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WWE Wrestlemania 21 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that never gets an invite to a Superkick Party! It’s the big one, it’s Wrestlemania 21 where a year’s worth of storylines come to an end, where we find out how WWE will be shaping up for the next year and in this case, where we see the stars who will lead the company going forward. Huge matches for the likes of Orton, Cena and Batista, a concept known as Money in The Bank is born and WWE goes Hollywood. This is a huge show and a pivotal turning point in WWE but has nostalgia clouded my judgement? Will I still be a member of The Chain Gang? Will Batista be the man to dethrone Triple H? Can Orton hack it as a main event heel? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

WWE goes Hollywood, one of the best promo segments ever as our favourite WWE superstars recreate famous movies like Dirty Harry, When Harry Met Sally, Taxi Driver, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction and Basic Instinct. And of course, we finish off with Austin as The Gladiator. Wonderful stuff from WWE, still remember it so vividly.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

While Latino Heat and Mysterio are tag team champions, Mysterio seemed to have Eddie’s number on multiple occasions. Eddie wants to get it done as a singles star, Mysterio is up for fighting against his partner. Side headlock by Eddie, Mysterio flips out of a firemen’s carry for a flying forearm for two. Eddie applies an armbar after an armdrag. Sunset flip by Mysterio, Eddie rolls through and catapults Mysterio to the floor. Eddie tries a baseball slide, Mysterio jumps in the ring and teases diving to the floor.

Monkey flip by Mysterio, keylock by Eddie. Mysterio flips out of a back drop, shoulder block and monkey flip by Mysterio. Eddie elevates Mysterio to the apron, right hand knocks Mysterio to the floor. Plancha by Eddie, two for Eddie. Surfboard by Eddie, back suplex by Eddie for two. Romero Special by Eddie, STF by Eddie. Transition into an armbar, Mysterio elbows out and drops Eddie with an armdrag. Baseball slide by Mysterio, twisting corkscrew plancha by Mysterio. Mysterio nails a springboard senton, Eddie slows down Mysterio with a back elbow. Mysterio counters the three amigos for an O Connor roll, two count for Mysterio. Eddie takes over with a backbreaker, three amigos connects this time.

Mysterio counters a fourth suplex for a headscissors, Eddie avoids The 619. Eddie connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, two for Eddie. Eddie goes back to the three amigos, Eddie lands it and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Mysterio dodges at the last second, la magistral by Mysterio but Eddie counters for his own pin, two for Latino Heat. Mysterio kicks off Eddie, drop toehold by Mysterio. 619 by Mysterio, The West Coast Pop is countered for a powerbomb, two for Eddie. Mysterio runs at Eddie and scores the upset win with a hurricanrana.

Unfairly, this match and any match by these two will always be haunted by “It was not The Halloween Havoc Match”, I understand this but this was a great match. Mysterio and Eddie have tremendous chemistry, they incorporate lucha libre influences into the match, it is fast-paced with some great counters and transitions. Mysterio is so ridiculously smooth, makes me look on in awe each and every time he steps into the ring, Eddie is fantastic too. Love the finish and the story they are telling with Eddie reaching his breaking point after so many losses. You could see the seeds being planted for the heel term, it was just a question of when.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Eddie Guerrero via Hurricanrana!

(Money In The Bank Ladder Match) Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Chris Benoit vs Christian vs Edge vs Shelton Benjamin

The first ever Money in The Bank, memories ladies and gentlemen. Ok, the setup is simple: Grab a ladder and climb it to retrieve the briefcase, the briefcase grants you a world championship match whenever you want, you could do it backstage, at the start of the show you name it and you could do it. Everyone goes after Kane to begin, Benoit & Benjamin double suplex Kane on the floor. Christian has the ladder on the ropes before Jericho see-saws the ladder onto Christian’s face. Jericho takes down Benjamin with a bulldog, triangle dropkick for Benoit & Edge. Christian dives onto Benoit, Jericho and Edge. Benjamin dives onto Benoit, Jericho, Edge, Christiana and Tomko. This is topped by Kane diving onto everyone, Kane begins to batter fools with his ladder.

