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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 21: WWF Rebellion 1999 Review

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Another day passes and it is time for another instalment of our Journey Through The Attitude Era series where we look back at The Attitude Era through the pay per views of each month and ask the question: do these pay per views hold up today or can their greatness be chalked up to only nostalgia? I’ll give my review but ultimately, it is you the fans who have the final word on what passes for good or bad. Tonight’s time machine drops us at none other than WWF’s Rebellion of 1999, a U.K pay per view which took place on a Saturday. The big matches of the night include a steel cage match for the world wrestling federation championship between the champion Triple H and the challenger The Rock, Giants collide as Big Show takes on Kane and we also have Chris Jericho vs Road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett vs Chyna. Let us waste no more time and dive into Rebellion!

(Intercontinental Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett © W/ Miss Kitty vs D’Lo Brown

A coin toss will decide whether Jarrett’s or Brown’s championship will be on the line. Before the match begins, Jarrett gets on the microphone, slagging off the women of the world stating that they are only good for cooking, cleaning and making babies. In the 1000 pounds challenge, Jarrett asks a woman to clean up some crap in the ring, Jarrett hands the woman a vacuum cleaner before applying the figure four leg lock to the woman. Chyna makes the save and beats the piss out of Jeff Jarrett.

 What an underrated feud this was, the more I watch, the more I want Chyna to destroy him. Looking forward to next month’s No Mercy. Referee Mike Chioda executes the coin flip and Jarrett’s title is on the line and D’Lo could become a double champion once more. D’Lo explodes out of the gates, right hands and a powerslam by D’Lo. Jarrett tries to leave with the belt and Ms. Kitty but D’Lo gives chase and tosses Jarrett into the ring. Sleeper hold applied by Jarrett, D’Lo fights out of it and drops Jarrett with a suplex, D’Lo tried a splash from the second rope but Jarrett saw it coming and dropkicked D’Lo into next week. Jarrett goes to work on D’Lo’s arm, single arm DDT by Jarrett drops the challenger.

 Running powerbomb by D’Lo leaves both men down, tilt a whirl slam and a calf kick from D’Lo. Scoop slam and leg drop from D’Lo. Two and a half for D’Lo, Jarrett blocks D’Lo’s second rope elbow, Jarrett goes to the top rope, Jarrett’s crotched and suplex from D’Lo. Jarrett tries for the figure four, D’Lo kicks Jarrett over the top rope, Ms. Kitty distracts D’Lo and the referee.

 Meanwhile, Jarrett grabs the vacuum cleaner and smacks D’Lo in the face and wins the match. Jarrett grabs the microphone and challenges Chyna to a match. Fun opener with Jarrett cheating to win to retain his championship. Good work from Jarrett and D’Lo who warmed up the crowd and hopefully, a sign of things to come.

Winner: Jarrett over D'Lo following a Vacuum Shot!

The Godfather vs Gangrel

Godfather delivers some fine Hos who are wearing very little and I am not complaining. Godfather cuts his promo as usual which the crowd chants every word. Lockup, shoulder block from Godfather, Gangrel meets each turnbuckle with his face, Gangrel creates some momentum with a DDT and a forearm to the face of the pimp daddy. Gangrel chokes Godfather and hammers away at the Godfather, scoop slam and an elbow into the heart of The Godfather. Second rope clothesline from Gangrel but he misses an elbow, Godfather battles back, clotheslines and a scoop slam followed by a leg drop from Godfather.

 Two count for Godfather, irish whip is reversed by Gangrel, Gangrel walks into the elbow and it is time for The Ho Train, it connects and Godfather scores with the pimp drop for the win. I felt that was a fairly short match, Gangrel never really got any heat and Godfather never seemed in any danger, Referee Tim White dances with The Hos as the segment ends.

Winner: Godfather over Gangrel via Pimp Drop!

Val Venis vs Mark “Sexual Chocolate” Henry

Before this match begins, British Bulldog tells Michael Cole that he demans a title shot as everyone in England came to see The Bulldog. Val compares himself to the game of rugby, the comparisons being both are played with balls and rough. Lovely Val thank you for sharing that with me, I can really appreciate considering I am older and now understand you, you filthy dirty man. Val tries going toe to toe with Henry, it does not end well as Mark powerslams Val to the mat, right hands from Mark Henry. Venis changes the pace as he dodges Henry who falls to the outside, baseball slide by Val.

 On the outside, Val meets the guard rail. In the ring, Val reverses Henry by dodging a splash attempt, side Russian leg sweep by Val finds the mark. Two count of the legsweep. Henry reverses Val off an irish whip, a gorilla press slam is countered into a school boy by Val, he chops down the big man, bulldog by Val, three elbows on Henry and Val goes high, Money Shot and Val picks up the win. Another short match and I was not expecting that result, I thought Henry would walk away the win but it is clear Val is above Henry in the pecking order as Val took him out easily.

Winner: Val Venis over Mark Henry following a Money Shot!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Ivory © vs Luna vs Tori vs Jacqueline

British Bulldog demands his title shot and is denied by Vince. In retaliation, Bulldog tosses a bin that hits Stephanie right in the head which I believe to a short term memory loss storyline but Stephanie would see the light and remember her love Test. Luna tackles Ivory and it seems everyone wants to kill Ivory for her annoying attitude. They triple team poor Ivory who looks fantastic I must say, Jacqueline and Tori brawl briefly as Ivory and Jacqueline team up, Jacqueline takes down Luna and Tori while Ivory watches on.

 Tori and Luna double team Jacqueline with a clothesline, double suplex for good measure, Ivory comes back in and Ivory gives Jacqueline a piece of her mind, Jacqueline hammers away on the champion, Ivory locks in a sleeper on Jacqueline, Luna grabs a sleeper on Ivory and Tori grabs a sleeper on Luna, Jacqueline escapes with a jaw breaker and all women get knocked down.

 Ivory grabs her belt and whacks Jacqueline in the face, Ivory pins Jacqueline to retain the championship. Another short match but what can you expect, the women were not treated well during that time.

Winner: Ivory over Everyone Else!

Road Dogg vs Chris Jericho W/ Curtis Hughes

Road Dogg is ready for revenge, his back was injured at the hands of Y2J who powerbombed through a table on Smackdown. By now, you should know my opinion of Road Dogg as a singles wrestler but if you are new, let me remind you of a Road Dogg singles match. Road Dogg gets killed, hits his punch and knee drop and loses the match. This is the way 90% of his matches finish and it kills me to watch, there is no hope spots, he just gets beat and beat.

 Road Dogg attacks Jericho on the outside, right hands and Jericho spills into the crowd, double ax handle, Road Dogg throws Jericho back into ringside before Jericho is sent into the guard rail. As soon as Road Dogg steps into the ring, Jericho takes over, stiff kicks to Road Dogg and right hands from Y2J. Road Dogg tells Jericho to suck it after a right hand, kicks to Jericho but Jericho fights back, corner clothesline and a choke in the corner. Road Dogg gets some offence in(I am surprised) with a dropkick but Jericho takes over, stungun and a springboard dropkick sends Road Dogg crashing to the floor.

 Bodyguard Curtis Hughes smashes Road Dogg with a clothesline. Jerihco superplexes Road Dogg from the apron into the ring, Jericho steps on the face of Road Dogg. Jericho chokes Road Dogg on the second rope, springboard splash from Jericho, boot to the face by Y2J. Road Dogg throws some rights before Jericho cuts him off with a bulldog, right hands from Y2J. Leg across the lower back from Y2J, reverse chinlock from Jericho. Road Dogg throws more rights and crotches Jericho before planting Jericho with a superplex, right hands and more right hands from Road Dogg. Swinging neckbreaker by Road Dogg, Jericho counters an irish whip with a walls of Jericho attempt, Road Dogg counters, Jericho misses a lionsault and Road Dogg scores with his punches and knee drop but the referee was wiped out in the chaos.

