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WWF Survivor Series 1990 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet with more tekkers than Zack Sabre Jr! It’s WWF Survivor Series 1990, where every match is an elimination tag match! My past reviews of this event have been harsh at times, but looking at the roster for this event, it is absolutely stacked! Every match filled with star-power and wrestlers who can make this a fun and exciting watch. Noticeably, this does not feature Rick Rude who had left the WWF after a dispute with Vince Mcmahon, a shame for sure because Rude will be missed by me for sure. Also, the survivors of every match tonight will be lumped into a big survivor of all survivor series match to decide who truly is the king when it comes to Survivor Series. We also have two debuts happening on this who, one would be legendary and the other would live on in infamy. Let’s do this!

The Perfect Team (Mr. Perfect/Demolition) W/ Mr. Fuji & Bobby Heenan vs The Warriors (Ultimate Warrior/Texas Tornado/Legion Of Doom)

Demolition and LOD’s feud continues with Warrior being wrapped up in their feud too while Perfect and Tornado have been feuding over the Intercontinental Championship. Everyone has a reason to be in this match and that is such a huge contrast to the 2008 Survivor Series that I just reviewed a few days before watching this. Piper on commentary just does not do it for me in any shape or form, things begin with Smash and Animal. Animal jumps Smash, right hands and a knee lift. To the buckle, elbow to the head with Team Warrior getting in cheap shots. Irish whip but Animal ducks his head, right hands from Smash. Perfect nails a cheap shot, Smash lands a snap suplex for two.

Perfect tags in, right hands to Animal. Tag to Smash, whip with Animal landing a massive powerslam, Perfect is bounced around by the babyfaces with atomic drops and clotheslines. Animal tags Tornado, Smash drags Tornado back to the corner. In comes Ax, rights and lefts. Irish whip reversal from Tornado to the buckle, Claw on Ax. Smash makes the save but Tornado tags Warrior. Clothesline, flying shoulder tackle and one Ultimate Splash later, it’s bye bye for Ax.

Ax Has Been Eliminated!

Crush comes running in, scoop slam from Warrior. Scoop slam for Smash, Perfect is tossed to the floor but Crush clotheslines Warrior down. Tag to Smash, back-breaker with Crush tagging back in for a diving knee drop. Two for Crush, Crush whips Warrior to the buckle. Warrior boots down Crush, in comes Hawk. Perfect is in the ring, Hawk chokes Perfect and nails a clothesline. Whip to the buckle, make it double. Perfect dodges Hawk’s attack, Hawk hits the ring-post hard. Smash is in, Crush and Smash double team Hawk. Back-breaker from Crush, tag to Perfect. Perfect lands rights and lefts before tagging Smash, Smash eats rights from Hawk before a drop toehold stops the flurry of Hawk. Irish whip by Smash, Hawk ducks and lands a flying clothesline, fist drop and clothesline. Hawk is on the top rope, Diving Clothesline from Hawk. Demolition and LOD begin brawling and both teams are disqualified.

LOD & Demolition Have Been Eliminated!

Perfect is all alone against Warrior and Tornado, Perfect regroups and says he wants Tornado. Warrior tags in Tornado, Perfect jumps Tornado before Tornado turns the tide. Right knocks Perfect to the floor, Tornado brings Perfect in the hard way and clothesline Perfect out the other side of the ring. Warrior comes around and noggin knockers Heenan and Perfect, Tornado whips Perfect to the buckle. Tornado misses though and hit the ring-post shoulder-first. Knee-lift from Perfect, Tornado blocks the rights of Perfect and tees off before Perfect eye pokes Tornado. Tornado is rammed into the exposed buckle, I do not know when it was ripped off but Perfect scores with The Perfect-Plex for the elimination.

Texas Tornado Has Been Eliminated!

Warrior comes charging in and hits the same exposed buckle when Perfect dodges the corner splash. Perfect-Plex, 1…2… Warrior kicks out! Perfect delivers a beautiful standing dropkick for two, massive chops to a kneeling Warrior from Perfect. Irish whip and a clothesline from Perfect for two, Warrior is rallying though. Perfect’s blows are being answered by Warrior, two quick clotheslines, make it three. Flying shoulder tackle and The Ultimate Splash for the win!

So this was ok, it is a big match to kick off the event which I appreciate for sure but the feud was mainly between Demolition and LOD with Warrior being the man who evens out the feud, LOD and Demolition get counted out which is disappointing for sure. Perfect was excellent in this match, being the marathon man. The exposed buckle into the Perfect Plex was great which could lead to a rematch between the two, Warrior does his regular song and dance with the fans buying into it for sure. Overall, a nice easy watch but not much in terms of substance.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Mr. Perfect via Ultimate Splash!

The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes/Koko B. Ware/Hart Foundation) vs The Million Dollar Team (Ted Dibiase/Rhythm & Blues/??????) W/ Jimmy Hart & Virgil

So this match is built around Dibase vs Rhodes, two different lifestyles and two very different athletes. Dibiase had stolen Sapphire from Rhodes and even attacked Dusty’s son Dustin, busting open the young Rhodes. So to say this was exciting for me would be an understatement. I would much prefer a brawl between those two but it’s alright, I can settle for this big tag match for now. Also who is the secret partner? Well, it’s The mother of all debuts in The Undertaker led to the ring by Brother Love.

Taker stares a hole through The Dream Team, Bret steps in to wrestle Taker. Taker does not blink, a boot to kick us off and a whip. Bret ducks the clothesline but runs into a massive choke, Bret tags in Neidhart. Shoulder block does nothing, scoop slam from Taker. In comes Koko, Koko misses a splash and is smacked off the top rope. Tombstone Piledriver from Taker and it is goodnight for Koko.

Koko Has Been Eliminated!

Bret staggers Taker with right hands or at least Bret thinks so, it does not however as Taker looks at Bret and tags in Valentine. Bret tags Dusty, they lock-up. Valentine chops Dusty in the corner, Dusty elbows his way out. Tag to Neidhart, axe handle to the arm of Valentine. Tag to Bret, more shots to the arm. Whip from Bret to the corner, Valentine blocks with a knee. Tag to Honky, stomps from Honky. Kick to the chest, Bret elbows his way free and nails a shoulder block. However, Honky counters with a knee to the ribs. Bret tags Neidhart which Honky never sees, Honky whips Bret but Bret reverses and ducks as Neidhart catches Honky and delivers The Anvil Flattener for the elimination.

Honky Tonk Man Has Been Eliminated!

Dibiase comes in wasting no time and chops Neidhart. Neidhart is whipped to the corner but explodes out with a clothesline, tag to Dusty. Dusty unloads massive elbows on Dibiase, whip and a dropkick from Dusty. Tag to Neidhart, double elbow for two. Suplex for two, Dibiase eats a shoulder block. Neidhart goes to run the ropes, Virgil trips Neidhart. Dibiase nails a clothesline and eliminates Neidhart.

Jim Neidhart Has Been Eliminated!

Bret comes in attacking Dibiase before tagging Dusty, Dusty is eye raked and clotheslined by Dibiase. In comes Taker, kick to the back of the head. Dusty is knocked back to his corner, tag to Bret. Taker chokes Bret in the corner, tag to Valentine. Dibiase comes in, Bret tees off on Dibiase. Inverted atomic drop and tag to Dusty, chop on Dibiase. Elbow, make it three. Taker tags in, shot to the back from Taker. Irish whip into a knee lift, Taker is on the top rope. Diving axe handle and Dusty is gone, Taker tosses Dusty to the floor.

Dusty Rhodes Has Been Eliminated!

