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WCW The Great American Bash 1991 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that regularly winds up its audience more than a Meltzer Tweet! It’s time for WCW’s Great American Bash 1991 and boy oh boy do we have some stories here. To recap, Jim Herd had told Ric Flair to shave his head, wear a gladiator outfit become Spartacus and Flair told Herd to go fuck himself which leaves us with no world champion in WCW. So the main event is Lex Luger vs Barry Windham for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship! The Horsemen are no more but we have a new faction forming in The Dangerous Alliance led by Paul E. Dangerously, more on that later but this card looks bizarre and has some squash matches shoved in for good measure but Flair being gone is the main thing going into this show. This show is called an all-time disaster so let’s see if that’s true!


(Scaffold Skywalkers II Match) PN News and Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Stunning Steve Austin & Terrence Taylor

Why is Eaton not in a more prominent match? Why is Taylor with Austin? A scaffold match where you win by stealing someone’s flag? Austin has the television championship so I imagine Austin has taken it from Eaton but what is this match? So they cannot do a whole lot in the match, they have to wrestle one on one. They cuddle for most of the match before Eaton takes the flag to win, Austin blinds Eaton with hairspray but the match is over so they just brawl for a bit and then it’s over. The fuck was that? Seven minutes of nothing.


Winners: Beautiful Bobby Eaton & PN News over Stunning Steve Austin & Terrence Taylor via Flag Retrieval!


The Diamond Studd vs The Z-Man

This starts with a leaping clothesline and chops by Z-Man, Studd is rocked in the corner. Corner clothesline by Zenk, side headlock but DDP low-bridges Zenk. Zenk chases down DDP but Studd clubs that fool, Studd sends Zenk into the guardrail. In the ring, Studd clubs Zenk but Zenk fires up, low kick to the ribs from Studd. Zenk meets the buckle, twice for Zenk. Zenk blocks the third attempt but Studd clubs down Zenk again. Middle rope choke from Zenk, Zenk ducks clotheslines and elbows and lands a crossbody for two. Zenk eats two knees to the ribs, make it three. Chest chops, Zenk fires back with chops of his own.


Whip to the opposite buckle reversed by Studd, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Abdominal stretch from Studd, Studd continues to use the ropes for leverage before being caught. Hip-toss by Zenk but Studd avoids the elbow drop, Zenk comes back again with right hands. Chokeslam from Studd, Studd calls for his finish. Studd almost gets rolled up but kicks out at two, Studd waits and lands a vicious clothesline. Irish whip by Studd who lowers his head, Zenk lands a sunset flip but Studd counters with a fist to the head. Zenk manages to land a superkick, Studd is sent into the guardrail and ring apron. Missile dropkick for two , DDP attacks Zenk so Zenk sends DDP into the ring and lands a thrust-kick. Studd lands a belly to back suplex for the win.


Scraping the bottom of the barrel here, Zenk is bland as bland can be as a babyface while Studd is not the full package here at all, character is not fleshed out nor the mannerisms, what you receive is a match that only goes 7 minutes but feels like 20 minutes. Really bad stuff.


Winner: The Diamond Studd over The Z-Man via Belly to Back Suplex!


Oz W/ The Wizard vs Ron Simmons

First real test for Oz, Simmons can be explosive fun and has quickly moved on from what happened with Butch Reed, clean breaks all around after lock-ups. Side headlock from Oz, Simmons struggles to break free under this hold. Simmons does turn the hold and trips down Oz, Oz pops back to his feet. Shoulder blocks with neither man moving before Oz lands a boot to the face and a shoulder block, make it two. Drop toehold from Simmons, Oz clubs down Simmons. Ugly looking clotheslines by Simmons before Oz is clotheslined to the floor on the third attempt, test of strength with Oz kicking Simmons to maintain control. Simmons wins the test but Oz clubs down Simmons again, axe handle blows from Oz.


Oz tosses Simmons to the floor, the Wizard gets involved and lands a massive kick to the ribs of Simmons. Simmons lands a shoulder thrust on the apron and dives over for the sunset flip, Oz counters with a right hand. Simmons ducks a clothesline and lands a dropkick, chop-blocks and a shot to The Wizard. Flying shoulder block and its over.


Wow that was bad, really bad and if this is a sign of things to come, I understand why this PPV has such a terrible reputation, this was brutal just like the matches before.


Winner: Ron Simmons over Oz via Flying Shoulder Tackle!


Richard Morton W/ Alexandra York vs Robert Gibson

The Rock “N” Roll Express implodes! Morton had turned on Dustin Rhodes to join The York Foundation, this would lead to Gibson questioning the actions of Morton which led to this match. Richard Morton has done nothing to change his look so you could hardly tell that this was meant to be a new Ricky Morton. Thankfully they both know how to work, it starts on the floor with fists flying. Morton is on the floor, looking for strategy as Gibson is furious. The two get down to business with Gibson slamming Morton down with Morton powdering to the floor. Morton is begging for mercy, more strategy talk between Morton and Alexandra York.


Clean break from Gibson, Morton powders once again. Gibson is too eager and Morton takes control by working the leg that was injured, wrapping it around the ring-post. Morton goes after the knee with Gibson fighting on one leg, a knee-lift finds the mark before Morton trips up Gibson and drops his knee on the leg time and time again. Morton rips at the tights of Gibson to expose the injured leg of Gibson, vicious stuff here with stomps to the knee. Gibson tries a sunset flip and succeeds but the leg is still in tremendous pain, Morton applies a figure four on the damaged leg. We sit in the hold for a while before Gibson turns over the hold, Gibson tries to crawl away but Morton is in control. Slamming the knee into the mat again and again, the knee is smacked off the ring apron.


Gibson fights back with right hands, Gibson uses the ropes to hold himself up. Morton kicks the knee and Gibson collapses to the mat again, Gibson lands a DDT out of nowhere. Back body-drop, Gibson misses a dropkick and Morton works the leg again. Morton climbs high, Gibson yanks Morton to the canvas and lands an enzuigiri. Morton is on the ramp, they brawl on the ramp before both attempting dropkicks and crashing to the floor. York leaves her computer behind and distracts the referee. Morton smashes Gibson on the head with the computer for the win.


That leg work really went somewhere right? Way too long, I like the story of going after the knee, it is simple and straight-forward but Morton working the knee is shockingly boring. Considering his selling ability, you would think that it would have been a night-off for these two but this went on and on, far too long. Good for Morton that he picks up the win but I really do not want to see either of those two in WCW anymore, put them in SMW already!


Winner: Ricky Morton over Robert Gibson via Computer To The Head!


(Six-Man Elimination Match) The Fabulous Freebirds & Badstreet W/ Big Daddy Dink vs The Young Pistols & Dustin Rhodes

Pistols and Freebirds have been feuding the majority of the year at this point while Rhodes had been feuding with The York Foundation before finding himself a part of this feud. Hayes chops and right hands Rhodes, whip to the opposite buckle. Whip reversal by Rhodes who lands scoop slams and Bionic elbows all around, Hayes stalls before pushing Rhodes to the ropes. Garvin lands his knee and the heels are clearing house before Rhodes lands a double face-buster, diving shoulder blocks by The Young Pistols and The Freebirds powder.


