Friday 17 June 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XXVII Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that breaks your heart more than The Rockers break up! It’s time for Clash of The Champions XXVII! Sting vs Ric Flair to unify the world championships! Stunning Steve Austin defends his championship against Johnny B. Badd, Larry Zbyszko defends his Television Championship against Lord Steven Regal and The Nasty Boys challenge for the WCW World Tag Team Championships held by Kevin Sullivan & Cactus Jack!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan © vs The Nasty Boys

Sags and Cactus to start, slap-fest with both men brawling it out. Cactus wins that war, Knobbs comes in to help his partner but Knobbs cuts that off. Double clothesline by the champions to both Nasty Boys, another clothesline to Knobbs. Sullivan and Knobbs reset the match, more brawling all over the ring. Knobbs meets the buckle, Knobbs catches Sullivan with rights and lefts. Push to the corner, in comes Sags. They rough up Sullivan before Sullivan lands a noggin-knocker, Sullivan slams Cactus into both Nasty Boys. Cactus rallies the crowd, Knobbs is in there with Cactus. They slug it out, whip to the buckle by Knobbs but Cactus blocks with a boot and lands a clothesline for two. Sags saves Knobbs, Sullivan comes in and works the arm before Cactus lands shots to the ribs and a headbutt to the arm.


Knobbs rakes the eyes, Sags comes into the ring. Elbows by Cactus for two, Sags trips up Cactus. Knees to the head, tag to Knobbs. Sags and Knobbs double-team Cactus, Cactus lands a kick to the face. Tag to Sullivan, biting from Sullivan. Right hand decks Knobbs, Sags comes in and kicks Sullivan. Scoop slam by Sags, leg drop from Sags. Tag to Knobbs, kicks to the ribs. Eye-rake from Knobbs, Sags comes in and tosses Sullivan to the floor. Knobbs kicks Sullivan in the head twice, axe handle to the floor. Sags misses a knee-drop, in comes Cactus. Elbow to the chin, Cactus works over both with headbutts and biting. Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor on Knobbs, Cactus low-bridges Sags but misses a springboard elbow to the floor. Cactus cracks his head off the guardrail, that was rough to watch.


Belly to back suplex on the floor, Sags has Cactus in the ring. Whip to the corner, Knobbs misses a corner splash and Sags gets hit with a clothesline. Sullivan rallies the crowd, Sullivan lands rights and lefts to the ribs. Clothesline on Knobbs, Knobbs is thrown to the floor. In the ring, we have Cactus and Sags. Knobbs attacks Dave Sullivan at ringside, referees are involved. Sags chases Dave, they fight over the crutch. In the ring, Cactus lands his Double Arm DDT for the win!


Not bad but these two teams were made for brawling and their previous match blows this out of the water with how much fun it was, happy for Cactus to be getting that push but Maxx Payne did win me over so this partnership with Sullivan really feels like it came out of nowhere.


Winners: Team Cactus over The Nasty Boys via Double Arm DDT!


The Guardian Angel vs Tex Slazenger

The Boss hit a little too close to home so we have a new gimmick for Ray Traylor, Boss had done nothing of note since joining WCW apart from one good match with Vader. The white shirt tucked into his pants does nothing for him either, Guardian Angel looks really big. Slazenger hits Guardian Angel three times which breaks his golden rule. Rights and lefts by Guardian Angel, leg across the back. Massive uppercut and massive sidewalk slam and it’s over.


Winner: Guardian Angel over Tex Slazenger via Sidewalk Slam!


(WCW Television Championship Match) Lord Steven Regal W/ Sir William vs Larry Zbyszko ©

So this was bizarre to me, we had waited almost a year to see Regal lose that championship and when that time comes, it is Larry Zbyszko of all people. Lots of stalling before Regal stomps all over Zbyszko. Uppercuts in the corner, forearms to the side of the head. All Regal so far, more forearms to the face. Uppercut takes the champion down, Zbyszko uses the ropes to survive. Slaps from Regal, Zbyszko lands rights, lefts and a spinning sole butt. Rake of the eyes and Regal is tossed onto the ramp, stomps on the ramp. Regal is thrown back into the ring, Regal shoots for the single leg. Regal steps on the head of Zbyszko, butterfly suplex time. Zbyszko blocks and we have the finish from their previous PPV encounter but Regal survives this time, Zbyszko lands a suplex for two.


Piledriver plants Regal for a close two, Zbyszko cannot believe it and starts choking the challenger. Swinging neck-breaker for two, Zbyszko steps on the face of Regal. Regal fires up and wants a fist-fight, Zbyszko tells the referee to get out of the way. More stalling, both men land forearms and uppercuts before Regal takes down the champion. Reverse chin-lock from the challenger, Zbyszko breaks free but Regal continues the control with a headbutt and knees to the head. Another uppercut, forearm shots by Regal. Zbyszko reverses an Irish whip and lands a bearhug into the Boston crab but Sir William cracks Zbyszko with the umbrella and Regal reverses the crab for a cradle and the top ropes give Regal that helping hand to win.


Not even a replay of the screwy finish? Damn Zbyszko deserved better than that but yeah I enjoyed this match an awful lot, a very physical battle between the two, plenty of good shots in there. Very happy with how this match turned out with both men just beating the hell out of one another. Regal is champion again so I have to question what was the purpose?


Winner: Lord Steven Regal over Larry Zbyszko via Roll-Up!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Stunning Steve Austin © W/ Colonel Rob Parker vs Johnny B. Badd

Rematch time, no Colonel Rob Parker. Has Parker disassociated from Austin? Anyways, Badd is continuing to grow inside of that ring so fair play to Badd who went from someone I did not want to see to someone who is doing quite well for himself inside of that ring. Badd starts hot before being taken out with an elbow, Austin jaw-jacks with the crowd. Austin sends Badd to the floor, Austin is taunting though. Badd takes out Austin and slams the champion into the ring apron. Badd works the arm, arm-wrench from Badd. Austin escapes and we have some drop-downs and leapfrogs before a dropkick from Badd and an arm-wrench. Austin pulls Badd down by the hair, Badd pops right back with a dropkick. Badd is on the top rope, diving clothesline from Badd for two.


Drop toehold into a front chancery, Austin pushes back Badd to the corner. Right hand by Badd and more arm-work, Austin shoves off Badd. Shoulder block by Badd, Austin dodges the left hook. Whip to the buckle, Austin blocks with a boot and slams Badd to the mat by the hair. Elbow to the back of the head, knee to the throat. Make it two, Irish whip and Badd dodges the knee to the ribs for a schoolboy, close two. Austin grabs the hair and slams Badd into the mat, Badd lands two massive lefts to the ribs. Austin kicks Badd in the face, Badd lands a single leg dropkick to turn the tide. Inverted atomic drop, flying head-scissors takedown from Badd. DDT from Badd, back body drop from Badd. Whip to the buckle, corner clothesline and a scoop slam.


Badd climbs high, Badd is looking for that sunset flip. Austin plays possum and crotches Badd, Badd blocks the suplex and Austin falls to the mat. Austin dodges the diving sunset flip and cracks the mat hard, Austin covers for two. Austin chokes Badd with the middle rope, Austin misses the leg across the back as Badd dodges. Clothesline for two, ten punches in the corner by Badd. Austin reaches into his tights for an object, Austin cracks Badd in the ribs and lands a small package for the win. However, there is another referee in the ring and they restart the match. Badd rolls-up Austin to capture the championship but are we sure that this counts? They are not giving us much so I don’t know if it is official.


These two work well together, Austin did a very good job of making Johnny B. Badd seem like a credible contender, there is still room of improvement but the changes from the last three years to this year is incredible it is like night and day. Probably will have a blow-off at the PPV, good for them, both are working hard and maybe bigger things await both men in their careers.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Stunning Steve Austin via Schoolboy!


(WCW World Heavyweight & WCW International Championship Unification Match) Ric Flair © vs Sting ©

The two rivals going at it once more going for the two biggest championships in the company, Flair is back to being a heel once more. We have Sensational Sherri at ringside, there was intrigue to see who she would sign with but here she is in Sting facepaint, she must be in The Stinger’s corner!


Sting shoves down Flair twice, Flair goes for a hammerlock but Sting counters. Same thing happens off the front chancery, Sting shoves down Flair again. Shoulder block by Flair, military press by Sting. Irish whip into another military press, Flair rolls to the floor and does his Flair Flop. Flair scares off fans and Sherri, Flair has lost control. Sting wrenches the arm, eye rake by Flair. Chop in the corner that Sting shakes off, hip-toss out of the corner and a clothesline, make it three. Flair goes to the floor to recover, lock-up and Flair lands a knee. Fist to the head, right hands pepper Sting. Chop in the corner but Sting shakes it off, Flair is backing off. Hip-toss and dropkick, Irish whip but Flair dodges the dropkick and goes after the knee. Figure four countered into a small package for two, Flair shoves the referee. Flair walks to the ramp, looking to re-evaluate. Flair chants, Sting lands fist after fist but misses The Stinger Splash! Sting’s ribs are bothering him now, Flair tosses Sting over the top rope. Flair chops and lands rights against the guardrail, Sting is rattled by these attacks.


