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WWE Survivor Series 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac’s Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet which would never let Mauro Renallo go just to bring him back! WWE’s Survivor Series of 2004, I have been tough on this year, there were some nice moments like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit reaching the main event scene, Backlash 2004 was great but then I got bogged down in the months that followed, poor quality matches and filler segments that seemed to bore rather than interest the viewer. Things have picked up since then and Survivor Series is the last big four pay per view of the year so can WWE end 2004 with a big bang or will they fall flat? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

We get a dramatic recapping of previous Survivor Series, we have The Montreal Screwjob, Austin being run over, Undertaker’s debut and Austin being run down. The fight for survival is here as footage from Raw and Smackdown grace our screens, this sets the mood for something awesome.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Spike Dudley © vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero

Lots of intertwined feuds going on in this match with Kidman being the man who injured Chavo Guerrero but also a former tag team partner of Mysterio. Mysterio and Chavo have history while Spike has managed to piss off everyone in this match, Chavo goes after Kidman. Mysterio tees off with Spike, Spike slams and double stomps Mysterio. Spike & Kidman attack Chavo, corner clothesline by Kidman. Kidman dropkicks Spike, Kidman Irish whips Mysterio. Facebuster by Mysterio, clothesline to the floor. Chavo and Mysterio go at it, victory roll by Mysterio for two, Chavo eats a hurricanrana from Mysterio.

Springboard moonsault is turned into an armdrag by Mysterio, Spike assaults Mysterio from behind. Illegal choke by Spike, Spike wipes out Mysterio with a knee to the head. Chavo and Spike go at it, double clothesline in the middle of the ring. Kidman has Mysterio on the top turnbuckle, Mysterio drops Kidman with a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Chavo counters a springboard bulldog to throw Mysterio onto Kidman. Chavo planchas onto Kidman & Mysterio, Spike planchas onto nobody. Chavo pulls Mysterio to the floor, Chavo has Kidman in the ring. Clotheslines by Chavo, Spike sends Mysterio into the steel steps.

Spike breaks up a pin by Chavo, inverted atomic drop and clothesline by Spike. Mysterio saves the match, Spike hard Irish whips Mysterio into the turnbuckle. Spike hurls Mysterio to the floor, Spike is on the top turnbuckle. Chavo goes for a superplex, Kidman comes in and we have a tower of doom spot. Mysterio tries to cover everyone, Mysterio gets two every time. Kidman eats a boot from Mysterio, BK Bomb by Kidman. Kidman calls for The Shooting Star Press, Chavo shoves Kidman to the floor. Spike headbutts Chavo to the floor, Spike headbutts Mysterio. Mysterio counters The Dudley Dog for a 619, Kidman drags Mysterio off the apron before The West Coast Pop. Gory Bomb by Chavo, Kidman saves with a slingshot leg drop. Mysterio headscissors Kidman to the floor and Spike pins Chavo off Kidman’s leg drop.

Good opening match with fast moving action, the fans were all into this match with a spot that grabbed your attention every few seconds. Mysterio is a human highlight reel, by far the most popular man in the division. I almost think he is wasted in these type of matches but then you watch him, how smooth he is, how graceful he is and you are just amazed by the performer that is Rey Mysterio. Overall, this match is all sorts of fun like laser tag with your mates or sharing old stories about school.

Winner: Spike Dudley over Everyone Else via Slingshot Leg Drop!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Shelton Benjamin © vs Christian W/ Tyson Tomko

Benjamin won the championship from Jericho at Taboo Tuesday, Benjamin’s stock continues to rise in the WWE. They start out with some mat wrestling, Benjamin is an all-American and outwrestles Christian with ease. Benjamin takes the arm before a side headlock, shoulder block by Benjamin. Christian slaps Benjamin, Benjamin goes wild. Benjamin skins the cat and nails Christian with a springboard over the castle for two. Christian stomps Benjamin in the corner, Benjamin lands on his feet out of a monkey flip, flapjack an Oklahoma roll for two. Christian powders, Tomko distracts Benjamin. Benjamin kicks out at Tomko as Tomko grabbed Benjamin’s leg. Christian takes control by bumping Benjamin into the barricade.

