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WCW Halloween Havoc 1998 Review

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Good Morning and welcome to another hate-filled edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! One thing I promise to my fans is entertainment, whether it be sarcasm, shitting on matches and angles or cheesy jokes, I promise to entertain. Today, I might reach my breaking point, it is time for WCW's Halloween Havoc 1998, a show that goes down in infamy due to the performance put on by Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior. It is a big card, Bret Hart vs Sting, Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall and DDP vs Goldberg are some of the titantic struggles we are going to get to see, WCW has burned me out after the past number of months with all the shitty pay per views back to back, I do not know how much more I can take but I must try, let's rock and roll!

Opening Promo

What a surprise it is about Hulk Hogan because Hogan matters in WCW and everyone else ain't worth a dime. Opera music with flashes of all the major superstars flash on the screen, it is nothing special. Nitro Girls dance to open the show.

Rick Steiner/Mean Gene

Rick Steiner promises to beat the piss out of Scott Steiner, here comes Buff Bagwell. Buff Bagwell wants to be Rick Steiner's corner man as Bagwell was dumped out of The NWO by Scott Steiner, Rick doubts Bagwell but Bagwell promises to be right there for Rick.

(WCW Television Championship Match) Chris Jericho (C) vs Raven

Raven is on a losing streak, Raven complains of conspiracy and as always, paints himself as a victim and a martyr for society's sins. Raven has lost his Flock but Raven is still a heel, Jericho is also a heel. So, we have a heel vs heel match to open the pay per view but I guess the idea is that Jericho is so entertaining, Raven is just seen as more of a dick. Raven cuts a promo before the match, Raven walks away and Jericho cuts a promo on Raven, insulting Raven.

Raven runs to the ring and Jericho stomps all over Raven, Raven is whipped with his jacket. Back elbow by Jericho, cocky pin for two. Jericho lowers his head off an Irish whip, kick to the face by Raven, clothesline to the floor. Raven front suplexes Jericho onto the steel steps, Raven dropkicks Jericho on the floor. Raven poses in the ring, Jericho stunguns Raven. Triangle dropkick from Jericho, Jericho misses an apron shoulder block as Raven dodges. Jericho Irish whips Raven into the guard rail, Raven rakes the eyes of Jericho in the ring, Raven chokes Jericho with his flannel and bites the head of Jericho. Sleeper by Raven, Jericho counters with a back suplex.

Jericho exposes a turnbuckle, Raven whips Jericho into a corner, powerbomb by Raven and Jericho is catapulted into the turnbuckle, clothesline for two. Raven blocks a spinning sole butt for a belly to belly, two for Raven. Jericho rolls through a German suplex for a Liontamer, Raven makes it to the ropes. Even Flow DDT out of nowhere, two count as Jericho survives. Roll-up with a handful of tights by Jericho, two count and Jericho low blows Raven and connects with a German suplex for two. Jericho is sent into Kanyon on the apron but Jericho counters the Even Flow DDT into The Liontamer and Raven taps instantly.

If you look past the heel vs heel dynamic, this is a fun match that gets the reaction you want from the fans, it does not go too long, it does not bore the fans, it does not do anything fancy but the two wrestlers involved put in a good shift in order to entertain the fans. Not too sure how the future looks for both men in this company, both men would be gone from the company by this time next year.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Raven via Liontamer!

Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff

Bischoff has a terrible goatee, Hogan is sporting an NWO Monday Nitro shirt, that did not last very long. Hogan cuts a good promo, talking about attacking his own flesh and blood Horace Hogan before the match with The Warrior.

Wrath vs Meng

Wrath has been reborn after his failed gimmick with Mortis and stalking Glacier, Wrath is undefeated and Meng loves to kill people so this will be two big boys beating the pis out of one another, this might be fun at the very least. Meng knocks Wrath off the apron before he can enter, Wrath drags Meng to the floor, chops by Wrath. Meng is introduced to the steel steps and the guard rail. Apron senton by Wrath, Wrath stomps all over Meng.

Wrath clotheslines Meng to no effect, middle rope clothesline for two. Shoulder block by Wrath, Meng blocks The Meltdown, huge kick by Meng. Two count for Meng, chops by Meng. Backbreaker for two, Meng rakes the eyes and elbows Wrath. Wrath turns the tide with knees in the corner, clubbing blows but Meng answers with a back suplex. Two for Meng, corner clothesline and inverted atomic drop by Meng. Sunset flip attempt by Wrath, Meng misses The Tonga Death Grip, Wrath nails a uranage for two. Wrath lands The Meltdown and this match is over.

Kept short, a good idea to protect both men. Wrath continues his undefeated streak, building some positive momentum. Props to Wrath for the uranage and The Meltdown, cannot complain so far but I am sure that will change.

Winner: Wrath over Meng via The Meltdown!

Disco Inferno vs Juventud Guerrera (Winner to face Billy Kidman Later Tonight)

Ok, so remember my rant about WCW resetting the cruiserweight division under Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera? I did not enjoy it as it seemed the division did not progress as Jericho would lose the championship on pay per view only to regain it over and over, I thought Juventud would be a long time champion but would you look at this, Billy Kidman is champion. Anyways, these two will fight to face Kidman later tonight, Disco is aggressive early with right hands and a sidewalk slam before Juventud quickesn the pace with a headscissors and clothesline. Rocker Dropper and kip-up from Juventud, Disco is elevated to the floor.

Headscissors by Juventud, inverted atomic drop and clothesline by Disco. Scoop slam, middle rope elbow for two. Reverse chinlock by Disco, Juventud fires up with a roll-up. Spinning heel kick by Juventud, Disco elevates Juventud to the apron. Juventud hotshots Disco, Disco powders and eats a plancha from Juventud. Hurricanrana by Juventud, Juventud calls for The Juvi Driver, Disco counters for a stungun. Swinging neckbreaker by Disco, Disco drapes an arm for two.

Sunset flip by Juventud, Disco blocks with a right hand but Juventud rolls-up Disco for two. Giant swing by Disco, Disco lands on Juventud's groin. Cover and Juventud places his foot on the ropes, suplex by Disco. Disco is crotched on the top rope, top rope hurricanrana by Juventud, Juventud scores with a spinning heel kick. Bulldog by Juventud for two, Juventud looked for a victory roll but Disco spikes Juventud with a piledriver for the win.

Not a strong match but not a bad match, I have to say WCW is shocking me thus far on this pay per view. I must question the booking, who wants to see a heel go the distance? Would it not be better to have Juventud vs Kidman? If you want a heel vs Kidman, do not do this match as it is pointless. However, the action in the ring was fine and for a match to be alright and feature Disco Inferno is a big deal.

Winner: Disco Inferno over Juventud Guerrera via Piledriver!

Scott Steiner/Nitro Girls

A Big Poppa Pump promo? Count me in so Steiner talks about fucking his freaks, sexual innuendo Steiner is fantastic. Scott asks for a tag match with Rick & Bagwell, Giant will be Scott's partner and somehow Giant & Scott are tag team champions? Poor Scott Hall, have those titles been defended since Slamboree? Titles are on the line and if Scott loses, Rick gets his match with Scott.

Fit Finlay vs Alex Wright

Apprently, Finlay ended the career of Wright's father. Lock-up and Finlay shoves back Wright, Finlay trips Wright but Wright jumps up and arm drags Finlay before dancing, snapmare and elbow by Finlay. Uppercuts by Finlay, knee drop by Finlay. Wright uppercuts Finlay back, stomps by Wright. Wright drops Finlay across the top rope, rope hung guillotine by Wright. Clothesline by Finlay, Wright is dumped to the floor. Finlay rams Wright into the ring apron, Wright trips Finlay and slams Finlay on the floor. Finlay reverses an Irish whip and drops Wright on the guard rail.

Sunset flip from the apron by Wright, uppercut by Finlay. Wright slams Finlay to the mat, Wright crossbodies Finlay to the floor, missile dropkick misses for Wright. Finlay misses a spear in the corner, hitting his shoulder into the ringpost and Wright scores with a neckbreaker for the win.

A nothing match, Wright was to avenge his father being retired by Finlay but Wright is the heel? More of a heel than Finlay? The match brings nothing to the table, and it goes off with a total whimper, a neckbreaker for the finish? Would pass for Saturday Night but Nitro or Thunder? I am not sure and it definitely should not be on pay per view.

Winner: Alex Wright over Fit Finlay via neckbreaker!

Lodi vs Saturn

Is this the squash match power hour? Lodi is against Saturn, Saturn was Lodi's slave before freeing himself and ending The Flock. Saturn grabs Lodi's arm, Lodi runs to the ropes and gets his signs, his signs must stay at ringside. Facebuster and legsweep by Saturn, Lodi powders to the floor. Apron suplex by Saturn, chops by Saturn. Kicks to the head, hard Irish whip before Lodi powders and poses with his signs.

Saturn gives chase and slaps Lodi to ringside, Lodi tries clubbing Saturn but Saturn delivers a big belly to belly suplex, clothesline and an exploder suplex. Falcon's arrow by Saturn and a Death Valley Driver by Saturn for the win. Squash match why on pay per view?

Winner: Saturn over Lodi via Death Valley Driver!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Billy Kidman (C) vs Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno has the opportunity to become champion after beating Juventud Guerrera, the announcers talk about Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner which could happen if Rick & Bagwell win the tag team titles, there is also more Nitro Girls. And they wonder why this pay per view went over the pay per view time limit? There is so much filler going on, so many matches in between that did not matter.

Lock-up, side headlock from Kidman. Hiptoss by Disco, Disco misses an elbow and Kidman connects with a dropkick. Lock-up, Disco lands a scoop slam but Kidman kicks off Disco, drop toehold into an armbar by Kidman. Disco hair-pulls Kidman to the mat three times before Kidman comes back with right hands and yanks Disco to the mat. Kidman is elevated to the apron, slingshot headscissors by Kidman. Stomps by the champion, knees to the ribs by Disco. Drop toehold by Disco into the bottom rope, swinging neckbreaker for two. Hard Irish whip by Disco, back elbow by Disco. Kidman fires up but Disco lowbridges Kidman and Kidman flies to the floor.

