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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event February 3rd 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that ignites more debate than a Marko Stunt match! It is time for Saturday Night’s Main Event, February 3rd 1989. This is all about The Mega-Powers vs The Twin Towers, Bossman assaulted Hogan on Brother Love’s show while both Hogan and Savage have fallen victim to assaults from The Twin Towers. Tensions have been brewing between Hogan and Savage, Savage does not seem to have Hogan as his main priority, only saving Hogan when Elizabeth was in danger also. Meanwhile, Hogan had dumped Savage out of the Royal Rumble, adding more tension between the two. Will The Mega-Powers explode? Let’s find out!

The Twin Towers W/ Slick vs The Mega-Powers W/ Miss Elizabeth

The formation of The Mega-Powers could be said to be Wrestlemania IV as Hogan helped Savage capture the WWF Championship but the two united formally on an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event battling The Mega-Bucks and now The Twin-Towers. Two of the WWF’s brightest stars, surely they could overcome any odds?

Savage is starting this match with Bossman, Bossman wants Hogan. Bossman says just bring it to Hogan, Bossman just spat on Hogan but Savage calms down the situation and wait, Hogan is starting with Bossman. Lock-up, rake the eyes from Bossman. This fires up Hogan, Hogan nails Slick, Akeem and Bossman is atomic dropped to the floor, fans lose their minds at this sight and this is peak WWF. We reset, knees from Bossman, Bossman takes Hogan to the corner but it is Bossman who eats the turnbuckle multiple times. Irish whip from Hogan, Bossman holds onto the ropes to avoid a big punch, Savage nails an axe handle on Bossman on the floor while The Twin-Towers recover.

Bossman tags in Akeem, lock-up with Hogan and Savage nailing Akeem with right hands. Chops from Hogan, Irish whip and an axe bomber does not floor Akeem. Tag to Savage, diving top rope axe handle from Savage. Savage whips Akeem to the corner, reverse elbow and left jabs from Savage. Akeem meets Hogan’s boot, tag to Hogan. Middle rope axe handle, Akeem rakes the eyes and clubs Hogan. Tag to Bossman, Irish whip but Hogan reverses. Hogan does not see the clothesline of Bossman, piledriver from Bossman. Hogan lays down in the middle of the ring, Akeem is now the legal man.

Quick clubbing from Akeem before a tag to Bossman, Bossman is back-dropped to the floor. Bossman drags out Hogan, the two brawl on the floor. Slick holds onto Hogan at ringside, it allows Akeem to splash Hogan. Bossman brings Hogan to the ropes, Irish whip and spinebuster from Bossman. Two for Bossman, tag to Akeem. Akeem lays in the right hands to Hogan, tag to Bossman. Akeem holds Hogan as Akeem lands big rights, Bossman winds up for a big punch and Hogan ducks, Bossman wallops Akeem by mistake. Hogan tags Savage, Savage clotheslines Akeem. Diving crossbody from Savage for two, Savage goes off the ropes and Slick nails Savage in the back with his nightstick.

Bossman is the legal man, quick punch from Bossman before a tag to Akeem. Double reverse elbow from The Twin Towers, Akeem whips Savage to the floor. Elizabeth checks on a downed Savage, Akeem hurls Savage to the floor and Savage wipes out Elizabeth. Hogan looks on distraught, Elizabeth is knocked unconscious. Savage is staring at Hogan but Akeem pulls Savage back into the ring, Bossman is now the legal man. Elizabeth is not moving, Hogan picks up the unconscious Elizabeth as Savage clears the ring of The Twin Towers. Savage is looking on, Bossman clobbers Savage with a kick to the back of the head. Hogan helps Elizabeth to the back, Savage is all alone in the ring.

Back in the ring, Savage is looking for a tag as Akeem is destroying The Macho Man. Akeem chokes Savage in the ropes, Hogan is making his way back to the ring. Bossman lands a huge right on Savage, Bossman mounts Savage delivering multiple blows to the head. Tag to Akeem, quick slam before a tag to Bossman. Double backbreaker from The Twin Towers, Akeem and Bossman are thinking splash. Both men miss though, Savage is throwing The Twin Towers out on the floor. Hogan and Savage are having a few words, Savage slaps Hogan for abandoning him, Bossman pulls Hogan into the ring.

Savage is thinking of walking out on Hogan, Akeem whips Hogan into the corner. Bossman and Akeem miss their double splash, right hands from Hogan on The Twin Towers. Savage takes his WWF Championship and walks out on Hogan, Akeem and Bossman double splash Hogan. Irish whip and splash from Akeem, 187 Splash on Hogan for two. Hogan is Hulking Up! Akeem’s punches have no effect, Hogan says not today brother. Right hands and an Irish whip, boot from Hogan. Hogan lands The Atomic Leg Drop on Akeem for the win but Bossman jumps Hogan after the bell, handcuffs are in play but Hogan escapes, handcuffing Slick to Bossman.

However, this is not over as Hogan goes back to comfort Elizabeth and speak to Macho Man, The Mega-Powers are going to explode before our very eyes ladies and gentlemen. Hogan is looking for Savage, Savage is telling Elizabeth that everything is Hogan’s fault. The two begin screaming at one another, Elizabeth is trying to talk the two. Savage starts telling Hogan that Macho Madness is number one, Hogan is jealous of Savage as WWF Champion. Finally, Savage says there is lust in Hogan’s eyes, Hogan turns to Elizabeth which is all the opening that Savage needs, Savage smacks Hogan with the championship and Savage tosses aside Elizabeth. Beefcake looks to make the save before the officials save Hogan from a beating from Savage.

Fucking tremendous angle, I knew about it going into the show. We all know about, even if we did not watch during the time, we know all about this match and angle. To see it, is still perfection. The crowd is like molten lava for this tag match, they are that rapid and hot for The Twin Towers vs The Mega-Powers. Hogan comes in, Akeem and Bossman bump all around for Hogan and Savage, every bump is perfect and then we have Elizabeth being wiped out. She sells it like death, Savage wipes her out and just wow, Hogan is caught in two minds and ultimately, decides to get Elizabeth to safety. It backfires for Hogan as Savage sees it as the straw that broke the camel’s back, lust in his eyes oh yeah brother! Savage abandons Hogan and rationalizes it all in his head as Hogan wanting Savage’s WWF Championship. Hogan manipulated Savage, looked to steal Elizabeth and then, his WWF Championship. Of course, these are the rantings and ravings of a very paranoid WWF Champion but its all played out for us to see, The Mega-Powers are no more, never again can they team. Awesome!

The Mega-Powers over The Twin Towers via Atomic Leg Drop!

