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TNA Bound For Glory 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to the return of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that promises to never leave you but leaves you for Hollywood anyways! It’s TNA Bound For Glory 2006, the big show for Total Nonstop Action. The Icon Sting chases down Jeff Jarrett, The King Of The Mountain may have finally met his match in Sting while Styles and Daniels battle the devilish LAX for the tag team championships while we have a Monster’s Ball match along with the rest of the TNA regulars. Will they step it up on this night? At their Wrestlemania? Let’s get it on!

TNA X-Division Gauntlet Over The Top Battle Royal

Austin Starr and Sonjay Dutt begin the match, shoulder block by Starr. Dutt nails a headscissors, chops in the corner. Maverick Matt comes down to the ring next, Matt goes to work on Dutt. Starr and Matt come together, shoulder blocks and fist drops on Dutt. Pendulum elbow by Starr, clotheslines by Dutt. Jay Lethal is in at four, hiptoss into a dropkick. Lethal runs wild before an elbow from Starr, A1 comes down to the ring. The fans groan, poor A1 usually gets you cannot wrestle chants. Here comes Zach Gowan, of Smackdown fame. One-legged wrestler, Moonsault on Dutt.

Kazarian is number seven, poor guy is as bland at this stage in his career. Kaz and Matt eliminate Dutt first, poor Dutt deserves better. Number eight is Sirelda, someone more useless than A1. Kaz bitch slaps her, Sirelda destroys Kaz for his troubles. A1 takes out Sirelda, the irony is not lost on me. Shark Boy comes in next, Shark Boy runs wild with neckbreakers. Alex Shelley comes in, big crossbody by Shelley. D-Ray 3000 is here, apparently an old TNA favourite? Shark Boy and D-Ray team up, headbutts for everyone. Johnny Devine comes out next, Zach Gowan is stunned out of this match by Devine.

Everyone stumbles around punching one another, no attempts at eliminations. Primetime Elix Skipper comes out next, my favourite botch-ridden wrestler. Skipper slips off the top rope, I love this man! Short Sleeve Sampson is in, what is going on in TNA at this time? Norman Smiley is here, Smiley saves Sampson. The Wiggle comes out, Sampson is tossed out onto a referee. Petey Williams is the final entrant, the referee eliminates Norman Smiley and Elix Skipper. Canadian Destroyer on Lethal, Williams is dumped out by Shelley and Devine. Starr throws out Devine, we are down to three.

Starr, Shelley and Lethal. Starr elevates Shelley over, we are down to two. The match now ends in a pin-fall or submission, Lethal is dead from the destroyer. Starr takes his time, Lethal catches Starr with a Dragon Suplex for two. Lethal looks for his diving headbutt, Starr crotches Lethal, kick to the head and a Brainbuster for the finish.

The battle royal was fine, nothing special in terms of spot and action but there are two things that stick out about this match. First, TNA out of the Impact Zone is fantastic, this crowd is absolutely electric and they react to everything. Secondly: Austin Aries was a huge name in the indies by this point, reigning as ROH Champion, forming The Next Generation and stealing the show with the likes of Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. The fans love Austin Starr, a star is forming before their eyes.

Winner: Austin Starr over Jay Lethal via Starbuster!

Team 3D vs AMW vs The Naturals vs The James Gang

Four teams who are out of the championship picture, looking for a chance to become champions for the first time or again depending on their situation. Brother Ray starts smacking down every heel in sight, uranage slams and clotheslines. BG James and Brother Ray do their punch spots on the heels. The two turn on one another, Devon and Kip James go at it. Double knockdown, everyone is out on the floor.

AMW attacks The Naturals, Storm is stuck in the tree of woe. Tower of Doom spot, TNA chants everywhere. Knee drop by BG James misses, Catatonic is blocked. Pump Handle Drop on Harris, lariat by Stevens on BG James. Eye of The Storm by Storm, Devon nails Saving Grace. Jumping DDT by Douglas, Bubba Bomb by Brother Ray. Kip James nails The Famouser. Stevens almost steals the pin on Brother Ray, Brother Devon is crotched on the top rope. Dudley Death Device on Stevens, Douglas is caught for a headbutt from Brother Devon.

Team 3D want tables, Stevens nails a dropkick knocking down Team 3D. The Natural Disaster connects on Devon for two and a half, Douglas knees Stevens by mistake and The 3D spells the end of this match.

Not much of a match, I enjoyed the feud that was going between Team 3D and The James Gang, playing off their history in the WWF and how in their one match, The Dudleys cheated to win. AMW were fantastic with Styles and Daniels but it seems they have nothing to work with now, maybe it is time for a split just like Team Canada. This match was just there, filled the spot on the card, nothing more and nothing less.