Smothers and Garvin next, Garvin looks to have slimmed down a little too which is good for him. Lots of stalling before Garvin lands knees and right hands, whip to the buckle and back body drop by Smothers. One dropkick by Smothers, Garvin avoids the second dropkick. Blind tag to Armstrong who waits and waits before landing a diving clothesline on Badstreet, more stalling.  Armstrong and Hayes, wristlock into a tag by Armstrong as Smothers locks in a side headlock. Badstreet low-bridges Smothers and Big Daddy Dink lands a clothesline while Badstreet lands a scoop slam. Smothers and Hayes are back in the ring, left-hand from Hayes who knocks Smothers to the floor. Garvin stomps and stomps Smothers who is trying to make it back into the ring.


Scoop slam and knee-drop by Garvin, Irish whip into a knee to the ribs. Badstreet and Hayes put the boots to Smothers, elbow to the back of the head. Sleeper from Hayes, Smothers fights out of the sleeper but is drilled with a left-hand. Smothers meets the buckle, snap-mare for two before Garvin locks in a reverse chin-lock. Garvin attacks Rhodes and Armstrong so Badstreet can come in and attack Smothers, swinging neck-breaker by Badstreet for two. Smothers counters with a sunset flip for two, tag to Hayes who chops Smothers. Smothers fights back but again with the left hand to the head, Hayes struts all around the ring. Smothers back-drops his way out of the DDT, tag to Armstrong.


Back body drop by Armstrong, dropkicks for the other members of The Freebirds. Noggin-knocker and pier-six brawl time. Rhodes and Garvin are brawling, Double shoulder block to Badstreet, Armstrong wants to unmask Badstreet but Hayes is in and clotheslines Armstrong. Double DDT on Armstrong and this match is over for Steve Armstrong, we have our first elimination but Hayes back-drops Smothers to the floor which is a DQ in WCW so Michael Hayes has been eliminated for the back-drop to the floor. Badstreet in there with Smothers now, scoop slam and diving axe handle from Badstreet. Smothers reverses and makes the tag but Garvin had the referee distracted, Double DDT on Smothers and it’s goodnight for Smothers. Garvin celebrates but eats a flying clothesline and we are down to Rhodes vs Badstreet.


Diving axe handle by Badstreet, Rhodes is sent to the buckle head-first. Snap-mare into an elbow drop, two for Badstreet. Kick to the face, Rhodes stops Badstreet going up top. Scoop slam and Badstreet is high but a fist to the ribs and a flying clothesline from Rhodes. Big Daddy Dink distracts the referee so Badstreet can kick out, Badstreet sends Rhodes to the buckle who explodes out with a Running Bulldog and a kick to Big Daddy Dink for the win.


Best match of the night so far, not a fan of the concept of elimination after elimination thick and fast, I think if they are spaced out there can be more drama involved but nonetheless, this match was fun. Not sure where we go from here for the two tag teams involved, I have seen them wrestle for so long now. Give me something new please!


Winners: Team Rhodes over The Fabulous Freebirds via Running Bulldog!


The Yellow Dog vs Johnny B. Badd W/ Teddy Long

Flamboyant Johnny B. Badd is here and his opponent is The Yellow Dog aka Brian Pillman in a mask because he lost the Loser Leaves WCW match at the previous Clash. Badd’s first PPV appearance so let’s see how Badd does with Pillman who was a rising star in the company also. Dog slaps Badd, Badd comes back with a knee and a scoop slam. Dog lands a massive dropkick and a chop, Badd rolls out to the floor. Side headlock by Dog, crucifix into a victory roll for two. Badd is not happy, wristlock from Dog. Eye-poke and clubbing blows from Badd, Irish whip but Dog avoids the scoop slam. O’Connor roll does not work but Dog dropkicks Badd into Teddy Long. Badd plays possum and lands a clothesline, Dog meets the guardrail and is the victim of vicious kicks.


The two exchange chops, Dog misses a middle rope diving crossbody and Badd goes for a diving sunset flip. Two for Badd, Badd tries ripping at the mask but Dog counters with a jaw-breaker. Badd misses a left-straight and Dog lands a German suplex, big chops from Dog. Eye-rake and Irish whip by Badd, Dog lands a spinning heel kick, back body drop by Dog. Dog lands a Diving Crossbody and Long attacks for the DQ!


Ok match, not a fan of the gimmick as I feel it is out of place in 1991, works better in the territory days but why do this to Pillman when Pillman was over like rover previous to this?


Winner: Yellow Dog over Johnny B. Badd via DQ!


(Lumberjack Match) Big Josh vs Black Blood

I saw vignettes for Black Blood but I have no idea about the gimmick while Big Josh is a big Lumberjack played by Matt Borne who would later play Doink. Black Blood is Billy Jack Haynes! Wow that’s an interesting one, right hands before Big Josh is dumped to the floor and beaten to death by the heels. Big Josh is helped by the babyfaces back in this time, I still see JYD there. Big Josh fights back with a clothesline and dropkick, the heels take care of Black Blood. Snap-mare before both men chop one another many times, Big Josh trips up Black Blood and lands the log roll. More back and forth, the lumberjacks are getting mad with one another. Lumberjacks start brawling which gets a pop, Black Blood continues to land face-busters and a leg drop. Josh boots Black Blood in the face, big right hands from Big Josh. Irish whip and running chop, whip to the buckle. Black Blood boots Big Josh in the face, another brawl on the floor. German suplex from Black Blood, Black Blood has his axe. Dustin Rhodes smashes Black Blood in the leg and Big Josh cradles for the win.


Shite match here, they work the stipulation well but this stipulation is never going to be high on matches I want to see, Dustin Rhodes attacking the knee of Black Blood for the win is bizarre too, I suppose it was as good as they could hope for but not very entertaining for me to watch.


Winner: Big Josh over Black Blood via Small Package!


One Man Gang vs El Gigante

Gigante comes to the rings with a bunch of midgets, Sullivan looks like a grandad with his hair-style, make-up and pyjama pants attire. Gigante does not have his mullet, what happened? They shaved his head that’s what happened, One Man Gang powders. Hip-toss by Gigante, shoulder thrusts by Gigante. One Man Gang avoids Gigante and lands a middle rope diving clothesline, One Man Gang attacks Gigante with a foreign object. Sullivan attacks Gigante for good measure from the outside, One Man Gang has the object and works the knee of Gigante who sells poorly. Gigante is crawling around the ring, will this end? Splash from One Man Gang but Gigante survives, hot-shot from One Man Gang and he climbs to the top rope. Gigante yanks One Man Gang off the top rope, elbow by Gigante. Whip to the buckle and suplex, Sullivan tries to interfere but is crotched on the buckle. Gigante lands a noggin-knocker on both, One Man Gang has powder. Gigante kicks it into the face of One Man Gang and a Northern Lariat later, this is over. GARBAGE!


Winner: El Gigante over One Man Gang via Northern Lariat!


(Russian Chain Match) Nikita Koloff vs Sting

Obviously an odd one here as all things pointed to Luger vs Nikita considering Nikita took out Luger when Luger was presented with the new United States Championship but plans changed and now Sting stands across from Nikita. They had a good match at the previous Clash with Sting squeaking out a victory but this is the speciality of Koloff, the chain is applied and Nikita starts talking that trash to the face of Sting.


Big boot from Nikita to start, Sting fires back with boots and clubbing blows. Nikita meets the ring-post with his shoulder, Sting drops Nikita on the guardrail twice at ringside. Sting sends Nikita into the buckle over and over, Nikita rolls to the floor. Sting chokes Nikita with the chain around ringside, Nikita is on the ramp but continue to try and create distance from The Stinger. Ah yes, the Russian Chain Match where you have to touch all four corners, a concept that never fails to deliver. Nikita stops Sting from touching the corner, Sting is bounced off the guardrail. Nikita lands a clothesline using the chain, Nikita ties it around his fist and batters Sting across the neck and back. Sting grabs Nikita in the ring but Nikita clubs down Sting, anything will do to maintain control.