Hercules vs The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibaise W/ Virgil

Match starts with Hercules dragging Dibiase into the ring, massive atomic drop to Dibiase. Virgil is on the top rope, Hercules slams him into the ring and down with a two-handed choke toss. Dibiase is on the apron, Virgil is sent crashing into Dibiase and crashing to the floor. Hercules calls for a military press slam, tremendous bump from Dibiase. Dibiase begs off, Dibiase tries a sly kick but Hercules atomic drops Dibiase to the floor, it is all Hercules thus far. Hercules gets caught though, too much taunting leads to Dibiase snap-maring Hercules to the floor. Big right hands from Dibiase, clothesline from Dibiase.

Multiple fist drops from Dibiase, knee-lift from Dibiase. Dibiase is on the middle rope, axe handle rocks Hercules’ world. Two for Dibiase, Hercules blocks the suplex and lands a suplex of his own. Dibiase is rammed into the turnbuckle by Hercules, Irish whip and powerslam from Hercules. Hercules attempts a shoulder block but Dibiase side-steps and Hercules hits the turnbuckle hard. Behind the referee’s back, Virgil wraps the chain around the turnbuckle. Dibiase wants to send Hercules into the chain but Dibiase is sent crashing into the chain.

1…2… Dibiase manages to kick out of the pin attempt. Virgil distracts the referee, Hercules has Dibiase in the Torture Rack. Hercules has the match won but the referee is distracted with the chain, Virgil pulls down Dibiase and distracts Hercules. Dibiase rolls up Hercules for the win, Dibiase is sent packing by Hercules, getting his heat back from the lost.

Once again, Dibiase shows how much of a badass he is with his selling, the first two minutes of this match were gold as Dibiase along with Virgil did everything to make Hercules look like the most unstoppable force in the wrestling finish, it was beautiful as Dibiase flew all around the ring making Hercules look amazing. More Dibiase please!

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Hercules via Handful Of Tights!

Arguably, the most memorable Main Event/Saturday Night’s Main Event of all-time. The fall-out of Randy Macho Man Savage and Hulk Hogan is one of wrestling best angles, it was so simple and yet so brilliant. Savage’s paranoia comes pouring out as Hogan carries Elizabeth to the backstage area, Savage decides then and there that The Mega-Powers are done, all the doubts in his mind have been justified as Hogan cares not for the duo, Hogan cares about becoming champion and stealing Elizabeth, Hogan is jealous of Savage’s accomplishments and that’s why The Mega-Powers came to be: because Hogan wanted to get close to Savage to eventually get the WWF Championship. Now, we must go to Wrestlemania, Hogan must confront that man he thought was his best friend, his partner, his brother. Savage looks to prove that Hogan could never beat him in a fair one on one match, this was brilliant. I would tell any fan to seek this out, it’s great! Just remember: There’s always another night!

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WWF Royal Rumble 1989 Review

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Hello and welcome to another scintillating edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that causes as much controversy as AEW Dynamite every Wednesday Night! It’s time for the WWF 1989 Royal Rumble, featuring every one of your favourite WWF Superstars competing in the over the top rope battle royal. A simple concept created by Pat Patterson but this time, it’s on pay per view and that means the standard of the card is going to be huge improvement over the prior year! Will this be a home-run? Let’s find out!

(Two Out Of Three Falls Six-Man Tag Match) The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers & Dino Bravo W/Frenchy Martin & Jimmy Hart vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan & The Hart Foundation

Two out of three falls and some big names, this is what you call an opening match for pay per view. Bravo and Neidhart start the match, lock-up with both men ending even. Stalemate once more, Bravo is not happy. Side headlock by Bravo, shoulder block does not move Neidhart. Neidhart ducks a shoulder block and nails a clothesline, both men take turns missing elbow drops. In comes Duggan, Raymond is in the ring with Duggan. Side headlock by Duggan, Raymond grabs the arm but Duggan shoves off Raymond. Raymond ducks twice but eats a scoop slam and knee drop, tag to The Hitman.

Bret grabs the arm, Raymond whips Bret. Leapfrog and small package from Bret for two, sunset flip for two. Crossbody for two, Raymond is in all sorts of bother. Tag to Jacque, Jacque and Raymond huge before Jacque foes after Bret. Jacque is whipped off the ropes, hangman’s neckbreaker from Bret. Jacque eats punches in the corner, Raymond gets caught too. Duggan and Neidhart batter the heels in the corner, Jimmy Hart is losing his mind as the babyfaces pose for the fans. Jacque eats a kick to the ribs, Raymond low bridges Bret. Bret is on the floor, Bravo is now the legal man. Massive Sidewalk Slam from Bravo, The Rougeau Brothers nail their beautiful tag finish and Team Bravo are the winners of the first fall.

Bret is in bad shape, we reset with Raymond planting Bret with a gut-wrench suplex. Tag to Jacque, flying reverse elbow for two. Irish whip to the corner, trademark Bret stomach-first bump. Bravo comes in, inverted atomic drop for two. Tag to Raymond, stomps and quick tag to Jacque. Assisted gut-buster for two, Irish whip and bearhug from a legal Bravo. Bret battles out of the bearhug, Bravo grapevines the leg to tag Jacque. Jacque ducks off an Irish whip, Bret lands a sunset flip for two. Camel clutch from Jacque, Neidhart attacks Jacque for pulling Bret’s hair. Raymond is legal and clamps on the same hold, tag to Bravo. Irish whip, forearm from Bravo for two.

Jacque is legal, Boston crab from Jacque. Bret begins crawling to his corner, Jacque asks for help as Raymond distracts the referee. Neidhart’s tag does not count, Raymond and Jacque trade places as Raymond smashes Bret in the back. The Rougeaus use one another for leverage as Bret is in the abdominal stretch, Bravo distracts the referee. Raymond nails a huge thrust-kick to the ribs for two, scoop slam is countered by Bret who falls on Raymond for two. Tag to Jacque, monkey flip does not work for Jacque. Inverted atomic drop from The Hitman, Jacque sells fantastically. Bret talks Duggan, crowd goes absolutely bananas! Duggan smashes Bravo and Raymond, slam and Neidhart nails an assisted splash, Bret nails an assisted splash and Duggan nails an elbow drop on Raymond, we are tied up as Duggan pins Raymond.

Duggan is the legal man with Raymond, Raymond is begging off from Duggan. Duggan nails ten punches in the corner, Irish whip to the corner. Raymond reverses as Duggan explodes out with a clothesline. Duggan is grabbed by the heels in the corner, in comes Bravo. Bravo pounds on Duggan, knee-lift from Bravo. Jacque and Raymond double team Duggan in the ropes, Bravo chokes Duggan with his foot. Duggan is rammed into the turnbuckle but shakes it off, Jacque grabs Duggan’s hair to slow the big man down. Tag to Jacque, tremendous dropkick from Jacque. The Hart Foundation save Duggan from Team Bravo’s corner but Bravo smashes Duggan down with the right hand.

