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WWE Judgement Day 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that wins championships on house shows! It is time for the first Smackdown pay per view after Wrestlemania, Cena had been christened king at Wrestlemania in a disappointing match with JBL. JBL has his rematch in an I Quit match tonight, we also have a creepy angle with Kurt Angle going after Booker T’s Wife Sharmell and Rey Mysterio battles Eddie Guerrero in what promises to be a potential show-stealer. It’s Judgement Day 2005 but will it be a fun show like Raw’s Backlash? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Talk of sin, betrayal and anger. Blood on the hands, Angle lusts after the wife of another man. Cena and JBL will go to their limits, one will beg for mercy. Good stuff from The Smackdown crew, much appreciated.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) MNM © W/ Melina vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas

MNM debuted after Wrestlemania quickly establishing themselves by winning the championships. Fresh blood was needed with Mysterio and Eddie going their separate ways and I am struggling to think of a premier babyface tag team on Smackdown. My struggles are for good reason as the challengers are Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly. Haas seems to be back as a face after that stupid marriage angle with Jackie and Dawn Marie. Haas and Nitro begin, Nitro yanks down Haas by the hair. Keylock by Nitro, Haas bridges up and armdrags Nitro to the floor. Nitro is dragged in from the apron, huge slam by Haas. Armdrag for two, Haas takes the arm and tags in Holly.

Nitro backs off to tag in Mercury, side headlock by Holly. Shoulder block and dropkick by Holly, Holly kicks Mercury low and cheap shots Nitro. Knee by Mercury Irish whip to the other corner. Holly leapfrogs Mercury, chops by Holly. Nitro gets chopped too, Mercury tries a headscissors but Holly has Mercury for The Alabama Slam. Haas is with the referee and Nitro saves Mercury with a leaping calf kick, Mercury tags Nitro. Nitro chokes and batters Holly, tag to Mercury. Neckbreaker by Mercury for two, Holly chops back at Mercury. Mercury nails a clothesline for two, Nitro is the legal man and Nitro chokes the life out of Holly. Reverse chinlock by Nitro, Holly escapes and plants Nitro with a full-nelson slam.

Haas gets the tag, back drop for Mercury, dropkick too. Nitro is speared, clothesline to the floor for Mercury. Nitro is elevated to the floor, Haas dives to the floor onto MNM. Melina grabs the leg of Haas in the ring, O Connor roll by Haas for two, small package for two. Clothesline by Haas, Haas nails an exploder suplex. Nitro and Holly are in the ring, Nitro dodges a corner spear with Holly hitting the ringpost hard. Haas goes to run the ropes, Nitro knees Haas in the spine and hotshots Haas. Snapshot by MNM and the champions retain their titles.

What a fun match, I did not expect the crowd to be so hot for Haas & Holly. And God damn, Charlie Haas showed me a fire I had not seen in the WWE, I did not expect that from him. Haas was always talented I knew that but Haas showed a lot of badassery in this match. Good win for the new champions though, they need the rub and need to be established plus I the tag team division in the WWE was on life support, more tag teams can only be a good thing. Overall, a fun match and good way to start the show.

Winners: MNM over Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas via Snapshot!

Big Show vs Carlito W/ Matt Morgan

Carlito made the giant angry, Show wants to beat the piss out of Show as Carlito poisoned Show and spit in his face as he is not cool. Carlito has a bodyguard in Matt Morgan, Morgan had been repackaged as his stutter gimmick did not take off, I have no reasons as to why that would fail. Anyways, Carlito is confident with his bodyguard, Show will have two people to watch in this match. Show walks down to the ring, ready to unleash an ass-whooping on Carlito, Carlito powders to the floor.

