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WWE Unforgiven 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that gives you a bigger anti-climax than Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle’s son. WWE’s Unforgiven 2005 is our next review, Cena had overcome Chris Jericho and now had to deal with the hottest heel on the Raw roster in Kurt Angle, it has show-stealer written all over it while Matt Hardy continues his feud with Edge in a steel cage match that cannot be worse than their first encounter. Some of the other featured matches are Chris Masters vs Shawn Michaels, Carlito vs Ric Flair and Snitsky vs Big Show. 2005 has been a mostly good year for the company, will the momentum continue? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Angle and Cena are the focus with Bischoff putting Angle as the next obstacle for The Doctor of Thuganomics. Lots of hype for it as it should be, good stuff from the WWE.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Carlito © vs Ric Flair

It seems that at this time, Vince wanted that three-man team on commentary. Not a major issue but it sure does get frustrating listening to Coach on commentary. Flair has become a babyface in The Game’s absence, Carlito is a big cocky kid who thinks Flair is far too old to win the championship.

Lock-up and side headlock takedown by Flair, another side headlock takedown by Flair. Carlito pulls hair to escape, hammerlock by Flair. Carlito grabs the ropes, shoulder block and strut by Carlito. Hammerlock by Flair, stiff push in the back of Carlito. Shoulder thrust by Flair another hammerlock but Carlito elbows his way out. Right hand by Carlito, big chop by Flair. Flair looks for the figure four, Carlito scurries to the floor. Lock-up, Carlito pushes Flair into the corner. Right hands by Carlito, eye poke by Flair. Chops by Flair, right hands for good measure. Irish whip to the corner, Carlito clotheslines Flair. Ten punches by Carlito, inverted atomic drop and chop by Flair. Figure Four is blocked by Carlito as Flair is kicked to the floor.

Hotshot by Carlito, Carlito shoves Flair shoulder first into the ringpost. Flair is sent into the steel steps, two for Carlito in the ring. Keylock by Carlito, chops by Flair but Carlito pulls down Flair by the hair. Left hands by Carlito, elbows in the corner by Carlito. Irish whip and back drop by Carlito, two for the champion. Single arm DDT for two, keylock by Carlito. Left hands by Carlito, chops by Flair and a big back elbow. Knee drop by Flair, chop and Flair climbs to the top rope. Carlito gets nailed by a double axe handle, Flair finally hits a move off the top rope. Flair goes wild, Flair climbs again but Carlito dropkicks Flair for two. Carlito has his apple, Carlito takes a bite and Flair punches it out of Carlito’s mouth. Flair applies The Figure Four and Carlito taps.

Wow, a tremendous opening match from the legend Ric Flair. Flair was over like rover in Oklahoma, Flair has so many great qualities that you tend to look over the quality of the matches, Flair could make any segment and any match entertaining, this was one of those moments. Flair finally nailing a move off the top rope was a great spot and when Carlito tapped, it was amazing. Definitely, one of the highlights of the year, no doubt about that.

Winner: Ric Flair over Carlito via Figure Four!

Carlito Ignores Todd Grisham/Lita & Edge

Flair pulls out four women from the crowd to celebrate at the end of the night while Carlito storms away from an interview. Lita rubs Edge’s shoulders as they prepare for the match, Edge promises to beat the life out of Hardy and make Lita happy.

Vince’s Devils W/ Candice Michelle vs Ashley Massaro & Trish Stratus

So, Ashley won the Raw Diva’s search which did not go down well with Raw’s new stars in Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. Both turned heel and aligned with Victoria while Trish Stratus returned after about four months out of action from injury. Victoria and Trish begin, Victoria takes down Trish applying a Muta Lock before working the arm of Trish. Corner headscissors by Trish, Lou Thesz Press by Trish. Trish nails forearms and chops on Victoria, huge chop from Trish. Tag to Ashley, clothesline to Victoria. Low dropkick by Ashley for two, Torrie saves the match. Torrie fucks Ashley to the floor, Candice attacks Ashley. Slingshot leg drop by Victoria and a headscissors choke, reverse chinlock by Victoria.