Sherri screams at Sting to get up! Hot-shot from Flair, Flair uses the ropes to pin Sting but Sting continues kicking out, Sherri informs the referee which results in Flair screaming once more. Belly to back suplex from Flair, elbows crack Sting in the chin. Flair kicks the ribs again and again, sleeper from Flair. Sting shakes off the sleeper, side headlock by Sting. Shoulder block and Sting catapults Flair into the buckle, both men are down currently. Sting suplexes Flair into the ring for two, Flair Flip to the apron and a clothesline for good measure. Flair begs for mercy, ten punches from Sting. Inverted atomic drop does not work for Flair, Sting lands a massive clothesline. Superplex time, it connects in the middle of the ring. Sting climbs high, diving splash misses for The Stinger.


Flair drills Sting with a delayed vertical suplex but Sting is back on his feet. Flair backs up to the corner, hip-toss and dropkick again. Irish whip and a military press slam. Clothesline by Sting, clothesline to the floor and Flair pulls Sherri in front of him so Sting dives onto Sherri. Sting is concerned for Sherri, Sherri is not moving. Flair kicks Sting in the head, Irish whip and Sting has Flair in the backslide for two. Clothesline by an irate Sting, Sting wants to check on Sherri but Flair rolls-up Sting for the championship. Sherri was with Flair all along though, Flair has Sting as Sherri lands a top rope dive. Two splashes from Sherri, Flair takes out the referee. Hogan comes out and challenges Flair after punching his lights out.


Sting and Flair do their usual song and dance and the crowd eats it up, not on par with their initial Clash encounter or the Bash of 1990 but still good old Flair vs babyface that beats the shit out of him cheese. Interesting dynamic with Sherri, Flair having a valet is not new as Fifi was with The Nature Boy before but it gives a different dynamic to having The Brain with him or JJ Dillon. Of course, I know that further down the line Flair will have trio of women by his side but we will deal with the here and now, Flair vs Hogan is big business and fresh, lots of fresh match-ups for Hogan in WCW but to see Sting shoved to the side once more is heart-breaking considering his popularity and ability inside of the ring. I complained that 1993 was the year of Sting in multi-man matches on PPV and I fear 1994 will be Sting sliding down the card. Maybe I am wrong but I know it will be all about Hogan for the next wild.


Winner: Ric Flair over Sting via Roll-Up!


I would strike this as an important Clash with the set-up between Hogan and Flair for the Bash and of course, another entry in the Flair vs Sting series, that is where the importance ends as we mostly have rematches from the previous PPVs and a gimmick change that I don’t care for in The Boss turning into The Guardian Angel. WCW is going to go through quite the shift, let’s see where it takes us. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!


Sunday 12 June 2022

WCW Slamboree 1994 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that brings the pain like a Sid Vicious squash match! It’s time for WCW Slamboree 1994, we are sticking with the theme of a legend’s reunion which means this could once again be another terrible PPV from WCW. We have Steve Austin defending his US Championship against Johnny B. Badd, Sting vs Vader for the vacant WCW International World Championship, Ric Flair vs a mystery opponent and much, much more including Tully Blanchard! Will it be awful like 1993? Perhaps but let’s find out!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Stunning Steve Austin © W/ Colonel Rob Parker vs Johnny B. Badd

Badd continues to rise the card, they lock-up and an arm-drag from Badd. Austin wasn’t expecting that, side headlock takedown from Badd. Austin pulls the hair and backs Badd to the corner, Austin pats Badd on the chest. Belly to back takedown into a front chancery into a hammerlock from Badd, Austin escapes and lands a knee to the head and an elbow drop. Austin applies the sleeper, jaw-breaker counter from Badd. Austin slips out to the floor, the action resumes with Badd applying the hammerlock. Side headlock from Austin, Badd continues to fight back. Austin uses the hair to drop Badd, Austin continues to use the hair to maintain control before the referee calls for the break.


Side headlock from Austin, drop toehold from Badd. Arm-bar from Badd, head-scissors from Badd. Side headlock takedown, could this be another draw? Flying crossbody from Badd for two, arm-drag into the arm-bar. Austin slips out, small package by Badd for two. Drop toehold into the front chancery transition into the arm-bar, lots of mat work here. Austin sends Badd into the buckle, Austin stomps and chokes Badd with his knee. Parker gets in a choke behind the referee’s back, Austin continues kicking the ribs. Middle rope choke, Badd kicks back at Austin. Austin sends Badd to the floor, suplex and knee-drop from Austin. Reverse chin-lock from Austin, knee-drops galore. Middle rope splashes misses for Austin, gut-wrench suplex by Badd.


Snap-mare and elbow drop misses for Austin, right hand and chops by Austin. Badd lands a back body-drop, hip-toss out of the corner. Clothesline and scoop slam, dropkick by the challenger. Knee-lift, Parker is on the apron. Oklahoma roll from Badd, no referee. Small package for two, back-drop by Badd. Badd climbs high, diving sunset flip for two! The Kiss that don’t miss is blocked with an eye-poke, belly to back suplex from Badd but Austin lands on top and covers for the win.


Sadly I found this quite boring, a lot of mat-wrestling that did nothing for me. This was a big test for Badd who is getting more over but this match wasn’t great, I am a little saddened by Austin’s reign as United States Champion. I thought the quality would go up and be interesting but it’s not happening for Stunning Steve Austin.


Winner: Stunning Steve Austin over Johnny B. Badd via Cradle!


Terry Funk vs Tully Blanchard

Crowd loves seeing Tully Blanchard once more, a man who should have had a longer career in the spotlight but due to a failed drug test and broken promises, Tully Blanchard would find himself removed from the spotlight before it was time. On the other side of the ring, a man who had retired countless times by this point but would not give up, Funk would split time between FMW, AJPW, IWA Japan and ECW.


They start on the floor, brawling before Blanchard lands a suplex on Funk. Back to the floor, Funk has crutches that are thrown into the ring. The two continue brawling on the floor, atomic drop by Funk. Funk lands a neck-breaker in the ring for two, they brawl on the ramp. Funk has part of the wooden ramp, Blanchard is cracked in the head with the piece of the ramp. Piledriver on the wooden ramp, Nick Patrick is irate with The Funker. DDT on the ramp, Funk is torturing himself like Funk only can. Another Texas-Sized Piledriver, Funk calls for something special. Funk misses a moonsault! Blanchard covers for two, elbow by Blanchard.


Blanchard tees off in the corner with chops, Funk is weathering the storm and peppers Blanchard back with clubbing blows before Blanchard drills Funk with numerous knees. Funk sends Blanchard into the referee, Funk grabs a chair from ringside. Funk wants a middle rope piledriver onto the chair, the two continue brawling with the referee removing the chair. Blanchard kicks the referee in the ribs, Funk smashes Blanchard with his branding iron. They continue brawling as the referee calls for the bell.


This was good, no surprise really considering who is involved but Funk gives us some great piledriver spots as well as a missed moonsault, Blanchard scraps and fights around with Funk. Fun stuff with a terrible ending but so much better than any match from the previous year’s Slamboree legend matches.


Double DQ!


Larry Zbyszko vs Lord Steven Regal W/ Sir William

Not my idea of babyface but Zbyszko did fill that role in WCW on a few occasions memorably against Eric Bischoff and later Scott Hall during the NWO days. Regal has been doing a fine job as a mid-card heel but the flurry of time-limit draws have hurt my views when watching his matches. Lots of stalling before Zbyszko trips up Regal twice, Regal is tied up once more by Zbyszko who lands a small package before an abdominal stretch. Zbyszko maintains control with short-arm scissors before Sir William helps Regal reach the ropes. Side headlock by Regal, Zbyszko counters and tells Regal to fuck off. Regal finally works the arm and lands uppercuts, hammerlock from Regal followed by more uppercuts. Regal tortures Zbyszko with submissions holds and uppercuts before Zbyszko manages a desperation sleeper. Jaw-breaker counter from Regal, umbrella shot by Sir William. Zbyszko counters a butterfly suplex with a back-drop into the cover for a win.


This would lead to Zbyszko challenging and beating Regal for the championship, this match was mostly stalling and taunting so I am going to address my thoughts on the championship change instead. I am shocked because Regal had been built up for at least a year with that championship and you have him lose to Zbyszko? Not Badd who could use that win or Pillman or a rebound for Rhodes or anyone who was active on the roster at the time? Bizarre cannot believe that.


Winner: Larry Zbyszko over Lord Steven Regal via Baack-Drop Counter!


(Bullrope Match) Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck W/ Colonel Rob Parker

The cowbell is legal baby, these two tore it up at Spring Stampede in their Bunkhouse match, I am hoping for something similar tonight because if it is similar, I will be a happy man. They start by brawling, Rhodes knocks Buck to the floor and chokes him, Bionic Elbow and a right hand from Rhodes. Rhodes drives a boot to the nuts of Buck, scoop slam and elbow drop by Rhodes. Rhodes drives the cowbell into the knee and leg of Buck, Rhodes continues drilling Buck with right hands, the cowbell and sending the leg of Buck into the ring-post. Buck manages to take control in the ring, Rhodes has his shirt pulled over his head and the cowbell is cracked on his back. Suspenders and cowbell to the head, Buck is in control.