Elbow drop by Bravo for two, inverted atomic drop but Duggan tags Bret. Bret potatoes Bravo, inverted atomic drop for an incoming Raymond. Back-breaker from Bret, middle rope elbow is stopped for Bret as Raymond shoves off Bret. Bravo blocks an O Connor roll but Duggan waffles Bravo with his 2X4 behind the referee’s back as Bret covers Bravo for the win.

Fantastic opening match, The Hart Foundation and The Rougeau Brothers is a match I want to see following this. Love their finish, love their infuriating gimmick but they can work when they want to, Bret is a star in this match. We are a while away from Bret’s singles run but damn, Bret looked great in this match. Never stopped selling, great timing and instincts inside of the ring and just the perfect babyface in peril. Duggan is over like rover, cannot believe that the man never got a championship run but I guess it’s to do with what happened with The Iron Sheik that derailed Hacksaw from being a badass babyface and more into the Duggan that we all remember, great reaction for his hot-tag, even better for the 2X4 to the back of the head. Quite possibly my favourite opening match from The Golden Era. Number one spot for now, tough to beat that’s for certain!

Winners: Team Duggan over Team Bravo via 2X4 To The Head!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Rockin Robin © vs Judy Martin

Sensational Sherri cuts a promo challenging the winner of this match, Martin and Robin begin trading blows. Irish whip to the corner by Martin, Robin dodges the splash. Dropkicks by Robin, Martin lands a kick to the ribs to stop Robin. Robin is slammed into the mat, Robin comes back with a clothesline. Elbow by Robin, flying crossbody goes wrong for Robin as Martin slams Robin to the mat. Knee drop by Martin, sunset flip by Robin does not work as Martin counters. Robin takes down Martin, Boston crab from Robin. Martin counters for a pin, Robin counters back for her own pin. Knees to the ribs, Martin kicks away Robin.

Martin small packages Robin for two, Robin nails a massive knee-lift. Elbow drop from Robin, Irish whip by Robin. Martin holds onto the ropes as Robin slams into the mat hard off a missed dropkick. Robin blocks the suplex, Martin blocks the O Connor roll. Martin nails a clothesline and gets two on Robin, scoop slam for two. Irish whip and Robin counters for a DDT, two for the champion. Robin misses an elbow, Martin misses a big running elbow. Robin tries for a scoop slam, Martin reverses for her own slam. Two for the challenger, Martin tries the backslide and gets two. Irish whip and Martin ducks her head, boot to the head from Robin for two. Small package for two, Robin has an Irish whip reversed from the corner, Robin fakes a middle rope crossbody, Martin takes the bait and Robin nails the crossbody for the win.

Sherri was brutal on commentary, absolutely brutal with Jesse saving her on multiple occasions as she tried to tussle with Gorilla. As for the match, it was decent, the last two minutes were nothing more than pin attempts which killed an already disappointed crowd, thankful when it was all said and done.

Winner: Rockin’ Robin over Judy Martin via Middle Rope Diving Crossbody!

 Super Pose-down Segment

Mean Gene is our host for the battle between Rick Rude and The Ultimate Warrior. The fans will decide the winner between these two amazing athletes by voicing their approval and/or disapproval. Heenan riles up the fans before the match begins as Mean Gene asks about the poses for this evening’s contest. First, it is the double bicep pose with Rude kicking us off in this contest, the fans are not happy with Rude but here goes The Warrior. Heenan buries the crowd for cheering Warrior, Rude calls for the next pose with Heenan rubbing oil over Rude’s body. Rude wiggles and poses for all in attendance, the crowd cheer Warrior over Rude for the second time, Rude is visibly flustered by the fans’ reaction to his physique.

We have the most muscular pose with Rude and Warrior going toe-to-toe one final time. Warrior wins the crowd’s approval once more, Heenan is losing his mind inside of the ring. The final pose-off begins, Rude stalls which angers the crowd and The Warrior. Heenan squirts oil in Warrior’s eyes and Rude waffles Warrior with his iron-bar, Rude chokes Warrior with the workout bar and Warrior is left lying in the ring before waking up, Warrior wants Rude and these two will clash someday soon.

A classic segment that was build around Rude’s narcissistic gimmick of loving himself, perfect segment with Heenan playing the brilliant heel that he was, antagonizing the crowd after each pose while Rude stalled which added another layer to the fans’ anger. Would have preferred Warrior to sell the eyes to the oil but Rude was great, Heenan was great and it built heat to the feud, people cannot wait for Warrior vs Rude.

(King Crowning Match) King Haku vs King Harley Race

Haku and Race are both referred to as kings but only one can become king of the world wrestling federation. Harley Race would have been injured in a Saturday Night’s Main Event match against Hogan but Race is back looking for that crown. Race tips Haku over off his stand to begin, knee-lifts from Race. Suplex from Race, Haku is clotheslined to the floor. Haku sends Race into the ringpost, gaining the advantage. Mongolian chop, thrust-kick and chops from Haku, Race headbutts Haku in the ring. Inverted atomic drop and elbow drop, make it two elbow drops. Two for Race, thrust-kick from Haku. Chops and shoulder thrusts from Haku, big twirling bump from the corner from Race.

Haku poses in the ring, Race is on the apron. Haku clothesline Race back into the ring, throat thrusts from Haku. Headbutt backs Race into the corner, clubbing blows to the back of Race. Race elbows and headbutts Haku, Haku and Race trade blows. Irish whip and clothesline from Race, piledriver from Race. Two for Race, Race grabs a side headlock with Haku pushing off Race. They bang heads, Race falls to the floor. Haku looks to suplex Race into the ring, Haku executes it perfectly for two.

Haku misses an elbow drop, big left hand from Race. Race nails a perfect suplex on Haku, Race crawls into a cover for two. Race hurls Haku to the floor, Race attempts a piledriver on the floor but Haku reverses Race and Race lands hard on the floor. Haku sends Race back first into the ring apron, headbutt from Race to stop Haku. Piledriver on the floor, Haku is not out of this match though. Neck-breaker for two, clothesline from Race. Left knocks Haku, knee drop for two. Haku fights back, nailing a scoop slam and missing a top rope splash. Race climbs to the middle rope, diving headbutt misses. Irish whip from Race, Race misses a clothesline which leads to a Thrust-kick from Haku for the win.