Brother Love stomps Dusty, Dusty goes after Brother Love. Taker tags Valentine which leaves Taker to assaulting Dusty. Taker battles backstage with Dusty, being counted out in the process. Valentine tries a figure four on Bret but Bret counters for a small package and gets the elimination.

Undertaker & Greg Valentine Have Been Eliminated!

Dibiase tries a sneak attack, Bret lands an atomic drop and a beautiful plancha to the floor followed by right hands. Back in the ring, Dibiase begs for mercy. Bret grabs the leg, stomp to the gut. Knee by Dibiase, they are in the corner. Rights and uppercuts from Bret, whip with Dibiase reversing and Bret hits the buckle hard sternum-first. Two for Dibiase, chops in the corner. Bret is whipped to the buckle hard, Dibiase ducks looking for the back body drop but Bret manages a backslide pin for two. Side headlock by Bret, Dibiase shoves off Bret and trips over Dibiase’s leg. Bret looks hurt but Bret fakes the injury, O Connor roll for two. Virgil grabs Bret, Dibiase knees Virgil off the apron.

School boy for two, the crowd is rocking. Back-breaker and middle rope elbow drop by Bret for a close two, Irish whip by Bret is reversed by Dibiase. Bret ducks the clothesline and Bret lands a flying crossbody but Dibiase rolls through and grabs both legs to steal the win with Bret uttering Fuck as the result sets in on The Hitman. The crowd reacts big for Bret following the conclusion of the match.

That was an interesting one for sure, a memorable debut for Taker but I did not get the confrontation between Rhodes and Dibiase that I expected, that feud took the backseat to Bret shining through once more when given the chance and Undertaker making the noise he needed to hit a homerun when it came to debuting. I guess it was just not what I expected or wanted from the match, I would rather a brawl between Dusty and Dibiase because the angle seemed to be so intense and hate-filled which would have made a compelling match. However, Bret continues to be awesome when given the chance, this and the Summerslam 90 tag match are a great end to Bret’s 1990 pay per view run.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Bret Hart via Roll-Up!

The Visionaries (Rick Martel/Warlord/Power & Glory) W/Slick vs The Vipers (Jake Roberts/Jimmy Snuka/The Rockers)

This has a lot of steam to it too with Martel blinding Roberts on the Brother Love show, Roberts has no vision out of his eye due to the heinous assault of Martel while Power & Glory took out the leg of Michaels which led to The Rockers being easily defeated at Summerslam by the duo. Warlord is here and so is Snuka, I assume they have had issues. Warlord and Jannetty begin, power vs speed. Warlord continues to miss as Jannetty slaps Warlord while escaping before Warlord corners Jannetty. Jannetty avoids a corner clothesline and lands a slingshot kick, two missed dropkicks for Jannetty though.

Jannetty slides through the legs of Warlord, nailing Power and Glory. Tag to Michaels, sunset flip on Warlord for two. Warlord throws Michaels to the corner, here comes Martel. Michaels rams Martel into the buckle, Michaels lands a hip-toss and a dropkick. Monkey flip out of the corner, tag to Roberts. Martel scrambles out of the ring, here is Roma. Roma lands big rights, leapfrog before eating a right hand from Roberts. Arm-wringer from Roberts, tag to Snuka. Axe handles from Snuka, Roma backs away from Snuka. Roma tags Hercules, side headlock. Shoulder block by Hercules, Snuka leapfrogs and lands a massive chop. Tag to Warlord, the two meet in the middle of the ring before Snuka runs into a scoop slam.

Warlord misses an elbow drop, dropkick from Snuka. Tag to Jannetty, eye rake from Warlord who clamps on a bearhug. Jannetty escapes with a ear clap, middle rope axe handle connects for Jannetty but Jannetty tries again and dives into a Powerslam from Warlord.

Marty Jannetty Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Michaels who lands a hurricanrana with punches thanks to a shove from Roberts. Lefts and rights from a now legal Roberts, Warlord whips Roberts to the buckle. Clothesline by Roberts but Warlord is still on his feet, whip to the buckle again but Roberts blocks with a knee and a clothesline. In comes Michaels who pins Warlord but Warlord presses Michaels to the floor, Warlord tags in Roma. Elbow drop on Michaels, vicious stomps. Tag to Warlord, big back body drop from Warlord. Tag to Hercules, two for Hercules. Whip and a massive clothesline from Hercules, tag to Martel. Knee drop for two, Michaels is scrambling.

Axe handle from Martel, stomps and clubbing blows in the corner. Back-breaker for two, tag to Roma. Michaels does his flip out of the corner, tag to Martel. Martel covers for two, hard Irish whip with Michaels dodging the corner splash. Martel hits the ring-post shoulder first and here comes Snuka. Rights and lefts, whip to the buckle with a back body drop. Right hand, whip with Martel reversing, Snuka ducks and nails a flying headbutt for two. Martel is bounced off the buckle, Snuka is reversed off an Irish whip. Snuka tries a middle rope crossbody but Martel rolls through and grabs the tights for the elimination.

Jimmy Snuka Has Been Eliminated!

Martel is in the ring with Roberts, Roberts corners Martel but Martel manages to escape the grasp of Roberts. Roberts has a look of pure frustration on his face as Hercules enters the ring to do battle with Roberts. Roberts looks to the crowd for support before nailing a knee lift on Hercules, Roberts signals for the DDT but Hercules escapes the hold. Hercules regroups and gets battered by Roberts before Martel clotheslines Roberts from the apron, stomps from Hercules. Tag to Roma, stomps to Roberts. Scoop slam, Roma is on the top rope. Diving fist drop misses, Roberts tags Michaels. Roma begs off, flying elbow from Michaels.

Roma reverses the Irish whip but walks into a suplex, Michaels is on the middle rope. Diving elbow drop for two, Roma misses a right hand. Atomic drop, Hercules is now legal. Michaels dropkicks Roma but Hercules elbows Michaels down. Rights by Hercules, left jabs too. Irish whip into a clothesline, gorilla press slam from Hercules. Tag to Martel, rights and lefts from Martel. Tag to Hercules, Hercules and Roma look for their finish. Power Plex and Michaels has been eliminated.

Shawn Michaels Has Been Eliminated!

Again the crowd comes alive for the half-blind Roberts, Roberts has his back against the corner, staying well away from The Visionaries’ corner. Hercules lands rights and lefts in the corner, tag to Warlord. Hard Irish whip to the corner into the bearhug, Roberts counters with a right hand. Shot to Hercules, the referees are with Hercules. Scoop slam attempt from Warlord, Roberts nails his DDT. Martel tries to blind Roberts, Roberts dodges and brings out Damian and chases Martel backstage. Roberts gets counted out as The Visionaries survive with all the team intact.

Roberts was tremendous in this match, the man is a killer when it comes to detail in his matches. Roberts selling the story of being alone and overwhelmed but fighting until the end is great, his expressions are tremendous and the crowd feels and reacts accordingly. The in-ring action was not much but a good showcase for The Rockers, Warlord and Martel. All building towards Roberts vs Martel.

Winners: Team Visionaries over Team Viper via Count Out!

The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan/Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Tugboat/Big Bossman) vs The Natural Disasters (Earthquake/Dino Bravo/The Barbarian/Haku) W/ Bobby Heenan & Jimmy Hart

There might not be no Rick Rude but this match has a lot going on it as Dino Bravo and especially Earthquake have almost left Hulkamania in tatters, Earthquake had smashed his way through many babyfaces and even Hogan on the way to this match. Hogan has assembled his allies who would love to batter Earthquake and Bobby Heenan, this should be a good match.