Kidman recovers to bulldog Disco onto the floor, Kidman misses a top rope splash. Two count for Disco, reverse chinlock by Disco. Kidman is back in the match, huge clothesline by Kidman. Disco flapjacks Kidman, Disco dances and poses. Stomps in the corner by Disco, back suplex by Disco for two. Kidman fires back, Disco rakes the eye. Disco snaps Kidman's head off the top rope, Disco climbs to the middle rope. Kidman dodges the middle rope elbow, Sky High by Kidman for a close two. Powerslam by Kidman, Disco holds onto the ropes off an Irish whip, Kidman crashes and burns.

Piledriver by Disco, Disco covers in a lazy manner and Kidman kicks out, Disco is pissed. Disco tries for a suplex, Kidman slides out but Disco counters a springboard bulldog for a back suplex, front suplex by Disco for two. Kidman counters a powerbomb into the facebuster, Seven Year Itch and Kidman retains his championship.

That was a good match, Disco did well to keep the fans interested in this match, most people think nothing of the man and I see where they are coming from but on this night, Disco was able to hold onto the fans as they did not seem too into Kidman. Disco worked well as a heel and they built the match up to the shooting star press, Kidman delivered so a good night for all those involved despite the stupidity of a heel going the distance instead of a babyface.

Winner: Kidman over Disco Inferno via Seven Year Itch!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Scott Steiner & The Giant (C) vs Rick Steiner & Buff Bagwell

The Giant and Scott Hall were the champions defeating Sting & Kevin Nash, looks like they are using The Freebird Rule as Scott teams with Giant. They have been building Rick vs Scott for months at this stage. Scott turned on Rick in February, this is October. Giant is smoking once more because that is what heels do, Scott hides behind his big buddy. Giant clubs Rick, headbutt and chops by Giant. Atomic drop by Giant, back suplex by Giant. Tag to Scott, Scott clubs Rick and stomps his brother. Right hands by Scott, Giant mugs Rick on the floor. Bagwell shoves Giant but Bagwell is not attacking Giant.

Rick nails Scott with an inverted atomic drop, right hands and ten punches in the corner. Scott tries an atomic drop but Rick blocks and clotheslines Scott. Bagwell wants the tag, Bagwell turns on Rick and Rick looks like the biggest moron in the universe for the second straight pay per view. Low blow by Scott right in front of the referee, no disqualification because I guess the referee does not feel like it, Scott chokes Rick with the bottom rope.

Scoop slam by Scott, foot choke by Scott. Tag to Giant, a chop floors Rick. Scott put the boots to Rick on the floor, Russian legsweep by Giant. Giant does not want to pin Rick, tag to Scott. Rick fires up on Scott, low blow by Scott, this match must be no disqualifications. Tag to Giant, Giant climbs to the top rope and Giant missile dropkicks Scott by accident. Rick clotheslines Giant in the corner, Bulldog by Rick for the win.

Crowd is big into the match so it is hard to knock, the fans want Rick to beat the piss out of Scott. The booking of Rick is ridiculous as Rick looked like a moron again but this feud is coming to an end, there is going to be no more of this bullshit. Overall, a thumbs up for Rick finally getting his hands on Scott.

Winner: Rick Steiner over Scott Steiner & The Giant via Steiner Bulldog!

Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner

Scott begs for mercy but Rick clotheslines the shit out of Scott. Big boot by Rick, Scott is rammed into the turnbuckle, cover and Scott reaches the ropes. Another low blow by Scott, belly to belly suplex and a clothesline by Scott. Scott chokes Rick using the middle rope, huge powerslam by Rick. Belly to belly suplex by Rick for two, somebody in a Vince Mcmahon suit comes to ringside, Buff Bagwell wallops Rick Steiner and the referee with a slap jack, the bell rings but it does not count as it is no disqualifications? Frankensteiner from the top rope for two, Buff Bagwell was the man under the mask and Rick waffles Scott and Bagwell. Steiner Bulldog by Rick and Nick Patrick counts the pin.

They were lucky, I thought the match was thrown out after Bagwell interfered. Luckily, it was just the timekeeper jumping the gun but what a silly mistake, the pay-off was worth it. Months of seeing Scott get away from Rick come to an end, I am glad we can move on from this feud.

Winner: Rick Steiner over Scott Steiner via Steiner Bulldog!

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall

Scott Hall is basically working for The NWO Black & White as they are paying the man's contract because WCW thought of the brilliant idea of making Scott Hall an alcoholic so art could imitate life, WCW have you no class? Anyways, this match had been teased since Slamboree, it was not exactly the hot feud you would imagine as both men would be sidetracked by other feuds and miss Nitros & Thunders. However, it is a big feud, the two men who began The NWO, The Outsiders who were like brothers have to fight and the story is Nash is reluctant to beat the piss out of Hall, feeling sorry for his drunken former best friend.

Hall throws the beer in Nash's eyes, right hands by Hall. Hall chokes Nash with a camera cable, Nash is bleeding from the mouth. Nash meets the guard rail, huge right hand by Hall. Hall cuts a promo on Nash mid-match, doctors treat Nash. Right hands by Hall, discuss right hand decks Nash, scoop slam by Hall. Hall calls for The Outsider's Edge, Nash shoves off Hall. Ten punches by Hall, Nash pushes Hall away but Nash is asking for Hall's best shot. Corner clothesline by Hall, slaps to the head by Hall. Hard Irish whips and sidewalk slam by Nash, On their knees, both men trade huge bombs, Nash answers Hall with knees and right hands.

Jacknife is countered as Hall powders to the floor, lock-up and Nash shoves off Hall. Hall grabs the arm, shoulder thrusts and slaps by Hall, clothesline by Nash. Nash drops a huge leg across the back of Hall who is laying on the middle rope. Nash does it again, knees in the corner and elbows. More knees, Hall collapses and Nash shoves off Hall. Right hand by Nash, Hall fights on his knees but Nash floors Hall. Big boot by Nash, Nash signals for The Jacknife, Nash connects with The Jacknife, Nash asks the crowd once more. Second Jacknife, Nash tells Hall to suck it before walking away and Hall wins by count-out.

So, the story that they are trying to tell in this match is Nash does not want to fight Hall, Hall is still close to Nash and Nash does not want to end Hall. Problem with that is Nash openly mocks Hall's drinking and smiles at the camera while putting down his friend Hall. Therefore, the story they were telling at the beginning and trying to tell throughout the match was pointless because if you are going to mock Hall and take the piss, how am I suppose to care about the story of Nash not wanting to beat his friend? The announcers say that Nash proved his point by destroying Hall but if that is the narrative you are going for, the first part of the match where Nash restrains himself from killing Hall is pointless. So, this was dumb, thanks for that WCW.

Winner: Scott Hall over Kevin Nash via Count-Out!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Bret Hart (C) vs Sting

The Sharpshooter vs The Scorpion Deathlock, a simple concept to build a match around and with Bret Hart involved, I think this match will do just fine after the last match. Sting is sporting an awful goatee, thank god it did not last long as it looks horrid. When you think about it, both these men should have been leading WCW as top babyfaces against The NWO but to see both men in The NWO is surreal and a perfect example of how WCW had very little idea of what they needed to do in order to be successful.

Match begins with Hart stalling, staying away from Sting. Hart jaw-jacks with a woman at ringside, Sting chases Hart and smashes Hart into the guard rail. Ten punches in the corner by Sting, clothesline by Sting. Sting stomps on Hart's fingers, inverted atomic drop for two. Hart brawls back, rake to the eyes and Sting is dragged into the top rope face first. DDT by Hart for two, right hands and more eye raking from Hart. Inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline, headbutt to the groin. Leg drop for two, Hart screams at the referee. Headbutts to the spine and more choking from Hart, elbows by Hart for two.

Reverse chinlock, Sting fires up but Hart lands a knee to the ribs, Hart chokes Sting with the rope. Running bulldog by Hart followed by a foot choke, small package from Sting for two. Russian legsweep by Hart, Hart was on the middle rope and tries a double axe handle but Sting drops Hart and applies The Scorpion Deathlock but Hart reaches the ropes almost instantly. Right hands by Sting, side headlock and shoulder block by Sting. Hart goes down clutching his knee after a leapfrog, Sting attacks Hart but the referee pulls away Hart. Hart pops up suffering no damage, Hart has something in his hand. Sting clotheslines Hart and steals the brass knuckles, Hart low blows Sting as the referee steps in to stop Sting using the brass knuckles.

Backbreaker and middle rope elbow by Hart for two, Hart hurls Sting to the floor. Sting is dropped onto the guard rail, Hart has Sting on the apron, clubbing blows from the champion. Sting elbows the referee by mistake, Hart leg drops the referee. Sting mounts a comeback, clothesline by Sting. Hart blocks a Stinger Splash with a boot, Hart right hands Sting. Hart is on the top rope, Sting crotches Hart. Superplex by Sting, Stinger Splash but Sting knocks himself out by hitting his head on the ringpost, Hart waffles Sting with the baseball bat. Middle rope elbow with the bat, Hart wakes the referee and applies The Sharpshooter. Sting is out-cold and Hart is declared the winner.

That was a boring match, Hart's heel work was tremendous. Eye-poking, faking an injury, stalling, using a foreign object, the brass knuckles, I do not think Hart could pack anymore cheating into the match, it was ridiculous but enjoyable. Yeah, Sting was not blowing me away in The NWO days of WCW, just looks lost like his character in the shuffle. No drive or motivation while Hart is trying to make the most of what little he has when he is given the time in WCW.

Winner: Bret Hart over Sting via Multiple Baseball Bat Shots!

Hulk Hogan vs The Warrior

Oh God, here we go, the match which is so bad, it is meant to give you nightmares. Ok, the build was a little corny as Warrior would haunt Hogan like a ghost, Hogan could see Warrior in mirrors while nobody else could see Warrior. We had inane promos which went on too long and made little sense, it was all a bit silly and that is me putting it nicely.

Warrior decks Hogan, lock-up and Hogan clubs down Warrior. Arm twist from Hogan before Warrior reverses the hold, shoulder block by Warrior and Hogan is on the floor. Lock-up, Hogan backs Warrior, clubbing blows by Hogan, Hogan chokes Warrior. Stomps by Hogan, knuckle lock by Hogan. Hogan controls the test of strength, Warrior eventually stands but Hogan slams Warrior. No effect and Warrior slams Hogan, Hogan is clotheslined to the floor. Right hands by Warrior, Hogan rakes the eyes but Warrior sends Hogan into the guard rail, Hogan meets the ringpost. Hogan shoulder blocks the referee and knees Nick Patrick. Hogan clubs Warrior, Hogan asks for back-up to take down Warrior.