Ashley is thrown to the canvas by Victoria, tag to Torrie. Torrie stomps and kicks Ashley, Ashley meets the canvas. Tag to Victoria, Ashley fights back before a massive knee. Front chancery from Victoria, Ashley begins walking to the corner. Torrie distracts the referee so Trish’s tag is missed, suplex by Victoria. Victoria looks for a top rope move, Ashley crotches Victoria. Tag to Trish, handstand headscissors by Trish, Torrie attacks Trish from the apron but Trish knocks Torrie to the floor. Victoria motions for her tilt-a-whirl sideslam but Trish counters with a headcissors. Matrix dodge and a double clothesline, spinebuster on Victoria.

Candice Michelle distracts the referee, Ashley knocks down Candice. Victoria ic caught, double takedown by Trish on Victoria and Torrie, Chick Kick by Trish and this match is over.

It was like slow motion when Ashley was in that ring but when Trish and Victoria got down to it for the brief time they were in the ring, they were so good. I wish we had more of those two going at it especially with Lita being out of the picture with the whole Matt vs Edge thing.

Winners: Trish & Ashley over Vince’s Devil via Chick Kick!

Flair and the ladies

Flair takes the four women into the back of the limo for some fun with champagne, Flair makes sure to take some Viagra before entering the limo, of course Vince would have Flair do that, that is some fun stuff. Flair being Flair, nothing better.

Big Show vs Snitsky

Two behemoths going at it, Snitsky has been in limbo since his feud with Kane while Big Show is making his first appearance on a Raw pay per view. The match begins hot with the two trading blows, huge toss by Show. Make it two tosses, headbutt by Show. Show steps all over Snitsky’s throat, Snitsky walks up the ramp before Show clubs the back of Snitsky. Huge chop from Show, Snitsky rolls to the floor which leads to Show missing a clothesline and Show’s arm smacks off the ringpost. Snitsky works the arm with a keylock, Show shoves off Snitsky. Show tries for a Chokeslam, Snitsky swats away the arm of Show.

Snitsky blocks the chokeslam a second time, Show bounces off the top turnbuckle. Back suplex by Snitsky, two for Snitsky. Show fires back at Snitsky, shoulder block by Snitsky. Big boot floors Show for two, another keylock by Snitsky. Show fights out for a spinebuster, Show kips-up using the ropes. Clotheslines by Show, corner splash and a shoulder block. Show calls for the end, Chokeslam and this match is over.

Kept it short which is a good thing, had a bit of psychology to it with the arm work and Show did sell the arm throughout, crowd did not give up on the two and it ended without a hitch so it was alright. Show beats the piss out of Snitsky after the match, some nice revenge for Show.

Winner: Big Show over Snitsky via Chokeslam!

Kerwin White vs Shelton Benjamin

I had no idea that this gimmick made it to pay per view, Chavo Guerrero is now Kerwin White, his hair has been dyed, White wears a sweater and carries golf clubs. White listens to Jazz and is as white as white can be. Benjamin slides out of the ring and decks White on the floor, clubbing blows by Benjamin. Back elbow by Benjamin, White eats a knee to the ribs. Scoop slam by Benjamin, running low clothesline by Benjamin. White goes low with a dropkick, Benjamin counters with a flapjack and clothesline for two. Benjamin misses a knee in the corner, chop block from White. Multiple elbows and stomps to the leg, White poses for the crowd. Shinbreaker by White, Benjamin counters for a roll-up. White rolls through for a brock lock.

Right hands by Benjamin who escapes, beautiful headscissors by White who poses for everyone. Two for White, right hands by White. Benjamin flips out of a monkey flip, Samoan drop by Benjamin. White regains control, Benjamin fires back with clotheslines and a backbreaker for two. Back drop by Benjamin, back suplex by Benjamin. Benjamin climbs to the top rope, White crotches Benjamin. Superplex by White, two for White. Drop toehold by White, White applies a single leg Boston crab. Benjamin rolls through for a catapult, White hits the top turnbuckle hard. White sneaks in a golf club, White runs into a T-Bone Suplex and it’s over.

I will give it a thumbs up for the fact that it is Kerwin White on pay per view but the match was nothing memorable, nothing that I will remember ten minutes from now. I don’t know where White could have got out of the gimmick but it does not last too long.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin over Kerwin White via T-Bone Suplex!

(Steel Cage Match) Matt Hardy vs Edge W/ Lita

Hardy came back for his match with Edge in this very personal rivalry but the first match was a train-wreck, Hardy was beaten like a chump in their first encounter, not the best way to make someone seem like a big threat or make good money off a rivalry.

