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WWE No Way Out 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more of a rip-off than that Vanilla Midget Ricky Starks! It’s time for WWE No Way Out 2009! The big feuds on this one include JBL vs Shawn Michaels, HBK’s freedom is on the line as Shawn Michaels must win and if HBK does not win, JBL will own Shawn Michaels for the rest of his career. We also have Shane Mcmahon vs Randy Orton, Shane Mcmahon returned to avenge his father who was put in the hospital by The Viper. We also have two massive Elimination Chamber matches with both brand’s championships being defended with John Cena and Edge having terrible odds heading into this night. A small card for sure but some big names up and down the card, looking forward to seeing how this one plays out!


(WWE World Championship Match) Edge © vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy vs The Big Show vs Vladimir Kozlov

Big match here to kick us off, thought they would not have Jeff Hardy in here to protect the former champion from another big loss especially with Big Show, Taker and Triple H in there, all people who we could see beaten Jeff Hardy. Edge comes in to start with Hardy, Hardy lands neckbreakers and clotheslines. Edge is rattled before a reversal leads to a big boot, loud Hardy chants in the arena. Two off the boot, Edge crossbodies the back of Hardy for another two. Measured right hands by Edge, whip to the opposite buckle but Hardy answers with a head-scissors, inverted atomic drop followed by a leg drop and a low dropkick. Twist of Fate and Edgecution are countered before Hardy lands the Twist of Fate. Edge dodges the Swanton Bomb, Edge measures for The Spear. Hardy counters for a small package, 1…2…3! Edge is irate, Edge cannot believe it. We are going to have a new champion again, Edge’s return has gone from bad to worse. Unthinkable considering how Edge was protected constantly in the main event scene, Edge is in pure shock and has to leave the chamber.


Kozlov is the first out of the chamber, not good for Hardy. Big boot by Kozlov, shoulder thrusts in the corner, clubbing forearms. Hardy lands a knee to the head, dropkick to the knee. Hardy tries a middle rope crossbody but Kozlov lands a massive headbutt, Hardy is tossed into the cage wall. Hardy eats headbutts and knees by The Moscow Mauler. Huge kick to the ribs, fallaway slam by Kozlov for two. Back-breaker by Kozlov for two, Hardy fights back and lands a jaw-breaker followed by a massive slingshot dropkick. Kozlov eats a Whisper In The Wind, we will have a new entrant. Big Show is our next entrant, not looking good for Hardy.


Show lands a gut punch and tosses Hardy across the ring, Show steps on Hardy. Headbutt from Show, Kozlov headbutts Hardy. Knees by Kozlov, little bit of friendly competition between Kozlov & Show, Show is going to show his power with a big slam on Hardy. Kozlov is game to answer, Hardy begins fighting both men before a headbutt by Show brings down Hardy. Kozlov headbutts down Show, the two monsters are brawling now. These intervals between wrestlers is super long I feel, Show wants a suplex on Kozlov. Show misses a corner splash, Kozlov lands shoulder thrusts before Show lands a clothesline on Kozlov. Triple H comes out next, face-buster on Show. High knee on Kozlov, Show is whipped to the buckle but reverses, Show misses a splash. Triple H spine-busters Show, Hardy is clotheslined down by Triple H.


Kozlov is low-bridged to the steel floor, Show lands a sidewalk slam on Triple H. Kozlov is going after Hardy, Taker wants to punch the head off of Show but Taker must wait until the buzzer goes off to enter the ring. Triple H escapes a Chokeslam but eats a gorilla press slam, Hardy and Triple H begin working together. Show is on the steel floor, Kozlov eats a double suplex. Whisper In The Wind on Triple H, Taker is coming into the ring. Taker explodes on Show, rights and lefts. Same treatment for Kozlov, Snake-Eyes and a big boot. Corner clotheslines, flying clothesline on Show.


Taker is going Old School on Triple H, Taker dives off onto Show. Show wants a Chokeslam counter but Show eats a DDT on the steel floor. Taker nails Old School on Triple H this time, big boot on Hardy. Out of nowhere, Kozlov lands a massive headbutt and shoulder thrusts on Taker, ten punches in the corner by Kozlov. Taker counters for The Last Ride, goodbye Kozlov!


Show is staggering to his feet, Chokeslam on Taker. Triple H wants a pedigree on Show but Show back-drops Triple H onto the steel floor, Hardy is up now. Show military slams Hardy onto Triple H, Triple H does a terrible job of catching Hardy. Show tries shoving Hardy into the cage, Hardy climbs the cage but gets crotched on top of the pod. Show is climbing to the top, Taker is hammering away at Show. Huge battle on the top rope, superplex from Taker. Triple H staggers to his feet and Pedigrees Show, Hardy shows signs of life and decides it's time for a Swanton Bomb. Big Show has been Eliminated!


Three heavy-hitters left in this match, Hardy misses a Whisper In The Wind. Triple H lands right hands on Taker, Taker reverses that and pummels Triple H. Whip to the buckle with Triple H tumbling to the steel, Old School on Hardy doesn’t connect as Triple H crotched Taker on the top rope. Hardy lands Poetry in Motion using Taker as a base but Taker picks up Hardy through the ropes and lands a Tombstone for the elimination, Jeff Hardy’s dream will not be fulfilled again on this night.


Taker vs Triple H, this could go either way. Taker is looking a little worse than Triple H, big boot by Taker. Taker lands a headbutt and a measured straight before missing a big boot in the corner, Taker tastes the steel. In the ring, Triple H tries a double axe handle but Taker lands a Chokeslam for a close two, Irish whip to the buckle. Triple H boots Taker, Taker lands Snake-Eyes but Triple H answers with a spine-buster. Two for Triple H, we are on the floor again. Taker catapults Triple H into the chain wall, Taker wants a tombstone, both men tease tombstones before Taker lands a massive tombstone. Triple H places his foot on the rope to survive, Taker walks into a Pedigree. 1….2…. Taker kicks out of The Pedigree!


Both men are trading punches in the corner, Taker naturally wins that war but Triple H gives back to some huge right hands. Taker is whipped to the buckle, Triple H goes for ten punches. Taker looks for the Last Ride but Triple H learns from Wrestlemania X7 and slips out for a Pedigree! Game Over!


I will acknowledge the finish as a callback to Wrestlemania X7, it’s just a very interesting choice heading into Mania, the WWE Championship is going to switch shows, I have no idea when but I have no memory of Cena wrestling extensively on Smackdown so I can’t imagine it lasted long but to have Triple H as the face of Smackdown for many months and then go back to Triple H so soon after Edge coming back and Hardy winning the championship feels strange to me, did Triple H need the championship to justify fighting Orton? Considering Orton would take out Triple H’s father-in-law and brother-in-law, I don’t think it was necessary but then again, where would they have gone with Edge? Would they be bold enough to do Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy for the championship? Never so it is really interesting to see how things are working out, I still don’t think Jeff should have been in the match but as far as the action goes, it’s really strong once Taker hits the ring. Big shots, awesome sequences and finisher-reversals galore.


Winner: Triple H via Pedigree!


(No Holds Barred Match) Shane Mcmahon vs Randy Orton

Orton kicked the head off of Vince Mcmahon, Orton had backed WWE in the corner by claiming that he had a mental illness and WWE would be sued into oblivion for this mistake. Shane wants to avenge his father and is promising to make sure Orton does not make it to Wrestlemania.


Shane pops Orton in the mouth, I imagine Shane didn’t pull his punches so Orton will be honestly kicking Shane as hard as he can when the time comes, Shane uses his jabs to frustrate Orton. These jabs got worse over the years, Orton kicks low and punches the shit out of Shane. Shane lands right and lefts, Orton is being knocked around the ring, Shane sends Orton to the floor. Baseball slide, Shane brings out the toys. A table and a trash can, Orton lands his back-breaker and sends Shane back first into the ring-apron. Kicks to the ribs, belly to back suplex by Orton. Orton exposes the turnbuckle, Shane meets it hard. Boot to the chest by Orton, Shane rolls to the floor and comes back with a kendo stick, Shane beats Orton all across the back. Orton is waffled in the head with the announce monitor, Orton is bleeding from his head. Orton is limp and placed on the table, Shane is thinking of diving through the table. However, here comes Legacy! Shane is beaten in the corner, Cody has grabbed a steel chair. Cody cracks Dibiase by mistake and Shane DDTs Cody on the chair, of course nobody would help Shane because its not necessary. Shane can beat everyone by himself, Orton is a proper bloody mess. Cody Rhodes is in the corner with a trash can in his face, Shane is going Coast to Coast! Cody Rhodes is taken out! Shane is thinking of diving to the announcer table too, Shane‘s back is destroyed but here comes Shane, Shane crashes and burns as Orton moves out of the way.


Shane is in horrible pain, Shane has somehow made it to the apron. Orton walks over to Shane, Orton grabs Shane and snaps him with a DDT across the ropes. Shane kicks out of the DDT, Orton grabs the table. Orton wants a superplex from the top rope, beautifully executed from The Viper. Shane kicks out at two, Orton decides to smash Shane’s head into the table-frame, Garvin Stomp time, massive knee-drop to the throat. Two for Orton, Orton measures for The Punt Kick. Shane counters with a spear, Shane grabs a chair and cracks Orton across the back, a second shot to the ankle. Third shot to the ankle, fourth shot to the other foot. Orton is begging for mercy, Shane measures and measures. Final shot to the head, Shane wants to punt Orton but Orton suckered Shane in for an RKO and it’s over!