Here comes Giant, Giant boots Hogan by mistake and Warrior clothelines The Giant. Vincent & Stevie Ray are knocked down, cover and there is no referee. Back suplex by Hogan for two, reverse chinlock by Hogan. Hogan whips Warrior with the belt, Warrior is choked with the belt but Nick patrick saves Warrior. Eye rake by Hogan, scoop slam but Warrior dodges the elbows. Warrior misses his Splash, right hands by Hogan. Warrior whips Hogan over and over, right hand with the belt by Warrior. Warrior and the referee argue, Hogan pulls out his flash powder to blind Warrior, it goes to shit as Hogan lights himself up instead of Warrior.

Double axe handle by Warrior, make it two. Hogan is bleeding, low blow in front of the referee. Leg Drop by Hogan, here is Horace in the rampway. Warrior dodges a Leg Drop and pumps himself up, clotheslines by Warrior. Bischoff distracts the referee and Horace cracks Warrior with the chair, Hogan covers Warrior to win the match. At the end, Hogan thought of lighting Warrior on fire, amazing cannot believe they leave out that part.

What a load of crap this match was, Warrior and his wrestling could not hold up in the late nineties it is a sad truth. Hogan as a heel, I have never been a fan of the in ring product, the man has not produced one good match over the two years I have been watching. The man never looks weak, dominates the matches and rarely, does the job. It really is a load of garbage, the match stinks and the fire spot is the icing on the cake. Hogan fails completely as he sets himself on fire, it just sums up everything you can hope for from WCW. Honest to god, I never want to see another Hogan match when he is in The NWO, I cannot take it, it is so ridiculous and Warrior had no business being in a ring at this point. It was sad to watch, I am washing my hands of this trash and I did not even mention Horace's bogus heel trun.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over The Warrior via Chair Shot!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Goldberg (C) vs DDP

DDP was over, very over with the fans. DDP could have been done a favour by Hogan by beating him in the tag matches leading up to the pay per view but no, it did not happen. DDP earned this opportunity by beating Stevie Ray of all people in The WarGames, it was a crock of shit but at least we are getting the two top babyfaces going at it for the championship. Goldberg's reign has been not much to talk about, he has not defended on some pay per views and mid-carders like Curt Hennig did little to help the career of Goldberg.

Match begins with Goldberg shoving back DDP, DDP arm drags Goldberg, taunting the champion and they spill to the floor. We reset in the ring, lock-up and side headlock by DDP, Goldberg trips DDP and DDP trips Goldberg. Slam into a cross armbreaker by Goldberg, DDP reaches the ropes and catches Goldberg with a jawbreaker. Goldberg shoves off DDP from The Diamond Cutter, arm twist by Goldberg and DDP trips Goldberg but Goldberg shoulder blocks DDP to the floor. DDP hotshots Goldberg, swinging neckbreaker by DDP. Right hands, Irish whip and a Russian legsweep by DDP for two. DDP grabs a front chancery, knees by DDP.

Goldberg lands a spinning neckbreaker on DDP, right hands by Goldberg. Double underhook suplex by Goldberg, sidewalk slam by Goldberg for two. Cross armbreaker by Goldberg, DDP reaches the ropes. Headscissors takedown by DDP, Goldberg pounces up for a thrustkick. Goldberg goes for The Spear, DDP dodges and Godberg hits the ringpost hard. Top rope clothesline by DDP for two, DDP stomps Goldberg who is favouring his arm.

One-armed jumping DDT by DDP after an Irish whip, DDP calls for The Diamond Cutter but Goldberg nails a massive Spear. Goldberg motions for The Jackhammer, Goldberg puts down DDP as the shoulder is hurt, Goldberg calls for it but DDP counters The Jackhammer for a Diamond Cutter. DDP crawls, 1......2... Goldberg kicks out of The Diamond Cutter, DDP tries for a suplex but Goldberg reverses for a Jackhammer. Game, set and match.

Not hard to see why this could be Goldberg's best match, it flowed really well and was end to end stuff with Goldberg throwing around DDP while DDP sold his ass off to put over Goldberg, you have the drama of Goldberg hitting the ringpost and DDP going in for the kill, the final blow but out of nowhere, Spear and it looks to be the end to DDP's cinderella story. Goldberg lifts him up and DDP connects with The Diamond Cutter, the crowd erupts at the thought of DDP becoming champion, great story-telling with DDP selling and crawling for the pin but Goldberg is too strong and delivers a Jackhammer for the win. It was short but what they were able to accomplish was great, DDP continued to over-achieve and this was a highlight for both men.

Winner: Goldberg over DDP via Jackhammer!

That was WCW's Halloween Havoc 1998, it was a long show with its faults but I think it was better than some of the more recent shows I had to stomach while getting to this point. The company looked to be in trouble at the beginning of 1998, things for me fell apart at Slamboree and it looks to be the continuing trend.

There was matches I liked, Goldberg vs DDP is a great highlight for both men, the cruiserweight matches were fun despite the questionable booking. Rick taking down Scott at last was satisfying and Jericho vs Raven was a fun opening match. There was also a lot of shit on this show, three squash like matches and the booking for Hall vs Nash was confusing. It was like Nash was trying to say oh my poor firend but the guy was smiling and winking, playing it up for the cameras. The action did not fit the narrative, Hogan vs Warrior was atrocious, Warrior could not do it and Hogan was stinking up the joint left, right and centre by this point, the less said, the better.

If you want to check out this show, do it for the main event. There are other good moments but the main event is the match you want to see, DDP does a tremndous job pulling a great match out of Bill Goldberg and it is nice to see DDP have his moment in the maine event. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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WWE Insurrextion 2003 Review

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Hello and welcome to another euro-edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! It is Wrestlemania week, it is a time for relaxing and fun, what is the best way to do so? With a UK pay per view of course! The WWE go easy and phone it in for the fans overseas as we are just happy to see wrestling. Rebellion was a Smackdown exclusive and now, we have the Raw exclusive of Insurrextion. Big matches on the card are Kevin Nash vs Triple H, Christian vs Booker T & Scott Steiner vs Test. Will this show be a hit? It will be funa t the least so sit back and watch WWE's Insurrextion of 2003!

Opening Promo

Change is good, a recap of all the major feuds heading into the event with an emphasis on Austin & Bischoff struggling to get along as The Co-GMs of Raw.

(WWE Women's Championship Match) Trish Stratus vs Jazz (C) W/ Theodore Long

Thuggin and Buggin ladies and gentlemen, the bitch is back and the bitch is black. Theodore Long as a heel after years of watching him as Smackdown GM makes me laugh, Theodore wants a standing ovation for Jazz. Lock-up, Jazz shoves off Trish. Lock-up and side headlock by Jazz, hammerlock into a roll-up by Jazz for two. Third lock-up, Trish takes down Jazz and a La Magistral for two. Two hiptosses and a victory roll for two, Jazz rolls out of a clothesline and nails a clothesline of her own. Two for Trish, Trish scores with some forearms and chops, Long trips Trish behind the referee's back. Jazz stunguns poor Trish, headbutt to the spine by Jazz.

Scoop slam by Jazz, huge leg drop for two. Forearms to the face by Jazz, reverse chinlock from the champion. Trish fires up but Jazz yanks Trish down by the hair. Another chinlock by Jazz, Lou Thesz Press by Trish. Jazz misses a splash in the corner, roll-up for two. Jazz connects with a clothesline, Jazz catapults Trish into the middle rope. Chops by Jazz, stomps in the corner and a snap suplew for two. Dragon screw legwhip by Jazz into a Boston Crab, Trish crawls successfully into the ropes. Jazz chokes the challenger, Trish dodges a clothesline and scores with the neckbreaker.

Right hands by Trish, Jazz cuts off Trish with a boot but Trish scores with her handstand headscissors, Matrix dodge from Trish and a Chick Kick for two. Trish signals for Stratusfaction but Jazz counters with a back suplex for two. Jazz blocks The Chick Kick for another Boston Crab, Trish counters for a roll-up, Trish locks Jazz in The Boston Crab. STF by Trish, here comes Victoria running to the ramp. Long enters the ring and hurls Trish into the ringpost shoulder first and Jazz picks up the scraps for the win.

Solid opening match from the women of Raw, Jazz is a treat to have in the division as this badass who mauls the babyfaces while Trish is a great foil to Jazz, I was into the match, the crowd were into the match and I am still happy to see more despite the division becoming stale.

Winner: Jazz over Trish via Shenanigans!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Christian (C) vs Booker T

Christian looks so bizarre with short hair in 2003, it looks unnatural but let's focus on this match. Booker T had been screwed out of the championship by Christian at Judgement Day in a battle royal which marked the return of the championship. I complained at the time stating that it you are going to push the belt and market it as prestigious, the first match back should not have a screwy finish. Sadly, my pleas were ignored and we had Christian win the championship depsite Booker's music playing and Pat Patterson seeing that Booker won the match.

Booker poses with the title much to Christian's chagrin. Lock-up, Booker backs Christian into the corner, lock-up and an arm drag by Christian. Side headlock by Booker, shoulder block by Booker. Clothesline by Booker, scoop slam and Christian is clotheslined to the floor. Low kick and clubbing blows by Christian, Christian chokes Booker before Booker answers with a back elbow, side headlock by Booker. Christain backs Booker into the corner, Christian cheap shot fails as Booker Irish whips Christian and Christian holds onto the ropes and powders. Christian hides behind the referee, Booker trips Christian and catapults Christian into the turnbuckle, roll-up for two.

Chops by Booker, back body drop for two. Christian rolls to the apron, pokes the eyes and hotshots the challenger. Dropkick by the champion for two, snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Booker mounts a comeback before crotching himself on the top rope, two count for Christian. Another chinlock, Christian misses a dropkick as Booker jacknifes the champion for two. Booker is pulled to the mat by Christian, Christian rakes at the face of Booker. Another chinlock, Booker walks into a back elbow. Christian climbs to the middle rope and tries a double axe handle but Booker connects with a Harlem Sidekick. Flying forearm and clotheslines by Booker, sidewalk slam for two. Thrustkick by Booker for two, Christian slides out of a slam, reverse DDT is countered.

