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WWE Survivor Series 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that flies higher than the security guard that Braun Strowman killed! We are in for the last of the big four of 2005: WWE’s Survivor Series 2005. It’s the show where WWE said hang on a minute, we have two brands and we have never done a who is better match? That’s right, we have the likes of Melina vs Trish Stratus, Ric Flair continues his feud with The Game Triple H, Cena defends against Angle and the main event is a traditional five-on-five Survivor Series Style Elimination match between the two brands, who will reign supreme? Raw or Smackdown? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

It is all about surviving, the best of the best against one another deciding who is the man. The best of Raw and the best of Smackdown, Triple H wants to end Ric Flair’s career and the deck is stacked against John Cena. It is very good stuff, gets you hyped for what you are about to see and I love it.

(WWE United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit  vs Booker T W/ Sharmell

This was a best of seven series with Booker T turning heel after following the words of his wife Sharmell who told Booker that Benoit was simply not his friend. They engaged in a war over the championship with this being match one of said series, this is similar to the war the two had over the WCW Television Championship in the early parts of 1998. Bit of a stare-down with referee Charles Robinson enforcing a clean break. Lock-up, exploder by Booker. Lock-up, Booker backs Benoit into the corner. Benoit turns Booker and knees Booker and throws Booker to the floor. Lock-up, waistlock by Booker. Benoit reverses the waistlock and ties up Booker, Booker reaches the ropes.

Booker powders, test of strength. Side shuffle kick by Booker, back elbow by Booker. Benoit blocks a suplex for a snap suplex, clothesline by Benoit for two. Knees in the corner, Booker boots Benoit when Benoit comes running in for a clothesline. Sidewalk slam by Booker for two, armbar by Booker. Benoit fires out of the armbar but Booker locks in an abdominal stretch. Hiptoss by Benoit, armdrag and a knee to the head. Kick to the head by Booker off an Irish whip by Benoit, huge spinning kick by Booker. Two for Booker, hard Irish whip by Booker. Jacknife cover for two, neckbreaker by Booker for two. Reverse chinlock by Booker, Benoit battles back sliding out of a suplex and here comes German suplexes. Harlem Sidekick by Booker cuts off Benoit, two for Booker.

Benoit ducks a sidekick, dragon screw legwhip, Benoit tries for a sharpshooter but Booker reverses for a small package. Two for Booker, chops by Benoit. Clothesline by Benoit for two, three German suplexes by Benoit. Sharmell distracts Benoit who is on the top rope, Booker looks for a superplex. Benoit headbutts Booker to the canvas, Diving Headbutt by Benoit but Booker dodges. Oklahoma roll using the ropes and Sharmell for leverage, Booker wins the match.

A very subdued performance from both men, they could steal the show if they wished but it is a best of seven series, they are not going to go all-out in the first match. Despite the two not going balls to the walls, they still managed to entertain the crowd, building well to Benoit’s comeback and Sharmell furthering herself as the key to victory for Booker. It is funny, they leave Benoit in the ring like Royal Rumble 2003 when this match was nowhere near as intense or spectacular.

Winner: Booker T over Chris Benoit via Shenanigans!

Bischoff/Vince Mcmahon Segment

Vince wishes Bischoff the best of luck in his match with Theodore Long, Bischoff is confident ahead of his match, proclaiming victory against Long, victory against Team Smackdown and victory for Kurt Angle against John Cena. Cena walks in and runs off Bischoff, Vince says keep it up my nigga to Cena before running into Booker. Ah Vince, showing off his power because he can get away with it.

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Melina W/ Mercury & Nitro vs Trish Stratus © W/ Mickie James

Inter-promotional match with MNM abducting Trish Stratus, leading to this match for Melina. Trish mounts Melina to begin the match, Melina rolls to the floor. Trish dives onto MNM, MNM protect Melina on the floor. Trish swings Melina by the hair, handstand headscissors by Trish. Melina reverses an Irish whip to the corner and works the back of Trish, Melina chokes Trish using the ropes. Kick to the ribs by Trish, headscissors choke by Melina. Foot choke by Melina, Trish reverses Melina in the corner, foot choke by Trish. Eye rake and kick to the head by Melina, Melina shoves down Mickie James. Catfight on the floor, MNM look for The Snapshot on Trish. Why is there no DQ? The referee ejects MNM, Melina is irate.

Spear and forearms by Melina, Trish is bounced off the mat. Clothesline by Melina, Trish is rammed off the mat. Surfboard stretch by Melina, Trish fights back from her knees, forearms to the face. Stratusfaction is blocked, hair-pull takedown by Melina for two. Matrix spot is countered with an axe handle by Melina, Trish fights back once more. Forearms, Melina elbows Trish. Handstand headscissors by Trish, spinebuster for two. Melina ducks The Chick Kick, Melina dumps Trish to the apron off Stratusfaction. Mickie James pulls Trish out of the way, apron kick by Trish and a Stratusfaction for the win.

