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WWF Survivor Series 1988 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more dead in the water than the WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Division! It’s WWF Survivor Series 1988! The Mega-Powers, The Ultimate Warrior, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts and many, many more. All the matches tonight are Survivor Series Elimination matches which means long-ass matches which might just wipe me out when I think about it but all your favourite WWF Superstars will be in action trying to survive! Will Survivor Series 1988 match Summerslam? Let’s find out!

Team Ultimate Warrior & Brutus Beefcake (Ultimate Warrior/Brutus Beefcake/Blue Blazer/Sam Heuston/Jumpin Jeff Brunzell) vs Team Honky Tonk & Greg Valentine (Honky Tonk Man/Greg Valentine/Dangerous Danny Davis/Bad News Brown/Outlaw Ron Bass)

What’s nice about this match is everyone has issues with one another coming into the match, Bass assaulting Beefcake on Main Event and Warrior beating Honky Tonk at Summerslam for example. Valentine and Beefcake begin the match, former tag team partners swinging at one another. Valentine whips Beefcake to the ropes, Davis nails a boot from the apron. Tag to Davis, Irish whip reversal, leapfrog and a Sleeper, Davis is in trouble. Davis is out-cold and we have an elimination!

Danny Davis Has Been Eliminated Via Sleeper!

Valentine takes out Beefcake, softening up the legs of Beefcake. Figure four is blocked, tag to The Blue Blazer. Blazer nails a nice headscissors, arm-wrench and tag to Brunzell. No Brian Blair, Valentine pummels his way out of the arm-wrench. Side headlock from Valentine, tag to Brown. Brunzell dropkicks Valentine, not seeing Brown coming into the match. Double team clothesline by the heels, Brown rakes the eyes. Headbutt and boot from Brown, scoop slam and fist drop from Brown. Brunzell rakes the eyes but Brown maintains control, Brown rams Brunzell into the corner.

The two trade blows, eye rake from Brown. Irish whip to the corner, counter by Brunzell, Brunzell misses a running splash which leaves Brunzell opn to The Ghetto Blaster, Brown connects and evens up the match for his team.

Jim Brunzell Has Been Eliminated!

Sam Heuston comes into the match, a house of fire before Brown cuts off Heuston with a boot. Massive right hands from Brown, whip to the corner and  a clothesline floors Heuston. Tag to Valentine, right hand floors Heuston. Brown is tagged into the match, Valentine nails Brown by mistake which pisses off Brown big time. Bass and Honky try to stop the two brawling but Brown says he has had enough, screw team Honky Tonk Man.

Bad News Brown Has Been Eliminated Via Count-Out!

Valentine is almost rolled up by Heuston before a tag to Bass leads to a beatdown for the youngster. O Connor roll from Heuston but Bass powers out, boot out of the corner from Bass. Lariat from Bass, two for Bass. Bass slams Heuston into the mat for two, Irish whip to the corner. High crossbody counter from Heuston for two, Irish whip and forearm shot by Bass. Elbow drop for two, Heuston avoids a back drop, nailing right hands. A monkey flip is countered by Bass for  a Powerslam, Heuston is out of this match.

Sam Heuston Has Been Eliminated!

Warrior comes in, running wild, shoulder blocks all around and a choke to Honky. Warrior slams Bass, in comes Blazer with a splash for two. Bass tags Honky, crossbody and dropkicks from Blazer leads to Honky tagging Valentine. Leapfrogs and gutwrench suplex on Valentine, Blazer nails a big scoop slam. Blazer is shoved off the top rope by Honky, Blazer clutches his knees which leads to a Figure Four from Valentine, Blazer is out of the match.

Blue Blazer Has Been Eliminated!

Beefcake is in the ring, Valentine elbows Beefcake before tagging Bass. Tag to Honky, Honky tees off on Beefcake. Tag to Valentine, Team Honky beatdown Beefcake behind the referee’s back. Honky looks for his finish but Beefcake back drops Honky. In comes Bass, stun-gun from Bass for two. Honky is tagged in, a double axe handle does not work for Honky, right hands by Beefcake. Clothesline from Beefcake, Irish whip into The Sleeper! Honky rolls to the floor avoiding being pinned, the two begin brawling on the floor and both men have been counted out of this match.

Brutus Beefcake & Honky Tonk Man Have Been Eliminated Via Count-Out!

Warrior is all alone against Bass & Valentine, Bass elbows and chokes Warrior. Tag to Valentine, elbow to the face of Warrior. Warrior comes back against Valentine before an Irish whip to the corner. Bass nails a cheap shot but Warrior ducks the clothesline attempt, double clothesline by Warrior. Axe handle on Bass for the elimination. Valentine misses a clothesline and eats an axe handle of his own, The Ultimate Warrior has defeated both his opponents!

That was a fun opening match, I enjoyed the little feuds and spots featured in the match. Davis being over-confident and being the first eliminated was great stuff, Blazer injuring his knee which led to the Figure Four was also good stuff! Owen Hart was so ahead of his time here, his matches with the likes of Liger and others in NJPW and Stampede Wrestling gave him such a unique style in the WWF at this time, shame the character was given more because Owen was awesome in this match. Warrior stands tall and does not pin Honky, Honky and Bad News Brown are protected by count-out finishes which is great for building potential angles down the road, we could always have that rematch for the championship between Honky and Warrior and just how bad of a man is Bad News Brown? The match has left me wanting more, mission accomplished!

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior Over Honky Tonk Man Via Survival!

Team Demolition (Demolition/The Bolsheviks/The Brainbusters/Los Conquistadores/ The Rougeau Brothers) vs Team Power Of Pain (Powers Of Pain/The Rockers/The Wild Stallions/The Hart Foundation/The British Bulldogs)

That’s an awful lot of tag teams, God help me with documenting this match. Interestingly, we get to see Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard on WWF pay per view while this would be our WWF pay per view introduction to one Shawn Michaels. Davey Boy and Uno shall begin the match, scoop slam by Davey Boy. Uno tags Jacque, military press slam by Davey Boy, slamming Jacque into Raymond. Next, we have Michaels and Volkoff, Volkoff tags Zhukov. Zhukov misses a corner splash, Jannetty and Michaels chop down Zhukov. Ax and Jannetty brawl, Ax wins that war. Anderson comes in, Jannetty dropkicks and back drops Anderson which leads to Blanchard coming into the match.

Jannetty and the babyfaces pummel Blanchard which leads to Jacque coming into the match. Irish whip into the corner, Jacque tries a crossbody but Jannetty dodges, tag to Dynamite. Snap suplex and tag to Powers, Jacque tags in Raymond. Dynamite and Raymond battle, shoulder block from Dynamite. Raymond sends Dynamite into the corner, Dynamite avoids the shoulder thrust for a sunset flip, two count for Dynamite. Powers and Zhukov brawl briefly before Smash smacks down Powers before a dropkick from Jacque. Bret and Jacque are in the ring now, flying elbow from Jacque for two. Jacque tags Raymond, Irish whip and Bret small packages Raymond for the elimination.

The Rougeau Brothers Have Been Eliminated Via Small Package!

Volkoff enters the ring, Bret applies an arm-wrench before tagging in Roma, Roma nails a diving double axe handle and grabs the arm of Volkoff. Eye poke from Volkoff, Volkoff rams Roma off the turnbuckle before Roma blocks Vokoff and nails a top rope crossbody. Roma tags Neidhart, dropkick to Volkoff. Volkoff tags in Smash, Neidhart tags in Barbarian, Dos eats a big boot from Barbarian. Tag to Warlord, Warlord stomps Dos, tag to The Hitman. Dos takes a punch and tags Smash, Smash applies an arm-wrench. Tag to Ax, Demolition beat down Bret. Bret fires back at Ax, Irish whip to the corner but Ax cuts off Bret with a knee. In comes Blanchard, Irish whip but Bret fires out of the corner with a clothesline. Bret tags Michaels, Blanchard tags Smash.