 Hughes grabs a chair from ringside, smack on the lower back. Jericho makes the pin, two count, Hughes jumps onto the apron, right hand from Road Dogg. Jericho low blows Road Dogg and gets the pin. Surprised by this I was(for some reason I am Yoda?). Road Dogg sold his back he always sold his ass off so that was good but he pulled off more than some right hands and fairplay to Jericho who played an obnoxious heel quite well.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Road Dogg via low blow & pinfall!

Jeff Jarrett W/ Miss Kitty vs Chyna

Chyna had accepted Jeff’s challenge and we now have their impromptu match, Chyna makes her way to the ring first, interesting dynamic here as Chyna is a face going after Jarrett while she is a heel for siding with Triple H. Soon after this, Chyna would separate from Triple H in a good move as you do not want one of your top faces being booed(unless it is Roman Reigns, ok that was a low blow I apologize). Jarrett runs right in and punches Chyna all around the ring, big clothesline form the ninth wonder of the world, shoulder block, Jarrett catches Chyna coming in but Chyna low blows Jarrett right in front of the referee(no DQ? Ok whatever).

 Pedigree attempt by Chyna is countered into a catapult, Chyna does not stay down for long as she reverses Jarrett and attempts a figure four on Jarrett. Surprise, surprise as British Bulldog who was insulted by Chyna attacks Chyna and lays her out with a running powerslam, the match ends in a dq and Jarrett locks in the figure four to Chyna as the referees pull Jarrett off. Extremely short so I cannot really rate it as it never got going but I am fine with it, this feud would come to an end at next month’s No Mercy with a satisfying conclusion.

Winner: Chyna over Jarrett via DQ!

Big Show vs Kane

I will always have a soft spot for big man vs big man matches, big men work best against smaller wrestlers who will bump around the ring for them but watching two big men slug it out reminds me so much of the Godzilla movies that I came to love so much when I was younger. This won’t be a spotfest or a technical masterpiece but I do not care, these two will destroy one another. Kane starts off with right hands before Show takes Kane off his feet with a clothesline and a dropkick, Kane is sent over the top rope but lands on his feet stungun from The Big Red Machine. Punches in the corner from Kane, Show shoves Kane off, knees in the corner from Show, hard irish whip from Show backfires, Kane explodes with a clothesline and a dropkick of his own, they trade blows in the centre off the ring before Show catches Kane with a two handed toss.

 Two count for The Big Show, headbutts from Show, backbreaker submission from Show. Show chokes Kane with his boot in the  corner, chest slaps, Kane blocks the third attempt, right hands Kane is hammering away, Show turns the tide by reversing an Irish whip and planting Kane with a reverse DDT. Boston Crab by The Big Show, Show breaks the hold and stomps The Big Red Machine. Enzuigiri from Kane, Show is down to one knee, Kane tries for a scoop slam but his back fails for him due to the abuse he has suffered.

 Kane dodges an elbow from Show though, Kane scores with a DDT, Kane climbs to the top, clothesline wipes out Show. Could it be chokeslam time? Show blocks the chokeslam, Kane is thrown to the outside and into the steel steps. Show grabs a chair from ringside, this match is no disqualifications, Show gets the chair kicked into his face and Kane musters up the strength he has left and scoop slams the giant.

 Kane wins with the slam, I like the finish it makes sense as Show is such a big man and the force it would take to slam him was a lot and he got struck with the chair in the face so it is all good in my book.

Winner: Kane over Big Show by Slam!

X-Pac vs British Bulldog

Triple H promo where he states that he is the man, The Rock will lose tonight and the only thing that matters is Triple H. I wonder why Bulldog started wearing jeans, he had such great colourful tights, maybe Vince just wanted to mess with him after Bulldog left in support of Bret Hart. Lock up and the bigger man Bulldog shoves down X-Pac, X-Pac catches Bulldog with an arm drag, kip up and Bulldog grabs a side headlock. Shoulder block from Bulldog takes X-Pac down, clothesline from Bulldog, X-Pac counters the second attempt looking for a spinning heel kick.

 Bulldog catches X-Pac mid air and plants him with a slam. X-Pac is tossed to the outside, Bulldog makes his way back into the ring and admires his handy work. Standing vertical suplex by the Bulldog two count and a sleeper is applied by Davey Boy. Bulldog maintains control with a knee to the mid-section, sleeper hold is locked in again. Spinning heel kick from X-Pac, right hands and another spinning heel kick, kicks in the corner, bronco buster by X-Pac. Bulldog does not stay down for long, he catches X-Pac coming in and gorilla press slams poor X-Pac onto the ropes and scoops X-Pac off the ropes into his trademark running powerslam.

 Man is it just me or are these matches really short? Ending comes out of nothing, X-Pac just got caught after the bronco buster and beat like a chump. Felt a bit strange to me so maybe take a look yourself and see what you make of it

Winner: British Bulldog over X-Pacv via Running Powerslam!

(Number One Contenders Match for the Tag Team Titles)  Edge & Christian vs The Acolytes vs The Holly Cousins

It is announced that Stephanie is being kept overnight in the hospital due to her attack at the hands of The British Bulldog. Three teams, two men in the ring, you can tag in anyone, Edge and Hardcore Holly start, Edge is dropped by a Hardcore Holly dropkick before both Edge and Hardcore tag out to their partners, Christian picks apart Crash but a thumb to the eye allows Crash to tag Hardcore. A lot of quick tags going on here, it is hard to take note of all the action. Crash and Bradshaw remain as the legal men, Crash is crotched by Faarooq, massive back drop by Bradshaw, Hardcore plants Bradshaw with a Falcon’s Arrow, Hardcore and Faarooq brawl on the outside. Inside the ring, Bradshaw pins Crash after a Clothesline From Hell. The Holly Cousins are eliminated.

Down to two, Edge and Christian double team Bradshaw briefly, Bradhshaw has enough and boots Edge is his face, Bradshaw tags in Faarooq and they dissect Edge like a frog in a college experiment. Edge makes the tag to Christian, a splash is countered into a fallaway slam by Bradshaw, Faarooq is tagged in massive bearhug on Christian. Crowd comes alive for Christian but Christian must wish he was dead as he gets planted with a spinebuster, make it a double spinebuster as Bradshaw is now legal, Christian shows signs of life but Bradshaw is having none of it, Faarooq is in, Faarooq gets cocky and pasy for it, Christian scores with a facebuster. Dominator is blocked and DDT by Christian, hot tag to Edge, dropkicks and clotheslines, Faarooq is on the outside, Bradshaw scores with the clothesline from hell, Christian saves Edge, tornado DDT from Edge and he pins Bradshaw. Edge and Christian are number one contenders, good match from these three teams.

Winners: Edge & Christian over Everyone Else via Tornado DDT!

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock vs Triple H © W/ Chyna(Steel Cage Match)

Triple H had pinned The Rock to regain the WWF championship at Unforgiven which was 6 days prior, Rock would have his opportunities at the championship on this night but there was the looming threat of The British Bulldog who was hell bent on winning the championship. Quick sidenote, that WWF championship looks beautiful I wish they would bring that championship back, looks much better than the one they use today. No Chyna with Triple H, Triple H looks to do it on his own but we know Triple H’s word is not much good. They start it out slugging it out, Rock hammers Hunter with right hands, Rock whips Triple H and lowers his head, Triple H takes control with right hands, Triple H lowers his head and Rock returns the favour with a right hand to the champion’s face.

 Triple H tries escaping the cage but Rock pulls him back into the cage and a clothesline sends the champion crashing to the canvas. Boots in the corner by The People’s Champ, elbow to the face and The Rock begins climbing over the top, Triple H tugs out Rock, catching his attention, Rock tries for a double ax handle, Rock regrets the move as Triple H takes down the challenger with a right hand to the sternum. High knee to the face by the champion, Triple H begins to press his advantage, Rock battles back with a swinging neckbreaker, Rock climbs the cage again, Triple H sees his championship fading away and jerks Rock off the cage. Rock tastes the cage as Helmsley rams his head into the cage, stomps by the champion.