This match is a testament to how good Trish could be, she made Melina look like a threat in this match. Melina did not look weak or lost at any moment in this match, I wish Trish stuck around for years, she could have been great for newer stars. Also, I love the furthering of Mickie James and Trish, Trish was in danger before Mickie pulled Trish out of the way. You could easily pull this up with Mickie helping Trish and Trish starting to catch on, it could lead to more tension. It is all very well done, no wonder people look back on it so fondly.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Melina via Stratusfaction!

(Last Man Standing Match) Triple H vs Ric Flair

They had a hell of a match at Taboo Tuesday, they beat the piss out of one another. It was brutal and violent, loved every aspect of that match. Big win for Flair too, Flair was showing that there was still life in this dog despite his age. Anyways, starting the feud with a cage match was weird but the pay per view called for it and we follow the steel cage match with a Last Man Standing match. Match starts on the ramp, Triple H blindsides Flair and begins punching the face of Flair. Back elbow by Triple H, Triple H grabs a chair. Flair surprises Triple H with a kendo stick, Flair batters Triple H in the crowd. Triple H back drops Flair to ringside, suplex on the floor by Triple H. Referee begins counting, Flair makes it up to the apron. Triple H suplexes Flair into the ring. Elbow by Triple H, right hands in the corner by The Game.

Flair fights out of the corner, Triple H tosses Flair to the floor. Triple H sends Flair into the ringpost, Triple H pulls out a screwdriver. Flair is bleeding, Triple H digs the screwdriver into Flair’s head. Lots of stabbing by Triple H, Flair is on his knees as The Game pummels his former best friend. Triple H exposes his knee and drives it into the head of Flair. Flair begins battling back with chops, Triple H throws Flair to the floor again. Triple H begins taking apart the Spanish announce table. Flair desperately throws Triple H into the steel steps, eye poke by Triple H. Spinebuster on the floor by The Game, Triple H has a microphone and begins talking trash to Flair. Testicular claw by Flair, Triple H waffles Flair with the microphone, Triple H has Flair on the announce table for a Pedigree.

Flair reverses and back drops Triple H through the other announce table. Triple H stands at a count of nine, chops and rights by Flair. Flair ducks his head off an Irish whip, knee facebuster by Triple H. Right hand by Triple H, The Game has a chair. Triple H hesitates, mounted punches by Triple H. Flair asks for more, right hands by Flair. The Game batters Flair down, Triple H’s Pedigree is blocked with a low blow. Flair smashes Triple H with a chair shot, Flair bites the head of Triple H. Low blow by Flair, Flair pulls The Game groin first into the ringpost. Flair continues to send The Game’s testicles into the ringpost. Chop block by Flair, stomps by The Nature Boy. Chop block by Flair, The Game kicks off Flair. No figure four today, Flair trips up Triple H sending his legs into the ringpost.

Flair whacks Triple H’s legs with a steel chair, Figure Four by Flair. Flair uses the ropes for leverage, Triple H is tapping out in pain. Clothesline by Triple H, Triple H has the steel steps. Steel steps to the face, Flair drop toeholds Triple H into the steel steps. Chops by Flair, Flair Irish whips Triple H. Triple H catches Flair with a Pedigree out of nowhere. Flair manages to stand, another Pedigree. Flair flips off Triple H and stands, right hands by The Game. Third Pedigree, Flair shows signs of life so Triple H grans his sledgehammer. Flair is walloped in the back with the sledgehammer, Triple H wins.

Very good match, Flair and Triple H had the story and the chemistry with one another to make a tremendous program. They start off hot with a brawl all around the arena and Flair is busted open within seconds. It had the violence and some great spots like the screwdriver or Flair refusing to die. Flair had some good offense too, I liked the leg work and the multiple low blows. I guess if there was an issue with the match, it would be that Flair seemed to have no kill-shot in his arsenal, the figure four was not going to keep The Game down. However, it was a lot of fun and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands, another masterful performance from Ric Flair.

Winner: Triple H over Ric Flair via Sledgehammer Shot!

Batista is The Leader!

JBL and Orton argue about who is leader before Batista shows everyone who is boss. Team Smackdown are ready to kick some serious ass, we also have Edge insult a local sports star. I was not really interested so I skipped it.

(WWE Championship Match) John Cena © vs Kurt Angle

Daivari is the special referee for the match, Daivari is firmly in the corner of Kurt Angle. Glad that Daivari was able to find a role for himself following the departure of Muhammad Hassan. With this feud, Cena was in with one of the best in Kurt Angle. The first match had not blown me away while the triple threat was mostly Angle vs Michaels with Cena taken out after being sent through an announce table. Hoping that Cena vs Angle lights up the arena this time around.