Buck ties Rhodes to the ring-post, Buck tees off with right hands. Boots to the ribs from Buck, Rhodes fights back and lands a low blow. Eye-rake and Bionic Elbows from Rhodes, Buck tries to go to the top rope. Rhodes crotches Buck, right hands to the head. Buck is yanked off the top rope, the referee is wiped out as Buck collides with him. Rhodes suplexes Buck, Parker is in the ring. Buck has Rhodes in a full-nelson, Parker has the bell. Rhodes kicks off Parker, Buck is waffled in the head with the bell. Rhodes wins! Funk comes down and attacks the son of that egg-sucking dog. Rhodes decides now it is the time to get colour and we have a botched piledriver from the two but the deed is done, Buck and Funk are working together.


Well the blood would have served better if it was in the match, I think I was spoiled by their Bunkhouse match as I had high expectations for this one, they were not met which means it has not been a great night so far. Buck and Rhodes work hard but without the blood and the intensity, it just does not hit the spot. Shame I hope their next few matches live up to the hype.


Winner: Dustin Rhodes over Bunkhouse Buck via Cowbell!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Barry Windham W/ Colonel Rob Parker

A genuine surprise, Barry Windham is back as Parker promised a big blonde who was over 300 pounds, people obviously thought it would be Hogan but it is great to see Windham again, Windham does not look great though looking heavier and out of shape. Windham gets chopped before landing some rights and a scoop slam, Flair dodges an elbow drop and Windham has to powder. Windham has been absent for a year so we have to factor that into this match, Flair is chasing down Windham. Hammerlock from Flair, Windham goes to the corner and has his legs worked by The Nature Boy. Chops and shots to the knees, Windham is whipped to the corner and explodes out with a clothesline.


Windham clamps on a reverse chin-lock, Windham uses the ropes for leverage. Flair fights back with kicks but Windham continues to dominate, Windham suplexes Flair hard. Ten punches before Flair lands the inverted atomic drop, Superplex from Windham for a close two. Flair slaps on The Figure Four on Windham, middle of the ring and Windham is in serious trouble. Windham makes it to the ropes, Flair trips Windham again but Windham rakes the eyes. Flair goes back to it and locks it right back on, Windham makes it to the ropes. Flair is on the top rope, diving chop.


Knee-drop, Windham makes it to the ropes. Flair lands another knee-drop, chops from Flair. Windham lands a right hand, Flair lands a crossbody and they spill to the floor. In the ring, Flair lands rights and lefts on Windham. Jacknife cover from Flair for two, Windham lands a low headbutt. Parker is decked by Flair, Windham survives the slingshot sunset flip as the referee stops Parker from aiding Windham. Flair decks Parker, Windham sends Flair to the buckle and Flair flips and lands his diving crossbody for the win.


That was soft from these two, I want to give Windham the benefit of the doubt as it was his only match in a year but man, it makes me sad because Windham was one of my favourites over the course of these WCW reviews and now that I know that’s it as he re-injures himself in this match and will return as part of The Blackjacks in the WWF means this is it in terms of big blonde Windham and it’s definitely a downer but Windham and Rhodes as a tag team were tremendous and Windham’s heel run in 1993 was great before losing the championship to Flair. Not a great match and seeing Flair go back and forth between wrestling as a heel against Steamboat to wrestling as a face against the Stud Stable is definitely bizarre.


Winner: Ric Flair over Barry Windham via Diving Crossbody!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Broadstreet Bully Match) The Nasty Boys © vs Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan is back from ECW presumably and the Indies while Cactus Jack is no longer with Maxx Payne who may have left WCW or was injured, I didn’t bother looking it up for this review. This starts with brawling, Sullivan as a babyface is definitely a choice from WCW. Lots of brawling with weapon shots to the head here and there, Sullivan piledrivers Knobbs on the ramp. Cactus nails Sags with a trash can, Cactus cracks both champions with the trash can. Cactus misses his diving elbow to the floor, crashing into the trash can. Cactus Jack clothesline into the ring, Cactus is bleeding. Sullivan cracks Knobbs with a chair, Sags is bringing a table to the match.


Sags hip-tosses Cactus through a table, Sullivan continues to smash Knobbs with a chair, Sags has a light stand and Cactus is crippled with it but continues fighting. So much brawling, Cactus suplexes the table onto Sags. Cactus uses a fire extinguisher on Sags, Knobbs cracks Sullivan with a trash can. Sags places Cactus in the ring, Diving Elbow Drop by Sags but no cover. Sags grabs the hockey stick and the special referee Dave Schultz waffles Sags and Cactus covers Sags after a shot with a hockey stick!


Well that was entertaining for sure, they brawled all over the arena and it was a lot of fun, not much in terms of spots but when there were spots, they were good. Maxx Payne is here, why wasn’t he in the match but the guitar shot gets a massive reaction from all the fans. Anyways, this was a fun hardcore match, easily the most fun part of the night so far.


Winners: Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan over The Nasty Boys via Hockey Stick To The Head!


(WCW International World Championship Match) Vader W/ Harley Race vs Sting

So Sting defeated Rick Rude only for Rick Rude to win it back but Rude was injured in his NJPW match with Sting which led to the situation we have now with the championship being vacant. I love these two and they don’t know how to have a bad match with one another. They lock-up and we have a clean break, Vader looks to corner Sting. Sting is using his speed so far, Vader corners Sting and batters The Stinger. Sting fights back with kicks, rights and lefts. Suplex by Sting, Vader mows down Sting. Elbow to the groin, Vader is looking for a Vader Bomb. It connects, two for Vader. Second Vader Bomb with Sting surviving thanks to the ropes, Vader continues punishing Sting with kicks to the leg. Sting is dropped, Vader tees off on Sting in the corner before Sting explodes with rights and lefts and drops Vader.


Elbow drop to the ribs, Vader regains control and wrenches the arm of Sting. Vader slaps Sting, Sting eye-pokes Vader but Vader ducks the clothesline and Sting almost beheads the referee with a clothesline. Chokeslam by Vader, Harley Race has the chair and cracks Vader as Sting ducks. Sting kicks away Race, DDT by Sting. 1…2…. Vader kicks out! Sting tries a dive but Vader lands a powerslam for two, Vader decides to go high. Vadersault misses as Sting dodges, Sting covers for two. Race tries to help and lands a Diving Headbutt on Vader, Sting climbs high and lands a diving body splash for the win!


Good, not as great as their previous match but really fun in parts with Vader destroying Sting and Sting showing that fire that he has always possessed. Sting gets a championship again and will not be a world champion in WCW as he takes a backseat to Hogan which is so wrong in my eyes but that’s life unfortunately. Good main event though, curious to see where both go as the product will focus on Hogan at Bash At The Beach!


Winner: Sting over Vader via Diving Top Rope Splash!


That was WCW’s Slamboree 1994, a big improvement on last year’s edition based on the simple fact that we were limited to one legends’ match here. Austin vs Badd kicks off the show, it’s not bad but not overly interesting either. It seems Austin has plateaued with that next killer feud not coming despite the push and the prestige of the championship while also being part of the big faction in the company and the centrepiece of said faction. Blanchard vs Funk is a fun brawl, they do a lot in seven minutes and it was entertaining for sure. Zbyszko vs Regal is a masterclass in stalling, nothing left an impression on me but the fans were happy that The Living Legend won that match. Rhodes vs Buck disappoints in comparison to their first encounter, the hatred doesn’t shine through here and the lack of blood hurts the match for sure, a shame for two athletes who almost stole the show one PPV ago. Flair vs Windham makes me sad, Windham was coming off a year out so it was as good as it could be but still very disappointing for a world championship match. Nasty Boys vs Cactus & Sullivan is a wild brawl with a few good moments in there and a feel good moment as Cactus wins his first championship in WCW, the happiness would not last too long. Sting vs Vader was good but not on the level of their classics, still a good main event but something was missing for me. WCW in 1994 is already looking better than 1993 but Hogan will be here for the next PPV, this will mark a significant shift in the company with who comes in so it will be interesting. Could this be the end of a good year for the company? Well we shall see, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Saturday 11 June 2022

WCW Spring Stampede 1994 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that tears the house down more than a Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros match! It’s time for WCW Spring Stampede 1994! We have big matches like Stunning Steve Austin defending his US Championship against The Great Muta? The Boss takes on Vader as Vader looks for revenge following the main event of Superbrawl! Lord Steven Regal defends against Brian Pillman and Ric Flair to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Ricky Steamboat! With Flair at the helm, WCW looks to turn things around, Superbrawl was rough but maybe things will change now! Let’s find out!


