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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event November 28th, 1987 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has gotten bigger than Big Cass in their time away from the ring! We are entering The Twilight Zone on this edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event as we have Hulk Hogan defending his WWF Championship against King Kong Bundy while Macho Man Randy Savage looks for revenge against Bret Hart for their cowardly attack on the last edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

George The Animal Steele vs Danny Davis

Crooked referee Danny Davis has been causing all sorts of problems for George The Animal Steele as Danny Davis cracked Steele with a ringbell. Steele charges and bites Davis, Steel throat tosses Davis and Davis powders to the floor. Steele gets distracted by the turnbuckle, Davis and his punches do nothing. Steele batters Davis, Steele lures in Davis and Davis powders. Davis tries to sneak up on Steele, Steele drop toeholds Davis. Davis is running from Steele, Steele gets a chair. Davis smacks Steele with an illegal object, shots to the forehead of Steele. Shot after shot by Davis, Steele grabs Davis and Davis kicks the referee and we have a disqualification.

That was fun while it lasted, wrestling is super hot at this time, the energy of the crowd is tremendous even for lower card acts like Steele & Davis. The crowd loved the antics of Steele and Davis is absolutely detested by this crowd, fun opening match.

 Winner: George Steele over Danny Davis via DQ!

Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs Bret Hart W/ Jim Neidhart & Jimmy Hart

Bret Hart cost Savage the intercontinental championship by attacking Savage after his Elbow Drop, Savage looks to beat some sense into Bret Hart. Neidhart and Jimmy Hart stalk Elizabeth, Savage makes the save but can Savage concentrate on Bret? Savage is chasing The Hart Foundation, Savage catches Bret. Elbows on the floor, Bret meets the ringpost. Savage misses a corner clothesline, Bret goes to work with a choke. Snapmare and elbow drop by Bret, Savage avoids a back drop with a massive boot, elbow by Savage. Bret is on the apron, Savage pushes Bret to the floor as Jimmy Hart checks on Bret.

Neidhart wants Savage, Jimmy Hart pulls down Neidhart but Savage bangs their heads together. Savage tries an axe handle but Bret smacks Savage with the megaphone, Elizabeth tends to Savage. Neidhart attacks Savage, knee to the ribs by Bret. Leg drop by Bret, Savage is in the tree of woe. Stomps by Bret, Savage unhooks himself. Piledriver by Bret for a close two, elbow by Bret. Bret misses a corner shoulder block, Savage pulls Bret into the ringpost. Snapmare, Savage climbs high. Double axe handle for two, Bret nails a backbreaker rout of nowhere. Bret staggers to the corner, middle rope elbow drop misses for Bret.

Savage grabs the hair, massive kicks to the ribs. Bret meets the top rope as Savage chokes Bret, the referee gets involved. Savage is back dropped to the floor, Savage clutches his ankle. Elizabeth tends to poor Savage, Jimmy Hart is hysterical. Savage has taken off his boot, clutching his ankle while Bret wants to be declared the winner. Savage fights on with one leg, Bret goes after the ankle as Savage clutches his ankle on the ground. Bret pulls Savage to the ringpost, Savage has his ankle smacked into the ringpost. Knee drops into the ankle, Bret is taking Savage apart in this match. Spinning toehold from Bret, Savage is writhing in pain.

Savage kicks off Bret, Bret meets the ringpost. Bret is catapulted off the ropes, Savage gets a two before Bret shoots for the ankle and applies an Indian Deathlock. Savage reaches the ropes, Bret applies a single leg Boston crab on Savage. Savage rakes the eyes in desperation, Bret has Savage on the apron. Bret tries a slam but Savage reverses for a small package, Savage wins the match. Neidhart and Jimmy Hart pounce, Savage fights them all off on one leg, this night belongs to Savage.