 Triple H almost escapes the cage but Rock staggers to his feet and takes down the champion. Rock begins climbing and is so close to winning, he is on the verge of winning, Triple H drags Rock back inside the ring and both men trade blows before landing groin first on the ropes. Both men down and both men possibly living a life without producing children. Triple H recovers quicker(must have super balls) Triple H tries a double ax handle but walks into The Rock Bottom. Rock climbs once more but Triple H backdrops Rock to the canvas, both men lay in the centre of the ring. Right hands and a powerslam from the challenger Rock has to pull himself back up, fatigue has sent in, Triple H grabs the tights and yanks Rock down from the cage, Rock Bottom is countered into the Pedigree. Triple H looks to crawl out the door, Rock grabs Triple H’s ankle, Triple H tries to use a steel chair, Earl Hebnar grabs the chair and gets knocked out, Rock climbs out the door but there is no referee, Rock had the match won and what a pop when he did crawl out but it does not count as the referee is unconscious.

 Rock cracks Triple H in the head with a chair, a little revenge after Triple H cracked The Rock with a chair the night he won the championship from Mankind on Raw. Triple H is busted open by the chair shot and Rock puts Hunter through a table with an elbow. Rock drags the champion back into the ring, Triple H meets the steel cage twice and eats a DDT courtesy of The Rock. The referee slowly revives as The Rock begins climbing over the cage, Shane Mcmahon starts brawling with The British Bulldog, powerslam on the floor takes out Shane, Patterson and Brisco come to ringside but Bulldog mows them down. Bulldog takes out Rock and Triple H, low blow by The Rock slows down Bulldog. Rock Bottom by Rock, he begins crawling towards the door.

 Here’s Chyna! Rock is robbed again as the steel cage door is smashed into his face, Triple H begins climbing the cage, Rock cuts off Helmsley, Chyna climbs the cage and now Bulldog grabs The Rock it is three on one and Triple H escapes the cage and wins. Triple H retains the championship thanks to Chyna and The British Bulldog. Vince Mcmahon makes his way to the cage, he locks the cage and Rock drops The Bulldog. Even in defeat The Rock sends the fans home happy as he scores with The People’s Elbow. I really liked this main event, I loved Rock and Triple H’s other cage match on Raw and this might be slightly below that match but it is still one hell of a match.

 Rock was screwed by so many people here and still came off looking great rather than a total chump while the fans are just waiting for the day that Triple H gets annihilated for his attitude. The crowd was hot for The Rock and the drama was there in tenfold, I didn’t remember Shane attacking Bulldog, I wonder if that led to anything, I presume Stephanie’s fiancĂ© Test wanted to kill Bulldog but there was no pay per view match between the two, I mean that was a pretty easy feud to be built upon but there is no follow up which is a little disappointing. Rock was screwed twice in quick succession by Bulldog but they would get it on at next month’s No Mercy and Triple H would defend his championship against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Winner: Triple H over The Rock thanks to British Bulldog!

Overall, I would recommend giving this pay per view a miss, U.K only shows are usually fun and have a different edge to them than the traditional pay per views, perhaps it is the crowd being starved of a WWF show and making the most of the experience, perhaps the wrestlers phone it in as it is abroad and could be considered a glorified house show, I cannot nail exactly what it is but they are different, this show had a lot of quick matches, if the wrestling is poor then generally, nobody minds but these matches were so short it was hard to invest in them and finishes came out of nowhere. For example, Mark Henry and X-Pac were in control one moment and the next Val Venis and The British Bulldog had their hands raised in victory. 

For me, Jarrett’s character and the main event saved the show for me, Jarrett was such a huge dickhead on this show and the storyline was super easy to be invested in, he felt that women were inferior and had no place in the wrestling business, a man’s world. However, Chyna is no mere woman she is the ninth wonder of the world a phenomenon like no other and she is so over and believable that the fans can see her kicking Jarrett’s ass. Soon she shall have her moment and it will be great, and as I said before, the main event had drama and excitement. While there was a screwy finish, Triple H had just been crowned champion, there was no hope of him losing the title. That being said, they did a great job of convincing the fans that a championship change would take place. Some great storytelling and it continues the feud between British Bulldog and Rock and continues the storyline that The Rock has had Triple H’s number on a few occasions now, Rock’s day will be coming soon. Next pay per view is No Mercy, The American pay per view, strange that WWF did two pay per views of the same name in the same year. Anyways, see you next time guys.

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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 20: WWF Unforgiven 1999 Review

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Welcome one and all to our Journey Though The Attitude Era, a series which analyses all the pay per views from our beloved Attitude Era. Has Monday got you down, sad that Games Of Thrones is over for another series? Fear not as this review shall keep you strong for another night or disappoint you depending on the pay per view. Tonight, we analyse 1999’s Unforgiven, the main event is a 6 pack challenge for the vacant WWF Championship. Why was the championship vacant? Well Triple H won the championship on Raw the night after Summerslam from Mankind but Triple H foolishly crossed the boss and you do not mess with Vinny Mac. Vince fought Triple H on Smackdown and with the help of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince won the WWF Championship. Vince is not a competitor so he vacated the title and that’s how we got to the 6 pack challenge with Austin as the special guest referee. Another note is that most of the referees are on strike due to attacks at the hands of the wrestlers.

Steve Blackman vs Val Venis

Val stole Blackman’s weapon bag which led us to this match, The Brooklyn Brawler is the referee for this contest. Blackman and Val trade blows before Blackman misses a baseball slide, Val takes advantage momentarily before Blackman drops Val gingerly on the top rope. Blackman continues his dominance by sending Val into the steel steps, Val is tossed into the ringpost by Blackman. Two count for The Lethal Weapon, Val tries to fight back but gets caught with a backbreaker. Snap suplex from Blackman and a sleeper hold from The Lethal Weapon. Val battles back, desperation clothesline and rights hands from The Big Valbowski. Knees to the midsection and a side Russian legsweep, Val poses and pins Blackman for two.

 Crossbody attempt by Blackman is reversed by Val for another two count. Blackman plants Val with a spine buster for two. Val revives and nails a bulldog and DDT before scoring with The Money Shot. Decent match, not too short and not too long, Val grabs Blackman’s bag after the match but Val makes a mistake and Blackman Kos Val with the kendo stick. EMTs tend to Val including BB named for her.  Ugh… assets. Blackman attacks the head of security and pays for it with a tackle from Jim.(Head of Security and RIP).

Winner: Val Venis over Steve Blackman via Money Shot!

Promo Time

Big Show says he is going to win the 6 pack challenge, Michael Cole asks about The Undertaker. Undertaker had walked out of the WWF on Smackdown, the real reason was Undertaker had suffered a groin injury and would be out of action until May of 2000.

(WWF European Title Match) D’Lo Brown vs Mark Henry ©

Mark Henry was fat so D’Lo Brown his best friend whipped him into shape, D’Lo was tough on his friend but Henry lost the weight he needed to lose and all seemed right with the two best friends. However, at Summerslam Henry turned on his friend helping Jeff Jarrett become a eurocontinental champion. As a reward for Mark Henry, he was awarded the European championship by Jarrett. Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry comes out with two fine ladies as Mark says there will be no title match tonight. Mark was slapped in an interview by Lillian Garcia and cites this as an injury and thus, he cannot compete tonight. D’Lo enters the ring and says hell no we are having this match and the match goes ahead.

 The referee for this match is Dr. Tom Prichard, Mark smacks D’Lo around on the outside before they go toe to toe in the ring. Sky High by D’Lo in the early going after dodging a gorilla press slam. Two count for D’Lo, second rope elbow from the challenger, D’Lo charges Henry but it backfires and D’Lo is out Mark’s mercy but D’Lo was playing possum and he dodges Mark Henry. Plancha over the top rope from D’Lo, D’Lo goes high once more, crossbody and a two count for D’Lo again. Right hands from D’Lo but Henry shakes it off, gorilla press slam plants D’Lo. Sleeper hold and Henry drops a leg on D’Lo.