Lock-up, it breaks down into right hands with Hardy winning the war. Edge blocks meeting the cage, Hardy does the same. Right hands by Edge, huge slap by Hardy. Hardy Irish whips Edge to the corner, Edge tries escaping the cage. Hardy catches Edge, double axe handle by Hardy. Edge tries crawling out the door, side headlock by Hardy but Edge counters with a back suplex. However, Hardy holds onto Edge’s head, shoulder block by Hardy. Side headlock takedown by Hardy, Edge rakes Hardy’s eyes to escape. Headbutt by Edge, right hands by The Rated R Superstar.

Edge tries escaping, Hardy yanks Edge down and nails a clothesline. Two for Hardy, Hardy drops Edge with a diving clothesline. Hardy calls for Twist of Fate, Edge shoves off Hardy, Hardy hits the cage face first and Edge plants Hardy with an Edge O Matic for two. Edge climbs once more, Hardy has Edge by the head. Hardy looks for a Side Effect off the top rope, Edge fights out with Hardy tumbling to the mat. Edge measures Hardy, missile dropkick to the back of the head. Back suplex by Edge, make it two. Edge continues to punish Hardy with right hands, similar to Summerslam. Hardy’s head is knocked off the steel cage, huge boot from Edge. Hardy looks dazed, DDT by Edge for two.

Edge powerbombs Hardy into the cage wall, turnbuckle powerbomb by Edge. Edge continues to beat on Hardy’s head, the referee asks Hardy if he can continue, Hardy continues to stand. Boot to the face by Edge, Edge places Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Edge fights back and looks for a powerbomb off the top rope, it connects. Hardy kicks out at two, Edge wants to walk out the door but Hardy has himself wrapped around Hardy’s leg. Edge decides to punish Hardy, Hardy bites Edge’s hand. Edge retaliates with huge right hands, Hardy counters with a flapjack. Hardy sidesteps a Spear, Side Effect for two. Edge reaches for the cage door, Hardy drags Edge back in but Lita hands Edge his briefcase. Hardy ducks the briefcase shot, Edge is tied up in the ropes. Hardy tees off with lots of fire, Edge is catapulted into the cage wall.

Running bulldog on the briefcase, Edge is rammed off every side of the cage. Lita begins scaling the cage, Hardy knocks off Lita. Edge is a bloody mess, right hands by Hardy in a reverse of the Summerslam scenario. Hardy has the briefcase, Hardy was about to clobber Edge from the top rope but Edge shoved the referee into Hardy. Edge Spears Hardy, Edge climbs towards victory. Hardy Side Effects Edge from the top rope, Lita has a steel chair. Lita breaks up Hardy’s pin.

Edge begins climbing towards the door, Lita has the briefcase. Hardy blocks the briefcase and Hardy drops Lita with a Twist of Fate. Edge Spears Hardy, Hardy kicks out of the spear. Edge begins climbing, Hardy is in pursuit. Edge is cracked off the steel cage and falls to the canvas. Hardy is on top of the cage, Hardy can climb over but he looks down at a broken Edge, Hardy Leg Drops Edge off the top of the steel cage for the win.

Great cage match, it might have been a bit show with Edge’s heat segment going on for a very long time but after that, it was all action. You had Matt punishing Edge for everything, you had Lita involved trying to push things into Edge’s favour, you had some crazy spots like the powerbomb, side effect and of course, the leg drop and a great ending in Matt tying up the score with Edge and putting on a performance that both men could be proud of at the end of the day, Angle and Cena would have their work cut out for them if they wish to top that match.

Winner: Matt Hardy over Edge via Leg Drop!

Bischoff/Cena Segment

Cena has an injured ankle, the doctor tapes it up with Bischoff mocking Cena. Bischoff plays it to perfection with Cena silently thinking about kicking Bischoff’s ass. Cena places tape over Bischoff’s mouth before walking away with Bischoff looking ready to burst a blood vessel.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hurricane & Rosey © vs Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade

Cade & Murdoch had beaten the champions in a non-title match which is essentially all the build we have for this match. As I said, they needed fresh blood and Cade & Murdoch are fresh blood. Hurricane and Cade begin, lock-up with Cade elbowing the smaller Hurricane. Scoop slam by Cade, Hurricane dodges an elbow. Right hands by Hurricane, armdrags by Hurricane. Murdoch eats an armdrag and a headscissors. Murdoch powders, Cade calms down his angry partner. Cade tags in Murdoch, Murdoch beats down Hurricane. Back elbow out of the corner by Hurricane, missile dropkick for not even a one-count. Tag to Rosey, drop toehold and headbutt combination for two.