Typical Mcmahon Affair here, you get wildly entertaining moments that make up for the lack of athleticism or co-ordination that they possess but the match also goes too long and the mcmahons always coming out a little too strong. This is on full display here with Shane as you get table bumps, two actually a Coast To Coast and multiple weapon shots to cover up Shane’s lack of attack. This was very good, very entertaining but once Shane hit The Coast To Coast and missed the table elbow, Orton should have annihilated him. Orton should have hit the DDT and punted Shane’s head off or nailed an RKO. Instead we have Shane surviving a table suplex, a DDT and more and even countering the punt, overkill on here to keep Shane strong with a mistake leading to his pin-fall. But they run the company so what are you going to do right?


Winner: Randy Orton over Shane Mcmahon via RKO!


(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Jack Swagger © vs Finlay W/ Hornswoggle

Oh I do not have a good feeling about that, Swagger looked exposed against Matt Hardy and Finlay is a veteran, rough old bastard and I just do not know if this will work out. They also have the issue of trying to have a match when Christian has returned and everyone wants to see Christian. Things start out with Finlay beating the piss out of Swagger’s leg, leg-locks and stomps etc before Swagger kicks Finlay into the ring-post. Hammerlock with knees by Swagger, Swagger continues working the arm with a variation of the cross-arm-breaker. Finlay breaks free of the arm-work before Swagger sends Finlay to the corner, Finlay is down in the corner. What is going on here? I think they messed up the spot big time, referee is out of position on a pin which fucks up their false-finish spot. Swagger clubs Finlay in the corner, Finlay shoves off Swagger. Boot to the head, uppercut by the challenger. Short-arm clothesline, middle rope crossbody for two. Clotheslines by Finlay and a hip drop for two, shoulder in the corner. Hornswoggle distracts Finlay, Finlay is shoved into Hornswoggle. Swagger latches on and lands his Gut-Wrench Powerbomb for the win!


Oh boy this died an awful death in front of the fans, they didn’t give a damn about this match. Not even Finlay’s stiffest shots to the face of Swagger could generate any reaction from the crowd. Seems they are teasing something between Finlay & Hornswoggle too, guess that would soon lead to the death of Hornswoggle’s career but yeah, I didn’t give a damn about this match and neither did the fans.


Winner: Jack Swagger over Finlay via Gut-Wrench Powerbomb!


JBL vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels went broke and needed money, JBL offered his money. The deal was Michaels would make JBL World Champion, it would not happen as HBK sunk to depths that he never wanted to sink to in his career. HBK would risk it all in this match, his career could be owned by JBL if JBL wins this match.


Lock-up with JBL showing his strength, JBL talks shit to HBK’s face. One mistake is all I need says JBL, lock-up again with same result before Michaels clubs the shite out of JBL who scrambles to the floor. Michaels tries quick covers but JBL is too strong, shoulder block by JBL and a massive elbow drop for two, HBK slips out of a scoop slam and chops block the leg. Figure Four Leg-Lock by HBK, crossface by HBK. JBL slips out and uses his power to crush HBK, elbow drops over and over. HBK kicks out at two, HBK cannot gain momentum as JBL applies a bearhug. Michaels is throwing bombs, JBL cannot hold onto the submission. Chops by Michaels, JBL reverses the Irish whip but lowers his head and pays for it with a neck-breaker.


Inverted atomic drop and chops, chops in the corner. JBL whips Michaels to the corner, Michaels does his flip from the buckle. JBL places Michaels on the top rope, Michaels is fighting back. Michaels is fighting back, elbow floors JBL. Michaels wants his Elbow Drop, it misses as JBL dodges it at the last second. Clothesline From Hell, 1…..2… HBK kicks out! JBL lands a second Clothesline From Hell, JBL stares directly at Rebecca, Michael’s wife after this move. JBL is going to try and win by count-out, Rebecca has her head in her hands. Michaels survives the count, making it into the ring at nine. Michaels is tossed to the floor, JBL is talking trash to Rebecca.


Rebecca slaps JBL, Michaels fires up after seeing this. JBL reverses an Irish whip but eats a flying forearm, Lou Thesz Press by HBK. Scoop slam, HBK is climbing high! HBK Elbow Drop finds the mark, Michaels is going nuts. Tuning up the band, Sweet Chin Music and its over!


An emotional angle for sure but I thought it was not what I am use to when it comes to my HBK, Michaels always delivers in the ring but I thought this was more on the average side from a man who always delivers in the ring. Maybe HBK thought JBL wasn’t worth his best efforts or could it be that HBK was declining in that ring? Not something I want to think about but yeah considering the time invested, it just felt flat to me.


Winner: Shawn Michaels over JBL via Sweet Chin Music!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match) John Cena © vs Chris Jericho vs Mike Knox vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Edge

Mike Knox the main-eventer? Unbelievable how could it go wrong from here? The other big shock here is that poor Kofi Kingston never makes it to the match as Edge assaults Kofi on the way to the ring and takes his spot in the chamber. I don’t think this was ever followed up on sadly, this also robs us of potentially great high-spots from Kofi who sure as shit would have dived off everything. Jericho and Mysterio to start, great way to kick us off. Side headlock by Jericho, Mysterio uses knees to break out. Shoulder block by Jericho, Mysterio monkey-flips Jericho. Jericho reverses an Irish whip, head-scissors by Mysterio but Jericho rolls to the steel floor to avoid the 619. Tope con hilo by Mysterio, Mysterio clotheslines Jericho into the ring. Jericho tweaks his knee and sells it well, Mysterio is landing ten punches in the corner.


Mysterio is sent head-first into the pod as Jericho dodges a corner spear, big reaction from the crowd on that one. Jericho lands a beautiful suplex, two for Jericho. Jericho slaps on a reverse chin-lock, Mysterio fights out but Jericho elevates Mysterio to the floor. Jericho wants a catapult, Mysterio lands on the cage and drops down for a great hurricanrana. Seated springboard senton for two, bulldog from Mysterio and we are going to have our next entrant and it is Kane! Big boot by Kane to Mysterio, throat thrust for Jericho and Kane stares down Edge. Sidewlak slam on Mysterio for two, throat thrust and right hands on Jericho. Snap-mare into a low dropkick by Kane for two, Jericho goes for the leg of Kane. Shoulder thrusts by Jericho, Kane lands his vicious rights once more. Clothesline to the steel floor, Jericho’s knee is smashed into the steel. Mysterio attacks Kane, clubbing blows again and again. Mysterio lands a baseball slide, Kane clotheslines Mysterio down and re-enters the ring. Mysterio dodges a corner boot, titl-a-whirl neck-breaker by Mysterio.


Kane dodges a Lionsault from Jericho and lands a right hand, Mysterio drop toe-holds both men, Kane wants a Chokeslam on Mysterio but Mysterio counters with a hurricanrana and lands a 619. Codebreaker on Kane, Mysterio hurricanranas Jericho to the floor. Mysterio is on top of the pod and a massive seated senton takes out The Big Red Machine! Kane is the first eliminated by a huge move from Mysterio, great spot!


Mysterio is struggling to stand though, this was a huge spot and maybe it was too much of a risk. Knox is the next man in the ring, Knox is up against it in this match. The only man who feels like he does not belong, Knox clubs Mysterio and lands a big boot on Jericho. Corner clothesline on Mysterio, scoop slam on Jericho. Brody-like knee-drop on Jericho for two, Knox chokes Mysterio under the bottom rope. Jericho is beaten down by Knox, Jericho elevates Knox on the steel floor. Knox catches Jericho who tried a springboard crossbody and Knox launches Jericho into the chain wall. Mysterio jumps onto Knox, Knox slams Mysterio into the chain wall. Crushing Mysterio against the wall, Mysterio is caught in the tree of woe using the chain wall. Mysterio is looking like an MVP of this one already, Knox smashes Jericho off of Cena’s pod.


Knox clubs down on Mysterio in the ring, Mysterio dodges through the legs and looks for big leg-kicks. Knox lands a back-breaker and is ready for his finish but Jericho comes out of nowhere with a Codebreaker and that’s it for Knox, not an ideal showing for the big man. Guessing that experiment is very much over, the clock ticks down once more. Will it be Edge or Cena? It’s Edge, Mysterio attacks Edge the second the pod opens, Mysterio is showing huge fire. Edge is tossed in the ring, springboard crossbody and a kick to the ribs. Mysterio is on fire, Jericho saves Edge with a clothesline. Belly to back suplex by Jericho, Edge goes after Jericho. These two are brawling now, face-buster by Jericho. Lionsault misses as Mysterio blocks with the knees and Edge goes for the Edge O Matic on Jericho for a close two. Edge whips Mysterio to the buckle hard, Cena watches on as Edge plans a spear. Mysterio leaps over Edge, Edge uses the ropes to block a Codebreaker, Mysterio trips Edge for the 619 but Jericho spears Mysterio to stop the 619.


Jericho is climbing high, Mysterio is on the top rope with Jericho. Edge clubs Mysterio, tower of doom sunset flip powerbomb by Jericho. Edge is up first and Jericho is tossed to the floor, hard on the steel. Edge knows who is next, Cena wants Edge badly. Cena comes in and lands shoulder blocks and clotheslines, belly to belly suplex on Edge. Fisherman suplex and face-buster, Jericho is on the floor. Cena lands a belly to back suplex on Edge, Five-Knuckle-Shuffle time! FU is blocked as Jericho lands a Codebreaker, Mysterio lands a 619 and Edge lands a Spear and Cena has been eliminated! The fans are in shock, Jericho and Edge are in shock and the fans too. There will be another new champion tonight!