That was a largely boring affair, the crowd did not seem to care for who was to become king between the two. I suppose I cannot blame them when Race does not come across as a babyface and Heenan is cheering both men. Why would you be making noise in a heel vs heel match? Simple: you would not so this was really a disappointing match that could have been better done on a Saturday Night’s Main Event and not on The Royal Rumble.

Winner: King Haku over Harley Race via Thrust-kick!

Royal Rumble Match

Thirty men, two men start with the other participants entering at timed-intervals. The prize is not going to Wrestlemania on this occasion but having the honour of being The Royal Rumble winner. Starting out at number one is Ax and number two is Smash, the two tag team champions are going to fight to win the royal rumble. Both men try moving one another, neither man budges. Ax boots Smash in the face, clothesline from Ax. Ax clubs down Smash, Smash battles back with a scoop slam. Clothesline from Smash, Smash clubs down Ax. Smash wrenches the neck of Ax, Ax rakes the eyes of Smash to escape.

Smash tries to eliminate Ax but Ax holds on, Andre The Giant comes in at number three. Heenan comes down with Andre, Ax and Smash back off from fighting one another, going after Andre. Double axe handles on Andre, double punches with Andre being packed into the corner. Double noggin knocker from Andre, Mr. Perfect comes out at number four. Smash eats a boot from Andre, Perfect and Smash square off with Andre tossing Smash out of the ring.

Smash Has Been Eliminated By Andre The Giant!

Ax clubs Perfect, hard Irish whip into the turnbuckle. Andre chokes Ax with both shoulders, Andre headbutts Perfect hard. Number five is Rugged Ronnie Garvin, Andre gets tied up in the ropes. Perfect, Garvin and Ax try to throw out Andre, Andre kicks all the men away. Andre crushes Ax with his ass, Andre swats down Perfect and Garvin. Garvin is caught by Andre, number six is Greg Valentine. Andre throws out Garvin with ease, Andre is dominating.

Ronnie Garvin Has Been Eliminated By Andre The Giant!

Andre chokes out Valentine, Ax clothesline Perfect. Ax is choked in the corner by Andre, Perfect attempts to wear down Andre. Andre chokes Perfect, number seven is Jake Roberts. Roberts goes for Andre, Andre chokes Roberts against the ropes. Valentine clotheslines Andre in the back twice, Andre focuses on Roberts. Valentine chops Ax who is tied up by Perfect, Andre is stepping on Roberts. Andre chokes Roberts in the corner, number eight is Ron Bass. Andre tosses out Roberts with ease as Bass enters the ring.

Jake Roberts Has Been Eliminated By Andre The Giant!

Bass boots Ax in the head, Andre is working Valentine in the corner. Perfect is trying to help Valentine, Andre is dealing with both competitors. Andre piles up Valentine and Perfect, everyone is battling in the one corner. Number nine is Shawn Michaels, Michaels goes after Bass with right hands. Bass meets the turnbuckle, Ax attempts a clothesline on Perfect but Perfect ducks and lifts Ax over the top rope.

Ax Has Been Eliminated By Mr. Perfect!

Michaels almost dropkicks Perfect over but Perfect hangs on, Andre continues to dominate everyone in the match. Number ten is Butch but Butch is overshadowed as Jake The Snake Roberts comes to the ring with Damien, Andre runs scared out of the ring, The Snake has had his revenge.

Andre The Giant Has Eliminated Himself!

Butch and Valentine are in the corner battling, Michaels nails Perfect with a middle rope axe handle. Number Eleven is Honky Tonk Man, Perfect and Honky battle in the corner while Bass interjects himself into that fight. Honky pummels Michaels in the head, we have Perfect and Michaels hitting heads in the middle of the ring. Michaels saves his own skin, fighting off Valentine. Perfect goes after Honky again, here comes number twelve. It’s Tito Santana, Santana tries to eliminate Perfect, back body-drop and clothesline from Santana. Bass knocks Santana down, Honky and Butch are grappling in the corner.

Bass back-drops Michaels, Valentine and Santana tussle by the ropes, Santana survives and stays alive in the rumble. Number thirteen is Bad News Brown, the crowd reacts loudly to Brown, only can be a good sign. Butch and Santana combine to pummel Honky and Honky Tonk man is thrown out by the duo.

Honky Tonk Man Has Been Eliminated By Butch & Tito Santana!

Brown chokes Michaels in the corner, Valentine and Perfect are working over Butch and Santana. Michaels nails a top rope axe handle on Brown & Bass. Valentine almost atomic drops Michaels out of the ring. Number fourteen is Marty Jannetty, The Rockers are in the ring together. Bass and Jannetty are squaring off, Michaels rescues Jannetty. Double reverse elbow and double dropkick ends Bass’ time in the rumble.

Ron Bass Has Been Eliminated By The Rockers!

Butch and Santana try to eliminate Valentine, Valentine holds onto the ropes. Number fifteen is Macho Man, crowd goes bonkers. Brown and Macho Man are throwing down, reverse elbow on Brown. Valentine goes after Savage, big chop from Valentine. Perfect and Jannetty attempt to thrown Brown out of the ring but Brown holds on, Perfect and Savage battle briefly before Brown goes after Savage. Hard Irish whip to the corner from Brown, Savage dodges as Brown crashes into the turnbuckle. Savage throws over Valentine while our next entrant comes to the ring.

Greg Valentine Has Been Eliminated By Randy Savage!

Number sixteen is Arn Anderson, Anderson squares off with Michaels. Superkick from Michaels, Savage attacks Michaels from behind, combining with Anderson for a double reverse elbow. Michaels is sent crashing over the top rope to the floor.

Shawn Michaels Has Been Eliminated By Savage & Anderson!

Number seventeen is Tully Blanchard, The Brainbusters begin to double-team the competition. Savage and Brown are stuck to one another, constantly trying to throw the other over. Perfect sets his sights on Savage, Perfect is taking it to the champion. Spinebuster from Anderson on Jannetty, Brainbusters grab Jannetty looking for the elimination. Jannetty is shoved out by Blanchard.

Marty Jannetty Has Been Eliminated By Tully Blanchard!

Number eighteen is Hulk Hogan! Within seconds, we have a first elimination for The Hulkster as Perfect picks the wrong man to mess with as Hogan dashes to the aid of his Mega-Powers partner Savage and tosses Perfect sailing over the top rope!

Mr. Perfect Has Been Eliminated By Hulk Hogan!

The Brainbusters eat right hands from Hogan, Hogan uses his bandana to choke Brown. Hogan wants the elimination but Brown grabs on tight, Hogan chokes Brown with his knee. Tito Santana is eliminated off-screen, cameras missed it.

Tito Santana Has Been Eliminated By ????

Number twenty is Bushwhacker Luke, three tag teams in the ring at this point. Bad News Brown tosses out Bushwhacker Butch with ease!

