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WWE Night of Champions 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has been more baffling than seeing Okada leave NJPW! It’s time for Night of Champions 2009! Every championship is on the line, that could be a good thing and a bad thing depending on who is challenging for the championship. The two major championship matches are Randy Orton defending his WWE World Championship against Randy Orton & Triple H in a triple threat rematch from Wrestlemania 24. We also have Jeff Hardy challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship held by CM Punk. Other notables matches include Dolph Ziggler challenging for Rey Mysterio’s Intercontinental Championship. A lot of interesting match-ups here so we shall see how this turns out for all those involved, have a feeling this could be very similar to the previous PPV.


(WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match) Legacy vs Chris Jericho & Edge ©

So Edge is injured? What happened? Looked it up and it was a torn tendon which sucks for him so Jericho will have a mystery partner for this match. Who will it be? Well you will see that it is quite the partner, it is none other than The Big Show! So this is how Jeri-Show is formed which is cool, the uncool thing is that all these four men are heels so who are the fans and I meant to cheer for on this night?


Show to start with Rhodes, Rhodes dodges a chest slap. Doesn’t work the second time around, Show tosses Rhodes across the ring. Show gets hung-up by Rhodes, tag to Dibiase. Dibiase eats a shoulder block, gut punches before a tag to Jericho. Jericho kicks and elbows Dibiase, Dibiase meets the boot of Show. Show comes back in and nails a clothesline. Tag to Jericho, assisted splash for two. Dibiase rakes the eyes and tags in Rhodes, schoolboy by Jericho for two. Dibiase low-bridges Jericho who tried running the ropes, Rhodes distracts the referee. Rhodes sends Jericho into the ring apron, tag to Dibiase.


Rhodes & Dibiase land a clothesline and sweep combination for two, tag to Rhodes. Jericho is in trouble, Y2J chants are filling the arena. Rhodes slaps on a reverse chin-lock, Jericho tries a sunset flip but Rhodes holds onto the ropes and smashes Jericho across the face. Rhodes backs Jericho to the corner, Dibiase tees off with right hands and boots. Rhodes chokes Jericho behind the referee’s back, Jericho begins fighting back but Dibiase spears Jericho back to the challengers’ corner. Rhodes misses a corner splash, Jericho lands forearms. Whip to the buckle, Rhodes boots Jericho. Rhodes lands a diving moonsault for a close two, Jericho lands an enzuigiri.


Jericho cannot make the tag, inside cradle gets a two and Dibiase lands a clothesline. Jericho runs into a powerslam for two, Jericho lands right hands but Dibiase lands a nice cradle and kicks Jericho square in the eye. Dibiase misses a splash, Jericho wants the Walls but Dibiase throws off Jericho. Dream Street but Jericho shakes off Dibiase, roll into the Walls of Jericho. Rhodes is trying to interfere, Show is with the referee. Rhodes spikes Jericho with a DDT for a close two, Show tagged himself into the match as Jericho ran the ropes. Dibiase eats a massive spear with Rhodes making the save, Show tosses Rhodes to the apron. Rhodes skins the cat, dropkicks take Show to his knees. Jericho lands a Code-Breaker on Dibiase and Show lands The Colossal Clutch for the win.


Nothing special here, one of the more tame opening matches in recent PPV history. Also a little weird for the fans to be cheering for two heels like Jericho & Show. The tag team scene is a joke at this time and the idea that two top heels will be champions for the next few months when Jericho was doing the best work of his life prior to this is disappointing to say the least but yeah, two heel teams kicking off a PPV is not my ideal way to start the show. Sucks to see Edge is injured again too, hard times for The Rated R Superstar.


Winner: Jeri-Show over Legacy via Colossal Clutch!


(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Tommy Dreamer © vs Christian

The birthplace of Extreme and one of their own is here tonight as Tommy Dreamer defends his ECW Championship against Captain Charisma, Dreamer had miraculously survived a scramble match and many situations where Dreamer was outgunned and outclassed. However, Christian was never pinned to lose his championship, Christian is juts a class above Tommy Dreamer. Can Dreamer survive Christian on this night?


Babyface vs Babyface, is Russo booking on this night? They lock-up, clean break from Christian but Dreamer slaps the challenger. Side headlock by Dreamer, shoulder block for two. Dreamer works the arm, Christian kips-up and sends Dreamer down. Side headlock by Christian, spinning heel kick for one. Whip to the buckle reversed by Dreamer, Dreamer blocks Christian’s corner kick and Dreamer nails his massive rope-hung neck-breaker. Christian elbows and smashes Dreamer in the face, diving reverse elbow. Dreamer is on the apron, Christian runs into a shoulder and Dreamer wants the suplex to the floor. Right hand by Christian and Dreamer eats the ring apron, baseball slide by Captain Charisma.


Springboard plancha misses for the challenger, Dreamer is on the apron and looking for his rolling senton. Dreamer nails it, two for the champion in the ring. Running powerslam for two, Dreamer climbs to the middle rope but Christian yanks down Dreamer. Snap-mare into a kick to the spine, Christian lands forearms and wants the Kill-Switch but Dreamer reverses, Dreamer wants a belly to back but Christian counters for the sleeper. Dreamer reverses it again by dropping his weight on Christian, Christian tries it again. Dreamer runs to the floor with Christian on his back, both men are down on the floor. In the ring, Dreamer is taking control.


Dreamer wants that ECW dropkick, crowd gives it to Dreamer. Christian eats it to the face, Dreamer DDT is countered but Dreamer lands the sky high for two. Pump-handle is countered into a falling reverse DDT by Christian for two, Christian lands a missile dropkick and climbs high again for a missile dropkick but Dreamer counters for a Texas Cloverleaf. Christian bridges out, Dreamer lands a catapult. Christian kicks backs and lands a diving sunset flip but they trade pins with neither man taking control. Christian lands his corner kick, missile dropkick and Dreamer is down. Christian calls for the finish, Dreamer is planted and this match is over.


Another fine match, the streak of super fun ECW Championship matches on PPV comes to an end but they have some decent chemistry here. I do love me some Christian, been great since returning to WWE and nobody is a better face for the brand that Christian. Crowd wasn’t too sure which way to go though with both men being babyfaces, hopefully that is not the case as we continue going through the card.


Winner: Christian over Dreamer via Kill-Switch!


(WWE United States Championship Match) Kofi Kingston © vs The Miz vs MVP vs Jack Swagger vs Primo vs Carlito

Well this is going to be a train-wreck, it is not an over the top battle royal but all six men in the ring at one time. Everyone attempts pins, Swagger & Miz start working together. Primo headbutts his way back into the match, Swagger eats an elbow and a diving hurricanrana. Swagger is late on a safe, looks bad. Swagger plants Primo with his Powerbomb, Carlito is dumped to the floor after a springboard attempt. MVP and Swagger are on the floor, Miz & Kofi are squaring off in the corner. MVP meets the barricade, Kofi spills to the floor with Miz. Carlito lands a springboard onto MVP, Kofi kicks and dropkicks Swagger. Boom Drop connects for two, Miz made the save. Miz lands a clothesline, corner clothesline on Swagger.


Obligatory tower of doom spot to pop the fans, Carlito tries to steal the win but it is not possible. MVP comes in with right hands before being shoved into the turnbuckle. Primo and Carlito square off briefly before crashing and burning, Swagger misses a corner clothesline. Kofi lands punches before being dropped by Swagger, Miz is sent to the floor by MVP. MVP crossbodies Swagger to the floor. Carlito and Kofi are in the ring, they are trading pins with Primo also in some nice spots. Carlito wants to team up with Primo, Swagger stops that.


Carlito and Primo are going to work together briefly, Swagger clotheslines the former tag team champions. Clothesline to Kofi too, MVP is waiting. Knee face-buster, Ballin-Elbow connects. Play-maker connects but Skull-Crushing Finale connects at the same time. Carlito lands a Back-Stabber on Primo, Kofi lands Trouble in Paradise on Carlito for the win.


Fun, lots of action going on throughout the match. Chaotic and sloppy in places but what do you expect? Six young guys flying around the ring trying to make shit work, Kofi is the most over so there is nobody more deserving of the championship at this time. Kofi is destined for bigger things when the time comes, good multi-man match again.


Winner: Kofi Kingston via Trouble in Paradise!


(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Michelle McCool © vs Melina


Michelle dropkicks Melina during her entrance, they had a match the previous month to very little fan reaction so hoping for a little more on this night. Melina is horribly mis-cast as a babyface though so we shall see, Melina lands kicks to the head of Michelle after a matrix-dodge, Michelle is trying to run away from Melina. Michelle begs for mercy, dropkick by Melina. Tilt-a-whirl into a kick, massive kick to the head. Melina misses a knee so Michelle knees Melina’s head into the barricade for a two. Melina and Michelle end up on the barricade, Michelle DDTs Melina into oblivion. That was actually quite a cool spot. Melina is dazed but avoids a baseball slide, Melina uses a head-scissors to smack Michelle into the ring apron. Diving face-buster from the challenger, Michelle lands a head kick in the ring. Melina drop toeholds Michelle, double knees to the spine. Spear to the corner, shoulder thrusts. Michelle is left in position for knees to the chest, spinning heel kick for two. Michelle lands a belly to belly suplex for two, Michelle is caught in the head-scissors again. Melina does a lou thesz press from the middle rope and Michelle reverses and folds her up for the win.


Flat finish for a sadly flat match, would have liked to have seen the entrance spot build off, not sure why a heel would allow the babyface recover and get back into the ring. They could have played up the injury angle or at least have Michelle beat the piss out of her but nope, nothing to sink your teeth into for this match.