Mysterio is an underdog here with the two Canadians looking to destroy the high-flyer, Jericho and Edge are in position for a 619. Jericho is waffled in the face, Edge dodges but meets the ring-post courtesy of Mysterio. Jericho counters a springboard senton for the walls but Mysterio reverses the hold for a roll-up, Mysterio has eliminated Jericho! Edge measures Mysterio, Mysterio does not know Edge is waiting for him. Edge has a sadistic look on his face, Mysterio dodges and rolls-up Edge for a close two. Springboard crossbody for two, sunset flip by Edge goes wrong as Mysterio rolls through and kicks Edge square in the head. Forearms by Mysterio, springboard moonsault is stopped by Edge but Mysterio counters again for a DDT. Edge boots Mysterio down hard, massive big boot to the head. Edge wants a powerbomb on the floor but Mysterio counters with a face-buster, Edge is placed on the rope. 619 to the back of the head, Edge reverses and cracks Mysterio’s head off the pod! Mysterio can barely stand and Edge measures, a massive Spear and Edge is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!


Got to love that WWE Logic of Edge just joining the Chamber match but this was great, Mysterio is the MVP of this one. Crazy spots from Mysterio who showed incredible fire and creativity. From the senton off the top of the pod, the dropping hurricanrana, the various false-finishes with Edge it was just magic. Mysterio showing that if they want to go that route, it is 100% viable as Mysterio is still one of the most popular babyfaces on the roster. Cena’s elimination was treated like a big deal and rightly so, not a soul thought Cena would be eliminated and definitely nobody thought that Cena would be taken out so early into the match. Great drama here and a great end to the night!


Winner: Edge via Spear!


That was WWE’s No Way Out 2008, a solid PPV from WWE. It’s very hard to knock a show with two Chamber matches and I can’t really find a way to bring them down on that. We kick things off with the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, very interesting start with Edge being eliminated, big names galore in this one but I still feel that a Hardy loss in a big match like this was not the right call. Taker and Triple H have a very exciting preview of their match that will take place at WM27, good false-finishes that keep the fans on the edge of their seat and a possible callback to Wrestlemania X7 in the finish leaves me very satisfied when it comes to this Chamber Match.


Mcmahon vs Orton is interesting but goes on for a little too long, Shane gives you entertainment and all the bells and whistles to make sure you aren’t thinking this is boring but after a Coast to Coast and an announcer table bump, I didn’t need to see a Shane comeback, would have been find with Orton punting him into oblivion and calling it a day. Entertaining brawl for sure with big enough spots to keep you engaged but gets tedious towards the end. The ECW Championship was not horrible but it was out there to die a horrible death and it certainly achieved just that, not buying into Swagger as a face of the brand. I think it is clearly a case of too much too soon and I believe that they must be hoping that Christian can help Swagger grow into a fully-fleshed out top heel because I haven’t seen it in two PPVs.


JBL vs Michaels is a great angle, the match cannot hold a candle to it. HBK steals every show that he is on, you can see me raving plenty of times about his selling and timing, the way he can carry a mediocre show but this was not the HBK I know and love, not even close. Never really got going, JBL was going to get his head taken off and that was it, not worth paying to see. Finally, the second Chamber match is very entertaining, the only real low point being Knox’s run in the Chamber, Knox was slow and looked out of his league in there and the Codebreaker finish tells you everything you need to know about him. Mysterio shines the brightest here, huge reactions throughout for various spots and an ending that pulls on your heart and makes you so furious that they didn’t put the championship on Mysterio. An amazing start and finish to the show with some boring parts in between, seek out the two Chamber matches. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Saturday 21 October 2023

WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! The only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to ruin your night more than Christian bringing up your dead dad! It’s time for WWE Royal Rumble 2009, the road to Wrestlemania is here! We have some huge matches here tonight, we of course we have The Royal Rumble match where 30 superstars will compete for the chance to main event Wrestlemania! Rounding out the card we have John Cena defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against JBL who has Shawn Michaels in his corner, we have ECW Championship match with Matt Hardy against Jack Swagger, we also have Jeff Hardy defending his WWE Championship against Edge! So big matches up and down the card, the big story going into this one though is Randy Orton has punt kicked Mr. Mcmahon into oblivion, a shot heard around the world and it’s so obvious who the company is positioning for the Wrestlemania Main Event but let’s see how it plays out!


(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Matt Hardy vs Jack Swagger ©

Well they did the title change on an episode of ECW, not sure if that is the best way to build up Swagger but alright so Swagger came in like a house of fire and just like Kozlov, Swagger is an undefeated opponent that Matt Hardy has to face. Crowd did love Matt Hardy and were fans of the former ECW Champion, I wouldn’t say it was Matt at his most beloved but definitely a close second to when The Hardys were teaming together in the early 2000s.


That ECW belt looks horrific btw, one of the worst designs I think they ever had. Hardy locks-up with Swagger, Hardy gives a clean break. Hardy nails two big rights, Swagger rolls to the floor. Hardy is in pursuit, Swagger is bounced off the ring. Clothesline by Hardy, Swagger executes his game plan using his wrestling credentials to bring Hardy to the mat. Hammerlock from Swagger, loud Hardy chants from the crowd. Swagger continues rolling Hardy with the hammerlock, Hardy escapes the hold and lands a bulldog and dropkick. Hardy is whipped to the buckle, Swagger pushes Hardy off the top rope. Hardy is holding his left-arm, shoulder thrusts and wrenches from Swagger. Shoulder block knocks down Hardy for two, Hardy fights back but Swagger tries to pull his arm out of the socket. Boot floors Hardy for two, Swagger continues to wrench the arm before a clothesline from Hardy takes down Swagger.


Swagger is booted in the head, comeback clotheslines by Hardy. Neck-breaker for two, Irish whip to the buckle and a running bulldog for two. Hardy is on the middle rope, elbow to the back of the head for two. Hardy’s suplex attempt is blocked, single arm DDT for two. Swagger looks for a belly to back suplex, Hardy backs off Swagger. Hardy wants a moonsault for two, Twist of Fate is blocked. Swagger blocks Side Effect too, Hardy is tossed into the ring-post. Swagger calls for his finish, Hardy is limp. Gut-wrench Powerbomb and it’s over!


Oh sloppy ending there, not sure if Swagger did himself any favors with management there, solid story between the two though. The arm was worked on throughout the match, it was also what was worked on in their prior championship match so I am happy with that, Swagger hammerlocks and DDTs the arm and it plays into the finish, happy days there but Swagger was very slow and awkward on that finish. Maybe Swagger thought Hardy would come out to him or if Hardy would help position himself but Swagger just kind of sits and waits and watches and it ends up being a very awkward experience. Camera focuses on Matt Hardy following the loss, this could be Hardy questioning whether he wants to continue down this path as it was such a crushing loss.


Winner: Jack Swagger over Matt Hardy via Gut-Wrench Powerbomb!


(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Beth Phoenix © vs Melina

Can you believe WWE every tried to make Melina a babyface ace of a division? Side headlock by Melina, Beth counters with strength. Fans chant for Santino, Beth reverses the hold before Melina lands a dropkick. Shoulder block by Beth, Melina eats an uppercut. Melina wants an arm-bar but Beth is fighting it off, Melina looking for a cross-armbreaker but Beth sits up with Melina and tosses her to the corner. Melina lands a knee, Beth shoves off Melina who holds her ribs in pain. Hip splash in the corner by Beth, Melina is yanked out of the corner by her hair for two. Single leg crab by Beth, Beth pulls her back and uses Melina’s flexibility against her by smashing the back of her head with her foot.


Impressive spot, Beth boots Melina in the head. Referee is very concerned for Melina, kick to the head by Melina. Sidewalk slam by Beth for two, military press slam is countered by Melina. She wanted something but it fell apart, jaw-breaker by Melina. Comeback from Melina, sunset flip for two. Drop toehold into the ropes, knees to the spine and a face-buster for two. Beth shoves Melina to the corner, Melina kicks away Beth. Middle rope Lou Thesz Press, Melina misses her face-buster. Irish whip, Beth is going for the Glam Slam but Melina slips out for a victory roll for the win.


That’s it? That’s how the reign of Beth ends? Just like that? At the Rumble? Melina was not even on the last PPV, I thought Mickie was considered the big babyface of the division? Well the fans cared more about Santino which was typical of this era, the leg spot was great though because it focused the fans but not a soul in that arena thought Melina was winning that match including me.


Winner: Melina over Beth Phoenix via Roll-Up!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) John Cena © vs JBL W/ Shawn Michaels

Before Cena was injured, JBL managed to squeeze out a victory against the champion in a street fight. Shawn Michaels is here as HBK burned through all his money so JBL is providing financial support for The Heartbreak Kid.


Side headlock by Cena to start out, JBL struggles to break free. Knees and side headlock by JBL, JBL rolls to the floor and talks strategy with HBK. HBK is unmoved by the words of JBL but JBL is going to do what he wants to do. Right hands in the corner by JBL, Cena reverses an Irish whip and lands a bulldog for two. Throwback for two, JBL powders and looks to talk to HBK once again. Cena is coming to the floor, Cena runs into HBK and just that moment of hesitation leads to JBL wiping out Cena. Right hand from JBL rocks Cena, short-clothesline by JBL for two. Elbows by JBL, two for the challenger. Cena fights back but a sidewalk slam cuts off Cena’s comeback, tough times for the champion currently with JBL continuing to dominate this match.