Bushwhacker Butch Has Been Eliminated By Bad News Brown!

Hogan military press slams Blanchard, Brown is dishing out the punishment to Savage. Anderson holds Savage as Brown pummels the WWF Champion. Hogan fights off The Brainbusters, boot to Anderson. Hogan looks to save Savage from Brown, Blanchard slaps on a sleeper. Koko B Ware is number twenty-one, Blanchard tees off on Hogan in the corner. Counter inverted atomic drop from Hogan, Anderson is on the top rope and Hogan slams down Anderson. Luke attacks Hogan as does Koko B Ware. Hogan rakes the eyes and dumps out Koko! Hogan dumps out Luke too!

Koko B Ware & Bushwhacker Luke Have Been Eliminated By Hulk Hogan!

Number twenty-two is The Warlord of The Powers of Pain, Warlord poses on the apron and Hogan dumps Warlord right out after eliminating both Brainbusters, Hogan continues his dominance by dumping out Brown and Savage. Miss Elizabeth is stopping the two from fighting as Savage no longer trusts Hogan for his actions.

Bad News Brown/Randy Savage/Arn Anderson/ Tully Blanchard/Warlord Have Been Eliminated By Hulk Hogan!

Number twenty-three is Big Bossman as Savage and Hogan have seemingly calmed down and become friends once more. Bossman rakes the eyes but Hogan retaliates with a clothesline, elbow drops and pounding Bossman’s head into the mat. Scoop slam, Irish whip from the corner is reversed as Bossman splashes Hogan. Piledriver from Bossman, slap from Bossman. Scoop slam from Bossman, Bossman misses a big splash as Hogan dodges. Number twenty-four is Akeem, Hogan is alone against The Twin Towers. Scoop slam on Akeem, Bossman rakes the eyes.

Bossman attempts to dump out Hogan, double noggin-knocker from Hogan, Back suplex on Bossman from Hogan, Akeem stomps on Hogan. Bossman and Akeem splash Hogan in the corner and Hogan has been dumped out by The Twin Towers.

Hulk Hogan Has Been Eliminated By The Twin Towers!

Number Twenty-four is Brutus Beefcake, Akeem and Bossman begin to dominate Beefcake. Bossman looks for a clothesline on Beefcake but Hogan pulls the rope down and Bossman has been eliminated.

Big Bossman Has Been Eliminated By Hulk Hogan!

Number twenty-five is The Red Rooster, Akeem is attacked by Rooster. Rooster has his eyes raked by the behemoth and a scoop slam follows. Beefcake nails a middle rope axe handle on Akeem, Akeem survives the elimination attempt. Beefcake and Rooster shoulder thrust Akeem, Akeem does not budge. Running high knee from Beefcake, Akeem is stuck in the ropes. Beefcake & Rooster continue to double team Akeem, number twenty-six is Barbarian.

Barbarian attacks Rooster and Beefcake but also goes for Akeem. Beefcake and Barbarian square off now, Rooster goes after Akeem. Barbarian almost tosses out Beefcake but Beefcake holds onto the top rope tightly. Akeem squashes Rooster’s elimination attempts, Barbarian staggers Beefcake with multiple right hands. Akeem lands his 187 Splash on Rooster, posing for his adoring fans after decimating Rooster. Number twenty-seven is Big John Studd, slowly walking down to the ring.

Studd wants Akeem, Studd clubs and smashes Akeem. Akeem rakes the eyes, Studd and Akeem continue to battle it out in the ring, Studd chokes Akeem in the corner. Barbarian tries tossing out Rooster, Beefcake helps Rooster. Studd and Akeem trade control in their battle, neither man backing down from the other. Number twenty-eight is Hercules, Studd and Akeem continue to battle one another. Hercules and Rooster are squaring off while Beefcake and Barbarian are doing battle.

Number twenty-nine is Rick Martel, Martel goes after Akeem but Studd wants Akeem. Studd is biting Akeem, Martel nails Rooster with a dropkick. Rooster hangs onto Martel to avoid elimination, Beefcake is trying hard to dump out Barbarian but Barbarian refuses to be removed from this rumble. Number thirty, the final entrant is Ted Dibiase. The Million Dollar Man has bought the final place in the rumble. Dibiase squares off with Rooster, chops in the corner. Taylor does his Flair flip out of the match courtesy of The Million Dollar Man.

The Red Rooster Has Been Eliminated By Ted Dibiase!

Hercules clotheslines and hammers away at Dibiase, Martel and Akeem are battling in the corner while Studd collides with Barbarian. Hercules has Beefcake in a bearhug, Beefcake fights out and locks in the sleeper. Dibiase and Barbarian combine to dump out both.

Hercules & Brutus Beefcake Have Been Eliminated By Dibiase & Barbarian!

Barbarian nails a running powerslam on Martel and a super Diving Headbutt from the top rope, Barbarian misses a flying shoulder block on Martel. Martel lands a dropkick and Barbarian goes flying over the top rope.

Barbarian Has Been Eliminated By Rick Martel!

Studd catches Dibiase in the corner, Martel ducks the clothesline of Akeem. Multiple dropkicks from Martel, they stagger Akeem but Akeem stops the flying crossbody of Martel and Akeem dumps Martel over the top rope to the floor.

Rick Martel Has Been Eliminated By Akeem!

Dibiase directs Akeem to destroy Studd, Akeem splashes Studd. Dibiase says do it one more time, Akeem goes for the splash. Studd pulls Dibiase in the way, Dibiase is squished and Akeem is clotheslined to the floor by Studd.

Akeem Has Been Eliminated By Big John Studd!

Dibiase is in panic mode, Studd is in control. Two-handed chokeslam into the corner from Studd, Studd double arm suplexes Dibiase. Gut-wrench suplex from Studd, massive clothesline by Studd. Studd throws out Dibiase with ease and Virgil gets his ass kicked for his interference, Big John Studd is your Royal Rumble winner.

Mixed thoughts on this to be honest, it was the first Royal Rumble on pay per view and it had some good moments. Hogan running wild and Jake scaring Andre with Damien were both memorable moments. Hogan eliminating Savage adds more fuel to the fire, Savage being irate with Hogan and teasing that this could be the end, you know its coming and you know its simply a matter of time and its perfect, I want to see the end and these two brawl so bad! I thought Jake’s rumble performance was questionable, Jake was able to get his heat back with Damien but Jake was essentially mauled by Andre before being tossed out like garbage, not a good look for the cunning Jake The Snake Roberts. Finally, the last competitors in this rumble were less than stellar in the fans’ eyes. All great workers and memorable wrestlers but beyond The Million Dollar Man, did any of them stand a chance of winning? Akeem? Yes but The Red Rooster? Rick Martel of Strikeforce? Brutus Beefcake? Hercules? It needed more star-power at the end but Studd throwing around Dibiase is great fun, Dibiase sells like a boss so it was alright, I have seen better Rumbles.