Winner: Michelle McCool over Melina via Roll-Up!


(WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton © vs John Cena vs Triple H

Cena had beaten Miz so it was time to be in the championship picture while Triple H had to put over Orton again so here we are with these two challenging for Orton’s championship.


The bell rings, Orton is on the floor. The challengers corner the champion, Orton has been defeated by simple mathematics, Triple H and Cena take turns clotheslining Orton. Orton is thrown to Triple H, right hands by Triple H in the corner. Orton sends Triple H to the buckle, boot by The Game. Orton eats a bulldog by Cena, Orton is pin-balled and leaves the ring. Orton knocks Cena off the apron into Triple H, Triple H is now down. In the ring, Cena hits shoulder blocks and his belly to back suplex. Five Knuckle Shuffle connects, AA is stopped as Triple H hurls Cena into the ring-post. Orton lands a clothesline on Triple H for two, Orton starts pounding on Triple H. Reverse chin-lock from Orton, Triple H escapes and starts firing off bombs. Powerslam by Orton, RKO is blocked. Triple H runs into an elbow, Triple H counters with a DDT. Cena climbs to the top rope, diving Kobashi-style leg drop on both men. Cena starts landing right hands, Orton drops Cena with his back-breaker. Orton stops the pedigree and sends Triple H tumbling to the floor. Orton wants a double DDT but Orton is back-dropped to the floor, the two babyfaces will now do battle inside of that ring.


Cena and Triple H are trading bombs, Triple H is winning the war. Cena ducks though, massive shoulder blocks. Triple H’s knee cuts off the belly to back suplex, Cena reverses an Irish whip and eats a face-buster but Cena answers with a Throwback. AA countered, Pedigree countered. STF countered, AA countered into a spine-buster. Pedigree connects middle of the ring, Orton pulls out Triple H. Orton starts pulling apart an announce table, Triple H low blows Orton. Pedigree is stopped by Cena, Cena tosses Orton to the crowd. Triple H is tripped and locked in the STF.


Orton is on his feet, right hands knock down Cena. Orton & Cena are trading bombs in the middle of the ring. Orton wins the war, Cena is kicked in the face. RKO is countered by Cena. Tower of doom between the main eventers? No Cena catapults Triple H into Orton on the top rope, Cena wants the STF but Triple H is caught in the submission. Orton wanted to Punt both, schoolboy by Cena for two. Orton clotheslines Cena down, all three men are down. Orton stomps all over the challenges, knee-drops from Orton. Triple H dodges the second, Cena chop-blocks the knee. Belly to back suplex by Cena, Triple H low-bridges Cena who falls to the floor. Triple H looks for a sharpshooter on Orton, Orton is in the middle of the ring.


STF and Sharpshooter applied at the same time, Orton taps but the referee has no way of telling who is the winner of the match. Here come Rhodes and Dibiase to attack both challengers, Orton is worn out. Rhodes talks to Orton, Cena catches Rhodes but Orton RKOs Cena when Rhodes was on his shoulders.


Quite good triple threat match here, some nice little spots sprinkled throughout the match. Starts off fun with babyfaces destroying Orton, then everyone has a nice face-off with some really good counters and false-finishes in there, the punt tease as well as the schoolboy stand out. Legacy coming out to have an impact is definitely wearing thin considering how many main events they have interfered in but fans love Orton at the moment, invested in everything he does, this one Orton’s peak as a character for sure. Orton escapes again and with Legacy by his side, is there anyone that can stop The Viper?


Winner: Randy Orton via RKO!


(WWE Divas Championship Match) Maryse © vs Mickie James

Nice to see this championship on PPV because well I cannot tell you that last time it appeared on PPV, it was definitely at least 4/5 months considering only the women’s championship made a return at the prior PPV. Maryse throws her jacket at Mickie to start, Maryse is in love with herself. They do lock-up though, strong lock-up from both women. Maryse hits an elbow and shoves Mickie, Maryse hides in the ropes. Maryse poses and hides in the ropes again, Mickie pulls the hair and rolls up Maryse for two. Maryse goes low with a kick and some forearms, Mickie slides through the legs and lands a snap-mare followed by a dropkick.


Mickie is whipped to the buckle, Mickie looks for her head-scissors but Maryse shoves her to the apron. Mickie attempts a springboard but Maryse kicks her right in the face. Mickie spills to the floor and is slow to recover, Maryse is on the attack now. Mickie is tossed into the mat, Maryse lands a knee to the nose for two. Camel clutch by Maryse, Maryse is sent to the floor. Maryse wanted to use a perfume but Mickie kicked Maryse down, the referee takes away the spray from Mickie. Mickie lands a Thesz Press, we are back in the ring now. Mickie wants to climb high, Maryse is in La La Land. Mickie misses hugely on the dive, Maryse covers for two. Right hands by Maryse, another camel clutch. Mickie fights out and sends Maryse’s face to the mat, running forearm. It is getting very sloppy out there, clotheslines by Mickie. Neck-breaker, two for the challenger.


Mickie looks to finish it now, Maryse is in the corner. Shoulder thrusts by Mickie, Maryse eats an elbow. Head-scissors takedown from the corner by Mickie, Maryse sends Mickie to the ropes. Schoolgirl for two, Maryse is not happy with the referee. Mickie wants a DDT but Maryse drags her off the top rope, Maryse’s DDT is countered. MickieDT and we have a new champion!


I feel so bad for these women because the crowd just simply do not care, they work an alright match. It’s a bit sloppy but it doesn’t deserve crickets, I wished they built up more of the story, I mean this is Mickie becoming the second woman to have won the women’s championship and divas’ championship but its like yeah whatever from the commentators and people are chanting we want puppies and the only reaction is for Maryse posing. All very weird and sad really.


Winner: Mickie James over Maryse via Mickie DDT!


(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Rey Mysterio © vs Dolph Ziggler W/ Maria

Pretty big leap here for Mr. Ziggler who was doing nothing as the year kicked off and was recently feuding with The Great Khali. Ziggler is in here with Mysterio which will be great for him, Ziggler has also been paired up with Maria which is a good thing for him too.


Ziggler dropkicks Mysterio, Mysterio has been caught by the youngster. Mysterio rolls-up Ziggler showing him that it’s just that easy, Ziggler looks determined. Lock-up, side headlock from Ziggler. Shoulder block by Ziggler for two, side headlock back on after nailing the shoulder block. Mysterio escapes and kicks Ziggler hard, Irish whip to the opposite buckle. Mysterio gets a buckle bomb after trying a hurricanrana, hard Irish whip to the corner. Standing handstand headlock from Ziggler, Mysterio is sent to the corner but counters with a head-scissors which sends Ziggler into the ring-post. Springboard seated senton into the springboard crossbody for two, Mysterio kicks Ziggler but walks into the powerslam for two.


Ziggler is sent to the floor, Mysterio is looking for a big move. Running seated senton off the apron, Mysterio is in the ring on Ziggler’s shoulders. Mysterio gets caught with a kick, Ziggler wants a tiger-bomb but Mysterio counters for a hurricanrana. Ziggler dodges the 619 and hurls Mysterio to the floor, Ziggler rips at the eyes but gets two. Ziggler continues punishing the neck of Mysterio, camel clutch from the challenger. Mysterio escapes but Ziggler cuts him off, Mysterio lands forearms before Ziggler switches to a full-nelson. Mysterio breaks free but sliding through the legs does not work as Ziggler has the full-nelson again, Mysterio counters for a pin-fall attempt but it doesn’t pay off. Ziggler tries a sunset flip but Mysterio rolls through and lands a massive kick.


Ziggler catches Mysterio with a jaw-breaker for two. Ziggler pummels Mysterio against the ropes, Ziggler eats a drop toe-hold into the buckle. Mysterio fights back into the match, a diving crossbody is caught by a dropkick for two. Mysterio has Ziggler on the top rope, Ziggler is fighting and fighting. Top rope gut-buster shades of Malenko for two,  Ziggler looks for a powerslam but Mysterio slips out. Enzuigiri into the 619, splash and this match is over.


Abrupt finish out of nowhere, definitely a step down from the Jericho vs Mysterio feud. Good showing for Dolph, big match and there were some good moments before him but as someone who was digging the previous feud, I felt this was a major step-down. I think they showed Maria like twice at ringside and we never saw her reaction again. Not one reaction of her seeing Ziggler almost winning or Mysterio winning the match, we see it after the match. Ziggler will get another chance and will grow as a performer and I would love to see that because the heels are not so hot on this roster apart from Punk and Orton and even then fans love Orton.


Winner: Rey Mysterio over Dolph Ziggler via 619!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk ©

Punk stole Hardy’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Punk has continued to dodge Hardy, Punk “accidently” kicked the referee at The Bash, escaping with the championship which leads us to this match. I like how they mix their contrasting ideals into this match, Punk’s Straight-Edge philosophy against Hardy’s care-free and checkered past. Shockingly, this match once again headlines over Cena, has to make you wonder how much Hardy is shifting in terms of numbers.


Interestingly, Hardy is entering second in this match which makes me think we might have Hardy walking away with the championship. Could be wrong as I don’t see Hardy getting away with it but you never know, we kick things off and it’s a slow start with both men feeling one another out. Punk kicks Hardy’s leg over and over, Punk is in full dickhead mode here so this should be great. Punk out-wrestles Hardy with a smile on his face asking Hardy “What could you possibly do to me”?