JBL shoulder blocks Cena to the floor, Cena is whipped hard into the steel steps. In the corner, JBL lands measured blows. Cena stops a superplex attempt, JBL is knocked off the top rope and back to the canvas. Kobashi-style leg drop by Cena, two for Cena. JBL goes to the ropes, Cena charges in and meets a boot from JBL. JBL goes for a Clothesline but Cena tackles JBL to the ground. JBL is bounced off the buckle twice before a series of shoulder blocks and a belly to back slam from Cena. Cena wants that five-knuckle shuffle, massive shot to the head of JBL. FU is blocked with an elbow to the eye, another big kick to the face by JBL. JBL wants the clothesline but Cena trips up JBL and has The STFU!


Michaels looks on emotionless, HBK holds onto the ropes and it draws a reaction from Cena. Cena kicks at HBK and gets distracted, JBL kicks Cena to the floor. Cena & HBK are locking eyes, JBL takes advantage with a Clothesline From Hell! 1…2… Cena kicks out! JBL stares down HBK and this allows Cena to recover, FU attempt is blocked by JBL and JBL boots down the referee by mistake. We have a double clothesline spot, HBK is on the apron! What will The Heartbreak Kid do here? The fans are definitely into it, what will Michaels do in this situation?


HBK looks on at both men, HBK is thinking Sweet Chin Music but for who? JBL is knocked out with a brutal Sweet Chin Music! Cena cannot believe it, the leader of The Cenation is smirking, HBK knocks both men out! A Sweet Chin Music finds the mark on Cena, HBK is placing JBL on top of Cena! How could this happen? HBK is thinking about what he is doing, HBK is walking away seemingly satisfied with his actions. Where is the referee? Where is anyone? What is this carnage? We have a new referee, 1…2… Cena kicks out! Both men are selling the effects of that devastating Sweet Chin Music, JBL is showing a bit more life than Cena. JBL has Cena by the wrist though, it could be clothesline time but Cena counters into the FU and this match is over.


I do love a good Bradshaw match, the man might be one of the biggest bullies to ever walk around the WWE locker room but his style is rough and he’s a big bastard who hits hard. Completely different vibe to the Jericho match here with JBL just beating on Cena, forcing Cena to sell whether he wants to or not. This match also has the added drama of HBK at ringside, the pay-off of HBK knocking out JBL was great, fans love that angle so it will be interesting to see how it continues with Taker vs HBK looming for Wrestlemania. Better title match here for Cena than the previous two, hoping that Cena can continue this momentum into the rest of Wrestlemania season.


Winner: John Cena over JBL via FU!


(WWE Championship Match) Jeff Hardy © vs Edge

Edge is considered the prime suspect as Jeff Hardy was attacked in his hotel room, leading to The Rated-R Superstar capturing the WWE Championship once more. However, Edge’s championship reign was short-lived as Jeff Hardy would capture the championship at Armageddon. One month later, the two will do battle for the championship, poor Triple H getting shafted eh?


Chavo is here at ringside but this match starts with Jeff Hardy stomping the life out of Edge, all that rage is pouring out of Jeff. Loud Christian chants, smart crowd here tonight as it was all the rage of The Observer at this time. Clothesline by Hardy, Edge is whipped to the ropes and bails, a chase ensues but Hardy has a chair. Edge boots the chair in Hardy’s face, Hardy is on the apron. Loud Hardy chants, Hardy leapfrogs out of the corner and clotheslines Edge. Dropkick to the spine for two, scoop slam and kicks by Hardy. Edge goes low and fights back, clubbing blows to the back. Edge is outsmarted by Hardy and gets kicked in the face, a plancha fake followed by a nice apron clothesline by Hardy. Chavo distracts Hardy and Edge lands a big boot to the face of the champion, if only Hardy had someone who would have his back?


Baseball slide by the challenger, Edge whips Hardy into the barricade. Hardy is bounced off the announce tables, Edge poses in the ring. Two off an elbow drop, Edge measures Hardy and kicks the champion hard in the ribs. Irish whip to the buckle with a spear by Edge, Hardy shows signs of life with a sunset flip but Edge is quickly back in control. Body-scissors by Edge, Hardy escapes but Edge nails a huge dropkick to the ribs. Edge grabs two chairs at ringside, this is not looking good for the champion. Hardy manages to spear Edge off of the apron! Huge move by Hardy, Hardy goes for it all with a massive Twist of Fate on the apron. Hardy begins to look for a big move on the announcer table here, Hardy is looking for a ladder. You knew it was coming, this is Jeff Hardy.


Hardy places the ladder near the announcer table, Edge is punched in the head and placed on the announcer’s table. Chavo gets involved and is smacked off the ladder, diving clothesline by Hardy. Edge is thrown into the ring-post, Hardy is not happy with Chavo. Chavo is smacked onto the announcer table, Hardy lands an awkward looking splash through the table. Diving crossbody for two in the ring, Edge reverses an Irish whip and lands a massive big boot. Edge exposes the top turnbuckle, Edge is hobbling over to Hardy. Hardy blocks the buckle and nails a Whisper In The Wind for two. Hardy is showing frustration now, Twist of Fate is countered for The Edgecution. 1….2… Hardy kicks out! Hardy has a small package for a very close two, sit-out suplex face-buster from Hardy.


Hardy cannot position Edge for the Swanton, Edge rolls to the opposite corner. Edge avoids the slingshot dropkick by grabbing Hardy and landing a flapjack onto the exposed turnbuckle, two for Edge. Edge snaps and wants the spear, Hardy counters into a beautiful Twist of Fate! Hardy is climbing high, Vickie Guerrero is here. Hardy kicks her away, Swanton Bomb connects! Hardy crawls and crawls, 1……2…. Vickie Guerrero pulls out the referee. Hardy is irate, Matt Hardy is here with a chair. Vickie is thrown into the ring, Matt Hardy has a chair. Matt Hardy hands Jeff Hardy the chair, Matt stops Jeff and says we should do a Con-Chairto but wait! Matt Hardy cracks Jeff Hardy in the head with the chair! Matt has knocked out his brother! Edge is in shock, Edge cannot believe it but Edge is happy to take the pin and we have a new WWE Champion!


So the story about this one is that the rumor of Christian rejoining the WWE had gotten out and it just seemed too predictable that Christian would join his brother Edge so WWE went in a very different direction with Matt Hardy turning on his brother Jeff and handing the title to Edge. I think Jeff deserved more than being a transitional champion, the crowd reactions and momentum and time put into him warranted more but you could argue that this was during a time where RAW scripts weren’t ripped up just before they went live, Mcmahon had a plan for Mania well in advance and didn’t see Jeff Hardy as a main event at Mania. As for Matt turning, I could buy it. I don’t know if I could buy into Matt as a heel but his brother eclipsing him, yeah I can relate to that and feel that on an emotional level. Matt had done a good job of getting himself over as ECW Champion but it wasn’t the World Championship of the company, Jeff had accomplished what Matt could never do in his wildest dreams and it ate away at him. As for this match itself, Edge boots Jeff around like a big man which is very weird for me to watch because I just don’t recall Edge ever being that imposing but he’s a big boy, the heat segments are exactly enthralling and the match is not loaded with weapons for a good smoke and mirror effect, Jeff’s never going to be a top guy on offence, Jeff’s strength is his selling and his wild moves. We get the wild moves here with the ladder dive which is insane looking back now as the referee didn’t even help Jeff, it was up to Jeff to nail that and diving off a ladder is never a good idea, you have to fall. If you try to dive, shit can go wrong and it almost did as Jeff caught just enough of Chavo to make it look good. Overall the angle overshadows the match and I think that’s for the best, Edge vs Jeff Hardy without smoke and mirrors doesn’t sound all that good to me.


Winner: Edge over Jeff Hardy via Chair-Shot To The Head!


Royal Rumble Match

One of my favourite matches of all-time! Thirty men will enter the ring for the chance to main event Wrestlemania, two men to begin and every 90 seconds a new competitor will enter the ring until all 30 men have entered. Eliminations occur by tossing your opponent over the top rope and both feet touching the floor, will try to break this up into segments so it is actually readable, wish me luck as always.


Entrants 1 to 5

We start with Mysterio and Morrison, Mysterio lands big kicks to the face before Morrison tries dumping out Mysterio with an atomic drop, Mysterio almost spills out very early. Morrison kicks and shoves at Mysterio but there is no moving Mysterio. Springboard crossbody by Mysterio, tilt-a-whirl head-scissors by Mysterio and Morrison is almost dumped out, Mysterio dropkicks Morrison who barely hangs onto the ropes. Number three is Carlito, long time since we have seen Carlito. Apparently, Carlito is a tag team champion. Would be nice if the championships were featured on cards, Carlito lands big right hands and a huge neck-breaker on Mysterio. Morrison is wiped out with a double springboard moonsault by Carlito, Mysterio is hanging onto the bottom rope.


Morrison is back up, Carlito gets clubbed in the back. Morrison cannot eliminated Mysterio, number four is MVP who seems like another forgotten man on the roster. MVP lands clotheslines and a beautiful powerslam with the crowd reacting big to MVP, Ballin Elbow connects on Morrison. Carlito takes down MVP, MVP comes back with a face-buster. Morrison sends MVP into the buckle, MVP ducks the springboard enzuigiri. MVP lands The Drive-By on Morrison, Mysterio is on the apron and lands a sling-shot hurricanrana. Number five is The Great Khali, business has picked up ladies and gentlemen! Everyone sells fear at the size of the big man, everyone begins attacking Khali but Khali shoves everyone down and lands clotheslines. Big chops too, Morrison has his hand crushed as he is thrown to the ground. Crowd reacts to Khali, Mysterio’s dropkick has no effect. Khali picks up Carlito and lands a Punjabi Plunge!