Sunset flip out of the corner for two, Christian blocks The Book-End, reverse DDT by Christian, two count for the champion. Small package by Booker for two, flapjack by Booker. Spinaroonie, Booker is on the apron, apron Scissors Kick by Booker but Christian hits the referee. Missile dropkick by Booker, two and a half for Booker. Christian dodges The Scissors Kick, Booker avoids The Unprettier but Christian rolls-up Booker and uses the ropes to retain the championship.

A passable house show match, this would be chinlock city if Brock Lesnar was around, just a lot of time wasting and stalling to fill time for the pay per view. It was not worthy of a pay per view match but I have come to expect it in Uk pay per view shosw. Plus, there is never going to be a title change on one of these shows.

Winner: Christian over Booker T via roll-up!

Austin/Theodore Long Segment

Austin is not happy with Long interfering in Jazz's matches so Long is added to a match featuring Rodney Mack and Christopher Nowinski. Kane walks by Austin in the hall way, Austin had stunned Kane claiming that Kane had lost his edge.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Kane & Rob Van Dam (C) vs La Resistance

Lots of championship matches back to back, you sure that you do not want to space these out whoever booked on this night? It is our third in a row, the pre-match graphic shows the old championships, need to update that WWE, you are sloppy on this night. Anyways, not sure on the idea of feeding Vince's new favourite team to the champions. Hammerlock and shove by Dupree, arm drags by RVD. RVD tries posing and Dupree goes low but RVD connects with a step-through spinning heel kick, monkey flip by RVD. Grenier runs into Kane, elbows and right hands by Kane. Throat toss by Kane until Dupree saves his partner, Grenier clubs Kane.

Right hands by Dupree, Kane knocks down poor Dupree. Diving thrustkick by RVD, Grenier is slammed, standing moonsault by RVD on Dupree and Rolling Thunder on Grenier. Tope con hilo onto La Resistance, Dupree cheap shots RVD from the apron, DDT by Grenier for two. Tag to Dupree, elbows to the back of the head by Dupree. RVD sunset flips Dupree but Dupree tags Grenier before falling, Grenier stomps on the head of RVD. Grenier chokes RVD, reverse chinlock by Grenier. Grenier drags RVD to the corner, tag to Dupree. Reverse chinlock by Dupree, RVD fires up but Dupree pulls the hair. RVD enzuigiris Dupree, tag to Grenier and RVD shakes off Grenier too. Hot tag to Kane, clotheslines in the corner, big boot to Grenier and a sidewalk slam to Dupree.

Diving clothesline by Kane, Dupree saves Grenier from The Chokeslam. La Resistance score with Their Bonsoir manœuvre, RVD makes the save. Shoulder thrusts to Dupree until Dupree elevates RVD to the floor. Right hands by Grenier, Kane clotheslines Dupree. Double Chokeslam by Kane, tag to RVD. Dupree is on the floor as RVD lands The Five Star Frog Splash on Grenier to retain the championships.

Fine match, RVD and Booker T are so over that it is hard to believe Booker is not the Intercontinental champion and RVD is stuck in a tag team. La Resistance are not much in my eyes, it is more of the gimmick that appeals but they were fine here as an annoying heels.

Winners: RVD & Kane over La Resistance via Five Star Frog Splash!

Goldust Interview

Goldust has his stutter gimmick still, Goldust promises to beat the piss out of Rico while being funny at the same time.

Rico vs Goldust

And now the time has come for the terrible matches that would be right at home on Heat, Goldust vs Rico, my my, they are pulling out all the stops for Insurrextion. Lock-up, Goldust has a side headlock, shoulder blocks for two. Rico runs from Goldust, Rico stomps Goldust when Goldust poses for too long. Arm drag by Rico, arm drag by Goldust. Rico kicks Goldust, inverted atomic drop by Goldust. Rico slides out of The Curtain Call but walks into a clothesline. Another arm drag by Goldust, knees to the arm. Rico recovers with two massive kicks, elbows by Rico. Full-nelson by Rico, Goldust fights back but misses a crossbody and crashes to the floor.

Rico chokes Goldust with the ropes, bitch slap by Rico does not work, Goldust fires back until Rico kicks Goldust again, two count for Rico. Choke hold by Rico, Rico steps on Goldust's head. Rico rakes the eyes and delivers a dropkick, neck crank by Rico. Backslide by Goldust for two, Rico answers with a clothesline. Rico misses a moonsault, running bulldog by Goldust for two. Goldust measures for Shattered Dreams, Rico uses the referee for a shield. Kick by Rico, right hands by Rico. Goldust fights back, butt bump and a right hand, spinebuster for two.

Ten punches in the corner by Goldust, Rico drops Goldust face first onto the turnbuckle, neckbreaker by Rico, Rico places his feet on the ropes for two. Powerslam by Goldust as Rico came in for a clothesline, Goldust gets the win with the powerslam in 2003. It was kept short, that was a good call. Probably the most filler match you might ever see on pay per view..

Winner: Goldust over Rico via Powerslam!

Freddie Blassie Tribute

85 years of age, countless promos use his voice as it was so distinct. A fabulous manager too while also being a great wrestler. The tributs pore in from Hogan, Rock, Austin and The Mcmahon Family.

Chris Jericho Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho & his guest Eric Bischoff mock the crowd for many minutes, it reallt feels like a time wasting moment, just as it feels a little too long, down comes The Texas Rattlesnake. Austin hits all four corners and poses, Bischoff & Jericho look like they are about to wet themselves. Bischoff gets in Austin's face, Bischoff is pissed off at Austin. Jericho & Austin look like they are just having a good time in front of the crowd, it is always nice to see performers having a great time. Austin announces that Kevin Nash vs Triple H for the world championship is now a street fight, Jericho is not happy with Austin interrupting his show, Austin tries to control himself.

Austin invites Jericho & Bischoff to drink, Austin drinks with Jericho & Bischoff. Jericho eats a huge Stunner, Bischoff looks on shocked and worried that he is next for the treatment. Stunner to Bischoff, Austin runs wild and it is like 1999 all over again. A pointless segment for pay per view but fun nontheless, fans loved seeing Austin.

Rodney Mack/Christopher Nowinski/Theodore Long vs The Dudley Boyz/Spike Dudley

I am guessing that Dudley heel turn did not last very long, was Spike not assaulted by his brothers? Guess it was just because Morley & Bischoff controlled their contracts, Austin must have changed all of that. D-Von and Mack start, some poor mat wrestling kicks off this match. Shoulder block by Mack, hiptoss by D-Von and a nice dropkick into an arm drag. Mack backs D-Von into the corner, tag to Nowinski. Spinning reverse elbow by D-Von, small package for two. Nowinski pops up and slaps Bubba, D-Von tags Bubba. Bubba spears Nowinski, splash to Mack. Dudleys rule the ring, Spike is military press slammed onto Nowinski & Mack.

Nowinski wants a test of stength, Bubba begins dancing and neckbreakers Nowinski for two. Spike bites the arm of Nowinski, headbutt by Spike and a nice headscissors. Dropkick and corner stomp by Spike, Spike tries a crossbody but Nowinski places Spike in the tree of woe, Mack & Long attack Spike. Hard Irish whip by Mack, stomps by Mack. Stalling suplex by Mack for two, tag to Long who stomps Spike. Bearhug by Nowinski, roll- up by Spike for two, clothesline by Nowinski. Nowinski misses a middle rope splash as Spike blocks with knees, tag to Bubba.

Sidewalk slam to Mack, Samoan Drop to Nowinski. Bubba is cleaning house, double flapjack to Nowinski. Mack & Nowinski jump The Dudleys, Nowinski has his mask but Bubba dodges and drops Nowinski with a bionic elbow, What's Up Headbutt to Mack. Bubba calls for the tables, Nowinski baseball slides the table into D-Von. Spike double stomps Mack for two, Mack blocks The Dudley Dog, Mack scores with the running powerslam, Long covers Spike for two. Mack clotheslines Long by mistake, Spike pins Long after the clothesline. Nowinski & Mack take out Spike & Bubba, D-Von clotheslines Mack. D-Von shoves off Nowinski and we have a 3D through the table.

It was everything that the fans wanted to see from The Dudleys, they just had to use the table and that is what they did, the match was on the short side and not much in terms of heat or selling but this is not the show for that kind of thing as I have made clear throughout the pay per view. It accomplished what it needed to be, goo stuff from The Dudleys.

Winners: Team Dudley over Team Mack via Clothesline!

Test vs Scott Steiner

Test was dumped by Stacy Keibler, Test has a contract with Stacy so Stacy cannot do anything about it. However, Scott Steiner will face Test at Bad Blood for the services of Stacy Keibler, it begs the question as to why we would have the match tonight but I am sure I will be seeing a lot of rematches at Bad Blood. Val Venis is the special referee, two back to back pay per view appearances for The Big Valbowski, incredible that this is happening in 2003. I thought Val Venis was working Heat at this stage, Venis introduces Stacy.

Stacy introduces both wrestlers, a less than kind introduction for Test and a more receptive introduction for The Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner. If there is anyone in this world that does not see Scott Steiner as tremendous, you are no friend of mine. Steiner asks for Stacy to bend over the rope more than once, Test stomps the bejesus out of Steiner. Right hand by Test, clothesline and elbow drop by Steiner before Steiner does his push-ups. Test runs from Steiner, hiding behind Stacy. Test waffles Steiner after hurling Stacy at The Big Bad Booty Daddy. Elbows by Test, corner clothesline by Test.

Test tries covering up Stacy, right hands by Steiner. Clothesline by Test, sleeper by Test. Exploder suplex by Steiner, Stacy takes off the towel and shakes her great hips, Steiner decides that this pumps up The Big Bad Booty Daddy and Big Poppa Pump brutalizes Test with a huge belly to belly suplex. Ten punches by Steiner, Test connects with a full-nelson slam with his feet on the ropes, Test shoves Venis. Venis shoves back and Steiner almost rolls-up Test. Test shoves Steiner into Stacy, Stacy twists her ankle and Test connects with a Big Boot, two count as Test decided to do push-ups.

Test has a chair, Stacy pulls away the chair. Complete Shot by Steiner and Steiner beats Test to celebrat with Stacy who must have recovered from her ankle injury. Steiner celebrates as all is right with the world.

It was fine, not too long. I find Steiner so entertaining as a character, the man is so cartoony, you just cannot hate the man. Shame about his career, in the early days, he was an athletic beast but he did not have the charisma and in the later years, Steiner would find the charisma but his body was shattered by this stage. At least, we will always have his interviews and promos so we can marvel at Big Poppa Pump's greatness.