Demolition beat down Michaels, Irish whip and Smash brings Michaels to the corner, the heels batter Michaels. Volkoff is the legal man, military press into the backbreaker. Irish whip, knee lift from Volkoff. Blanchard is the legal man, tag to Anderson and Spinebuster for two. Uno tags in, right hands to Michaels. Scoop slam for two, Michaels tags Jannetty. Irish whip into a powerslam, right hand and Uno tags Dos. Knees to the ribs by Dos, hiptoss is countered and Jannetty lands a scoop slam for two. Tag to Volkoff, Irish whip but Jannetty dives through the legs and nails a dropkick for two. Roma is in the ring now, arm-wrench and tag to Davey Boy.

Scoop slam for two, Volkoff nails a heel kick, smashing Davey Boy into the heel corner. Blanchard is legal, back body drop and a series of elbows, Davey Boy avoids the third elbow. Both teams make tags, Warlord and Uno are legal. Warlord military presses Uno, we have Ax and Warlord. They trade blows, Ax loses the war, tagging Smash. Smash is caught by the boot by Warlord, Warlord tags Barbarian. Irish whip, flying enzuigiri by Barbarian. The two trade bombs, knees from Smash. Tag to Blanchard, military press slam from Barbarian. Tag to Neidhart, running powerslam for two.

Neidhart tags Dynamite, Blanchard pulls Dynamite to the floor. Anderson is legal now, kicks to Dynamite’s head. Tag to Dos, Dos stomps Dynamite which leads to a tag to Zhukov. Zhukov misses a knee drop, Dynamite tags Powers. Powers nails a back body drop, Irish whip to a corner. Diving crossbody from Powers goes wrong as Zhukov rolls through to eliminate The Wild Stallions.

The Wild Stallions Have Been Eliminated!

Michaels comes in, diving fist drop on Zhukov. Tag to Barbarian, flying shoulder tackle. Zhukov tags Blanchard, Blanchard tags Volkoff. Lock-up, Barbarian shoves down Volkoff. Volkoff knees Barbarian allowing for a tag to Ax, Ax beats down Barbarian. Uno and Volkoff make quick tags, headbutts by Volkoff. Barbarian fights back, big boot knocks down Volkoff. Michaels comes in attacking Zhukov who tagged in on Volkoff. Jannetty blinds tag in off Michaels, diving sunset flip for the elimination, The Bolsheviks are out of here!

The Bolsheviks Have Been Eliminated!

Uno and Jannetty are now in the ring, Uno attempts a back-body drop but Jannetty counters for a sunset flip, two for Jannetty as Uno scratches the eyes. Tag to Dos, big back-body drop by Dos. Tag to Ax, Ax pummels Jannetty before  a tag to Anderson. Irish whip looking for the spinebuster but Jannetty rams Anderson’s head into the ring-mat. Davey Boy tags in as does Blanchard, Blanchard whips Davey Boy into the turnbuckle. Knee to the face, tag to Smash. Smash with the snap-mare, front chancery into the heel corner.

Uno and Davey Boy square off, Irish whip to the corner. Davey Boy kicks away Uno, tag to Neidhart who combines with Bret for a backbreaker and elbow combination. Tag to Michaels, dropkick from Michaels. Tag to Jannetty, flying reverse elbow, Jannetty tags Dynamite. Snap suplex, Dynamite climbs the middle rope for a knee drop. Two for Dynamite, backbreaker for two. Tag to Barbarian, clothesline from Barbarian. Blanchard tags in from Uno, Blanchard asks Heenan for advice, Blanchard lures in Barbarian. Knees and right hands before Demolition beat down Barbarian. Reverse chin-lock from Smash, Barbarian powers out of the hold. Smash maintains control, tagging in Anderson.

Anderson scores with a few cheap shots before a tag to Dos, Dos is caught for an inverted atomic drop before Ax blind tags in, saving Dos. The Brainbusters make quick tags, an Anderson spinebuster goes wrong as Barbarian counters with a kick, Jannetty and Neidhart make quick tags assaulting Anderson before Anderson takes down Neidhart, tagging in Blanchard. Blanchard nails a diving crossbody for two before The Hart Foundation take turns battering Blanchard. Right hands by Bret, Blanchard whips Bret to the corner, Bret leapfrogs Blanchard nailing a German suplex but Bret’s shoulders were down while Blanchard got one shoulder up, The Hart Foundation are gone!

The Hart Foundation Have Been Eliminated!

The Brainbusters and The Rockers lose control and begin to destroy one another, the referees have been knocked down multiple times by both teams which means The Brainbusters and The Rockers are gone from this match for their behaviour inside of that ring, they continue brawling to the back.

The Brainbusters & The Rockers Have Been Eliminated!

In the ring, Smash and Dynamite go to war. Flying crossbody by Dynamite, two for Dynamite. Smash tags Uno, Uno misses a top rope senton. In comes Warlord, quick slam before a tag to Barbarian. Boot by Barbarian, Uno tags Dos while Davey Boy is tagged in by Barbarian. Davey Boy suplexes Dos, Dos tags Smash. Davey Boy arm-drags Smash, tag to Dynamite. Davey Boy comes in and Uno comes in for the heels, military press slam by Davey Boy. Running Powerslam by Davey Boy, tag to Barbarian. Double headbutt, Uno tags Ax. Ax stomps all over Barbarian after a pin attempt, tag to Smash. Barbarian is on the floor, tag to Dos. Dos stomps Barbarian and tags Uno, right hands and a dropkick by Uno.

Barbarian fires back at Uno, tag to Davey Boy. Double elbow for two, tag to Dynamite. Gutwrench suplex for two, falling headbutt by Dynamite for two. Tag to Warlord, knee drop. Tag to Dynamite, Dynamite eats a massive boot to the head. Dynamite battles back but misses a diving headbutt allowing Ax to nails a Lariat for the elimination.

The British Bulldogs Have Been Eliminated!

Ax and Warlord are in the ring, Ax smacks down Warlord. Smash beats down Warlord, Uno & Dos trade tags smacking Warlord. Ax comes in, snap-mare and an arm-wrench. Smash comes in, Fuji is on the apron. Arm-wrench from Smash, Warlord battles out and shoulder blocks Smash. Smash fires back with a clothesline, Smash is tripped over the rope by Fuji, was it an accident? Smash falls down hard and is counted out by the referee. Ax has words with Fuji, Fuji smacks Ax, Fuji is no longer with Demolition as Ax slams Fuji on the canvas.

Demolition Have Been Eliminated!

The Powers of Pain help Fuji to his feet, what is going on in this match? Warlord and Barbarian are helping Fuji over to their corner. Uno and Dos are beating down Barbarian, Irish whip is reversed with Fuji tripping Dos. Barbarian nails a falling headbutt for the win. Demolition and Powers of Pain brawl after the match has ended!

Mercifully, it comes to an end. I am all for a classic tag team Survivor Series Style elimination match but this was ridiculous. This went for what seemed like forever and the feuds that were intertwined with the match never raised this match for me, it just seemed like a rinse and repeat. Irish whip, bump, tag and on and on and on and on and God Damn On! The only thing notable about this match as the turn of Mr Fuji on Demolition and it was done in such an awkward manner that the camera missed it and that the fans had no idea who to cheer or boo when it came to The Powers Of Pain and Demolition, the finish and brawl after the match made nothing clearer!

Winners: The Powers Of Pain Via Survival!