Side headlock by Punk, shoulder block while flexing. Hardy cannot get going, both men tease finishing moves before Hardy lands clotheslines. To the corner, shoulder thrusts by Hardy. Hard Irish whip by Hardy, Punk tries a sunset flip for two. Punk gets into a reverse chin-lock, Hardy escapes but Punk dodges a crossbody which leaves Hardy on the floor. Punk misses a suicide dive, neck-breaker in the ring. Hardy wanted a Swanton but Punk rolls out, Hardy tries a dive to the floor but plants himself in the barricade. Hardy beats the ten-count with Punk looking irate at this, Punk switches tactics now with brutal shots to the kidneys.


Todd Grisham calling main events is wild to me, Punk sends Hardy to the corner hard. Bow & Arrow stretch from Punk, Hardy escapes but Punk stays in control. Forearms to the kidneys, Punk wants a superplex. Hardy reverses for his sit-out front suplex, the two are battling it out in the middle of the ring. Neck-breaker by Hardy, flying clotheslines. Inverted atomic drop and leg-drop to the groin followed by a low dropkick for two. Punk thwarts Whisper in the Wind, Punk smiles and measures Hardy. Running knee, leg drop is countered and Hardy lands a Whisper in The Wind for two. Sit-out suplex, Swanton Bomb misses for the challenger. Punk does not want the cover, underhook back-breaker by Punk into a Dragon Sleeper.


Punk calls for a GTS, Hardy is dazed. Kicks from Punk, Muay Thai strikes but Hardy ducks and nails a Twist of Fate. Swanton Bomb countered as Punk uses his knees, 1…2…. Punk cannot believe it as Hardy kicks out. Punk is on the apron, Punk wants to finish this match. Springboard does not work, Hardy wants the twist of fate but Punk counters for a GTS but Hardy kicks out of Punk’s big move. Punk is in utter disbelief, Punk accepts it and decides it is time to go to the extreme. Punk is grabbing his championship and walking away, Punk must believe that nobody can kick out of the GTS so the referee has somehow screwed him. Hardy does not share this belief, Hardy clubs Punk in the corner. Twist of Fate for the third time, Hardy climbs high. Swanton Bomb and this match is over!


Months of chasing from Jeff Hardy finally come to an end. After being screwed by Matt Hardy, after being screwed by Punk. Hardy finally gets his world championship, this is a shock to me as I thought Hardy never won it back after Punk became champion. So this is very cool to see, Hardy definitely deserved it because apart from Cena, I don’t think you could argue anyone is garnering that type of reaction. Punk was very good in this match, the facials and body language were great. Really felt like Punk was a slimy individual trying to destroy every child’s dream in that arena of having their hero Jeff Hardy winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The Twist of Fate counter into the GTS looked great, I imagine they might have some sort of gimmick match at Summerslam which could be a lot of fun. Solid main event that becomes better due to giving the fans what they want.


Winner: Jeff Hardy over CM Punk via Swanton Bomb!


That was WWE’s Night of Champions 2009, a mostly fun PPV from the WWE. The standard has definitely dropped from the first three PPVs post-Mania with the card being littered now with more mid-card feuds with less hype and interest but the matches for the most part deliver solid action. The two absolutely worst matches on the card are the women’s matches. Sadly, we are just in that period where nobody cares and it is used as a toilet break, they work hard but there’s nothing. Thought McCool’s finish was flat and made Melina look dumb which is hard to do considering the absolute lack psychology in their previous encounter but here Melina gets rolled up because she’s super flexible. No hint of cheating from Michelle, no heelish pull of the tights. Nothing. Mickie and Maryse is sloppy, looks really rough and it’s sad because I would consider Mickie the cornerstone of the whole women’s scene and the reaction was not good on this night.


The opening match with heels vs heels is so strange, Show & Jericho are bigger stars so the fans cheer for them but Jericho for the last year has been the most despised guy on the roster, why are we doing this? Why did they break up Carlito & Primo? We don’t even have a babyface tag team on the roster do we? Cryme Tyme? I am really struggling to name another team, that’s shockingly bad but anyways, they do heels vs heels and the fans are confused and it’s awkward. Things improve with Christian vs Dreamer but two babyfaces make it a difficult one for the fans again, unsure who to give their love to but they choose Christian and it’s the right choice who has been killing it with Swagger before Dreamer was inserted into the mix. Curious to see how much longer Christian can be kept away from a show like Smackdown or Raw.


The six-man is chaotic, it’s a little sloppy but when everyone is hitting moves, it’s great fun. WWE Championship triple threat is fun too, you have some really good spots and big reactions for the stars in the ring. The Legacy interference is getting a bit long in the tooth now, hoping for something else to shake things up on Raw. Mysterio vs Ziggler is fun, a good outing for the young up and comer but I needed a bit more after watching Jericho vs Mysterio. Finally, the main event is a pay off that fans have been waiting for since Extreme Rules, credit to Hardy getting to the finish line. Summerslam could mark a return to form for the PPVs of 2009, the start of the year was excellent in terms of quality but things became less fun as the year progressed, a big Four PPV is the perfect way to pick up momentum again but will it happen? Check in next time to see! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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WWE The Bash 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that snaps up young talent quicker than AEW! It’s time for WWE The Bash! Did Vince hate WCW that much that he wanted to change The Great American Bash to just The Bash? I would say yes! So what matches do we have to look forward to? Well we have Randy Orton vs Triple H in a Three Stages of Hell Match so you can sense my happiness at the fact that Batista is not even on the PPV nor is The Animal world champion so the previous months of story-telling have been rendered utterly pointless. We have Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk after Punk stole Hardy’s World Heavyweight Championship match by cashing in at Extreme Rules, John Cena will look to take out The Miz in a massive match for The Miz and so much more! Apparently six championships are on the line which is great because I have no idea who the women’s champion or tag team champions are so it would be nice to be reminded of who holds what here in the company! Anyways, WWE has been delivering solid PPVs all throughout the year so can the streak continue? Let’s find out!


(ECW World Championship Scramble Match) Christian vs Tommy Dreamer © vs Jack Swagger vs Finlay vs Mark Henry

More representation for ECW on PPV and it’s another fun match concept, two men will begin with a new man entering every 3 minutes. If you pin or submit an opponent, you become champion but you have to be holding the championship when the match-time has expired. Christian and Jack Swagger will begin this match, the two lock-up and neither man can gain control. Swagger goes for clubbing blows, smart choice from Swagger. Irish whip and Christian wriggles free before Swagger tosses Christian to the corner, boot and right hands by Christian. Irish whip reversal by Swagger, Christian slides through the legs but gets caught in a big slam from Swagger for two. Seated abdominal stretch from Swagger, gut-buster from Swagger. Christian kicks away Swagger, sleeper from Chirstian but Swagger backs Christian into the corner and applies a gator roll.


Front chancery by Swagger, Christian eats some vicious forearms. Swagger wants a superplex, Christian kicks away Swagger and lands a missile dropkick for two. The timer counts down and the third man will be joining briefly and it’s Finlay. Clotheslines all around by Finlay, Christian is dropped onto Swagger’s chest. Rolling fireman’s carry, small package by Christian but Finlay kicks out immediately. Clothesline and senton for two, clothesline by Finlay. Irish whip to the corner, Christian counters and nails a diving elbow to the face. Swagger pulls Christian to the floor, Finlay lands a baseball slide. Finlay throws Swagger into the ring, Swagger pokes Finlay in his injured eye and rolls up Finlay to become the current champion. Swagger is bleeding from his lips. Finlay is being checked on by a ringside doctor, Christian blocks the gut-wrench powerbomb. Both men reverse one another until Christian drives Swagger to the mat with a falling reverse DDT.


Belly to belly suplex out of nothing by Swagger, number four  is on his way and here comes Tommy Dreamer. Clothesline for Swagger, right hand for Christian. Running bulldog by Dreamer, Christian is caught for a Sky-High for two. Neck-breaker on Swagger, Christian is placed in the tree of woe. ECW dropkick by Dreamer, Swagger avoids the DDT and tosses Dreamer into Christian. Dreamer is tossed into the announce table, Swagger attacks Finlay but Finlay sends Swagger into the ring-post. Finlay sends Swagger into the ring-post, Celtic Cross and Finlay is your champion. Christian lands a snap-mare and a kick for two, Dreamer comes into the ring now with Finlay. Running elbow in the corner, Christian sends Dreamer to the mat. Dreamer wants to block the suplex. Swagger knocks down Dreamer with a clothesline, Christian is on the top rope with Swagger.


Number five is here, Mark Henry is on his way. Henry clotheslines Dreamer, tower of doom spot from Henry. Military press slam for Christian who is dropped on the floor, headbutt on Finlay. Dreamer dives into Henry who nails a World’s Strongest Slam on Dreamer to become Champion. Henry knocks down Finlay, everyone decides to triple team Henry. Christian rolls-up Finlay for two, the clock continues to tick down in this match. Christian takes the Bret Hart bump, Finlay lands a suicide dive on Swagger. Dreamer lands an apron senton on Swagger, Christian lands a springboard plancha to the floor. Henry thinks about diving to the floor, Swagger is behind him though. Swagger lands a massive chop block, Swagger-Bomb for the pin! Swagger is your champion, shocking stuff here. Swagger will not let anyone get in the ring, smart strategy from Swagger. However, Henry is back up and Henry crushes Swagger by dropping all his weight on his back. Henry is sent into the steel steps though, nothing Henry can do now! Christian nails a Kill-Switch on Swagger but Dreamer breaks up the pin and Dreamer DDT on Christian! Dreamer is now the champion, everyone tries roll-ups but Dreamer is surviving for the time-being. Everyone is in the ring now, Finlay DDTs Swagger but Dreamer makes the save. Everyone is trying to win but it is not possible at this moment, ten seconds on the clock. Dreamer survives!