Entrants 6 to 10

Number six is Kozlov, two big giants squaring off in the ring. Kozlov lands two kicks and a headbutt, Khali is the first person eliminated.


Great Khali has been Eliminated by  Kozlov!


MVP has been Eliminated by Kozlov!


Carlito has been Eliminated by Kozlov!


Yep you read that right, Kozlov wipes out everyone in a matter of seconds. MVP misses a boot in the corner and gets dumped out, Carlito’s springboard attempt backfires as Kozlov lands his Spine-Buster and dumps his out with ease. Number seven is Triple H, Triple H is smashed with a massive headbutt. Kozlov misses a corner headbutt, right hands by Triple H. Face-buster by Triple H and Kozlov is thrown out just like that!


Vladimir Kozlov has been Eliminated by Triple H!


Triple H nails Morrison with his big knee, number eight is Randy Orton. Orton and Triple H go right after one another, right hands by Orton. Triple H gets caught with the back-breaker, RKO is blocked. Pedigree is thwarted by Morrsion, Mysterio wipes out Orton with a springboard seated senton, Mysterio lands a 619 on Morrison for good measure. Number nine is JTG, JTG comes in and kicks everyone before nailing a sling-blade. Shoulder thrusts in the corner, Triple H is almost thrown out by JTG. Orton is trying to dump out Mysterio, Mysterio is using his legs to hang on and almost throw out Orton. Number ten is Ted Dibiase Jr., Dibiase comes in and waffles everyone with right hands.


Entrants 11 to 15

We have a few elimination teases with Dibiase being involved in all of them but nobody is tossed out, Orton chokes Triple H in the corner. Mysterio dropkicks Dibiase in his lower regions, number eleven is Chris Jericho. A sentimental favourite for the smart-fans, Jericho comes in and dropkicks everyone. Jericho wants Orton out of the match, the two had words earlier in the night. Face-buster by Jericho, Lionsault misses but Walls of Jericho will connect. Actually nope, Jericho is almost thrown out by Triple H. Legacy are working together to take out Morrison, surprised that JTG has not been dumped out yet! Number twelve is Mike Knox, big boot to the head of Mysterio. Clotheslines all around, Knox is wiping out Mysterio. Orton and Dibiase talk strategy, the duo attack JTG. Triple H is walloped by Mike Knox, number thirteen is The Miz. Miz lands some right hands and his signature clothesline on Triple H & Mysterio. Morrison & Miz begin teaming up, Miz misses Orton with his clothesline.


Morrison is dropped with an RKO by Orton, Miz is dropped too. JTG is knocked out too with an RKO, Triple H lands a Pedigree on Orton and tosses out Morrison & Miz!


Morrison & Miz have been Eliminated by Triple H!


Number fourteen is Finlay who roughs up everyone with inverted atomic drops, Jericho is almost thrown out by Finlay. Finlay continues to club everything in sight, love his physicality. Uppercuts and stiff clotheslines galore from Finlay, poor JTG gets kicked squared in the face. Number fifteen is Cody Rhodes, Legacy continues to grow stronger here. JTG is stomped by the trio, they move to Triple H next with their assault. Next on the list is Finlay, Mike Knox cannot escape either, Mysterio dives into an RKO.


Entrants 16 to 20

Number sixteen is one man you do not want to mess with, it’s The Undertaker and I feel very sad for myself as I will have to recap how Taker is going to dump half of the people in the ring in seconds. Taker begins punching everyone in the face, crowd loves Taker too. JTG is gone, no surprise that JTG would be first.


JTG has been Eliminated by Undertaker!


Snake-Eyes and big boot for Rhodes, number seventeen is a surprise for sure as we have The Bizarre One Goldust! Goldust waffles Dibiase before Cody faces off with his brother, this would main event a PPV many years later but for now, Goldust is trying to dump out his cocky younger brother. Goldust almost eliminates Cody twice, Orton is irate at his boys being taken out by one man, RKO is the end for Goldust. Orton tells Cody Rhodes to dump out Goldust.


Goldust has been Eliminated by Cody Rhodes!


Number eighteen is CM Punk, Punk is IC Champion and Punk kicks everyone in the face. Triple H tries destroying Punk but eats a GTS for his trouble, Legacy work on eliminating Jericho but Jericho hangs on, Punk runs into Taker. Number nineteen is Mark Henry, another big man. Henry starts headbutting and clotheslining everyone in sight, Henry steps all over Punk. Triple H eats a World’s Strongest Slam! Number twenty is Shelton Benjamin, The Gold Standard is here! Pay-Dirt on Finlay, flapjack on Mysterio. Double Pay-Dirt on Punk & Jericho, Dragon-Whip on Henry.


Entrants  21 to 25

Number twenty-one is William Regal, Regal hammers Punk in some lovely continuity, Regal knees Punk in the head. Mark Henry is on the floor, has Mark Henry been eliminated?


Mark Henry has been Eliminated by Undertaker!


Poor Henry eliminated and nobody saw so we needed a replay to explain it to us, number twenty-two is Kofi Kingston who continues dropkicks Punk square in the face. Same for Benjamin and Dibiase, Knox is wiped out too. Jericho knocks down Kofi after a Boom Drop, Legacy continue helping one another while Taker is bleeding, no idea how it happened but Taker looks like it happened hard way, maybe a headbutt gone wrong. Taker stops a springboard from Benjamin with a Chokeslam, goodbye Benjamin.


Shelton Benjamin has been Eliminated by Undertaker!


Number twenty-three is Kane who uppercuts and boots, sidewalks slams everyone in sight. Taker and Kane stare at one another, they contemplate their next move. It is not good for Dibiase, Double Chokeslam from The Brothers of Destruction. Punk manages to dump out a fired up Regal, nice move by Punk.


William Regal has been Eliminated by CM Punk!


Number twenty-four is R-Truth, might be the first time I have seen him in this series, happy for Truth who killed it in TNA and worked his way back onto the roster and is still employed to this day! Seems people are not sure about the next big spot so we lumber around for a little bit, we have the next entrant coming down to the ring. Number twenty-five is RVD, fans are going insane. Diving heel kick on Kane, clotheslines on everyone else. ECW chants, kicks galore. Mike Knox gets kicked in the head, way too many bodies in that ring right now.


Entrants 26 to 30

RVD lands Rolling Thunder on HHH & Truth before number twenty-six comes out and its Brian Kendrick. Kofi is dumped out by Kendrick but Triple H dumps out Kendrick seconds later.


Kofi Kingston has been Eliminated by Brian Kendrick


Brian Kendrick has been Eliminated by Triple H


Number twenty-seven is none other than Dolph Ziggler, might be one of the first appearances for Ziggler too, Ziggler runs into Kane. Kane tosses out Ziggler after introducing himself.


Dolph Ziggler has been Eliminated by Kane!


Santino Marella has been Eliminated by Kane!


Yes poor Santino comes into the ring and Kane immediately throws him out, breaking the record held by The Warlord. A funny moment for sure, Taker and Kane slug it out before Jericho goes after Taker. RVD is being split on the top rope by his legs, crazy flexibility from RVD. Number twenty-nine is Jim Duggan who hammers everyone with right hands, crowd loves Duggan. Number thirty is The Big Show!


This should be interesting, Big Show takes his time but Taker does not budge. Kane takes the first shot, Show takes down Kane. Duggan tries slamming Big Show but that does not work, one elbow later and it’s over for Duggan.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan has been Eliminated by The Big Show!


Show chops Truth hard on the chest, make it double. Everyone is pairing off in corners, lot of down time for lots of wrestlers. Big Show decides to press out Truth.


R -Truth has been Eliminated by The Big Show!


CM Punk has been Eliminated by The Big Show!


Punk ate a brutal KO punch, Big Show casually dumps out Mike Knox & Rey Mysterio.


Mike Knox & Rey Mysterio have been Eliminated by The Big Show!


Hornswoggle is in the ring, Kane tries chokeslamming Hornswoggle but Finlay makes the save, Hornswoggle returns the favour for Finlay after the save. Hornswoggle leaves the ring and Finlay is elevated to the floor by Kane!


Finlay has been Eliminated by Kane!


Taker & Big Show have a faceoff, no reaction from the fans despite their months of feuding, Jericho moves Big Show so that RVD can nail a Five Star Frog Splash on Orton. Jericho throws out RVD, Taker is waiting for Jericho. Jericho counters and nails a Codebreaker but Taker dumps out Jericho, ending his night.


RVD has been Eliminated by Chris Jericho!


Chris Jericho has been Eliminated by Undertaker!


Kane has been Eliminated by Legacy!


Poor Kane is attacked by the three members of Legacy and thrown out, we have six-men left. Show goes after Triple H, massive Chokeslam by Big Show. Legacy rough up Taker, Taker explodes out of the corner and clotheslines Rhodes & Dibiase. Chokeslam to Rhodes, Dibiase & Orton. Show watches on and we have another staredown between Taker & Show, the fans finally react somewhat to it. Taker and Show trade massive blows, boot by Taker and a massive clothesline. Big Show is booted in the face but somehow holds onto the ropes, Show teeters on the apron. Orton stalks Taker, RKO is blocked. Show pulls Taker to the apron, they goozle one another. Show and Taker are trading shots, Orton RKOs Show who falls to the ground. Show eliminates Taker by pulling him off the apron, they brawl into the crowd!


Big Show has been Eliminated by Randy Orton!


Undertaker has been Eliminated by The Big Show!