Jericho dropkicks the ladder into Kane’s face, Jericho runs over Benjamin. Benoit German suplexes Jericho and climbs for the briefcase, Kane tries a Chokeslam but Benoit counters for The Crippler Crossface. Edge gets caught too, Kane smacks Benoit in the face with a ladder. Kane sandwiches Benoit’s arm with the ladder, Benoit’s arm is destroyed. Edge Spears Kane hard, Edge and Christian sandwich Kane with the ladder. Benjamin nails a springboard double clothesline on Edge & Christian. Benjamin Dragon Whips Christian, Edge clubs down Benjamin. Benjamin is whipped hard into the ladder, Edge measures for a Spear but Benjamin flapjacks Edge into the ladder in the corner.

Benjamin nails Edge with a Stinger splash, Benjamin is close to winning but here comes Jericho. Christian sets up a ladder next to Benjamin & Jericho, Edge has a third ladder. Christian drops Benoit with a single arm DDT off the top of the ladder, Jericho is shoved off by Edge. Benjamin T-Bone Suplexes Edge off the ladder, Jericho and Christian are in the ring. Christian’s face is hopped off a ladder, Jericho climbs and Benjamin runs up a ladder propped against another ladder to clothesline Jericho, ridiculous spot from Benjamin. Benjamin is knocked off the top of the ladder by Christian, Kane takes out Christian. Kane Chokeslams Benjamin, Tomko enters the ring and big boots Kane.

Tomko helps Christian climb towards the briefcase, Kane clotheslines Tomko to the floor and Kane shoves off Christian who falls into the arms of Tomko on the floor. Kane has a hand on the briefcase, Jericho meets Kane on the ladder. The ladder teeters with Jericho falling to the floor and Kane hotshotting on the top rope. Benoit crawls in with one arm. Benoit sets up a ladder in the corner, seeing Kane on the floor, Benoit has only one thought.

From the top of the ladder, Benoit nails a Diving Headbutt. Benoit picks himself up and crawls towards the briefcase, Kane sits-up which distracts Benoit. Right hands by Benoit, Kane grabs Benoit’s throat. Benoit fights him off with headbutts, Kane crashes to the mat. Edge waffles Benoit with the steel chair in Benoit’s injured arm, Edge climbs up and we have our first ever winner of The Money in The Bank.

Fantastic fucking match, so many well done parts and pieces to this match. The beginning of The Ultimate Opportunist, Edge was a scumbag who stole his way into the big matches, coming in at the end to steal the win was so fitting for his character. Everyone had moments with the dives, Benoit’s headbutt. Christian and Edge teaming up, Kane tipping Christian onto Tomko and Benjamin’s athleticism. There was so much awesome about this match, they set the standard for future ladder matches and I loved that they setup the finish early in the match with Benoit’s arm being destroyed by Kane, it was perfect for the finish. Benoit worked so hard and Edge went after the arm to steal the win.

Winner: Edge over Everyone Else via Retrieval of The Briefcase!

Eugene/Hassan/Hogan Segment

Eugene talks about his famous Mania moment being King Kong Bundy bodyslamming midgets, perfect stuff. Hassan is not happy with Eugene, Hassan makes a big deal of not being a part of Wrestlemania. Hassan attacks Eugene and who should come out but the man, the myth and the legend: Hulk Freaking Hogan. Incredible segment, pretty sure the arena shook it was amazing. What’s weird is Hogan did not give Eugene the rub, Eugene disappeared not even celebrating with The Hulkster.

The Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Having botched the babyface run of Orton through bad-booking, WWE went back to what made Orton loved by the fans, that being Orton as a cocky prick who was known as The Legend Killer. Orton’s opponent is the undefeated at Wrestlemania Undertaker, Orton slapped The Deadman and ran while Orton also dumped Stacy Keibler by RKO. Bob Orton has even hot involved, Bob asked Undertaker for mercy, it was ruse which led to Randy laying out Undertaker.

Taker corners Orton, slap by Orton. Taker backs Orton into the corner, side headlock by Taker. Dropkick and back body drop by Orton, Orton leapfrogs Taker but walks into a huge right hand. Elbows in the corner by Taker, Taker misses a splash in the corner, roll-up by Orton for two. RKO attempt goes wrong for The Legend Killer as Taker shoves Orton to the floor. Taker nails his signature leg drop across the apron. Taker motions for Old School, Taker misses a corner big boot. Dropkick by Orton and Taker bounces off the barricade, right hands by Orton. Uppercut by Orton, Taker nails a few rights but Orton is in control after a huge clothesline, two for Orton.