A fun match for sure to kick off the PPV, everyone gets a moment to shine in this one with everyone hitting big moves, the dive sequence was nice too and Christian was once again screwed as had it not been for Dreamer, Christian would have that championship. On top of that, Dreamer managed to pin Christian to win the championship, could we be leading towards a Christian heel turn? We shall see but what a fun match for ECW, ECW continues to have matches that are way above the level of talent in ECW.


Winner: Tommy Dreamer over Everyone Else via Survival!


(WWE Intercontinental Championship vs Mask Match) Chris Jericho © vs Rey Mysterio

The best rivalry in WWE at the moment, the two men are tied at one victory each, Jericho has upped the stakes by trying to take away Mysterio’s identity by stripping him of his mask. They start with a side headlock, Jericho lands a shoulder block, Mysterio leapfrogs before eating a kick. To the corner, Mysterio boots Jericho and lands a diving hurricanrana. On the floor Jericho is counters a baseball slide and hurls Mysterio into the barricade, Jericho is in the ring enjoying the reactions from the fans. Mysterio is rocked, it was a great looking bump. Jericho hits that rope guillotine once again, two for Jericho who applies a rest-hold. Mysterio breaks out but Jericho continues to bring the pain, Jericho goes after the mask on the top turnbuckle. Jericho is knocked off the buckle, diving seated senton but Jericho counters with a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker for a close two. Jericho stomps Mysterio in the corner, baseball slide to the floor. In the ring, Mysterio fights back and dropkicks Jericho’s knee, Jericho spills to the floor, diving seated senton to the floor from Mysterio. Springboard crossbody for two, Jericho sends Mysterio to the buckle. Mysterio flips over Jericho, head-scissors into the buckle. Double springboard into a moonsault by Mysterio for two, Mysterio gets caught in a powerslam by Jericho.


Jericho is talking trash now, irate at the challenger. Jericho gets cocky and eats a knee and a moonsault for two, Mysterio wanted a flip-through hurricanrana but Jericho counters for The Walls of Jericho. Mysterio is crawling to the ropes, Mysterio reaches the ropes. Jericho takes a breather on the ropes, Mysterio low-bridges Jericho who is down on the apron. A 619 misses as Jericho ducks and lands a clothesline. Jericho is on the top rope, Mysterio is battling back. Enzuigiri rocks Jericho, Mysterio wanted a super hurricanrana but Jericho counters for a powerbonb. Jericho uses the ropes for leverage but Mysterio kicks out! Lionsault misses, super hurricanrana by Mysterio for two. Mysterio dropkicks Jericho, Jericho sees it coming and goes for the back-breaker but Mysterio counters for a DDT for a close two.


Mysterio kicks at Jericho’s knee, Jericho misses a clothesline and Mysterio looks for a springboard crossbody but Jericho counters with a Code-breaker for a two and a half! Crowd thought that was it, Jericho is distraught. Jericho throws Mysterio to the corner, Jericho wants the superplex. Jericho wanted a super hurricanrana but Mysterio countered, missile dropkick. 619 by Mysterio, springboard hurricanrana is countered for The Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring! Mysterio uses great leg-strength to counter, victory roll is countered by Jericho. Jericho rips off the mask of Mysterio but Mysterio had a second mask underneath, Jericho walks into an enzuigiri, 619 and splash! Mysterio is your champion!


Great match, builds on their previous matches. New counters and twist to keep it fresh, some wonderful false-finishes throughout the contest and a finish where the babyface does not look stupid and out-smarts the dastardly heel. Jericho’s obsession with the mask costs the champion as Mysterio was smart enough to have a second mask underneath. Great match, sickened that the feud is over because there were so good with one another. Jericho looks on only figuring out know that Mysterio was wearing a second mask, beautiful ending to a great feud.


Winner: Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho via 619!


Dolph Ziggler vs The Great Khali

Haven’t seen Ziggler since the rumble, this is a good sign for Ziggler. Ziggler issued an open challenge and couldn’t beat Khali so Ziggler decided to cheat and waffle Khali with the chair. Khali wants to kill Ziggler so let us see how far we go, Ziggler’s abs are ridiculous.


Ziggler uses his speed and kicks the leg of Khali, Khali tosses Ziggler down. Irish whip to the buckle and a massive chest slap, whip to the buckle. Ziggler answers with a dropkick, Khali dumps Ziggler to the floor when Ziggler tried a ten punch in the corner. Short-arm clothesline by Khali, chest slap against the ring-post. Ziggler tries it again but Ziggler dodges, Ziggler lands a missile dropkick from the apron. Khali chops Ziggler back into the ring, Khali misses a boot in the corner. Ziggler yanks the legs of Khali, Ziggler goes to the chair. This match is no DQ so Ziggler waffles Khali with the chair. Khali swats away the chair but a dropkick and a famouser have Khali down for two.


Ziggler applies a front chancery, Ziggler is squeezing as much as humanly possible. Khali nails a boot to the face and calls for the finish. However, here comes Kane! Why? No idea but Kane decides to stare down Khali, Ziggler goes after the knee of Khali. Ziggler powders from Kane, Kane picks up the chair and wipes out Khali. Ziggler covers Khali for the win. What a waste of time that was, guessing the crowd needed a comedown after Mysterio vs Jericho.


Winner: Dolph Ziggler over Great Khali via Chair-shots!


(WWE Unified World Tag Team Championship Match) The Colon Brothers © vs Legacy vs ?????

It’s interesting they never had Legacy with all the gold, no matching gear for Rhodes or Dibiase either which is not something I appreciate, tag teams should have matching gear. Dibiase does not even have the Legacy logo on his tights. Theodore Long comes out and makes a decision to change the match, Vince Mcmahon had gotten in Long’s ear. Edge is here to compete in the match and Edge is teaming with Chris Jericho. What is this?


Edge out of the main event picture is going to challenge for the tag team championship? And this is how Jericho will recover from his feud with Mysterio? Well the championships will be important if they do win this match but I am not sure the focus on the tag team championships will continue beyond that title reign. Carlito and Dibiase start officially after the other teams toss Jericho & Edge to the floor, Carlito and Primo show some great double-teaming skills to take down Dibiase. Dibiase lands a jaw-breaker on Primo. In comes Jericho but Rhodes tags in off Jericho when Jericho eats a back body-drop. Quick tag by Rhodes has Dibiase back in the ring, Primo uses his feet to pepper Dibiase. Tag to Carlito who lands a massive dropkick for two, reverse chin-lock by Carlito.


Rhodes and Dibiase start roughing up Primo who tagged in, Dibiase and Rhodes put the boots to the younger Colon. Snap-mare and knee by Rhodes, stretch from Rhodes. Edge manages to get in but Dibiase tags himself in, the veterans are unfamiliar with the tag format for some reason. Rhodes lands a dropkick on Primo for two, jackknife cover by Rhodes for two. Neck stretch from Rhodes, Primo tries a cradle for two. Rhodes lands a clothesline for two, Primo cannot escape as Rhodes applies a Gory-like special. Edge helps Primo, the two heels are arguably the babyfaces here. Dibiase comes in and knees Primo in the head, Irish whip and Primo lands a boot before elevating Dibiase to the floor. Carlito has the hot-tag and lands a springboard senton on Rhodes. Knee-lift and a clothesline, springboard elbow for two.


Dibiase makes the save, Primo dropkicks Dibiase to the floor. Jericho lands a Code-breaker to the Primo, Carlito sends Jericho to the floor. Carlito and Rhodes battle near Edge, Carlito lands a Back-stabber on Rhodes, Edge Spears Carlito and we have new tag team champions.


Not a great showcase to be honest, even worse when you consider the legitimate tag teams have been shafted by two singles superstars. Nothing really interesting going on in there apart from the two heels Jericho & Edge trying to get in the ring. Show has definitely taken a turn here in quality.


Winners: Edge & Chris Jericho via Spear!


(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Melina © vs Michelle McCool

So Melina has been champion for 5 Months and I don’t think she has made it to PPV in that time which would be really sad, Alicia Fox is here with Michelle McCool. Never knew they were a pairing but it’s one of those days, Michelle and Melina batter one another before Michelle uses her power to lift up Melina. Melina rolls through and smashes Michelle with right hands, back body-drop by Melina. Clothesline too, sliding clothesline for two. Michelle hides in the ropes, Melina is suckered in and eats a dropkick to the knee. Michelle smashes the knee with some good strikes, Melina fights from underneath.


Melina cannot stand, Michelle continues roughing up the leg. Melina tries fighting back but it’s not looking good. Michelle wraps the leg around the ring-post and kicks it using the steel steps, two for Michelle. Tilt-a-whirl back-breaker, Melina uses her flexibility to showcase the pain here. Melina survives the submission, Michelle continues kicking the leg. Michelle misses the boot, Melina elbows Michelle and looks for something big but she cannot stand. Melina tries a knee to the ribs, not really a wise idea given the circumstances. Chop-block by Michelle, Melina fights back with head-scissors but Michelle blocks the second and has Melina but Melina counters for the hurricanrana. Enzuigiri for two, Michelle kicks Melina in the face for two.