Four men left, three Legacy members and Triple H. Orton pummels Triple H, Triple H is lifeless. Orton slaps Triple H and measures for an RKO, Triple H shoves Orton into the corner. Rhodes eats a face-bister, Dibiase eats a spine-buster. Triple H fires up, Pedigree on Rhodes. Dibiase is sent packing to the floor, Rhodes is tossed out too but Orton surprises Triple H and tosses out The Game for the win!


So this was so telegraphed from the production package, no focused was placed on any other man heading into that match. Never have I seen such an obvious winner but Orton was white-hot after taking out Vince Mcmahon.


As a rumble match itself, I thought it was one of the weaker entries. For me, the rumble has to have surprise entrants, feuds coming to an end/kicking off/reigniting and face-offs that we would not usually see whether it be two babyfaces that would never fight one another or matches that would never happen because of the brand split. I think the surprises this year were good, you had a nice little face-off between Goldust & Cody, RVD is one of the most loved wrestlers of all time so that was always going to be a success and we had Duggan getting a huge reaction too. As for the feuds we had in this match, Regal went after Punk with a vengeance, very happy with that. Legacy were a tight unit and stuck together the whole time, no dissension whatsoever. Taker vs Show failed to capture the audience’s attention, they tried it three times and only on the third try was their a reaction, Kozlov and Khali arguably got a bigger reaction from fans. Another weakness for this rumble for me was the lack of urgency, the ring filled up and I expected Show to get some heat by tossing bodies left and right but it never came, it never came from Taker and it never came from Kane. So things kept going and the eliminations came but I didn’t feel the excitement I should have felt or that I was wholly invested in the match. It’s sad because it’s the rumble, one of the most easy to watch and enjoyable matches out there but it just went along until the end.


Winner: Randy Orton!


That was WWE’s Royal Rumble 2009, a slightly disappointing PPV in my eyes from the WWE. Things kick off with Matt Hardy vs Jack Swagger, I am not sure Swagger is ready for PPV after this performance, this relied on the goodwill that Matt had build up as ECW Champion for five months but that is not enough to cover up the flaws in Swagger’s game. This becomes blatantly obvious at the finish, Swagger is just waiting and waiting for Hardy at the end. Swagger even switches side during the Gut-Wrench Powerbomb, very awkwardly shuffling sides until the eventual move. Not a good showcase for the new star of ECW, hoping things will improve in time.


We go next to Beth vs Melina, shock finish as Beth felt untouchable at the time, there was so much mileage to Glamarella so it just seems odd to take the title away from Beth. They had a cool spot involving Beth beating Melina with her own foot bent over her head but apart from that, Melina isn’t the best babyface they have on the roster and a poor choice when you compare to the likes of Mickie James, Candice Michelle and Kelly Kelly.


We move to Cena vs JBL, the story of this one is all around HBK. I prefer this match to Cena vs Jericho because JBL just beats on Cena. Nothing pretty, straight up smashing the champion with hammering blows, their best matches were usually involving weapons and that’s no different but I enjoyed this and fans were clearly into the HBK angle as the fans explode for HBK beheading JBL with a Sweet Chin Music, a nice feud to fill the gap before Mania. Jeff Hardy vs Edge wasn’t great, the finish is shocking for sure and Chavo’s table bump was good but I would expect more from two superstars of their caliber for a NO DQ Match, these are two people who made their names in TLC matches and are creative when it comes to involving spots but this just felt dull. Matt turning on Jeff could be very interesting depending on how they play out the feud, definitely could see Matt’s side of things. Shame the match couldn’t live up to the finish.


Finally the rumble itself was one of the weaker ones for the reasons I had described above, Santino’s elimination is a highlight but there is little more to hang onto for me. It just continues and there are big names in there but it just never takes off, sad to say that about a rumble match but this definitely made me think of the earlier rumbles where the concept was new and spots weren’t exactly planned out, it felt very much a forgone conclusion that Orton would win and we were just waiting for it to happen. Wouldn’t recommend checking this one out unless you grew up in this era. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Thursday 19 October 2023

WWE Armageddon 2008 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the series that you thought was more dead in the water than Wardlow in AEW! I am back, wrestling will always be one of my loves in this life but I have to take breaks every now and then so I do not get burnt out on it, I had covered The Golden Era and I had covered WCW from the NWA days to the NWO days but now after three years, I am back to WWE in the midst of the PG Era! It’s WWE Armageddon 2008! Headlined by Chris Jericho trying to regain his World Heavyweight Championship that was taken from by the returning John Cena and for Smackdown we have the triple threat match between Jeff Hardy, Edge and Triple H! What a night it will be as we also have an ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match between Matt Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov, we also have big matches between CM Punk & Rey Mysterio as well as JBL vs Shawn Michaels. Stacked card to end the year, what will happen here?


Matt Hardy vs Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov is undefeated and wanted another crack at the WWE Champion Triple H but Kozlov was unable to beat Matt Hardy to qualify for the triple threat, this is a non-title match so not looking good for Matt Hardy. The match starts out with Hardy ducking and dodging The Moscow Mauler but Kozlov lands a massive belly to back suplex and the tide turns dramatically, Kozlov slaps on a hammerlock and tortures the champion. Clubbing blows to the ribs, Hardy uses his foot to escape the hold before Kozlove stretches Hardy some more. Hardy uses a jaw-breaker to escape the hold, right hands by Hardy but a headbutt to the chest stops Hardy in his tracks. A trifecta of headbutts takes down Hardy, back to the arm from Kozlov. Hardy is back on his feet, clubbing Kozlov but a single arm DDT takes down Hardy.


Two for Kozlov, Kozlov uses forearms and goes back to the arm. Crowd is big into Matt Hardy, Kozlov transitions to a kimura but Hardy makes it to the ropes. Hardy rolls to the apron, Hardy smacks the ropes into Kozlov’s face. Shoulder thrusts to the ribs, top rope elbow to the neck by Hardy. Kozlov is tossed to the floor, Hardy tries a diving crossbody but Kozlov catches him, Kozlov is reversed and sent into the ring-post, Hardy has an opening. One-arm side effect by Hardy but Kozlov kicks out! Hardy steps on the arm of Kozlov, Twist of Fate is countered by Kozlov.


Hardy kicks away Kozlov, Hardy tries a middle rope elbow but Kozlov clotheslines Hardy, 1…2.. Hardy reaches the ropes. Small package for two from Hardy, side headlock is countered by Kozlov. Kozlov runs sternum-first into the buckle, ten punches in the corner by Hardy but Kozlov flapjacks Hardy into the ring-post. Headbutt by Kozlov, Kozlov nails his Spine-buster like Rock Bottom for the win!


Kozlov is an experiment and very rough around the edges, the Triple H match exposed the poor giant horribly but Matt Hardy is more willing than Triple H, Matt also seems to have a good following in this city so the fans react to each bump and each attempt from Hardy to get the crowd on his side. Not a good luck for the ECW Champion but Hardy was only ever going to get so far in the company, Kozlov is back on track but how kind will the future be to Kozlov? No idea!


Winner: Vladimir Kozlov over Matt Hardy via Spine-Buster!


CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Beaten for a championship he never lost, CM Punk looks to recover from also losing his WWE World Tag Team Championship by recapturing the Intercontinental Championship. However, Punk must go through Rey Mysterio who is no push-over and always one move away from upsetting a favourite. This should be a great match, both men playing babyfaces though so will Punk lean into that heel side of his personality?


Punk and Mysterio feel one another out, both men trade roll-ups. Punk takes down Mysterio and locks up the legs, Punk has a front chancery. Mysterio counters with a hammerlock, some fan seems to be screaming about Miz & Morrison which is wild when you see who we have in the ring but I digress. Shoulder blocks by Punk for one, Mysterio trips up Punk for a couple of covers of his own. Punk lands a boot to the ribs, Mysterio reverses an Irish whip and lands a drop toehold but Punk dodges a 619 for two hip-tosses, Mysterio counters a GTS with an arm-drag. Punk elevates Mysterio to the floor, plancha from Punk that squishes Mysterio. Punk has a body-scissors in the ring, Punk transitions to a cover for two. Punk softens up Mysterio’s leg, big kick but Mysterio lands a shoulder thrust from the apron, Mysterio is up high but Punk stops the moonsault and Mysterio is in the tree of woe. Punk lands a massive kick but misses a knee, Mysterio crushes Punk with the moonsault for two.


Mysterio kicks the leg of Punk, Punk lands a beautiful powerslam for two. Fujiwara arm-bar from Punk, Mysterio reaches the ropes and applies his own Fujiwara arm-bar after a tilt-a-whirl. Mysterio is on the apron, shoulder thrust to the arm, Mysterio dropkicks Punk to the floor. Diving crossbody to the floor by Mysterio, springboard seated senton and springboard crossbody by Mysterio for a close two. Victory roll for two which Punk reverses for a close two, fans chant Regal sucks as Punk and Mysterio continue working. Punk flapjacks Mysterio into the buckle, high knee and running bulldog for two.


Regal looks excited by all this wrestling, he continues to whisper with Layla who is holding the championship excellently. Punk looks for a suplex, Mysterio almost steals it with a great roll-up. Spinning sole butt by Punk, Mysterio trips Punk. 619 misses, GTS is countered with a hurricanrana. 619 connects! Punk is down, springboard splash misses as Punk sits up at the last second. Punk is bleeding, Mysterio almost steals it with a crucifix cover. Mysterio hits an elbow, Mysterio wanted another hurricanrana but Punk reverses for a GTS and it's goodnight for Mysterio!