Team Andre The Giant (Andre The Giant/Dino Bravo/Rick Rude/Harley Race/Mr. Perfect) vs Team Jake Roberts (Jake Roberts/Jim Duggan/Tito Santana/Ken Patera/Tito Santana/Scott Casey)

Patera and Rude start, Patera pushes down Rude. Rude says Patera grabbed the hair, Rude tags in Bravo. Bravo and Patera fight briefly, Perfect comes in for Team Andre. Patera lifts Perfect to the babyface corner, Roberts comes in wrenching the arm. Tag to Santana, Perfect shoulder blocks Santana. Arm-drag and scoop slam from Santana. Santana eats an elbow from Perfect, Bravo comes in for a beatdown of Santana. Casey comes in but eats an inverted atomic drop from Bravo, belly to belly suplex from Race.

Knee drop and suplex from Race, tag to Rude. Scoop slam and elbow to the throat, two for Rude. Rude tags Perfect, massive clothesline. Casey escapes to tag Santana, Santana tags Patera. Double Elbow to Perfect, tag to Duggan. Axe handle from Duggan, Irish whip to the corner is reversed but Duggan explodes out with a clothesline. Perfect fires back at Duggan, Duggan shakes off the right hands. Perfect is smacked to the outside, arm-wrench from Duggan. Tag to Casey, hammer-lock scoop slam. Casey misses a leg drop, being dragged to the heels’ corner. In comes Rude, clothesline and pose from Rude.

Rude misses a corner clothesline, Casey tags in Santana. Irish whip and Flying Forearm from Santana for two. Irish whip to the babyface corner, tag to Duggan. Irish whip, Rude ducks the clothesline but eats a scoop slam, Duggan misses an elbow though. Rude rakes the eyes, both men shoulder block one another. Patera tags in, snap-mare and elbow to the nose. Irish whip to the corner, Patera comes crashing into Rude’s knees. Rude Awakening and it’s all over for Patera.

Ken Patera Has Been Eliminated!

Casey attempts to take control but Rude drags Casey to the corner and tags in Race. Irish whip by Race and a huge dropkick, elbow drop too. Tag to Bravo, Bravo stomps and chops Casey. Casey backslide pins Bravo for two off an Irish whip, another Irish whip. O Connor roll does not go well for Casey, Sidewalk Slam from Dino Bravo and it’s all over for Casey.

Scott Casey Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Santana, looking to start a comeback for Team Duggan. Bravo tags in Perfect, Perfect takes the back but Santana elbows his way out and tries a small package for two. Santana grabs a front chancery, in comes Duggan. Irish whip by Duggan, Duggan lowers the head and boot by Perfect. Duggan mounts a comeback but Andre grabs Duggan from the apron. Headbutt floors Duggan, Perfect nails Duggan with right hands. Rick Rude receives the tag, Rude eats a massive clothesline. Race comes in but so does Santana, shoulder thrusts by Race. Race drags Santana to the heel corner, in comes Bravo. Bravo misses clotheslines before a crossbody from Santana for two.

Bravo misses a corner spear, sunset flip from Santana for two. Bravo stops the tag, Race is the legal man. Piledriver for two, massive clothesline from Race for two. Race misses a clothesline as Santana ducks, Flying Forearm from Santana and The Former King Harley Race is gone!

Harley Race Has Been Eliminated!

Andre comes in, choking the life out of Santana. Massive chops and Santana is down, Andre drops all his weight on Santana’s chest twice. Bravely, Santana is fighting back but Andre clubs down Santana, Irish whip and Andre sits down on Santana after a failed sunset flip.

Tito Santana Has Been Eliminated!

Duggan charges in at Andre, Andre is tied up in the ropes from a clothesline. Duggan tags in Roberts, Roberts pummels all the heels. Roberts chokes Andre, everyone on Team Andre are trying to save Andre. Andre breaks free, headbutt and tag to Rude. Rude whips Roberts to the corner, Rude poses for everyone. Another Irish whip, Rude tags in Perfect. Perfect stomps all over The Snake, choke using the bottom rope by Perfect. Rope hung guillotine by Perfect, Andre stomps on Roberts’ head from the apron.

Perfect slaps Roberts over and over, Roberts is battling back and trying to reach Duggan. Perfect tags Bravo, Roberts pummels Bravo. Short-arm clothesline, Bravo avoids the DDT thanks to Rude who clotheslines Roberts from the apron. Rude tags into the match, Roberts takes a beatdown from The Ravishing One. A huge right hand floors Roberts, two for Rude as Roberts reaches the ropes with his foot. Rude tags in Bravo, Bravo piledrivers Roberts but the ropes save Roberts again. Scoop slam from Bravo, Bravo misses two elbow drops as Roberts tags Duggan.

Duggan whips Bravo to the corner, big back body-drop and ten punches in the corner. Irish whip to the opposite corner, clothesline by Duggan. Duggan wants his three-point stance tackle but Frenchy drags Duggan out of the ring, Bravo scoop slams Duggan on the floor so Duggan snaps and grabs his 2x4 and wallops Bravo for the DQ.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Has Been Eliminated!

Roberts is all alone, Roberts wants a piece of Perfect. Rude and Heenan talk strategy with Perfect, lock-up with Perfect eating right hands from a cornered Roberts. Clothesline from Roberts, Roberts stands his ground. Perfect and Roberts trade right hands, Roberts wins the war. Knee lift from Roberts, the chants for DDT continue to grow louder throughout the arena. Here comes Bravo, Bravo corners Roberts. The two lock-up, Bravo out-powers Roberts. Roberts is back to his feet, kick to the ribs and a DDT attempt but Bravo back-drops Roberts.

Rude is now the legal man, Roberts stays in his corner suckering in Rude. Rude rakes the eyes and slams Roberts into the turnbuckle. Roberts sells his disorientation as Rude continues to smack around Roberts. Gut-buster from Rude, Rude stamps on the face of Roberts. Slaps and taunting from Rude, Roberts is battling back from his knees. Rude gouges the eyes to maintain control, Irish whip to the corner. Roberts hits the corner hard, Rude whips Roberts hard once more. Scoop slam and a bearhug, all the work targeting the back of The Snake.

Snap-mare from Rude and a diving fist drop to Roberts, Rude poses on top of Roberts. Roberts pulls down Rude’s pants, exposing his bottom to the world which embarrasses Rude who tries to fix his pants which leads to a beautiful DDT for the elimination.

Ravishing Rick Rude Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Andre, Andre chokes Roberts in the corner. Andre bites and chokes Roberts in the corner. Andre chokes the life out of Roberts in the corner, Andre was humiliated at the hands of Roberts on Saturday Night’s Main Event. Andre may have been disqualified but there is no life left in Jake Roberts as Perfect enters the ring and pins The Snake, Perfect and Dino Bravo are your survivors in this match!

For me, this match begins when Jake is all alone against four members of Team Andre. Roberts is a master of psychology inside of that squared circle, you can see that on full-display in this scenario. Roberts is reluctant to engage with any wrestler in that ring outside of his territory which is that corner where his teammates once stood, The Snake measures the risk against the reward when battling any heel that entered that ring, struggling to keep the fight in that neutral corner to avoid being battered by the heels. Roberts leaves the ring at one point for a breather, a normally heelish manoeuvre but it makes so much sense here, Roberts needs to catch his breath if he is to have any hope in this match. Love Rude’s elimination, Rude’s over-confidence leads to a DDT which Rude sells to perfection and then, the finish with Andre getting his hands on Jake for Jake scaring Andre with the snake. Andre’s rage over being embarrassed culminating in a DQ for Andre but Andre’s team wins and Jake knows that Andre is nowhere done with him. This had so much story-telling and psychology compared to the first two matches that it is simply unfair to compare as this was great.

Winners: Mr. Perfect & Dino Bravo over Everyone Else via Survival!