Christian pummels and chokes Benjamin, crossbody block from Benjamin for two. Christian neckbreakers Benjamin for two, eye rake by Captain Charisma. Reverse chinlock, Benjamin escapes but Christian sidesteps the champion. Tomko drives Benjamin into the ring apron, two for Christian. Christian nails Benjamin with a diving reverse DDT for two, Christian is very frustrated with the referee. Christian steps all over Benjamin, choking the champion. Christian slaps the head of Benjamin calling him “A flash in the pan”. Benjamin turns the tide by Irish whipping Christian into the turnbuckle hard.

Clotheslines and flying forearm by Benjamin, Russian legsweep for two. Jacknife cover for two, Christian clubs down Benjamin. Benjamin reverses Christian for a beautiful reverse suplex, two for the champion. Christian avoids the Stinger splash, Edgecution by Christian for two. Tomko throws the belt into the ring, Benjamin boots Christian with the referee taking the belt away. Diving clothesline by Benjamin for two, Tomko Boots Benjamin behind the referee’s back, two for Christian. Slugfest, Benjamin Dragon Whips Tomko. Unprettier is blocked, T-Bone Suplex and the champion retains.

Very good match, Benjamin and Christian work hard and bring all their tools to make this match one to remember. A lot of near-falls that had the fans thinking it was over, Christian was entertaining while working over Benjamin. Benjamin shone like a star in this match, big things were in Benjamin’s future based on these performances. Kudos to Christian for making Benjamin look like a star.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin over Christian via T-Bone Suplex!

Kurt Angle & Edge Confrontation

Edge talked shit about Kurt Angle in his book, Angle was not happy about Edge’s paragraphs about The Olympic Hero. They trade banter back and forth before Angle says he could make Shawn Michaels tap, subtle little hint about where they were going next I like it. Angle walks off and runs into Eugene who mocks Angle, good stuff.

(Survivor Series Style Elimination Match) Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns/Mark Jindrak/Carlito W/ Jesus vs Eddie Guerrero/Rob Van Dam/The Big Show/John Cena

Stacked match with the new addition of Carlito, Carlito had debuted on Smackdown and won the United States Championship in his first match, they were running an angle where Jesus, the bodyguard of Carlito attacked Cena in a nightclub. Anyways, all the babyfaces had been feuding on and off with Angle and his lackeys Jindrak and Reigns.

Cena comes down with a look of pure intensity, Cena hammers Jesus while chasing Carlito. Carlito runs to a car and they drive out of the arena, Eddie goes after Angle and everyone brawls on the floor. Big Show and Jindrak go at it in the ring, foot choke by Show. Chest slap by Show, tag to RVD. Forearms by RVD, step-through spinning heel kick by RVD. Tag to Eddie, slingshot hilo and rolling thunder combination. Eddie belly to belly suplexes Jindrak for two, headscissors by Eddie. Dropkick to Reigns, armdrag and headscissors combination on Jindrak & Reigns. Angle bundles over Eddie, Jindrak tags in Angle. Tag to Reigns, huge backbreakers and a sidewalk slam for two.

Tag to Jindrak, back elbow for two. Eddie escapes a full-nelson by ramming Jindrak’s head into a turnbuckle but Angle tags in and belly to belly suplexes Eddie. Tag to Reigns, double underhook suplex and a tag to Jindrak. Snapmare and reverse chinlock by Jindrak, Eddie wriggles free with a jawbreaker and a flapjack. Angle tags in and applies a front chancery, tag to Jindrak. Elbows by Jindrak for two, Jindrak applies a waistlock. Eddie escapes and nails a hurricanrana, tag to RVD. Right hands and a spinning heel kick, shoulder thrusts and a monkey flip, enzuigiri by RVD. RVD Frog Splashes Jindrak who was trying to pull out Angle, Angle rolls-up RVD for the elimination as Eddie rolls-up Jindrak seconds later.

Mark Jindrak/RVD have been eliminated!

Show and Reigns reset the match, Reigns goes for the injured ankle of Show. Show outpowers Reigns with chops before Reigns chop blocks Show. Reigns walks right into a Chokeslam and it is three-on-one.

Luther Reigns has been eliminated!

Angle applies The Ankle Lock to Show, Show shakes off Angle. RVD comes back to prevent Angle from leaving, Cena FUs Angle which leads to Eddie Frog Splashing Angle. Big Show covers for the win, Team Eddie dominates the match.