Michelle spears Melina to the corner, superplex coming. Melina fights off Michelle, diving face-buster for a close two as Alicia Fox places Michelle’s foot on the ropes. Melina hits a baseball slide, Melina looks for her sunset flip powerbomb but Michelle flips her over for a Big Boot. Close two, Michelle wants her Faith-Breaker and Melina is driven into the mat.


Well that’s it for Melina’s reign, I really don’t think she managed a defense on PPV since winning the championship. Shockingly, they are talking about the Divas Championship which exists during the same era and I couldn’t even begin to tell you who holds that championship because I don’t think I have ever seen it on PPV. Melina is not great as a babyface, she’s more natural as a heel and well she used her legs as much as possible during a match where Michelle worked her leg, making her look like an absolute moron in the process.


Winner: Michelle McCool over Melina via Faith-Breaker!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) CM Punk © vs Jeff Hardy

The man who stole the world heavyweight championship, Punk is in his second reign as champion. Punk never lost the championship the first time around and Punk will be hoping for better luck this time around. Hardy is Smackdown’s top babyface and is arguably pack to his peak popularity. You cannot go anywhere without seeing Hardy shirts or signs, Punk is looking smug and they haven’t even touched. They lock-up and Punk gives us a clean break, Hardy is looking angry now.


Side headlock by Hardy, Punk counters with a headlock of his own. Shoulder block by Punk, Hardy pops right back to his feet. They trade hammerlocks before Hardy gains control with a side headlock takedown, Punk cannot shake off Hardy. Punk almost nails a GTS but Hardy has a crucifix for two, Punk counters the twist of fate. Hardy sends Punk to the floor, plancha from the challenger. Hardy moves the steel steps, you can see it is time for Poetry in Motion but Punk side-steps Hardy and Hardy smashes into the barricade. Hardy makes it into the ring at nine, the story has been established and Punk is going to go to work here. Punk is not happy with the slow count of the referee, Punk drives a knee into the spine.


Figure four head-lock by Punk, Punk continues stretching Hardy with his head-lock. Hardy attempts to break free and manages to make it to the ropes, Punk attempts a middle rope leg drop. An ugly one for sure, Punk misses the leg drop. Hardy dodges the corner splash, Whisper in The Wind from Hardy. Two for Hardy, Hardy lands clotheslines and flying neck-breakers. Inverted atomic drop and low leg drop into a low dropkick for two. Sit-out front suplex by Hardy, Hardy looks for his Swanton. Punk rolls out of the ring, diving apron clothesline by Hardy. Hardy lands a dropkick and looks for his slingshot suplex but Punk wants a GTS. Hardy breaks free but eats a kick to the head, running knee and bulldog for two.


Punk lands rights and lefts before being hit with a massive Twist of Fate, Hardy is on the top rope. Punk sits up and dodges the Swanton, Punk calls for the GTS. Inside cradle from Hardy for a close two, Punk lands a massive head kick. GTS but no Hardy counters and nails a second Twist of Fate. Punk is in trouble, Hardy lands a devastating Swanton Bomb. Hardy wins but wait, Punk’s foot is under the ropes. Hardy is upset at this for obvious reasons, Hardy continues to argue with the referee instead of trying to win. This allows Punk to recover, Punk avoids a twist of fate but Hardy fights out of a GTS and Punk sells his eye as being injured. Punk kicks the referee in the back and we have a DQ, Punk sells like Punk could not see who it was but you know damn well that Punk saw the referee and kicked the referee in the spine. Hardy is disgusted by this, Hardy beats the piss out of Punk post-match.


It's alright considering the angle that built to this match. Fans wanted Hardy to regain the championship so badly. Just never leaves second gear for me, Hardy without the gimmicks is not as fun. Hardy without crazy bumps is just not as enticing to me but Punk is not at the top level just yet either for me in WWE. The finish is cruel considering how badly fans want Hardy to be champion but I am guessing they have bigger plans for these two. Although, we sadly won’t see a conclusion to the feud I am curious to see what the next step is for these two. Overall, it’s just nothing special and that hurts considering Punk needs this to be a home-run.


Winner: Jeff Hardy over Cm Punk via DQ!


John Cena vs The Miz

So WWE split Miz & Morrison in the draft and Miz started to call out John Cena, Cena was obviously busy with Big Show but that’s not the case anymore. Miz gets a pay per view match with Cena which should be interesting for sure, a big test for Miz who has been primarily a tag team guy for the past two years. You would think that Miz would change up his gear at this moment and time but nope, Miz is wearing that ridiculous gear of his and even has some purple in his hair.


Lock-up, Cena takes down Miz with ease and drops his weight on the leg. Another lock-up and Cena drops Miz again with ease. Miz is being shown to be out of his depth to kick us off, Cena takes the arm and steps on the hand of Miz. Miz charging in has a 0% success rate at this time, shoulder block after a side headlock by Cena. Miz is caught again by Cena, Cena brings Miz to the corner. Miz grabs a side headlock, Cena lands a hip-toss and Miz runs away from Cena. Miz is placed on the apron from a scoop slam and pulls Cena’s neck across the ropes. Miz nails shoulder thrusts and some ugly knees, Miz beats down Cena. Miz lands his corner clothesline and climbs high, diving double axe handle for two. Boot to the head by Miz, snap suplex for two. Cena fights back but Miz sends Cena to the floor, Miz gets a two in the ring. Miz looks down on Cena, measured lefts hands by Miz. Cena begins to block and lands a shoulder block, make it two. Spinning side belly to back suplex, Five Knuckle Shuffle connects. AA connects, STF and it’s over.


Treated like a random RAW match, Miz was a joke compared to The Leader of The Chain Gang, what’s the point? If you are going to take someone like Miz and give them an opportunity, why not give him a bit more? Cena can’t get involved with the world championship again so soon but do we continue this feud? Also the STF is back to looking like absolute trash, needs to tighten that son bitch up as Stone Cold once said. Pure filler match here, really saddened by how this PPV brought me back to reality.


Winner: John Cena over The Miz via STF!


(Three Stages of Hell WWE Championship Match) Randy Orton © vs Triple H

Randy Orton and Triple H feuded at Mania, Triple H won a match that he never should have won but all was well because Orton would win the championship and injure Triple H at the next pay per view. Shockingly, Batista would win the championship at the previous pay per view but now Orton is champion again and it seems Batista has some time off. I don’t really want to see these two fight again because it’s so fresh for me and Triple H like always as a babyface is incapable of appearing vulnerable or putting over fairly someone like Orton. The other key component to this one is that Dibiase & Rhodes are nowhere to be seen because they couldn’t win the tag team championships. This would have a bigger impact on me but there were nowhere to be seen during the cage match last month so I should care why?


They start with right hands, definitely a hot start here. Shoulder blocks and a high knee, no messing around. Orton sends Triple H to the corner, Triple H explodes out with a clothesline. Right hands by Triple H, the referee has to pull off Triple H. Boot by Orton, Orton goes for the strapped leg of Triple H. Triple H is too strong though and pulls Orton into the ring-post. Suplex into the ring for two, Triple H lowers his head off an Irish whip. Orton takes out the knee with chop-blocks, Triple H’s knee is rammed off the ring apron. Triple H manages a back-drop before Orton lands his back-breaker with Triple H rolling to the floor. Triple H cracks Orton with a chair, Triple H is disqualified for the first fall.


Orton is up 1:0. The second fall is no disqualifications so Triple H destroys Orton with the chair, Triple H stabs Orton in the spine and neck with the chair. Orton is on the floor trying to catch his breath. Triple H is in hot pursuit, Triple H picks up Orton’s carcass and Pedigrees Orton on the floor at ringside to tie it up 1:1. Triple H is limping though, the leg that Orton worked on has been damaged. The third fall is a stretcher match, you must place your opponent on the stretcher and carry it across a yellow line at the top of the stage. Orton is placed on the stretcher, Orton was playing possum. Orton kicks the stretcher into Triple H’s leg, chop-block by Orton.


Orton drops Triple H groin-first onto the barricade, a boot sends Triple H into the crowd. Lots of crowd-brawling before Triple H clotheslines Orton back to ringside. Orton and Triple H are brawling by the steps, Triple H meets the steps. Orton has an idea with the steps, the steps have been thrown into the ring. Orton goes to destroy Triple H but Triple H drop toeholds Orton into the steps. Triple H cracks Orton in the head with the steel steps, Orton is placed on the stretcher. Orton comes back to life and they brawl on top of the stretcher,  Orton rams Triple H into the stretcher. Orton uses the stretcher as a makeshift rope and DDTs Triple H on the concrete. Triple H ducks the Punt, Orton kicks the stretcher by mistake.


Orton counters the Pedigree and back-drops Triple H onto the stretcher, Orton almost pushes Triple H over the line but Triple H rolls off. Orton is frustrated now, Orton wants an RKO. Orton is pushed into the titantron, Triple H wants the Pedigree and it connects. Cody Rhodes is here, no sign of Dibiase but Rhodes is making the save for Orton. Triple H manages to take down Rhodes but here comes Dibiase, Legacy are here to wipe out Triple H. Triple H is placed on the stretcher but The Game continues to fight back, the numbers are too much though. Triple H finds a sledgehammer hidden in the stage, Dibiase & Rhodes are knocked out with the sledgehammer. Orton kicks Triple H in the dick and nails The Game with the part of the stage and pulls Triple H over the line.