Team Akeem (Akeem/Big Bossman/Ted Dibiase/King Haku/Red Rooster) vs Team Mega-Powers (Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage/Hercules Hernandez/Koko B Ware/Hillbilly Jim)

Hogan getting a separate entrance to his team? Well, this might be an issue down the line! Anyways Savage and Hogan want Akeem and Bossman, the teams settle down and it looks like we are ready to start. Savage and Dibiase begin the match, shoulder block by Savage. Clothesline by Dibiase, rights and lefts by Dibiase. Savage dodges a corner clothesline, jabs from Savage and hangman’s neckbreaker. Hercules is tagged in, Dibiase runs far away as The Rooster comes into the match.

Rooster whips Hercules, Hercules avoids a hip-toss and scores with a clothesline. Tag to Koko, Irish whip to the corner. Rooster blocks with a boot, Akeem is now the legal man. Akeem beats down Koko, tag to King Haku. Throat thrust, scoop slam by Haku. Haku misses a leg drop, Koko tags in Hercules. Rights and lefts by Hercules, tag to Hogan. Hogan nails right hands, axe-bomber from Hogan. Multiple elbow drops and a rake with the foot, Hogan tags in Hillbilly Jim. Double big boot by Hillbilly Jim, headbutt against Haku does not work.

Haku tags Akeem who quickly tags in Rooster. Scoop slam does not work as Jim slams Rooster. Stomp to the ribs by Jim, tag to Koko. Irish whip and powerslam by Koko for two, Rooster lures in Koko to the corner. Koko fights back, fake diving crossbody but Koko connects with the missile dropkick. Hogan receives the tag, right hands and big boot by Hogan. Tag to Savage, scoop slam and Flying Elbow Drop ends the night for The Red Rooster.

The Red Rooster Has Been Eliminated!

The babyfaces celebrate with the heels talking strategy, how will Heenan deal with his protégé becoming the first elimination from this high-profile main event. Savage and Haku lock-up, Haku sends Savage to the ropes which allows a Hogan tag. Hogan stands toe to toe with Haku, Irish whip and dropkick by Haku. Chops to the back of the head from Haku, Irish whip reversal from Hogan. Clothesline by Hogan, tag to Hercules. Elbow drops by Hercules, Hercules applies a side headlock which leads to a back suplex from Haku. Haku tags Akeem, Akeem nails a huge scoop slam but Hercules avoids an elbow drop. Hercules tags Jim, Irish whip by Jim to the corner but Akeem counters. Akeem eats a big boot, Jim is backed into the corner by Akeem. Another Irish whip reversal leads to a clothesline from Akeem, Akeem splashes Jim and it’s over for the country boy!

Hillbilly Jim Has Been Eliminated!

Koko dropkicks Akeem from behind, rights and lefts to Akeem. Tag to Hogan, Hogan rams Akeem into the turnbuckle, tag to Savage. Savage nails a top rope diving axe handle. Elbow to the head, make it two. Hercules enters the match, rights and lefts from Hercules stagger Akeem but Akeem stands tall. Irish whip and a reverse elbow, tag to Koko. Jabs from Koko, massive dropkick to the corner. Koko misses a corner splash, allowing Akeem to tag The Bossman. Bossman Slam on Koko, bye by to The Birdman.

Koko B Ware Has Been Eliminated!

Hogan enters the ring, wanting a piece of Bossman. Lock-up, eye-rake from Bossman. Hogan battles back with right hands, Irish whip and an axe-bomber. Atomic drop to Bossman, Bossman is pummelled by all the babyfaces. Corner clothesline, Hogan bites the head of Bossman. Big boot from Hogan, Hogan calls for a slam. Scoop slam on Bossman, a shoulder block does not budge Bossman as Bossman counters with a spinebuster. Bossman tags Akeem, double reverse elbow by the duo. Akeem tags Haku, slam from Haku before a quick tag to Bossman. Bossman nails a knee across the back, Bossman stands on Hogan’s throat before a tag to Dibiase.

Dibiase tags in, big clothesline to Hogan. Fist Drops from Dibiase, Dibiase stands proudly over Hogan, cover and a two for Dibiase. Hogan is Hulking Up, atomic drop for Dibiase. Hercules comes in for retribution on Dibiase, back-drop from Hercules. Dibiase is rocked, lefts from Hercules. Knee lift from Hercules, multiple clotheslines. Virgil trips Hercules which leads to Dibiase rolling up Hercules.

Hercules Has Been Eliminated!

Dibiase gloats about his victory allowing for Savage to sneak up on The Million Dollar Man, eliminating Dibiase from this match, it’s 3 vs 2!

Ted Dibiase Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Haku, Haku nails a clothesline. Diving headbutt misses, Haku eats a clothesline as Savage tags in Hogan. Hogan comes in and eats a thrust kick, Bossman is now legal. Headbutts to the spine of Hogan, big right hand from Bossman. Scoop slam, two for Bossman. Throat thrust from Bossman, tag to Akeem. Akeem clobbers Hogan, tag to Haku. Suplex from Haku for two, Haku stays in control with a shoulder claw. Hogan fades under the pressure from Haku, Hogan survives the hold but Bossman tags not the match, scoring huge with The Bossman Slam.

Bossman positions Hogan for a top rope diving attack, Hogan lays prone in the middle of the ring. Bossman launches himself, missing a massive splash. Hogan is dazed but Savage receives the tag, Savage batters every heel in sight with axe handles. Savage runs off the ropes but Slick nails Savage with his stick, Bossman clubs down Savage. Slick intimidates Elizabeth, grabbing Elizabeth. Hogan gives chase, knocking out Slick. Akeem and Bossman double team Hogan. Bossman has handcuffs, Hogan is stuck to the bottom rope. Bossman is counted out of the match but Bossman uses his nightstick to decimate The Hulkster.

Big Bossman Has Been Eliminated!

Hogan is hunched over by the steel steps, feeling the effects of Bossman’s attacks. Haku and Akeem double team Savage while Bossman chokes Hogan with the nightstick. Bossman nails Savage in the back with the nightstick, Bossman chokes Savage while Akeem nails a splash on Savage. The tide has turned as Haku remains against Savage and Hogan.

Akeem Has Been Eliminated!

Haku continues where Akeem left off, reverse elbow to Savage. Haku gets two, Hogan is barely moving at this stage. Savage avoids an elbow drop from Haku, Irish whip by Haku but Savage avoids the dropkick attempt of Haku. Savage is reaching out for Hogan but Hogan cannot break free, Slick has Savage but Savage ducks, Haku superkicks Slick by mistake. Hogan clotheslines Heenan, Elizabeth searches Slick’s pockets and Hogan is now free from the handcuffs. Hogan climbs to his corner, Haku slams Savage. Haku climbs high, top rope splash by Haku for two. Haku thrust kicks Savage into Hogan, Hogan is in the ring. Big boot, scoop slam and Atomic Leg Drop! Savage and Hogan win the match, The Mega-Powers survive!

Not as an enjoyable struggle like the last match with Jake Roberts but a good main event for this pay per view, the heels dominated for the majority of the match, I like how Bossman and Akeem have been portrayed to be absolute monsters inside of the ring, the sinister side of The Bossman callously attacking Hogan with the nightstick is great, it stands out as there has not been such a despicable heel in the WWF since Roberts. Hogan and Savage bring a level of excitement and electricity to the match, the match is great on star-power alone but I love the little hints that something is turning inside of The Macho Man. Hogan lifting up Elizabeth and Savage reaching for a tag with no Hogan in sight, these are the things that do not sit well with The Macho Man. Good story-telling, enough action and fire added to the feuds taking place at the time leave this main event as a good end to what could be a mixed night!

Winners: The Mega-Powers over Everyone Else via Survival!