Winner: Big John Studd!

That was WWF’s Royal Rumble 1989, a good pay per view from the WWF. A sign of a good pay per view is a pay per view that you can breeze through easily without nit-picking it to death and taking multiple pauses to sit through it and I didn’t have to do either of those things when it came to this show. It had my favourite opening match to a WWF pay per view from this era, it was fast and the fans were all over it, Hart Foundation and Duggan were so beloved by the fans while the foreign heels of Bravo and The Rougeau Brothers were in full-force on this night and Duggan’s 2X4 shot was one of the loudest pops of the night. We move next to the women’s match, it was fine with Sherri being the only real knock on the match, she was dreadful on commentary but the match was solid.

The WWF pose-down is a legendary segment, it makes sense for the wrestlers involved and an easy way to build a feud in a logical manner. Rude is absolutely antagonizing in his role while Heenan is the master of crowd manipulation. The angle is well thought out and I cannot wait for these two to battle at Wrestlemania. Race and Haku suffered from being given too much time, the right person went over and Haku would receive the biggest push of his career over the coming months. Finally, the rumble had its moments as I said, I did not think much of the final 6 participants but Dibiase carries the ending showing how fearsome Big John Studd was, Savage and Hogan continue to have troubles and Jake got his heat back on Andre. Good but not great is what I think of this pay per view, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event January 7th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that believes in conspiracies more than an anti-AEW fan! It’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event of January 1989, days away from the 1989 Royal Rumble. Deceit, deception and lust in your eyes brother! Randy Savage is starting to suspect all is not well with his alliance with The Hulkster, The Ultimate Warrior looks to wipe out The Honky Tonk Man once more! Rambling promos, bright colours and neon lights, you do not want to miss this! Let’s get it on!

Outlaw Ron Bass vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake

The loser of this match will lose some of their precious locks, this feud began with The Barber attacking Bass who was having his way with a jobber. Bass would have his revenge, busting open Beefcake with the spurs of his boots. Quite the intense and bloody angle for the mid-card but I dig it, Bass jumps Beefcake to start the match. Bass uses his whip before Beefcake backs Bass into the corner, Beefcake has the whip now with Bass running out of the ring. There is this comic-like sound effect for the whip, so strange and unnecessary.

Beefcake and Bass reset, Bass nails knees to the ribs. High knee by Beefcake off an Irish whip reversal, Bass is knocked off the apron multiple times by Beefcake. Beefcake begins strutting which leads to Bass slowly re-entering the ring. Lock-up, the two trade blows with Beefcake gaining control with massive right hands. Fist drop and mounted right hands from Beefcake, Bass is being hammered by The Barber. Beefcake rams Bass into the turnbuckle, Bass counters Beefcake’s punches with an inverted atomic drop. Gutbuster from Bass, Bass kicks Beefcake in the ribs as The Barber is laying across the top rope. Beefcake is out on the floor, Bass scores with a forearm to the ribs. Massive kick to the  mid-section from Bass, Beefcake is taking a beating at this stage of the match.

Another knee to the ribs, right hands from Bass to the ribs of Beefcake. Devastating piledriver from Bass, Bass gets a two-count as Bass stops the referee’s count. Beefcake is dropped throat-first on the top rope, Bass toys with Beefcake some more. Bass nails a clothesline, Beefcake kicks out at two and a half. Bass is frustrated with the referee, Bass misses a clothesline and runs right into The Sleeper. Bass begins to fade as Beefcake clamps on the hold in the middle of the ring, Beefcake is victorious and it looks like The Outlaw will be losing some hair.

That was enjoyable, I like The Outlaw’s work. The way he moves, the way he attacks and backs up from his opponent, everything seems to be perfect for The Outlaw character. One mean looking son of a gun too, the over-confident heel is always a fun thing to see, Beefcake is growing in popularity with each and every show, not much of a worker but popular with the fans. A note on this shaving, Beefcake cuts the absolute life out of Bass’ hair. Bass gets one of the most complete hair shavings I have ever seen in a wrestling ring. Bass resembles Buzz Sawyer by the end, maybe he just wanted a free haircut.

Winner: Brutus The Barber Beefcake over Outlaw Ron Bass via Sleeper!

Akeem W/Slick & The Big Bossman vs Hulk Hogan W/ Miss Elizabeth & Randy Macho Man Savage

The Twin Towers vs The Mega-Powers, Hogan throws Slick at Akeem to start this match, right hands from Hogan to Akeem. Hogan goes after Slick and Bossman, Slick is thrown onto Bossman. Crowd is going nuts, this is quality. Big right hands, Akeem blocks the slam, too early for The Hulkster. Akeem struts, getting funky like a monkey in public if you will! Hogan rams Akeem off opposing turnbuckles, right hands and a clothesline staggers Akeem. Clothesline to Bossman on the apron and a clothesline floors Akeem.

Akeem drags Hogan down by the hair, the referee does not see Akeem breaking the rules. Hogan is fighting out of the arm-wrench, right hands by Hogan and a shoulder tackle. Axe handle to the head, Akeem is sent crashing into Bossman who bumps to the floor. Hogan pummels Akeem in the corner, Bossman is on the apron once more. Hogan whips Akeem to the corner, Akeem pulls the referee in the way, Bossman clubs Hogan with the nightstick. Akeem holds Hogan while Bossman attacks, Savage is not rushing out to help Hogan. Akeem nails his splash, Bossman lands a follow-up splash. Elizabeth runs backstage to get Savage, Akeem lands another splash.

Elizabeth is looking for The Macho Man as Hogan lays in the middle of the ring after a series of splashes, Akeem is on the middle rope. Hogan dodges Akeem’s splash, Elizabeth is unable to move Savage. Hogan begins Hulking Up, right hands and chops. Clothesline floors Akeem, punches to Bosman & Slick. Slick is tossed into Bossman again, Hogan nails the big boot. Scoop slam from Hogan, Bossman nails Hogan from ringside with his nightstick. Elizabeth is looking for Savage who is nowhere to be seen. The Twin Towers are decimating Hogan, Elizabeth is pleading for mercy for Hogan. Bossman has his handcuffs, Elizabeth is in big trouble now.

Bossman is cuffing Elizabeth, here comes The Macho Man Randy Savage with a chair. Savage has saved Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan, Ventura plants the seeds of doubt in the minds of everyone, stating that Savage only moved to save Elizabeth and not Hulk Hogan. Savage puts his hands on Elizabeth, Savage is not a happy WWF Champion. Savage looks pissed as Elizabeth helps Hogan to the back, The Mega-Powers are victorious in this battle but is there trouble in paradise?

