Friday 18 November 2022

WCW Uncensored 1995 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that pays less than an appearance on AEW Dark! We are going to review WCW Uncensored 1995! We have a bunch of gimmick matches as it’s uncensored and all the rules have been thrown out so we have Hulk Hogan vs Vader in an Indian Strap Match, the only strap matches I have ever found interesting feature one of these men but Hogan is not Sting and I doubt he will pull it off, we also have Sting vs Big Bubba continuing their feud in an Anything Goes Match and Randy Savage takes on Avalanche in a No Disqualification Match. Other matches rounding out the card include Nasty Boys vs Harlem Heat in a Texas Tornado Falls Count Anywhere Match, Meng vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a Martial Arts Match and a King of The Road Match which will be infamous as I describe it so let’s get it on!


(King of The Road Match) Dustin Rhodes vs Blacktop Bully


So they are on an 18-Wheeler truck with a bunch of hay around it and some ropes etc, they have to ring a bell to win. Rhodes almost wins immediately but no, Bully hangs onto Rhodes and stops him winning. Bully tries winning but Rhodes smashes Bully with some sort of pole, piledriver by Rhodes on Bully. Rhodes uses the bar to kick Bully in the face, Rhodes is throwing hay at Bully? I think, I can’t see too clearly but here we have Rhodes pummelling Bully. Bully is domed with the bale of hay. Heenan talks about great camera work which cracks me up, Bully lands a suplex on Rhodes. Bully is yanking at something, Rhodes is choked with the rope. Rhodes almost makes it to the horn but a turn messes up Rhodes’ balance. Bully and Rhodes brawl with one another near the horn, belly to back suplex in the hay. Both men are bleeding now which is a massive no-no in the family friendly WCW at the time.


Well it’s a unique match but not sure how to really call much more of this, they are brawling and Rhodes wants a scoop slam, Bully drags Rhodes towards the horn. Not the wisest strategy, Bully is climbing towards the horn. Rhodes hits a massive low blow before stomping all over Bully. Bully rips off the shirt of Rhodes, Bully chokes and punches the head of Rhodes. Rhodes smacks the head of Bully with a trough, we are coming towards the end of this one thankfully. Rhodes is cracked with a box, Bully is close to reaching the horn but the footage of the helicopter is off but with Rhodes stopping Bully, is this nearly over? Bully has his balls yanked onto the side of truck, they are both battling for the horn. Rhodes is climbing up there with Bully, Bully manages to knock down Rhodes but Bully cannot capitalize as Rhodes knocks him down and lands a boot to the nuts. Bully pulls down Rhodes, Bully misses a clothesline and lands further behind Rhodes. A bucket of water crashes off Rhodes’ head, Bully begins climbing high.


Diving shoulder block by Bully, Bully reigns down with right hands to the head. Bully begins climbing once more, Rhodes is climbing too. Both men struggling for it, Rhodes rakes the eyes of Bully. Bully smashes Rhodes right in the face with a right hand and wins this match.


A spectacle but not of the noteworthy or interesting variety and this would lead to the end of Dustin Rhodes in WCW. Let me say this, Rhodes & Windham may be one of my favourite tag-teams of all-time and the sour ending to Rhodes’ career in WCW makes me sad because had they not dropped the ball so hard throughout 93 and 94, Rhodes could have been a huge star. Another WCW main-stay gone with the transition to Hogan’s WCW continuing.


Winner: Blacktop Bully over Dustin Rhodes via Ringing The Horn!


Martial Arts Match Meng W/ Colonel Rob. Parker vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Meng has stood on as a menacing bodyguard for a year now in WCW taking out anyone who has stepped up to Colonel Robert Parker, Meng would take out Duggan at the prior PPV so it makes sense that these two would do battle but as we are on a gimmick PPV, we have to have a martial arts match. Duggan’s martial arts skill are non-existent but Duggan is dressed for a street fight. Sonny Onoo is the referee, Duggan bows after saying that he would not and Meng kicks him in the head. Two for Meng, Duggan fights back with massive rights and lefts but Meng hits throat thrusts and a neck-chop.