Johnny B. Badd vs Diamond Dallas Page

DDP is coming to the ring with Kimberly so this is their first PPV appearance together which is a nice to see, Kimberly Page was beautiful. DDP jumps Badd to begin the match, right hands but the clothesline misses. O’Connor roll from Badd for two, clothesline to the floor. Badd works the arm, DDP pulls the hair to take control. Arm-wrench into a suplex for two, Badd turns away and works the hammerlock into a full-nelson like pin. DDP elbows his way out and lands a shoulder block, Badd kicks off DDP and lands an arm-drag. DDP elbows Badd and lands a huge belly to back suplex, DDP walks around like he is the man. DDP lands a massive gut-wrench, two for DDP. Reverse chin-lock, Badd escapes and lands a belly to back suplex. Shots to the ribs, inverted atomic drop and back body drop. Head-scissors, Left Hook from Badd. Plancha to the floor from Badd, diving sunset flip for the win from Badd!


This was quite brief, Badd is starting to look like a threat and someone credible inside of that ring, it’s nice to see considering I have seen him do nothing special since his debut. DDP will improve with time but was serviceable here. Solid opening match, good start to the show.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over DDP via Diving Sunset Flip!


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Lord Steven Regal © W/ Sir William vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

The time-limit draw king, the king of stalling taking on Brian Pillman who has picked up wins over Steve Austin but finds himself challenging for the TV championship. Pillman jumps Regal, kicks to the injured knee and right hands to the head. Regal tries a tackle but Pillman is too quick and pummels Regal who begs for mercy, slap from Pillman. Regal is bounced off the canvas, Japanese arm-drag from Pillman and Regal powders. Regal is bounced off the guardrail arm-first, the champion might be in dire straits. Hammerlock from Pillman, Regal is sent into the ring-post. Great arm work and babyface fire from Pillman so far, Regal is selling his ass off too.


Chops from Pillman, Regal rakes his eyes. European uppercuts and Regal takes the arm, Regal catches Pillman with an over-the-shoulder throw for two. Regal starts smacking the spine, Pillman elbows back at the champion. Argentine back-breaker from Regal, Pillman kicks off the buckle and lands a small package for two. Regal grabs the leg and applies the STF, uppercuts from Regal. Pillman blocks an uppercut but Regal counters Pillman’s counter, variation of the Romero special from Regal. Right hands from Pillman, Regal smashes the back of Pillman. Powerbomb attempt countered into a hurricanrana from Pillman, two for the challenger. Pillman runs into a rolling fireman’s carry for two, the Regal works the stretch again on the canvas. Are we heading toward time-limit territory? I feel it coming and I am getting scared for sure, surely not again though?


Bow & arrow from Regal, Pillman escapes the hold and lands big right hands. Regal comes back with a grab of the leg, takedown and Regal looks for the single leg Boston crab. Indian death-lock from Regal back into another stretch, Pillman fights out and lands a massive chop. Regal rolls-up Pillman for two, Regal goes back into the hold on the mat. Pillman fights out, right hands and headbutts all around. Regal has control, more beat-down work from Regal. Pillman lands a desperation dropkick, chop from Pillman. Regal stops a hurricanrana, Pillman twists off Regal. Enzuigiri from Pillman, could this be the challenger’s chance?


Regal avoids the monkey flip with a shove, Regal misses a knee-drop. Sir William checks the time, Regal dives off the middle rope into a dropkick from Pillman. Pillman rallies the crowd, chops from Pillman and a back body drop. Regal is chopped again, ten punches in the corner. Irish whip reversed by Regal, Regal is tripped up and both men tumble to the floor off of a diving crossbody. Pillman cannot pin Regal in time as the time-limit expires!


It started well for sure, Regal was bumping all around for Pillman and I was intrigued but then it went back to a formula I am far too familiar with at this point with Regal wasting time with lengthy rest-holds before the drama ramps up for the last 2 minutes. Very disappointing because if we are to invest in Pillman, we need a big win while Regal’s television champion reign has to end soon, there has to be a pay-off so please I am begging you WCW do not mess this up!


Time-Limit Expires!


(WCW Tag Team Championship Chicago Street Fight Match) The Nasty Boys © vs Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne

These two teams had a great little match the last time around and I was stunned, I only liked Cactus but Payne has grown on me after that match. This is Falls Count Anywhere so that should make this very interesting, brawling galore which should play to everyone’s strengths. It starts on the ramp with weapons, Knobbs wipes out Cactus with a shovel or broom while in the ring, Payne uranages Sags. Cactus waffles Knobbs with the pool stick, Cactus clothesline to the floor. Sags batters Payne with a chair on the floor, Knobbs hits the guardrail hard before Sags waffles Cactus with a chair-shot. Cactus has the chair, Sags goes down hard. Knobbs saves his partner but Payne is here, the challengers are beating down the champions. Knobbs clotheslines Cactus into the ring, Sags attacks Cactus in the ring. Payne and Knobbs are fighting up the ramp, headbutt from Payne.


Payne and Knobbs battle to the souvenir stands, tables are being thrown. Cactus is biting Sags at ringside, Knobbs smashes a trash can on the head of Payne. Sags smashes Cactus with a chair in the crowd, we have a split-screen feature which is making this difficult to call, Cactus cracks Sags with a chair. Payne slams Knobbs through the souvenir table, Payne shoves the Nasty Boy t-shirt down the throat of Knobbs, Payne looks for the win but gets two. The Nasty Boys now have a table, Payne kicks out of a pin at two. Cactus has Sags on the ramp, what will happen now? Neck-breaker on the ramp, Cactus suplexes the table onto the legs of Sags. Knobbs comes out of nowhere and waffles Cactus with a shovel, Payne cracks Knobbs with the shovel. Low blow by Knobbs, Sags wanted a piledriver on the table but the table breaks messing up the spot so Cactus is shoved off the ramp and cracks his head off the floor. Sags has a shovel and waffles Cactus in the head, it’s over!


That was brutal, holy shit why would Cactus do that over a blown spot? Cactus has taken a number of bumps that have made me think that was stupid but did he really just ask Sags to shove him off the ramp only to get waffled in the face with a shovel? Insane it’s a great brawl but those two bumps are absolutely ridiculous I cannot believe what I just saw. Great tag match with a very violent end, perhaps too much.


Winners: The Nasty Boys over Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne via Shovel to the Head!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Stunning Steve Austin © W/ Colonel Rob Parker vs The Great Muta

Living off that 1989 run I see, Muta is here to battle for the championship and Muta was on top of the world in NJPW during this era so I cannot see this ending with Austin picking up the win over the bigger star in Muta, this could easily be a draw.


Austin is cautious with Muta throwing kicks, Muta grabs a full-nelson but Austin is quick to the ropes. Austin and Muta trade wristlocks, side headlock from Muta. Austin is in the ropes again, we reset. Austin trips up Muta and stomps all over Muta, side headlock from the champion. Drop-downs and leapfrogs before Muta has the abdominal stretch. Muta takes the back, Austin tries to escape. Roll-up from Muta for two, side headlock takedown from the challenger. Seems like we could be going draw territory, side headlock takedown again from Muta. Shoulder block and dropkick by Muta, side headlock takedown again. They continue to mat wrestle with Muta out-performing Austin. Really slow stuff here, not much to get the fans excited for which is criminal considering who is in the ring. Muta tries some sort of full-nelson pin hold but Austin rolls out of the way.


Austin manages to send Muta to the floor, Muta is focused on Parker so Austin axe handles Muta and sends Muta into the guardrail. Abdominal stretch from Austin, Austin uses the ropes for leverage. Muta hip-tosses out of the hold, Austin is chopped and chopped. Austin hangs onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick, middle rope elbow drop from Austin for two. Austin chokes Muta on the bottom rope, Parker gets in a punch while Austin deals with the referee. Muta blocks the buckle, Austin meets the buckle. Spinning sole butt from Muta, back body drop from Muta. Suplex by Muta, Parker is freaking out at ringside. Muta lands a dropkick, Austin avoids the diving missile dropkick from the challenger.


Austin applies a rolling cradle looking for a toe-hold, it doesn’t come together. Not sure what it was meant to be, Stun-Gun from Muta! Handspring elbow by Muta, frankensteiner from Muta. Parker is smacked off the apron, Muta back-drops Austin to the floor and we have a DQ. Muta planchas onto both and that’s it!


What a shame, it was dull from start until the last minute with Muta working that style where you know the draw is coming from a mile away, why bring him in? Why not have Pillman fight Austin? Why? Pointless, a waste of both men and their talents!


Winner: Stunning Steve Austin over Great Muta via DQ!


(WCW International World Championship Match) Ravishing Rick Rude © vs Sting

The championship billed as equal to the world championship is defended as the two men who have been feuding for months finally lock up inside of the ring. Rick Rude has a habit of having shitty matches with first time singles match opponents so hopefully, Rude breaks that streak against Sting. Harley Race comes out and says Vader will face the winner, Rude watches on as Sting sends Race to the floor and after that, Sting back-drops Rude to a monster reaction. Rude is clotheslined to the floor, Sting is in pursuit. Suplex on the floor, Rude is screaming out in pain.