Winners: Team 3D over Everyone Else via 3D!

(Monster’s Ball Match) Samoa Joe vs Abyss vs Brother Runt vs Raven

Not a fan for one reason: This is one hell of a waste of Samoa Joe who is undefeated and had beaten the champion Jarrett twice, this seems thrown together for Joe which annoys me. Raven and Runt work together at first, keeping out Joe and beating down Abyss. Joe runs wild on Raven and Runt, facewash for Raven. Abyss chokeslams Joe out of nowhere, Abyss chokes Joe. Runt and Raven attack Abyss again, double low blow. Abyss clotheslines Raven and flapjacks Runt. Abyss tosses Runt into the crowd, Raven clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Plancha by Raven connects, Joe launches himself onto everyone.

Raven and Joe battle up the ramp, Raven uses his mask to batter Joe. Abyss drags Runt up the ramp, Raven smacks Joe with the mask off the ramp and through the table. Runt is scaling the stage, Abyss gives chase. Abyss chokeslams Runt off the stage onto a platform below. Cameraman misses Abyss dive onto Runt, the platform which has been described as concrete like has folded under the weight of Abyss. Abyss gets two in the ring, Raven saves the match.

Hip splash by Abyss for two, shock treatment is prevented by Joe. Rights and lefts by Joe to Abyss and Raven, Raven is dropped to the outside. Inverted atomic drop and high kick by Joe on Abyss, Joe misses his senton. Joe kicks Abyss in the shin, chops by Joe. Massive slap by Joe, Abyss is powerslammed on the chair with Raven saving the match again. Raven drop toeholds Joe to the floor, Abyss wants his thumbtacks. Jake Roberts rows with Raven for no reason, Raven and Roberts are attacked by Abyss.

Abyss opens his bag, it is a bag of thumbtacks. Joe lowbridges Raven, Abyss eats a massive forearm. Joe sentons Abyss’ face into the tacks, Abyss cries out in pain. Coquina Clutch by Joe, Raven saves the match again with a chair this time. Roberts DDTs Raven because fuck it, Muscle Buster by Joe on Raven for the win.

There was some good action in this match, Runt falling from the stage and Joe’s senton onto Abyss were highlights, I thought it was your typical Abyss match with it just building to Abyss eating shit on the tacks. A waste of Joe though, the man is the hottest in the company and the championship should be around his waist and not Jarrett.

Winner: Samoa Joe over Everyone Else via Muscle Buster!

(Loser Gets Fired Match) Eric Young vs Larry Zbyszko

So, Eric Young was in constant fear of being fired and now Young will be fired if he loses this match. Zbyszko was a constant annoyance for any babyface especially Raven due to his heelish antics and favouring of the likes of Jarrett and AMW. They stall for an eternity, they trade holds like the abdominal stretch. The referee is down already, Zbyszko pulls out brass knuckles. Young ducks, low blow by Eric Young. Young picks up the brass knuckles and Zbyszko is waffled in the face and just like that, Zbyszko is fired. Meh, Bleh, DUD!

Winner: Eric Young over Larry Zbyszko via Brass Knuckles!

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) Chris Sabin vs Senshi ©

These two stunk up the joint last time and why? Because some moron decided to involve Jackass and a blow-up doll, the crowd shat all over it as did I. Disgraceful stuff from the x-division. Sabin and Senshi start off trading pins, Sabin is the aggressor with big kicks before Senshi nails a kick to the back of the head. Shining elbow for a two, chops by Senshi. Sabin sells accordingly, snapmare into a shining elbow for two. Arm-bar from Senshi, Sabin battles back to his feet trading shots with Senshi. Irish whip to the turnbuckle, Senshi kicks down Sabin. Two for Senshi, snapmare into a bodyscissors.

Another chop war, Sabin uses forearms for his advantage. Kicks by Senshi, one to the back of the head. Two for Senshi, Sabin is left dangling on the apron before a massive dropkick by Sabin. The comeback is on, chops by Sabin. Senshi is tossed to the floor, Sabin nails a tope suicida. Senshi smacks off the guard rail, sole butt and enzuigiri by Sabin. Hesitation dropkick for two, cradle shock is countered for a dragon sleeper. Sabin backs Senshi into the corner, dropkick by Sabin. Springboard DDT by Sabin for two, top rope hurricanrana is countered as Senshi rolls through and nails a double stomp for two.

Senshi nails a springboard kick to the head for two, Sabin lays down clutching his face. The crowd is rallying behind Sabin, Senshi misses a corner clothesline. Yakuza Kick by Sabin in the corner, cradle shock attempt. Elbows and Ki Crusher is blocked, Cradle Shock plants Senshi for two. Senshi is placed on the top rope, top rope cradle shock is the idea. Senshi kicks out, massive kicks to the chest. John Wu dropkick, Warrior’s Way connects big time. 1…2.. Sabin places his foot on the ropes. Dragon sleeper, Sabin eats elbows but counters for a small package for the win.