Duggan uses his boot to batter Meng, Meng takes the boot. Forearms do nothing as Meng lands an elbow to the head, Duggan takes off the other boot. Meng has a shoulder claw, Duggan uses the boot on Meng’s toe. Meng dodges the boot, chops in the corner and a choke. Duggan is fighting back but Meng is too strong, another shoulder claw by Meng. Duggan begins to fire up, elbows to the ribs. Headbutt by Duggan does not work as Meng does not sell headbutts, foot choke by Meng. Duggan dodges falling headbutts, right hands by Duggan. Ten punches in the corner by Duggan, Duggan is getting sick of Sonny Onoo. Duggan continues whipping Meng, Duggan calls for The Three-Point Stance Clothesline but Meng is right back up, Duggan decks Parker. Duggan eats a Savate Kick to the face and Meng picks up the win.


Acceptable in the WWF during the late 80s when the territory was on fire, here in 95 not as much fun at all. Duggan is where he should be on the card though while Meng could be something more considering how badass he can be inside of that squared circle.


Winner: Meng over Hacksaw Jim Duggan via Thrust Kick!


Boxer vs Wrestler Match Johnny B. Badd vs Arn Anderson W/ Colonel Robert Parker


I thought this was a boxing match, why would Badd agree to use gloves in this match? Should be a decent comedy match considering how good Arn can be in there. Badd starts with jabs to the face of Anderson, Anderson is not a happy man. Anderson grabs Badd but Badd turns the tide and pummels Anderson who dives to the floor. Badd continues punishing the ribs of Anderson, Anderson is saved by the referee. Anderson shoots for the leg and tries to close the distance but Anderson cannot make a move. We have rounds in this trash so the first round is over, round two is the same as Badd boxes the head of Anderson who is knocked down for a count of eight. Anderson is covering up in the corner and having his ribs worked, Anderson nails a knee to the ribs and a DDT during the rest period.


Definitely one way to get where we need to go, Badd is thrown to the floor during the rest period. Scoop slam and a knee by Anderson, Anderson chokes Badd with the middle rope. Left hands by Anderson, knee to the ribs. Parker has the stool, Anderson whips Badd into the stool. Spinebuster by Anderson, Badd’s trainer tries to make the save, Anderson is taunting Badd. Choke in the corner by Anderson, jaw-breaker. Badd begins fighting back but Anderson tosses Bad to the floor. Round 4 of this fight, Anderson meets the buckle and has a bucket put on his head, Badd lands The Kiss that don’t Miss!


An entertaining one, cannot fault WCW here the first decent match of the night. Just a little difficult to stomach considering the prior matches but definitely the best of the three so far. Nice to see the fans still enjoying Badd considering where Badd was as 1994 came to an end.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Arn Anderson via Knockout!


Randy Macho Man Savage vs Avalanche


Match starts hot with Savage hitting boots and jabs to the bigger Avalanche, shoulder block does not work for Savage. Savage slaps Avalanche, Avalanche shoulder blocks Savage and poses with his work. Savage ducks and Avalanche lands on the floor, Savage lands a diving crossbody to the floor. Avalanche meets the ring-post, Savage sends Avalanche into the steel steps. Avalanche lands on Savage as Savage tried the scoop slam, Savage tries fighting back but Avalanche lands a knee to the head. Belly to belly suplex by Avalanche, dropkick by Avalanche for two as Savage uses the ropes to survive. Scoop slam but Avalanche misses the elbow drop, Avalanche tosses Savage to the floor.


Avalanche has his face sent into the top, Savage lands a diving crossbody for one as Avalanche is pissed, clothesline by Savage. Make it two but Avalanche is still on his feet, Savage tries a sunset flip but Avalanche sits down on that fool. Splash by Avalanche for two, Savage fights back with a roll-up for two. Eye-rake by Savage, Savage climbs high again. Crossbody is countered with a bearhug, Savage is rammed into the buckle. Powerslam by Avalanche, middle rope splash misses for Avalanche. Savage climbs high once more, diving axe handle to the floor. Savage lands right hands to the head, somebody in drag attacks Savage and it’s none other than The Nature Boy. Hogan comes down to make the save as Flair and Avalanche powder, there are no DQs but Savage is declared the winner? Ok….