That was fun, the sides were very unbalanced in terms of starpower with Angle being the only true established star on his team. Carlito was protected, saving the eventual rematch between Cena and Carlito. Cena was very over with the crowd, I was shocked that Cena did not have a bigger role once he came back from chasing Carlito, Cena mostly stood on the apron watching everyone else do the work, strange use of the man you are positioning as the next big star of your brand. Apart from that, this was a fun match that everyone enjoyed so I cannot rate it too harshly.

Winners: Team Eddie over Team Angle via Frog Splash!

Maven is Attacked!

Snitsky wipes out Maven to gain an unfair advantage to his team heading into the Raw Survivor Series match.

The Undertaker vs Heidenreich W/ Paul Heyman

The Undertaker was on his way to becoming WWE Champion, Undertaker had JBL beaten and all The Deadman had to do was place JBL in the hearse. However, Heidenreich sprang out of the hearse and knocked out Undertaker, helping JBL retain the championship. Undertaker is out for revenge against Heidenreich who is managed by Paul Heyman, the man who had spent months trying to get the better of The Phenom.

Stare-down with Undertaker intimidating Heidenreich, right hands by Taker. Rights and lefts by The Deadman, hard Irish whip. Heidenreich runs into a big boot, elbows and shoulder thrusts by Taker. Taker goes for Old School, Heyman distracts the referee while Heidenreich low blows Taker. Heyman is with the referee while Heidenreich pulls Taker’s balls into the ringpost. Taker sends Heidenreich into the steel steps, elbows to the head by Taker including a massive apron leg drop. Two for Taker, Old School and complete shot by Taker for two, Taker misses a big boot in the corner. Heidenreich pummels Taker, Taker is bounced off the apron and onto the barricade. Huge right hands by Heidenreich, cover for two.

Boot by Heidenreich for two, reverse chinlock by Heidenreich. Taker wriggles free, clothesline by Heidenreich. Rights and lefts by Taker, leaping clothesline by Heidenreich to slow down The Deadman. Taker dodges an elbow drop, Taker blocks a suplex and nails his own suplex. Slugfest, Taker wins the war. Heidenreich throws Taker to the floor, hotshot by Taker. Diving clothesline by Taker, two for Taker. Corner clothesline by Taker, snake eyes followed by a big boot and leg drop for two. Chokeslam is blocked, Heidenreich battles his way out of the hold. Huge sidewalk slam by Heidenreich, two for Heidenreich. Heidenreich ten punches Taker before walking into a Last Ride, two for Taker as Heidenreich reaches the ropes.

Sleeper by Heidenreich, Taker counters with a back suplex. Taker sits-up, right hands by Heidenreich. Leaping clothesline by Taker, Chokeslam by Taker. Tombstone Piledriver by Taker, this match is over.

That was ok, nothing from Heidenreich impressed me in this match. Heidenreich did not show much, never looked dominate in the match and to top it off, Taker beats Heidenreich with ease in their first encounter. Not sure what you can do to build Heidenreich back up at this point, seems like calling the guy up was a bad idea if this is all you had planned for the man.

Winner: Undertaker over Heidenreich via Tombstone Piledriver!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Lita vs Trish Stratus ©

A rivalry that would define women’s wrestling in the WWE, Trish teased Lita over her pregnancy and her marriage to Kane, Lita lost the baby due to Snitsky and his attack, Lita has been cleared to wrestle and it could not come at a better time for the women’s division. Lita is back for the championship, this is the feud that would lead to two women main eventing Raw which would be unheard of and not replicated for more than 12 years.

Trish is laughing the whole time before Lita pops Trish right in the face, Lita slaps the shit out of Trish, right hands by Lita. Trish falls to the floor, Lita eats a kick from Trish. Lita is banged off the announce table, Lita trips Trish into the steel chair, Lita waffles Trish with the steel chair. The match ends in a DQ with Trish retaining the championship but Lita is not down, Lita chokes out Trish with a rear-naked choke, Trish is bleeding from her nose.

An angle as opposed to a match but a good one at that, this was very physical and it got the desired reaction with Trish paying for all her jibes about Lita’s weight and miscarriage. Trish got what was coming her way in the form of an ass kicking from Lita and it builds heat for the eventual title change, good stuff from arguably the best two WWE Divas of all-time.

 Winner: Trish Stratus over Lita via DQ!