Elbow drop with the chain by Nikita, Nikita chokes the life out of Sting with the chain. Nikita tries an elbow drop but Sting moves, right-hand from Sting. Sting yanks the chain through the nuts of Nikita, Nikita low-blows Sting and goes to touch the corners, three corners for Nikita. Sting kicks Nikita and breaks the progress, both men grapple one another and they continue to touch the corners together. Low-blow by Nikita, low-blow by Sting. Sting touches three corners but Nikita clubs down Sting and a Russian Sickle. Both men have three corners but Sting lands a Stinger Splash and it sends Nikita into the corner for the win.


Shockingly shite finish in a strap match, who would have seen that coming? Anyways, all the heat that they had built with the Superbrawl moment and the attacks on the previous Clash go to waste because this match is worthless. Not a whole lot of pacing going on, finish is lame.


Winner: Nikita Koloff via Touching All 4 Corners!


(Vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match) Barry Windham vs Lex Luger

Interesting to have a battle between two men for the WCW Championship when they are both regarded as having missed out on the right moment to put the championships on them, Windham deserved the championship due to his work in 1986 and 1987 while Lex Luger had arguably been as popular as Sting and due to Flair’s promise to Sting, Luger never held that championship when it could have been his time. These two never did feud over the United States Championship that would have been perfect considering Windham stole Luger’s place in The Horsemen. Things are very different now though, we want Flair chants from the fans so this might be a disaster.


Luger seems to be heeling it up from the get-go, Luger does not seem like his usual self here while Windham looks ready to capture that championship. Shoulder block with neither man going down, Luger blocks a suplex as does Windham. Clean break from both, shoulder block from Windham but Luger answers with a hip-toss. Side headlock by Luger, shoulder block by Luger. Windham catches Luger with a dropkick, small package by Luger for one. Luger lands a scoop slam but misses the elbow drop, they slug it out before resetting again. Windham and Luger trade a little wrestling holds before Windham slaps the shit out of Luger, suplex by Luger though. Again, they stop and reset.


Windham tries snapping the leg of Luger, Luger avoids it. Very slow test of strength who kicks the leg of Windham, Windham lands a shoulder block but Luger slaps on a sleeper. Windham escapes and leapfrogs before slapping on the sleeper, Windham gets caught before yanking Luger off the top rope. Knee-drop for two, Windham climbs high and Luger eats a boot to the face. Windham misses the diving elbow drop, back body drop and three clotheslines for two for Luger. Irish whip into an elbow for two, Irish whip into the powerslam from Luger. Torture Rack from Luger, Windham flips out using the ropes and lands a belly to back suplex. Luger places Windham on the top rope, Windham avoids the superplex.


Windham is up high, diving clothesline from Windham. Luger pops right back up, Irish whip into the back-body drop. Windham measures and lands his Flying Lariat, scoop slam by Windham. Two for Windham, Windham climbs up again and lands a missile dropkick for two. Harley Race and Mr. Hughes are here, why? Windham is confused by this, Windham is talking smack with Hughes. Luger knees Windham who was distracted and Luger lands a piledriver for the win! New champion for the first time, Luger is WCW World Heavyweight Champion.


That was such average as a match, it is shocking. Utterly shocking that they put that together, it seemed like an attempt from a company that has been utterly deflated by the loss of The Nature Boy. The finish is such an odd one because nobody knows Luger has turned heel, Luger did not even pull off anything heelish in there. The stops and starts really take their toll, I understand the idea of pacing yourself in a championship match from a kayfabe sense but the fans are sitting on their hands and chanting for Flair. Nowhere near a championship calibre match, very disappointing.


Winner: Lex Luger over Barry Windham via Piledriver!


(Mixed Tag Steel Cage Match) Arn Anderson & Paul E. Dangerously vs Missy Hyatt & Rick Steiner

What is this match? Why is it the main event? Hyatt and Dangerously had been feuding but we are going to have a steel cage match? Hyatt defeated Dangerously in an arm-wrestling contest but this is a whole other ball game. Dirty Dick Slater and Dick Murdoch kidnap Missy Hyatt. Rick Steiner is all alone against Anderson and Dangerously. Not sure how that handicaps Rick Steiner in any way, makes things way easier for Rick as he does not have to worry about Missy Hyatt. Rick powerslams Anderson hard, Dangerously freaks out on the apron. Anderson knees Rick in the spine, bearhug from Rick. Dangerously lands a diving axe handle on Rick, Anderson has Dangerously’s boot. Anderson tries an axe handle, Rick clotheslines Anderson before grabbing Dangerously. Scoop slam and Steiner-Line for the win. Your main event boys and girls, what a joke.


Winner: Team Hyatt over Team Dangerously via Steiner-Line!


That was WCW’s Great American Bash 1991, an awful PPV up there with The Bunkhouse Stampede 1988 PPV and December to Dismember. This card was awful, we kick things off with a tag team scaffold match that revolves around punches and kicks and not much else before Eaton casually walks across and grabs the flag for the win. Pointless stuff, things do not improve as Z-Man and Studd work a match with little to no heat to it, just kept going and never felt like ending. That feeling of will this garbage ever end continues as Oz and Ron Simmons stink up the ring together. The card I thought would change when I saw Ricky Morton vs Robert Gibson but the work leg goes far too long and by the time the finish comes around, I had lost all interest in this match as had the crowd.


The Lumberjack match was rough too, just brawling with little to no fun. Gigante vs One Man Gang should never ever have been booked, that was horrific. Sting vs Koloff does not deliver despite the great build they had, all of it pissed away in this dull strap match and you world heavyweight championship match is so dull and lifeless from a brilliant worker in Windham and a popular babyface in Luger, it is so middle of the road and safe I just cannot imagine how a world championship match in a cage was so boring but WCW shows me how it can be and finally, a main event that goes 2 minutes because why not right? Top tier terrible PPV, avoid this like the plague! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

WCW Clash of The Champions XV: Knocksville USA Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to sing the praises of Inokism! It’s time for WCW Clash of The Champions XV: Knocksville USA! We have IWGP tag team championships on the line as The Steiners battle Hiroshi Hase & Masahiro Chono, we also have a lot of debuts for me on the WCW card like The Diamond Studd and Stunning Steve Austin. The main event though is Bobby Eaton vs Ric Flair in a two out of three falls match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!


The Fabulous Freebirds W/ DDP & Big Daddy Dink vs The Young Pistols & The Z-Man

Zenk and Garvin to start, clean break from the buckle. Side headlock from Zenk and shoulder block, Garvin takes the hip-toss and we have dropkicks and stereo diving crossbodies. Big Daddy Dink wants to talk strategy, Smothers and Hayes to reset the action. Boot and chops by Hayes Smothers leaps over the ropes and lands a slingshot kick on Hayes, Armstrong yanks Garvin off the top rope and Zenk lands a slingshot clothesline. Smothers eats a left-hand from Hayes and Badstreet clotheslines Smothers to the ground. Badstreet wipes out Zenk and Armstrong, Smothers is dropped throat-first onto the guardrail. We have a brawl in the ring with the babyfaces being sent to the floor, eye-rakes by the heels and they throw them out again. Triple slingshot sunset flip for the win.