Super fun match, nothing better than classic Hogan. Punches, slams and the heels bumping like absolute Gods for The Hulkster. And, something of substance here as Savage does not help Hogan, Savage trusts Hogan to stay alive in the match. Why? Why would Savage act in such fashion? The Macho Man seems to be changing before our very eyes and I am all in on this feud.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Akeem via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Honky Tonk Man W/ Jimmy Hart

The Warrior snorts, growls and shouts his way into this match, Honky is as cool as a cucumber as Warrior does his thing, Honky is so unlikeable a tremendous heel in his day. The match starts on the floor, Warrior pummels Honky. Honky is pressed into the ring with ease, leapfrog and boot from Warrior. Hart is on the apron, noggin-knocker from Warrior. Irish whip and elbow from Warrior, throat toss from Warrior. Warrior pummels Honky with right hands in the corner, Irish whip to the opposite corner and we have a shoulder thrust from the champion.

Another Irish whip but Honky dodges a turnbuckle splash, Jimmy Hart distracts the referee as Honky nails Warrior repeatedly with a megaphone. Axe handles to the spine as Honky dances a little, confident in his handy work. Warrior is stomped in the corner, Jimmy Hart chokes Warrior behind the referee’s back. Honky continues to stomp Warrior, right hands to the skull of Warrior. However, Warrior is shaking it all off. One massive slam from the champion but Honky dodges an elbow drop. Honky is in control, Honky wants to send Warrior into the turnbuckle but Warrior reverses and Honky meets the turnbuckle about eight times. Clothesline from Warrior, splash is blocked though by Honky.

Honky raises a smile before covering Warrior for two, a big powerful kick-out from Warrior. Clothesline misses from Honky, flying shoulder tackle from Warrior after ducking the clothesline, it finds the mark and Honky has been defeated, Ultimate Warrior is still your WWF Intercontinental Champion.

That was a lot of fun too, liked the touch of Honky having to use The Megaphone to keep down Warrior, Warrior was shown as so strong you had to find alternative methods of taking down The Ultimate Warrior. Honky also seemed to have scouted the offense of Warrior which added to the drama of the match, Honky seemed to have it all together but one shoulder tackle later, all the hard work was undone, good stuff and a competitive match from Warrior for what feels like is the first time.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Honky Tonk Man via Flying Shoulder Tackle!

Tito Santana vs The Red Rooster W/ Bobby Heenan

If you are a fan of Mid-South Wrestling or The UWF, you will know Terry Taylor as quite the talent and commodity. Memorable matches with Chris Adams if you want to see the best of Taylor. However, in the WWF Taylor was called The Red Rooster and had an irate Bobby Heenan as his manager who often berated his client. People say Taylor fancied himself as Ric Flair, it’s super apparent in the start of this match. Santana smashes Rooster in the face to begin, nice leapfrog sequence from both which leads to a dropkick from Santana. Foot on the rope from Rooster, Santana tries a splash but Rooster blocks with his knees. Double foot stomp and a beautiful jaw-breaker from Rooster, choke from Rooster.

Santana is firing up, right hands to the ribs and face. Double leg take-down from Santana, Rooster is caught on an Irish whip. Sunset flip countered by Santana, right hands from Santana. Rooster is rammed into the turnbuckle, Irish whip and polish hammer to the ribs. Santana drives Rooster into the mat, big back body-drop from Santana. Figure four is countered by Rooster, Heenan and Rooster have words on the floor. Rooster shoves back at Heenan, the crowd comes up big for that. Suplex back into the ring by Santana, Irish whip by Santana. Santana lowers the head, boot to the head from Rooster. Knee drop from Rooster, two for Rooster.

Back-breaker from Rooster for two, suplex from Rooster is countered for a small package. Close two for Santana, neckbreaker is turned into a backslide pin from Santana for two. Knees by Santana, Irish whip to the corner. Santana comes running in, boot from Rooster. Massive piledriver from Rooster, two for Rooster. Rooster and Heenan continue to have words, Rooster is hot now. Santana has his eyes raked, Irish whip and stun-gun by Rooster. Rooster looks for a sharpshooter, Santana escapes. Santana ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Rooster to the floor. Heenan throws Rooster into the ring, Santana takes advantage and rolls up Rooster from behind, the unbeaten streak is over! Heenan and Rooster continue to have words, Heenan slaps Rooster in the face. Rooster snaps, huge right hands from Rooster to Heenan. Irish whip and Heenan is down, the crowd comes alive for Rooster.

It goes on a bit long for my liking, the original crowd reaction is long gone by the time it ends but it looks like Rooster had every chance of being a big star in the WWF. It will be interesting to see exactly where it goes wrong in the WWF.

Winner: Tito Santana over The Red Rooster via Schoolboy!

Mr. Perfect vs Koko B. Ware

Perfection oh yes! Mr. Perfect has a perfect record in the WWF and Koko is in the perfect one’s way. Quick start with Koko dropkicking Perfect to the floor, lock-up and Perfect brings Koko to the corner. Knees and knee-lift brings down Koko, chops from Perfect. Irish whip reversal from Koko, arm-drag from Koko. Side headlock from Perfect, leapfrogs from Koko. Arm-drag, knee from Perfect. Clubbing blows to the back of the head, Koko blocks having his head rammed into the turnbuckle but Perfect elbows Koko down. Standing dropkick sends Koko to the apron.

Koko battles back, massive headbutt on Perfect. Clubbing blow to the back, clothesline from Koko. Koko’s corner attack misses as Perfect dodges, Perfect Plex in the middle of the ring and this match is over with a perfect finish. Quick squash showcasing the hot new star in Mr. Perfect. DUD!

Winner: Mr. Perfect over Koko B Ware via Perfect Plex!

A meaningful edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event as it is a big tease of dissent in The Mega-Powers, it seems Savage only came down when Elizabeth was in danger, Savage might not care for Hogan after all. A small little addition to the angle but it is all building and my God, it is going to explode and it will be tremendous! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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Sunday 6 October 2019

WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 26th November, 1988 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that rates matches on a fairer level than Dave Meltzer! Another edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, focusing on the aftermath of The 1988 Survivor Series. A WWF Championship match between Andre & Savage, Hogan talking with Brother Love and The Ultimate Warrior in action too!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs The Super Ninja I W/ Mr. Fuji

Ninja starts out chopping and kicking Warrior, Warrior shrugs off Ninja’s attacks. Ninja misses a clothesline and eats a boot, Ninja rolls to the floor. Military press slam into the ring, Ninja is rammed into the turnbuckles. Irish whip and reverse elbow from Warrior, clothesline from Warrior. Military Press Slam and Ultimate Splash, this match is over!