Orton lowers his head off an Irish whip, rolling DDT by Taker for two. Sidewalk slam by Taker for two, corner clothesline by Taker. Make it two, snake eyes but Orton dodges the big boot for a back elbow, two for Orton. Clubbing blows by Orton, Taker sits-up. Right hands by Orton, Taker clotheslines Orton for a two. Taker has locked in takin care of business, Orton counters for a DDT. Two for Orton, Orton sinks it a reverse chinlock. Taker fights out of the hold, sleeper by Orton. Taker counters for a back suplex, Taker boots an oncoming Orton but runs into a powerslam, Orton gets two for the powerslam.

Ten punches in the corner, Taker counters for a Last Ride but Orton slips out. The RKO is blocked as Orton is shoved into the referee, Taker goes for a Last Ride. Not sure what happens but Orton falls back and Undertaker stands up to eat a cast shot from Bob Orton. Orton covers Taker for two, Taker sits-up. Right hands by Taker, Taker boots Bob Orton off the apron. Chokeslam but Orton counters in mid-air for an RKO. 1….2…. Taker kicks out! Orton calls for The Tombstone, silly Orton as it is reversed and Taker Tombstones Orton and it is all over.

Tazz says it best Wow, this is what I signal as the beginning of Taker putting on amazing matches in the WWE. A lot of his time would be against giants and misfits but when Taker was given an actual good wrestler, Taker would knock it out of the park. It was super exciting and dramatic, back and forth. Taker made Orton look like a champ that Chokeslam into The RKO was perfection while Orton being so cocky that he tries The Tombstone = Priceless. It was sloppy in some parts, still not sure what happened with The Last Ride spot and there was a clothesline thing that went wrong but they are tiny nit-picks on a great Wrestlemania match.

Winner: The Undertaker over Randy Orton via Tombstone Piledriver!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus © vs Christy Hemme W/ Lita

This is sad because most of us know this should have been another match for Lita vs Trish, Lita’s injury screwed everything up sadly which leads us to Hemme, the winner of The Diva Search against six-time champion Trish Stratus. Trish was owning the Women’s division on Raw, nobody could touch Trish with Lita out injured and the company not using the likes of Victoria or Gail Kim.

Trish asks Christy to pin her, Trish shoves down Christy. Lock-up and Trish throws down Christy, Trish kicks Christy to the floor. Christy is rammed into the steel steps, Irish whip to the corner. Chops by Trish, shot to the gut while Trish skips and mocks Christy. Christy blocks The Chick Kick, low blow by Christy. Stomp to the sternum, cover by Christy for two. Chop by Trish, Trish mocks Lita. Sunset flip out of the corner by Christy for two, Trish spears Christy. Christy is kicked to the floor, Lita checks on Christy. Trish shoves Lita into the barricade, roll-up by Christy for two. Christy sweeps the leg of Trish, Trish begs for mercy.

Kick to the gut by Christy, Christy rams Trish’s head off the turnbuckle. Reverse Twist of Fate by Christy for two, Christy tees off with right hands on the champion. Trish O Connor rolls Christy for two, Christy gets a close two but walks into a Chick Kick, Trish retains her championship.

Well, that was a little hard to watch. It was clear Christy did not have a lot of training and barely knew her way around the ring, everything was in slow-motion and looked awful. Trish was calling spots super loud to lead Christy through it and they got there in the end but boy, was it ugly.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Christy Hemme via Chick Kick!

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

The feud began at The Royal Rumble, Angle entered the ring and dominated before Michaels ended Angle’s dream of winning The Royal Rumble. Angle cost Michaels his opportunity of winning the rumble which leads us to a battle between the two. The best performers on both brands come together, it is mr. wrestling vs mr. wrestlemania. Angle would take out Sensational Sherri and Marty Jannetty to build the feud but it did not really need much as it was the best vs the best.