John Cena And Theodore Long

Cena has recovered from his injury, Long congratulates Cena. Cena wants Carlito, Theodore Long announces Carlito will face John Cena for The United States Championship on Smackdown.

(WWE Championship Match) JBL © vs Booker T

Booker T has turned face after months of being a heel on Smackdown, Booker defeated JBL in a tag team match which led to Booker T earning an opportunity against the champion. JBL announces that if he cannot defeat Booker T, JBL will leave Smackdown forever. They trash-talk before the bell, lock-up with a clean break. Hammerlock by Booker, elbow and chops by JBL. Booker lowers his head off an Irish whip, JBL clubs down Booker. Side headlock by JBL, Booker shuffle sidekicks JBL out of the ring. Booker gives chase and gets stomped for it, neckbreaker and forearm to the back by JBL for two.

Back body drop and clothesline to the floor, JBL throws Booker over the announce table. Booker chops JBL on the floor, JBL rolls into the ring while Orlando Jordan clothesline Booker. Cobra clutch by JBL, Booker wriggles free with JBL cutting off Booker with a big knee. Big boot by JBL, elbow drops by JBL for two. Reverse chinlock by JBL, back elbow by the champion as Booker tries to gain momentum. JBL climbs to the top turnbuckle, Booker delivers a superplex. Two for Booker, JBL pulls Booker to the floor. Jordan attacks Booker yet Booker gains control, JBL walks into a BookEnd on the floor. Sidekick to Jordan’s face, JBL is thrown into the steel steps. Scissors Kick on Jordan, missile dropkick for two.

Sidewalk slam by Booker, Booker is climbing to the top turnbuckle. Jordan distracts Booker long enough to allow JBL to avoid The Harlem Hangover. Headbutt by JBL, sleeper by the champion but Booker counters for a back suplex. Clotheslines by Booker, spinning heel kick and a pump kick for two. Jordan trips Booker off The Scissors Kick, DDT by JBL. Two for the champion, JBL is whipped into the referee. Jordan beats down on Booker, Jordan has a chair. Josh Matthews attacks Jordan but JBL boots Matthews in the face and scores with A Clothesline From Hell. Booker nails JBL with a Harlem Sidekick, Scissors Kick by Booker but there is no referee.

A new referee runs out, Jordan drags out the referee. BookEnd on Jordan but JBL was tossed the belt by Jordan, JBL clocks Booker with the championship, the original referee wakes and counts the pin-fall as JBL is declared your champion.

It was ok, JBL’s performances as champion have been flat since his feud with Eddie Guerrero, I do not think it is all on JBL though, working with Taker was not good for JBL and the thing about Booker is that Booker had been beaten so often on pay per view by this point, nobody was buying into Booker having a chance of winning this match. Crowd was quiet for large parts of the match, the action was fine but nothing memorable.

Winner: JBL over Booker T via Championship to the Face!

(Survivor Series Style Match) Randy Orton/Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit/Maven vs Triple H/Edge/Snitsky/Batista

The winning team of this match will be allowed to run Raw for a month with each team member running Raw for a week, Triple H’s team is unstable as Snitsky and Edge both want the championship while Batista may not be as dumb as Triple H likes to think, Team Orton is united in their quest to take down Evolution. No medical update on Maven, it looks like Team Orton will start the match with one member down.

Edge and Benoit start, the former tag team champions. Shoulder block and chop by Benoit, Edge is on the apron. Edge holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip and tags Snitsky, Benoit tags Orton. Orton jaw-jacks with Snitsky, right hands by Orton. Snitsky is clubbed down, tag to Jericho. Jericho stomps down Snitsky, Snitsky comes out of the corner with a clothesline, tag to Triple H. Back elbow by Jericho, tag to Orton. Orton beats down Triple H in the corner before a high knee from The Game, tag to Batista. Shoulder thrusts by Batista, powerslam by Batista for two. Tag to Edge, Edge mocks Orton’s pose. Orton fires back at Edge before a drop toehold from Edge, standing dropkick and a cheap shot to Jericho.