 Show stands in the ring while Carlito plays games by running in and out of the ring, Show catches Carlito. Chest slap by Show, headbutt by Show. Morgan taps Show’s leg and Carlito makes his move. It does not work, more chest slaps from Show. Huge toss by Show, Show steps on Carlito’s head. Huge chest slap by Show, scoop slam by Show. Show motions to run off the ropes but Morgan lowbridges the giant. Morgan puts the boots to Show, Carlito clubs Show. Low dropkick by Carlito, headbutt by Show. Hard Irish whips by Show, Carlito is accidently whipped into the referee. Show grabs Carlito’s throat, low blow by Carlito. Carlito gets cocky, Morgan saves Carlito with a boot. F-5 by Morgan and Carlito covers for the win.

That was a fun match, you had Carlito playing a great chicken-shit heel. Carlito ran and cheated to gain control before Show caught him and had his way with Carlito. Show chopped, slammed and toyed with Carlito, Carlito would win thanks to his bodyguard, impressive F-5 by Carlito. Sadly, I do not know how much longer Morgan’s gimmick lasts as Carlito would be drafted to Raw but this match was fun.

Winner: Carlito over Big Show via F-5!

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London ©

Since No Way Out, Chavo has lost the championship to Paul London, I had argued that London should dethrone Spike Dudley at Wrestlemania for the championship and you could start over at Judgment Day but nope, Chavo won the championship after Funaki beat Spike which made the division continue to look like piss-break material.

London tries a takedown, Chavo blocks and kicks the crap out of London. London fights back from his knees, uppercut by Chavo. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Chavo, snapmare and keylock by Chavo. London fires up, clothesline by the champion. Make it two, hurricanrana by London for two. Chavo knees London and uppercuts the champion, Irish whip to the corner. London elbows Chavo and mule kicks Chavo into the turnbuckle, dropsault by London who climbs to the top turnbuckle. 450 Splash is blocked with the knees by Chavo, Chavo kicks the ribs of London. London tries to fight back but Chavo kicks the ribs and connects with a back suplex for two.

Chavo chokes London with the rope, Chavo suplexes London onto the top rope, dropkick by Chavo for two. Abdominal stretch by Chavo, London floatovers from a back suplex for two. Chavo gets back on London, hard Irish whip by Chavo. London flips out of a back suplex and nails a belly to belly suplex. Chops and forearms by London, leaping calf kick by London for two. Irish whip and corner clothesline by London, Chavo dodges the second attempt. London recovers for an enzuigiri, Chavo grabs the ropes to survive being pinned. Victory roll by London, Chavo counters and grabs the ropes for leverage, two for Chavo.

London flips over Chavo, Chavo kicks the ribs and attempts the gory bomb, spinning heel kick counter by London. London climbs to the top turnbuckle, Chavo rolls out to the floor. Somersault flip by London to the floor, London tries a springboard from the apron but Chavo smacks London to the floor. Suicide dive by Chavo, Chavo climbs to the top turnbuckle. London crotches Chavo, Chavo has London on the middle rope but London back drops Chavo and nails The 450 Splash for the win.

Solid match, I was afraid they would lose the crowd but they kept it interesting enough inside the ropes to entertain the fans. Chavo worked the ribs well, good psychology, I thought the somersault to the floor looked like hell but the 450 splash is a crowd-pleaser and the fans thought it was good.

Winner: Paul London over Chavo Guerrero via 450 Splash!

Booker T Searching for Angle

Kurt Angle sent Sharmell some lingerie as she is a slut, Booker T is irate and looking for The Olympic Hero. Angle forces himself on Sharmell while Booker is searching backstage, yeah, rape is fun right?

Kurt Angle vs Booker T

This is so bizarre to even get into, I do not even know why Angle agreed to this angle (Epic pun right there). So, after having the match of his life with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, Angle became infatuated with Booker’s wife Sharmell after Booker T had helped eliminate Angle in a number one contender’s match. Booker comes to the ring with a death stare for Angle, Booker beats the piss out of Angle to start. Right hands by Booker, side shuffle kick by Booker. Angle grabs a front chancery, Booker shoulder thrusts Angle against the ropes. Booker chops Angle in the corner, Angle drives Booker into the corner. Huge uppercut by Angle, snapmare into a reverse chinlock.