Lock-up, Cena pushes back Angle. Takedown and leg work by Angle, Cena cannot kick off Angle who continues to wrench the ankle of the champion. Armdrag by Cena, shoulder blocks before Angle bails to the floor. Daivari does not allow Cena to attack Angle on the floor, Daivari counts as slow as possible. Mixed crowd reaction for Cena, Angle clubs down Cena in the ring. Back elbow and hiptoss by Cena, fisherman suplex with Daivari not counting. Cena jaw-jacks with Daivari, Angle has the Ankle Lock. Cena reaches the ropes but Daivari kicks off Cena’s arm. Cena kicks off Angle, Cena slaps Daivari in the face. Daivari threatens to DQ Cena but Angle begs Daivari to reconsider, Cena shoulder blocks Angle into Daivari.

Belly to belly suplex on the floor by Angle, new referee and Angle gets two. Mounted punches and snap suplex by Angle for two, bodyscissors by Angle. Crossbody by Cena for two, right hands too. Angle belly to belly suplexes Cena, knee lift by Angle. Foot choke by Angle, back suplex by Angle for two. Reverse chinlock by Angle, jawbreaker escape from Cena. Big DDT by Cena, slugfest with Cena nailing his shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Spinning side slam by Cena, Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena. Angle clotheslines the referee to avoid an FU, low blow by Angle. Angle Slam for two, Cena is on the top rope. Angle nails a superplex, two for Angle.

Angle climbs to the top rope, Cena avoids the moonsault. FU but Angle uses the referee for leverage, clothesline by Angle. Angle uppercuts the referee and goes to grab Daivari. Cena DDTs Daivari, the Smackdown referee is in the ring. Cena catches Angle for an FU and Cena retains his championship.

Wow, that sucked a whole lot of ass. They skipped all the drama like they were short on time or something. They did not tease Daivari doing a good job, they just showed their hand instantly with Daivari helping Angle. Angle went right for The Ankle Lock, there was no struggle, there was no reason to care about this match. In all my time covering Kurt Angle matches, I would say I have never seen such a horrid match in terms of story and action from Angle.

Winner: John Cena over Kurt Angle via FU!

Eric Bischoff vs Theodore Long

Lucky me, I have to see this match. Lots of stalling, karate poses and shite. Bischoff chokes Long with his martial arts belt. Long is choked some more, coquina clutch by Bischoff. Long takes off his shoe and batters Bischoff, Bischoff throat thrusts Long. Long is kicked over, Boogeyman’s music hits. Bischoff tells the referees to catch The Boogeyman, little does Bischoff know that The Boogeyman is in the ring. Boogeyman chokes Bischoff and slams Bischoff into the mat to give Long the win. DUD!

Winner: Theodore Long over Eric Bischoff via Pumphandle Slam!

(Traditional Survivor Series Style Elimination Match) Team Raw (Chris Masters/Carlito/Kane/The Big Show/Shawn Michaels) vs Team Smackdown (Batista/Rey Mysterio/Randy Orton/JBL/Bobby Lashley)

Now, this is a good angle. We have had a brand split since 2002 but we have never had the two go head to head to see who is the superior show. We finally have a match to decide who is the best with the two factions going to war. Unfortunately, things are very much in the favour of Smackdown starpower wise but if you expect Shawn Michaels to be outperformed by anybody, you have another thing coming.

Orton and Michaels to begin, lock-up with Orton shoving back Michaels. Clean break from Orton, lock-up with Michaels being backed into the corner again. Slap from Orton, Michaels slaps back. Lock-up and side headlock takedown by Michaels, slap by HBK. Chop by HBK, boot to the face of Orton. Orton kicks Michaels in the face after Michaels lowers his head off an Irish whip. Uppercut by Orton for two, scoop slam and knee drop by Orton. Michaels tags in Masters, shoulder blocks by Masters. Orton rakes the eyes and clubs Masters, knee lift by Orton. Masters bounces Orton off the turnbuckle, chops and shoulder block. Two for Masters, uppercut and clubbing blows by Orton.

Lashley is in, Masters tries a shoulder block. Powerslam by Lashley, Lashley misses a corner clothesline. Clothesline by Masters, Masterlock attempt. Lashley blocks it, belly to belly suplex by Lashley. Masters tags Carlito, Carlito does not want Lashley. Lashley yanks in Carlito, right hand has no effect on Lashley. Clotheslines by Lashley and a running powerslam for two. Carlito elbows Lashley, tag to HBK. HBK is yanked off the top rope, clothesline by Lashley. Scoop slam by Lashley, belly to belly suplex by Lashley. Carlito comes into the ring, Dominator for Carlito. Lashley looks for a Dominator on HBK, Kane Chokeslams Lashley from the apron.