 D’Lo tries building momentum but Mark Henry squashes his former friends. Scoop slam and a leg drop from Henry, two count for the champion. Running splash in the corner, Henry perches D’Lo on the top rope and slams him to the canvas. D’Lo turns the tide with a hurricanrana. Both men are down, right hands from D’Lo, flying forearms from Brown, calf kick and a leg drop from Brown. Cover and just two for the challenger, D’Lo looks visibly frustrated and throws haymakers at Brown, Henry splashes Brown and starts punching D’Lo in the corner. Henry gets cocky and gets powerbombed by D’Lo, Lo Down frog splash from D’Lo and D’Lo is your new champion.

 I really liked this match, a lot more than I should have but D’Lo has won me over in the last couple of months and I have a soft spot for big guys especially Mark Henry after all the WWF have done to him. D’Lo was on fire in this match and the crowd loved him, Mark Henry was great in his role in that match. Cut to the locker room and the wrestlers beat the hell out of Chaz(AKA Mosh) as he has allegations of beating his girlfriend Marianna. No surprise this story was dropped quickly.

Winner: D'Lo Brown over Henry via Lo Down!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship) Jeff Jarrett © W/ Miss Kitty vs Chyna

Chyna was nearing being red hot, the crowd had erupted when she defeated Triple H to become number one contender for the WWF Championship. Plans would change and Chyna would not get her match but then she was embroiled in this feud with Jarrett, Jarrett a male sexist pig who felt women had their place in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Chyna would have her shot at the title and let’s see what she is made of in this match. Jarrett jumps Chyna to begin the match but Chyna takes it to Jarrett with a low blow and a couple of clotheslines. The referee is Harvey Whippleman of all people, Jarrett drags Chyna into the ringpost twice, the first time sternum first and the second time head first into the pole. Jarrett had attacked a number of women in the weeks leading up to this match applying the figure four to Lillian Garcia, Fabulous Moolah and others. Jarrett had also disrespected Debra his former valet.

 I mentioned this as Moolah and Mae Young sit at ringside. Jarrett continues to work Chyna and superplexes Chyna from the second rope. Chyna battles back against Double J, Jarrett dodges the splash and nails a single arm DDT from the second rope. Jarrett gets too cocky and Chyna drops Jeff with an electric chair drop like move. Jarrett catches Chyna with a sleeper, saying “she ain’t going anywhere”. Chyna counters Jeff and nails a suplex. Chyna blocks Jarrett’s punches, powerslam by the Ninth Wonder Of The World. Jarrett gets dropped with a powerbomb from Chyna, Jarrett returns the favour with a powerbomb of his own. Jarrett looks for the figure four but Chyna kicks Jarrett over the top rope, they brawl to the outside, Chyna nails Jarrett with a steel chair.

 Jarrett gets dropped on the announce table by Chyna. Back inside the ring, pedigree attempt from Chyna, Jarrett counters and Chyna is sent catapulted into the referee, referee is down. Miss Kitty gifts Jarrett the guitar, Moolah and Mae Young stop Jeff using the guitar and Mae and Moolah punch and double suplex Jeff. Jeff takes out Moolah and Mae with a double clothesline, Debra comes to ringside clearly after seeing enough, Debra knocks down Miss Kitty and grabs the guitar. Jeff doesn’t see it coming WHACK Debra just knocked out Jarrett with the guitar.

 Chyna surveys the scene and covers Jarrett,1…2…3 Chyna wins the intercontinental champion but wait referee Tom Prichard comes to ringside and shows footage of Debra attacking Jeff. The decision is reversed and Jarrett retains the title, Chyna isn’t happy and Tom Prichard pays the price, low blow and a pedigree for good measure. Good match from these two, Jarrett was always a solid hand and he pulled a very entertaining match out of Chyna. Jarrett hid her weaknesses and let her shine, really good match.

Winner: Jarrett over Chyna due to referee decision!

The Dudley Boyz vs The Acolytes

Interesting match here due to the backstory, Bubba and D-Von had come in from ECW and The Public Enemy a former ECW team had left a sour taste in the mouth of WWF Management. Bubba and D-Von would have to show they could do business by taking an ass whooping from The Acolytes. If I could describe this match in one word, it would be stiff. Bubba had reverted back to his stutter gimmick so he stutters at the start in his promo.

 Bubba misses a splash on Faarooq, Bradshaw is tagged in, double flapjack, big boot from Bradshaw. Bubba fights back and nails Bradshaw with a senton, Bubba tries once more but Bradshaw scores with a superplex from the second rope. Bubba and Bradshaw brawl on the outside, Bubba meets the steel steps face first. Bradshaw misses the clothesline from hell and Bubba tags in D-Von. D-Von’s advantage does not last long as Bradshaw nails a fallaway slam. Powerslam from Faarooq on D-Von for a two count.

 D-Von creates some separation with a DDT, Bradshaw comes in and isolates D-Von. D-Von dodges an elbow and The Dudleys nail a reverse 3D for a two count. Bubba nails a powerbomb on Bradshaw and D-Von nails a diving headbutt for a two count. D-Von climbs the top rope again but Faarooq drops poor D-Von. Super backdrop from Bradshaw on D-Von. Bubba and Faarooq brawl on the outside, Bradshaw covers D-Von only two. Bubba scores with a bulldog, two count for D-Von the match breaks down , 3D by The Dudleys on Faarooq, Bradshaw nails a Clothesline from Hell. Stevie Richards comes to ringside and nails a Stevie Kick on D-Von, Faarooq pins D-Von.

 Stevie Richards does not get welcomed by The Acolytes as he gets powerbombed for his interference. Not a big fan of this match, it was basically The Dudleys on trial as Faarooq and Bradshaw rough up the former ECW tag champs. Ending was lame too.

Winners: The Acolytes over The Dudley Boyz via Powerbomb!

(WWF Women’s Championship Hardcore Match) Ivory (C) vs Luna

Ivory sneak attacks Luna with a trash can as the two women brawl all around the arena. Ivory shoves Luna into a bin and tries to cover her, referee does not count the pin, Luna whips Ivory into a garage door before throwing her on top of some boxes. Luna climbs a forklift and drops a splash on Ivory, two count for Luna, she was seconds away from being champion.

 Luna chokes Ivory with a pipe as they continue smashing one another around the backstage area. Tori saves Luna as Ivory had called Tori a skank and a slut in the past. Tori brings a pool cue with her but it backfires as Ivory uses the pool cue to beat Luna. 

Afterwards Ivory gets in Moolah’s face and it is the beginning of their “rivalry” if you can call it that. Damn I had high hopes for poor Ivory and her goal of bringing some respect to the women’s division, I will have to wait as the dark days are ahead.

Winner: Ivory over Luna via Pool Cue Shot!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Edge And Christian vs The New Age Outlaws ©

Billy Gunn’s single run ended at last month’s Summerslam losing to The Rock, in that time Rock and Sock Connection had been formed and won the tag team titles. However, Billy would reunite Road Dogg because I have no earthly idea but they did reform, they put the bad blood behind them and defeated Rock and Mankind for the tag team championships. Edge and Billy tie up, clean break from Edge, side headlock from Edge and a hip toss takes down Mr. Ass. Edge gets knocked down by Billy, Road Dogg comes in and Christian takes over on Road Dogg, Dropkicks and deep arm drags by Christian.

 Billy and Road Dogg double team Christian with punches on the youngster. Christian meets the boot of Road Dogg and Billy press slams Christian on Road Dogg’s knee. Christian creates some space and Edge is tagged in, Edge cheap shots Billy but the advantage does not last, Road Dogg hits his two moves, the punches and knee drop. Christian and Edge toss Road Dogg to the outside and take the pain to one half of the champions.

