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WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that would forgive Big Cass three times for kicking its face in! In the middle of all the 2004 madness, we have Taboo Tuesday 2004 featuring superstars of the Raw brand in matches chosen by you, the fans! What could be more exciting? Lots of possibilities, lots of combinations and it could be something truly memorable as we watch the likes of Chris Benoit, Edge, Kane, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The ultimate in fan participation, you are in control, it is all in your hands. Will it be a big hit? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

The package hypes you up in all the right ways, it tells you that you are in control, giving off the impression that this is all about the fans. What a treat for all those watching, fans today would kill to have such power nowadays. Anyways, it is really good stuff, that’s what you need to know. Before the pay per view starts, we find out that all the Raw divas will be wrestling in schoolgirl outfits… hmmmm kinky!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs Shelton Benjamin

Jericho had ended his feud with Christian in a ladder match, becoming the Intercontinental champion in the process, Jericho has no idea who his opponent will be for this match. Coach is acting as a host for the night, it is a nice touch to give the impression that nobody has any idea who their opponents will be or what the stipulations will be, Jericho has a choice for 15 possible opponents. They go through all the possible opponents for Jericho, showing everyone getting hyped up for the match. I had no clue Rodney Mack was still in WWE at this point or Chuck Palumbo. Benjamin gets a big chance to sign in this title match after returning from an injury, Benjamin’s return was advertised during the last pay per view so big things were in Benjamin’s future.

Lock-up, clean break. Another lock-up, armdrag by Jericho. Lock-up and an armdrag by Benjamin, armbar by the challenger. Jericho forearms his way out, chops by Jericho. Benjamin elevates Jericho to the floor after holding on the ropes from an Irish whip, baseball slide by Benjamin. Cover for two, reverse chinlock by Benjamin. Benjamin backs Jericho into the corner, chest slap by Benjamin. Jericho boots Benjamin out of the corner, running enzuigiri for two. Back suplex with elbows by Jericho, suplex by Jericho followed by a come on baby pin by Jericho. Benjamin fires back at Jericho, Jericho holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip. Benjamin suffers stiff kicks to the spine, backbreaker by Y2J.

Slap by Jericho, sunset flip by Benjamin for two. Clothesline by Jericho for two, Jericho is on the top rope but Benjamin crotches the champion. Superplex by Benjamin, slugfest with Benjamin winning the war. Leaping clothesline, back body drop and a Dragon Whip for two. Right hands by Benjamin, Jericho reverses the Irish whip and nails a modified bulldog. Lionsault is dodged by Benjamin, Benjamin ascends to the top turnbuckle. Huge lariat for two, Benjamin misses a Stinger splash, Jericho attempts The Walls of Jericho, Benjamin counters for a small package, two for the challenger. Jericho clotheslines Benjamin, Lionsault by Y2J. Two for Jericho, Jericho chops Bejamin in the corner. Jericho is whipped into the corner, Jericho jumps to the middle rope but walks into The T-Bone Suplex and we have a new champion.

Great choice of opener from WWE, it was fast-paced and exciting from beginning to end. Benjamin was slowly climbing the ladder on Raw, Jericho was great as the over-confident cocky champion who saw Benjamin as a junior and not on his level, Benjamin was good in short bursts, didn’t expose himself and looked good and that he belonged at the end of the match. The title change also shows that the fans’ vote matters as they were able to make a difference and have a title change occur on the pay per view.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin over Chris Jericho via T-Bone Suplex!

Who will be the challenger?

HBK, Benoit and Edge try to gain last minute votes from the fans, only one man can become the champion. Todd Grisham announces who will be challenging Triple H for The World Heavyweight Championship along with The Coach and that man is Shawn Michaels! Edge is not a happy man as Benoit congratulates Michaels. This means Benoit & Edge will challenge for the world tag team championships.

(WWE Women’s Championship Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal Match)

Seven beautiful women competing for the chance to be women’s champion, dressed as schoolgirls. Well, WWE has come a long way since these days, we have Trish Stratus, Jazz, Gail Kim, Nidia, Victoria, Molly Holly and Stacy Keibler. Lots of kicking and screaming, pantie shots everywhere. Nidia and Jazz are thrown out pretty quick, Gail Kim basically eliminates herself with a hurricanrana. We are down to Trish, Stacy, Molly and Victoria. Victoria is catapulted over by Molly and Trish, snap suplex by Molly on Stacy. Molly is stopped by Stacy, Stacy fights back against the two. Molly forearms Stacy out before Trish wins the match.

Yeah it is basically a joke of a match, I had a big smile on my face for the whole match but you cannot talk about credible challengers for Trish’s title. There is not a lot with half the roster being heels and the likes of Nidia and Stacy are not going to be having a run for the championship anytime soon. They needed Lita more than ever.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Everyone Else via Survival!

Kane vs Gene Snitsky (Steel Chain Match)

What a fucking joke this is, one of the biggest what the fucks in wrestling. Kane, who raped Lita is now a babyface because Snitsky smacked Kane with a chair which led to Kane falling on Lita and the baby being lost. First, miscarriages are not funny and I am so glad that this will not be an angle that comes back anytime soon. Secondly, Kane is the babyface for standing up for his lost baby yet the baby was made because Kane raped Lita?