Lashley has been eliminated via Chokeslam!

Mysterio is in with HBK, Kane kicks Mysterio in the spine. Tag to Masters, elbow drops by Masters. Military press slam by Masters, tag to Kane. Mysterio dodges an elbow from Kane, low dropkicks by Mysterio. Standing moonsault for two, big boot by Kane on Mysterio. Kane works the back of Mysterio, foot choke by Kane. Backbreaker by Kane, two for Kane. Kane backs Mysterio into the corner, bearhug by Kane. Mysterio bites his way out, tag to Batista. Right hands by Batista, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Clothesline by Batista, Kane elbows Batista and goes to the ribs. Spear by Batista, clotheslines for Team Raw. Big Show is in, Batista blocks a Chokeslam. 619 on Kane, Spinebuster and Kane has been eliminated. Kane and Show Chokeslam Batista to finish off The Animal.

Kane has been eliminated via Spinebuster!

Batista has been eliminated via Chokeslam!

JBL is in the ring with Show, Show clotheslines and chops JBL. Orton eats a boot, Mysterio is caught and tossed to the floor. Orton hotshots Show from the apron, Clothesline From Hell by JBL. Tag to Mysterio, 619 by Mysterio. Tag to Orton who nails a massive RKO on Show. Tag to JBL who blasts Show with a Clothesline From Hell. Tag to Mysterio, seated senton and Show has been eliminated.

Big Show has been eliminated via Springboard Senton!

The match breaks down with Masters and Mysterio in the ring. Hard Irish whip by Masters for two, tag to Carlito. Snap suplex and foot choke by Carlito, leg drop for two. Reverse chinlock by Carlito, Masters tries reviving Michaels who is down at ringside following a fallaway slam from JBL. Mysterio fights out, JBL tags in off Mysterio. Springboard moonsault by Mysterio, Carlito catches Mysterio but in comes JBL with a Clothesline From Hell for the elimination.

Carlito has been eliminated via Clothesline!

JBL and Masters brawl with JBL eye poking Masters. In comes Mysterio, springboard crossbody for two, Masters Irish whips Mysterio into the corner. Corner spear by Masters, the second spear misses. Drop toehold into the ropes, 619 and springboard leg drop by Mysterio for the elimination. Team Raw is down to just Shawn Michaels.

Chris Masters has been eliminated via Springboard Leg Drop!

Michaels is in the ring, hard chop to Mysterio. Drop toehold by Mysterio, 619 connects by Mysterio but Mysterio dives into a Sweet Chin Music for the elimination. JBL tries a Clothesline From Hell but Michaels ducks and we have another Sweet Chin Music for another elimination.

Rey Mysterio/JBL have been eliminated via Sweet Chin Music!

Orton tries RKO but Michaels shoves off Orton. Michaels tries Sweet Chin Music but Orton holds onto the ropes and powders. Michaels dives onto Orton for a plancha, chops by Michaels. Flying forearm by Michaels, kip-up. Inverted atomic drop and clotheslines by HBK. Scoop slam, elbow drop by Michaels. Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music, JBL is in the ring with a chair. Michaels dodges and drops JBL with Sweet Chin Music but Orton pounces for an RKO and it is goodnight for HBK. The Smackdown locker room celebrates but the gong hits and Undertaker shows what happens to those who fuck with The Deadman.

This was a lot of fun, I do not think it could touch the 2003 match. That was just off the charts for drama and Michaels’ performance was phenomenal. This match was very good though, I liked all of the eliminations except Lashley. When originally preparing for the match I wrote down Matt Hardy as the final member of the Smackdown team so I was a little shocked to see Lashley there considering his pay per view debut came the month before. His elimination did him absolutely no favours, a Chokeslam by Kane from the apron seemed a bit weak for the new badass on Smackdown. Michaels was great as usual, made something as simple as a slam on the floor look like death and he just lay there for a few moments and you had the drama of the three on one in place. Shame that there was no beatdown from Orton or JBL to further build sympathy for Michaels, they went straight into the end but it was still great fun to watch.

Winners: Team Smackdown over Team Raw via RKO!

That was WWE’s Survivor Series of 2005, a hit and miss show for one of the big four of the year. The main event delivered it was non-stop fun all over the place with a cool angle to signal the final chapter of Taker vs Orton which had spanned over nine months. Flair vs Triple H was violent and told a good story, I might prefer their first encounter in the cage but they were both great matches to watch. Melina looked really good with Trish, Trish proved to me that she could carry in the ring and was at the peak of her powers. Benoit vs Booker I cannot complain too much it was the first of a series I expected not much, Long vs Bischoff was awful. Finally, I have no idea what happened in Angle vs Cena, it was such a bizarre match from a psychology standpoint, it did not work to either man’s benefit, it did not play to their strengths, it was a shambles. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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