 Splash by Christian on the lower back of Road Dogg, backbreaker on Road Dogg and a sleeper hold applied by Christian. Road Dogg fights back and both men meet mid-air with a crossbody attempt. Edge tags in and takes out Mr. Ass, double kicks in the corner from Christian and Edge. Edge tags in Christian, double team move from the challengers, Billy Gunn breaks up the pin attempt. Road Dogg creates space with a DDT on both challengers, Billy comes in and cleans house, all hell breaks loose.

 Mr. Ass tries a jackhammer, Christian nails a reverse DDT, Edge and Christian have the advantage but The New Brood AKA The Hardys and Gangrel interfere, Jeff dropkicks Edge and Mr. Ass scores with The FameAsser for the win while Gangrel attacks Christian on the outside. The New Age Outlaws retain and that was a fun match.

Winners: New Age Outlaws over Edge & Christian via FameAsser!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match Kennel From Hell Match) Big Bossman vs Al Snow©

Al Snow had loss his best friend Head, a spike had been driven through its head and this did not sit well with poor Al so he replaced Head with a dog named Pepper. Bossman dognapped Pepper and fed the dog to Al Snow without Snow’s knowledge. They will meet in a hell in a cell like structure with a second cage around the ring with trained dogs around the ring. Disaster is a good word to describe the match, Al requested trained dogs for this match and trained dogs Al did not get so the dogs spend the majority of this match shitting all around ringside.

 Both Bossman and Al were disappointed with the match but what can you do? Al refuses to allow Bossman to enter the ring, Al smacks Bossman with the nightstick, Al refuses to let Bossman in as The Rottweilers are brought to ringside, Bossman freaks out at the sight of the dogs, Bossman climbs the cage to escape the dogs, the dogs fight one another instead of attacking Al. This match sucks big time. Bossman suplexes Al back into the ring after Snow escaped the clutches of the dog. Al is thrown into the cages multiple times, right hands from Bossman takes down Snow.

 Bossman whacks Al with a tray and busts Snow wide open. Bossman begins climbing the cage and tries to cut his way out of the cage. The dogs gather below Bossman as Snow grabs a bat and whacks Bossman. Bossman counters Snow and grabs some powder, Snow smashes the powder into Bossman’s face and Bossman is busted open. Snow unscrews a bottom turnbuckle before grabbing Bossman’s hand wanting the dogs to rip Bossman’s hand off. The dogs ignore poor Snow as Bossman continues to beat Snow with a shovel.

 Bossman grabs his cuffs and Snow is stuck in the corner, Snow tries to free himself but he cannot get out. Bossman celebrates as he believes he has won, Snow watches as Bossman begins climbing. Snow pulls himself free and grabs Head, Snow clocks Bossman, Snow escapes the cage and retains his title. Bossman remains in the ring while the dogs fight one another, through a pull of piss and poop, Bossman escapes and this disaster of amatch finally ends. DUD enough said.

Winner: Al Snow over Bossman by Escape!

Chris Jericho W/ Curtis Hughes vs X-Pac

Y2J’s first pay per view against X-Pac, Road Dogg had been put through a table by Chris Jericho and X-Pac was standing up for his friend. Jericho and X-Pac trade holds to begin with, shoulder block from Jericho, hip toss from X-Pac. Jericho dodges a spinning heel kick and clotheslines X-Pac. Right hands from Y2J, X-Pac reverses Jericho, sets up for the bronco buster but Jericho dodges, X-Pac chases Jericho, Jericho outsmarts his opponent and counters the X-Factor, X-Pac reverses The Walls of Jericho, springboard plancha from Jericho. Curtis Hughes wipes out X-Pac, snap suplex on the outside and a missile dropkick from Jericho.

 Tilt a whirl backbreaker and a knee from Jericho stops X-Pac’s momentum. Springboard splash from Jericho and a reverse chinlock from The Ayatollah of Rock “N” Rollah. Clothesline and Lionsault from Jericho, springboard dropkick from Jericho takes X-Pac to the floor. Hughes cheap shots X-Pac, Jericho tries to take advantage but X-Pac blocks him in the corner, spinning heel kick by X-Pac. Another spinkick, Jericho irish whips X-Pac but it backfires, X-Pac wipes out Hughes and then wipes out Jericho. Second bronco buster attempt but Jericho blocks it with his boot, a senton bomb from Jericho, only two for Jericho. Backbreaker by Jericho, Jericho climbs to the top, X-Pac crotches Y2J, superplex from second turnbuckle.

 Jericho nails his double powerbomb, two count as X-Pac kicks out. Jericho hung upside down and Jericho tastes the bronco buster while hung upside down. Curtis Hughes attacks the referee and the match ends in disqualification, Road Dogg helps his buddy X-Pac and that’s the end of this match. A decent match from these two entertaining wrestlers, some nice moves in there. Jericho had not clicked with the audience just yet but he still showed his abilities in this match.

Winner X-Pac over Y2J by DQ!

(6 Pack Challenge Match For The WWF Championship Match) Kane vs The Rock vs Mankind vs Big Show vs Triple H vs British Bulldog(Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Stev Austin)

Triple H picked on Vince’s wife and that is something you do not do as Stone Cold Steve Austin helped Vince Mcmahon win The WWF Championship. Triple H has his back against the wall as there are five men who are hungry for the WWF Championship. Rock and Bulldog kick us off, right hands from The People’s Champion, Bulldog tags in Triple H, Triple H wears down Rock and assaults Kane. Big mistake as Rock battles back and takes down The Game with a stungun, right hands from Rock.

 Kane comes in and chokes Triple H, powerslam from Kane. Triple H tags in Mankind before Triple H cheap shots the man he tagged in. Mankind makes Triple H pay with a knee to the face before Kane recovers and clotheslines Mankind. Mankind tries battling back but Big Show tags himself in and goes after Kane. Elbows to the back of the head of Kane, Show tags in Bulldog briefly before Kane levels Bulldog. 

Show re-enters the match and kicks Kane square in the face. Mankind and Show brawl before Show tags in Bulldog. Bulldog tags in on one side while Rock tags in on the other, big suplex by Bulldog on Rock and Bulldog tags in Mankind. Mankind does not want to fight his partner The Rock so he tags in Kane. Kane and The Rock brawl in the ring before Rock tags in Mankind. Piledriver by Mankind on Kane, Kane tags in Triple H.

 Triple tosses Mankind to the outside, Triple H blocks a suplex on the ramp, Triple H plants Mankind with the suplex. Rock clotheslines Triple H and now all 6 men brawl on the entrance ramp. Near the ring, Mankind drops Triple H with a steel step shot, piledriver on the steel steps by Mankind. Kane and Rock continue to brawl on the ramp, Rock is sent into the steel steps while Mankind and Bulldog continue to kill one another in the ring. Mankind tags in Rock and Rock & Sock Connection continue to co-exist in this match. Rock tags Big Show with a punch to the face, Bulldog tags in Kane.

 Big boot by Show on Kane, Kane tees off on Show in the corner. The striking referees make their way ringside as they do not think kindly of referee Jimmy Korderas is not on strike and is working. Big Show goes to work on Mankind, scoop slam and an elbow from The Giant. Rock breaks up Big Show’s pin attempt, Mankind tags in Rock and Rock smashes Show with right hands and a clothesline, Show still stands it takes three clotheslines to floor Show. Triple H gets involved and floors The Rock, Triple H and Rock brawl on the outside, Stone Cold Steve Austin watches on from the announce table.

 Kane and Mankind fight back inside the ring, Mankind DDTs Kane and starts choking him from behind, Kane powers up to his feet and grabs Mankind into the tombstone, Kane goes for the pin and Show is the legal man so Kane cannot capitalise, Show motions for the chokeslam, Kane takes out Show with a clothesline from the top rope.