Winner: Scott Steiner over Test via Complete Shot!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Kevin Nash W/ Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (C) W/ Ric Flair (Street Fight)

Nash & Triple H were old friends, Triple H has no time for Michaels or Nash, Nash wants to kill Triple H. Foolishly, Triple H would beat Nash in a six man tag at Backlash, Nash could not even win on pay per view before his championship match. The Judgement Day match was garbage ending in a DQ with little psychology or excitement in the match. Luckily, I get to see a longer version of the match on this pay per view and we get to see them go at it again at Bad Blood in a Hell in A Cell. Well, this is a street fight, it is no DQ so let us see how you get around this one WWE creative team. They could not have Nash lose again could they?

Lock-up, Nash shoves back Triple H. Earl Hebnar gets in between and Triple H knees Nash, Nash overpowers Triple H with a back elbow. Elbows, knees and a right hand by Nash, clothesline to the floor by Nash. Flair attacks Nash and Michaels goes after Flair, Flair's head cracks off the ringpost. Flair is bleeding already, sweet jesus it is one of those nights. Double clothesline by Nash to Flair & Triple H, Michaels beats up Flair on the floor. Nash pummels Triple H on the floor, Michaels and Flair are on the ramp. Triple H sends Nash into the guard rail, Flair low blows Michaels before being escorted backstage.

Nash back drops Triple H on the ramp, no effect really as Triple H is up seconds later flooring Nash. Triple H brings a chair out, Nash takes the chair and wallops The Game. Nash clears the announce table, Triple H rakes the eyes. Triple H blocks a slam, chop block by The Game. More chop blocks by The Game, Nash's leg is sent into the ringpost. Nash Irish whips Triple H into the corner and to the floor, Nash flings Triple H into the steel steps. The steel steps are in the ring, Triple H hotshots Nash. The Game has the steps, Nash drop toeholds Triple H and Triple H's face hits the steel steps. Nash smacks Triple H with the steel steps between the eyes, Triple H is bleeding.

Sidewalk slam by Nash for two, Triple H begs for mercy. Knees by Nash, elbows by Nash. Referee is squashed by Triple H in the corner, big boot by Nash. Nash calls for The Jacknife, low blow by Triple H. Here comes Flair with a chair, Nash blocks with a big boot. Triple H has the chair, Nash is waffled in the face. Cover by Triple H, new referee gets a two count. Triple H decks the referee, Triple H & Flair work over Nash. Here comes Michaels, Flair is clotheslined to the floor. Sweet Chin Music to Flair, Triple H has the sledgehammer, Michaels saves Nash. Sweet Chin Music misses and Triple H scores with The Pedigree, Jacknife Powerbomb by Nash.

No referee as Nash has Triple H beat, Flair pulls out a third referee, Nash tees off on Flair. Triple H has the sledgehammer, Nash is walloped in the side of the head. Triple H crawls to the cover, 1....2......3! Triple H beats Nash for the second time on pay per view, way to build a challenger in Nash.

So ridiculous, three referees and overbooking to the maximum, I give you The Raw Main event scene at this time. First, it is stupid to do a championship match when there is one coming a week later, nobody is going to think the title will change hands and it is really dumb to do a match where they are no count-outs and no disqualifications because then you have to beat the damn challenger and that is what they did, how is anyone supposed to be a fan of Nash by this stage?

Winner: Triple H over Kevin Nash via Sledgehammer!

That was WWE's Insurrextion of 2003, a nice show for The UK fans, it was nothing too serious. There was nothing memorable, there was nothing that made me think wow, these were great matches but I had a fun time, I enjoyed going through every match albeit that main event was staggering in terms of poor decisions.

WCW Fall Brawl 1998 Review

Image result for wcw fall brawl 1998 

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! WCW's Fall Brawl 1998, it was simple really: NWO Hollywwod vs NWO Wolfpac, the losing group should have to split forever. We had months of teasing, months of fights, give us the match that logically should come next right? Wrong! In comes Ultimate Warrior, here we have the first ever three team WarGames Match.... pin-falls are in this WarGames..... winner faces Goldberg at the next pay per view..... What the hell is going on here? Well, let's rock and roll with Fall Brawl 1998

Opening Promo

Stevie Ray is in The WarGames match for NWO Hollywood, you have to be joking me, what is this garbage? It is all about The WarGames, Schiavone talks about how you can win by pin-fall in this year's WarGames. Loud chants for Flair, Flair would return the next night in a very memorable segment. Schiavone goes backstage and Ernest Miller is screaming about something, we do not see who it is. Wow, that was important. Mean Gene has to deal with Chris Jericho, Jericho promises Goldberg vs Chris Jericho tonight on pay per view.

The Dancing Fools vs British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart

After stinking up Road Wild with Public Enemy, we are blessed with the presence of Alex Wright & Disco Inferno. God knows the last time I have seen Bulldog & Neidhart, I think it was that match with Curt Hennig where Rude & Hennig beat the piss out of Neidhart & Bulldog. The two are directionless with Bret being in The NWO for months at this point, doubt Bischoff ever considered reforming The Hart Foundation. Lock-up by Bulldog & Wright, the fans are cheering Wright & Bulldog but I think at least Wright & Disco are the heels.

Right hands by Bulldog, Wright pokes the eye and uppercuts Bulldog. Shoulder block by Wright, military press slam by Bulldog. Tag to Neidhart, tag to Disco. Neidhart shoves off Disco, shoulder block by Neidhart. Neidhart mocks Disco's moves, hammerlock by Disco. Elbow by Neidhart, drop toehold and stomps by Disco. Disco blocks a powerslam and nails a knee lift, Neidhart backs Disco into the corner. Tag to Bulldog, Wright knees Bulldog from the apron, right hands by Wright. Wright dances, Bulldog blocks the monkey flip but eats a massive calf kick. Chops by Wright, Bulldog blocks a corner clothesline and drops Wright with a clothesline. Wright boots Bulldog in the face, tag to Disco.

Middle rope elbow for two, inverted atomic drop by Disco, Bulldog sidesteps Disco. Neidhart has Disco on the floor, stomping Disco. Reverse chinlock by Bulldog, Disco fires up but eats a knee to the ribs. Neidhart & Bulldog are beating up Disco, Disco stomps on Bulldog's toe. Bulldog recovers with a stungun, Neidhart shoves Disco's face into the mat. Hair-pull by Neidhart, Disco is introduced to Bulldog's boot. Tag to Bulldog, scoop slam by Bulldog. Tag to Neidhart who misses a slingshot shoulder block, Disco tags Wright.

Missile dropkick by Wright to Neidhart, Bulldog is back dropped by Wright. Disco saves Wright from The Running Powerslam, double clothesline. Wright tackles Disco by mistake and Bulldog nails a sloppy looking Running Powerslam for the win.

Two people came to work in this match, they were on the same team and that's a shame, the match seems to just go on and on to little reactions from the fans. Neidhart looks unmotivated and Bulldog is half assing it to the max. I feel for Wright & Disco but this match sucks.


Winners: Bulldog & Neidhart over The Dancing Fools via Running Powerslam!

Buff Bagwell/Scott Steiner Promo

Scott does not want to face Rick, JJ. Dillon will not be fooled by a forged doctor's note and Scott will have to face Rick tonight.

Chris Jericho W/ Ralphus vs Goldberg

Champion vs champion, tv champion Chris Jericho taking on world champion Goldberg, a battle for the ages except it is not Jericho vs Goldberg. Jericho parodies Goldberg's iconic entrance but gets lost as Jericho continues to be unable to find his way to the arena. Jericho makes it to the stage to receive terrible pyro, cue Jericho tantrum. A fake imitator makes his way to the ring, fans are not happy campers which is understandable, this is on pay per view not Nitro. A silly decision to mock Goldberg who was not scheduled for Fall Brawl.

Lock-up and Jericho shoves down Goldberg, clothesline by Jericho. Suplex and cocky pin by Jericho for two, fake Goldberg Spears Jericho to no effect. Jericho stomps the impostor, slaps him and locks in The Liontamer for the win.

A stupid decision to do on pay per view and an angle that would never have a satisfying conclusion as Goldberg was talked out of facing Jericho, it was a waste of time and the fans responded with bullshit. An accurate representation of WCW at the time.


Winner: Chris Jericho over Impostor Goldberg via Liontamer!

Ernest The Cat Miller vs Norman Smiley

The fuck is this doing on my screen, Ernest Miller wanting everyone to call him the greatest and Norman Smiley being the babyface standing up to The Cat? Ok, I will roll with it, Miller tells Smiley that he is a karate champion and Miller asks Smiley to disappear on the count of five. Smiley hammers Miller, headbutt by Smiley. Dropkick and Miller is on the floor, the referee gets in Smiley's way and Miller scores with a big kick. Irish whip into the guard rail, Miller comically chops and kicks Smiley.

Smiley is chopped down, knees to the ribs by Miller. Back suplex by Smiley, leg drop and elbow drop for two. Uppercut by Smiley, Miller begs for mercy. Miller rakes the eyes and sweeps the legs, choke hold by Miller. Miller thrustkicks Smiley, judo like throw by Miller. Smiley drop toeholds Miller, scoop slam by Smiley. Suplex by Smiley for two, Miller shoves Smiley away before Miller nails The Feliner on Smiley for the win.

It was there, it was not good but not awful. Neither man is super established or over, they are both on the bland side with neither being able to lead the other to an interesting match in the slightest way.


Winner: Ernest Miller over Norman Smiley via Feliner!

Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner

After months and months of build, Rick Steiner is able to face Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner had been ducking Rick for months but this is it, this is the spectacular blow-off. They could not possibly not deliver on the promised match could they? They slug it out in the middle of the ring, Rick wins the war. Clothesline by Rick, elbow drop and right hands by Rick. Scott powders to the floor, Rick pummels Scott to the floor and into the crowd. Scott low blows Rick to escape out of a belly to belly while Buff distracts the referee. Rick is bounced off the steel steps and the guard rail, Scott stomps Rick in the ring. Clothesline by Scott, Rick blocks the tiger bomb for a DDT. Rick is on the middle rope, Buff intercepts and is rammed into the turnbuckle.

Scott & Rick brawl in the ring, the referee tends to Buff Bagwell who seems to be hurt. Scott looks concerned for his buddy Buff, the referee is stopping the contest because Buff is in serious pain. Not for the first time tonight, the fans are chanting bullshit. This angle goes on for like ten minutes.