Are these two destined to battle forever? That might be the most cheesy finish I have ever seen in my life, sure did get a pop from me though as I simply though there was no way this was going to happen inside of the ring.


Winners: Team Zenk over Team Hayes via Triple Sunset Flip!


Oz vs Johnny Rich

Oz takes Rich to the corner, big knees and hip-toss from Oz. Flying shoulder tackle by Oz, massive clothesline but Oz says no, Oz is going to torture Rich. Big boot from Oz, clubbing blow to the back of the head and neck. Sidewalk slam into the spinning toss for the win. SQUASH!


Winner: Oz over Johnny Rich via Spinning Toss Slam!


Dangerous Danny Spivey vs Big Josh

To the ropes and clubbing blows by both men, cheap-shot from Spivey. Spivey lands a corner clothesline, kicks and left hands before Big Josh takes down Spivey with right hands. Massive stomp, Japanese arm-drag from Spivey. Boot by Spivey, clothesline from Spivey. To the corner we go, whip to the opposite buckle but Big Josh dodges the splash and lands a belly to back suplex. Who is here? Kevin Sullivan is here. Big Josh runs the ropes and is cracked with a crutch, Spivey clothelines Josh and lands a German Suplex for the win. GARBAGE!


Winner: Dan Spivey over Big Josh via German Suplex!


Dustin Rhodes vs Terrence Taylor W/ Alexandra York

Rematch city, Taylor shoves Rhodes who fires up but the referee saves Taylor. Corner clothesline from Rhodes for two, Taylor slides to the floor. Inverted atomic drop and atomic drop by Rhodes, Rhodes misses a corner spear and rams his shoulder into the ring-post. Taylor assumes control and Rhodes meets the guardrail, suplex into the ring by Taylor. Knee-drop to the head for two, jaw-breaker from Taylor. Dr. Bomb by Taylor for a close two, Rhodes lands a sunset flip for two. Taylor wants the neck-breaker but Rhodes applies the backslide for two. Rhodes boots Taylor down, right hands from Rhodes. Bionic Elbow from Rhodes, ten punches from Rhodes. Running Bulldog on Taylor but Mr. Hughes is on the apron, Ricky Morton is in the ring and Ricky Morton is the newest member of The York Foundation. Big Josh makes the save for Rhodes, what a bizarre twist this has taken.


Taylor is an acceptable heel that I can get into as long as there is someone to hide behind, chicken-shit Taylor might be exciting for me. Ricky Morton being the new member is a shock because I cannot see it working nor do I know the worth of a Ricky Morton without a Robert Gibson. We shall see how Morton tries to make it work.


Winner: Dustin Rhodes over Terrence Taylor via DQ!


Sting vs Nikita Koloff

We really doing this already? Thought this would be a PPV match, Koloff smashes Sting early, elbows to the face and a scoop slam from Koloff. Irish whip and flying shoulder tackle from Koloff, Sting is sent into the guardrail from Koloff. Sting lands a big knee, piledriver but Koloff powers right back up and Sting is battered right back down to the mat. Koloff lands a tombstone piledriver in the middle of the ring, Sting survives barely. Kick after kick in the ribs, Sting is in a bad way. Irish whip and sunset flip from Sting but Koloff does not go down. Massive right stops Sting, Sting tries again and succeeds for two.


Back-breaker from Koloff, two for Koloff. Koloff kicks the ribs of Sting over and over again, Sting is putting over Koloff as an unstoppable force in this match. Koloff works the ribs with punches, Sting lands a massive punch though. Elbows from The Stinger, Koloff puts down Sting with a knee to the head. On the floor, Sting sends Koloff into the guardrail. Sting reverses Koloff and piledrives Koloff, kicks and chops from Sting. Whip to the buckle, Stinger Splash misses and Koloff wants the sickle. Sting ducks the sickle and schoolboys Koloff for the win.


One mistake and it cost Koloff the match, love the way that Koloff was put over here, absolutely dominant when wrestling inside of that ring. Sting survived this match, Koloff should be just fine heading into his match with Luger, little to no momentum lost here in my eyes. Thought they would have saved the match for a bigger show though, I suppose they can always revisit it though.


Winner: Sting over Nikita Koloff via Schoolboy!


(Loser Leaves Town Match) Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman & El Gigante

Pillman and Anderson to start, chops from Pillman but Anderson lands a knee, backslide from Pillman for two. Scoop slam does not work for Anderson, Pillman stuns Anderson. In comes Windham, chops from Pillman. Irish whip reversal and spinning heel kick from Pillman for two, side headlock takedown from Windham who lands a big right to take control on Pillman. DDT from Windham for two, Anderson comes in and rakes the face of Pillman off the rope. Whip to the buckle and knee from Anderson, Anderson is dropkicked off the top rope onto the floor. Windham is not happy, springboard splash from Pillman. Gigante chokes Anderson, Windham tries to make the save. Powerslam by Pillman, Pillman and Gigante combine for a Diving Crossbody. Anderson makes the save with Gigante chasing Windham, powerslam by Pillman. Windham trips up Pillman who attempted a splash and a boot to the head for the win. Pillman must leave WCW.


Very quick match, liked a lot of what I saw and nice how they kept Gigante out of the match, shocked they cut away so fast considering it would be the end of Pillman’s time in WCW if the stipulation is to be believed but screw that right? Good stuff here, I imagine it would be even better if Pillman had Luger or Sting there.


Winners: Windham & Anderson over Gigante & Pillman via Boot to The Head!


(IWGP Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers © vs Hiroshi Hase & Masahiro Chono

Scott and Hase to start, Hase and Scott try to out-wrestle one another but Hase makes it to the ropes. Hase takes the leg, Scott rolls through and kicks Hase in the face. Scott takes the leg but Hase enzuigiris Scott to the floor, chops from Hase. Scott stun-guns Hase, two for Scott Steiner. Hook kick to the face from Hase, exploder like suplex from Scott. Rick Steiner is in, in comes Chono. Rick clubs Chono, Chono lands a massive Yakuza Kick to the head. Ick after kick to the head, Steinerline from Rick. Tag to Scott, tag to Rick for an elbow drop/powerbomb combination. Chono goes low on Rick, Hase comes into the match.


Rick German suplexes Hase, Hase reverses an Irish whip and slams Rick down with a beautiful slam. Chono climbs high, assisted flying shoulder block. Chono Samoan drops Rick while Hase lands a diving knee drop, Chono clamps on the STF. Scott Steiner suplexes Hase on the floor, Scott dives onto Chono to save his brother. Rick reverses the Irish whip and we have a double knock-down, Scott comes in with a Steinerline on Hase, tilt-a-whirl side-slam from Scott Steiner. Hase ducks on an Irish whip, Tiger-Driver from Scott. Belly to belly superplex as Chono makes the save, Hase slips out of the suplex for a Dragon suplex. Chono enzuigiris Rick Steiner, double clothesline on Scott. Rick trips up Chono while Scott lands the Frankensteiner on Hase for the win. Afterwards, Dick Murdoch and Dick Slate knock out Scott and destroy the arm of Rick.


Stiff stuff here, they beat the piss out of one another but some really good stuff in here, Hase and Mutoh would have some classics with The Steiners over the years and I just love how explosive Scott Steiner is inside of that ring, good to see new blood injected into the tag scene in WCW.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over Hiroshi Hase & Masahiro Chono via Frankensteiner!