That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1988, a mixed bag of a pay per view from the WWF. You can split this show into two parts, the first two matches which are the lower card guys and tag teams battling it out in matches that seem to drag on for too long and leave you not wanting more despite the angle of Fuji turning on Demolition. I think this could have been executed far better as everyone is confused who to cheer when The Powers of Pain take in Fuji and win the match, if everyone is confused, that is not a good sign. The second half of the night which has Team Roberts vs Team Andre and Mega-Powers vs The Twin Towers is awesome. Great story-telling in both matches, Jake The Snake knocks it out of the park in the psychology department and feuds are intensified and interest is build in anticipation of the rematches, you could not ask for hotter or better wrestling coming out of these matches, you want Andre The Giant vs Jake Roberts, you want The Mega-Powers vs The Twin Towers so based on the last two matches, this show is worth seeing. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event October 29th, 1988 Edition Review

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Welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to tear the house down like a Walter match! It’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event of October 26th in 1988, the last main event before Survivor Series 1988! We have a tag team championship match, we have Jake Roberts vs Rick Rude and The Hulkster is in action. What a night of action and it’s live now!

Jake The Snake Roberts W/ Cheryl Roberts vs Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan

A feud that has been brewing for months, Rude was turned down by the wife of Jake Roberts, leading to Rude wearing tights with Jake’s wife’s face airbrushed onto his tights. Roberts wants to destroy Rude for obvious reasons and this should be an excellent rematch of their Wrestlemania IV match which was hampered by the time limit expiry finish.

Rude continues to wind up Roberts, here we go with the two brawling in the ring. Wrist-lock from Roberts, Rude dives over the ropes for a break but Roberts drags Rude back into the ring. Arm-wrench, Rude leapfrogs Roberts but gets caught with a right hand, DDT time but no, Rude powders out to Heenan. Wrist-lock from Roberts, Rude ducks and nails a clothesline. Roberts meets the turnbuckle hard, Roberts is swinging wildly and missing as Rude drills Roberts with precise right hands. Elbow to the head, Rude taunts Cheryl at ringside, Irish whip to the corner from Rude. Roberts collapses, the damage to the lower back too much. Rude grinds his hips at Cheryl, Irish whip to the corner. Rude poses for too long, clothesline from Roberts.

Left jabs from Roberts, big right hand floors Rude. Roberts ties up Rude and allows Cheryl to slap Rude in the face, the two brawl on the floor. Roberts hits the ring-post hard, Rude grinds in the ring like a boss. Rights and lefts from Roberts, back drop from Roberts. DDT attempt is countered as Rude scores with a back drop, fist drops and Rude climbs to the top rope. Massive diving fist drop from Rude for two, Rude Awakening is blocked with biting from Roberts.

Roberts hangs onto the ropes from an Irish whip, Roberts fakes a punch and Rude ducks, DDT from Roberts, the crowd goes wild. Rude is out but Roberts looks to rip the tights off of Rude, Heenan calls for Andre before attacking Roberts. Andre attacks Roberts, throwing him to the floor but Andre forgets about Roberts and his snake, Roberts has Damien and oh my goodness, Andre is terrified of snakes, who knew?

That is some old-school fun wrestling, a classic feud between Roberts and Rude, much better than their Wrestlemania match. Crowd is electric and the build up to that DDT is tremendous, love the whole sequence and Andre and Heenan are tremendous during this segment, this was a whole lot of fun and Roberts gets a measure of revenge against the dastardly Rick Rude.

Winner: Jake The Snake Roberts over Rick Rude via DQ!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hart Foundation vs Demolition © W/ Mr. Fuji & Jimmy Hart

Neidhart and Ax begin, Ax backs Neidhart into the corner. In comes Smash, Demolition beat down Neidhart. Neidhart counters a suplex with ease, tag to Bret. Irish whip and kick by Bret, dropkick floors Smash. Bret goes to the middle rope, Bret’s rope elbow drop for two. Arm-wrench from Bret, Smash counters with a clothesline. Tag to Ax, Demolition choke Bret in the corner with Neidhart jaw-jacking with the referee. Tag to Smash, Smash clubs Bret in the corner. Snapmare and reverse chinlock, tag to Ax. Ax boots Bret in the face, Neidhart is getting frustrated on the apron.

 Bret blocks a right, Smash has been rocked. Clubbing blows from Smash, Bret ducks a clothesline and scores with a clothesline. Bret tags Neidhart, Nedihart runs wild. Dropkicks and clotheslines, the match has broken down. Demolition are whipped into one another but look at this, here comes The Rougeau Brothers. Neidhart chokes Jimmy Hart, Jacque hands the megaphone to Smash who cracks Neidhart in the back of the head, Demolition retain their championships.

Decent tag team match, Ax and Smash work a nice heat segment on Bret who sells his ass off as he always does, Neidhart comes in like a house of fire and we have quite the finish building up a feud between The Hart Foundation and The Rougeau Brothers.

Winners: Demolition over The Hart Foundation via Megaphone To The Head!

King Haku W/ Bobby Heenan vs Hulk Hogan W/ Miss Elizabeth

Haku cheap shots Hogan, back-rake from Haku. The King attacks the throat of Hogan, Haku bites the head of The Hulkster. Throat thrust from Haku, Hogan dodges an elbow drop, Hogan tees off with right hands.  Big right hand floors Haku, Heenan distracts Hogan but Haku cannot take control. Chops from Hogan, Irish whip and an axe bomber from Hogan. Series of elbow drops and a boot to the head from Hogan, chop from The Hulkster. Heenan grabs Hogan’s leg, allowing Haku to attack Hogan.

Choke from Haku, Hogan rallies using the crowd’s energy. Rake to the eyes from Haku, Hogan eats a double chop to the head, Savate Kick from Haku and Hogan is down on the floor. Heenan berates Hogan as Haku looks to continue his control. Hogan waits on the floor, Haku looks for a diving chop but Hogan pulls Heenan in front as a shield. Heenan is down and hurt, Hogan has used his wits to even the playing field in this match. Haku drills Hogan with a clothesline in the ring, diving headbutt from Haku.

Suplex from Haku, Hogan powers out of the pin at two. Haku continues to chop and thrust but Hogan is Hulking Up. Right hands and a massive big boot, Atomic Leg Drop and Haku has been defeated by Hulk Hogan. Hogan celebrates with Miss Elizabeth.

Standard Hogan Match, the interaction with Heenan was great stuff, anytime Heenan is involved, it is gold. Haku got some great offense in the match too, all you could hope for from a Hogan match on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over King Haku via Atomic Leg Drop!

Ken Patera vs Dino Bravo W/ Frenchie Martin

Bravo applies the side headlock, two men clash with neither man backing down. Patera back drops Bravo, scoop slam too. Bravo powders to the floor, re-entering the ring at his pace. Headbutt to the ribs, Patera is rammed into the turnbuckles. Left jabs and a massive right from Bravo, choke in the corner. Patera reverses an Irish whip and punishes Bravo, ten punches in the corner. Snapmare and elbow to the face, scoop slam by Patera.

Shoulder block by Patera, Patera wants his Full-Nelson but Bravo makes it to the corner. Irish whip to the corner, boot from Bravo. Inverted atomic drop and Bravo applies his Sidewalk Slam for the win. Squash match, little sizzle and little steak. DUD!

Winner: Dino Bravo over Ken Patera via Sidewalk Slam!

The Big Bossman W/ Slick vs Jim Powers

Knees and clubbing blows from Bossman, Irish whip. Powers slides through the legs and applies a sleeper before Bossman backs into the corner, corner splash from Bossman. Headbutt and taunting from Bossman, leg across the back to Powers. Two-handed choke and throat thrust from Bossman, bearhug from Bossman. Powers is whipped off the ropes, dropkicks out of nowhere before a Bossman Slam ends this one before it began. Another squash with little substance, Bossman handcuffs Powers to the ropes while using the nightstick to punish Powers. DUD!

Winner: Big Bossman over Jim Powers via Bossman Slam!