The match is thrown out because a person who was not in the damn match got injured, the match was ruled a no-contest because someone not in the match was injured....... Fuck this stupid company, this makes no sense. It is stupid, this feud is stupid, months they have put this off and you are saving it for another fucking pay per view? Screw you WCW, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

No Contest

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Juventud Guerrera (C) vs Silver King

What a bizarre first challenger for Guerrera's championship, I guess the idea is to put Guerrera in there that works a similar style. Praying that these two deliver, I have seen enough crap from this pay per view, I need a release. I need a watchable match, Juventud and Silver King shove one another before the bell rings. Chops by Silver King, Juventud chops back at Silver King.

Hammerlock from Juventud, dropkick by Silver King. Silver King and Juventud take truns kicking the crap out of one another, headscissors takedown by Juventud. Springboard hurricanrana by Juventud, clothesline by the champion for two. Silver King gains control after a nice hotshot onto the top rope, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Silver King. Shoulderbreaker by Silver King for two, Silver King dropkicks Juventud to the floor. Springboard plancha by Silver King, Juventud looked for a sunst flip but it goes all sort of wrong and Silver King strikes Juventud with a right hand.

Pop-up hurricanrana by Juventud for two, ten punches by Juventud. Missile dropkick by Juventud, two count for the champion. Superkick by Silver King for two, Silver King misses a splash in the corner, Juventud mounts Silver King for an inverted frankensteiner, close two. Silver King counters a Juvi Driver for two, snap suplex by Silver King. Silver King misses a springboard moonsault, Juvi scores with The Juvi Driver and executes The 450 Splash to retain the championship.

Good match, probably better in mind due to the constant stream of crap I have been fed prior to this match, Juventud's reign is off to a good start, Silver King did well to make Juventud look good, that reverse frankensteiner was awesome as was The 450 Splash.


Winner: Juventud Guerrera over Silver King via 450 Splash!

(Raven's Rules Match) Saturn vs Raven

Saturn & Raven were best friends, Saturn was unable to put away Kanyon on pay per view which led to Raven turning on Saturn. Saturn battles Raven to disband The Flock, the likes of Riggs, Sickboy and Kidman could be freed from Raven's clutches. On a previous Nitro, Saturn's fingers were broken at the hands of Raven, Saturn had beaten the piss out of Kanyon and broke Kanyon's fingers. If Saturn loses, Raven will have Saturn as his servant but if Saturn wins, The Flock will disband. Also, Kanyon has been handcuffed to a ringpost.

Raven stunguns Saturn to begin the match, stomps by Raven. Corner splash by Raven, running knee lift from Raven. Raven poses and the fans boo The Leader of The Flock. Saturn kicks and slams Raven for two, inverted atomic drop and a springboard crossbody for two. Scoop slam, top rope splash by Saturn for two, Lodi distracts Saturn and Raven nails a huge knee to the ribs. Raven wanted to suplex Saturn to the floor but Saturn batters Raven into the guard rail. Suicide dive by Saturn, Lodi gets up and slams Saturn into the guard rail. Snapmare and middle rope elbow by Raven, another elbow by Raven for two.

Saturn counters a sunset flip for two, clothesline by Raven. Sleeper by Raven, Saturn escapes with a jawbreaker. Raven covers for two, snapmares by Raven but Saturn blocks the third for a backslide. Side Russian legsweeps by Raven with a floatover for two, Saturn catches Raven with a low blow. Raven spears Saturn in the corner, Raven has a chair. Drop toehold on the chair by Raven, Horace, Riggs & Sickboy bring a table to ringside. Kidman is here too, Kidman missile dropkicks Raven. Saturn Death Valley Drivers Raven, referee is distracted with Lodi so Raven has time to kick out! Exploder suplex by Saturn, belly to belly suplex.

Scoop slam and a springboard leg drop, two count for Saturn. Michinoku Driver for two, small package by Raven for two. Saturn trips Raven for a Rings of Saturn, Lodi pulls off Saturn to save Raven. Raven has Saturn, Saturn low blows Raven and crotches Lodi. Referee is crushed in the corner after an Irish whip, Kanyon frees himself after stealing the key from the referee. Flatliner by Kanyon, Kanyon places Raven on top, Kanyon locks himself back in the handcuffs. 1.....2...... Saturn kicks out! Low blow by Saturn, Lodi eats a Death Valley Driver through the table. Raven scores with The Even Flow DDT, Saturn kicks out of the DDT, Raven tries for another DDT but Saturn nails a Death Valley Driver, goodnight it is all over.

That was great, I am shocked WCW could lay something out so well on pay per view, it feels like years since I have seen something that fun from this company. They had that crowd in the palm of their hands by the end, some fantastic false-finishes, Saturn looked like an absolute beast, it was great stuff. Exciting and dramatic to a tee, great professional wrestling from Saturn & Raven.


Winner: Saturn over Raven via Death Valley Driver!

Curt Hennig W/ Rick Rude vs Dean Malenko

The two had a cage match on Nitro, it ended in a no contest. Hennig had been on a downward slope since joining WCW, with the exception of one match with Bret, it looked like Hennig had nothing left to offer in the ring. In that cage match, Arn Anderson saved Malenko and this set the wheels in motion for The Four Horseman returning. Such a backward feud with the first match being a steel cage match and now we have a singles match.

Malenko pummels Hennig before Hennig powders, Malenko dropkicks the knee of Hennig. Rude is taken out by Malenko, Hennig's leg is sent into the ringpost. Hennig blocks the corner clothesline, Hennig tries a scoop slam but Hennig's leg gives out on him. Malenko grabs a hold on Hennig's leg, chops by Hennig. Malenko headbutts the leg, more stomps to the leg by Malenko, Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf is blocked, headscissors stomp by Hennig. Malenko trips Hennig and works the leg, shin breaker by Malenko. Rude pulls Hennig to the floor, Malenko attacks Rude & Hennig.

Hennig begs for mercy, Malenko dropkicks the knee. Leg lock by Malenko, Rude drags Hennig to the ropes, Malenko goes after the knee once more. Back suplex by Malenko, Rude whacks Malenko when Malenko runs the ropes. Forearm shot by Hennig, Hennig Plex fails due to Hennig's leg. Malenko scores with The Hennix Plex, Rude makes the save and the match is thrown out. Here is Arn Anderson, Anderson gets stomped too.

You redo the match on pay per view and you give us the same finish as the cage match. Nothing was resolved, nothing was advanced. I will let it pass for Hennig's selling as he hobbles up the ramp due to the leg work put in by Malenko.


Winner: Dean Malenko over Curt Hennig via DQ!

Scott Hall W/ Vincent vs Konnan

If you thought faking a career ending injury was in poor taste, have a look at this entrance as Scott Hall's alcoholism is turned into a storyline. Beer in hand for Hall, Hall stumbles around the ring and cannot climb the turnbuckle by himself. Hall is buried by Schiavone on commentary, this is a little disgusting considering what would happen to Hall in the future. But to make fun of someone's addiction and turn it into an angle, no WCW, bold WCW.

Hall runs from Konnan to begin the match, toothpick to the face by Hall. Lock-up, Hall works the arm, shoulder thrusts by Hall and some slaps to the back of the head. Clothesline by Konnan, Konnan tells Hall to suck it. Top wrist lock by Hall, Konnan pulls down Hall by the hair. Slap by Konnan, rolling clothesline by K-Dawg. Hall is stomped between the rings by Konnan, Vincent is talking trash with Konnan. Konnan saw Hall coming from behind, clothesline by Konnan. Hall powders, Hall kicks Konnan in the gut before applying a surfboard. Konnan eventually reverses the hold before Hll backs the referee into the corner and executes a low blow for two.

Fallaway slam by Hall for two, abdominal stretch by Hall who takes a drink while applying the hold, Hall also uses the ropes for leverage. Abdominal stretch by Konnan, Hall counters with a hiptoss, Hall misses three elbows. Clothesline by Hall, fans are more interested in ejected fans. Back superplex by Hall, Hall calls for the finish. Hall asks for a drink instead, Konna recovers for a K-Factor in The Tequila Sunrise. Hall taps out and Konnan wins the match.

That was long and boring, even Hall could not make that entertaining. Hall losing to Konnan too, did not see that one cominf. Guess that big match with Nash is not a top priority for the comapny but yes, this was sad to watch and the match did little to make me want to see more of Hall, they should have put him in rehab.


Winner: Konnan over Scott Hall via Tequila Sunrise!

WarGames Match

Unique WarGames, three teams, it can end at anytime and it can end with pin-falls. The NWO Wolfpac are over like rover but I am disappointed to never see that Nash vs Hogan match. DDP starts with Bret Hart, this is going to be good. Two people who have been booked poorly during 1998, DDP should have beaten Hogan at the last two pay per views while Hart joining The NWO never made a bit of sense.

Hart tees off on DDP in the corner, shoulder thrusts by DDP and a side headlock, shoulder block by DDP for two. DDP slaps Hart and unloads on The Hitman, belly to belly suplex by DDP for two. Hart blocks The Diamond Cutter, DDP is dropped on the top turnbuckle, DDT by Hart. Hart chokes DDP with his boot, DDP waffles Hart in the corner. Backbreaker by Hart, headbutt to the groin by Hart. Small package by Hart for two, discuss clothesline by DDP. The third man enters and it is the most worthless entrant, it is Stevie Ray.

Stevie Ray stomps on DDP, DDP double clotheslines Hart & Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray chokes DDP, inverted atomic drop by Stevie Ray. Sting is entrant number four, I am stunned at how over Sting is depsite the jets being cooled on Sting at the start of the year. Sting beats the piss out of Stevie Ray, Sting squashes Stevie Ray against the cage, Stevie Ray dodges the third Stinger Splash. Number five is Roddy Piper, Piper hammer teammate DDP because the world championship opportunity is on the line. Piper bites the head of Stevie Ray, Piper is biting and eye-poking everyone. Number six is Lex Luger, Luger is here in jeans because it's Luger damn it.

Hart & Luger fight which the announcers say it is a big deal as they were tag team partners on Nitro, The Wolpac seem to be working together. Kevin Nash is number seven, crowd is going nuts, knees in the corner by Nash to Piper. Hogan comes out early to mess up Nash, Luger racks Hart but Hogan is taking out everyone with a foreign object. It looked like Hart was going to battle Hogan but hired gun Stevie Ray makes the save. Hogan Leg Drops Nash, the ring fills with smoke as it looks like The Warrior is coming. Hogan beats the piss out of The Warrior, hold on a second. There is more smoke, Hogan has Warrior's coat, where is The Warrior?