Cade distracts Rosey, Murdoch tries a headbutt but Rosey’s head is harder. Rosey drives his ass into Murdoch’s head, Cade saves Murdoch. Cade tags in and knee drops Rosey for two, front chancery by Cade. Murdoch is obsessed with Lillian, Murdoch asks for a kiss. Hurrican saves Lillian with right hands, Murdoch catches Hurricane for a stiff DDT from the apron to the floor. Side headlock by Cade, back suplex by Rosey. Rosey looks down at his downed partner, Rosey knocks back Cade, back drop by Rosey. Corner clothesline and Murdoch eats a clothesline too. Murdoch pulls Cade out of the way from a corner clothesline, cover by Murdoch for two.

Elbow drops by Murdoch for two, trainers come down for Hurricane. Murdoch mounts Rosey for right hands, Cade clubs Rosey on the floor. Rosey is backed into the apron, two for Murdoch. Tag to Cade, body blows by Cade. Rosey double clotheslines Cade & Murdoch, Hurricane wants to compete and help his partner despite his condition. Hurricane brawls with Cade & Murdoch, Hurricane is nailed with a high and low combination, new champions.

That was fine, Cade & Murdoch were new so they were not over with the audience. I did like their antics though, Murdoch looks like a bizarrely funny Stan Hansen whole Cade seems to have a bit to him which I don’t remember. It’s a new team to work with, they are not very likeable which will be great for Hurricane and Rosey to work with. That DDT was also brutal too, props for Hurricane taking that bump.

Winners: Cade & Murdoch over Hurricane & Rosey via High & Low Combination!

Maria Interviews Masters

Maria is a blonde who knows nothing, she calls Masters a masturbate which Masters corrects her in saying he is the masterpiece. Masters compares himself to Michaelangelo’s David which Maria believes to be the ninja turtle. Masters continues and claims he will defeat Michaels with The Masterlock!

Chris Masters vs Shawn Michaels

So, Masters had debuted early in the year with an appearance on pay per view coming in the form of choking out a female bodybuilder. So, Masters first real feud in WWE comes against Shawn Michaels, I do not like Masters’ chances. Meanwhile, Michaels had went from heel back to face in no-time due to his program with Hulk Hogan falling apart due to egos and politics. The match begins with Masters applying The Masterlock to Michaels who was doing his pose, big stomps by Masters. Michaels counters the masterlock by sliding down and kicking off Masters. Michaels chops back at Masters, knee lift from HBK. Clothesline by Michaels, Masters is knocked to the floor.

Plancha by Michaels, right hands by HBK. Masters is sent into the steel steps, chop on the floor by HBK. Michaels has a chair, the referee takes the chair and Masters capitalizes, HBK meets the barricade. Masters powerbombs Michaels into the ringpost twice, Masters clubs down Michaels. Elbow drops and leg drop by Masters for two, delayed vertical suplex by Masters for two. Forearms to the back by Masters, HBK begins to fight back. Back drop by Masters, two for The Masterpiece. Backbreaker by Masters, Masters poses in the middle of the ring. Right hands by Masters, another backbreaker by Masters who holds Michaels in a submission hold. Michaels fights his out, right hands by HBK.

Michaels tries a crucifix, Masters turns it for a masterlock attempt. Masters is backed into the corner, chops by HBK. Michaels flips out of the corner, torture rack from Masters. Michaels fights out of the torture rack, sunset flip for two. Clothesline by Masters, military press slam by Masters. Masters motions for The Masterlock, Michaels is fighting the hold. Michaels uses the referee as a shield and low blows Masters, chops from HBK.

Flying forearm by HBK, kip-up and an inverted atomic drop. Huge clotheslines and a scoop slam, Michaels climbs to the top rope. Elbow drop, Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music. Masters dodges and clamps in The Masterlock, Michaels tries escaping by running up the turnbuckle, Michaels is fading. Crowd are chanting like crazy, Michaels hopes over the apron. Masters has to break the hold, Michaels did not escape. Hotshot by Michaels, Michaels tries a crossbody but Masters catches Michaels, turns it into The Masterlock but Michaels escapes and nails Sweet Chin Music for the win.