Tremendous fun match with a crowd that is like God damn molten lava for this angle. Savage is arguably up there with Hogan following his face turn because Savage is beloved by every fan in the arena, Jimmy Hart is great at ringside as a little snotty punk who just will not stop running his mouth and no surprise when Bret pulls off a great technical match with Savage, enjoyed the leg work, only thing that could have been better was if Bret had established the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Randy Savage over Bret Hart Via Small Package!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs King Kong Bundy W/ Bobby Heenan

Heenan cuts a tremendous promo before the match insulting The Hulkamaniacs and before the match begins, Heenan announces that Andre The Giant will be at ringside for this match. Hogan and Andre will be nose to nose once again, Andre looks utterly disgusted by the sight of people. Hogan comes out through a sea of cheering fans, this is going to be a disgusting huge match. Andre and Hogan lock eyes but Bundy makes it clear that he is no pushover, this is going to be so much fun.

Hogan and Bundy feel one another out, Hogan talks trash to Bundy and the two begin shoving one another. Side headlock by Hogan, shoulder block does not knock Bundy. Hogan goes down off the shoulder block, high knee by Hogan for two. Bundy falls on Hogan after a slam, Bundy gets a two count and begins smacking down Hogan. Knees to the back, loud Hogan chants fill the arena. Clubbing blows by Bundy, Bundy steps all over Hogan. Elbows by Bundy, massive scoop slam by Bundy. Hogan dodges Bundy’s splash, right hands by Hogan. Axe Bomber by Hogan, elbows drops by Hogan. Two for Hogan, right hands by The Hulkster.

Right hands by Hogan, Bundy nails a massive clothesline. Knee drop for two, Bundy applies a sleeper, Hogan fades before rallying big time. Elbows to the ribs, right hands by Hogan. Boot by Hogan, Andre trips Hogan as Hogan runs off the ropes, we have a DQ. Andre is tearing off his jacket, this is going to be an awesome match. However, we do not have a DQ! Andre has to leave ringside, Bundy can continue the match if Andre leaves, Andre wants to murder Hogan but Heenan is able to convince The Giant that Andre should leave the arena on this occasion.

We reset, Hogan is ramming Bundy off every turnbuckle. Chops by Hogan, Bundy is all over the place, another high knee by Hogan. Hogan misses an elbow, Bundy goes back to clubbing blows. Irish whip to the corner, Hogan collapses to the mat, Bundy steps all over Hogan. Bearhug by Bundy, Hogan barely survives. Irish whip to the corner, Bundy wants Avalanche. Hogan is crushed, splash to the back. 1…2… Hogan rallies. Hogan nails the punches, scoop slam by Hogan. The two brawl on the floor, Heenan holds onto the legs of Hogan, Bundy wins the match by count-out.

That was a lot of fun, it seems that there was a thought in the mind of Vince to do Andre vs Hogan 2, nothing wrong with repeating the biggest match of all-time, I am sure it would do big business again. Bundy and Hogan was fine, nothing special from either man, it was the Hogan vs Andre tease that gets the crowd going, good for Bundy to win by DQ though.

Winner: King Kong Bundy over Hulk Hogan Via Count-Out!

Bam Bam Bigelow W/ Oliver Humperdink vs Hercules Hernandez

Bigelow shoves Hercules to start the match, Hercules cannot out-power Bigelow. Bigelow backs Hercules to the corner, Hercules nails a shoulder block and Bigelow does not move. Bigelow looks at Hercules as if to say is that all you got? Hercules clubs down Bigelow, Hercules misses a splash and Bigelow goes to work with hammering blows. Bigelow eats a back elbow and a big  clothesline, Bigelow is knocked to the floor hard. Bigelow is back on his feet fast, Hercules has Bigelow on the ropes, clubbing blows by Hercules.

Bigelow pulls Hercules to the floor, both men are on the floor. Right hands by Bigelow, both men club one another on the floor. Bigelow slams Hercules on the floor, the bell rings and Howard Finkel tells the fans that this is a draw. Bigelow says no draw, let’s finish this match. Hercules is called out by Bigelow, Hercules obliges and this match is going to continue. Both men charge one another, Bigelow is stronger than Hercules, Bigelow hammers Hercules after a shoulder block.

Hercules holds onto the ropes after an Irish whip, Bigelow misses a dropkick. Hercules nails two big elbow drops, Hercules is admiring his handy work. Knee drop by Hercules, Hercules is climbing to the top rope, Bigelow stops the crossbody. Gorilla press slam by Bigelow, Bigelow slingshots into the ring with a splash for the win.