While the action was exciting and entertaining from beginning to end, I did not feel the story they were trying to tell. This was about Sabin’s redemption, I did not feel Sabin struggled throughout this match, I never felt it for a second. Senshi never dominated, Senshi did not push Sabin to his limits. It was just too back and forth for that kind of story and I did not feel Sabin overcame the unstoppable Senshi.

Winner: Chris Sabin over Senshi via Small Package!

(8 Mile Street Fight Match) Christian Cage vs Rhino

Christian turned heel out of nowhere really, feuding with Rhino instead of facing the wrath of Sting, Rhino has a concussion going into this match so this brawl starts out on the street. Rhino batters Christian, they come back to the arena. Rhino is on a Zamboni, Christian is stuck on top of the Zamboni. Christian is punched off the Zamboni, Christian rakes the eyes and uses a street lamp to attack Rhino. Rhino dodges and wallops Christian, Rhino throws all sorts of weapons into the ring, Christian grabs a chair and waffles Rhino in the face. The Gore has failed, Rhino is not in good shape now.

Crowd brawling time, we come back ringside. Rhino sets up a table by ringside, Christian rakes the back. Belly to belly suplex by Rhino, Rhino sets up a table in the corner. Christian escapes a slam with a roll-up, two for Christian. 8 Mile road sign to the head of Rhino, Rhino has donned that crimson mask with the blood spilling down his face. Right hands to the head of Rhino, Rhino eats the ladder to the ribs. Unprettier in the middle of the ring for two, really wasted the move there. Ladder to the face of Rhino, ladder tossed onto Rhino. Christian has a straight-jacket, Rhino is defenceless. Conchairto, Rhino rolls out of the way, big boots by Rhino. Headbutt to the groin, Rhino asks the referee to save him.

Rhino is saved, Rhino has Christian by the apron. The two are on the apron, Rhino smacks Christian back into the ring.  Very ugly way of getting to the spot but eventually, we get Rhino Driver through the ringside table. Rhino misses the gore through the table as Christian side-steps Rhino. Two for Christian, Unprettier on the leftovers of the table, two for Christian. Rhino is buried under a tonne of tables, ladders and chairs. Christian smacks his creation with Rhino buried underneath, the fans chair and erupt as Rhino is not moving.

Nope, not for me. Rhino kicking out of two Unprettiers? Rhino of all people kicking out of two? Sloppy in parts, especially in the table piledriver spot. But the monster’s ball was more brutal and to have two hardcore matches on one show just does not work for me especially when they perform like that, I expected more hatred but it only came out in that final spot.

Winner: Christian Cage over Rhino via Conchairto!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match) AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels © vs LAX W/ Konnan

We start off hot with everyone brawling, Homicide eats a backbreaker. Daniels and Styles batter Hernandez, drop toehold and knee drop. Leaping leg lariat by Daniels, Hernandez out-powers Styles and tags in Homicide. Styles nails his signature dropkick, tag to Daniels. Back drop and lariat combination for two, tag to Styles. Hair-slam by Homicide, backbreaker by Styles for two. Homicide sends Styles into the cage, in comes Hernandez. Styles is tossed hard into the cage, Daniels eats a boot and clothesline from LAX.

Exploder suplex by Homicide on Daniels, electric chair drop and elbow by LAX for two. Chinlock by Homicide, belly to belly suplex and tag to Hernandez. Homicide is handed a weapon by Konnan, Daniels is stabbed in the head by Homicide. Daniels is bleeding everywhere, snapmare and tag to Hernandez. Hernandez chokes Daniels, Styles saves Daniels after a powerbomb. Daniels has tequila spat in his eyes and poured on his wound, Homicide wants a cutter off the top rope but Daniels nails a super hiptoss from the top rope. Styles receives the tag, springboard reverse DDT, springboard clothesline on Hernandez.

 Clotheslines by the champions, back drop for Homicide. Hernandez is flapjacked into the cage, high and low combination by the champions. Knee to Hernandez, dropkick by Styles too. Hernandez is scraped off the cage, Pele kick on Homicide. Fork to the eye of Homicide, Styles rakes at Homicide’s head. Forearm by Daniels, Homicide takes out Styles. Styles comes back with a Pele kick to Hernandez. Styles begins to climb the cage, Homicide and Styles are on top of that cage. Daniels comes up too, tower of doom but Styles is still in the air. Styles crossbodies onto Hernandez, massive spot.