Chain is in the middle of the ring, Kane throws it to the floor and begins beating the piss out of Snitsky, uppercuts in the corner. Snitsky powders as Kane gives chase, Kane has the chain. Snitsky ducks the chain, Kane is thrown into the ring. Snitsky has the chain, Kane dodges with an uppercut. Kane clotheslines Snitsky with the chain, Snitsky’s head is battered off the chain. Huge right hand with the chain, Kane is caught off-guard as Snitsky whips Kane into the ringpost using the chain. Chain to the face by Snitsky, Snitsky whips the bejesus out of Kane, Snitsky chokes Kane with the chain. Uppercut by Kane as The Big Red Machine wriggles free, Snitsky uses a big knee to regain control. Foot choke by Snitsky, right hands and stomps by Snitsky.

Kane reverses an Irish whip and nails a corner clothesline, boot by Snitsky to avoid the second clothesline. Scoop slam by Snitsky, multiple elbow drops for two. Clothesline by Snitsky for two, more chain shots by Snitsky. Snitsky chokes Kane, Kane shakes off Snitsky. Snitsky motions for a right hand, Kane battles back with rights of his own. Snitsky powers Kane down with a sidewalk slam, Kane sits-up. Uppercuts by Kane, double big boot with both men down. Kane sits-up again, Lita takes the chain from Snitsky. Snitsky avoids The Chokeslam, Lita gives Kane the chain. Snitsky kicks the steel steps into Kane’s leg.

Snitsky stabs Kane with the steel chair, multiple shots follow before Snitsky grabs the chain. More choking, choking with the steel chair and chain. Snitsky is looking for a Pillmanizer as the chair is around the neck of Kane, Snitsky does it as blood spills from the mouth of Kane. Lita was helpless to watch as Kane flops around, the referee asks for The EMTs. This match seems to have come to a standstill but wait Snitsky wants the pin-fall and Snitsky gets the pin.

A little long for my taste ladies and gentlemen, I like big monster battles, it was cool to see the two slug it out in battle. Some parts were dull though, I feel they could have shaved off a couple minutes towards the end. Snitsky seemed a little lost at times, the finish is quite violent and a good way to put heat on the new Snitsky, I just think having Snitsky out there for so long in the ring did more harm than good for your new monster.

Winner: Snitsky over Kane via Pillmanizer!

Eric Bischoff vs Eugene (Hair vs Hair Match)

Bischoff has never liked his nephew Eugene, Bischoff saw Eugene as an utter annoyance and could not wait to rid himself of his easily excited nephew. Trouble for Bischoff was that Eugene continued to gain popularity week after week and scored a few big wins, Eugene is injured due to assault at the hands of Snitsky on Raw. Bischoff attacks Eugene from behind, kicks by Eugene. Tonnes of kicks by Bischoff as Eugene tries to cover up, Eugene is rammed into the turnbuckle and begins hulking up. Bischoff claims his knee is injured, Eugene takes the bait. However, the kick has no effect. Right hands by Eugene, airplane spin by Eugene. Sidekick by Eugene, leg drop by Eugene for the win.

Coach announces that Bischoff must have his head shaved bald, Coach makes his way down to the ring. Coach asks the audience what they think, Coach says Bischoff should have to wear a dress for a month before changing it to be a servant. Coach claims that Coach has the final say, Bischoff has to be Eugene’s servant for five minutes. However, here comes the boss. Bischoff tries to do a runner but Vince is having none of it, Bischoff has to be shaved bald. Vince also makes Coach wear the dress for justice.

That was a fun angle, the match lasted barely three minutes but the aftermath was hilarious. Bischoff was funny, Coach was funny and Vince as a fair babyface is always awesome, I enjoyed this so much.

Winner: Eugene over Bischoff via Leg Drop!

Shawn Michaels/Edge Confrontation

Edge is pissed that he is not number one contender, Edge is extremely upset with Michaels who won the vote despite his injury. Edge calls Michaels a sin of a bitch and that’s all folks.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) La Resistance © vs Chris Benoit & Edge

Not the first time that Benoit and Edge have teamed together or faced this team, they were on better terms that time around though. Edge is a reluctant partner to Benoit. There are USA chants for a match featuring French and Canadian superstars, great stuff.

Edge beats the piss out of Conway, Conway chops back. Edge fires back, hard Irish whip and a corner clothesline by Edge, tag to Benoit. Benoit chops Conway, clothesline by The Rabid Wolverine. Snap suplex by Benoit, two for Benoit. Edge tags back in, eye rake by Conway. Right hands by Conway and a tag to Grenier, clubbing blows by Grenier. Suplex by Grenier, Edge dodges an elbow drop. Clothesline by Edge, snap suplex by Edge. Edge climbs to the top turnbuckle, Edge steps down and jaw-jacks with a fan. Benoit says concentrate, Edge sends Grenier into the barricade. Tag to Benoit, back suplex by Benoit for two.