Stare-down, Michaels slaps Angle. Angle takedowns Michaels, Michaels cannot wriggle free from an Olympian. Michaels grabs the ropes to survive, hammerlock into a side headlock by Michaels. Michaels holds onto the headlock while Angle fights to break free, back suplex by Angle but Michaels holds on, not letting go. Shoulder block and side headlock takedown by Michaels, we get a clean break as Angle backs Michaels into the corner. Angle takes the back, Michaels grabs a side headlock, outwrestling Angle. Angle pulls the hair of Michaels for leverage, elbow by Angle and shoulder block. Hiptoss by Michaels into a short-arm scissors, Angle rolls through for a pin, two for Angle.

Angle powers up Michaels, Michaels rolls down the back for a sunset flip, two for Michaels. Backslide for two and a side headlock by Michaels, Angle has Michaels in the corner. Right hands by Angle, right hands by Michaels. Angle backs Michaels into the corner, referee pulls off Michaels. Angle clotheslines Michaels and applies The Ankle Lock, Michaels shakes off Angle and clotheslines Angle to the floor. Michaels clears an announce table, right hands and uppercuts by Angle. Angle looks for a suplex, Michaels chops Angle on the floor. Angle Slam into the ringpost by The Olympian, Micheals almost gets counted out before Angle breaks the count and goes after the weakened back.

Suplex by Angle for two, bodyscissors by Angle. Michaels breaks free and fires up with right hands and chops. Angle Irish whips Michaels into the corner, Michaels flips and we see a belly to belly suplex from Angle. Another belly to belly suplex by Angle for two, Angle torques the back of Michaels with a knee and a reverse chinlock. Michaels escapes, more chops by HBK. Slap by Michaels, Angle unloads with a clothesline. Uppercut by Angle, Angle has Michaels on the top rope. Michaels avoids a belly to belly suplex, elbow drop by Michaels misses as Angle dodges. The straps are down, Angle calls for the end. Michaels counters for an armdrag, Angle is elevated to the floor by Michaels.

Michaels climbs to the top rope, crossbody onto Angle. Michaels pulls himself onto the apron, Angle drags at Michaels for a German suplex through the announce table. Michaels hangs on, low blow floors Angle. Angle is kicked onto the table, Michaels nails Angle with a beautiful springboard crossbody. Both men make it into the ring at a count of nine, they crawl towards one another and begin teeing off. Right hands and chops by HBK, flying forearm by Michaels. Michaels kips-up, right hands, inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Scoop slam, HBK climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails a huge elbow drop. Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music, will it find the mark?

Angle counters for The Ankle Lock, Michaels rolls through but Angle does not break the hold. Michaels reaches for the ropes and grabs them, Angle has to break the hold. Angle Slam is countered for a sunset flip but Angle clamps on The Ankle Lock, Michaels rolls through for a victory roll, two for Michaels. Sweet Chin Music is blocked again for an Angle Slam, two for Angle. Angle goes for the moonsault, Micheals avoids the moonsault. Michaels pulls himself to the top turnbuckle, Angle springs up for a top rope Angle Slam. 1…2…. Michaels kicks out! Angle talks trash to Michaels, Michaels answers back with Sweet Chin Music.

Both men lay down on the canvas, both are absolutely exhausted from the action. Michaels begins to stir, Angle is laying motionless. Micheals covers but Angle kicks out at the last second, Michaels is trying to pick himself up when Angle applies The Ankle Lock, striking when Michaels is weak. Michaels screams and screams, writhing in pain, trying to escape but there is nowhere to go, Michaels is forced to do the one thing he does not want to do, Angle makes Michaels tap at Wrestlemania.

Tremendous match, absolutely thrilling from beginning to end. Loved the beginning with Michaels frustrating Angle by outwrestling The Olympian. They get down to the good stuff after some lovely matwrestling and it is great with Angle brutalizing HBK with belly to belly suplexes and an Angle Slam into the ringpost. The finishing stretch is orgasmic, you do not know what is going to happen, you do not know which way it is going to go and Angle is a freak in that ring while Michaels may be the greatest babyface in the WWE in terms of selling. They steal the show, no doubt about it but this Wrestlemania has been fantastic in terms of match quality but this is the one to watch. I love the determination of Angle to make Michaels tap, I loved Michaels refusal to tap out at Wrestlemania, my god was it dramatic, exciting and the best match we could have hoped for from these two.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Shawn Michaels via Ankle Lock!