Rude begs for mercy, right hands from Sting. Sting rakes the back in the ring, front chancery from the challenger. Sting lands a scoop slam and a massive elbow drop, Rude grabs onto the referee showing his confusion. Sting gets a two, Sting slaps on the front chancery again. Both men giving one another wedgies basically now with Sting returning the favour as Rude tried it first, Rude works the ribs with massive rib shots. Rude steps on the toes of Sting, Rude is down to his knees with this front chancery spot going on and on. Very odd to see Sting in control like this, we going to pick up the pace soon? Rude crotches Sting on the top rope and clothesline Sting to the floor, Sting is rammed into the ring apron and the ramp. Rude works the ribs with forearms and a belly to back suplex.


Rude poses with the fans being pissed, camel clutch from Rude. Sting tries firing up but Rude drops his weight on Sting and flexes, Sting gets caught again in the hold. Victory roll counters by both men before Rude cracks Sting with forearms, Sting kicks Rude but Rude keeps coming. Sleeper from Rude, Sting survives the hold. Right hands by Rude, Sting is shaking off the attacks though. Rude tries running away, atomic drop and inverted atomic drops. Clothesline with Rude’s ass hanging out, back-drop from Sting. Rude is whipped into the referee and we have a Stinger Splash! Scorpion Death-Lock! Sting tries waking the referee at the same time, Harley Race is here and back-dropped into the ring. Vader is here too, these two feuding again? My heart! Vader is knocked to the floor with Race, Rude chop-blocks Sting. Vader has a chair, Rude wants the Rude Awakening. Lots of standing around, what is going on? Rude Awakening is missed as Race cracks Rude in the back of the head. Sting covers for the win!


What was going on between Vader and Race at the end? I would say it upset the flow but I would be lying, I cannot fathom how Sting is not a world champion honestly how he was shoved to the side for Flair and Hogan which I will experience very soon will confuse me because he gets the biggest of reactions and is beloved by all. Rude has been one of my favourites since coming over to WCW but his matches have been hit and miss but I will point out my love for The Dangerous Alliance here and his match with Ricky Steamboat at Beach Blast which was one of the best matches I have seen in quite some time so there’s a bit of a love/hate thing going on with Rude and me but I loved the gimmick, loved his faction and I am sorry about how his career ended.


Winner: Sting over Rick Rude via Chair to The Head!


(Bunkhouse Rules Match) Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck W/ Colonel Rob Parker

Haven’t really been given too much insight into this angle, Rhodes is sliding down the card following his disappointing reign as United States Champion, I am not sure what the purpose of the Stud Stable is at this point because they are not the dominant faction in WCW. This match starts hot with Rhodes diving over the top rope and landing a flying lariat, slaps and right hands. Flying lariat from Rhodes, suplex into the ring for two. Rhodes knocks Buck to the floor, Buck looks out of it. Both men slugging it out with Rhodes winning the exchange, Bionic Elbow on the floor and a lovely elbow to the groin.


Right hands from Rhodes, Buck misses a clothesline but Rhodes misses a flying crossbody. Rhodes holds his knee on the floor, Parker chokes Rhodes on the floor. Buck has a 2X4 and cracks Rhodes across the spine, a vicious shot right to the head. Rhodes gets colour, Buck lands a clothesline and Rhodes takes the inside-out bump on the ramp. Buck chokes Rhodes with his suspenders, scoop slam by Buck. Stomp right to the head from Buck, again and again. Buck slams the leg of Rhodes off the ring apron, the leg is smashed off the ring-post. Rhodes kicks away at Buck, Rhodes throws powder into the eyes of Buck. Buck takes off his belt and whips Rhodes in the face with the belt, it sounds horrific.


Buck continues to destroy Rhodes, Buck is making quite the name for himself in my eyes. Rhodes fights back from his knees but Buck lands an eye-rake, kick to the groin from Buck. Buck kicks Rhodes right in the groin, boot in the head. Buck misses a boot as Rhodes dodges, Rhodes kicks Buck hard in the back who is on the buckle laid out. Bionic Elbow to the chin, Rhodes took off his belt. Around his fist goes the belt, the belt smacks off the face of Buck who is bleeding now. Rhodes clocks Buck over and over, Rhodes takes off his boot and goes to the middle rope. Boot to the head from Rhodes, Buck has his shirt stripped away and Rhodes goes crazy with the belt. Bionic Elbow and Rhodes clotheslines Buck to the floor.


Atomic drop by Rhodes, Bionic Elbows in the corner to Buck but there is something in the glove of Buck, whip to the buckle. Corner clothesline and Corner Bulldog from Rhodes, Parker distracts Rhodes. Suplex into the ring from Rhodes, Buck is recovering though. Rhodes whips Parker with his belt, Parker is tossed to the floor. Roll-up for two from Buck, Rhodes tees off and destroys Buck with rights and lefts. A right hand decks Buck, two for Rhodes. Irish whip reversed by Buck, Rhodes kicks away Buck. Parker hands Buck a foreign object as the referee argues with Parker, one right hand later and Buck wins this match.


Great match, loved the brawling between the two. Rhodes and Bucks bring an intensity to this match where they just beat the shit out of one another. The blood is beautiful, the whipping with the belts is tremendous and I really enjoyed this one. Lots of great visuals throughout this match, just a lot of fun. Great way to establish Buck with a win, looking forward to the future matches between these two, if it is good as this match, I will be raving once again.


Winner: Bunkhouse Buck over Dustin Rhodes via Brass Knuckles!


The Boss vs Vader W/ Harley Race

The Boss cost Vader the opportunity to become WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Boss has added nothing to WCW since joining in my opinion but the high-profile matches continue for The Boss. We start on the ramp, Vader bulldozes Race as Boss avoids the splash, Boss lands uppercut after uppercut before a clothesline into the ring. Gut shots from Boss, big boot staggers Vader. Right hand sends Vader to the ramp, Vader out-guns Boss. Short-arm clothesline from Vader, Vader dives over the top rope for a splash but Boss blocks with his knees. Boss clotheslines Vader to the floor, Vader is sent into the guardrail and into the crowd. Right hands by The Boss, corner splash connects with Boss winding up for another big right hand.


Scoop slam from Boss, right hands and clubbing blows from Vader. Boss lands an eye poke but Vader continues kicking back, low kick and headbutt from Boss. Vader back-drops Boss to the floor in a worrying spot, Boss saved his own life I believe there by grabbing the ropes. Race lands two shots behind the referee’s back, Vader’s eye is all fucked up and bleeding. Suplex into the ring, Vader tees-off in the corner but Boss comes back with rights of his own. Vader has a side headlock but Boss lands a belly to back suplex. Boss lands a massive clothesline, Vader lands a boot and a clothesline of his own.


Vader is on the middle rope, too slow as Boss slams Vader down in an ugly looking spot. Boss looks for a superplex? Holy shit, they are going for a few big spots in here. Middle rope DDT for two! Boss lands a diving shoulder block, Boss climbs high again. Powerslam counter by Vader, Vader Bomb connects and Boss somehow kicks out! Vader decides it is time for The Vadersault and this is over!


What a match, was not expecting this to be as fun as this but these two big bastards took some of the nastiest bumps I have seen in a while and they gave it to one another here. From the middle rope DDT to the Vader Bomb to the powerslams and suplexes to the final Vadersault. These two men destroy one another in epic fashion, there is blood and a swollen eye for Vader. Exactly what you would want from two animals destroying one another, these two last matches have been a lot of fun.


Winner: Vader over The Boss via Vadersault!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

So this is a little strange for obvious reasons, I do not know where Ricky Steamboat was during most of 1993, they had Steamboat lose his partner in Douglas so Steamboat had to work against Regal and Orndorff, unfairly being left out of the big matches in my opinion because Steamboat had so much to offer so to relegate Steamboat to not being on PPV was wild to me. I am curious as to why these two are facing one another other than Flair wants to work against a man who he knows he will have a classic with. It’s been a wild since I have seen the trilogy but I am sure this will be just as good.


We kick off with Flair tripping Steamboat, Steamboat wriggles free. Side headlock into a hammerlock by Flair, Steamboat continues to wriggle free before a clean break. Lock-up and side headlock takedown by Flair but Steamboat head-scissors his way out so Flair has to bridge out, Flair respects Steamboat who is going hold for hold as anticipated. Lock-up and side headlock from Steamboat, shoulder block rocks Flair. Takedown from Steamboat, Flair scrambles but is taken down with a side headlock. Shoves and slaps with Steamboat winning that exchange, drop-downs and leapfrogs before Steamboat military presses Flair. Beautiful head-scissors, make it double. Dropkick by Steamboat and a dropkick sends Flair to the floor.


Flair and Steamboat are in the middle of the ring, Flair grabs the hair but Steamboat comes up time and time again. They are trading chops, another slap from Steamboat. Side headlock takedown from Steamboat, shoulder block and side headlock again from Steamboat. More shoulder blocks and side headlocks, Flair shoves Steamboat to the corner. Chop before Steamboat lands a hip-toss, head-scissors and a side headlock takedown once more. Shoulder blocks and Steamboat skins the cat and rolls-up Flair for two. Back into the side headlock takedown, Flair goes low with a knee and chops the challenger. Flair lands a shoulder block but Steamboat drops Flair with a toe-hold into a front chancery.