Shoulder block by Angle, hiptoss by Booker. Angle begs for mercy, snapmare into a low dropkick by Booker. Angle lures Booker in for an ankle lock, Booker kicks off Angle fast. Booker calls for the scissors kick, side shuffle kick finds the mark. Stungun by Booker, Scissors Kick on Angle as Angle is laying across the top rope, Angle collapses to the floor. Booker is sent into the ringpost by Angle, Angle nails a series of high knees on Booker. Rear-naked choke by Angle, Booker escapes the hold.

Harlem Sidekick misses as Booker crotches himself, back suplex by Angle. Rib shots by Angle, uppercuts by Angle. Backbreaker by Angle, two for Angle who applies a bodyscissors. Booker elbows his way out of the hold, right hands and a spinning heel kick by Booker. Right hands and flying forearm by Booker, snap suplex for two. Superkick by Booker, Angle dodges the scissors kick, Booker blocks the angle slam and it’s Booker with The Bookend for two. Spinaroonie, Angle dodges another scissors kick with a clothesline.

 German suplexes by Angle, Booker blocks a third but eats a belly to belly suplex for two. Booker T counters the angle slam for a roll-up, that look botched. Angle plants Booker with an Angle Slam, Booker is thrown to the floor. Angle had Sharmell, Angle has the handcuffs. Booker saves Sharmell, Angle is handcuffed to the top rope. Angle eats a dick kick and that’s that.

It was solid, Booker played his role well. Booker sold his anger, Booker was a bit on edge and made mistakes which led to Angle gaining control, the chemistry was there with some nice counters and transitions. Not sure about the finish, the bell rang and then the music played, it was confusing for all involved as it looked like Angle did kick out. Maybe they were trying to keep Angle strong showing that he was barely beaten? Not sure, the whole angle was in bad taste and I am not sure how you could pull this off in a wrestling environment. In tv yes but for wrestling? I do not know how you could get away with it.

Winner: Booker T over Kurt Angle via Roll-Up!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Orlando Jordan © vs Heidenreich

Lucky us, we have Orlando Jordan as champion. Jordan won the championship thanks to JBL, they are building it as a surprise that Heidenreich defeated Jordan. That is never a good sign but it looks like Heidenreich is child friendly now and a babyface, what a crazy place the WWE is at times. Heidenreich picks a child out of the crowd as a friend and reads her a poem…. Wow, that’s erm, awkward.

Jordan jumps Heidenreich, stomps and punches by Jordan. Jordan talks trash to the child and kicks Heidenreich in the face. Heidenreich comes back with a powerslam, Jordan pulls Heidenreich to the floor. Heidenreich battles back before a clothesline from Jordan stops that. Back suplex by Jordan, two for Jordan. Neck vice by Jordan, Jordan clubs down Heidenreich. Heidenreich begins hulking up as Jordan clubs him, rights and lefts by Heidenreich. Clotheslines by Heidenreich, back body drop by Heidenreich. Big boot by Heidenreich for two, Heidenreich lowers his head off an Irish whip, neckbreaker by Jordan for two.

Jordan stomps Heidenreich, Jordan talks more trash. Roll-up by Heidenreich for two, right hands by Heidenreich. Drop toehold by Jordan, DDT by Jordan. And with an awful looking DDT, Jordan walks away with the win much to the dismay of Heidenreich’s friend.

Well, it was filler but it was shockingly bad filler. The whole Heidenreich thing with the kid was weird, it was awkward. Heidenreich could really not do much in the ring and Jordan was not lighting the world on fire as a heel. Thank god it was short.

Winner: Orlando Jordan over Heidenreich via DDT!

JBL Promo

Josh Matthews interviews JBL, JBL calls the loser of this match is no longer a man, JBL tells Cena to focus on his rap career or movie career because JBL is going to kick his face off. Good stuff from the big Texan, JBL is also carrying Cena’s WWE Championship, the undisputed title version of it.