Very middle of the road, the majority of this three stages of hell match was a stretcher match and it’s definitely not one of the more exciting stipulations out there. I would put it up slightly above the strap match, they brawled in the crowd during this match and it’s such a lazy trope at the end of the day. Just punching around the crowd killing time, the idea that Triple H would have a sledgehammer hidden in that exact spot for that moment is a bit ridiculous too. Also logically, Mcmahon hates Legacy so how could the owner stay impartial in a match like this and not send out all the roster who would be fearful for their jobs to help Triple H? What makes it even funnier is that Triple H lays everyone out at the end anyways because you know The Game can’t ever look like a loser as a babyface. Really nothing special from these two, I think they gave everything they had in the Wrestlemania match and sadly that would be as good as it ever would get between these two in the ring.


Winner: Randy Orton over Triple H!


That was WWE’s The Bash 2009, a pay per view that shows brings the quality way down for the year, this is what I think of when I think of pay per views from WWE in these years. A good opening match, a match that stands out from the rest and average to poor throughout the rest of the card with a main event that is either satisfying or disappointing depending on where they are in the angle or year. This is exactly what you get here: ECW looks good once more which I know is shocking, I don’t believe it myself but ECW continues to be fun and represented well with a scramble match that has some really fun moments. Rey Mysterio vs Jericho was excellent, it built on previous spots and gave a fitting conclusion to the feud, I have no complaints about this feud. It was excellent from start to finish and I am sad I won’t be seeing anymore of these two mix it up inside of the ring.


Things take a massive dive as Ziggler vs Khali is all about Kane returning which is cool I guess? I mean Kane beat Punk before he became champion so will Kane get a title opportunity? What does attacking Khali do for Kane? Things do not improve with the tag team championship match, the titles were unified and we haven’t seen a tag team title match in three pay per views just like the women so it’s a low point for sure and now the champions are Edge & Jericho who to be quite honest are above it at this point and especially in Jericho’s case, this feels like such a waste to put a guy who had the best feud in the previous year and this year for me in terms of match quality with Mysterio in a division where they hardly make it onto pay per view. Michelle vs Melina has no heat, no drama and as such, it’s a match with Melina playing the dumbest babyface imaginable who keeps trying to use her leg despite it being destroyed in the opening segments. You can add Cena vs Miz to my feelings on this match because it’s horrible and a waste of Cena on PPV.


The two title matches are a little more complicated, Hardy is a popular wrestler and can be really fun but I do find something is missing when he performs in a main event match without some sort of gimmick. Hardy can deliver but I find something missing, I don’t think it helps that Punk wasn’t all in on the heel stuff for this match. Thought the heat segment was weak, thought teasing another Hardy championship win was a bit cruel considering how badly the fans want it to be true and I think it risks killing his popularity. However the other side of the coin is Hardy can’t have Ladder matches all the time in the main event and has to be someone who sucks you in without the bells and whistles but I just struggle with it sometimes. Orton vs Triple H is really a let down, it’s feud that is pretty fresh in the fans’ minds being done so soon, the stipulations aren’t exactly exciting especially when Orton just had a cage match the previous month. Lots of logical gaps here and Batista’s reign was utterly pointless so why not let Orton build more hear? I don’t get it maybe it was to placate Batista. Anyways, this was more of a PPV experience that I am used to from WWE and that’s not a good thing because the year started hot and the PPVs were a breeze but definitely felt myself slipping during this and thinking: I could be doing something else with my time. Hope things pick up again, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that is more blown-up than The Rock after a promo! It’s time for WWE Extreme Rules 2009! The main event is a rematch between Jeff Hardy and Edge in a TLC match, the match that made the two of them famous. It is clearly rematch city as we have John Cena vs The Big Show, Batista vs Randy Orton and CM Punk vs Umaga. The one night of the year that WWE goes extreme, I am happy with that! This should be a fun one but will there be any highlights on this night? Let’s find out!


(WWE United States Championship Fatal Four Way Match) Kofi Kingston © vs William Regal vs Matt Hardy vs MVP

So MVP lost the championship to Kingston on the previous RAW and has to get his rematch in a fatal four way? Sucks to be MVP, the tunnel is also gone so I mark this as the decline of poor MVP, soon it will be teaming with Mark Henry. Happy to see Regal back on PPV considering Regal was quite enjoyable as Intercontinental Champion. Matt Hardy is already out of the main event picture after losing to Jeff. Hardy & Regal will look to work together, not sure if MVP has transitioned to a fully-fledged babyface just yet but we shall see as it looks like it for now.


Regal shoves Hardy into the babyfaces, the babyfaces clean house. Hardy returns the favour, Hardy and MVP brawl on the floor. Kofi and Regal in the ring, Kofi planchas onto both Hardy & MVP. Regal eats a shoulder and a diving crossbody for two, MVP is back in now and lands a shoulder block. Something went wrong there but we continue, the show must go on as they say in the business. Kofi lands a high elbow after two leap-frogs, Regal comes in and knees Kofi. Regal pummels Kofi, Regal wants a superplex. Massive tower of doom spot, MVP wasn’t in position so things did not look great. Hardy tries stealing the pin but it does not work. Hardy lands a side effect on Regal for two, Hardy lands a scoop slam and climbs high. Diving leg drop connects for two, Twist of Fate is stopped by Kofi.


Kofi chops at Hardy, dropkick and flying clothesline, Kofi scoop slams Regal onto Hardy. Boom Drop on both men for a two, Regal is canned to the floor. Hardy sends Kofi to the corner, Kofi lands the Christian corner kick. MVP is kicked to the floor, Regal throws Kofi into Hardy. MVP lands a boot to Regal, belly to belly suplex on Kofi but Hardy makes the save. MVP & Hardy are brawling, MVP is winning that war. Knee to the face, Ballin’ Elbow but Regal makes the save. Exploder suplex by Regal, peppering shots in the corner. Knee Trembler to MVP. Exploder to Hardy, Regal throws Kofi to the ropes who rebounds with Trouble in Paradise for the win.


Solid opening match here, everyone gets a moment to shine and it’s balls to the wall from the get-go, everyone hitting big shots and fun spots. MVP shows some potential as a babyface here while Kofi seems to be super promising which is great to see from the WWE. Regal’s over-confidence leading to his KO was a nice spot too. Fans loved it and right man wins, good start!


Winner: Kofi Kingston over Everyone Else via Trouble in Paradise!


(WWE Intercontinental Championship No Holds Barred Match) Rey Mysterio © vs Chris Jericho

Jericho was beaten in a fantastic match at the prior PPV, that match was built around Jericho saying there is no way that Mysterio could hit him with The 619. Jericho would be proved wrong but Jericho says now that Mysterio’s mask will be ripped off. Another simple concept to follow for this match, no holds barred which probably doesn’t matter as I don’t think anyone will be drilling the other with piledrivers and such but this is going to be your basic no-DQ match.


Mysterio tackles Jericho to start, Mysterio kicks Jericho to the floor. Jericho meets the announce table and the tope of the table is thrown in his face. Mysterio hits a running dropkick, Jericho meets the barricade. Jericho recovers and elbows Mysterio, the champion meets the barricade. Jericho tries whipping Mysterio into the steel steps but Mysterio flips over the steps and dropkicks them into Jericho. Mysterio sends Jericho into the steel steps and lands an apron diving hurricanrana before nailing a slingshot leg drop in the ring for two. Jericho boots Mysterio in the ribs and uses the rope-hung guillotine. Two for the challenger, Jericho boots and chokes Mysterio in the corner.


Mysterio is whipped to the opposite buckle, Mysterio is on the apron and lands a shoulder but Jericho stops the moonsault by pushing the legs. This spot was used in the prior match but Jericho never went after the knee, will this change in this match. Jericho uses it as a set-up for a plancha but Mysterio kicks Jericho to the floor. Mysterio nails a 619 around the ring-post, diving crossbody finds the mark. In the ring, Mysterio lands a springboard leg drop for two. Irish whip by Jericho, head-scissors counter by Mysterio which is the set-up for the 619 but Jericho is up quickly and shoulder blocks the life out of Mysterio. Scoop slam escape by Mysterio, leg kicks and forearm shots. Mysterio wants a modified bulldog but rolls into the victory pin, two for Mysterio. Jericho rolls through for a close two, Jericho tries a sunset flip but Mysterio rolls through. However, Mysterio misses the dropkick as Jericho wants the Walls of Jericho.


Mysterio counters with a small package for two, a kick to the side of the head for two. Jericho answers back with a clothesline to gain control, Mysterio is sent flying to the floor on his belly. In the ring, Jericho spears the ring-post as Mysterio dodges, Mysterio lands a massive suicide dive with both men crashing to the mat. Springboard seated senton, head-scissors and a pop-up hurricanrana for two. Jericho tries a clothesline, drop toehold by Mysterio. Jericho counters though with a back-breaker that looks brutal, bigger reaction at Judgement Day but still a great spot for two. Mysterio fights back, pop-up hurricanrana countered for a powerbomb. Lionsault misses, 619 to the back of the head but Mysterio’s splash is countered with a Code-breaker! 1….2……. Mysterio kicks out!


Jericho grabs a chair, the first instance of the match stipulation being introduced. Mysterio dropkicks the chair into Jericho’s face, Mysterio grabs the chair and lands a leg-drop Sabu style for two. Jericho is dropped into the chair, Mysterio uses the chair for a pop-up hurricanrana but Jericho counters for a Walls of Jericho. Mysterio scrambles for the chair and cracks Jericho in the face with the chair. Jericho falls into perfect position for the 619, Mysterio runs up but Jericho rips off the mask in one smooth move and rolls-up Mysterio for the win.