The Diamond Studd vs Tommy Wildfire Rich

Studd jumps Rich, Rich fights back but Studd lands a knee and chokeslams Rich. Rich is bounced off the buckle hard, Studd kicks and sidewalk slams Rich. Studd tries a middle rope splash but Rich blocks with his kness. Studd is bounced off the buckle, Studd avoids a middle rope crossbody and lands his Diamond Death Drop! Game-over, impressive for The Diamond Studd.


Winner: The Diamond Studd over Tommy Rich via Diamond Death Drop!


(Number 1 Contender’s Match for WCW World Heavyweight Championship) The Great Muta vs Lex Luger

Unbelievable how they have such fond memories of Muta in WCW when his booking at times has been shocking at times, I can’t look past that Starrcade 1989 disaster and now, Luger vs Muta for the number one contender’s place. Muta tells Luger that he is going down, Luger shoves Muta to the corner. Lock-up, clean break from Luger. Arm-drag from Luger, side headlock from Luger. Shoulder block from Luger, chop from Muta has no effect. Muta misses a kick, belly to back suplex from Luger for two. Scoop slam and elbow drop misses, back body-drop from Muta. Military press slam by Luger, whip to the buckle but Muta dodges and lands his spinning sole butt. Handspring elbow but Luger dodges, Muta lands on the floor. Muta slides out of the suplex, Muta tries the mists but Luger uses his arm to dodge and lands a powerslam for the win.


Well Luger is your number one contender after beating the number two in less than 4 minutes, how could NJPW be happy with this kind of booking for one of their hottest prospects? They would collaborate for many years throughout the 90s but this would be a rocky start in my eyes but hey, that’s just me taking a look at it. Not much of a match, over before it gets going.


Winner: Lex Luger over The Great Muta via Powerslam!


Stunning Steve Austin vs Joey Maggs

Another new star in Stunning Steve Austin, Stunning Steve has some of the worst trunk choices in wrestling without a doubt. Two right-hands and a knee before we see a Stun-Gun for the win. SQUASH!


Winner: Steve Austin over Joey Maggs via Stun-Gun!


(Two out of Three Falls WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Beautiful Bobby Eaton

Eaton dethroned Television Champion Arn Anderson with WCW looking to push Eaton as a serious contender in the company, we now see Flair defending his World Championship against Beautiful Bobby Eaton. To the buckle and clean break from Flair, slaps with Eaton winning that exchange. Shock across the face of Flair, how dare Eaton slap the champion! Lock-up into the side headlock, Flair drags Eaton to the corner for a chop. Right hand from Eaton and a shoulder block and elbow drop, Flair is clotheslined to the floor. Lock-up and forearms from Flair, chops in the corner. Right hand from Flair, Eaton fires back with his right hand that leads to a Flair flop. Whip to the buckle and a back body drop for two, Flair begs for mercy. Flair is in the corner, Eaton cuts off the ring. Stomp to the knee from Flair, hip-toss into a short-arm scissors from Eaton. Flair tries to roll around but Eaton continues to counter with excellent hold of the short-arm scissors. Flair makes it to the ropes but the damage is done, shots to the arm and a hammerlock from Eaton.


Drop toehold from Flair, chop but Eaton lands a massive right to deck Flair. Flair rolls to the floor and is on the run, Eaton is lured in and gets smacked in the head twice with a boot from the champion. Massive chop from Flair, Eaton is tossed into the ring-post. Stomps from Flair, massive chop from the champion. Snap-mare into the knee-drop, two for Flair. Double-arm suplex from Flair for two, Eaton and Flair are slugging it out with Eaton winning that exchange. Flair goes to the knee and elbows the head of Eaton, Flair climbs high but Eaton yanks Flair to the mat. Whip to the buckle, Flair flip to the apron and a right hand knocks Flair to the floor. Irish whip into the back-breaker from Eaton, Eaton lands his swinging neck-breaker. Scoop slam and Eaton climbs high, Alabama Jam and Eaton wins the first fall!


Flair and Eaton are exchanging right hands and chops, Eaton wins the exchange again before Flair goes low. Hip-toss is countered into a backslide by Eaton, two for Eaton. Flair tries a scoop slam but Eaton lands on top for a close two, another neck-breaker. Eaton climbs high, looking for the finish. Flair stops that so Eaton drills Flair with a right hand. Flair manages to shake the ropes and Eaton falls to the floor, twisting his knee. Flair wins the second fall by count-out as Eaton is unable to beat the ten-count!


We have the final fall and Eaton is clutching is knee, can the challenger continue? Eaton wants a superplex, Eaton drills Flair with a superplex. Flair screams about his neck, Eaton clutches his knee and is slow to cover. Two for Eaton, Flair applies the belly to back suplex and clamps on The Figure Four Leg-lock with ropes for leverage, referee Nick Patrick catches Flair using the ropes so the hold is broken. Flair tries again, small package by Eaton for two. Shoulder block to the knee from Flair, third time the charm from Flair as The Figure Four Leg-Lock is clamped onto Eaton. Flair manages to win with the use of ropes for leverage as Eaton could not rise his shoulders off the mat.


Good stuff here, Eaton looks like a star in there with The Nature Boy. Eaton has slimmed down and cut the mullet to a degree, Eaton looks more serious and the fans want to be behind Eaton. They do not have much time in this match but boy do they make it interesting, Eaton’s right-hand has become such a serious part of his matches. Eaton can throw that right and garner big reactions every time, love to see Eaton scoring the fall over Flair. The neck-breaker into The Alabama Jam is perfect every time. Flair is Flair, you get the begging for mercy, the leg-work and all the flips and flops, crowd loves it and they get behind the babyface and these two take the fans on a ride which they are loving every second of it. Would have been nicer to have more time, I think Eaton could have come out even better in this but a good main event when all was finished.


Winner: Ric Flair over Beautiful Bobby Eaton via Figure Four Leg-Lock!


That was WCW’s Clash of The Champions XV: Knocksville USA, an above average Clash in my opinion, you have a very good main event here between Eaton and Flair and the match/angle between Nikita Koloff and Sting is really good stuff. Of course, you have your squash matches and your nothing matches here summed up perfectly by Brian Pillman having to leave WCW and a quick cutaway because that cannot be a sad/emotional moment at all. The Steiners vs Hase/Chono is a fun little stiff contest too so more good than bad here which is more than I can say for a lot of the Clashes I had to sit through recently. A Thumbs up for this show, nothing to particularly seek out unless you are a big fan of Beautiful Bobby! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

Friday 25 February 2022

WCW Superbrawl 1991 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to be as bland as a 2K22 Gameplay Video! It’s time for WCW Superbrawl 1 Review time! We have Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami, Bobby Eaton vs Arn Anderson, Sting and Luger challenging for the WCW Tag Team Championships against The Steiners, Butch Reed vs Ron Simmons and even El Gigante is going to wrestle! This should be a fun one for sure!


(Vacant WCW United States Tag Team Championship Match) The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Young Pistols

These have wrestled plenty, was shocked when I saw that The Freebirds had won the tag team championships but it was clearly a transitional phase as The Steiners have the gold now. So these are back to feuding, Armstrong east an arm-drag before taking down Big Daddy Dink and The Freebirds at ringside. Lock-up and side headlock from Armstrong, Dink trips Armstrong when the babyface runs the ropes. Brad Armstrong comes down to even the odds, Brad Armstrong and Big Daddy Dink has to leave ringside. Smothers is in and Garvin, the diving crossbody spot variation is here again as The Young Pistols wipe out The Freebirds. Baseball slide to Garvin, blind tag to Armstrong as Garvin gets caught with flying shoulder blocks for two.