Duggan and Haku to start, loud USA chants to kick us off. Lock-up, rights and lefts thrown by both. Haku misses a middle rope crossbody, big clotheslines from Duggan. More forearms, whip to the ropes and an elbow to the throat. Another whip into a clothesline, Haku dodges the elbow drop. Haku tags Bravo, inverted atomic drop and tag to Barbarian. Chops and kicks before a tag to Haku, elbow with Duggan tagging Bossman on the way down. Bossman tees off on Haku with rights and lefts but Haku counters with a dropkick on Bossman. Bossman manages to reverse an Irish whip and lands his Bossman Slam for the elimination.

Haku Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Barbarian, Bossman makes Barbarian eat a massive big boot. Heenan is on the apron, Bossman rams Heenan into the ring-post. Barbarian reverses an Irish whip for a suplex, Barbarian misses a middle rope elbow drop. Bossman tags Duggan, Duggan reverses an Irish whip. Barbarian ducks the clothesline but eats the back body drop, Barbarian tags in Earthquake. Bravo and Earthquake take it to Duggan, butt splashes before Duggan escapes. Duggan tries a scoop slam but Earthquake shuts that down, clothesline by Duggan, make it double. On third attempt, Jimmy Hart pulls down the rope. Duggan gives chase and smacks Earthquake with his 2X4, getting disqualified in the process.

Jim Duggan Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Hogan, scoop slams for Barbarian and Bravo. Hogan manages to slam Earthquake, corner clothesline. Ten punches for good measure, Earthquake stops it though and lands a powerslam. Earthquake tags in Bravo, big elbow drop from Bravo. Make it two, stomps from Bravo. Hogan catches Bravo in a small package, Hogan eliminates Bravo.

Dino Bravo Has Been Eliminated!

Hogan tags Bossman, flurry of punches on Earthquake. Bossman attempts a diving crossbody but Earthquake stops that catching Bossman. Hogan comes in and pushes Bossman over for the pin, two for Bossman. Bossman is whipped to the ropes, Barbarian gets in a cheap shot. Bossman drops to the mat, elbow drops from Earthquake and Bossman is eliminated.

Big Bossman Has Been Eliminated!

Hogan comes in, boot to Earthquake. A right hand to Barbarian on the apron, Hogan tries to slam Earthquake twice but Earthquake is too heavy and falls on Hogan for a two count. Earthquake misses an elbow drop and Hogan tags Tugboat, shoulder block to Earthquake. Tugboat lands a right on Barbarian before action spills to the floor, Tugboat and Earthquake brawl on the floor before getting counted out. We have Barbarian and Hogan as the last two, what an interesting last two.

Earthquake & Tugboat Have Been Eliminated!

Barbarian takes control of Hogan, elbows and chops. Hogan is in the corner, rights and lefts from Barbarian, a piledriver connects beautifully. Two for Barbarian, Irish whip by Barbarian with both men colliding with a double clothesline. Massive boot from Barbarian, Barbarian is climbing to the top rope for his finishing manoeuvre. Hogan is all over the place, Diving Clothesline connects! 1….2.. Hogan kicks out! Barbarian’s punches have no effect, Hogan Hulks Up with the crowd reacting big time, you know what is next brother. Right hands, big boot and one Atomic Leg Drop, this match is over.

Again, I am left a little disappointed when this match is over, I was looking forward to Hogan vs Earthquake and again you tease and do not deliver, you allow a big match to take place at Summerslam but end in DQ, the next step I thought would be ending it as Survivor Series but Earthquake gets counted out? Come on, thought Bossman could have played a bigger role in this match and Tugboat too, the booking has not been the strongest on this show.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Barbarian via Atomic Leg Drop!

The Allilance (Nikolai Volkoff/Tito Santana/The Bushwhackers) vs The Mercenaries (Sgt. Slaughter/Boris Zhukov/Orient Express) W/ General Adnan & Mr. Fuji

Boris and The Bushwhackers start, double clothesline from The Bushwhackers. In comes Santana, Boris tries an Irish whip. Santana ducks the clothesline and lands The Flying Forearm for the elimination.

Boris Zhukov Has Been Eliminated!

Sato & Tanaka attack Santana before Sato superkicks Tanaka by mistake, Santana tags in Luke who combines with Butch for a Battering Ram. Luke covers Sato for the elimination, seconds later Santana nails Tanaka with a Flying Forearm.

The Orient Express Have Been Eliminated!

Slaughter is all alone, in comes Volkoff. Clubbing blows and knees from Volkoff, Slaughter turns the tide with a vicious clothesline and a series of elbow drops. Volkoff is punched in the mid-section, Slaughter lands big blows on Volkoff who is against the ropes. Volkoff rallies before an eye rake from Slaughter, Slaughter rams Volkoff head-first into the buckle. Headlock with a right hand, whip off the ropes and a big dropkick from Slaughter. Elbow drop and a three count for Slaughter.

Nikolai Volkoff Has Been Eliminated!

Butch and Luke take it to Slaughter with a double clothesline and clubbing blows before Luke misses a top rope splash. Gut-buster from Slaughter and Luke has been eliminated. In comes Butch who is whipped into the corner and eats a stiff lariat for the elimination.

Bushwhackers Have Been Eliminated!

Slaughter celebrates prematurely as Santana lands a dropkick, flying dropkick for good measure. Monkey flip attempt but Slaughter shoves off Santana, neck-breaker from Slaughter for two. Back-breaker for two, Santana battles back but an eye rake slows him down. Delayed vertical suplex from Slaughter, two for Slaughter. Slaughter misses a knee drop, Santana has a headlock. Slaughter shoves Santana into the referee, elbows to the neck from Slaughter. Irish whip but Santana counters for a Flying Forearm, General Adnan enters the ring and smashes Santana with the flag in the lower back. Slaughter applies The Camel Clutch but the referee disqualifies Slaughter for Adnan’s interference.

So that was a filler match for sure and boy did it feel like one. That being said, you go through all of that making Slaughter look tough only to lose, I mean what’s the point? I simply just do not care for this match and as the pay per view went on, the tag format and its formulaic eliminations just ebbed away at the wrestling reviewer inside of me.

Winner: Tito Santana over Sgt. Slaughter via DQ!

Team Dibiase (Ted Dibiase & The Visionaries) W/ Virgil & Slick vs Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan/The Ultimate Warrior/ Tito Santana)

Following Randy Savage demanding a WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match with Ultimate Warrior and the awful Gooker debut, we have the grand finale match between all the survivors of the night’s previous matches. Its 5 on 3, the teams are simply not even.

Wait a minute, Warlord stands across from the 3 babyfaces and Warlord gets smashed by Hogan and Warrior before a Santana Flying Forearm ends Warlord’s night.

Warlord Has Been Eliminated!

Roma suplexes Santana, tag to Dibiase. Knee drop and suplex by Dibiase, Santana fights back with an Irish whip to the buckle and a big back body drop. Santana tries the flying forearm but Dibiase ducks and lands a stun-gun for the elimination.

Tito Santana Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Hogan who runs wild on Dibiase before a boot and clothesline from Dibiase ends Hogan’s offense. Tag to Hercules who knocks the stuffing out of Hogan before a tag to Roma. Flying double axe handle by Roma, clubbing blows to the corner. Tag to Martel, more clubbing blows. Tag to Hercules, big rights from Hercules, measuring Hogan and scoring right between the eyes every single time. Hogan is rammed off the buckle, tag to Dibiase. Middle rope axe handle and knee drop for two, falling fist drops from Dibiase. Another two for Dibiase, tag to Hercules. Right hands, Hercules wants the power plex. Tag to Roma, Power Plex and Hogan powers out at two. Axe Bomber on Roma and it’s over for Roma.

Paul Roma Has Been Eliminated!