Another match with these two that is very good, not as hot as the Judgement Day match and I don’t know if the stipulation was necessary for the match, I feel they could have gotten where they needed to without the help of the stipulation. Could have been nice to have Jericho go after the mask a bit more, Jericho did go after it in the previous match. Regardless, another solid match between these two, their counters and false-finishes are better than most in the company during this time. Great chemistry I cannot wait to see where they go next!


Winner: Chris Jericho over Rey Mysterio via Roll-Up!


(Strap Match) CM Punk vs Umaga

Rematch with a gimmick, I don’t think I have ever liked a strap match in my many years of watching wrestling as it always end in some sort of hokey bullshit where the heel is touching the strap just behind the babyface or vice-versa. Maybe I liked the one between Rock & HHH because that ended in pins but any with the touching corners stipulation sucked in my opinion.


Umaga starts by kicking and punching Punk, touching two corners before Punk nails a massive knee. Punk touches two corners before Umaga lands a Samoan drop. Umaga starts whipping Punk like a dog, Punk is dragged to the ring-post while Umaga tries pulling out Punk’s shoulder. Punk’s arm is bounced off the steel steps, Punk is suplexed onto the top rope and superkicked to the floor. Punk starts touching pads, Umaga gets two with ease. Punk lands an apron kick, springboard diving clothesline. Punk calls for The GTS, Umaga slips out and lands a spinning heel kick. Punk manages to nail his corner kick and his bulldog, Punk starts touching buckles. Punk touched three before Umaga landed his spinning uranage slam. Umaga touches three before Punk ties himself up in the ropes. Punk low-bridges Umaga, Punk begins touching buckles.


Punk reaches three before Umaga drags Punk across the ring, throat thrust by Umaga. Umaga is climbing to the top rope, Punk uses the strap to pull down Umaga. Punk is going to touch a fourth buckle but Umaga fights and fights, thinking that the spike will end this match but Umaga runs right into a GTS and Punk touches the buckle.


Yeah not as good as their previous match, the gimmick is a rough one and doesn’t make for a great match. Fans were alright, they did a good job of making it passable but I wouldn’t say Punk is near that main event scene in terms of popularity but you will see that Punk knew exactly what was needed to be done to make it to that next level.


Winner: CM Punk over Umaga via Touching All 4 Buckles!


(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match) Christian © vs Jack Swagger vs Tommy Dreamer

The fuck is Tommy Dreamer doing in there? What are those pants? An extreme rules match will definitely paper over the cracks in this one, this could be a fun spot-fest. Swagger wants the two babyfaces to fight, Swagger does not realize that he has no friends here. Christian starts off slapping Swagger, Swagger uses his array of suplexes to take him down. Christian is on the floor, Dreamer tries a DDT but Swagger throws another suplex. Christian & Dreamer decide to grab weapons, fans chant ECW. Swagger is demolished with both weapons. White Russian leg-sweep by Dreamer on Swagger, Christian saves his championship. Dreamer fights back with the cane and lands a pumphandle suplex with his cane. Swagger jumps Dreamer, Dreamer is bounced off the turnbuckle over and over. Swagger has a trash-can lid, Dreamer sends Swagger tumbling to the floor. Dreamer is on the apron with a trash-can, Dreamer uses the trash-can for a senton into both men.


Dreamer throws Swagger into the ring, more trash cans and canes. Dreamer is on the middle rope, diving shoulder block using the cane. Swagger is in the tree of woe, Christian trips up Dreamer. Christian lands the low dropkick before tossing Dreamer into Swagger. Two for Christian, Dramer fights back and looks for his DDT. Christian backs Dreamer into the corner, Swagger has the cane and drops Christian. Belly to belly suplex for two, gut-buster and military press by Swagger for two. Dreamer misses a middle rope elbow on Christian, Christian wanted a springboard plancha but Swagger takes out Christian with a trash can. More trash cans and canes are in the ring, Dreamer waffles Swagger in the ribs but Swagger counters for a nice belly to belly suplex.


Swagger makes a line of trash cans, Dreamer is in serious trouble here. Swagger wants a superplex, Christian comes in for the tower of doom spot. Massive powerbomb by Christian, Dreamer manages to kick out as does Swagger. Christian grabs a crutch, Swagger counters Christian. Both men tease their finishers, Swagger has Christian and drops him on the exposed turnbuckle. Dreamer smashes Swagger in the ribs with the crutch and drops Swagger with a Dreamer DDT for the win!


So they really don’t feed into the story that Dreamer would have ended his career if he lost, this is a big moment for Dreamer and his career could have ended if he didn’t win the match but Matthews and Striker do a piss-poor job of selling it. Great moment for Tommy who would be the guy who hired so many of your favourites during that RA era and was jobbed out to countless starts, Dreamer finally gets his moment in the sun. Surprised they didn’t bring out a table but Dreamer took so many big bumps in this one, wrestling like it was his last match. Another very solid representation of ECW on PPV, very good stuff!


Winner: Tommy Dreamer over Everyone Else via DDT!


(Hog Pen Match) Santina Marella vs Vickie Guerrero

Really? Fuck me let’s just get this over with. Chavo wrestlers instead of Vickie, both men are covered in mud. Vickie decides to come in and Santina is ready to slop her. Chavo makes the save but slops Vickie by mistake. Slop is on Chavo’s head, Santina throws down Vickie and wins the match and her crown. Her theme is Rico’s theme? Why not. Utter shite!


Winner: Santina Marella!


(WWE World Championship Steel Cage Match) Randy Orton © vs Batista

I had a feeling they would have a cage match, I was thinking to myself how can we save Batista from losing to Orton without making him look weak? A cage match never fails, Orton took out Flair prior to this match in quite an emotional moment. Really adds another layer to this match, let’s hope it lives up to the hype.


Orton tries to run immediately, Batista is in hot pursuit. Batista takes Orton to the corner, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Orton is against the cage, Batista spears Orton into the cage twice. The third time Orton dodges and Batista spears the cage, Batista thwarts Orton’s escape. Batista is kicked in the head, Orton tries escaping through the door. Right hand staggers Orton, corner clothesline by Batista. Corner clothesline and a powerslam but its blocked, Orton shoves Batista into the cage and lands his back-breaker. Orton tries crawling out the cage but Batista is too strong, Orton tastes the cage. All four sides of the cage, powerslam from The Animal for two. Orton lures Batista in, Batista meets the turnbuckle. Stomps in the corner, Batista reverses an Irish whip and lands a Spine-buster. Batista Bomb is countered as Orton elevates Batista into the cage wall. Orton dropkicks Batista off the cage wall, Orton thinks about escaping but decides he wants to kick Batista in the head. Orton tries to escape, Batista dodges the kick though and looks for the powerbomb. Batista Bomb but Orton is hanging on, Orton escapes but the RKO is countered. Orton is shoved into the cage and Batista lands The Batista Bomb!


Batista won the championship from Orton? You serious? This really happened? Just like that? Was somebody injured? Orton who had his reign fucked up by Triple H at Mania? Orton drops the championship to Batista just like that? I really am shocked, I didn’t think this happened at all. Well the storyline definitely had the drama it needed but I don’t think the match could live up to the angle. Totally shocked though. Cage match is a tough one in this era, Orton did try to scramble and Orton’s greed cost him which is solid stuff but I just felt it was a little underwhelming.


Winner: Batista over Randy Orton via Batista Bomb!


(Submission Match) John Cena vs Big Show

So this match was built around the idea of their previous match where Cena could not lock in the STF on Show as Show was simply too big to pull it off. Cena has already vanquished Show so not sure why we did not move onto the Miz feud but I guess we can squeeze another month out of these two.


Can Cena do the impossible? Cena is throwing kicks which is not his strongpoint at all, Show lands a clothesline within seconds. Show wants his camel clutch, Cena is too quick and tries an STF but it is not going to work. Show is too fresh, Show continues to try and box but Cena goes for legs. Gut shots by Cena, Show lands a massive side-kick to floor Cena. Show works the ribs, headbutt to the corner. Show lands a massive splash, Cena avoids the splash but the bulldog doesn’t work like Judgement Day. Cena splats on the mat and spills to the floor, Show lands headbutt after headbutt against the ropes. Cena is trying to fight back, big rights and lefts but the shoulder block does not work with Show knocking Cena back with ease. Show is going for a full-nelson on Cena, interesting choice.


Cena attempts to escape, Show headbutts Cena in the back. To the buckle, Show eats a boot and Cena slaps on a sleeper. Alley Oop Bomb from Show, Show drops his hips on Cena who is in dire straits now. Chest slap by Show, massive suplex by Show. Show steps on Cena’s ribs once more, Show is delighted with himself. Show uses the middle rope to choke Cena, Show misses his Vader bomb with Cena rolling out of the way. Cena tries a slam but Show falls on top, Show clamps on a head & arm choke here. Show clearly watching the UFC, Cena uses his knees to escape the hold. Cena is grabbed by the throat, Show cannot nail the Chokeslam so Show decides to toss Cena to the floor.


Show picks up Cena, gut-buster hold into the steel steps. Show clamps on an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. Cena escapes the hold and counters a Chokeslam into a DDT. Cena stops the selling and looks for the STF, Show rolls to his side and kicks Cena to the floor. Show picks up Cena to the apron, Cena teases going for his leg drop but Cena dives into a bearhug. Cena rakes the eyes and lands the throwback, Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Show is staggered but the AA puts down Show. Cena is trying again for the STF, one elbow from Show ends Cena’s flurry.