Garvin resets, tag to Hayes. Hayes wants Smothers, side headlock from Smothers. Garvin low-bridges Smothers who collapses to the floor, stun-gun onto the guardrail. Garvin smashes Smothers with a knee when back in the ring, in comes Hayes who chops Smothers. Smothers sends Hayes to the buckle, right hands from Smothers but Hayes lands his quick-left. Tag to Garvin who eats a superkick to the face, Smothers tags in Armstrong. Back body-drop to Hayes, right hands to both Freebirds. Scoop slams all around, noggin-knocker and The Young Pistols are climbing high. Both miss their missile dropkicks, Smothers is canned to the floor. Armstrong is also tossed to the floor, diving clothesline from the top by Smothers.


Double clothesline to the floor, Armstrong is going high. Diving crossbody to the floor from Armstrong, Smothers is climbing high again. Assisted diving elbow to the face, Garvin is yanked into the ring. Armstrong lands the assisted dropkick but the referee is knocked down too. A masked man comes in and lands a diving clothesline, a clothesline and two big tornado DDTs and Hayes covers for the win!


Hot crowd makes this better than the usual match between these two, good stuff from Smothers and Armstrong, they are growing on me as a team. Probably would benefit from working with more good workers but the tag team scene is thin once more in WCW which is a shame. Good for the birds, they probably deserve those championships based on their performances putting over everyone in the last year.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over The Young Pistols via DDT!


Ricky Morton vs Dangerous Danny Spivey

The fuck is this match? Spivey is back in WCW permanently? Have I not suffered enough, Spivey chops Morton over and over before Morton fires up, eye-rake by Spivey. More jumping punches from Morton, Spivey is too slow to keep up with Morton. Morton lowers his head on an Irish whip, DDT from Spivey. Spivey steps on the face of Morton and lands a clothesline for two, Powerbomb from Spivey. Spivey steps on the throat of Morton, Morton fights back though. Rights and kicks, Spivey catches Morton’s crossbody for a fallaway slam. Massive leg-drop from Spivey for two, Morton almost rolls up Spivey. Spivey dodges a dropkick, Morton dodges an elbow drop. Spivey lands another Powerbomb for the win. What was the point of this? Had they not already given up on Spivey?


Winner: Dan Spivey over Ricky Morton via Powerbomb!


Tommy Wildfire Rich vs Nikita Koloff

The hair is longer and the trunks are more plain for Rich, Rich looked his best when tagging with Morton but here we have Nikita Koloff who we have not seen in years before Koloff attacked Luger at WrestleWar which was tremendous. I was harsh on Koloff in the past due to losing his size and having him work twenty minute matches when his skills were limited. Rich lands a crossbody to start, Koloff is not happy. Koloff uses his power but Rich uses his quickness. Side headlock by Rich, Nikita backs Rich to the corner. Shoulder thrusts and Rich elbows Nikita in the opposite corner. Nikita dodges the second time around, Rich bounces his face off the ring-post. Scoop slam from Nikita, Nikita shoulder blocks Rich in the corner. Elbow drop from Nikita for two, Rich continues to survive.


Nikita is not happy, Rich uses uppercuts to fight back and bounces Nikita’s head off the buckle. Rich tries a diving crossbody from the corner but Nikita ducks down, Irish whip and Russian Sickle for the win. Nice squash for Koloff who may not be as big as his peak but certainly looks menacing compared to the last time we saw him in the ring.


Winner: Nikita Koloff over Tommy Rich via Russian Sickle!


Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Taylor W/ Alexandra York

Has Taylor dyed his hair? Shoulder block by Rhodes, Taylor powders. Lock-up and side headlock by Rhodes, hip-toss by Taylor but Rhodes shoves him off and arm-drags Taylor. Taylor pushes Rhodes to the ropes, Taylor sends Rhodes to the corner. Right hand but Rhodes fires back, hip-toss into a side headlock takedown. Taylor gets caught in a suplex before Rhodes misses a crossbody, Rhodes ends up on the ramp. Taylor stomps all over Rhodes, Taylor lands a suplex and a knee-drop for two. Rhodes fights back from his knees, Taylor pokes the eyes. Scoop slam by Taylor, Taylor climbs high. Rhodes counters with a boot to the face, Rhodes tees off with rights. Irish whip into a back body-drop, flying clotheslines from Rhodes. Inverted atomic drop with Taylor putting his foot on the ropes, Running Bulldog but Alexandra York is on the apron. Mr. Hughes is on the apron, Rhodes talks trash with York. Hughes grabs Rhodes, Taylor holds Rhodes but Rhodes dodge the punch from Hughes. Taylor goes down and Rhodes pins Taylor after a right-hand to Hughes.


Decent match, Taylor’s heel work can only go so far as the gimmick is quite bad and the in-ring work is not lighting the world on fire. Rhodes is doing well, some hard-hitting moves in there and The Natural may continue to rise the ranks in WCW!


Winner: Dustin Rhodes over Terry Taylor via Loaded Glove Right Hand!


Black Bart vs Big Josh

Have I travelled back in time? Black Bart has not been here since the days of the mid 80s no? Sweet Jesus Big Josh is really bringing Bears to the ring! Is that not some sort of torture nowadays? Big Josh is a big country boy who loves his bears, very redneck and country feel to this match. Big Josh lands two hip-tosses, a clothesline and a log-walk. Bart lands a throat thrust before Big Josh fights his way out with punches, wristlock from Big Josh. Black Bart tries escaping the wristlock but Big Josh has that hold in tight. Black Bart rakes the eyes and chops Big Josh, Black Bart rakes at the face of Big Josh. Slugfest all around, eye-rake again by Black Bart. Single arm DDTs from Big Josh, big chop into a double axe handle to the face and the whoopie cushion for the win. SHITE!


Winner: Big Josh over Black Bart via Big Butt Bump!


Oz vs Tim Parker

No more Master Blaster, this is the pinnacle of the sport. We go full into The Wizard of Oz movie with this ridiculously over the top intro for Oz. Tim Parker eats a shoulder block to begin, scoop slam into an Argentine back-breaker into a big slam. Game over, ridiculous gimmick that was never going to succeed but a seven foot guy who can somewhat work? WWF will treat you well boy!


Winner: Oz over Tim Parker via Spinning Toss!


(Taped-Fist Match) Barry Windham vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

Would it not make sense to have Pillman vs Sid Vicious considering what happened at Wrestle War? Windham shoves down Pillman, Pillman is hot. Side headlock and shoulder block by Windham, scoop slam is avoided by Pillman. Side headlock and shoulder block by Pillman, hip-toss and flying shoulder tackle from Pillman. Big right hands by Pillman, Windham is backed into the corner. Windham asks for a break, kick to the ribs by Windham. Windham works the ribs with the taped fists, scoop slam by Windham. Windham climbs high, Pillman lands a dropkick which sends Windham to the floor. Diving fist to the top of the head from Pillman. Windham pulls Pillman into the ring-post, both men might be bleeding.


Pillman is tossed onto the ramp, Pillman is dropped onto the guardrail. Windham is fired up though, Windham is in control. Pillman ducks the lariat, spinning heel kick from Pillman. Chops from Pillman, sweat flies off Windham. Windham rakes the eyes and sends Pillman to the buckle, Windham drops Pillman onto the top rope. Pillman chops back at Windham, knee to the face from Windham.