Martel comes in, clubbing blows to Hogan. Irish whip ducking the head, Hogan counters with a boot. Tag to Warrior who stomps the life out of Martel, shots to every member of Team Dibiase on the apron, Warrior draws his strength and slams Martel over and over. Tag to Hogan, right hands. Big boot from Hogan, clothesline to the floor with Martel holding his face and saying screw this match.

Rick Martel Has Been Eliminated!

Dibiase is in there with Hogan, big punches from Dibiase but Hogan reverses the Irish whip with Dibiase eating a corner clothesline. Dibiase begs for mercy, Hogan pulls Dibiase out of the corner. Hercules is smacked off the apron, big boot to Dibiase and an Atomic Leg Drop for the elimination, Hercules runs in and eats a scoop slam. Warrior nails his clotheslines and flying shoulder tackle before The Ultimate Splash ends this match.

Was entertaining and thankfully, brief compared to the other matches on the card. Anything substantial? Not really, no real drama coming from this match as Warrior and Hogan overcome their foes with relative ease. Did I want something more? Well, Dibiase is challenging for the championship tomorrow so perhaps he should have walked away from this match, citing his championship match as more important than this elimination match? That makes more sense to me but they seem to be very high on The Model at the moment too and I thought at least one of them would walk away from this match.

Team Hogan over Team Dibiase via Ultimate Splash!

That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1990, another pay per view where I held high expectations and they just were not met when all was said and done. Like Wrestlemania and Summerslam, I am left thinking why certain decisions were made and in retrospect, were they the correct decisions? We kick off with Team Warrior vs Team Perfect, Perfect feels shoehorned into this role as Warrior had been the other man tagging with LOD against Demolition, Perfect is excellent when it comes to being in the ring but we do not get a whole lot of that as the eliminations come thick and fast. Saving the LOD vs Demolition feud I understand but the way the feud was protected fell so flat. Team Dibiase vs Team Rhodes delivered but not in the way I was hoping, I enjoyed Bret vs Dibiase, an excellent showcase for Bret where the crowd believed that Dibiase would be toppled and of course, Undertaker wrecked everyone in sight showing that The Deadman was here and not to be messed with. I still wanted Rhodes vs Dibiase, their angle had been great in my eyes and I wanted that confrontation. Team Viper vs Team Visionaries was building toward Roberts vs Martel, the action was alright so I will give it a pass while Team Slaughter vs Team Tito was boring and the finish really did not work for me at all. Team Hogan vs Team Earthquake was disappointing for me, I thought we would see what is next for Hogan, Hogan had been feuding with Earthquake and I did not see it being a Wrestlemania match so I am wondering where we go from here? In this going to end up like the Perfect feud? Killed on a Saturday Night’s Main Event? The main event was fine, entertaining and brief. For me, I am glad that these events will be soon broken up by singles matches because I think even with a small card, these matches can feel too much of the same, the rapid-fire eliminations the heel being counted out or a DQ to protect them form being pinned, two people being counted out to stretch out their feud, it is all there and I just think breaking it up with other types of matches make the events an easier watch. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

WWF | Nightmare Nostalgia

Wednesday 18 March 2020

WWF Saturday Night's Main Event October 13th, 1990 Edition Review

Image result for wwf saturday night's main event

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has less credibility than a Brad Sheppard report! It’s WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, the one before Survivor Series 1990. Featuring the likes of LOD, The Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado and Demolition. Let’s see what the WWF has to offer!

LOD & Ultimate Warrior vs Demolition

As we head towards Survivor Series, we have a little preview of one of the major matches as LOD who had been at war with Demolition throughout the year team up with the WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior to have this massive six-man tag match. Warrior runs down to the ring and we have a triple clothesline as Demolition are sent tumbling to the floor. Dustin Rhodes is here at ringside, I am sure that will mean something later. Smash and Animal kick off the match officially, Smash clotheslines and clubs Animal. Rights from Smash, Animal reverses an Irish whip and lands his powerslam for two.

Smash smacks the throat of Animal, tag to Ax. Animal tags Warrior, multiple stomps in the corner. Running shoulder blocks from Warrior, clothesline takes down Ax. Scoop slam for Smash, scoop slam for Crush and Ax. Warrior misses his splash on Ax though, Smash tags into the match. Axe handles from Smash, Smash talks to the referee as Crush hurls Warrior into the ring apron. Warrior tries fighting back but Crush grabs Warrior from the apron. Smash reassumes control as Demolition quick tag in and out while punishing Warrior. Crush is the legal man, Crush chokes Warrior in the corner. Tag to Smash, they all beat down Warrior before Animal makes the save.

Demolition Decapitator is stopped by Hawk, Smash is down holding his back while Warrior is rallying on the canvas. Tag to Hawk, big right hand. Elbow for Smash, flying shoulder block from Hawk. Fist drop, Hawk to the top rope. Diving Clothesline, Hawk sees Crush and Ax coming in but Hawk batters them away. In comes Warrior, clotheslines for Smash and Ax on the apron. LOD attack the other two members of Demolition. Flying shoulder tackle from Warrior on Smash, Ultimate Splash and this match is over!

Hot crowd, action is fast and snug as Demolition cheat at every corner while Warrior and LOD run through everything in their way. Like bulldozers, Team Warrior bring the pain to this match and it was a lot of fun when all was said and done, great way to kick off the show.

Winners: Team Warrior over Demolition via Ultimate Splash!

Macho King Randy Savage vs Dusty Rhodes

Big rematch from Summerslam here as Sapphire was stolen away from Dusty which led to Savage stealing the win over Rhodes. Sapphire is now in the corner of Ted Dibiase which is a sight almost too sore to bear for Rhodes. Savage gets caught with an elbow, hard Irish whip. Make it two, bearhug from Rhodes. Savage rakes the eyes, jabs by Savage. Savage reverses an Irish whip, hip-toss is blocked for a backslide pin from Rhodes for two. Rhodes is distracted by Sherri, knee from Savage. Sherri chokes Rhodes behind’s the referee’s back. Knee drop by Savage, lefts and rights by Savage. Sleeper by Savage, here comes Dibiase and Virgil.

They buy off the fans and gain seats, Dibiase and Virgil are front row for this match. Dustin Rhodes tears up the money, Dibiase is in shock. Dibiase sits down by Dustin, Rhodes breaks free from the sleeper. Shoulder block, Dibiase and Dustin are having issues. Bionic Elbow on Savage, Rhodes is on the floor shouting at Dibiase. We take a break, Savage is in control. Eye rake, and a choke using the top rope. Sherri chokes Rhodes behind the referee’s back, cover for two. Top rope guillotine from Savage, diving axe handle for two.

Savage chokes at The American Dream, rights and lefts by Savage. Rhodes is firing up, another eye rake by Savage. Rhodes sends Savage into the buckle, shot to the throat by Savage. Savage misses a knee to the back, headbutt from Rhodes. Rhodes counters a scoop slam for a two, Savage and Rhodes are trading punches. Savage misses a diving axe handle, Dustin nails Dibiase. Dibiase and Virgil are brawling with Dustin, Dustin is down. Rhodes has no idea, choking the life out of Savage in the ring. However, Rhodes spots what is going on, saving his son. Savage is on the top rope, diving axe handle with Rhodes hitting the guardrail, Savage wins by count-out.

Great way to build heat for the Dibiase vs Rhodes match, Dusty dives onto his son to save him from the beaten that Dibiase lays down on him. Dustin blades too which looks great with his long flowing blonde hair. Terrific stuff with Dusty cradling Dustin, I want to see these two go at it so badly right now. Savage rips up a poster of Warrior, a subtle hint at things to come down the road. Fun match, great angle.

Winner: Randy Savage over Dusty Rhodes via Count-Out!