Good match between these two, Mysterio and Punk look like they gave one another receipts as both men are bleeding but regardless of that, they had a great back and forth here with both men trading holds and submissions, the crowd doesn’t really give it a lot of respect early on which is surprising considering it’s Mysterio of all people. However, once we hit that home-stretch the crowd is all in on those near-falls and fans are white-hot for the 619 and GTS at the end of it all, Punk vs Regal should be a fun one because they will beat the piss out of one another, Punk continues to grow his status within the WWE Company!


Winner: CM Punk over Rey Mysterio via GTS!


(Belfast Brawl Match) Mark Henry W/ Tony Atlas vs Finlay W/ Hornswoggle

Henry is destroying everyone in ECW, Finlay is a reluctant babyface with his comedy sidekick Hornswoggle, Finlay starts with kicks and punches before Henry drops Finlay across the top rope, Finlay is selling that leg already. Finlay drop toeholds Henry into the announce table, more clubbing blows. Henry sends Finlay into the ring-post and ring-apron. The barricade too, Finlay fights back with more clubbing blows. Henry sweeps the leg of Finlay who falls to the ground, Finlay dodges a splash and lands a dropkick and knees to the face. Finlay looks for weapons and has two kendo sticks and a trash can, Finlay intimidates Tony Atlas, Atlas is uninterested as nobody is walking around barefoot in the arena. Atlas lands a trash can shot to Finlay but Finlay kicks him away like he is nothing. In the ring, Henry smashes Finlay in the face with a trash can. Henry steps on Finlay’s face and head, brutal stuff from Henry. Henry charges up and drops all his weight across the back of Finlay. Great camera work here as we have a close-up on Henry’s face, Finlay fights back and waffles Henry with a kendo stick.


DDT by Finlay, Finlay grabs a trash can and kicks it into the face of Henry. Henry answers back with headbutts, kick to the corner. Henry steps on Finlay in the corner, Henry misses a banzai drop. Finlay goes for the shillelagh, Henry boots Finlay and breaks the shillelagh in half. Finlay tries a kendo stick shot, same result as Henry smashes it in half.


Bearhug from Henry, Finlay screams out in pain but Hornswoggle is here. Henry sends Finlay into Hornswoggle, Tony Atlas tries finding the little mischievous devil. Atlas gives up, Henry crushes Finlay with a trash can, Finlay is waffled across the back time and time again. Henry is on the floor, Henry wants the steel steps. Finlay dropkicks the knees of Henry, Hornswoggle gives Finlay the shillelagh and one shot later, Henry has been slain by The Belfast Brawler.


A fun hardcore match, Finlay is not afraid to dish it out and get hit so these two rough bastards beat the shite out of one another, each blow gaining an audible reaction from the crowd. The crowd saying oh and ah with each weapon shot and Finlay putting over from the get-go how devastating Henry is as the first spot establishes that Finlay is in serious trouble here and the crowd pops huge for little Hornswoggle who plays into the finish and the finish is one that leaves all of us happy, good work from a match that had no right being any good.


Winner: Finlay over Mark Henry via Shillelagh!


Randy Orton vs Batista

Two men with a lot of history, they fought alongside one another in Evolution, they were like brothers, Orton was the first to break away from Triple H and Batista would follow in his footsteps but then both men would be on opposite brands, they would not cross paths until Batista would be drafted to RAW. Orton would initially be injured so the two would have to wait to do battle but now we have a one on one match between the two, Orton has his Legacy buddies here with Cody Rhodes and Manu being here at ringside.


The two lock-up, Batista has Orton in the corner. Clean break from Batista, side headlock from Orton. Another clean break from Batista off a lock-up, side headlock again from The Viper. Drop toehold into a front chancery from Orton, clean break from Orton. Both men feeling one another out, this feels like a big match and it should. Shoulder block by Batista, Orton is scrambling to the ropes. Batista is tossed to the floor, Manu clubs Batista in the back. Orton has the referee distracted but Rhodes and Manu mess things up and get caught. Orton punishes Batista with kicks to the ribs, Orton tries to rip the arm of Batista out of the socket and applies a big hammerlock.


Batista shoves off Orton, massive clothesline from Batista. Massive powerslam by Batista who calls for a big move, Orton is in trouble. Orton slips out and counters with a neck-breaker, Batista is in a bad way. Knee to the head for two, Batista lands a massive scoop slam and shoulder thrusts in the corner. Batista ducks his head off an Irish whip, Batista side-steps Orton who falls to the floor. Orton grabs his shoulder, Orton is thrown back in the ring. Batista tries re-entering the ring but Batista eats a kick to the head, rope-hung DDT by Orton for a close two. Orton goes for the Garvin stomp on Batista, Orton’s facials are great in this match. Seems to have tapped into something here, Orton lands a massive stomp to the head. Orton lands a shot to the throat, measured shots to the head. Batista is on the floor, Batista kicks out at two before Orton applies a reverse chinlock!


Batista tries fighting out but Orton locks in the choke-hold tight with legs wrapped around the ribs, Batista eventually escapes with a sidewalk slam. They trade fists with Batista winning the slug-fest, Irish whip to the buckle. Corner clothesline again, powerslam is slipped out of but the clothesline does not miss. Clothesline to the floor, Orton is down in front of the announce table. Batista is on the top rope, Orton stops that attack. Orton wants a superplex, beautiful move from Orton. Two count for Orton, Orton is caught off an Irish whip, Spine-buster by Batista for a close two. Batista Bomb is the plan, Orton escapes but RKO is countered. Spinning side-walk slam for two, Batista measures for a Spear. Orton kicks Batista in the head, Orton’s inverted back-breaker for two.


Orton pounds the mat, it’s time for The RKO. Batista counters for a uranage slam, 1…2.. Orton kicks out! Jaw-breaker and DDT from Orton, Batista is in trouble now. Orton is measuring for something, Batista is struggling to his feet. Batista is on his knees, Orton wants The Punt. Batista counters and has Orton in the corner, ten punches from Batista. Orton wants a flapjack but Batista holds onto the ropes and gets into Batista Bomb position and plants Orton into oblivion for the win.


The most puzzling thing about this for me is what are they thinking to do with Batista? Batista has beaten John Cena and Randy Orton in the space of about 4 months but there is no world championship reign coming for Batista, it’s gone so how does The Animal continue from this point? Regardless, I thought this was a little slow in parts, the finishing stretch is fun with the counters here and there but I wanted something more. This didn’t hit like the Cena vs Batista match but maybe the chemistry was just off and Orton’s slow methodical approach just isn’t what I wanted when it came to this huge star vs star clash. The backstory was more interesting than the match itself and very rarely do we have a situation where the heels are sent away that early in a match and never return for some sort of shenanigans at the end.


Winner: Batista over Randy Orton via Batista Bomb!



(Santa’s Little Helper 8 -Woman Tag Match) Mickie James/Maria/Kelly Kelly/Michelle McCool vs Maryse/Natalya/Victoria/Jillian

Maryse and Mickie start out, big forearms and chops by both. Maryse goes into the ropes, dodging Mickie. Maryse does her pose and annoys Mickie, in comes Natalya who has words with Mickie. Shove and slap by Natalya, Lou Thesz Press from Mickie. In comes Kelly Kelly with a slingshot sunset flip, Kelly Kelly lands a big clothesline before Natalya slaps on a belly to back throw. Natalya wrenches the arm, Kelly flips through and lands an elbow and a dropkick. Natalya lands a massive kick, to the corner we go with Natalya teeing off on Kelly. Victoria attacks illegally before Kelly knocks her down, Nattie by Nature clothesline for two. Jillian comes in and hair-tosses Kelly, two for Jillian.


Kelly makes the tag to Maria, elbows between the two ladies. Jillian whips Maria to the corner, Maria kicks away Jillian and lands a bulldog. In comes Victoria, the match breaks down with Michelle McCool doing nothing. Head-scissors by Maria, Michelle tags herself into the match. Faith-Breaker and it’s over!


Well poor Victoria never got into the ring, that’s sad but there is a story to this match, I am shocked with Michelle showing heelish tendencies by stealing the pin from Maria, could this be the rise of Michelle to the top of the card. Khali comes out and has to kiss Mae Young, that was funny.


Winners: Team Mickie over Team Maryse via Faith-Breaker!


(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) John Cena © vs Chris Jericho

John Cena made his triumphant return and captured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Y2J. Y2J was in the midst of a career-defining run and Cena’s return would mark the end of that run for Jericho and sadly, the duo didn’t seem to have the best chemistry when they had their match at Survivor Series. We could chalk it up to ring-rust so now we have this match a month later, can Jericho & Cena have a great match here as Jericho gets his rematch? We shall see!


The bell rings and we have an aggressive lock-up, both men are heated. Side headlock by Jericho, shoulder block by Jericho. Cena gets caught with boots and kicks, Jericho targets the neck. Massive kick to the ribs, Cena comes back with a spear and hammering blows. Jericho takes a walk, Cena is not letting that happen. Jericho meets the steel steps, Cena tries re-entering the ring but Jericho is ready. Kicks to the ribs, headbutt and elbows to the face. Cena is whipped to the buckle but explodes out with a massive clothesline, Jericho is in the corner but dodges the splash. Jericho goes for the sleeper, Cena falls back on Jericho but Jericho holds onto the hold. Jericho is backed into the corner and holds on, Cena is beginning to fade. Cena collapses to the mat, Cena counters into FU position but Jericho counters with a beautiful DDT. Cena wisely rolls to the apron, Jericho wants a crossbody on the apron but Cena catches Jericho. Jericho wriggles free and smashes Cena’s face off of the steel steps, both men are down on the floor.