Not a memorable episode of Main Event, you do get a great match out of Rude and Roberts leading to the setup of a feud between Roberts and Andre The Giant. Andre’s expressions were very funny too but this is an episode that does little to advance storylines leading into Survivor Series so I guess we will see where we are going next! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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WWE Unforgiven 2008 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that disappears more than The Kabuki Warriors! It’s time for WWE Unforgiven 2008, the peak of The Championship Scramble Phase of WWE! Three major championships defended in championship scramble matches, what could happen in this wild night of the WWE. Triple H defends his WWE Championship, Mark Henry defends his ECW Championship and CM Punk defends his World Heavyweight Championship, it’s Unforgiven and let’s get it on!

Opening Hype Package

History is guaranteed, championship scramble all night long. Highlights of Jericho vs Michaels, the most heated feud in the WWE, Chris Jericho wants to finish off Shawn Michaels, this is damn sure personal as JR would say. An excellent package that hypes up Michaels vs Jericho, this angle has been tremendous and now we are sinking our teeth right into the middle of it.

ECW Championship Scramble Match (Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry © vs The Miz vs Chavo Guerrero vs Finlay)

The Miz and Matt Hardy to start, this match has a twenty-minute time limit, every five minutes, a new superstar will enter the ring. Miz takes the back of Hardy, hammerlock reversal from Hardy. Side headlock takedown from Hardy, shoulder block from Hardy. Another shoulder block, hiptoss from Miz though. Miz grabs a side headlock, Miz is shoved into the corner. Corner clothesline from Hardy, Hardy cannot nail the bulldog though. Miz shoves Hardy into the corner, Miz misses a corner clothesline and eats a powerbomb from Hardy for two.

Running clothesline from Hardy for two, Miz pulls Hardy into the middle rope. Cross-armed punches from Miz, Miz drops his weight down on Hardy’s back for two. Reverse chinlock from Miz, sunset flip from Hardy off an Irish whip for two. Miz nails a clothesline for two, Miz is caught on the middle rope trying to escape from Hardy. Splash Mountain Bomb incoming but Hardy cannot hold onto Miz, Reality Check from Miz. Hardy rolls to the floor, Miz’s chance at championship gold alludes him for now. The next superstar to enter the match is here, it’s Chavo Guerrero. Chavo throws Miz out of the ring and nails a Frog Splash on Hardy to become the new ECW Champion.

Miz nails a forearm on Chavo, running clothesline from Miz for two. Rolling Kappu kick from Chavo to Miz, plancha to the floor. Hardy throws Chavo into the ring, scoop slam and elbow drop for two. Chavo is looking for a superplex on Miz, Miz fights out and nails a crossbody on Hardy and Chavo for two. Clothesline from Hardy who is rallying, back drop to Chavo. Clubbing blow to Miz, corner clothesline and bulldog takes out both Chavo and Miz. Side Effect on Chavo, Hardy is ECW Champion! Irish whip to Miz, Hardy throws Chavo to the floor. Hardy applies a sleeper to Miz to wear down his challenger. Mark Henry is the next man to enter the championship scramble. Chavo, Miz and Hardy decide the best way to deal with Henry is team up to take out The World’s Strongest Man.

Henry is fresh though, Henry takes the punishment and shoves down his challengers. Clotheslines galore, Chavo is tossed across the ring. Henry press slams Hardy with ease, Miz tees off on Henry but eats a splash. World’s Strongest Slam on Chavo and Mark Henry is ECW Champion. Henry slams Miz with ease, Hardy unloads before a headbutt rocks Hardy. World’s Strongest Slam is blocked by Hardy but a massive chop sends Hardy to the floor. Henry flapjacks Miz, Chavo attacks Henry but Henry shrugs off the attacks. Chavo gets caught in a bearhug from Henry, Hardy begins climbing the top turnbuckle. Hardy dives into a bearhug, Hardy throws rights and lefts but begins to fade with each passing second.

Finlay is the last man to enter, DDT on Henry for two. Make it two, two-count for Finlay again. There are five minutes left in this match, bearhug from Henry. Hornswoggle is in the ring, Hornswoggle distracts Henry. Shillelagh from Finlay, Finlay and Hardy throw Henry to the floor. Celtic Cross and Finlay is your ECW Champion. Miz is on the top rope, missile dropkick from Miz. Miz grabs Hardy but walks into a Twist Of Fate and Hardy is your ECW Champion. Henry is on his feet, Hardy stands his ground to battle Henry. Chavo Frog Splashes Miz in the background but Hardy stops Chavo stealing his championship.

Henry boots Hardy and nails a World’s Strongest Slam on Miz, Hardy makes the save. Henry slams Chavo, Hardy saves his championship once more. Henry goes after Finlay, World’s Strongest Slam but Hardy makes the save again. Miz rolls up Hardy for two as Henry makes the save. Chavo dives into the arms of Henry, World’s Strongest Slam but Hardy saves his championship again. Henry continues to look for an easy pin-fall but Hardy is continuing to defend his championship, nobody can score a pin-fall with Hardy breaking up every pin-fall attempt.

That was a fun opening match, I feel like these matches are going to be difficult to critique because you have little spots here and there but is there really a lot going on for twenty minutes? It feels like we are always killing time until the next wrestler enters the match. So, what did I like? The crafty tactics of Chavo stealing a pin to win the championship, Finlay using Hornswoggle to gain the upper hand and Hardy defending his territory in the ring was also a highlight.

Winner: Matt Hardy Via Survival!

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Cryme Tyme vs Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes ©

Am I back in 2006? Cryme Tyme back in WWE? They have been off pay per view for what seems like an eternity while Rhodes and Dibiase are back after winning the championships at Night Of Champions when Dibiase revealed that Rhodes was his partner, stabbing mentor Hardcore Holly in the back figuratively. Rhodes and JTG begin the match, Rhodes ducks from JTG to start the match. Irish whip from Rhodes, punch from JTG. Big dropkick and Shad clothesline Dibiase & Rhodes to the floor. Shad elevates JTG over the top rope onto the champions, a huge plancha from JTG.

Shad eats a jawbreaker from Dibiase, Dibiase nails an elbow in the corner. Shad counters with a massive sidewalk slam, elbow drop for two. Dibiase boots Shad in the face, tag to Rhodes. The champions batter Shad, JTG blind tags in and nails a slingshot shoulder block for two. Rhodes begs off from JTG, slap from Rhodes, JTG gives chase on the floor and Rhodes nails a massive clothesline on the floor. Rhodes works the arm in the ring, applying a keylock on JTG. Dibiase tags in, wrenches the arm and tags back in Rhodes who nails a middle rope axe handle. Rhodes uses the ropes to wrench JTG’s arm, Dibiase wrenches the arm behind the referee’s back.

Russian legsweep from Rhodes, knee drop and an arm wrench. Tag to Dibiase who nails a dropkick, kick to the arm and a keylock from Dibiase. JTG battles back and nails a back suplex, Dibiase tags in Rhodes who prevents JTG from tagging Shad as Shad is knocked off the apron. JTG boots Rhodes away but JTG cannot crawl to the corner. Keylock from Rhodes, JTG manages to escape but a scoop slam ends the hopes of JTG for now. Rhodes looks for a moonsault and misses, Shad snake eyes Dibiase and scores big with a forearm.

JTG takes down Rhodes briefly, the referee brings JTG out of the ring. Illegally, Rhodes nails his Silver Spoon DDT, Shad is saved by his foot on the ropes. Dibiase tags in Rhodes, Shad clotheslines Rhodes. Cryme Tyme look for their finish, Dibiase interferes with JTG landing a small package on Rhodes, Sahd punches Dibiase into the small package, Dibiase pushes over the small package and the champions retain their titles. After the match, some afro having Samoan saves the champions from the beatdown, this is Manu’s debut and well, this is bizarre.