The Warrior is in the ring, right hands to Hogan and Stevie Ray, Hogan leaves the cage. Warrior destroys Stevie Ray, I guess Hogan does not want that world championship opportunity. Everyone is apparently dead in the ring, nobody is moving. Hogan must have killed everyone with that slapjack. Warrior kicks his way out of the cage and hammers Hogan in the aisle way. Security breaks it up even though it should be fine, they are both in the match. DDP nails Stevie Ray with a Diamond Cutter after Sting pulls down Bret Hart.

Trash, trash I am telling you do not watch this match. Hogan murdered everyone, I am not kidding. The likes of Sting and Nash who were super popular were killed by one shot in the back by Hogan, they never got up. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and then, DDP shoots up to Diamond Cutter Stevie Ray to earn the opportunity, sure who gives a shit that DDP pinned Stevie Ray, it is freaking Stevie Ray. That match was lauaghably bad, sums up this pay per view pretty well.


Winner: DDP over Stevie Ray via Diamond Cutter!

That was WCW's Fall Brawl of 1998, another god awful from WCW. Business might still be good but this show is a joke, you have two awful angles in Bagwell's fake injury which was in really bad taste and makes Rick Steiner look like a moron and you play up Hall's alcoholism by making his character a drunk and that's why he loses matches. Classy stuff from down south, Raven vs Saturn was great and the only thing worth your while from this pay per view, that main event was a shit-show with Hogan killing everyone and making everyone look second rate in comparison. Congrats to DDP on getting a main event but he did so in the least impactful way possible.

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Wednesday 29 March 2017

WWE Judgement Day 2003 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! Thank you for your continued support, I hope these past pay per views brighten your day as they do mine. I might have had a drink or two before writing this review (sorry professionalism) but I maybe I needed it to get through WWE's Judgment Day 2003. We last left WWE with the month prior's Backlash which was a throughly disappointing show, nothing delivered except for a tag match featuring Team Angle. Tonight, we have Kevin Nash vs Triple H despite Triple H pinning Nash at Backlash, Brock Lesnar vs Big Show in a stretcher match, and Mr. America vs Rowdy Roddy Piper. Well, let's rock and roll!

Opening Promo

It is a carbon copy of the previous Judgement Day promos, the girls who speak in rhymes, fire and nooses with the evil sounding women speaking words relating to death, suffering and torment. Since it is so similar to promo packages of the past, I am going to mark this one down. However, bonus points for the return of JR.

Stone Cold Promo

Stone Cold kicks off the pay per view, Stone Cold is the Co-GM of Raw much to the chagrin of Eric Bischoff. Austin talks crap for a few minutes while the fans chant What at everything Austin says, Austin points at his skybox and hopes everyone has a great time.

Chris Benoit/Rhyno/Spanky vs The F.B.I/John Cena

Spanky is a young Brian Kendrick who had been making appearances throughout late 2002 and early 2003 for the company, Benoit & Rhyno are teaming with one another since The Man Beast's return while John Cena is opening the pay per view after being thrown to the wolves with Lesnar in a WWE Championship match that bored most fans. Cena comes out and raps on his opponents while be very entertaining. Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli will be wrestling while Nunzio watches on from the ringside area.

Spanky dives onto the powdering heels, Benoit and Rhyno hammer The FBI before Cena clubs Spanky. Right hands and an enzuigiri by Spanky before Stamboli & Palumbo flatten Spanky. Stamboli stomps Spanky in the corner, tag to Palumbo. Huge right by Palumbo, bearhug to Spanky. Another bearhug by Palumbo, Spanky battles back but Palumbo cuts off Spanky with a clothesline. Spanky headscissors Palumbo into Stamboli, hot tag to Benoit. German suplex to Cena and Palumbo, Diving Headbutt to Palumbo. Nunzio is in the ring and Rhyno Gores Nunzio. Cena clotheslines Benoit and Benoit blind tags Spanky. Spanky was looking for Sliced Bread but Nunzio held Spanky's legs which leads to a backbreaker and leg drop combination by Palumbo & Stamboli. Game, set and match.

That was brief, too brief to think much about it. Biggest disappointment is Benoit is being wasted in a tag team with Rhyno, Benoit had been consistently killing it on Smackdown but this is what we get.

Winners: Cena/FBI over Benoit/Rhyno/Spanky via Leg Drop!


Bischoff/Austin Segment

Austin and Bischoff share their skybox, Austin has Bischoff drink and eat a hot dog. Austin shares a beer with Bischoff and Bischoff gets covered in beer which does not make Easy E happy.

La Resistance vs Scott Steiner/Test W/ Stacy Keibler

Slyvain Grenier has moved from crooked referee of Vince Mcmahon to tag team on Raw. Steiner had issues with Test over Test's treatment of Stacy but the two have formed a team to battle The Evil Frenchies. Dupree slaps Test hard and dances before Test smacks back, stomps in the corner by Test and Grenier is knocked off the apron. Back body drop by Test, tag to Steiner. Knees in the corner and clubbing blows by Steiner, Grenier is knocked to the floor again. Clothesline to Dupree and forearm shot to Grenier, elbow drop and push-ups by Steiner. Cheap shot by Grenier, Steiner walks into a stungun, Steiner crashes to the floor.

Dupree clubs Steiner before tagging Grenier, double suplex for two. Reverse chinlock by Grenier, Steiner fights back but eats a boot in the corner. Middle rope clothesline by Grenier for two, Dupree is legal. Dupree tries a double axe handle but Steiner nails a belly to belly suplex. Tag to Test, clotheslines by Test. Sidewalk slam by Test, corner clotheslines to Dupree & Grenier. Pumphandle Slam is blocked by Grenier but Test nails a full-nelson slam for two. Steiner and Dupree spill to the floor, Test measures for The Big Boot. Grenier hides behind the referee avoiding the boot, Grenier tries stealing one with feet on the ropes but Test kicks out at two.

Punphandle Slam by Test on Grenier, the referee is with Stacy & Steiner. Grenier dropkicks Test into Stacy, Steiner catches Stacy and Test gets rolled-up for two. Steiner clotheslines Grenier & Dupree before La Resistance gang up on Steiner. Test tries for a Big Boot and nails Steiner by mistake, Test is thrown to the floor as La Resistance score the upset win with The Bonsoir. After the match, Test drags Stacy away from caring for Steiner.

It was passable, I do not see the promise in Grenier & Dupree, the gimmick seems to be more over than anything else. Steiner is so huge by this point and prone to blowing up easy and I dread the eventual break-up and feud between Test & Scott Steiner. Fortunately, it is a pay per view away for now.


Winners: La Resistance over Scott Steiner & Test via Bonsoir!

Hurricane/Hogan/Eddie Promo

Hurricane as Gregory Helms AKA his alter ego asks Mr. America about Hulk Hogan, they laugh and joke about their other identities. Not much to it, much funnier promo from Eddie who has Tajiri as his partner in Chavo's absence.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri vs Team Angle (C)

Tajiri and Haas are in the ring; Eddie & Benjamin are on the ramp. Spinning heel kick by Tajiri, Benjamin attacks Tajiri after taking out Eddie. Double back elbow to Tajiri, Eddie walks into a gutbuster. Team Angle have a ladder, Tajiri dives onto Haas. Benjamin sidesteps Eddie, ladder is placed in the ring. Tajiri scores with his handspring elbow to knock over the ladder, Tajiri & Eddie baseball slide the ladder into Benjamin's face. Haas gets the ladder kicked into his groin, Tajiri & Eddie grab another ladder. Haas is on a ladder, Tajiri sandwiches Haas with another ladder and Eddie drills Haas with a slingshot hilo. Benjamin drags Tajiri off the ladder, Eddie dropkicks Benjamin off the ladder.

Benjamin powerslams Eddie into the ladder, Tajiri is placed on the ladder before Benjamin delivers a scoop slam. Benjamin & Haas nail their leapfrog splash spot from off the top of a ladder, nasty looking move right there. Eddie shoves Haas off the ladder and to the ground below, Eddie wedges a ladder in the turnbuckle. Benjamin reverses Eddie's Irish whip and Eddie is smacked into the ladder. Team Angle look to pick up Eddie but Tajiri kicks both men square in the face. Haas & Benjamin are battered with the ladder, Tajiri wipes out Benjamin but here comes Haas. Haas is caught in The Tarantula. However, Benjamin makes the save with a ladder to the back of Tajiri.

Team Angle stomp Eddie, Eddie blocks a corner clothesline from Benjamin and monkey flips Benjamin into Haas. Eddie dumps Team Angle to the floor, Haas & Benjamin are too much for Eddie despite Eddie battling for his life. Eddie Frog Splashes Benjamin but Haas is on his way to the championship. Eddie & Haas are fighting atop the ladder, Haas is winning the war but Eddie sunset flip powerbombs Haas. Benjamin tries stopping Eddie but Tajiri spits green mist into Benjamin's face and Eddie takes down both belts.

That was an enjoyable and fun ladder match, there was not a lot of crazy spots that fill ladder matches but rather a lot of story telling with Eddie being left alone as Team Angle took out Tajiri. Haas & Benjamin would double team Eddie but Eddie would survive and when Tajiri comes back into the match, it is all even and Tajiri makes the difference with the green mist. I liked it a lot, crowd seemed into Eddie too.


Winners: Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri over Team Angle via retrieval of the championships!

Austin & Bischoff/ Jericho & Piper Segment

Austin is not happy with Bischoff's drinking skills, Austin believes that Bischoff is a sissy and promises to kick the crap out of Bischoff if Bischoff does not start drinking. Jericho talks about winning the battle royal but here comes Piper, little strange considering both men are heels.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal Match)

Stone Cold Steve Austin brought back the intercontinental championship after it was retired following Kane's match with Triple H at No Mercy where the belts were unified. I do not know why they thought it was a good decision but they have now rectified that mistake. Before the match, we get to see videos of past champions, the greats of the wrestling business. So, they are making this championship out to be a huge deal, let's hope the match can live up to the hype. It is an over the top battle royal, Pat Patterson will be presenting the championship to the winner, Patterson would be the first champion so they are going all out for this match.