Show lands the Knockout Punch! Cena rolls to the floor, Cole makes mention of Cena not being able to answer the count? What? It is a submission match, you cannot have a DQ or a count-out in that surely? It’s the one night where there are no rules Cole! Show picks up Cena but Cena shoves Show into the ring-post, Cena sees Show slowly crawling into the ring. Cena lands his diving leg drop, Cena decides to use the ropes to tie Show up. Cena uses the ropes and applies the stiffest STF I have ever seen from Cena. Show cannot move and Show decides to tap out!


Same problems with this as their previous match. You either buy into Show’s slow but brutal offence or you find it dull and tedious, Cena’s lack of selling can also impact how much you enjoy the match but the finish was clever and the fans continue to react huge to Cena every time Cena is in the ring. Wish I could see a little more from Cena and maybe Show soften up Cena’s back for his big camel clutch finish but the continued attempts at the STF were good, built the drama for the eventual finish and that is the one time Cena locked in the STF where it looked good, it was tight and looked excruciating. Compare that to Cena applying that hold in any other match and it’s night and day.


Winner: John Cena over Big Show via STF!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match) Edge © vs Jeff Hardy

Two men who made their mark on the business in this match, No Mercy 1999 was the first ever tag team ladder match and these two men made history. When you think of the TLC matches, the moment you always see is either Jeff’s massive Swanton or Edge’s spear to Jeff off the ladder. There is not a more fitting match for these two, it’s perfect that their feud ends with the match that started it all. I expect high-risk moves and awesome spots, their previous matches have been solid but not reached that next level. This is the second time they will main event over the WWE Championship, let’s hope that they live up to the hype on this night.


The bell rings, both men are tentative. Edge uses the hair and lands a knee in the corner, Hardy leaps over Edge and lands a clothesline. They go to the corner, Hardy is ramming Edge’s head off the buckle. Scoop slam, leg drop by Hardy. Edge answers with a knee, whip to the buckle. Corner Spear by Edge, Edge wants The Edgecution but Hardy answers with a beautiful sit-out front suplex. Hardy looks for ladders now, Hardy grabs a smaller ladder that is kicked into Hardy’s face as Edge lands a massive baseball slide.


Edge picks up the ladder and leans it against the ring, Hardy answers back with a clothesline. In the ring, Hardy lands clubbing blows. Edge is elevated onto the ladder that he set up, unfortunate for the champion. Hardy tries climbing to the gold but there is no time as Edge is back up, flapjack into the ladder from Edge. The spot went wrong but actually came out much better as a result, Edge decides to grab a new ladder. The ladder is placed in the corner of the ring, Edge wants the Irish whip. Hardy hits the ladder hard, Edge places the ladder in another corner. Edge is thinking Spear, Hardy leaps over Edge and Edge spears the ladder hard.


Hardy places the ladder in front of Edge’s face, slingshot dropkick by Hardy. Hardy tries a running dropkick but Edge moves out of the way, Hardy hurts his leg on that one. Hardy is placed in the middle of the ladder, Edge targets the leg and his back. Edge uses a sharpshooter while using the ladder which leaves Hardy screaming out in pain. Edge tosses Hardy to the floor, Hardy is on his feet though. The missile dropkick finds the mark as Edge crashes to the canvas, Hardy suplexes Edge onto an open ladder, Edge looks like that was seriously painful. Hardy pulls out the 15 foot ladder, a Twist of Fate from Hardy. Hardy cannot help himself though, Hardy wants that massive leg drop. Edge knows all about that spot. Hardy tips the ladder and looks to pull down the championship, Edge reacts and yanks down Hardy who sells his leg.


Edge is fighting a man with one leg now, things have improved dramatically for the champion. Hardy sends Edge into the ladder, Hardy climbs up and lands a Whisper In The Wind. Hardy lands a Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor, both men are down. Edge boots Hardy in the face, Edge bridges a ladder between the barricade and ring apron. Edge sends Hardy into the barricade before grabbing the steel steps, Hardy kicks down Edge. Hardy lands a cutter on the barricade, Hardy places Edge on the ladder bridge. Could Hardy be thinking shades of WM23? Hardy places a massive ladder next to Edge, Hardy is thinking someone insane here. Hardy does not see Edge is up, both men are battling on the ladder. This is very dangerous as there is nowhere to go and both men thud off the floor and through the ladder in an incredible spot. Watch the replay on that, Hardy smashes off the ground. Hardy immediately grabs his shoulder, shocked if Hardy did not destroy something there. Miraculously, Hardy is up as well as Edge. Hardy punches Edge into the referee, not sure what impact the referee bump could have but it happened. Edge wants to do what he has done in the past and Spear Hardy off the ladder but Hardy reverses for a massive Twist of Fate!


Hardy begins climbing towards the championship, Edge can hardly stand but Edge will not let go of Hardy. Both men are climbing now, Hardy is closer to the championship. Edge lands big shots, Hardy is knocked off the ladder but Edge grabs the legs of Edge, Edge is stuck in the ladder. Powerless to stop Hardy, Hardy pulls down the championship while Edge can do nothing but watch on in horror. It looks like the match is over but here comes Mr. Money In The Bank. The air has been sucked out of the arena with the crowd booing wildly, Punk is going to take it all away from Hardy. GTS in the middle of the ring, 1…2… Hardy kicks out! Punk is in shock at this turn of events, Hardy tries a small package but Punk kicks out. Punk has a scowl on his face, Punk makes no mistake this time. Massive head kick and a GTS later, Punk is your champion!


A great ladder match with an even more dramatic ending, Hardy and Edge earn their main event stripes in this one. They take some horrific looking bumps in this one, Hardy gets to do what Hardy does best: Big risks and great looking bumps. Both men use the ladder well throughout the match, they have callbacks to their previous encounters and you have that wonderful moment where Hardy takes everything away from Edge. It’s beautiful and fitting for Hardy, Hardy deserved it and you have Punk steal it like that. It’s disappointing that we would not see a decisive close to their rivalry but what a way to kick off their feud and what a way to turn Punk heel. Great main event!


Winner: Jeff Hardy over Edge via Retrieval of The Championship!


Winner: CM Punk over Jeff Hardy via GTS!


That was WWE’s Extreme Rules 2009, another very solid showing from WWE in 2009. We kick things off with an action packed fatal 4 way, everyone gets a moment to shine, it’s frantic and chaotic and leaves you wanting more. Not on the level of a TNA X-Division opening match but still a lot of fun from some grizzled veterans and young-guns looking to shine brightly on PPV. Jericho vs Mysterio is arguably my favourite feud in WWE during this time, they despise one another and the concept of their matches is straight-forward and laid out to you. It’s very engaging and the crowd is split which just adds to the whole thing. Great finish here, Jericho had spoken about unmasking Mysterio, it was his goal and to seal his record 9th Intercontinental Championship, Jericho rips the mask off Mysterio while Mysterio is attempting The 619. Quality stuff here, cannot wait for the finale to this trilogy.


The triple threat ECW Championship match is a lot of fun too, it has no right to be but it delivers a lot of cool spots, shockingly from Dreamer who seems to be wrestling like it is his final match which is nice but the commentators here completely let me down as they fail to talk about Dreamer’s story throughout the match. Great moment for Dreamer, the match was a lot of fun and maybe it can lead to more interesting match-ups and Christian rising higher on the card because Christian deserves better. I worry for Swagger who was learning a lot from Christian, not sure he can maintain that momentum without Captain Charisma. I’d like to note that the women’s championship has not been seen on PPV for two months now, possibly three as I cannot remember if there was a match at Backlash but they really should have done something with Melina if they were taking the championship away from Beth who had been excellent since being paired with Santino.


Batista vs Orton shocked me, I sound like a broken record at this point but I cannot believe Orton loses the championship between his feud with Cena. I thought those two would feud after Orton beat Batista and Cena finished whatever they were planning with Miz but nope, Batista avenges not only Triple H but Ric Flair by winning the championship from Orton. I felt the desperation from Orton to escape and hold onto the championship but it felt like this was tame. The last match felt like a set-up for this one but this wasn’t high-stakes and it was one finisher reversal and then bam, Batista Bomb and it’s over. I expected more for Batista winning the championship but maybe Batista knew this was temporary and the title would be back in the hands of The Viper soon after this match. Cena vs Show will be a good match to you if you enjoy Show being dominant and can push aside Cena’s abandonment of selling once we hit the finishing stretch, Cena does a good job showcasing Show’s strength. Show comes off as a massively evil individual who wants to break every bone in Cena’s body but they never really play up the submission aspect. We have one full-nelson and an abdominal stretch but Show could use and has more devastating holds than that, Show didn’t even clamp on his camel clutch back-breaker move. If there was ever a time to use it, it would be in the submission match! Standard Cena affair with Cena coming out on top with a creative finish and his best looking STF, your feelings on it will be decided on how you feel about him during this era. The main event is high-stakes drama, you have the perfect story. The match that made them both famous, the match that Jeff Hardy dives off crazy things in which the fans love, the match that Edge always wins. Brutal looking spots, callbacks to previous encounters and then, it happens. Jeff does the unthinkable and beats Edge, everyone is so happy that finally Jeff is back on top, Jeff can have a long reign as champion. However, fate had other plans and out comes CM Punk who hadn’t been getting the best babyface reactions as of late, who was clearly number 2 when it came to babyfaces behind Jeff. Punk comes in and ruins everyone’s night, can Hardy build himself up one more time? Soul-crushing drama right here but it makes for great television! Another very easy PPV from WWE to sit through, people may be turning off and the buy-rates are down but they are delivering the goods during 2009. Can they keep it up? Guess we will find out down the line, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!