1…2.. Homicide saves the match. Cutter by Homicide, Death Valley Driver by Daniels on Homicide, Hernandez belly to belly suplexes Daniels. Daniels is down, Hernandez is on top of the cage and misses his splash. Daniels cannot nail angel’s wings on Hernandez, Homicide has a coat-hanger from Konnan, Daniels is being choked out. Konnan is helping to choke Daniels, Styles fights back but it is two on one. Hernandex slaughters Styles with a clothesline, Gringo Killer on Styles for the win.

This was balls to the walls kick-ass type of match from some excellent workers. It is matches like this that make me sad for Daniels being overlooked for so long, Daniels is a tremendous performer and deserved so much more from the wrestling business. Homicide and Styles are freaks in the ring, Hernandez does his part as the big power man and Konnan on the microphone is money, the man is so easy to hate especially with the controversial uncomfortable racist remarks. Loved the use of the fork and the blood, cage matches need that kind of violence and the high-spots were all tremendous with each dive getting crazier and becoming more awesome, great match.

Winners: LAX over Styles & Daniels via Gringo Killer!

(TNA/NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sting vs Jeff Jarrett © (Career vs Title Match)

So, Sting came back to TNA but things were not as Sting wanted to be in TNA as Sting could not capture the gold and rid himself of Jeff Jarrett. As well as that, we have seen Sting fail against Jarrett which annoys me for the simple reason that they sacrificed Joe for Sting’s big moment yet they did this match already which was bullshit for that heel turn of Christian. Anyways, once again we have Jarrett as the big nasty heel who has battered everyone and it is time for Jarrett to pay.

Jarrett hiptosses and armdrags Sting with ease, Jarrett feels that there is only one man showing up tonight. Knee by Jarrett, shoulder blocks by Jarrett. Sting blocks Jarrett before Jarrett nails another hiptoss. Sting looks a little shaken, side headlock by Sting. Right hand by Jarrett, dropkick by Jarrett. Sting rolls to the floor, the weight of placing his career on the line is affecting Sting big time. Jarrett spits on Sting, Sting finally comes into the match. Powerbomb and that’s a crazy first move to hit in a match, dropped across the top rope and clothesline to the floor.

Brawling on the floor, Jarrett meets the guard rail. Jarrett sends Sting into the guard rail, Angle takes a chair from Jarrett. Suplex on the ramp by Sting, DDT by Jarrett on Sting as Angle is cracked with a chair. Sting is dropped on the guard rail, big sleeper from Jarrett. Botch from the two veterans as we have mid-ring collision. Angle nails an Olympic Slam as the referee was going to end the match with a double count-out. Sting and Jarrett brawl, inverted atomic drop and clotheslines.

Stinger Splash connects, Scorpion Death Drop for two. Sting is shocked by Jarrett surviving the drop, The Stroke out of nowhere for two. Tombstone piledriver by Sting for two, Sting climbs to the top rope. Low blow by Jarrett, Jarrett wants Super Stroke, Sting blocks and tosses Jarrett into the middle of the ring. Sting tries a splash, Jarrett avoids it with double knees. Figure Four, Jarrett applies the angle lock to mess with Angle. Sting shoves off Jarrett, Sting has his bat. Jarrett has his guitar, Sting no-sells the guitar. Scorpion Death Lock and Sting is champion.

Fair play to TNA for sticking to their guns on crowing Sting as champion, the crowd were not loud for a lot of this match, I won’t lie the poor fuckers had seen Jarrett main event nonstop for at least 4 years and I’d be sick of it too. I liked the way the match started with Sting doubting himself but it slipped after that, had referee bumps and Angle was involved a lot of it. The best part of this match is the last twenty seconds, Jarrett nails the guitar and Sting no-sells, absolutely ridiculous but I loved it as did the fans.

Winner: Sting over Jeff Jarrett via Scorpion Death Lock!

That was TNA’s Bound For Glory 2006, a solid show from TNA but was it worthy of being their Wrestlemania? I think not and I shall explain in just a moment but I must give credit where credit is due, I breezed through this pay per view. There were no points where I glanced away, wished I was doing something better or begged for something to end, everything went at a nice steady pace with no match overstaying its welcome. The action was solid for the most part with a few matches falling flat at times. The main event was ok but nothing memorable albeit those last twenty seconds, Samoa Joe was wasted in a decent hardcore match, Christian vs Rhino lacked the heat it needed for such an intense street fight, Sabin did not sell me on the story of the babyface overcoming the unstoppable heel that was Senshi and most other matches were just there to fill space. The cage match was awesome though and if you need a reason to see this pay per view, it is the cage match. Thanks for your continued support and thanks for reading! Remember: There’s always another night!

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