 Bulldog plants Kane with a powerslam, Triple H plants Bulldog with a pedigree, Rock knocks Triple H out of the ring, Mankind applies the Mandible Claw to The Rock, The Rock reverses and scores with The Rock Bottom. Rock has the match won but Triple H breaks up the pin. Big Show cleans house and chokeslams Mankind. Show is screwed by the referees as they attack Korderas for working while they strike. This brings the wrath of one Stone Cold Steve Austin upon them, shit is about to get real! Stone Cold kills every referee, Rock nails Triple H with a DDT, crowd thinks Rock won the title but no it was only two.

 Triple H stomps Rock in the corner, Rock reverses Triple H, Rock Bottom and it is time for the most electrifying move in Sports Entertainment today, The People’s Elbow, two count, Show pulls out Austin, Bulldog drops Rock with chair shot, Bulldog looks ready to smash Triple H but Austin grabs the chair and smashes Bulldog. Triple H scores with the pedigree on The Rock and wins, Triple H gets in Austin’s face and Austin nails a Stunner. It will be Austin vs Triple H at No Mercy. 

Winner: Triple H over Everyone Else via Pedgree to The Rock!

That was good chaotic fun, everyone hit their signature spots and there was a lot of drama with everyone within a moment’s reach of winning the title. Overall, the pay per view was decent, I liked D'Lo vs Mark Henry and the main event was fun but a lot of matches were disappointing, the hardcore title match was poor, the women's match was very brief and some of the other matches would not have felt out of place on Raw. Triple H escapes with the title thanks to Bulldog’s accidental help but Rock will have his rematch at Rebellion and that is where we are heading next so I will see you there!

Sunday 26 June 2016

Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 19: WWF Summerslam 1999 Review

Image result for wwf summerslam 1999

Welcome one and all once again to the wrestling series that no one ever asked for, Journeys Through The Attitude Era with me, The Seanomaniac. Today’s time machine places smack in the middle of the WWF Pay Per View calendar with the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam 1999. Austin vs Mcmahon had included and a new heel was on the rise in Triple H(Get used to seeing that name a lot). Austin was champion after vanquishing The Undertaker but now Mankind Triple H and at one point Chyna, were chasing his championship. To control all of these combustible elements, Jesse The Body Ventura would be the special guest referee for the main event. The Undercard would also feature The Rock vs Mr. Ass in a Kiss My Ass match and The Undertaker and The Big Show challenging for Kane’s and X-Pac’s tag team titles. Let us waste no more time and dive into WWF’S Summerslam 1999.

Opening Promo

Kickass intro as expected from the WWF, the focus is on special referees, Vince and Shane had tried to screw Austin, Vince being unsuccessful and Shane being successful. However, tonight Jesse Ventura is the referee and he is the only man that can control the chaos. Jesse is the first man we see as the pay per view starts as he warns Triple H and Chyna about cheating tonight. Next we see Chris Jericho and the first ever WWF Jerichoholic Howard Finkel, Jericho warns The Fink that he beter be on time and carry Jericho’s bag.

(WWF Intercontinental/European Championship Match) D’Lo Brown © vs Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett and Debra have been having some serious issues so Jarrett sends Debra to the backstage. D’Lo was on fire as a face, he was a double champion and was seemingly on his way to that upper echelon that he was slated for since his days in The Nation of Domination. D’Lo meets Debra backstage and brings her to the ring as his valet. Jarrett is pissed off and attacks D’Lo from behind. D’Lo starts hot with a hiptoss and a forearm, powerslam to Jarrett. Make it two from the Eurocontinental champion. Jarrett tries to sneak an attack on D’Lo but D’Lo catches the challenger with a right hand anad a spinebuster. Jarrett locks in the sleeper but D’Lo reverses Jarrett with a superplex.

 Jarrett changes the momentum with a sidewalk slam and a dropkick which takes D’Lo off his feet. Baseball slide from Jarrett rattles the champion. Jarrett gets caught by D’Lo who takes control before Jarrett sends D’Lo face first into the ringpost. Double J begins working D’Lo’s arm in the corner, tornado single arm DDT from the second rope by Jarrett. D’Lo hangs on in the match with a running powerbomb on Jarrett, both men are laid out, the referee begins counting, tilt a whirl slam and a calf kick on D’Lo. Scoop slam and a leg drop for D’Lo, backdrop by D’Lo and D’Lo begins climbing , D’Lo misses a somersault senton.

 Debra climbs to the apron, Jarrett appaears to wish to hit Debra but Mark Henry grabs the guitar from Jarrett to help his friend D’Lo. However, SWERVE! Mark Henry smashes D’Lo with the guitar and Jarrett pins D’Lo to win the titles. Great opener, that crowd loved D’Lo, all his moves were so over and he got a great reaction. Crowd seemed shock by the turn from Henry who had been D’Lo’s partner since the days of The Nation. Hopefully the feud these two have will be good.

Winner: Jarrett over D'Lo Brown thanks to Mark Henry & a Guitar!

(Tag Team Turmoil Match) Edge And Christian vs The New Brood(Hardy Boyz) W/ Gangrel vs Mideon and Viscera vs The Acolytes vs Droz And Prince Albert vs Hardcore And Crash Holly

Strange seeing The Hardys as heels and Edge and Christian as faces, I like it though, The Hardys turned on Michael Hayes to side with Gangrel who turned on Edge and Christian. Double hiptoss from Edge and Christian as Matt takes punishment to start us off. Gangrel takes a cheap shot and Matt take so over, double facebuster by The Hardys. Springboard moonsault by Jeff as Christian eats a poetry in motion for good measure. Jeff cheap shots Christian before nailing The Swanton Bomb. Edge breaks the count, Christian nails a double falling reverse DDT, Edge receives the tag, momentarily running wild before all four men spill to the outside.

 Jeff gets speared by Edge from a guard rail in a neat little spot before Matt and Christian dive onto their opponents. Matt and Christian remain in the ring, electric chair drop by Edge and an elbow from Christian eliminate The Hardys.

Mideon and Viscera are next in the match as Christian gets samoan dropped by Viscera, Mideon fails to take advantage of Christian and Edge reaps the rewards. Clothesline by Edge knocks down Mideon but Viscera nails a spinning heel kick on Edge. Viscera attempts a splash on Edge but Mideon takes the splash by accident, Viscera is thrown to the outside and Edge nails the spear for the elimination.

Prince Albert and Droz the piercing buddies are in this match to my surprise, Albert takes out Edge with a beautiful neckbreaker, Christian takes down Droz with a plancha. Albert attempted a gorilla press slam but got chop blocked by Christian. One complete shot later from Edge and it is all over for Droz and Prince Albert.

Bradshaw and Faarooq come sprinting to ringside and annihilate poor Edge, Edge creates some separation with a spinning heel kick but Bradshaw takes out Christian so no tag can be made. Bradshaw plants Edge with a backdrop, Bradshaw tags in Faarooq who plants Edge with a backbreaker. Sleeper hold by Faarooq and a spine buster. Faarooq attempts a dominator but Edge counters with a complete shot. Edge and Christian isolate Bradshaw as Christian is now legal, Christian scores with the tornado DDT on Bradshaw. Two and a half for Edge and Christian. Bradshaw wipes out Christian with a Clothesline from Hell and we are down to our last two team.

Hardcore Holly and Crash are the final team as Crash tags in from Holly and pays for his brash attitude. Faarooq makes the smaller Holly pay with clotheslines before Bradshaw tags in, hangman’s neckbreaker from the Big Texan. Blind tag from Holly as Crash and Hardcore start beating the crap out of one another as they seemingly cannot get along with one another. Hardcore smacks Crash out of the ring and Hardcore eats a spinebuster from Faarooq as The Acolytes walk away the winners. Good match, Edge and Christian were the stars of the match but Faarooq and Bradshaw would win and challenge for the titles on Raw the next night.

Winners: Acolytes over Everyone Else via Survival!

Promo Time

Apparently, Road Dogg was supposed to be involved in tonight’s hardcore match but he could not participate so we are treated to a promo from Road Dogg before the man known as Chris Jericho makes his ppv debut appearance. Jericho had appeared earlier in the month interrupting The Rock in possibly the greatest debut in wrestling history.