Nice squash for Warrior in his first SNME appearance, a little rough around the edges but you cannot deny the popularity of The Ultimate Warrior. DUD!

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Super Ninja via Ultimate Splash!

Hercules Hernandez vs Virgil W/ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase

Bobby Heenan sold the contract of Hercules to Ted Dibiase, Dibiase referred to Hercules as a slave which bothered Hercules tremendously. Dibiase sends Virgil after Hercules in this match. It begins with Virgil and Dibiase double teaming Hercules before Hercules double clotheslines both men. Back body-drop from Hercules and clothesline knocks Virgil to the floor. Hercules chases Dibiase around the ring, they enter the ring and Hercules nails Virgil with a clothesline and reverse elbow.

Mounted punches from Hercules, Dibiase is on the apron distracting Hercules but it is to no avail. Irish whip and a knee lift from Hercules, stiff clothesline from Hercules. Another clothesline, Hercules wants a piece of Dibiase but Dibiase wants no part of Hercules. Right hands by Hercules, Virgil rakes the eyes of Hercules. Right hands by Virgil, Hercules counters an Irish whip for a clothesline. Running powerslam from Hercules and this match is over.

Another squash as Hercules batters Virgil around the ring, went on a little long for my liking if it was just going to be a squash. However, I want to see Hercules and Dibiase get it on in the ring, I am sure Dibiase’s selling would make that an incredible match. Virgil staggers and falls multiple times trying to make it backstage, a nice little touch from Virgil who sells like Hercules destroyed him inside of that ring.

Winner: Hercules over Virgil via Running Powerslam!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Randy Macho Man Savage © W/ Miss Elizabeth vs Andre The Giant W/ Bobby Heenan

Andre starts out hot, headbutts and chops to the chest. Savage battles back with elbows and jabs, Andre coconut crushes Savage with ease. Front chancery from Andre, knees in the corner and shoulder thrusts. Butt bumps from Andre, Savage blocks with his knees. Andre chops down Savage, another front chancery. Andre chokes Savage with his singlet, the referee cannot see it as Heenan is distracting this foolish Hebnar.

Savage fights out of the hold but Andre clamps the hold back on, Savage is trying to escape with everything that he has, the referee is arguing with Elizabeth. Savage shoves Andre to the corner, shoulder thrusts from Savage. Andre pushes off Savage, leaning down with an elbow. Headbutt floors Savage, Savage back to a knee, tries battling Andre. Blatant choke from Andre, Savage jabs Andre in the throat to escape a hold. Rights and lefts but Andre is far too strong, choke in the corner cuts off Savage. Running axe handle by Savage, middle rope axe handle on Andre. Andre is down to one knee, Jake The Snake Roberts is here at ringside. Jake hides his snake, Heenan and Andre spot Jake.

The referee wishes for Jake to leave, Heenan is on the apron and Andre is panicking about the possibility of a snake being thrown at him. Savage pleads with Jake to leave, Jake has a little chat with Savage as we cut to commercial. Savage axe handles Andre again, Andre chops Savage but Savage battles back with boots to Andre. Andre is stalling, shouting at Heenan to find that damn snake. Savage is grabbed by Andre, Andre puts the knees to Savage. Headbutt by Andre, Andre drops all his weight on Savage. Savage chases off Heenan, Andre chops Savage back into the ring from the apron. Heenan has found the bag with Damien but here comes Jake Roberts. Savage pummels Heenan, Andre is stuck in the ropes. Savage tosses Heenan to the floor and Andre is stuck in the ropes with Jake coming into the ring with Damien. Andre escapes just in time from the attack of Damien.

This was a whole lot of fun from everyone involved, Andre appearing over-confident against Savage, Heenan predicting victory in a matter of minutes. It all comes crashing down as Jake Roberts brings Damien to ringside, leading to Andre freaking out. Great story-telling with a finish that makes me dying to see Andre vs Jake, hope it lives it up to the hype.

Double Disqualification!

(Winner Gets Flag Raised Match) Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Boris Zhukov

This seems to be in the middle of a program between Duggan and Bravo, Duggan starts off with an atomic drop and clothesline. Lock-up, Zhukov nails a few right hands and goes for an Irish whip. Duggan reverses but lowers his head, Zhukov smashes Duggan in the face with a boot. Duggan rallies though, big rights and lefts before a missed elbow drop. Zhukov bites the head of Duggan, Irish whip to the corner but Duggan explodes out with a clothesline. Irish whip and a scoop slam from Duggan, Three-Point Stance Tackle from Duggan for the win. Old Glory is raised as this match was pure squash!

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan over Boris Zhukov via Three Point Stance Tackle!

Brother Love & Hulk Hogan Segment

Slick comes down to the ring despite Hogan being the advertised guest, Hogan will not be standing idle for long though. Brother Love insults Hogan over and over, leading to The Hulkster getting more irritated by the second. Hogan steals Brother Love’s microphone, Hogan is in ass-kicking mode. Brother Love and Slick go too far, Hogan tosses Slick to the floor and Brother Love makes the mistake of attacking Hogan. Scoop slam from Hogan, Hogan poses and pulls handcuffs from his kneepad. Hogan clotheslines Brother Love over the top rope, embarrassed by The Hulkster.

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Wild Stallions

Jacque and Powers start us off, side headlock from Jacque. Shoulder block and dropkick from Jacque, Powers holds his head in pain. Tag to Raymond, side headlock from Powers. Jacque is back in, Powers nails ten punches in the corner but Jimmy Hart nails Powers with his megaphone in the knee. Jacque tags Raymond. Assisted gutbuster from Jacque, Raymond forearms Powers in the back. Tag to Jacque, flying reverse elbow from Jacque.

Irish whip to the corner is reversed by Powers, Jacque tries a middle rope crossbody and Powers tags Roma. Elbow to Raymond, powerslam to Jacque. Missile dropkick on Raymond for two, Jacque and Powers are brawling. Raymond rakes the eyes, Roma is caught for The Fabulous Rougeau’s finish which wipes out Roma. Another match that is far too quick to get a rating out of it, at least The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers are getting some heel heat.

Winners: Fabulous Rougeau Brothers over Wild Stallions!

Standard Saturday Night’s Main Event, no major moments here but all the major angles are advancing, Jake vs Andre is looking like a stellar feud heading into 1989 and Hulk Hogan vowing revenge against Slick and The Big Bossman looks like another solid feud heading into 1989. We have another Saturday Night’s Main Event before we reach The Royal Rumble, let’s keep the positivity going! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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