Cobra clutch style submission from Jericho, Cena is powering up once more but Jericho uses strikes to keep Cena dazed. Jericho whips Cena to the buckle, corner spear misses for Jericho. Jericho smashes his shoulder before Cena comes back with two shoulder blocks and a belly to back suplex. Five-Knuckle-Shuffle connects, Cena wants the FU. Jericho wriggles free into the Walls of Jericho, Cena reverses the hold. Belly to belly suplex by Cena for two, Jericho rakes the eyes and lands a middle rope dropkick for two. Jericho clubs the neck and lands knees to the head, hip-toss by Cena. Clothesline by Cena, throwback is countered for a Lionsault for two. Corner clothesline and forearms by Jericho, Jericho wants a superplex.


We are going to the top rope, Cena is battling hard to block it. Jericho is suplexed to the canvas and Cena lands a top rope leg drop for two. Cena calls for the finish, Cena is measuring Y2J. Elbows from Jericho seem to have no-effect, Jericho counters and lands a massive Codebreaker! 1…2…. Cena kicks out! Jericho runs into a massive FU from Cena, Cena cannot capitalize right away so Jericho manages to kick out. Credit to Big John for protecting his finish, small package by Jericho for two. Enzuigiri misses for Jericho, Cena wants the STFU but Jericho is fighting like a mad man to avoid it. Small package hold by Jericho into The Walls of Jericho! Cena reverses the hold and applies a brutally tight STFU for the win.


So I liked the beginning of this match, Jericho went right after the neck. Every attack, every move had that goal of hurting Cena’s neck but the drama never goes into overdrive. Never felt like Cena was really hurt or could be in danger of losing here, the finisher reversal sequences were fun as Jericho always finds fun ways to get into The Walls and the near-fall for the Codebreaker was really good too but mostly the crowd was carrying this match for me. Felt it should have been better from these two, looking forward to seeing where both men go heading into Wrestlemania season.


Winner: John Cena over Chris Jericho via STFU!


(WWE Championship Match) Edge © vs Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

Edge was sent to hell by The Undertaker to end their feud with Triple H controlling the WWE Championship and making Smackdown his show. However, at Survivor Series Jeff Hardy would be taken out of the picture and Edge would make his glorious return by taking out Triple H for the WWE Championship. Jeff Hardy has been climbing the ranks in WWE, reaching a level of popularity that few thought was possible for the extreme daredevil but now here we stand at Armageddon 2008, Triple H and Edge two huge WWE stars being dwarfed by the reaction for The Charismatic Enigma.


All three men want to destroy one another, all three men have their issues. Jeff Hardy goes after Edge, Triple is knocked by Hardy. Forearms all around by Hardy, Edge & Triple H are in the corner. Hardy whips them into one another, crossbody from Hardy. Poetry in Motion on Edge for two, Triple H is whipped to the floor. Edge stops a plancha by dragging Hardy to the mat, Edge wanted a spear but is thrown to the floor. Hardy flattens Edge with a plancha, Triple H lands a clothesline. Edge and Triple H do battle in the ring, Edge takes control with a big boot, Triple H answers back with high knee.


Neck-breaker by HHH, Edge rolls to the corner. Corner clothesline, make it two. Face-buster by HHH, HHH wanted the pedigree but Hardy stops that attempt. Irish whip by Hardy, HHH counters with a face-buster. Edge gets caught for another pedigree attempt but Hardy answers with a beautiful Whisper In The Wind. Neck-breakers by Hardy on Edge before Triple H breaks up a pin attempt, Edge whips Hardy to the corner. Edge stops the whisper in the wind, tower of doom spot coming I believe?


Triple H has Edge in electric chair position, super Whisper in The Wind for two. Hardy and Triple H are up now, Hardy avoids a pedigree and lands his sling-shot dropkick. Edge O Matic on Hardy for two, Edge wants the spear. Triple H is speared in the corner, Hardy clotheslines Edge to the floor. Twist of Fate on Triple H, Hardy climbs to the top rope. Swanton Bomb, Hardy covers Triple H but Edge pulls out Hardy. Edge whips Hardy into the barricade, Hardy & Edge are battling by the announce table. Edge meets the barricade, Triple H clotheslines Hardy down from behind. Edge is thrown into the ECW announcers, Striker leaves the action. Triple Ha has Hardy on the announce table, it could be Pedigree time! Hardy counters but Triple H moves out of the way, Edge runs the length of two tables and Spears Hardy through the announce table.


Triple H looks on, Edge is begging for mercy. Triple H wants a pedigree but Edge lands The Edgecution! Both men are down in the middle of the ring, Hardy is not moving after being put through the table. Edge’s spear is countered as Triple H drills Edge with a spine-buster. Pedigree! Kozlov is here and sends Triple H into the steel steps, Matt Hardy is here and brawling with Kozlov. Hardy is up, Kozlov shoves Jeff Hardy to the floor preventing the Swanton. Kozlov and Matt Hardy brawl their way to the back, Edge is in cuckoo land in the ring. Triple H is crawling his way into the ring, Spear from Edge! 1…2.. Triple H kicks out! Edge is shocked, Edge cannot believe this so Edge rolls to the floor and thinks chair.


Edge has the chair, conchairto is on his mind. Hardy grabs the chair out of the hands of Edge and wallops Edge with the chair to the head. Hardy was going for a Swanton, Triple H crotches Hardy on the top rope. Edge is loopy, Triple H lands a Pedigree but Hardy is up, Swanton Bomb across the back of Triple H and crushes Edge. Swanton Bomb connects! Jeff Hardy is your WWE Champion!


What a moment, this was unthinkable at the time. Yes Jeff Hardy was popular but nobody thought the company would put everything behind Jeff Hardy but by God, they did it and what a beautiful moment for Jeff Hardy. Triple Threats can be hit and miss, most of my favourites involve a big man destroying people before being taken out but this one had a lot of emotional stakes and the crowd were on fire for Jeff. Had no memory of Kozlov getting involved in this one, I don’t think they would be foolish enough to have Kozlov vs Triple H as the Rumble so I am not sure why they would have included him but it gets a reaction from the crowd and Matt Hardy too getting a big reaction from the fans. Interestingly, JR and Tazz are silent for Hardy after he wins the championship, preferring the man of the people to have his moment. A moment that outshines anything they could have done in the ring.


Winner: Jeff Hardy via Swanton Bomb!


That was WWE’s Armageddon 2008, a solid show that should have been bigger with the stacked card it had but let’s break this one down shall we? Matt Hardy vs Kozlov has no right to been anywhere near solid, Kozlov is awkward and rough and is in his “I am a monster and I don’t sell but when I have to sell, I can’t sell for shit because nobody has really taught me how” phase so it should be a horrid match but the fans just love Matt Hardy, they are into the ECW Champion and want Hardy to somehow topple the monster and Matt goes out there and puts that son of a bitch over, every shot looks like death for Matt and the crowd go for it and they care by the end so kudos to Matt on this night, a watchable Kozlov match is no easy task.


Punk vs Mysterio suffers from babyface vs babyface with no clear intention of making Punk the bad guy, Punk never leans into being the bully or knocking down Mysterio so they trade holds which I enjoy and go shot for shot but it can never reach that next level because Punk has to maintain his babyface status. Finishing stretch is fun with counters and the fans losing their minds at Mysterio like they should but this is definitely held back as both men are babyfaces which is a shame considering how good they would be together in the near-future.


Mark Henry vs Fit Finlay is another match that completely over-achieves like the first match. The toys and trinkets help with the smokes and mirrors but Finlay puts everything over, the squash in the corner with the trash can is a fantastic spot. They work hard and it all pays off when Hornswoggle re-emerges with that shillelagh after Henry had thought he had broken the only one and the crowd is very happy when the giant is cracked in the head and Finlay emerges victorious.


The card slips for me a little here as we have Batista vs Randy Orton, this should be huge, two titans of RAW, two titans of this era who have been kept apart from one another and it just never leaves second gear. Maybe it is a little lost on me as I have had the image of Batista as this unstoppable monster of bad-assery tainted by his numerous lost opportunities when it came to capturing the world championship or maybe Orton’s body language couldn’t make up for the slow methodical style of his wrestling but this should have been a big deal and it just did not click for me, I wouldn’t want to see this at Mania. The Divas match is filler, nothing of note there at all.


Cena vs Jericho had good psychology in the beginning but never felt Cena was in danger, Jericho’s attacks to the neck never really got that huge heat from the fans, the fans made it feel like a forgone conclusion that Cena would wipe the floor with Jericho and Jericho was only holding the championship until Cena came back and that’s a shame because Jericho was doing some of his best work prior to this feud but then again, Jericho was working with HBK and maybe that’s just life as very few could ever hold a candle to HBK. Big Match John this was not, Cena goes over comfortably and without the last few seconds of finisher reversals, I think this was flat.


The main event, finisher kick-outs and reversals are really stepping into overdrive now in the company, clear to see here as there were multiple spear, pedigree and swanton bomb teases throughout the match. Not the most cohesive triple threat match I have ever seen, it was good in parts. The spear through the table was very cool and the interference definitely gave it a bit of life but the finish is the shock of a lifetime and the fans love it. Definitely an easy PPV to sit through and cover, glad I came back to this series as it has been far too long since I watched wrestling but I am back and I will try to cover more as the year comes to a close. Thank you if you ever read one of these silly little recaps of me watching wrestling and remember: there’s always another night!