Belly to back suplex from Windham, Windham looks out into the crowd before grabbing a side headlock, Pillman drops down and clocks heads with Windham when popping up, both men are staggered. Right hands by Windham, Pillman blocks and suplexes Windham. Pillman decides to climb high, Windham sees it coming and low blows Pillman after shoving away the referee. Superplex by Windham for the win, Windham gets more heat with right hands to the head of Pillman.


Good stuff considering how short the match was, they work the stipulation well with lots of blood and the shots to the head are certainly a focal point of the match. Finish protects Pillman too which is important for the growth of Pillman, low blow was a nice little spot and with Pillman regularly flying high, the finish does not seem contrived or forced.


Winner: Barry Windham over Brian Pillman via Superplex!


(Stretcher Match) El Gigante vs Sid Vicious

Finally, we will see Gigante wrestle on PPV and get involved, we had seen Gigante for almost a year at this point but Gigante was not involved physically in the six-man tag match at The Great American Bash. Sid to work a gimmick match with Gigant sounds horrific though, Gigante out-powers Vicious. Vicious wants a test of strength, Sid kicks low and Gigant sells accordingly by which I mean poorly. Horrid looking clothesline by Gigante, Vicious powders to rethink his strategy. Sid low blows Gigante and works the leg, shoulder thrusts from Vicious. Sid tried a corner clothesline but Gigante lands a boot and applies The Claw for the win. One Man Gang and Kevin Sullivan are here, Gigante fights off both of his attackers. Where was the stretcher in this stretcher match? Brutal!


Winner: El Gigante over Sid Vicious via Claw!


(Thunderdome Cage Match) Ron Simmons vs Butch Reed

Doom imploded as they lost the tag team championships to The Fabulous Freebirds, Teddy Long stayed with Butch Reed because Simmons was the man who was pinned in that match. Teddy Long hangs above the ring in a mini-cage, Simmons and Reed start throwing bombs before Simmons wins that war. Atomic drop and clothesline by Simmons, Reed smacks his head off the cage but Reed dodges as Simmons shoulder blocks the cage. Reed is whipped to the buckle and eats a belly to back suplex, Simmons sends Reed to the buckle but Reed blocks Simmons with a boot to the face. Diving elbow drop for two, Reed sends Simmons into the cage wall. Reed continues to beat down Simmons who is bleeding, closed fists to the head that rock Simmons’ world.


Reed tells Teddy Long not to worry about it, Reed climbs to the middle rope and lands a diving axe handle. Simmons begins to fight back with rights and lefts, Simmons whips Reed and tries a dropkick but that does not work as Reed holds onto the ropes. Fist drops from Reed for two, Simmons sends Reed into the cage and jabs Reed. Rights and lefts batter Reed who pulls Simmons into the cage wall, piledriver from Reed for two. Reed sends Simmons into the cage wall head-first like a lawn dart, left jabs and a massive right from Reed for two. Reverse chin-lock from Reed, Simmons fires up but Reed catches Simmons with a neck-breaker. Reed is on the top rope, Diving Shoulder Block for two.


Reed tries a splash but Simmons blocks with his knees, Simmons is fired up and rocks Reed twice with big right hands. Back body-drop from Simmons, high knee from Reed. We have a double clothesline spot, Teddy Long throws something into the ring. A foreign object, Simmons reaches for it but Reed kicks the head of Simmons. Reed has it now, a steel chain wrapped around his finger but Simmons ducks the punch and lands the Spinebuster for the win.


I have been very quickly reminded why I did not enjoy Butch Reed as a singles in this match, far too long here without it being interesting. Simmons shows good fire but Reed does nothing for him in this match. Should have been big stiff shots back and forth, power moves all around but here it does nothing for me. Hopefully, that is the end of the feud as it would make me happy and see where Simmons goes from here.


Winner: Ron Simmons over Butch Reed via Spinebuster!


(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Lex Luger & Sting vs The Steiner Brothers ©

4 Babyfaces to battle to be the best tag team in the land of WCW, Steiners needed some fresh faces with the loss of Doom as a tag team and The Freebirds not exactly championship material. I expect this to be stiff and awesome at the same time, going to be spectacular if every sense of the word.


Rick Steiner and Luger to start, clean break. To the corner we go, Rick has Luger in that corner. Clean break from Rick Steiner, arm-drag from Luger. Rick Steiner takes down Luger who scrambles to the ropes. Side headlock into a takedown from Luger, Rick Steiner takes down Luger before Luger scrambles to the ropes once more. Clean break on a lock-up, side headlock from Luger. Luger shoulder blocks Rick Steiner down, powerslam for two. Luger misses a corner clothesline, german suplex and Steinerline from Rick Steiner. Two for Rick Steiner, whip to the buckle and a back body drop from Rick Steiner. Luger is whipped to the buckle again, clothesline from Luger.


Military press slam by Luger, tag to The Stinger. Rick Steiner is clotheslined to the floor, Scott Steiner watches on as Sting planchas to the floor. Face-buster from Sting, Rick Steiner is right back on his feet. Sting sends Rick Steiner to the buckle, Stinger Splash misses and in comes Scott Steiner. Tiger-Driver from Scott Steiner, tilt-a-whirl slam from Scott Steiner. Sting sends Scott to the ropes, stun-gun from Sting. Tag to Luger, suplex from Luger. Tag to Sting, inverted atomic drop by Scott Steiner, belly to belly suplex from the middle rope for two. We go to the other buckle, Sting ducks and Scott Steiner lands on the broadcast table. Luger suplexes Scott Steiner back into the ring for two,  Scott Steiner avoids a scoop slam and slams Luger. Luger answers with a powerslam, RACK TIME BABY!


Russian leg-sweep from Scott Steiner to counter The Rack, Luger does not see the tag to Rick Steiner. Diving Bulldog on Luger for a close two, Sting lands a missile dropkick on Rick Steiner. Rick Steiner clubs down Sting, Rick and Luger bang heads in the middle of the ring. Sting and Scott Steiner slug it out, belly to back suplex from Sting. Sting ducks his head on an Irish whip, Scott wants a tombstone but Sting reverses and plants the shit out of Scott Steiner for a close two. Luger tackles Rick Steiner and the referee to the floor, they brawl at ringside as Sting lands a Stinger Splash on Scott Steiner. Nikita Koloff is here damn it, Koloff comes in with The Russian Sickle plus a chain and Sting shoves Luger out of the way and is wiped out by The Russian Sickle for the win.


This was intense for sure, they brought the pain in this one. Incredible back and forth action in this one, both teams were on fire and it was paced perfectly with everyone in the match having the opportunity to shine, Scott Steiner continues to be one of the most explosive wrestlers of all-time, I love Scott Steiner so much when he is just going nuts. Sting and Luger as well as Rick all hold their own and the crowd is just loving this match, the finish is perfection because it’s the best thing they could have done, I would have waited some kind of draw but here we have Nikita Koloff continuing to interject himself in the business of Lex Luger. Now, Sting wants to kill Nikita Koloff so will we have a tag team match soon? Will Sting go after Koloff if Koloff wins the championship from Luger? Possibilities galore!


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over Sting & Lex Luger via Russian Sickle!


(WCW Television Championship Match) Arn Anderson © vs Bobby Eaton

When these two wrestled during The Midnight and Horsemen feud, it was tremendous stuff. How happy I am that Eaton has this opportunity to win a championship in WCW. Two great workers I cannot imagine this being anything but excellent, they lock-up and Anderson grabs side headlocks but Eaton continues to use a head-scissors to frustrate Anderson, massive right-hand from Eaton. Anderson sells the bejesus out of that hand, Anderson looks lost and staggers around the ring while holding the ropes, best way to ever put over that amazing right hand. Anderson is tasting his own blood and not happy, boot and face-rake across the rope from Anderson.