This was good and even great at certain points, Michaels is called the best in-ring performer of all-time, Michaels takes the twenty-two year old Masters and brings him to a fantastic fun match that had the crowd going absolutely nuts. The counters and transitions into The Masterlock were great, Masters’ finish was protected with Michaels not escaping the hold but rather using the rules to his advantage and that finish was awesome. Michaels had the crowd in the palm of his hands, they were just eaten everything the man did up. Tremendous stuff, a great match for Masters.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Chris Masters via Sweet Chin Music!

Flair is God!

The women leave the limo, all hot and sweaty before a very drunk and exhausted Flair leaves the limo with his pants down and collapses due to exhaustion. One of the best segments from the WWE, similar to Royal Rumble with Eddie Guerrero, it seems Flair was meant for WWE’s comedy!

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs Kurt Angle

Following Cena’s win over Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle attacked Cena as the new number one contender. Angle was the best heel on the roster at the time, just tremendous at what he does best: wrestle. Cena has a taped ankle, Angle is going to go after it, the question is Can Cena overcome Angle when he is not 100%? Match starts off with a shoulder block from Angle, hiptoss by Cena. Angle powders, frustrated by Cena. Lock-up, hammerlock by Angle. Fujiwara armbar by Angle, big knees to the arm. Cena has a side headlock, takedown by the champion. Shoulder block by Cena, make it two with Angle rolling out to the floor. Kick and right hands by Angle, big uppercuts by Angle. Hard Irish whip, Cena boots down Angle. Scoop slam and elbow drops by Cena for two, Angle is rammed off the top turnbuckle.

Sideslam by Cena for two, Angle rakes the eyes. Release German suplex by Angle, Cena eats uppercuts and stomps. Suplex by Angle for two, reverse choke hold by Angle, nasty MMA like forearms across the face by the challengers. Sunset flip by Cena for two, right hands by the champion. Hard Irish whip and belly to belly suplex by Angle, Angle poses for all the fans. Waistlock by Angle after a huge knee lift, Cena begins to mount a comeback with elbows before Angle nails a huge German suplex, two for Angle. Bodyscissors by Angle, Angle clamps on a rear-naked choke. Cena breaks free and DDTs Angle, slugfest between champion and challenger with Cena winning the war.

Clotheslines and shoulder block by Cena, fisherman suplex for two. Cena motions for The FU, Angle slides down the back of Cena for an Ankle Lock. Cena kicks off Angle, spinebuster by Cena for two. Irish whip to the corner, Angle is up in the FU, Angle counters for an Angle Slam, two for Angle. Ankle Lock, Cena kicks off Angle again. Spinning sideslam by Cena, Five Knuckle Shuffle for two. Angle clotheslines the referee by accident, FU by Cena but there is no referee. Angle low blows Cena, Angle has his gold medal. Cena is decked, Angle knee drops Cena’s ankle. Ankle Lock, Bischoff is here taunting Cena with the championship.

Cena reaches the ropes but Bischoff kicks off Cena’s arm. Angle drags back Cena, Cena kicks off Angle into Bischoff. Cena grabs his championship, Angle is smacked in the face with the championship and the referee sees that Cena used the championship. The referee calls for the bell and Kurt Angle is your winner by DQ. Before Lillian announces Angle as the winner, Cena FUs Bischoff. After the match, Angle beats up Cena. Angle wanted to put Cena through the announce table but Cena FUs Angle through the table.

That was not a good main event match from Angle and Cena, it was entertaining at times but never rose to the level I expect from Angle and the main event level Cena. The ankle was not worked at any point during the match, Angle did not even go near the ankle until the final ankle lock with Bischoff in the ring, why bring so much attention to the ankle if you do not plan on bringing it into the match. A DQ against the champion is lame too with the finish resembling JBL vs Batista at Great American Bash. I am all for prolonging this feud, I think we can get some good stuff out of it but this was not the way to go about it, have Cena go over by using the championship and hitting the FU, Angle would have a legitimate excuse for a rematch.

Winner: Kurt Angle over John Cena via DQ!

That was WWE’s Unforgiven of 2005, a good to great show at times. The only blight on the card was White vs Benjamin and the tag team championship match, both matches seemed to suffer from disinterest and gimmicks that were new and needed more time to be established. You have a lot of strong matches with Hardy vs Edge stealing the show, Flair vs Carlito was a lot of fun especially the segments that followed and Michaels made Masters look like a star in the ring. Cena vs Angle was good but no ankle work and a weak finish was not good in my opinion, it needed something more and to ignore the ankle was ridiculous considering the time they put into showing it. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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