much fun, everyone had moments to shine in this match. Michaels was a joy to watch as usual, his facials and selling were perfect to show the agony he was in throughout the match, Edge was downright devious in his role during this match, I would say I am a little flat on Orton during this time, the feud with Undertaker was great for Orton but it seems all that momentum, all that cockiness and personality was lost in the feud with Angle and DX throughout the year, Orton needed to find himself once more but this match was very entertaining and the finish was great with the story being told that Michaels was just so close to winning the championship and possible someday, Michaels may have Cena’s number and the reign of the chapion could be in serious jeopardy.

Winner: John Cena over Everyone Else via Fluke!

That was WWE’s Backlash 2007, a great B-Show as per usual. Very rarely would a Backlash disappoint as the product is hot after Wrestlemania and the company is keen on continuing the momentum. This was a heavy card with every match being a championship match, every major championship match having a lengthy amount of match time and all of those major championship matches hitting home-runs. The women’s division is looking to rebuild, The Hardys are the perfect tag team to hold the championships and you have ongoing storylines for the major championships coming out of this pay per view such as what will Lashley do to regain the championship? Undertaker and Batista have to settle their feud decisively but how? Will Michaels get another opportunity at Cena? This was a great show, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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