That was ok, a little long in parts, Bigelow was very green and Hercules has never blown me away with what he has done in the ring so this made for a tough watch at times but even for the brief moment he was in there, you could see Bigelow was going to be something special.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow over Hercules Via Slingshot Splash!

This was a good episode of Staurday Night’s Main Event, the crowd was amazing at times, they made some fantastic noise for every match on the card before dying down in the main event but they were at the highest level of excitement for 90% of the night. Savage was reaching amazing heights as a babyface while Hogan was Hogan which means it was running wild brother! Looking forward to Survivor Series which is next up on our review list so thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event October 3rd, 1987 Review

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Hello and welcome to the only wrestling review series on the internet that lets you down more than the WWE heading to Saudi Arabia! It is time for the October 1987 edition of Saturday’s Night Main Event. Jacked Up promos all the time around we have Paul Orndorff going up against King Kong Bundy, Macho Man Randy Savage against Honky Tonk Man and Hulk Hogan baby! Let’s get it on!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Randy Macho Man Savage W/ Miss Elizabeth vs The Honky Tonk Man © W/ Jimmy Hart

Lock-up, Honky Tonk gets in a cheap shot. Irish whip and Savage boots Honky, hotshot by Savage. Snapmare and knee drop by Savage, Honky begs for mercy. Eye rake by Savage, elbow by Macho Man. Jimmy Hart chases Elizabeth, Savage makes the save before an axe handle from Honky takes down Savage. Eye rake by Honky, Irish whip but Savage ducks and elbows Honky. Right hands by Savage, snapmare but the knee drop misses. Honky begins dancing, right hand to the head. Snapmare and Honky nails a middle tope fist drop. Honky chases down Elizabeth, Savage hammers Honky from behind. Savage nails a top rope axe handle, Savage throws Honky to the corner.

Schoolboy but Jimmy Hart saves Honky, back suplex and Jimmy Hart rakes the eyes of Savage. Savage climbs high, Jimmy Hart distracts Savage but Honky eats a top rope axe handle. Jimmy saves Honky again, Savage hammers Jimmy Hart with a right hand. Savage throws Honky to the apron, sunset flip does not work for Honky. Honky rolls to the floor, Honky tries to revive Jimmy Hart. The Hart Foundation come to the outside, Honky is thrown into the ring. Honky fights out from his knees, Honky collapses to the floor. Honky checks on Jimmy Hart, Savage watches Honky and The Hart Foundation leave ringside.

Honky is pissed, his poor manager is nowhere to be seen. Savage continues to kill Honky, snapmare and elbow. Honky begins kicking the ribs of Savage, Savage whips Honky to the corner, Savage misses a corner splash. Boot to the head by Honky, back drop by Honky. Honky dances, spinebuster by Savage for one. Ten punches by Honky, snapmare and Honky misses a middle rope fist drop. Back drop by Savage, Honky is begging for mercy. Boot by Savage, elbow to the head. Eye rake and knee by Savage, choke by Savage.

Elbow by Savage for two, suplex by Savage. Two for Savage, eye rake by Honky. Savage is tossed to the floor, The Hart Foundation beat up Savage. Savage is dropped across the guardrail, elbow by Honky for two. Savage blocks the neckbreaker with a back drop, scoop slam. Diving Elbow Drop scores, Bret breaks up the count, Honky retains but Savage wins the match.

Excellent entertaining match from these two legends, Honky is absolutely unlikeable in everything he does in this match, angering Macho Man while “flirting” with Elizabeth. Everyone in the arena wants to see Savage murder Honky and we get that in bucketloads for this match, it was tremendous and Honky escaping through the skin of his teeth was magnificent. Both of these men worked this match to perfection, I could not get enough of these two.