Flair is back-dropped by Steamboat, Steamboat misses a dropkick. Closed fist to the face by Flair, chops in the corner. Snap-mare into the knee-drop, another snap-mare into the knee-drop. 4 cover attempts by Flair but Steamboat continues to kick out much to Flair’s frustration! They chop one another, Flair in control. Steamboat chops down Flair, Flair begs for mercy. Right hands and chops, Irish whip but Flair ducks and lands a flying crossbody with both men crashing to the floor. Flair is back-dropped on the floor after a failed piledriver, Steamboat is whipped into the guardrail by the champion. Flair flip to the apron and Steamboat chops Flair to the floor, Steamboat lands a diving chop to the head.


Flair begs for mercy, ten punches and chops in the corner. Cover for two, Flair sends Steamboat to the floor. Slingshot sunset flip is countered with a right hand by Flair, knee-drop is blocked by The Dragon. Figure four leg-lock by Steamboat, Steamboat pulls Flair to the middle of the ring. Eye-poke by Flair to survive, they trade pin-fall attempts. Flair begs for mercy again, chops from Flair. Steamboat is weathering that storm, massive chops and right hands. Irish whip and double chop, Flair is on the apron. Steamboat looks for a suplex, Flair blocks with both men on the ramp. Steamboat chops Flair into the ring, corner chops. Flair flip to the floor, Steamboat misses a chop from the apron as Flair blocks with his feet.


Steamboat chops down Flair, Steamboat lands his Diving Crossbody for two. Flair kicks out, Steamboat misses a chop and eats a clothesline from The Nature Boy. Snap-mare, Flair is climbing high. Steamboat catches Flair and yanks him to the mat. Steamboat misses a diving top rope splash, clutching his knees. Flair is going to go to work, figure four is blocked though by Steamboat. Flair kicks Steamboat in the face to apply the hold, Figure Four Leg-Lock from the champion! Steamboat makes it to the ropes, Flair knees the leg hard. Snap-mare, Flair looks for it again. Small package counter for two, Steamboat has the backslide for another close two. Chops by The Dragon, Steamboat places Flair on the top rope. Superplex off the top rope, massive manoeuvre from the challenger.


O’Connor roll from Steamboat for a close two, Flair misses a belly to back suplex. Chicken-wing hold from Steamboat, it’s been forever since we have seen this hold! Steamboat drops down tiger-suplex style and the referee begins to count, we have a controversial decision here as we are not sure who has won the championship. Both men have their shoulders down so Flair retains the championship due to that fact.


Fantastic match between the two as usual, these two killed it on this night. It is not their classics from 1989 but it’s still leagues better than a lot of things you would have seen during this era. Steamboat and Flair work in all their classic stuff, it’s drawn out and dramatic. Flair is in a familiar role working the heel style and going back to his old tactics while Steamboat is one of the greatest babyfaces of all-time with Steamboat showing all that fire that I love, these guys kick all sorts of ass in this match. Crowd is with them all the way, so happy to see Steamboat be allowed to do what he does best again in WCW, Steamboat should always be hovering around the main event and having classics because The Dragon can still go. Great match, good controversial finish that leaves us open to a rematch between the two, probably won’t be revisited with Hogan coming in but I am glad I got to see these two tear it up inside the ring again.


Winner: Ric Flair over Ricky Steamboat via Referee’s Decision!


That was WCW’s Spring Stampede 1994, a good and bad PPV from WCW. Let me be clear in saying this might be the best PPV I have seen in about a year or longer from this company. 1993 was abysmal for WCW PPV wise but the mistakes of the previous year are being corrected and I am all for it so far. We kick things off simple enough with Badd vs DDP, Badd is getting over finally and showing promise, that is good to see. The TV Championship match had a hot start but it faded as time went on, you could see the draw coming and it’s such a regular occurrence with Regal that it just has no impact on me anymore. I have seen it more than once, I have seen matches go down to the last 30 seconds. I would like to see Regal drop the championship now so we can see something different. The Chicago Street Fight is a great brawl, four men beating the crap out of each other and the finish is sickening, I have turned a corner on Payne & Cactus Jack, I am shocked how much I love the team but this match worked on this night and the stars aligned. Muta vs Austin is awful, nothing happens its like Steamboat vs Flair without the urgency or passion. Headlocks to kill time, the finish is lame.


Sting vs Rick Rude is not great but by God have they finally put a championship on Sting, I am all for it. It’s been too long and way too many tag matches, Sting is their most popular star and should be champion. After that match, the card just gets taken to another level. Rhodes vs Bunkhouse is a great brawl, Rhodes has been lacklustre for me for a little while now, I was pissed about the feud with Windham not happening and how the Rude feud played out but here we have something personal and Rhodes is fired up, the blood is great and the belt shots are great and the finish leaves the babyface Rhodes searching for revenge. Quality stuff there, it continues with The Boss vs Vader. Two big men who hit hard, it should not be this good but I was going wild by the end. Vadersault is the icing on the cake, Vader continues to be booked strong after the world championship which is important to me and then, we have the main event. Another classic chapter written in the Steamboat vs Flair book, great from bell to bell. Great end to the PPV! So you can see, ups and downs but a much better experience than what happened in 1993, this could be a good year for WCW. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Wednesday 8 June 2022

WCW Superbrawl 1994 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more gruesome than Cody Rhodes’ torn pec muscle! It’s time for WCW Superbrawl IV headlined by Thundercage matches featuring Vader vs Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and we also have a six-man Thundercage match featuring Rick Rude, Stunning Steve Austin and Paul Orndorff taking on Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Brian Pillman! We also have the tag team championships on the line as The Nasty Boys take on Cactus and Maxx Payne while Arn Anderson challenges Lord Steven Regal for the WCW Television Championship! Let’s get it on, the big news going into this one is that Ric Flair has taken over from Dusty Rhodes as booker so can Flair turn this tide?


Harlem Heat vs Thunder & Lightning

They might be Kane and Kole but for me they are Booker and Stevie Ray, these two burst onto the scene in WCW during The Shockmaster debacle and proceeded to job out during Battle Bowl and possibly Halloween Havoc but I am not so sure they made more than one PPV appearance after the collapse of their alliance with Sid as Sid was released by WCW due to the Anderson stabbing incident. They are taking on two men in singlets and tassels, I cannot imagine this will be a long match. Booker starts the match slapping one of the men, it is Lightning. Booker works the arm with a wristlock before Lightning turns the tide, Booker rolls through and kips-up into his own hammerlock. Lightning reverses and Booker goes to the ropes, Booker takes the back.


Lightning takes the back and applies a hammerlock, snap-mare and tag to Thunder. Top wristlock from Thunder, Booker uses an eye-rale and tags in Stevie Ray. Arm-drag, Thunder and Lightning use quick tags to mess up Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray punishes Lightning with rights, tag to Booker and back to the arm-drag. Tag to Thunder, gut punch and knee-lift for two. Thunder is tapped on the back by Stevie Ray, Booker clotheslines Thunder to the floor. Stevie Ray sends Thunder into the guard-rail, Booker is begging the boy to come back into the ring. Tag to Stevie Ray, quick tags by Harlem Heat. Flying forearm by Booker, stomps to the chest and face from Booker for two. Snap-mare and neck crank from Booker, Thunder escapes and lands a sunset flip but Booker had tagged in Stevie Ray who clubs down Thunder. Booker misses a diving top rope elbow, can Thunder make the tag? In comes Lightning, right hands for both. Scoop slams and dropkicks, Booker eats a belly to belly suplex with Stevie Ray making the save. Match breaks down, Thunder is with the referee. O’Connor roll from Lightning but Stevie Ray kicks Lightning right in the head and Booker covers for the win.


Standard tag team match, Harlem Heat have some really good looking gear here for the first time and their personalities shine through but still very rough around the edges while I have no idea who Thunder and Lightning are but I hope they no longer grace my computer screen on PPV because there is nothing remotely interesting about these two guys.


Winners: Harlem Heat over Thunder & Lightning via Kick to The Head!


The Equalizer vs Jungle Jim Steele

Everyone’s favourite groupie The Equalizer who was passed down from Rick Rude to Paul Orndorff to Harlem Heat to whoever was unlucky enough to not have any friends in the company against the man that would become Wolf Hawkfield in AJPW. Steele lands two arm-drags and Equalizer is not happy, kicks to the ribs from Equalizer and Steele is rammed off the buckle. Equalizer is rammed off the buckle over and over, Steele works the arm. Roll-up for two, Steele goes back to the arm. Steele almost lands a monkey flip but Equalizer holds onto the ropes, scoop slam and leg drop by Equalizer. Steele is tossed to the floor, Equalizer continues to dominate in the ring. Steele tries a crucifix pin, two for Steele. Equalizer is whipped to the buckle, boot counter from Equalizer. Equalizer rakes at the face and sends Steele to the floor, Steele lands a shoulder block. Equalizer meets the buckle, atomic drop. Ugly dropkick,  clothesline by Steele. The Steele trap which is a Lou Thesz Press and it is over!