Uppercut and clothesline by Orton, tag to Benoit. Benoit hits everything, clothesline to Triple H, baseball slide to Snitsky & Batista. Snap suplex to Triple H, German suplexes for Snitsky & Batista. Three German suplexes for Triple H, Edge is suplexed onto Triple H. Benoit climbs to the top turnbuckle, Diving Headbutt to Triple H & Edge, Snitsky saves The Game. Jericho goes after Snitsky, Benoit trips Triple H for a Sharpshooter, Snitsky saves Triple H a second time. Jericho trips Snitsky, Benoit has Edge in The Crippler Crossface but Batista saves Edge. Triple H Pedigrees Benoit, Edge crawls into the cover and Edge eliminates Benoit.

Chris Benoit has been eliminated!

Edge neckbreakers Jericho, Snitsky and Triple H have a war of words before Snitsky shoves down Triple H. Snitsky and Batista have a face-off while Jericho has Triple H in The Walls of Jericho. Orton takes down Snitsky & Batista, modified bulldog by Y2J on Triple H, Flair stops Jericho’s Lionsault and Flair is sent to the backstage. Batista picks up Jericho, Orton comes in and throws bombs at Batista. Flair will not leave, Batista shoulder blocks Orton & Jericho, Orton is thrown to the floor. Jericho battles with Batista but runs into a spinebuster, Batista measures for a clothesline, Batista is walloped with the championship by Orton and Jericho nails the running enzuigiri for the elimination.

Batista has been eliminated!

Jericho dropkicks Edge into Snitsky, Batista clotheslines Jericho before leaving the arena. Snitsky comes in from a tag, hard Irish whip and a back body drop. Choke by Snitsky, tag to Edge. Edge unloads on Jericho, Jericho drops Edge with a flashback. Tag to Snitsky, elbow to stop Jericho tagging Orton. Orton ignores the referee before eating a boot from Snitsky, Triple H & Edge stomp all over Orton. Jericho DDTs Snitsky, Jericho reaches for a tag but Orton is being demolished at ringside. Maven staggers to ringside, Jericho tags Maven. Maven tees off on Snitsky, flying forearm. Right hands to Edge and Triple H, Snitsky and Edge are dumped to the floor. Bulldog on Triple H, forearms to Triple H before Snitsky nails Maven and Jericho with a steel chair. Triple H covers Maven for the elimination.

Maven/Snitsky have been eliminated!

Edge covers Jericho for two, Orton is on the floor due to a chair shot from Snitsky. Triple H tries a Pedigree but Jericho back drops The Game. Edge takes control with a massive Spear on Y2J, Edge secures the elimination and now, it is Triple H & Edge vs Orton.

Chris Jericho has been eliminated!

Orton tells Edge & Triple H to bring it, the two put the boots to Orton. Edge slaps the head of Orton, back suplex for two. Triple H slaps and right hands Orton, DDT by Triple H for two. Edge Irish whips Orton, Orton reverses for a powerslam. Orton dropkicks Edge into Triple H, Orton rolls-up Edge for two. Triple H spinebusters Orton, Edge Spears Triple H by accident, RKO by Orton and we are down to two.

Edge has been eliminated!

Triple H low blows Orton to counter The RKO, Triple H calmly motions for his Pedigree, thinking that the victory is assured. To The Game’s dismay, Orton counters The Pedigree for a smooth as fuck RKO to win the match.

Good main event from The Raw Brand, it had a lot of aspects to it that I really like, the story they told with Team Triple H was well done, everyone being selfish and out for themselves leading to eliminations. Maven and Snitsky’s thing was cool albeit the poor reaction for Maven, Jericho and Benoit got to play their parts despite leaving early and Orton stood tall at the end of the show as he should if they want to salvage Orton as a top star because the booking for Orton had been questionable since his championship win. Surprised to see Batista go early, I am desperately looking out for that standout moment where I could see Batista as the next guy and I guess I will see the potential of The Animal at The Royal Rumble.

Winners: Team Orton over Team Triple H via RKO!

That was WWE’s Survivor Series 2004, a good show from both brands. The WWE had been recovering from the early part of the year, they looked to finally have their shit together going forward with their last three pay per view efforts. The knocks on the show were the weak championship match for The Smackdown brand, JBL and Booker were not lighting the world on fire and nobody predicted a title change with Booker being positioned as nowhere near the top guys on the blue brand. The other knock was The Taker match, Heidenreich had been well and truly beaten, there should be no comebacks from it and yet, the feud will continue for another two months. I do feel sorry for Heidenreich, he came it on top to work with Taker, he’s been destroyed already and you can only go down from here. Not a spectacular show by any means but a fun show to watch with a good main event, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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