Piper’s Pit Wrestlemania Style

Can’t have Hogan without Piper, Stone Cold Steve Austin is brought out by Piper, which is absolutely awesome. Piper slaps Austin, Austin slaps Piper back. Carlito comes out, talks a big game to Austin and Piper. Piper takes Carlito’s apple, Piper spits in Carlito’s face. Carlito jumps Piper, Austin stomps the shot out of Carlito. Eye poke by Piper, Stunner by Austin. Austin and Piper drink beer before Austin Stunners Piper. Fun segment, highlight for Carlito.

(Sumo Match) Big Show vs Akebono

I have no idea how we got here, Akebono slams out Show after some pushing and shoving. God, it is awkward but it does not last too long so I cannot say I hate it that much. Akebono would go on to great success as a wrestler in AJPW, winning their world championship while Show would reach his peak around 2011/2012, I consider that Show the best.

Winner: Akebono over Big Show via Elimination!

(WWE Championship Match) JBL © vs John Cena

JBL had reigned since Great American Bash, ten months as champion. The booking was questionable, JBL was a chicken-shit heel that never had a dominating win so JBL was presented as a fluke artist. JBL’s days are numbered though as while JBL was surviving, Cena was thriving and Mcmahon had his future star of Smackdown in The Doctor Of Thuganomics. The build-up was alright, Cena lost his United States Championship to JBL’s underling Orlando Jordan. Cena could not touch JBL with JBL using it to his advantage by roughing up Cena on multiple occasions.

Lock-up, JBL has Cena in the corner. Side headlock by JBL, shoulder block by JBL. Cena answers with his own shoulder block, JBL falls back into the corner. Big boot by the champion and a shoulder block, clubbing blows by the champion. Neckbreaker by JBL for two, JBL chokes Cena with middle rope. Rope guillotine by JBL, Cena fires back at JBL. Spinebuster by JBL, two for JBL. Hangman’s neckbreaker for two, JBL boots Cena in the head over and over. Right hands by JBL and a big eye poke, corner clothesline by the champion. Short-arm clothesline by JBL, Cena places a foot on the bottom rope, forearm to the back by JBL. Sleeper by JBL, Cena escapes with a back suplex.

Right hands by Cena, JBL pulls Cena to the floor. Neckbreaker on the floor by JBL, two for JBL. JBL places Cena on the top turnbuckle for a superplex, JBL connects. Two for JBL, JBL climbs to the top turnbuckle, a shoulder block attempt is countered for a powerslam by Cena. Right hands by Cena, clotheslines by Cena. Back body drop by Cena, hiptoss by Cena. Sideslam by Cena, Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena pumps up the sneakers, big boot by JBL. JBL misses The Clothesline From Hell and Cena plants JBL with The FU, Cena celebrates with the crowd in an awesome little moment.

That was not what I thought the match would be like, it was really disappointing. JBL pummels Cena for 95% of the match, Cena nails his comeback and one FU later, we have a new champion. No twists or drama, Cena just beats JBL without any issues. Even Cole and Tazz under-sell what Cena achieved, it is just like where did that come from? Cena pulled it off, their reactions were the same as the match, just very underwhelming.

Winner: John Cena over JBL via FU!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Triple H © W/ Ric Flair vs Batista

Here’s the main event, Batista had served under Triple H like Randy Orton. They dominated as a group but Triple H was quick to make sure nobody tried to dethrone him, causing friction between the group and their leader. Orton broke away, Triple H took him out and Orton was turned heel to salvage his year after the botched babyface run. In his place, Mcmahon chose Batista as the new star to lead Raw. Batista was a monster, protected well and never made out to be a chump. Batista would win the royal rumble, Triple H convinced Batista to go to Smackdown. However, Triple H and Flair were overheard talking about their plan so Batista took what he heard and decided to challenge Triple H for the championship. The promo package does it justice, they make it absolutely epic.

Triple H has Motorhead play his entrance, upstaging the babyface like always. Nice one Hunter, would it kill you to let the other guy look like a star? Stare-down with either man blinking, Triple H talks trash before the bell rings. Lock-up, Batista and Triple H have a stalemate. Another lock-up, Triple H has Batista in the corner but Batista shoves off The Game. Side headlock by The Game, shoulder block by Triple H. Side headlock by Triple H, shoulder block by the champion. Pedigree attempt but Batista shoves Triple H for a shitty looking military press. Batista poses while Triple H looks up at Big Dave, right hands by The Animal. Elbow by Triple H, Batista grabs Triple H’s throat. Elbows in the corner by Batista, back body drop.