Oh boy that was rough, why must WCW insist on feeding me these rough matches at the start of their shows? Thunder and Lightning followed by Jungle Jim Steele? Can you stop taking the piss WCW? Thanks, this was about 6 minutes and it felt triple that, it’s time for Equalizer to go.


Winner: Jungle Jim Steele over The Equalizer via Steele Trap!


Diamond Dall Page W/ The Diamond Doll vs Terry Taylor

What is going on here? These two I have not seen for two years, DDP has not be seen since managing The Freebirds while Terry Taylor is no longer Terrence Taylor and The York Corporation is a distant memory. DDP tries throwing a boot but Taylor catches it and lands massive right hands, spinning kick to the face. Taylor lands a gut-wrench for two, wristlock from Taylor. Cross arm-breaker from Taylor, DDP reaches the ropes and rolls to the floor. DDP slaps the arm trying to recover, the doll helps with poor DDP’s arm but Taylor goes to work and wrenches the arm over and over. Knees to the arm, Taylor continues working the arm. Side headlock by DDP, clothesline by Taylor for two.


Elbow counter by DDP, Taylor is bounced off the buckle. Shoulder thrusts from DDP, DDP kicks the ribs of Taylor and talks some serious trash. DDP lands his gut-wrench and Taylor crumbles on the canvas, elbow drop from DDP for two. Cobra clutch from DDP to wear down Taylor, Taylor shakes off DDP. Clothesline by DDP for two, sleeper from DDP but Taylor slips out for a belly to back suplex. Dropkick by Taylor, Taylor lowers his head off an Irish whip so DDP counters with a face-buster. Reverse chin-lock from DDP, Taylor escapes and lands a flying crossbody for two. DDP lands a massive right hand, two for DDP. Irish whip to the buckle, DDP lands a shoulder thrust to the ribs. DDP whips Taylor to the buckle, Taylor dodges the corner splash and rolls-up DDP for the win.


Oh boy the hits keep on coming don’t they? DDP is as green as they come at this point in his career so it is up to Taylor to make this compelling, it’s alright at the end of the day but after the previous two matches I had to watch, my patience is running quite thin with the old WCW. This is your way to kick off 1994 PPV? Come on WCW do better!


Winner: Terrence Taylor over DDP via Roll-Up!


Johnny B. Badd vs Jimmy Garvin W/ Michael P.S. Hayes

Oh my good lord, Jimmy Garvin??? What is going on with WCW? Originally, we were meant to have Badd vs Hayes which would have been wild because I haven’t seen Michael Hayes since 1992 as the manager of Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson after The Dangerous Alliance went belly-up. Jimmy Garvin left before that so seeing Garvin is a shock also, what is going on with this company?


Side headlock takedown by Badd, Garvin counters with a head-scissors, on my lord they are stalling like they always use to do during their matches. Side headlock by Badd, hammerlock into a side headlock takedown. Badd works the arm and Garvin continues to scream out in pain, they trade hammerlocks and arm-bars for the next three minutes with Garvin stalling and using the hair to escape when possible. Garvin shoves Badd to the corner, knees in the corner and right hands by Garvin. Whip to the buckle with Badd reversing, boot to the face from Garvin. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock from Garvin, Badd escapes but runs into a massive knee. Badd comes back into it with kicks and right hands, back body-drop. Garvin gets caught with an uppercut, Badd climbs to the top rope. Diving sunset flip for the win.


Dull and lifeless, I honestly not sure what I have done to have so many bad matches in a row to kick off a PPV, why is Garvin putting over a new finish called the 9-1-1? The guy is retired, what is this all about? What was accomplished here? Badd’s popularity continues to baffle me, the relentless assault of arm-bars sucked me right out of this match, I am hoping things pick up eventually.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Jimmy Garvin via Diving Sunset Flip!


(WCW Television Championship Match) Lord Steven Regal © W/ Sir William vs Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson’s career after the end of The Dangerous Alliance has been interesting, the man teeters on being important and irrelevant which is crazy considering how reliable his work is and how Anderson can be used to get over new talent. From teaming with Bobby Eaton to jerking the curtain to teaming with Flair to teaming with Roma to being left off PPVs, Arn Anderson’s career certainly is interesting in those last few years.


Regal has his left leg taped up, Regal has beaten back the likes of Bulldog and Steamboat but a lot of victories were time-limit draws, I sincerely hope I am not in for another draw because I might just give up on reviewing this PPV for a while. They lock-up and Anderson hurts the neck and ears of Regal, Anderson looks at Regal as if to say, “Are you for real brother?”. Regal and Sir William talk strategy, side headlock by Anderson. Regal’s ears are sore now, Regal is not happy with Anderson. Regal uses his skills to work the arm, Anderson reverses the hold and trips up Regal. Kicks to the arm from Anderson, Regal is not happy. Test of strength, Anderson kicks the ribs and trips up Regal and more arm-work from the challenger.


Regal uses his leg to take down Anderson and works the arm, hammerlock with a face-lock. Hammerlock counter from Anderson, hammerlock scoop slam by the challenger. Regal asks for the time, they lock-up with Anderson pushing Regal to the corner. Shoulder thrusts from Anderson, hammerlock with knees to the arm. Regal has his arm sent into the ring-post, Anderson chases down Sir William. Regal asks for the time again, Regal re-enters the ring and rocks Anderson with a forearm, Regal has a cravate-hold on Anderson with Anderson struggling to escape the hold. Back body-drop by Anderson, two for the challenger.


Anderson stretches the arm, Regal tries rolling to the floor to waste more time. Classic Regal, Anderson gives Regal a breather before grabbing that arm. Regal has his arm smashed over the top rope, Regal hooks the ropes to avoid being pinned. Eye-rake by Regal, headbutt by the champion. Sir William lands an umbrella shot to the throat of Anderson, Regal applies a single leg Boston crab with the ropes for leverage. Regal is caught in the act, Regal maintains control and looks for The Regal Stretch or at least an early variation of the hold with Sir William helping the champion. Anderson survives the onslaught, shots to the side of the head from Regal. Anderson trips up Regal and stomps that leg, Anderson stomps away at the leg. Figure Four but Regal kicks off Anderson, Regal has Anderson out on the floor.


Anderson sends the leg of Regal into the ring apron, Anderson begins to bend the leg of Regal. Regal regains control and applies a reverse chin-lock, Anderson is back after reaching the ropes. European uppercuts and left hand blows by both men, test of strength with Anderson applying a body-scissors but Regal looks for a Boston crab. Anderson twists off Regal, sleeper and a roll-up for two. Small package by Anderson for two, double underhook suplex is blocked by Anderson. Spinebuster plants Regal, Regal has the hand of Sir William. Anderson is distracted by Sir William, Anderson is on the apron. Slingshot sunset flip, Regal uses the umbrella of Sir William to counter the hold and retain his championship.


Hit and miss for me in this match, both men can work that technical style and make it very interesting which they do in the early parts of this match but I cannot help but think the whole time that Anderson works the arm and hurts Regal, why is he not attacking the taped up leg until the last 7 minutes? Arn Anderson who is a veteran of his craft and is not going to go after that leg? Hard to believe, they make it work for the most part but we get down to those final 10 minutes and the plethora of rest-holds just wear me down to the point where I can’t begin to be interested because I know we are going down to the wire and we almost do with six seconds remaining. I didn’t think the match needed to be this long, if it was shorter it could have been a lot tighter and a lot more enjoyable but still good from two men I enjoy watching.


Winner: Lord Steven Regal over Arn Anderson via Roll-Up!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) The Nasty Boys © vs Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne

Missy Hyatt is gone from WCW so the Nasty Boys have lost the one redeeming part of their gimmick, Payne and Knobbs to start and we start with a German suplex with Knobbs being dropped right on his head. In comes Sags, Sags rakes the eyes but eats a belly to belly suplex. Knobbs comes back in, right hands but Payne drops Knobbs with a uranage and Sags runs into a powerslam. Big start for the big man, Cactus is tagged in now. Flying forearms to the face, scoop slams all around. Elbow drop combination by the challengers, Sags makes the save. Cactus rips at the face of Sags, the match breaks down immediately. Knobbs and Sags powder, the challengers are whooping ass.


We reset with Cactus and Sags, eye-rake and tag to Knobbs. Elbow by Cactus, apron leg-drop from Cactus. Tag to Payne, face-buster from Payne for two. Arm-bar by Payne but Knobbs rakes the eyes, Payne reverses an Irish whip and the shoulder block does not work on Payne but Sags comes in for a vicious chop block. Sags drops an elbow to the groin and works the injured leg, knees to the hamstring and a tag to Knobbs. Wishbone-split by the champions, Payne kicks off Knobbs. Payne scoop slams Knobbs but misses a leg drop, Knobbs regains control and drops elbows. Middle rope leg drop misses for Knobbs, tag to Cactus. Right hands by Cactus, knee-lift and a shot to Knobbs. Cactus is running wild, Cactus clothesline on Knobbs. Sags attacks Cactus on the apron, the protective mats have been ripped up and Sags shoulder blocks Cactus onto the concrete and you can hear the splat! Disgusting bump from Cactus, Knobbs applies a Boston crab in the ring.