Tugboat & Hulk Hogan vs Rhythm & Blues W/ Jimmy Hart

Hogan’s partner is back, the fearsome Tugboat is here and he wants Bravo & Earthquake but they have to settle for Rhythm & Blues. Valentine has dyed his hair black and is teaming with Honky, prolonging his WWF career which was a wise choice for both men at this point as the focus was shifting towards a lot of newer and younger stars in the WWF. Hogan and Honky to kick us off, knee by Honky. Right hands by Honky, tag to Valentine. Kicks by the tag team, Hogan ducks their clothesline though and nails a massive clothesline on Rhythm & Blues. Hogan whips both into the boot of Tugboat, it’s timber for Valentine & Honky.

Tag to Tugboat, arm-wringer from Tugboat. Valentine jumps into the ropes, tag to Hogan. Middle rope axe handle, arm-wringer from The Hulkster.  Tag to Tugboat, axe handle for Valentine. Eye rake from Valentine, chopping away at Tugboat. Elbow to the head, tag to Honky. Honky runs into a bearhug, Valentine comes in illegally with an axe handle. Stomps from Honky, tag to Valentine. Big knee drops to the back of the head, tag to Honky. Big elbow to the throat, Hogan makes the save. Valentine gets in some cheap shots behind the referee’s back, tag to Honky. Axe handles from Honky, choke from Honky. Reverse chin-lock from Honky, tag to Valentine. Double elbow misses, tag to Hogan. Right hands for Jimmy Hart as well as Rhythm & Blues, whip and axe bomber from Hogan.

Hogan mounts Valentine and delivers massive right hands, another Irish whip. Elbow to Valentine, big boot from Hogan. Hogan stops from doing the leg drop as Tugboat spots Earthquake coming down to ringside, Bravo too. Hogan tags Tugboat, double clothesline from Tugboat & Hogan. Corner splash from Tugboat, Honky is knocked off the apron. Jimmy Hart is grabbed by Tugboat, Honky waffles Tugboat with his guitar. We have a DQ but Earthquake and Bravo are here, Hogan is trying to battle everyone off but there are too many heels for Hogan to battle off, Tugboat is damaged from the guitar to the back. Powerslam from Earthquake on Hogan, giant splash on Hogan. Tugboat whacks Earthquake with the guitar, guitar shots for everyone as Tugboat fends off everyone.

Another good angle on this show, Hogan has been left battered once more by Earthquake. Earthquake is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the WWF, a count-out victory at Summerslam left the door for this feud open and we are rocking steadily onto Survivor Series, another match I am looking forward to for sure.

Winners: Tugboat & Hulk Hogan over Rhythm & Blues via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Texas Tornado © vs Haku W/ Bobby Heenan

First defence for the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, Kerry Von Erich defeated Perfect at Summerslam but here is Haku, another member of Heenan’s Family. Arm-drag and scoop slam from Tornado, attempt at the claw-hold. Haku blocks and rolls to the floor, Haku applies a sleeper after an Irish whip. Tornado escapes before running back into a sleeper, Heenan seems to have something on his person. What could it be? Tornado escapes the sleeper but Haku nails shoulder blocks, corner clothesline. Headbutt by Haku, choke from Haku. Tornado escapes for an Irish whip to the buckle, Claw Hold from Tornado. Spinning Tornado Punch from Tornado, this one is over. Quick match to establish the reign of Tornado, nothing major to note here.

Winner: Texas Tornado over Haku via Tornado Punch!

Koko B Ware vs Sgt. Slaughter W/ General Adnan

Slaughter made his pay per view debut at Summerslam appearing on The Brother Love show, Slaughter a symbol of The USA is now an Iraq sympathiser with General Adnan in his corner. Koko is the quicker of the two, arm-drags which catch Slaughter off guard. Koko’s shoulder block does not move Slaughter, Koko slides through the legs and delivers a dropkick. Whip to the buckle but Koko misses the corner splash. Big chop and back body drop from Slaughter, knee drops to the head. Back-breaker from Slaughter for two, Koko is whipped to the ropes but Slaughter ducks the head. Neck-breaker by Koko, two big dropkicks and a headbutt. Koko ducks a clothesline but runs right into a stun-gun, knuckle-lock from Slaughter with Koko submitting. Squash match to put over Slaughter, big things to come from Slaughter.

Winner: Sgt. Slaughter over Koko B Ware via Knuckle-Lock!

This was an above average edition of the show for sure, the positives are the two excellent angles you get from the first two matches of this show. We have the build up for Dusty Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase with Dibiase attacking and busting open Dusty’s son Dustin. Dusty could only throw his body on top of Dustin to protect his son from the attacks of Virgil and Dibiase, it was great. We also had Earthquake once again destroy Hulk Hogan, all the heels combined to do the damage to Hogan and I want to see those two tear it up in the ring at Survivor Series! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Tuesday 17 March 2020

WWE Survivor Series 2008 Review

Image result for WWE Survivor Series 2008

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that is stranger than a WWE show without a crowd! It’s WWE Survivor Series 2008, all about the return of one man. His name is John Cena, back from a herniated disc in his neck to challenge champion Chris Jericho! But wait, that is not who was champion at the end of Cyber Sunday what happened? Well, Jericho won the championship back the night after in a cage match, Vince decided to do a title change on the pay per view so people would believe in the Cyber Sunday concept. Have to say that sucks for Jericho and Batista, Batista is back in an awkward spot while Jericho’s championship reign does not look long for this world. We also have Triple H defending his WWE Championship against Vladimir Kozlov, The Moscow Mauler while we have a whole host of tag team elimination matches I am sure to sink our teeth into on this night.

Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels/Rey Mysterio/Great Khali vs Cryme Tyme) vs Team JBL (JBL/MVP/John Morrison/Miz/Kane)

A bunch of feuds thrown together in this traditional elimination match. It seems Khali has recently turned babyface, MVP is on a massive losing streak. Mysterio and MVP start, knees and right hands from MVP. Whip to the buckle, Mysterio eats a clothesline. Whip off the ropes, Mysterio ducks the clothesline. Pop-up hurricanrana and dropkick for two, tag to JTG. Double kicks and dropkick to a kneeling MVP, two for JTG. Punches from JTG before MVP lands Shining Black off and a dropkick to the knee. JTG does not get up from that, MVP has pinned someone. MVP celebrates too much and gets a Brain Chop from Khali.

JTG/MVP Have Been Eliminated!

Khali faces off with Kane, chops and uppercuts. Khali chokes Kane in the corner, Kane throat thrusts Khali. Kane looks for a chokeslam, Khali counters with an elbow and chops down Kane. Tag to Mysterio, Mysterio dives off Khali’s shoulders onto Kane and that’s it for The Big Red Monster. Suppose that means that their feud is dead and buried?

Kane Has Been Eliminated!

Morrison comes in, kneeing Mysterio. Stomps and attacks from Morrison, whip to the buckle. Mysterio dodges Morrison, kicks from Mysterio. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors from Mysterio, tag to Shad. Shad tosses Mysterio into Morrison, military press slam by Shad. Morrison dropkicks the knees of Shad, Shad hits the middle rope. Elbows and stomps by Morrison, tag to Miz. Quick tag to Morrison, double beatdown on Shad. Tag to Miz, Irish whip but Shad ducks. Clotheslines for Morrison & Miz, corner elbow on Miz. Powerslam on Miz, elbow drop. Morrison distracts Shad, Reality Check on Shad from Miz and we have the elimination.

Shad Has Been Eliminated!