Lefts to the ribs and head, Eaton whips Anderson to the buckle. Anderson leapfrogs Eaton but runs into two boots and a vicious clothesline, Eaton is stepping it up brother. Eaton grabs an arm-bar after a two-count, Eaton is thrown off the top rope onto the ramp by Anderson. Anderson wants a piledriver on the ramp but Eaton reverses and back-drops Anderson onto the ramp before a back-drop into the ring. Eaton climbs high again, double axe handle from Eaton for two. Eaton steps into the arm-bar again, Anderson hides behind the referee and eye-pokes Eaton before wrapping his leg around the ring-post. Smart strategy from Anderson, taking away the speed and agility of Eaton. Anderson drops knees into the leg of Eaton, knee after knee into the leg of Eaton. Anderson uses the ropes for leverage on a leg-stretch, referee catches Anderson cheating.


Anderson lands a left to the leg, Eaton shoves Anderson into the buckle. Eaton limps over, bouncing the head of Anderson off each buckle in the corner. Anderson plays possum and cuts away the leg of Eaton, Anderson bounces the leg of Eaton off the ring apron. Right hand by Eaton, make it two. Three and they stagger Anderson, a fourth knocks down Anderson. Anderson scrambles to the leg and applies the pressure, Eaton is selling well. Anderson stomps the leg into the ground, Anderson has his suplex blocked and Eaton connects with half a suplex, Eaton cannot stand on his leg to deliver the manoeuvre correctly, Anderson goes back after the leg and drops his weight on the leg. Eaton kicks at Anderson with his good leg, massive right hand from Eaton. Anderson snap-mares Eaton, Eaton blocks the splash but runs into a Spinebuster from Anderson for two. Left-hands from Anderson, Anderson tries an axe handle that Eaton blocks with a right-hand.


Neck-breaker from Eaton, Eaton lands a scoop slam. Eaton decides to climb high, Windham was going to interfere but Pillman stomps Windham from doing the deed and Eaton climbs high, sets himself up there and Eaton lands the mother of all Alabama Jams for the win!


I loved this match, it was perfection from a psychology standpoint. Anderson sells every punch Eaton throws, Anderson from the opening bell shows the importance of that right hand from Eaton. Every time Eaton nails that right-hand, it is like death for Arn Anderson. Anderson works the leg, he knows the speed and agility of Eaton is his key and goes apart destroying the leg in some really nasty looking spots, they work a really good pace and it’s perfect because when Eaton goes up for that Alabama Jam, the crowd is ready to see Eaton capture that championship. They thought too that Windham would screw them out of a clean finish but no Pillman comes down and the crowd begins to believe that Eaton will do it and Eaton does and it sure is beautiful!


Winner: Beautiful Bobby Eaton over Arn Anderson via Alabama Jam!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Tatsumi Fujinami

Fujinami is the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, one of the golden boys along with Riki Choshu during the 80s and early 90s but soon it will be the decade of Hashimoto, Chono and Mutoh. However, at this time Fujinami is the man in NJPW and this match feels like an oddity considering where things were just a couple of months ago in WCW. It felt like we were going to run into a problem because Sting had failed as champion, Luger was not going to be the man and Pillman was not ready for such a spot.


Fujinami starts out with a shoulder block, drop toehold from Flair but Fujinami scrambles away, hammerlock from Fujinami. Flair does not give a clean break, forearm and big chops. Big chops from Fujinami, Irish whip and back body-drop, drop toehold into a bow & arrow from Fujinami. Flair kicks away Fujinami and they trade pin-falls briefly before Fujinami chops down Flair and applies a Boston crab. Fujinami continues to work the spine before Flair reaches around to grab a headlock, Flair lands a suplex. Fujinami continues to kick Flair, eye-poke from Flair. Irish whip but Fujinami lands a flying forearm for two, Fujinami forearms Flair to the floor. We have some action on the floor, Flair crotches Fujinami on the guardrail.


In the ring, Flair attacks the knee. Flair drops all the weight on the leg, shin-breaker into the Figure Four from Flair. Flair slaps Fujinami which is not a good idea, Fujinami begins to turn the hold. Flair has to break the hold, Fujinami and Flair slug it out but Fujinami is too strong. Sharpshooter from Fujinami, belly to back suplex for two. Belly to back suplex from Flair, knee-drop to the head of the challenger. Side headlock takedown from Fujinami, head-scissors from Flair as they continue to trade pin attempts. Flair stomps the head of Fujinami, Fujinami is thrown to the floor. Fujinami sends Flair into the guardrail and into the ring-post, Flair is bleeding. Was that necessary? Flair shoves back but Fujinami is knocking down Flair. Flair chops back, Fujinami chops back at Flair.


Flair Flip to the buckle, eye-poke from Flair. Chops to the head from Fujinami, chops from Flair. Fujinami lands big right hands on Flair, Fujinami tosses Flair across the ring. Flair wanted an Oklahoma roll but blows it, Flair is on the apron and flops to the floor. Fujinami yanks Flair off the top rope, Octopus hold from Fujinami. Fujinami staggers Flair with right hands but Flair turns the tide with chops, more exchanges between the two. Shoulder block and both men collapse with Flair on the ramp and Fujinami on the floor, small packae from Fujinami for two. Flair jabs at Fujinami, more chops into a side headlock. Fujinami has the O’Connor roll for two but the referee is down and Flair schoolboys Fujinami with a handful of tights for the win.


Tough match to rate because while I like the work of both men, this match has no reaction to it, this works in Japan but here where crowds have a clear babyface and heel, it just flops because the fans do not really want to cheer Flair but they are not invested in Fujinami as a babyface at all so when the finish goes down, it really is the first time you have a reaction from the fans which means for 18 to 20 minutes, the fans were not really sure what to do and that makes the match a lot harder to get into and more of a dull affair than it should be.


Winner: Ric Flair over Tatsumi Fujinami via Handful of Tights!


WCW’s Superbrawl 1991 was an interesting show, there is an awful lot of middle of the road action in this show, you have 5 or 6 squash matches to kick us off, no real substance to most of them. I am not interested in seeing more of Danny Spivey or Oz or Big Josh. I could have done without these matches as there is nothing of substance there, the show really kicks into gear with Windham vs Pillman, it’s short but the go for it with the blood and the usage of the stipulation, solid stuff from both men. Gigante vs Sid is a joke, not sure what Sid did to deserve that but then again, timeline wise Sid will not be around much longer so maybe they are jobbing out the big man while Simmons vs Reed is far too long to keep me invested, I am not a fan of post Mid-South Butch Reed without Ron Simmons, it does little for me.


We go from that though to the tag team championship match and what an absolute show-stealer this is from The Steiners, Luger and Sting. They destroy one another in glorious fashion in this match, everyone shines and we have a hot finish too with Koloff continuing to mess with Lex Luger, their eventual match should be a lot of fun. The good match streak continues as Eaton and Anderson work a great match with a lot of psychology that I just fall for and when Eaton wins a championship, I am a happy man thoroughly deserved for Beautiful Bobby. The main event is disappointing, I am not sure what they hoped for in terms of reaction but unless Muta was coming over in NJPW, I cannot imagine the fans reacting positively. Flair and Fujinami work hard but nothing interest happens there for me, finish is the only reaction from the fans. Check out the Steiners vs Luger & Sting, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!