Could they not have Manu interfere in the match to allow the champions to retain, would that not be a more impressive debut for Manu? But what do I know about booking right? The match itself was fine thought the heat segment was a little long. Despite JTG’s impressive athletic display, the fans were not hugely into the duo of JTG & Shad. So, this could have been handle and booked better but it was passable, nothing awful here.

Winners: Dibiase & Rhodes over Cryme Tyme via Small Package!

(Unsanctioned Match) Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho

It all began with Chris Jericho wanting to be HBK, Jericho wanted to emulate his idol but Jericho realized that sometimes, it is not a good thing to meet your idols for Chris Jericho was disappointed by Shawn Michaels, Michaels was a fraud in Jericho’s eyes, faking an injury to defeat Batista so Jericho did everything in his power to expose Michaels. Things would come to a head as Jericho nearly blinded HBK and waffled Michael’s wife in the face with a right hand. Despite not having medical clearance, Michaels is here to battle Jericho.

The match begins with a takedown and Michaels walloping Jericho with his cowboy boot, Jericho rolls to the floor. Michaels dives onto Jericho, into the crowd they brawl. Michaels trips Jericho and catapults Y2J into the ring-post. Michaels looks under the ring and grabs a chair, Jericho ducks the chair shot. Kick to the gut and Jericho sends HBK onto the announce table. DDT on the floor from Jericho, Jericho pulls a table from under the ring. Jericho hurls the table onto Michaels, Jericho wants a powerbomb through the table. Michaels avoids the powerbomb but Jericho smacks Michaels’ arm off the ring apron.  Jericho has a chair in the ring, Jericho smashes Michaels with the chair in the back and ribs.

Back suplex from Y2J, right hands and kicks from Jericho. A choke from Y2J, Y2J is sent into the ring-post by Michaels. Jericho is on the apron, Jericho wants a suplex to the floor. HBK and Jericho trade shots, HBK hangs on and manages to clothesline Jericho back into the ring. Right hands by Michaels, Irish whip reversal which leads to a flying forearm from Michaels. Kip-up from Michaels and a blatant choke, HBK manages to climb to the top rope. Elbow drop, Sweet Chin Music but Michaels stops himself, Jericho has collapsed to his knees. HBK begins pummelling Jericho, crucifix on the arm and we have a crossface.

Jericho reverses by pulling HBK eye first into the steel chair, Jericho zeroes in on the eye. The same eye that had been injured, Jericho digs his fingers into the eye. The two trade blows, Jericho whips HBK into the corner but HBK comes flying out with a Lou Thesz press. Michaels was looking for a piledriver but Jericho reverses for a Walls Of Jericho. Michaels reaches the ropes but there is no rope break, Jericho does not have to break the hold but Michaels pulls out a fire extinguisher from under the ring, Michaels blasts Jericho in the face. Michaels waffles Jericho in the face with the extinguisher, Jericho rolls to the floor. Michaels is in pursuit, stiff kick to the ribs of Jericho.

Jericho is tossed into the barricade, Michaels wants a suplex on the ramp and it connects, both men scream in pain. Here comes Lance Cade, Michaels punches down Cade. Jericho eats a massive right to the face, Cade comes back for more, catching Michaels on his injured arm. Massive lariat to Michaels, Cade kicks HBK’s arm into the ring-post, Cade holds down Michaels’ arm, Jericho smashes the chair into the arm of Michaels, these two are battering HBK. Jericho places the chair on Michaels’ arm, it could be time for a Pillmanizer! Michaels kicks off Cade who crotches Jericho on the top rope. Sweet Chin Music for Cade, Michaels smashes Jericho with the chair and Jericho falls through the table at ringside.

Michaels takes apart the announce table, Jericho is placed on the table. Jericho rolls off the table in desperation, Michaels places Jericho on top of Cade on the table. Michaels climbs to the top rope, Elbow Drop through both Cade and Jericho. Michaels takes off his belt, beginning to whip Jericho. Michaels ties up Jericho, stating an eye for an eye before pummelling Jericho with closed fists in the eye. Jericho is not moving, more closed fists to the eye of Jericho in a barbaric fashion.

A brutal, physical and entertaining contest. Michaels and Jericho bring the emotion and drama tenfold in these wild brawl, this feels like a brawl from the get go, the two men go about dissecting one another in cruel ways, Jericho goes after the arm with Michaels fighting from underneath. Love the use of Cade to give Jericho the advantage, Michaels’ comeback is electric and then we have that finish, a finish that builds on everything this story has been so far, it goes back to the roots of the feud with Michaels pummelling Jericho until Jericho is lifeless, Michaels uses the tape from his arm to punch Jericho in the eye over and over just like Jericho did to Michaels at The Bash. Michaels has his revenge, leaving Jericho a mess with it not being too drawn out like when Jericho did the same to Michaels, tremendous match.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Chris Jericho via TKO!

(WWE Championship Scramble Match) Triple H © vs Brian Kendrick vs Shelton Benjamin vs Jeff Hardy vs MVP

Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin will begin the match, same rules as the ECW Championship Scramble. Five of Smackdown’s top superstars battling it out for The Game’s championship. Roll-up by Benjamin, roll-up by Hardy. Both men attempting to capture the championship as early as possible. Side headlock from Benjamin, shoulder block and a quick two for Benjamin. Irish whip, Hardy avoids a scoop slam for an O Connor roll, two for Hardy. To the corner, Irish whip reversal from Benjamin. Sunset flip out of the corner from Hardy for two, Benjamin applies a side headlock into a takedown.

Hardy is caught by Benjamin for a buckle bomb, stomps from Benjamin. Snap suplex for two, camel clutch from Benjamin. Knees to the back and stomps, Hardy counters a back suplex for a two count. Clothesline by Hardy for one, Hardy pummels Benjamin on the mat. Scoop slam and leg drop from Hardy, two for Hardy. At number three comes The Brian Kendrick, Kendrick saunters his way down to the ring, Hardy and Benjamin are clubbing one another on the apron. Benjamin is knocked off the apron by Kendrick, Kendrick focuses on Hardy. Flying forearm from Kendrick for two, stomps from Kendrick.

Kendrick brings Hardy to the corner, Hardy dodges a corner splash. Hardy nails an alley oop powerbomb to win the championship. Hardy nails Benjamin with a snap suplex, forearms from Benjamin. Benjamin misses a corner splash, Twist of Fate misses for Hardy and Benjamin nails Pay-Dirt. Kendrick kicks Benjamin off Hardy, Kendrick nails Sliced Bread No.2 and Kendrick is your current WWE Champion. MVP comes out at number four, MVP flapjacks Kendrick, dropkick to Hardy. MVP has Benjamin, facebuster from MVP. MVP is steadying himself, MVP is wiped out by a leaping calf kick from Kendrick. Kendrick poses and Hardy wipes out Kendrick.

Mule kick to Benjamin, Benjamin and MVP are in the corner. Slingshot dropkick by Hardy, Kendrick protects his championship. MVP and Kendrick brawl, Irish whip to the corner and Kendrick answers with a crossbody. Boot to Benjamin, Benjamin looks for a powerbomb on Kendrick but Kendrick counters with a hurricanrana. Right hands to MVP, MVP answers back but a leaping calf kick takes down MVP. Our final entrant is here, it is the one and only The Game Triple H. Triple H storms to the ring, clotheslining Benjamin to the floor, Kendrick eats a clothesline. Facebuster for MVP, Kendrick eats a spinebuster and MVP is sent to the floor. Pedigree to Kendrick, Triple H is your current champion.