Michaels steps into the ring, Miz steps up for team JBL. Miz manages to hit his clothesline, tag to Morrison. Slingshot elbow and knee combination from Morrison & Miz. Tag to JBL, JBL tees off on Michaels. Hangman’s neck-breaker and elbow drop for two, Michaels blocks the right hands of JBL. Chopping back, Michaels is firing up but JBL cuts off HBK. Back into the corner, JBL tags Miz. Miz pummels Michaels in the eye, HBK is bleeding now. Tag to Morrison who continues to punish that eye, reverse chin-lock from Morrison. Michaels elbows out of the hold, Morrison tries to toss Michaels to the floor but Michaels skins the cat. Morrison nails Michaels with his flying forearm and a kip-up too, scoop slam and its elbow drop time but Michaels rolls out of the way.

Michaels looks for the tag, Morrison tags Miz as Michaels tags Mysterio. Springboard senton and hurricanrana from Mysterio, Miz elevates Mysterio to the apron but Mysterio forearms Miz. Springboard dropkick, 619 and diving splash for the elimination.

Miz Has Been Eliminated!

Morrison tries to rush Mysterio, Mysterio dodges and nails a drop toehold. Hurricanrana, Morrison is in position for the 619. JBL blind tags in and shoulder blocks Mysterio. Elbows and knees from JBL, tag to Morrison. Morrison kicks the ribs and chokes Mysterio with his boot. Middle rope choke from Morrison, back-breaker with stretch from Morrison. Mysterio knees his way out, big kick to the chest. Morrison counters Mysterio’s bulldog for a back-breaker, tag to JBL. Abdominal stretch from JBL, whip to the buckle and a boot to the back of the head. JBL places Mysterio on the top rope, clubbing blows to the back. JBL wants the super belly to back suplex but Mysterio knocks down The Big Texan. Diving Moonsault wipes out JBL, tag to Michaels.

Chops, flying forearm and a suck it to Morrison. Inverted atomic drops to JBL, right hands and a scoop slam on JBL. Morrison is knocked off the apron, JBL rolls away from the elbow drop. Plancha from HBK, JBL and Michaels are brawling on the floor, JBL is counted out while Michaels makes it back into the ring. Morrison tries sweet chin music but Michaels ducks and waffles Morrison with Sweet Chin Music for the win.

Decent match for sure, disappointed that it seems Mysterio vs Kane has come to an end with a Cyber Sunday match as opposed to a bigger pay per view match. Michaels vs JBL despite its minimal build has been good, the feud between these two could be something special. The in-ring work was fine, nothing spectacular or special about it though, a bit better than a house show match.

Winners: Team Michaels over Team JBL via Sweet Chin Music!

Team McCool (Michelle McCool/Maryse/Victoria/Natalya/Maria) vs Team Phoenix (Beth Phoenix/Mickie James/Jillian/Candice Michelle/Kelly Kelly)

Babyfaces and heels combine as we have a bit of brand warfare going on two brands battle for supremacy. Phoenix and McCool start, keylock from Phoenix. Michelle counters with a lovely headscissors, Beth and Michelle trade big shots. Dropkick from Michelle, the two start pumping chests before Maryse tags in. Maryse and Michelle begin brawling, not good for this team. Beth stares down Maryse, Maria tags in. Beth chokes Marie and tosses her into the corner. Beth misses a corner clothesline, knees and headscissors by Maria. Beth forearms Maria, Kelly Kelly is in with an apron sunset flip. Two for Kelly, series of pin-fall attempts from the two. Victoria blind tags in, Kelly lands a hurricanrana on Victoria for the elimination. Maryse nails Kelly with a back-breaker for the elimination.

Victoria/Kelly Kelly Have Been Eliminated!

Mickie bursts into the ring, Mickie lands clotheslines and dropkicks on Maryse, Maryse tags in Michelle. Mickie and Michelle trade pin-fall attempts before a Russian legsweep from Michelle. Two for Michelle, neck-breaker from Mickie. Maria tries breaking up the pin, Maria hits Michelle by mistake. MickieDT and Michelle is eliminated due to Maria’s mess up. Mickie gets distracted by Beth, her partner and Maryse rolls her up with a handful of tights.

Mickie James/Michelle McCool Have Been Eliminated!

Maryse leaves the ring as Candice runs in, here comes Natalya. More pin-fall attempts, slap and kick to the knee from Natalya. Sharpshooter is locked in from Natalya, Candice crawls towards the ropes but Natalya pulls her away. Jillian interferes illegally and attacks Natalya, Natalya turns around and asks “Who did that?” Natalya walks into a spear from Candice, who jacknife covers her for the elimination.

Natalya Has Been Eliminated!

Maryse comes in and slaps Beth, Jillian is like what the hell? Maryse tags Maria, Maria runs in and eats a Samoan drop for two as Jillian waffles Maryse off the apron. Whip to the buckle, handspring elbow by Jillian. Maria lands a victory roll off a reversed Irish whip, Maria eliminates Jillian. Candice runs in and lands a northern lights suplex for the elimination.

Jillian/Maria Have Been Eliminated!

Maryse comes in, Candice starts selling her leg from the sharpshooter. Maryse knocks Beth off the apron, Maryse applies a figure four like manoeuvre on Candice. Candice is eliminated, no bell or anything to signal that. We are down to two, Maryse kicks Beth in the back of the head. Whip to the buckle, Maryse elbows Beth. Middle rope crossbody goes wrong as Beth catches Maryse. Maryse slips out of the powerslam, roll-up attempt. Two, Maryse tries for her DDT but one Glam Slam later and this match is over.

Bizarre and awful, the way some of these women were eliminated were shocking. The agents who booked this should be ashamed, pure garbage at times. I have no idea what they were trying to do with this match because nobody looked good in this match, nobody. Most of them were distracted and rolled up or hit with some weak looking manoeuvre. Candice and Maria looked awful, no idea why it took them so long to set up for that suplex. Confusion fuck up during Mickie’s elimination, no real clarification on Candice’s elimination. A shit-show all around, sucked me out of this review. I wanted nothing to do with this pay per view after that crap.

Winners: Team Beth over Team Michelle via Glam Slam!

(Casket Match) The Undertaker vs The Big Show

Loved this feud so far, Show stopped Taker from sending Vickie Guerrero to hell. Show came back with a hell of a finish, that being his KO Punch. It knocked Taker out-cold, Taker sold it like death. Taker withstood the onslaught at Cyber Sunday and walked out the victor but Taker looks to bury Show literally on this night in a coffin. They lock-up, Show unloads with rights and lefts, early KO Punch attempt but Taker looks out of the way. Taker tries to end it early, sending Show near the coffin. Show walks away though, Show sends Taker into the timekeeper’s barricade. Massive rights to the ribs, Taker’s head is bounced off the announce table. Show starts clearing the table for a chokeslam or something, Taker stumbles over.

Taker manages to fight back, monitor to the head. Show is laying across the announce table, Taker climbs onto another announce table. Massive leg drop through the table from The Deadman. Show rolls into the ring, arm-wringer from Taker. Old School is on Taker’s mind, Show crotches Taker and lands a suplex. Whip to the buckle, sidewalk slam from Show. Show rolls Taker in, Show has to close the casket. Show asks the referee to close it, Show must close it himself. Show does not want to touch the casket, Taker is clearly in the head of his opponent.

Taker comes out swinging with rights and lefts, Show reverses an Irish whip but Taker lands his flying clothesline. Corner clothesline, Show elbows Taker away to stop the second. Show is thinking Show Bomb, Taker sits up though. Middle rope Chokeslam from Taker, Taker rolls in Show. Show blocks the casket lid with both hands, right hand from Show. Chokeslam from Show, Show rips and turns over the casket. Show says that it is, Show is going home. Taker sits up, Show is backing away from The Deadman. Suddenly, fire shoots up from the ramp to block Show’s path. The druids bring out a new casket, setting it down in front of Show.