Val Venis is back for this match, no more Chief Morley. Bischoff fired Morley but Austin brought back Val Venis, the match consists of the upper mid-card of Raw with the likes of Booker T, RVD, Kane and Chris Jericho entering the match. Kane and RVD start the brawl before everyone attacks Kane, smart psychology from the roster. Kane shakes everyone off and starts throwing bombs, Storm is thrown out immediately. Kane is dumped out by like 7 people, that was weird. Kane re-enters and murders everyone with right hands, slams and Chokeslams. Test is thrown out by Booker, Jericho dropkicks out RVD and Goldust throws out Venis.

Four left and two tag teams, Goldust & Booker T team up to fight Jericho & Christian. Goldust knocks down Jericho and Christian, nailing a double bulldog. Christian & Jericho eat Shattered Dreams, Booker does The Spinaroonie. Booker throws over Goldust after Goldust's plan fails, Jericho & Christian put the boots to Booker. Jericho & Christian chop Booker until Booker explodes with clotheslines, Jericho skins the cat to survive being eliminated. Jericho was looking for The Lionsault but Christian shoved over Jericho, Jericho's face is priceless. Utter shock is across the face of Y2J as Christian tends to what is left of Booker.

Booker fires up, flying forearm and a spinning heel kick. Flapjack, Christian dodges a thrustkick for a hair-pull. Christian baseball slides the referee by mistake and Booker T throws Christian to the floor but there is no referee, Booker's music plays but Christian wipes out Patterson. Booker is waffled with the belt, the referee is up and Christian throws out Booker.

If you are going to go on and on about the prestige of the championship, do not kick off the title reign of a new champion with a screwy finish. Booker T might be the most incompetent babyface in WWE at this point, time after time Booker has been made to look like a moron and this is the same crap I have seen during last year. As well as that, Booker's music played and Patterson was going to hand the title to Booker. How is Patterson not telling the referee what happened? How has the decision not been reversed? This is so stupid yet I expect it at this point.


Winner: Christian over Everyone Else via Survival!

Bikini Contest

Before the contest, Sable says Torrie will need help to win the contest, Sable has never lost a bikini contest. This match has a tale of the tape, this bikini challenge has a tale on the tape. Poor Torrie, she had to deal with an awful angle with Dawn Marie and now she has this crap with Sable. Anyways, Sable is wearing fuck all and so is Torrie, they strip and we get a little lesbian stuff because women are made for us men. Lawler's reactions are great, Torrie is booed because she was not slutty enough for the fans. Torrie keeps going and strips from her bikini to a smaller bikini. Tazz declares Torrie the winner of the match, Torrie kisses Sable.

Rowdy Roddy Piper W/ Sean O Haire vs Mr. America

Piper looks so out of shape here, it saddens me greatly. O Haire has been stripped of his Devil's Advocate Gimmick to be the protege of Piper. O Haire was a heck of an athlete but looks like the poor boy has been neutered. I forgot this angle led to the debut of Zach Gowan, Piper wripped off Gowan's leg on Smackdown. Gowan is here at ringside with a cane, O Haire & Piper double team Mr. America. Piper wallops Mr. America while O Haire gets in his cheap shots. Mr. America bounces Piper's head off the turnbuckle over and over, Mr. America bites Piper's head.

O Haire trips Mr. America but Mr. America fires back with right hands, Piper saves his protege. Piper whips Mr. America with the leather belt, Mr. America hulks up briefly before Piper applies a sleeper. Mr. America hulks up, right hands, big boot and Hogan is distracted by Vince Mcmahon. Piper low blows Mr. America, O Haire has a pipe. O Haire clocks Piper by accident, Leg Drop by Mr. America and this match is over. This was sad to watch, it made me sad and I want to erase it from my memory.

Winner: Mr. America over Roddy Piper via Leg Drop!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Kevin Nash W/ Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (C) W/ Ric Flair

Stephanie asks Triple H to be careful for this match? How bizarre but the show must go on, this match has an interesting story with Triple H being the big dog in The WWE like Nash was before he left, Nash wants to be with his friends Michaels and Triple H but Triple H backstabbed Nash by kicking Nash right in the dick. That led to Backlash where Triple H PINNED Nash, the challenger for the championship. In my eyes, there is no point in having this match, Nash had been beaten by Triple H without being built up, it is silly.

Match begins on the stage, Michaels pummels Flair. Nash has The Game in the ring, elbow to the head. Knees in the corner, back drop by Nash. Big boot by Nash, scoop slam by Nash. Elbows by Nash, Triple H rakes the eyes and tries getting disqualified but Nash clotheslines Triple H. Nash lowers his head off an Irish whip, Triple H nails a swining neckbreaker. Corner clothesline by Nash, right hands by Nash. Nash shoves the referee, Earl Hebnar pulls off Nash. Triple H clotheslines the referee, low blow by Triple H.

Triple H exposes a top turnbuckle, Nash blocks the turnbuckle spot. Sidewalk slam by Nash, elbows by Nash followed by a big boot. Nash shoves down the referee for a second time, Nash is shoved into the turnbuckle. Pedigree by Triple H, Nash kicks out of The Pedigree. Triple H tries another Pedigree but Nash elevates Triple H to the floor. Triple H has his sledgehammer, Earl Hebnar is decked with the sledgehammer. Nash pummels Triple H up the stage before Nash executes a Jacknife Powerbomb through The RAW annouce table.

Yeah that did not work for the fans or me, I understand you are building it as two men who want to kill one another but the action in the ring does not match the story. Triple H is decking the referee as opposed to trying to kill Nash. Triple H was working a cat & mouse style but that lasted about a minute or two before we had a referee bump. Raw main events have been a pain in the ass to watch since the brand-split.

Winner: Kevin Nash over Triple H via Disqualification!

Bischoff/Austin Segment

Austin and Bischoff are still drinking, Bischoff cannot drink like Austin and ends up puking on the fans. Austin covers Bischoff in beer, we have replays of Bischoff puking, lovely that is what I wanted to see while watching this pay per view.

(WWE Women's Championship Match) Trish Stratus vs Jazz (C) vs Victoria vs Jacqueline

This division needs some fresh blood, Trish has improved greatly and it has led to some good matches but I do not know what else can be done for the division is at this point. You know the story, they all talk so highly of this era for women's wrestling but it looks like we peaked and it is all downhill from here. Trish & Jacqueline pull off a dosey doe spot and dropkick the heels out of the ring, arm drag by Jacqueline. Victoria drags Trish to the floor, Jacqueline hammers away at Jazz, suplex for two.

Victoria drops Jacqueline with a sidewalk slam, Jazz Bitch Clamps Victoria & Jacqueline. Trish nails Jazz with forearms, clothesline for two. Jazz dodges The Chick Kick for an STF, Victoria misses an enzuigiri and Jacqueline applies a half crab. Trish makes it to the ropes and Jazz kicks Jacqueline in the head, STF on Victoria. Trish dropkicks Jazz, jawbreaker by Jazz. Trish fires up on Jazz, Matrix bridge into The Chick Kick for two. Trish nails Jazz with her handstand headscissors, one to Victoria too. Trish is dumped to the floor after a failed Stratusfaction, Jacqueline tries for a northern lights suplex on Victoria, Jazz breaks it up with a splash and spikes Jacqueline with a DDT for the win.

Not a complete cluster, there was a nice few spots in there. Felt everyone had a move or two to shine, everyone brought something to the table so it was fine. Jazz continues to dominate while Trish & Victoria raise the bar with veterans like Jacqueline.

Winner: Jazz over Everyone Else via DDT!

(WWE Championship Match) Brock Lesnar (C) vs The Big Show (Stretcher Match)

Match came about as Big Show injured Rey Mysterio by wrapping Mysterio around a ringpost, Big Show is a big bully but he might have met his match in Lesnar. Story going into the match is how can Lesnar get Show onto a stretcher. As I glance at my clock, I see this match is going to be at least 10 to 12 minutes long, this is worrying as these two are served best together in brief. To win this match, you must wheel your opponent on a strecther past a yellow line at the top of the stage.

Lesnar cracks Show with the stretcher and to the floor, Show clubs his way back into the match but Lesnar shoves Show into the ringpost, Lesnar pushes the stretcher into Show's face but Show recovers to gorilla press lesnar onto the stretcher. Stretcher to the back by Show, Lesnar shoulder thrusts Show in the ring before Show catches Lesnar in a Chokeslam. Leg drop by Show, Lesnar is on the stretcher but Lesnar kicks off Show until Lesnar eats a massive clothesline from Show. Stretcher to the back by Show, giant headbutt by Show. Lesnar comes back with the stretcher, Lesnar chokes show with a camera cable.

Show is choked out but Lesnar's attempts to place Show on the stretcher do not work so Lesnar spears Show and slams Show on the stretcher. Lesnar rams Show with the stretcher, they enter a tug of war with the stretcher before Show backs Lesnar into the ring apron. Lesnar is sent into the ringpost, Show whacks Lesnar with a stretcher. Lesnar is thrown into the ring, Lesnar recovers and sends Show crashing into a stretcher at ringside. Mysterio nails Show with a 619 to the balls, Show clobbers Mysterio with a clothesline. Here comes Lesnar with a forklift, Mysterio chokes out Show before Lesnar leaps from the forklift onto Show with a clothesline.

Shoulder thrusts by Lesnar, suplex by Lesnar. F-5 by Lesnar, Lesnar places a stretcher on the forklift before Show is dragged onto the forklift. Lesnar drives Show over the line and Lesnar retains his championship.

That was way too long, the match did not die a death like Lesanr vs Cena from the month prior but these two were not meant to work a long match. Lesnar throwing around Show is great but you do not get to see that during this match. You get a lot of stretcher shots and slow walking around. Also, Mysterio needed in order for Lesnar to win? Not such a big bad champion after all are we Lesnar?


Winner: Brock Lesnar over Big Show via Forklift to Victory!

That was WWE's Judgement Day 2003, a mostly boring affair with only one match worth watching from the show. The ladder match was by no means excellent but entertaining and fun to watch as all men sold rather than quickly moving to the next spot, it is nice to see the effects of a ladder match on people. The opening match could have been fun with more time and I did not mind the women's match but the rest was just difficult to get through. I do not want to see wrestler I love growing old and decaying before my eyes, I do not want to see terrible Raw world championship matches and I certainly, do not need to see Big Show vs Lesnar for more than 5 minutes. Overall, this show was bad!

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