Winner: Randy Savage over Honky Tonk Man via DQ!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs Sika W/ Mr. Fuji

Sika goes right after Hogan, cheap shots by Sika. Stomps by Sika, Fuji uses his cane behind the referee’s back. Cane to the neck by Fuji, Hogan dodges a headbutt. Right hands by Hogan, clothesline to the floor. Sika climbs back into the ring, boot by Hogan and an elbow by Hogan. Right hand knocks Sika between the ropes, Kim Chee eats a huge right hand from Hogan. Sika takes control from the back, Sika is shoved into the ringpost. Fuji is almost whacked with a cane, Hogan has the cane in the ring. The referees calm down Hogan, they want the cane. Sika runs into the ring and hits the turnbuckle hard. Hogan misses a splash as Sika uses his knees.

Throat thrusts by Sika, headbutts by The Wild Samoan. More stomps by Sika, chokehold by Sika. Fuji chokes Hogan with the cane again, throat thrust by Sika for two. Sika has a grip on Hogan, The Hulkster is fading fast. Hogan does not tap, Hogan begins to fire back. Clothesline by Sika, headbutt by Sika. Sika gets two, Hogan Hulks Up! One Atomic Leg Drop and It’s all over.

Typical Hogan match and that’s all I need right now, Sika dominates and gets in some great offence before Hogan rallies and sends the fans home happy. Good stuff!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Sika via Atomic Leg Drop!

Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff W/ Oliver Humperdink vs King Kong Bundy W/ Bobby Heenan

Orndorff left The Heenan Family after abuse from Heenan which leads us to this match, Bundy goes after Orndorff. Chokehold by Bundy, Orndorff rallies before Bundy steps all over Orndorff. Sunset flip attempt by Orndorff succeeds, two for Orndorff. Elbow by Bundy, make it two. Scoop slam by Bundy, Bundy misses an elbow drop. Orndorff nails right hands, Bundy meets the top rope. Middle rope elbow by Orndorff, fist drop by Orndorff for two. Heenan was commentating but comes down to the ringside area, Orndorff stomps all over Bundy.

Dropkick by Orndorff, two for Orndorff. Holy hell, here comes Andre. Dropkick by Orndorff, Andre supports Bundy. Bundy nails a massive forearm, Orndorff meets the turnbuckle. Snapmare and knee drop by Bundy, Orndorff battles back again with right hands. Bundy is down, elbow drop by Orndorff. Orndorff misses a fist drop, Bundy is in control with a knee drop for two. Sleeper by Bundy, Orndorff survives the sleeper, Orndorff is rallying before a big clubbing blow from Bundy.

Irish whip to the corner, Bundy misses his avalanche. Orndorff unloads with right hands, Bundy reverses an Irish whip, sending Orndorff to the corner. As Orndorff staggers away from the corner, Andre drags Orndorff to the corner. Bundy scores with The Avalanche for the win.

Fun match at the end of the day, Orndorff could really get the crowd on his side when he needed it, good stuff from Bundy and such a simple interference from Andre but it was fantastic stuff.

Winner: King Kong Bundy Over Paul Orndorff via Piledriver!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Young Stallions vs The Hart Foundation ©

Fresh off attacking Randy Savage, The Hart Foundation step into the ring against Jim Powers and Paul Roma, Powers dominates Neidhart and Bret before Bret nails a huge knee to the ribs. Illegal tag team manoeuvres from The Hart Foundation keep down Powers, choke from Bret. Tag to Neidhart, shots to the ribs by Neidhart.  Toss across the top rope, Neidhart and the referee argue. Neidhart stomps on Powers, Neidhart bites the head of Powers. Powers makes the tag to Roma, Roma unloads on The Hart Foundation. The Hart Foundation collide, dropkick to Neidhart. Roma powerslams Bret for two as Neidhart saves the match. Hart Attack behind the referee’s back and The Hart Foundation retain! That was quick not much to say but it was fun while it lasted.

Winners: The Hart Foundation over The Young Stallions via Hart Attack!

As Randy Savage was attacked by Honky Tonk Man and The Hart Foundation, Miss Elizabeth called one man for help and that was Hulk Hogan which leads us to the birth of one of the greatest tag teams of all-time, that being The Mega Powers. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage are together as a force, The Mega Powers are running wild brother! Historically, a very important Saturday Night’s Main Event with The Mega Powers being born on this night, Hogan and Savage on the same team surely this can only mean good things right! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!