 Jericho cuts a promo on how the WWF is boring and uninteresting with terrible wrestlers and matches. Funny to hear Jericho cut this promo knowing the amount of nuclear heat the poor guy had backstage. Road Dogg calls Jericho a bitch and that is his comeback, this was apparently too much for Jericho to handle so he leaves.

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Al Snow vs Big Bossman©

Road Dogg decides to do commentary on the match as Al jumps Bossman on the stage. Snow had lost Head as Prince Albert drove a spike through Head’s head(cannot believe I just wrote that). Snow had replaced Head with a little dog named Pepper.They go backstage as Snow takes a beating from Bossman, crutch across the back by Bossman. Bossman tries to murder Snow with a vending machine but Snow dodges the machine. Snow and Bossman brawl on the street again just like their last match. Must be weird watching two men brawl in broad daylight.

 Bossman throws a table on Snow for a two count as they enter into a bar. Snow throws some newspapers at Bossman, they end up in the toilets. Snow grabs a urinal cake and smashes Bossman with the cake, Snow is handed a chain from a fan and chokes out the Bossman. Snow places Bossman on a table, moonsault through a table, Bossman was supposed to dodge but he was a bit late on moving. Into the pool hall we go before Bossman attacks Road Dogg. Big mistake as Road Dogg whacks Bossman with a nightstick.

 Snow covers Bossman for the win. Afterwards, Snow attacks Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie for touching his dog Pepper. Snow is your new Hardcore Champion. Like I have said before, hardcore matches can be either hit or miss for you, they can be fun and mindless violence as they brawl outside the ring and use weapons or you could see them as shit and not actual wrestling especially if you hate the likes of ECW or FMW. For me, I am in between, match was fine but they barely hit a move.


Winner: Snow over Bossman via Head Shot!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Ivory © vs Tori

After the dark days of Sable, came a new light a women who wished to bring respect to the division and she was met with mixed success but I feel if it was not for her, there would be no Lita nor Trish Stratus  and I am of course referring to Ivory. Formerly the manager of Mark Henry, she had gotten in the ring and won the championship, her first pay per view defense would be against Tori who Ivory had assaulted and scribbled skank and slut on. I a intrigued by this match because this is the first proper women’s match that I have got to take a look at in this series and while I do not think I will be blown away by what I see, I still expect a solid showing from these two.

 Tori sprints to the ring , powerslam by Tori and Ivory powders. Ivory baits in Tori and rams her head into the ringpost, stungun from Ivory as Tori looks a little shaken, Spinning elbow from Ivory, two count, Tori changes momentum with a knee to Ivory and hits a nice dropkick and two snap suplexes. Two count for Tori, facebuster by Ivory as she readjusts her pants (she has a great ass by the way even Stone Cold Steve Austin had a crush on her).

 Ivory grabs Tori’s feet and goes for the giant swing, she scores but eats a spear from Tori. Tori nails the knife edge chops and an interesting suplex. Crossbody from Tori for a two count, sunset flip gets the two count. Now this was a fine match until the finish, it seems they repeat the spot and Ivory lands on Tori, she basically sits on her and Ivory gets off and holds down Tori’s arms for the pin so imagine if you were fighting your younger sibling and you are trying to pin he/she to the floor and you grab their arms. 

Well yeah that was the finish so I thought it was a fine match until that, I am hoping to see more from Ivory but I know what awaits are not kind to her. Ivory tries to strip Tori before Luna makes the save. Wow Luna as a face could be interesting, I wonder if she gets a pay per view match.

Winner: Ivory over Tori via pinfall!

(Lion’s Den Match) Steve Blackman vs Ken Shamrock

Shamrock’s last pay per view match and fitting it be in an octagon as he would return to the octagon, the very ring where he would achieve some of his greatest success. Ok so this match is in a UFC Style cage with weapons at the top. Blackman has a pair of nunchaku and starts attacking Shamrock. Shamrock uses his superior submission skills to take down Blackman. Blackman is tossed into the cage by The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

 Knees to the ribs by Shamrock, Shamrock grabs a kendo stick but he does not get the chance to utilize the weapon as Blackman blocks and throws Shamrock into the cage wall. Blackman grabs two sticks and starts whacking Shamrock. A choke using the stick by Blackman is unsuccessful as Shamrock springboars off the cage and elbows The Lethal Weapon. Kidney shots by Shamrock, back suplex, tide is turned by Blackman with a DDT. Shamrock recovers with a powerslam, enzuigiri finds the mark for Blackman.

 Kendo stick for Shamrock as Blackman beats the piss out of Shamrock. Blackman misses an axe kick and gets caught with a belly to belly suplex, Shamrock has the kendo stick, he wears out Blackman shot after shot. Shamrock knocks out Blackman with a kendo stick for the win. It was a fun match with not a whole lot of wrestling but there were some nasty weapon shots in there. Overall, it was enjoyable!

Winner: Shamrock over Blackman via Kendo Stick Knockout!

(Love Her or Leave Her Match) Test vs Shane Mcmahon

Test was romantically linked to Stephanie Mcmahon, Shane being the protective brother did not want to see his baby sister date a wrestler. Shane believing his was right assaulted Test and challenged him to this match. If Test loses, Test must leave Stephanie behind, if Shane loses, Shane must give Test and Stephanie’s relationship his blessing. Test has taped up ribs due to Shane’s assaults, Test had evened the odds by assaulting Shane’s backup The Mean Street Posse, injuring them all in separate attacks. Shane and Test tackle one another before Test uses his power and takes over The Boy Wonder.

 Test dominates the early going by powerslamming Shane around the outside of the ring. The Mean Street Posse get in Test’s face before being taken out by Test as Shane is body pressed onto his friends. Test is mugged by The Posse as Shane watches on from ringside. The Posses supply Shane with weapons as he whoops Test. Shane smashes a picture of The Posse over Test’s head. Two count for Shane, Shane catches Test with an elbow before crashing and burning on a corkscrew moonsault attempt. Test takes advantage with a powerbomb, Test had the match won but Rodney distracts the referee. The referee is wiped out by a big boot from Test as Shane is knocked over the top ropes.

 Test smashes Shane with a sign on the outside, scoop slam by Test, The Posse seize their moment and assault Test. Test is placed on the Spanish announce table as Shane is revived by Pete Gas. Shane climbs to the top rope and nails his now trademark elbow through the announce table for the first time. Test is motionless as The Mean Street Posse put Shane on top of Test in the ring. Two count for Shane as JR puts over Test big time, interference from Pete Gas goes wrong as he nails Shane by mistake, Test makes the cover for a two count as Joey Abs drags out the referee. Rodney hits Test with the cast for a two count. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco assault The Mean Street Posse and now it is one on one as Test big boots Joey Abs. 

Shane misses a tackle on Test, pump handle slam by Test and Test drops his elbow,1…2…3! Test will be dating Stephanie. What a star making performance which raises the question, why did they not go all the way with Test, make no mistake about it Test was the man in this match, he looked every bit like a star so should of it been Test battling Triple H after Triple H “married” Stephanie? Would have it not made sense?

Winner: Test over Shane via Elbow Drop!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) X-Pac And Kane © vs Undertaker and The Big Show

Big Show and Undertaker had come together out of their hatred of Kane, Undertaker wished to reunite with his brother but Kane would not betray his friend X-Pac. Big Show and Kane had been battling since King Of The Ring, their problems well documented. Their attacks on X-Pac and Kane led to this title match, Undertaker looks to injure X-Pac in the early going but Kane is the legal man who stops all attempts at attacking X-Pac. Kane nails his brother Undertaker with a top rope clothesline for a two count. Kane lowers his head and eats a thunderous DDT.