Payne eventually pulls Cactus to his corner, why not attack Knobbs? Sags distracts the referee so the referee misses the tag, Payne clubs Knobbs anyways. Cactus lands a double DDT on the champions, could now be the time for the tag? Payne comes in and lands massive clotheslines and belly to belly suplexes Knobbs. Headbutts all around, Painkiller in the middle of the ring but Sags grabs the guitar for the DQ.


Surprisingly good, was not expecting to have that much fun with a match like this but Payne starts off using his strength and size to batter The Nasty Boys, German suplexes and uranages are always a fun time for me, the plunge bump from Cactus is horrific. Could be used as a great way to build sympathy but we rushed our way into the finish, if they could have stretched out the sympathy there they could have elicited a major reaction from the fans but good stuff and the finish leaves us open to a rematch.


Winners: Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne over The Nasty Boys via DQ!


(Six-Man Thundercage Match) Rick Rude/Stunning Steve Austin/Paul Orndorff vs Sting/Dustin Rhodes/Flyin’ Brian Pillman

The Dangerous Alliance runs again as Rude and Austin team together while Paul Orndorff continues to get the big matches are you kidding me? Anyways, it looks like Rude is continuing to do battle with Sting while Austin has problems with both Pillman and Rhodes but Orndorff is here ladies and gentlemen. As much as I rag on Orndorff, every single match for the past number of PPVs, there have been Paula chants every time he steps inside of the ring. Sting and Rude to start, back drop and three clotheslines from The Stinger. Rude curls up in the ropes, I can’t believe they are going to work a traditional six-man tag in the cage. The match type is made for brawls, Rude takes the arm and tags Orndorff. Orndorff wrenches the arm and applies a Fujiwara arm-bar. Knees to the arm for good measure, Austin comes in and says his knee is hurt.


Scorpion Death-Lock but Austin and Orndorff manage to stagger Sting, Sting is back on his feet though. On the floor, Sting sends Austin into the cage. Pillman chops Austin against the cage, Sting sends Austin into the cage again. Pillman tags in and kicks Austin in the ribs, shoulder block by Pillman. Austin sends Pillman to the floor, Pillman chops Austin all over. Austin runs and runs before flap-jacking Pillman into the cage wall. Orndorff sends Pillman into the cage, Pillman is bleeding from being sent into the cage. Rude has Pillman in the ring, Pillman eats elbows to his cut. Tag to Orndorff, right hands and stomp from Orndorff. Pillman fights back before Orndorff delivers a sickening belly to back suplex. Tag to Rude, Rude lands a diving knee-drop to the head. Two for Rude, tag to Austin. Austin lands a middle rope diving elbow, Orndorff lands a cheap-shot to add insult to injury.


A bloody Pillman escapes Austin and tags in Sting, Rhodes has done nothing yet. Sting clotheslines everyone, Orndorff eats a clothesline. Orndorff meets the cage and is bleeding and Rhodes comes in, Bionic Elbows everywhere. Right hands to the head of Orndorff, Orndorff pulls Rhodes into the buckle. Rude comes in, Rhodes rocks Rude with right hands. The Bulldog is countered though, Rude crotches Rhodes on the top turnbuckle. Super belly to back suplex from the middle rope, Rude comes down with a right hand to the head. Bearhug from Rude, Austin comes in but Rhodes knocks down Austin. Rhodes dropkicks Austin into the thunder-cage. Orndorff lands a stomp and Austin regains control, Rhodes meets the buckle hard. Whip to the opposite buckle, Rhodes lands a middle rope elbow to knock down Austin.


Tag to Pillman, chops to the chest of Austin. Back body-drop and dropkick to Rude & Orndorff, right hands all around and the match breaks down. Sting dumps Rude and Orndorff to the floor, Austin tastes a back body-drop and Pillman is body-pressed onto Austin by Sting for the win.


After all that, that’s the finish? The big six-man war in the cage with all these men who hate one another ends like that, Pillman gets the pin over Austin when Austin was looking like the man to challenge Ric Flair? I was expecting more to be honest with you, it started great and had some really good moments to kick us off with Sting running wild but then it never kicked into the next gear, the violence and drama wasn’t there. How are we still doing this Sting? How can we not have a championship around his waist? How many more tags before Sting has a championship match? It just feels like filler and considering how many champions are in the match, I wanted more.


Winners: Team Sting over Team Rude via Military Press!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Thunder-cage Match) Ric Flair © vs Vader W/ Harley Race

The Starrcades of the 80s and Bash tours were always interesting to me for the reason that we would have to watch a tag team cage match before a main event cage match, it was the fitting way to blow-off feuds from that time but I always found it hard to watch the same type of match twice. I think that might be an issue here with having to watch another Thunder-cage match again. Flair had been injured by Vader on the Clash before this, can Vader come after the champion and regain his championship?


The Boss is the referee, Vader charges and misses a splash. Flair punches and chops Vader, chair-shot on the floor. Chops and the mask is off, right hands in the corner. Vader catches Flair and drills him with a boot, elbows to the groin area. Short-arm clothesline, Vader clubs Flair down. Vader Bomb? No Moonsault and Vader lands on his feet! What a freak! Flair eats a clothesline, Vader dumps Flair to the floor. Race chokes Flair through the cage, Flair fires up in the ring but Vader clubs him down. Flair chokes Vader but Vader goes to the eyes. Vader Hammer knocks Flair to the floor, Race lands a headbutt through the cage. Vader lands a superplex, Flair is on the floor rolling away from the attacks of Vader. Race tries to interfere again, The Boss captures Race and handcuffs Race to the cage but no Vader splashes The Boss.


The Boss is in the handcuffs, who will be the referee now? Vader has the nightstick, Flair is in serious trouble. Race has the key and Race enters the cage, rights and lefts in the corner. Race holds Flair, Vader lands shot after shot. Splash by Vader, Arn Anderson is coming to ringside. Vader is on the top rope, Flair dodges and Vader clotheslines Race. Right hands all around, chops onto Race. Steamboat is here, breaking the lock on the door. Flair cracks Race with the chair, Vader is cracked with the chair too. Vader clotheslines Flair, The Boss wriggles free from the handcuffs and slaughters Vader with his nightstick. Flair locks on the Figure Four Leg-Lock, Vader taps out from the hold. Or does he? The commentators say he never gave up so The Boss screwed him?


For a WCW main event featuring two men who tore it up the previous month with tonnes of drama, it’s incredible how different this match is to the Starrcade match. The drama just is not there, you don’t feel Flair’s struggles or pain. It’s like he conquered Vader so it’s all just a formality, the cage never really comes into play which is disappointing considering how you have put time and effort into the gimmick. You think it would be laid out where Flair has to run and gun because Vader has him like a cat toying with a mouse but no, Flair waffles Vader around the ring, only losing advantage when The Boss is handcuffed to the cage. It was more about The Boss and Vader than Flair and Vader by the end, what an absolute mess especially with Anderson and Steamboat standing around like cheerleaders. Not a fan of this at all.


Winner: Ric Flair over Vader via Submission!


That was WCW’s Superbrawl 1994, another terrible WCW PPV. We kick the show-off with 4 matches that are not PPV quality, it’s laughable. We have Thunder and Lightning, Jungle Jim Steele, Terry Taylor and Jimmy Garvin? Some of these guys should have never made PPV while the others haven’t been seen regularly on WCW TV in 2 years. It’s insane how poorly this PPV kicked off, things get better with Anderson vs Regal, two guys who can sell and work the crowd very well, I don’t really like the time-limit draw style of wrestling because I feel sometimes the limb work can almost be pedestrian like they are going through the motions and Anderson’s refusal to attack the leg of Regal which is taped-up is definitely a head-scratcher. The surprise and highlight of the night is the tag match, Payne was lots of fun in this one which is a complete 180 from my view on him in all previous times I have seen him. Maybe something has clicked but I enjoyed this and the prospect of a rematch is not a terrible thing in my eyes. The two Thunder-cage matches I would label underwhelming, Sting continues to be super popular but wasted in tag matches on PPV, I know we are getting to Sting vs Rude but it’s taking it’s sweet time to get us there. Austin’s role has diminished while Dustin Rhodes is in recovery mode. Not a big fan of the thunder-cage, definitely not a fan of a six-man being worked in the traditional style when you can have blood and involve the cage, I mean it’s just crying out for chaos and you don’t get that. Speaking of chaos, the main event looks to be chaotic but not in a fun way. The image of Vader as an all-conquering force is being stripped away and I don’t like it. My feelings aside, it was just not main event level quality and almost cartoony, I thought the company would walk that line with Hogan in there but even before Hogan, we are having a little tip-toe into the wacky. I haven’t enjoyed one thing Bossman has done since joining WCW, it’s a disaster really and I am unsure where Vader will be slotted in as his initial run of dominance ends in WCW. WCW in 1994 looks a lot like WCW in 1993 but let’s put on a brave face and cut them a little slack its only the beginning of the year, let’s see where we are in 11 months time right? Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!