Taker is back with big right hands, Show battles back as they brawl on the stage. Show throws Taker into the casket, Taker fights back though. Show is staggering, Taker’s right hands forcing Show into the defensive. Anti-climatically, Taker whips Show into the casket match and that’s it.

So, you tease this big spot on the ramp and instead, we have Taker whipping Show into the casket and Show comically falling into said casket. When you talk about a finish that is anti-climatic, this is perfect. I cannot believe they did that, that’s more than likely the pay-off? That’s two bad matches in a row, I cannot believe they thought that would make the fans happy.

Winner: The Undertaker over The Big Show!

Team Batista (Batista/R-Truth/CM Punk/Kofi Kingston/Matt Hardy) vs Team Orton (Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry/Shelton Benjamin/William Regal)

So this is where Batista is following losing his championship, it seems like a good position to be with Orton fresh off his injury against Triple H way back that cut a seemingly epic championship reign short. Beyond that, there is not a whole lot going on in this match. Punk wants Orton but the focus is on Batista vs Orton, Cody has issues with Orton. Benjamin and Truth were feuding on Smackdown and Matt Hardy is thrown in here with Mark Henry for some ECW representation. William Regal is here too, intercontinental champion who ended Marella’s run. Punk and Regal start, Punk shocks Regal who eats a GTS and that’s it for Regal.

Regal Has Been Eliminated!

Benjamin comes in, trying a roll-up. Punk kicks out and reverses an Irish whip, leaping calf kick from Punk. Tag to Kofi, Kofi has an arm-bar. Benjamin pushes Kofi to the corner, cheap shots from Benjamin. Kofi counters an Irish whip, monkey flip is countered by Benjamin. Dropkick from Kofi, Benjamin regains control though, tagging in Henry. Big kick from Henry, tag to Rhodes. Stomp from Rhodes, Kofi slides out of the slam. Monkey flip, arm-drag and an arm-bar. Tag to Hardy, right hands and an Irish whip. Elbow and elbow drop for two, front chancery and tag to Truth.

Double hip-toss for two, kicks and elbows in the corner. Arm-wringer and tag to Batista, Rhodes scrambles away. Tag to Benjamin, knees by Benjamin. Forearms too, Batista reverses the Irish whip. Elbow and boot by Batista, suplex from Batista for two. Shoulder blocks in the corner, tag to Hardy. Orton is not looking like a calm captain on the apron, Hardy whips Benjamin to the buckle. Elbow from Benjamin, Hardy is down. Tag to Orton, Orton eats a corner clothesline and bulldog for two. Scoop slam by Hardy, Hardy misses a diving moonsault. Tag to Henry, boot by Henry. Kicks to the ribs by Henry, rope guillotine from Henry, Hardy places a foot on the ropes.

Rhodes tags in, big stomps to Hardy in the corner. Hardy whips Rhodes to the corner, Rhodes leaps over Hardy but Hardy lands a vicious clothesline. Hardy and Rhodes tag out, in come Truth and Benjamin. Victory roll from Truth for two, corkscrew leg lariat for two. Benjamin whips Truth to the corner, Truth flips out, split from Truth. Lie Detector Clothesline from Truth, Scissors Kick misses though as Benjamin nails Pay Dirt for the finish.

R-Truth Has Been Eliminated!

Kofi tags in, diving crossbody for two. Massive chop and dropkick, flying clothesline knocks down Benjamin. Boom Drop, two for Kofi. Benjamin shoves away Kofi, Henry nails Kofi hard. Massive forearm, Henry steps all over Kofi. Henry uses the rope to choke Kofi, tag to Orton. Orton does his best Garvin stomp, Kofi dodges the knee drop though. Right hands from Kofi, whip is reverse by Orton. Suplex onto the rope, shoulder block from Kofi. Knee by Orton to block the shoulder block, rope-draped DDT lays out Kofi.

Kofi Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Punk, knee to the ribs. Stiff kick to the spine, leaping leg lariat for two. Whip with Punk lowering the head, kick by Orton. Tag to Rhodes, whip to the buckle. Dropkick followed by drop toehold into a hammerlock, elbows from Punk to break free. Whip to the buckle, Punk leapfrogs over and ducks a clothesline. Middle rope crossbody for two, neck-breaker for two. Whip to the buckle, high knee and bulldog for two. Rhodes elevates Punk to the apron, high kick from Punk. Manu distracts Punk, Rhodes knocks Punk off the top rope. Vicious Silver Spoon DDT ends Punk’s night, in comes Hardy.

CM Punk Has Been Eliminated!

Side Effect for two, Hardy looks for another one but Rhodes breaks free. Rhodes tags Henry, whip to the buckle. Hardy drop toeholds Henry, middle rope elbow. Side Effect for two, Hardy climbs the middle rope for a crossbody but gets caught for The World’s Strongest Slam. Hardy is gone, Henry celebrates before being caught by a Spear by Batista for the elimination. It’s three on one in favour of Team Orton.

Matt Hardy/Mark Henry Have Been Eliminated!

In comes Benjamin, clothesline and spinebuster for Benjamin. Benjamin foolishly ran in and it ends in disaster for Benjamin as a Batista Bomb spells the end of Benjamin’s night.

Shelton Benjamin Has Been Eliminated!

In comes Rhodes, Rhodes nails some forearms before eating a big boot. To the corner, Rhodes tries a middle rope move but Batista nails a clothesline. Running Powerslam, you are next says Batista to Orton. Manu is on the apron, Batista knocks him down. Rhodes tries DDT but Batista counters for a Batista Bomb. Orton tags in Rhodes, as Rhodes is in the air. Batista Bomb but Rhodes is not legal, Orton is lying in wait and it is too late when Batista realizes what’s coming. RKO and this match is over!

Not a big fan of this match, I thought the elimination formula is stale at this stage. How many people will get eliminated immediately after pinning someone else, how do I get to feel the desperation for Batista when he is all alone when he immediately cuts down the deficit by taking out two people like they were not even there? Also, why they got to do Regal like that? The Intercontinental Champion treated like that really? Interesting dynamic with Rhodes and Orton for sure, they did not play too much into it apart from a little staredown when Orton was in there with Kofi, Orton outsmarts Batista which is a little stale for me but only because Edge made Batista look foolish countless times during his reign on Smackdown.

Winners: Team Orton over Team Batista via RKO!

(WWE Championship Match) Triple H © vs Vladimir Kozlov

So, the big story here is that Jeff Hardy was meant to be in this match. A triple threat match was made, Jeff Hardy snapped due to being so close to becoming champion. Hardy is on the cusp of the main event and everyone wants to see it happen. However, Hardy was assaulted before the pay per view and is not here tonight. Instead, we have Kozlov vs Triple H. Kozlov has been build up for months as a destroyer on Smackdown. A big foreign monster heel that is undefeated to my knowledge at the date of this pay per view. Kozlov had a great look but could not wrestle for shit, this could be quite the challenge for The Game to get a decent match out of The Moscow Mauler.

Kozlov is the aggressor in this match, Triple H is tossed to the ground with ease. Waist-lock from Kozlov, Triple H counters for a side headlock. Kozlov tries to shove off Triple H but Triple H holds on tight. We want Hardy chants from the fans, this is not looking good for this match. Triple H and Kozlov trade holds which is definitely what the doctor ordered, some nice holds on display though for sure. Firemen’s carry from Kozlov, hammerlock escape from Triple H. Kozlov shakes off The Game but misses a corner clothesline, arm-bar and arm-wringer from the champion. Kozlov brings Triple H to the corner, massive shoulder blocks and forearms.