4 minutes left, Benjamin jumps Triple H. The two brawl on the floor, Benjamin meets the barricade but Triple H meets the steel steps. Hardy grabs MVP, Hardy nails Twist of Fate and Hardy is your current champion. Kendrick attempts a Sliced Bread No.2, Hardy escapes and nails a sit-out front suplex. Hardy climbs to the top rope, Triple H crotches Hardy. Pedigree on Kendrick again, Triple H is back as your current WWE Champion. Hardy nails a Swanton Bomb on Kendrick and becomes your current WWE Champion. Triple H looks on in shock, Pedigree attempt but Triple H is dumped to the floor. Tope con hilo from Hardy.

MVP comes for Kendrick, Kendrick is placed on the top rope. Benjamin, Kendrick and MVP perform a beautiful tower of doom spot, Hardy is still your champion. Whisper in The Wind on MVP, Swanton Bomb on Benjamin. Triple H catches MVP with a Pedigree with one second remaining, Triple H is your champion!

That finish does not sit well with me at all, Jeff Hardy looks like a massive twat trying to pin Benjamin instead of breaking up Triple H’s pin-fall. What would be going through his head logic wise? No clue, takes away from what little story-telling was going on in this crazy match. Does it really even setup Hardy vs Triple H? Not in my mind, the match was fine but that finish was garbage!

Winner: Triple H over Everyone Else via Survival!

CM Punk & Randy Orton

Randy Orton is back from injury, not ready to return to the ring but feeling brave enough to get in the face of CM Punk. CM Punk’s underdog story is coming to an end unfortunately though as Manu, Dibiase and Rhodes wipe out Punk and Kingston. The segment ends with a punt on Punk, this would be the end of Punk’s reign as champion, losing the championship without even losing it in the ring. A sad end but had Punk been booked properly since becoming champion? I’d say no, fluke might have been the right word to describe that reign.

(WWE Divas Championship Match) Michelle McCool © vs Maryse

Michelle defeated Natalya to become inaugural champion while Maryse has come out as the new heel in town on Smackdown. The two begin with a nice wrestling sequence, Russian legsweep from Michelle for two. Maryse pulls Michelle down by her hair, more wrist-locks before Michelle flips out of the corner and arm-drags Maryse. Michelle looks to have blown out her knee on the moonsault, Maryse kicks out the knee and goes to work before Michelle boots Maryse hard on the floor. Diving clothesline on the barricade for two, in the ring Maryse nails a chop block.

Maryse wrenches the leg, slamming Michelle’s knee into the mat. Indian death-lock like hold from Maryse, Michelle begins to fight back on one leg, Maryse pulls Michelle into the ropes, choke using the middle rope. On her knees, Michelle nails an enzuigiri for two. The two trade punches, Irish whip by Michelle. Maryse goes for a sunset flip, Michelle rolls through and nails a dropkick. Michelle tries a suplex, the knee buckles but Michelle answers with a big boot. Sit-out front suplex by Michelle on one knee for the win.

Decent story told by the two for the time given, Michelle sold the knee throughout and Maryse did work over the knee which is always a plus. Finish was fine, just did not know it was coming nor did the fans, not sure if Michelle had really established the suplex as a finish, the faith-breaker is infinitely superior as a finish.

Winner: Michelle McCool over Maryse via Sit-out Front Suplex!

Undertaker & Big Show Segment

Vickie Guerrero and Edge had made Taker’s life a living hell on Smackdown for many months but Taker had his revenge on Edge, destroying Edge in The Hell in a Cell and watching Edge go up in flames after a Chokeslam through the ring. Vickie was yet to pay though, Taker sends a casket to the ring in preparation for the demise of Vickie Guerrero as she must pay for her sins. Vickie had also managed to piss off Big Show, keeping The Giant out of the championship scramble. Show holds Vickie hostage as Taker comes to the ring, Vickie screams in terror at the sight of The Deadman and the realization that her fate has been sealed, doom is what awaits The Smackdown General Manager.

However, Show is not on the side of The Deadman. Show Kos Taker with a right hand, Taker had been setup by Vickie Guerrero. Show proceeds to show the power and ability that made the giant a once fearsome athlete. Show had returned at No Way Out 2008 but now, Show was back in business for real, no smiling, no silly gimmick matches on ECW, it was Big Show’s time to become a bad ass once more. KO punch and Undertaker is laying lifeless in the ring, Big Show is large and in charge!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match) Batista vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs JBL vs ????

Batista and JBL to start the match, the question looms over this match: Will CM Punk compete after the assault of Randy Orton? Lock-up, side headlock from JBL but Batista shoulder tackles JBL down, Batista stomps and shoulder thrusts JBL in the corner. JBL boots Batista, Irish whip reversal to the corner. Batista nails a clothesline, sleeper hold off an Irish whip reversal by JBL. Batista counters with a sin breaker, chop block from The Animal. Figure four from Batista, JBL inches his way to the ropes.

JBL trades shots with Batista, JBL dumps Batista to the floor. Batista sends JBL into the steel steps, we have our third entrant in Kane. Kane walks into the ring, no fear of Batista. Kane uppercuts Batista, Batista is whipped to the corner, Batista explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Kane reverses and Irish whip and nails a big boot, snapmare and a low dropkick for two. Kane stomps Batista in the corner.

 Kane whips Batista to the corner, elbow block from The Animal. Corner clothesline from Batista, Kane is choked in the corner. Irish whip reversal from Kane, sidewalk slam from Kane. Kane misses his diving clothesline, Kane dodges the spear with an uppercut. Chokeslam is blocked, Batista bomb is stopped by JBL with a boot. Kane boots Batista to the floor, Chokeslam From Hell on JBL and Kane is your current champion. Rey Mysterio is in at number four, low dropkicks from Mysterio. Mysterio nails a springboard dropkick, Kane goes flying to the floor. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors and bulldog on JBL, Mysterio misses a 619 on Kane who drills Mysterio with a clothesline.

Batista saves Mysterio with a back suplex from Kane, Batista and Mysterio combine for a splash on Kane, Batista gets two off of the splash. Mysterio tricks Batista for a sunset flip, two for Mysterio. JBL comes in with short-arm clotheslines and fallaway slams. The final entrant is here, it’s Chris Jericho. A shock to all involved as Jericho looks battered from his brawl with Michaels. Mysterio dropkicks JBL into the ropes, Batista Spears Jericho and Mysterio. The Animal is cooking, powerslam to Kane. Spear to JBL, Mysterio kicks at Batista. Mysterio nails 619 on Kane, boot by Batista to Kane.

Batista is on his feet, clotheslining Mysterio to the floor. Kane uppercuts Batista, JBL Clothesline From Hell to Kane. Batista nails a spinebuster on JBL, Kane knocks down Batista. Diving Clothesline from Kane, Batista Spears Kane avoiding the chokeslam. Batista spinebusters Kane and Batista is your champion, Jericho sneaks in and pins Kane behind Batista’s back as Batista powerbombs Mysterio, Y2J is your champion.

This match was going to build around who was Punk’s placement, Jericho winning the championship would add yet another layer to the feud between HBK and Y2J but as for the match itself, there was no difference to the others and this is the third scramble match of the night, the novelty has worn off on me with only the last five minutes mattering in a twenty minute match. Interesting enough concept but three times in one night was too much for me.

Winner: Chris Jericho Over Everyone Else via Survival!

That was WWE’s Unforgiven 2008, a night of championship scrambles but ultimately, a decent pay per view effort from the WWE. The scrambles were fun at times but the majority of the action was stalling waiting for the last five minutes, the matches ranged from frequent title changes to one championship change at the end, they were ok but nothing to write home about. HBK vs Jericho was a fantastic match that built upon everything that had been driving the story between the two. A brawl with all the emotional weight and drama infused with a hot crowd makes for an excellent match that everyone should watch as it may be the best match of their feud but was easily the best match of the pay per view. Show’s heel turn made for an interesting angle while Punk’s removal from the title picture was odd and infuriating at the time, you could see why this is a mixed bag of a pay per view. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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