Bad match, Savage seems pumped up to wrestle and prove Mcmahon wrong but the people he has been given to work with to kick us off ain’t going to help him, I like John Tenta but the man is not lighting my world on fire in 12 minutes matches.


Winner: Randy Savage over Avalanche via DQ!


Sting vs Big Bubba Rogers


Sting continues to be one of the most popular people in the company but has to take a backseat to Savage and Hogan, Big Bubba turned heel because not one fuck was given about The Guardian Angel. Sting bites the finger of Big Bubba and tee’s off with right hands. Big Bubba has his hat destroyed by Sting, Sting lands a back-drop and kicks down Bubba. Bubba is slammed, elbow drop by Sting. Bubba tries to pull Sting into the ring-post, Sting uses his feet to throw Bubba into the ring-post. In the ring, Sting lands a splash and slaps Bubba. More slaps, Sting tries a leap-frog but Bubba runs into his knee. Sting goes down and clutches his knee, Bubba works the knee by dropping his weight on it. Sting begins to fire back before Bubba kicks out the knee, headbutt and attacks by Bubba. Right hands to the ribs, Sting back-drops Bubba. Sting is bounced off the buckle, right hand by Big Bubba. Big Bubba has a single leg Boston crab, Sting screams out in pain.


Bubba climbs to the top rope, Sting brings down Big Bubba. Sting lands a diving chop, not a good idea on his leg but Sting connects. Scoop slam on the bad leg again, Sting is damaging himself. Bubba sees Sting on the ropes, Bubba tries his slide and right hand but Sting dodges and applies a sleeper, Bubba uses his tie for a jaw-breaker. German suplex by Sting, Sting lands a snap-mare and Sting lands a diving splash. Sting rocks Bubba, Bubba chop-blocks Sting. Bubba misses a corner splash, Sting tries a scoop slam but Bubba falls on top and covers for the win.


Of course only Sting will be doing the J-O-B on this night for the babyfaces, it wasn’t that bad at times, that German suplex was nasty and the crowd love Sting which makes it a bit more watchable but only the occasional gem with Vader has made me a fan of Big Bubba and it’s been a long time since that banger match Bubba had with Vader.


Winner: Big Bubba Rogers over Sting via Crushing Him!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Texas Tornado Match) Harlem Heat © W/ Sister Sherri vs The Nasty Boys


Oh how I loathe The Nasty Boys, I am so happy that this is a falls count anywhere brawl match because at least this will be fun because any Nasty Boys match where they cannot brawl is shite. Anyways, these two have been brawling all year with Harlem Heat continuing to escape with the championships, luckily escaping last time as Sags had dropped one of the champions over the top rope last time leading to a reversed decision. In the ring, the champions jump the challengers and it’s a lot of punching and kicking here. Stevie Ray lands a big kick to the face of Sags, Stevie Ray continues to torture Knobbs in the ring.


Sags fights back and takes down Stevie Ray, double clothesline in the ring. Sherri is dragged into the ring, stripped of her cloak and takes a trip to pity city. Sags and Stevie Ray are brawling up the ramp, Knobbs and Booker are also joining them as Knobbs cracks Booker with a trashcan. Sags and Stevie are fighting in the concession stands, cotton candy and drinks are being thrown as Sherri chokes Sags with an item of clothing. Mustard is everywhere, everyone is covered in food and condiments. Knobbs meets the funnel cakes, Sherri is shoved down by Sags. Sherri looks good though, they continue brawling. Sherri takes a nasty bump as Sags pushes her into the floor. All of a sudden, The Nasty Boys are declared the winners, we only see the pin-fall in the replay. Did they win the championships?


Doesn’t look like they won the championships but why would The Nasty Boys have the match without the titles on the line? Maybe it was on the line but we missed the finish and we didn’t even see The Nasty Boys holding the championships so that’s definitely a colossal failure given those are two massive moments we were waiting for as fans. Well, I mean I wasn’t waiting for that but the fans in the arena maybe some of them paid to see The Nasty Boys become champions but regardless this was a brawl that suited The Nasty Boys but the finish and handling of said finish were a trainwreck.