 Knife edge chops and punches from Big Show, Kane sees Show coming and fights back before Show drops a big boot and an elbow on Kane. Kane gets worked on by Taker and Show who uses chokes and punches before Kane makes the tag to X-Pac. Big spinning heel kicks by X-Pac on Undertaker. Show grabs X-Pac’s hair and Taker assumes control, Taker tosses X-Pac to the outside. Show drops X-Pac on the guard rail while Take distracts Kane. Kane comes to his partner’s rescue momentarily but Big Show drags X-Pac into the ring. Scoop slam and a knee drop by Show. Big bearhug by Show as X-Pac bites his way out, Kane breaks the pin as Show stops X-Pac with a two handed choke slam.

 Show attempts a choke slam, Kane breaks it up before X-Pac nails a low blow, Undertaker stops the tag attempt, X-Pac nails a second low blow in front of referee Earl hebnar who has an expression of “shit I did not know I was supposed to look away on his face”. Kane runs wild and nails Show in the corner, X-Pac tags in as Show is in the corner, bronco buster on Big Show, Kane and Taker brawl on the outside.

 Kane is sent into the steel steps, Chokeslam by Big Show on X-Pac, he places his foot on X-Pac but only gets two due to his arrogance. Taker goes insane and tombstones X-Pac for the win. New champions as Taker and Show beat Kane and X-Pac. This was a good match, crowd was hot for X-Pac and Kane and hated Undertaker and Big Show.

Winners: Undertaker & Big Show over Kane & X-Pac via Tombstone!

(Kiss My Ass Match) Mr. Ass vs The Rock

Early 1999 to mid 1999 was Billy Gunn’s best run as a singles wrestler, he won King Of The Ring although they did not do anything with the poor guy but Mr. Ass had beaten X-Pac, Kane, Mankind and even The Rock on Raw. If I remember correctly, Rock had made fun of acne on Billy Gunn’s ass and Mr. Ass had assaulted The Rock and made him kiss his ass which led to this match. Not a shiny moment on either man’s career but it would signal the end of Billy’s run as a singles wrestler for the time being.

 Mr. Ass brings a large women out to the ring and states The Rock will be kissing her fat ass when he loses this match. Rock smacks Mr. Ass around the ring in the early parts of the match, The Rock and Mr. Ass make their way to the top of the stage. Mr. Ass takes over by whipping The Rock into the steel steps. Rock recovers Billy by stealing Jerry Lawler’s crown and crowning him Mr. Ass. Billy nails Rock with the ringbell to take control, choke from The King Of The Ring. Rock fires back and gets dropped by a neckbreaker, another chokehold by Billy Gunn. Elbows across the throat by Mr. Ass, bulldog from Mr. Ass had Rock reeling as Billy goes for the pin, two count for Mr. Ass. Mr. Ass nails a splash in the corner, states he is number one, big mistake, Rock nails a clothesline, float over DDT by The People’s Champion.

 Cover by The Rock, two and a half for Rock. Right hands from Rock, neckbreaker by Rock, two count, Billy gets caught with a samoan drop. Rock Bottom gets countered into a FameAsser. Mr. Ass has the match won but gets cocky and asks for the woman to enter the ring. Mr. Ass’ plan backfires as Rock sends Billy’s face into the large woman’s ass and nails a Rock Bottom and a People’s Elbow. That was alright, more about the gimmick than the match so it was ok.


Winner: The Rock over Billy Gunn via People's Elbow!

(WWF Championship Match) Triple H vs Mankind vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ©

Ok, originally Triple H was the undisputed number one contender by beating The Rock at Fully Loaded. At one point Chyna defeated Triple H twice to become the number one contender, she was in fact at one point considered to win the belt due to her popularity. It did not go ahead as Mankidn would beat Chyna for the number one contendership before Triple H and Mankind would draw in a match to settle who was the rightful number one contender so both Triple H and Mankind were named number one contender and the match is a triple threat.

 I can only give my opinion and it does not mean it is always right but my guess is that it was made a triple threat match due to Austin’s unwillingness to drop the belt to Triple H. The reason I say that is there was those who did not feel Triple H was a main eventer in WWF, there had been tension in the past between Austin and Triple H over Shawn Michaels and that the every next night on Raw, Mankind would lose the championship he won on this night to Triple H and when Austin faced Triple H for the title at No Mercy a few months later, Triple H would not defeat Austin clean as a sledgehammer from The Rock finished Austin.

 Again, just my opinion, could be way off and this could have been the plan all along but it just does not make a whole lot of sense. Austin goes right after Triple H, Mankind waits on the outside before assaulting Triple H. Triple H is between a rock and hard place as Austin and Mankind destroy Triple H. Mankind hugs Austin and pays for his love as Austin tries stunning Mankind. Blocked but Austin reverses Floey so all three men end up on the outside.

 Austin and Triple H brawl around the ring but Chyna stalks Mankind and throws him into the ringpost. Austin has been in control for the whole match up until this point as Triple H smashes Austin’s leg with a steel chair behind the back of Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura ejects Chyna as he catches her inflicting damage on Mankind. Triple H pleads innocence for Chyna but gets nail by Austin for his trouble, Austin slams Triple H into the barricades. Triple H outsmarts Austin and goes after Austin’s leg with the ringpost chop block by Hunter floors Austin. Austin is in a lot of pain in the corner before Mankind teams up with Triple H.

 Mankind tries pinning Austin which leads to the end of Triple H and Mankind’s friendship. Foley misses a cannonball from the apron on Triple H, Triple H catches Austin with a tungun and works the leg of Austin. Austin and Triple H brawl into the crowd, Mankind follows but misses a piledriver and lands hard on the concrete floor. Austin has his back against the wall but he continues to fight back, right hands from The Texas Rattlesnake takes out both Foley and Triple H.

 Triple H goes for the pedigree and gets countered, catapult into the corner, Triple H bails,  Stunner by Austin on Mankind. Triple H smacks Austin with the chair and Mankind, Triple H pins Mankind but Ventura will not count Triple H’s pin dues to his use of the chair. Triple H gets in Ventura’s face but Shane Mcmahon, a supporter of Shane Mcmahon gets in Ventura’s face. Stunner by Austin on Shane Mcmahon, Triple H chokes Mankind in the corner. Ventura tosses Shane to the outside, Austin’s famous botch as he gets caught hung up in the ropes, Triple H makes the save, lucky for Austin.

 Double clothesline  and only Mankind stands, it is time for Socko! Double Mandible Claw ends in failure, Triple H tried for the pedigree on Mankind but Austin breaks it up. Austin hammers both challengers with right hands, meeting of the minds Stunner by Austin on Triple H, Mankind breaks the pin at two. Mankind gets taken out and Triple H scores with the pedigree, Mankind interrupts Triple H and scores with the double arm DDT and pins Austin! And the man who everyone thought had no chance of winning the match walks away with the belt. Triple H had the match won but Foley swooped in to win the championship. As alluded to earlier, I feel this only happened as Austin did not want to put over Triple H so Mankind was made transitional champion.

 After the match, Triple h wears out Austin with the steel chairs, targeting Austin’s legs. Such a vivid image in my head as I can remember the promo so clearly of Triple H screaming he damn near crippled Steve Austin. That was one hell of a match, I loved it, it was fast paced they brought their A game and it was very exciting to watch. Jesse as the referee added a fun dynamic as he would not allow the heel to cheat to win.

Winner: Mankind over Everyone Else via Double Arm DDT!

Overall, this show was an alright pay per view, I had seen better from WWF earlier in the year, it was not terrible by any means but I felt a lot of matches were more about the gimmicks than the wrestling like the hardcore match, Lion’s den match and Kiss my ass match. I was happy with the women’s match it had a fucked up ending but the wrestling was good for the most part, the opener was great too, D’Lo Brown had built up so much momentum and the crowd were all over him, the tag match was fun and the tag team title match was fun too.

 I think there were more negatives than positives so that’s why I felt it was only an alright pay per view, you could see it differently and that is fine, I am only giving my opinion and my view and if you want to check it out yourself, you should because it is all there on the network. Next up is Unforgiven 1999 I shall see you there until next time have a good night ^^

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