Triple H ducks a clothesline and scores with the high knee to Batista’s face. Batista spots Flair, Triple H rams Batista into the steel steps. Batista is climbing into the ring but Batista does not see Triple H, middle rope guillotine elbow by The Game. Triple H chokes Batista before Flair gets in on the party while The Game distracts the referee. Batista’s back is rammed into the barricade and the ring apron, elbows by Triple H. Triple H knees Batista in the back and drives forearms into The Animal’s spine. Suplex by Triple H for two, knees to the spine by the champion. Backbreaker by The Game, Flair chokes Batista some more. Batista fights back from the apron, The Game hotshots The Animal.

Triple H pummels Batista in the corner before Batista battles back, spinebuster by Triple H for two. Batista begins a fight back from his knees, Triple H looks for The Pedigree, Batsita back drops the champion. Batista lowers his head off an Irish whip, facebuster by Triple H. Two for Triple H, Triple H climbs to the top turnbuckle, Batista clotheslines The Game as he comes down. Right hands by Batista, sidewalk slam for two. Batista Irish whips Triple H to the floor but on the outside, Triple H sends Batista into the steel steps. Triple H has plans for a Pedigree on the steel steps, Batista catapults Triple H into the ringpost. Triple H is bleeding, Flair looks on in horror for The Game.

Batista rams Triple H off the steel steps, Batista clubs at The Game’s wound. Boot to the head, corner clothesline. Make it two, elbows and shoulder thrusts by Batista. A third clothesline sends Triple H flying, Triple H is begging for mercy. Powerslam for two, Flair jumps Batista on the floor. Triple H has a chair, the referee takes away the chair. Flair eats a spinebuster, Triple H has his championship though. Triple H waffles Batista with the championship, 1….2…. Batista kicks out! Spinebuster by Batista, Triple H blocks The Batista Bomb with a low blow. Pedigree but no, Batista breaks free for an air-raid siren. Thumbs down and one Batista Bomb later, Game Over.

Not a great match, I have been let down by the two championship matches at Wrestlemania. Batista was unlucky, it was his first outing as a babyface on the biggest show of the year. Also, Batista was explosive in short bursts, you have to give Batista those kind of moments in this match whether it be decimating Triple H or destroying Flair at ringside. However, we do not get that, we get Triple H dominating for a majority of the match with no real focus on any body part so it’s a heat segment that is just there, you think The Game would look for something new or unique. The last few minutes with Batista killing Triple H are great, no surprise there and we have a new face at the top of WWE in Batista.

Winner: Batista over Triple H via Batista Bomb!

That was WWE’s Wrestlemania 21, a very good show with two disappointing championship matches, the start to middle of the show feels like a Wrestlemania card. They are big matches, big spots and a lot of memorable moments. Eddie vs Rey was great, The Money in The Bank was crazy and fresh, Undertaker vs Orton was very good while Angle vs Michaels stole the show. The segments with Hogan and Austin were great fun too, popped the crowd huge while giving rubs to stars like Carlito and Hassan. The women’s match and the sumo match were fine in the grand scheme of things, they served as breaks between the big stuff and it is hard to argue that they did not fulfil their duties.

So, the real problem for me with this Wrestlemania is the title matches, I feel neither ended up delivering or being spectacular. Cena vs JBL was odd, it felt rushed. JBL took all the offense, Cena did nothing until the last minute and a half where he hit his comeback and finish and that was it. Nothing memorable, no finisher reversals, no great finishing stretch, just Cena wins. Felt underwhelming for the coming out party of your next big star. Batista vs Triple H was boring for the most part, it needed something like a bit of life from Batista or some big power move/spot to wake the fans up. Without that, you have a first 10 to 12 minutes of a match that do not lift the crowd or excite them. That being said, you have a nice finish with Batista mauling everything in sight. Wrestlemania 21 is a good Wrestlemania, don’t hesitate to check it out but you might want to skip those title matches! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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