Triple H reverses the Irish whip and misses a clothesline but nails his running high knee, corner clotheslines and face-buster. DDT from Triple H, right hands drop Kozlov. Whip to the buckle, Kozlov kicks away Triple H. Triple H answers with a spinebuster, pedigree is blocked with Kozlov nails his battering ram headbutt. Kozlov throws Triple H to the floor, Kozlov takes control with a fallaway slam for two. A running powerslam from Kozlov for two, Kozlov applies a body-scissors to squeeze the life out of the champion. Kozlov lands a back-breaker for two, Kozlov rinses and repeats. Back to squeezing the ribs of the champion, Triple H is in serious trouble.

Triple H fires back with big right hands, Kozlov cuts off Triple H with a powerslam for two. More gut-wrenching from Kozlov, Triple H breaks the hold but Kozlov lands a headbutt to the spine and a big belly to belly suplex. Kozlov misses a headbutt in the corner, Pedigree connects with both men down. Out comes Vickie Guerrero who announces it will be a triple threat match. She screams “He’s here!” The he is Edge, the man who was taken out by Undertaker at Summerslam. Edge has Vickie around his finger once more? This is madness, Edge measures The Game. Spear on Triple H, Jeff Hardy is here.

The crowd loses their mind, Hardy nails Triple H by mistake with the chair. Hardy takes out Kozlov too with a brutal chair shot but in the chaos, Hardy loses Edge who answers Hardy with a Spear. Triple H is laid out by the chair shot and Edge pins The Game to take that championship!

Well a good crowd can make a decent match great and a bad crowd can destroy a match. This was the latter, the crowd were disgusted by not having Hardy and having to see Kozlov and Triple H trade holds. Even the Pedigree could not raise a reaction out of the fans, Edge was a welcome addition to the match. Hardy’s pop was tremendous though for sure, monster reaction for the charismatic enigma. Things got a lot more interesting on Smackdown, what will happen next?

Winner: Edge over Everyone Else via Chair Shot!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs John Cena

Big match John is back, Cena is an athletic freak where injuries do not seem to affect this man like they should. Cena is the face of the WWE and his injury could not have come at a worst time, Cena is back though and boy, they build this up like mental. Old photos, highlight reels and interviews with family, the whole she-bang all for John Cena. Jericho is excellent in his role, has been since his angle with Shawn Michaels began. Can Jericho pull the big match out of John Cena though? Can Jericho make this match as important as it has been built up by WWE?

Bell rings, Jericho calmly walks around Cena. Early FU attempt, Jericho bails to the apron. Lock-up, side headlock by Jericho. Takedown, shoulder block by Jericho. Cena rolls out, checking his neck. Cena showing doubts, will his neck hold up? Cena enters the ring and fires up on Jericho with rights and lefts, big suplex for two. Drop toehold and STFU attempt, Jericho scrambles away. Boot and clubbing blows by Jericho, Cena takes two shots to the face. Cena’s face bounces off the buckle, whip by Jericho. Cena reverses and nails a massive lariat, scoop slam and elbow drop for two.

Whip to the buckle, Cena misses a corner splash. Boots to the head by Jericho, whip by Jericho. Jericho lowers the head, boot by Cena. Throwback by Cena, Jericho is in position for that guillotine leg drop but Cena hesitates and walks back into the ring for a DDT. Two for Jericho, Cena did not want to fly of the top rope because that’s how he injured his neck. Jericho is on the floor, Cena’s head is next to the ring-post and Jericho boots Cena’s skull into the post. Sickening thud but I do not know if they are playing it up the right way, Jericho presents it as a count-out victory attempt when it rather should be about the damage to Cena’s neck. Cena slugs it out with Jericho, Jericho reverses an Irish whip and side-steps Cena.

Low dropkick to the face, Jericho exposes the barricade. Cena is sent into the steel steps, reverse chin-lock from Jericho in the ring. Cena breaks free, right hands from Cena. Cena misses his shoulder block, Jericho covers for two. Jericho places his knee and stands on the back of Cena, choking him with the middle rope. Full-nelson from Jericho, Cena breaks free before Jericho locks in it again. Cena breaks free, Jericho whips Cena to the buckle but Cena avoids the bulldog. Cena ducks a clothesline and lands his comeback of two flying shoulder tackles before Jericho avoids the belly to back suplex and lands his bulldog. Cena avoids the lionsault but Jericho lands on his feet, spinning belly to back suplex. Five Knuckle Shuffle is avoided as Cena is caught in The Liontamer!

Cena reverses the hold and flips off Jericho using his leg strength, Jericho comes screaming back with a clothesline that floors Cena. Jericho wants the finish, Walls of Jericho is locked in the middle of the ring. Cena struggles and struggles before reaching the ropes, FU out of nowhere Cena scores big. 1…2…. Jericho manages to get the shoulder up! Jericho is in the corner, Cena comes charging in and eats an elbow. Both men are on the apron, Jericho pulls up Cena. Headbutt from Jericho, Cena flips Jericho into the ring. Cena has no choice, Cena lands a diving Kobashi-style leg drop. FU but Jericho counters for a Codebreaker. 1..2… Cena kicks out!

Jericho is in shock, how can Cena kick out? Jericho is cut from the headbutt, Jericho is furious now. Motioning for Cena to get to his feet, Jericho wants to end this once and for all. Jericho lands a massive clothesline, make it two. Jericho looks for a third but Cena counters with a drop toehold and the STFU. Jericho is so close to the ropes but Cena tries dragging him back. Boot to the face by Jericho into a small package but Cena counters the small package into an FU, we have a new champion.

Happy to see Cena back in a WWE ring, the fans missed him and he brings a certain atmosphere to his matches that nobody in the company can during this era. That being said, not a fan of this match. Little things I like is the first bump back and the doubts of going high risk where he crashed and burned oh so badly the last time at Summerslam, maybe they were a little on the nose with Cena dramatically pausing for too long and the commentators going overboard on the whole explaining part but I like it so I will let it slide. Jericho getting heat on the neck did not work for me, a full-nelson by a man smaller than the person he is applying it to, I could not buy it. I could not buy that a few lariats were damaging Cena’s neck that was repaired. Where were the neck-breakers, boots and attacks to the neck? It started good with the kick into the ring-post and The Liontamer with the knee on the neck could have been a great false finish for the drama it would involved but they wasted the drama on the normal version of The Walls of Jericho and that about sums up this match. It could have been great but it just did not do enough.

Winner: John Cena over Chris Jericho via FU!

That was WWE’s Survivor Series 2008, an admittedly bad pay per view from the WWE if I were to be brutally honest. The elimination style tag matches that were on this card are always a nice throwback to the classic editions of this pay per view but never have they felt so meaningless to me, never were they so devoid of drama or story-telling in my recent memory. There was nothing of note from Team Michaels vs Team JBL, it felt like a match where all the feuds in it went to die which is disappointing for Kane & Mysterio, the Divas match was horrendous, absolute sloppy action and the agent who put that together should be fired forever. Taker vs Big Show had potential and then a flat ending destroyed that feud for me, that is really your closing chapter? An Irish whip into the casket, Show tripping into it. Come on now, that feud was so great to begin with and now Show seems worthless to me again due to this booking. Triple H vs Kozlov was not what any Smackdown fan wanted, they let that be known and Edge’s return was overshadowed by the Jeff Hardy run-in, Edge with Vickie is more of the same that I saw already, I’d rather a new challenge. Cena vs Jericho just does not do it for me, it seemed like an easy match to do and an easy story to tell but I never felt Cena’s neck was in danger and the match never had that story-telling that I wanted or needed to be sucked into it, this is not a good pay per view and a bad representation of WWE at the time. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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