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero

Simple story: Eddie and Mysterio were like brothers, they won the tag team championships together. The chemistry and bond was off the charts but Mysterio seemed to be a star shining brighter than Eddie, Mysterio had defeated Eddie on two or three occasions including Wrestlemania. Chavo stirred shit between Mysterio and Eddie, Eddie would turn his back on Mysterio despite apologizing and convincing everyone that they were best friends again. This was a well-crafted storyline, from the promo package it was great stuff. Guerrero tapped into the side of him that we had not seen since the WCW days, the days when Eddie was one of the best heels in the company alongside Randy Savage.

The two stare one another down, talking trash and Eddie slaps Mysterio. Mysterio unloads on Eddie, knee to the taped ribs of Mysterio by Lation Heat. Eddie clubs the back of Mysterio, more knees to the ribs. Irish whip, shoulder block and kick to the ribs by Mysterio, Eddie rolls to the floor. Eddie sends Mysterio into the steel ropes, Eddie sends Mysterio into the ringpost. Mysterio is planted onto the announce table by Latino Heat, lots of rib work. Elbow to the face by Eddie, Eddie spinebusters Mysterio on the announce table again. The referee saves Mysterio’s skin, Eddie rolls Mysterio into the ring. Eddie clubs down Mysterio, Eddie boots Mysterio in the face.

Two for Eddie, Eddie toys with Mysterio before driving Mysterio into the mat with a back suplex. Abdominal stretch by Eddie, Mysterio wriggles free but Eddie plants Mysterio with a huge alley oop bomb. Mysterio elbows back at Eddie, eye poke by Latino Heat. Eddie stomps Mysterio and applies a single leg Boston crab. Mysterio kicks off Eddie, enzuigiri by Mysterio. Monkey flip by Mysterio, springboard headbutt by Mysterio for a close two. Slugfest, Mysterio is throwing bombs before Eddie dropkicks the knee of Mysterio. Liontamer by Eddie, focusing on the ribs of Mysterio. Transition into a Boston crab and another into an STF. Mysterio reaches the ropes, Eddie is frustrated and looks for a way to win the match.

Mysterio is thrown to the floor, Mysterio hits his ribs hard. Eddie looks towards the steel steps in a call-back to his initial assault on Mysterio. Eddie looks for the brainbuster on the steel steps, Mysterio backs Eddie into the ringpost. Mysterio nails a 619 around the ringpost. Another slugfest, Mysterio boots Eddie down. Clothesline flurry, springboard crossbody by Mysterio for two. Spinning heel kick, Mysterio rolls to the apron. Seated senton for two, ten punches in the corner by Mysterio. Irish whip to the corner, Eddie dodges the spear and Mysterio hits the turnbuckle hard.

Eddie superplexes Mysterio, two for Latino Heat. Eddie tries for three amigos, Mysterio blocks the third. Drop toehold by Mysterio, here is Chavo. Eddie rolls to the floor and grabs a chair, Mysterio dropkicks the knee. Drop toehold for Eddie, Chavo is dropkicked off the apron. 619 by Mysterio, Mysterio tries for The West Coast Pop and Eddie wallops Mysterio with a chair. Mysterio is whacked with the chair after the match by Latino Heat.

That was some good shit right there between these two. Chemistry is off the charts, Eddie worked those ribs like a champ while Mysterio sold them just as well. I liked the hope spots of Mysterio and the cut-offs from Eddie, it was a super fun match to watch. Eddie was a great heel, really had that WCW 1997 vibe and I am happy for Mysterio to be rising above cruiserweight championship matches and random tag team title runs, Mysterio was a delight inside the ring, nobody could hang with him on his day and finally, they are doing something meaningful with Mysterio. It was a great match with a finish that leaves you begging for more, there will be more in the following months.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Eddie Guerrero via DQ!

(I Quit Match) John Cena © vs JBL

JBL is back after losing his WWE Championship, the match at Wrestlemania was poor, very poor actually. Hoping they can step up game in an I Quit Match. JBL’s promo work at the time was very good, such a punchable face who just gets on your nerves by opening his mouth. Cena enters the ring on a huge truck with a turntable and fireworks, receiving all the fanfare you would want your top star to have, things look bleaker for Batista with each pay per view I swear.