Winners: The Nasty Boys over Harlem Heat via Powerslam!


(Indian Strap Match) Vader W/ Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan W/ Jimmy Hart


They don’t talk about the world championship, would these two really wrestle without the championship on the line? Ridiculous, Hogan talks about The Ultimate Surprise I wonder who that could be. Anyways, Ric Flair has aligned himself with the ultimate threat to Hulkamania because Hogan cost Flair his career so at least that makes sense. Hogan is intimidated by Flair & Vader, Hogan is at a disadvantage here but the music plays, it can only be one man and it’s The Renegade! Renegade chases off Flair, Hogan and Vader begin their match. Hogan is chopping and choking Vader in the corner, Hogan is whipping Vader and Flair as Renegade gives an assist. Renegade does not budge as Flair chops and lands right hands, Vader lands a bearhug in the ring.


Vader slams Hogan to the mat, Flair struts on the floor. Vader Bomb connects, Vader chokes Hogan with the strap, Jimmy Hart is here. Something had happened to Jimmy Hart, Vader continues whipping Hogan. Hogan rolls to the floor, headbutt by Vader. Jimmy Hart takes a chair away from Vader, Hogan waffles Vader with the chair three times. Vader is sent into the ring-post, Renegade is staring down Flair again. Flair tries a shoulder block, doesn’t work for The Nature Boy. Hogan continues to work on Vader, Vader is whipped some more with the strap. On the floor, Hogan is touching the poles as Vader is very difficult to drag around. Not sure how this makes it easier but you do you Hogan. Vader sends Hogan into the guardrail, in the ring Hogan regains control and lands his big boot and Atomic Leg Drop. Hogan begins dragging the carcass of Vader, three buckles have been touched. The Masked Man is back, seriously this shit again? Renegade is down! Flair cracks Hogan in the back with the chair!


Vader is on the middle rope, Hogan dodges the splash. Flair is hysterical, Flair cannot believe this tragedy. Flair leaves the ring and drags Vader to the floor, they aren’t wearing the strap anymore though. Flair cracks Hogan in the back with the chair, Hogan Hulks Up! Hogan whips Flair like a dog, right hands by Hogan. Big boot and lots of whipping, Hogan drags around Flair and touches the corners to win even though the match was against Vader.


Yeah that’s a good way to end this travesty, this show was really bad but here we have Hogan beating Flair, not even Vader when Vader vs Hogan could have done big business but they managed to fuck that up just like they did with Flair vs Hogan. The Masked Man is here with Flair and Vader, this must be a trap though as Masked Man Arn Anderson is all tied up and is coming to ringside like this while Randy Savage is revealed to be the real Masked Man and this is all sorts of convoluted pantomime. Yeah this match was not Sting vs Vader, not even close and the longer the feud continues the less I care. Really disappointing end to a shitty pay per view.


Winner: Hulk Hogan over Vader via Touching All 4 Posts!


That was WCW’s Uncensored 1995, one of the worst from WCW. Nothing redeeming, nothing positive about this card from top to bottom. Let’s talk about these matches: we kick off with The King of The Road spectacle and it’s rather long and not exactly action packed and results in the release of one of my favourite WCW performers over the last few years so definitely a bummer there. Things do not improve with Duggan vs Meng, its not late 80s WWF so the crowd is not into it as much as before, the don’t exactly work an exciting pace so it just plods along. Badd vs Anderson might be a bright spot, Badd continues to be over despite poor booking but the match is quite on the long side too. Things continue to take a down turn with Savage doing his utmost to drag a good match out of Avalanche but with the time given to the match, it was damn near impossible, Sting takes a loss to Big Bubba which is shocking considering how bulletproof Sting should be but with these other giant stars in WCW, Sting is taking a backseat and the tag team championship match is a complete mess and the main event is not any better so an abysmal show really showcasing how WCW was as Hogan and Co came into the company. Avoid this one and thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!