Lock-up, Cena smacks JBL with a right hand. JBL backs off and they lock-up once more, side headlock by Cena. Shoulder block and side headlock takedown by Cena, JBL escapes for a hammerlock into a side headlock. Armdrag into an armbar from Cena, JBL wriggles free to the floor. Cena suplexes JBL in from the apron, choke by Cena. JBL kicks off Cena, right hands and chops by the challenger. Clubbing blow across the back by JBL, DDT by JBL. JBL pins but there are no pins, JBL tees off on Cena. Cena reverses JBL for a back body drop, Cena clotheslines JBL to the floor. Cena bounces JBL’s head off the steel steps and ring apron.

JBL reverses an Irish whip and Cena is sent into the crowd, neckbreaker on the floor by JBL. They brawl back to ringside with JBL clearing up the announce table, right hand by Cena. JBL sends Cena into the steel steps, JBL grabs a belt from the timekeeper. Cena is whipped and choked with the belt, Cena breaks free by pulling on the belt and JBL hits the ringpost hard. JBL drags Cena to the announce table, Cena backdrops JBL through the announce table. Cena drills JBL with a tv monitor, JBL crawls towards the timekeeper’s area. JBL lures Cena in and waffles the champion with the steel chair, Cena cuts far too deep which leads to a crazy blade-job. JBL smacks Cena with the steel steps, boots to the head by the challenger. JBL smacks the microphone off Cena’s head.

Vicious stomps by JBL, short-arm clotheslines by JBL. JBL has Cena’s chain, JBL chokes Cena with his chain. Cena fires up, low blow by JBL to maintain control. JBL screams at Cena asking for him to quit, Cena slaps JBL and begins brawling back into the match. Headbutt by Cena, hiptoss and spinning side slam by Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena, FU by Cena. JBL flips off Cena, scurrying to the top of the stage. Cena meets JBL, JBL is rammed off his limo. Cena slams JBl onto the hood of the car, eye poke by JBL. Neckbreaker by JBL on the hood, right hands by JBL. JBL chokes Cena with a cable, Cena overpowers JBL and JBL is sent through the tv screen.

JBL is bleeding, Cena sends JBL through a window of the limo, they make their way to the top of the limo. Suplex by Cena, JBL opens his limo door. Cena Irish whips JBL into the limo door, make it two times. Cena has the limo door, Cena puts it down as JBL is trying to escape from the champion. JBL is sent into some pipes, Cena eats a DDT from JBL. JBL clubs the back of Cena, JBL prepares to use a table. JBL is climbing above Cena to choke him, Cena wallops JBL with the microphone and JBL falls through the table. JBL stumbles away from Cena, Cena rips a huge pipe off of the truck. JBL begs off and quits, Cena wins the match. JBL is attacked with the pipe and sent through some glass to close the show.

That was a crazy brawl of a main event, it is night and day when compared to RAW. Cena and JBL beat the piss out of one another, Cena is a bloody mess and JBL is being such an antagonizing dickhead, brutalizing the champion, taking the low road on more than one occasion while Cena takes it and keeps on going, showing the heart of the champion and the fire that had every fan in the building chanting his name. JBL might have had an underwhelming run as champion but when it came time for JBL to do the favours for the next top guy, JBL did his best to make Cena look like an absolute star, a highlight for both men and the first standout match of Cena’s career.

Winner: John Cena over JBL via JBL Quitting!

That was WWE’s Judgement Day of 2005, a great effort on the part of The Smackdown brand. They could be hit and miss but this was definitely a home-run. My only negative part was the Jordan vs Heidenreich match, boring and just awkward with the whole Heidenreich friend shtick. Everything else ranged from solid to very good. Eddie vs Mysterio was awesome, left me wanting more from those two and what a way to put over Cena as the man, that could not have worked out better. Cena looked like a badass, I cannot believe that Batista was the one chosen over Cena at the time because the booking was not helping The Animal as opposed to Cena who was doing great things and looking like a star. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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