Backbreaker for two, flapjack by Benoit. Chops by Benoit, tag to Edge. Edge is lured in by Grenier, Conway tags into the match. Edge nails a flying forearm, Conway is out on the apron. Edge Spears Conway into the barricade, Grenier batters Edge on the floor before Benoit saves Edge. Conway brings Edge to his corner, tag to Grenier. Knee drop for two, reverse chinlock by Grenier. Edge breaks free before a flapjack from Grenier for two, tag to Conway. Double suplex, two for Conway. Grenier waves the flag as Conway chokes Edge using the middle rope. Edge fires back with right hands, eye rake by Conway.

Tag to Grenier, Edge clotheslines Grenier out of the corner. Tag to Benoit, chops by Benoit before Grenier reverses an Irish whip and scores with a huge lariat to the back of the head. Tag to Conway who chokes Benoit, Grenier batters Benoit behind the referee’s back. Benoit German suplexes Conway and Benoit tags Edge but the referee misses the tag. Edge is so upset that he walks to the back, Benoit is all alone against La Resistance. Benoit looks on as he watches Edge leave Benoit behind. Edge leaves the arena, reverse chinlock by Grenier.

Benoit superplexes Grenier, Grenier tags Conway. Conway stomps on Benoit, Grenier comes in but Benoit sends Conway into Grenier. German suplex on Grenier, German suplexes on Conway. Grenier is knocked to the floor and Benoit has The Crippler Crossface on Conway. Conway taps and Benoit wins the championships.

Benoit defeats La Resistance, the team portrayed as the top team on Raw for God knows how many months by himself… Seems like a fitting end for La Resistance’s reign, they were treated as a top team when nobody gave a damn about tag team wrestling in the WWE. It was a good match, story was told well with Edge being irate and leaving, Benoit showing he is a gutsy underdog that never gives up.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Edge over La Resistance via Crippler Crossface!

Triple H interview

Triple H is asked about Shawn Michaels’ injury, Triple H does not buy the injury and Triple H is looking to kick the crap out of HBK. I would be pumped for this match if I had not seen it and variations of it for months over the past year.

Christy Hemme vs Carmella (Lingerie Fight)

So, Christy Hemme won The Raw Diva Search with Carmella being the other finalist, they decided to do a feud between the two and we will have a match. While the contest was a joke, it yielded the likes of Christy, Michelle McCool, Maria etc. The fans choose a lingerie pillow fight, this is more family fun right? We have cubicles which show us the women stripping, this feels so awkward. I cannot imagine bringing my children to this show, it is hilarious.

Well, they batter each other with pillows, Carmella looks tall and awkward. They roll around with Christy choking Carmella, Christy covers Carmella in seconds. Shite and garbage but if I was being paid that much by the company, I would embarrass myself and roll around half-naked.

Winner: Christy Hemme over Carmella via Pillow Shot to The Head!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Triple H © vs Shawn Michaels

Michaels comes to the ring limping, Michaels is playing up the angle well before the match even begins, Triple H corners Michaels. Lock-up, Michaels hammer away at Triple H, Michaels stays in the corner despite taking down Triple H. Triple H goes for the leg, Michaels tees off on The Game. Side headlock by Michaels, huge chop and Michaels is in the corner. Michaels tries a kick which leads to Triple H slamming the leg into the mat, Triple H stomps all over the leg of HBK. Right hands by Michaels, Triple H goes to the leg. Knees by Triple H, figure four by The Game. Michaels is begging for the referee to not ring the bell, Michaels edges towards the ropes.

Michaels pulls Triple H into the ringpost using his legs, chops by Michaels. Michaels catapults Triple H into the top turnbuckle, inverted atomic drops on the bad leg. Michaels sacrifices his knee to take down Triple H, chops by Michaels. Cover for two, Michaels avoids a Pedigree with a DDT after a low blow. Elbow Drop by Michaels, Batista distracts Michaels. Sweet Chin Music by Michaels, Batista is with the referee. Edge Spears the crap out of Michaels, Triple H covers and retains the championship.

That was a fine wrestling match, went at great speed but I preferred that to another thirty minute affair between these two, I have seen it so much so this was a breath of fresh air. Michaels sells the hell out of his leg, Triple H works it over like the sick son of a bitch that he is meant to be and you have a feud for months with Michaels battling the man who cost him the championship Edge. All around good stuff coming out of this match.

Winner: Triple H over Shawn Michaels via Spear!

Randy Orton vs Ric Flair (Steel Cage Match)

A lot of build for this match, Orton did not want to take down Ric Flair. Ric Flair had been called out by Randy Orton, Orton got under Flair’s skin calling Flair an ass-kisser and Triple H’s bitch. Flair wants to show he still has it, Flair cost Orton a championship opportunity, Flair is looking to take everything away from Orton. The stipulation is a steel cage match, shoulder block from Orton to begin the match.

Chops from Flair, Orton turns the tide with rights and lefts. Flair chops back before Orton punches back, Irish whip and back drop by Orton. Flair tries running away, Orton corners Flair but Flair eye pokes Orton. Huge chop from Flair, low blow by The Nature Boy. Flair sends Orton into the steel cage, Orton is bleeding. Right hands by Flair, boot to the face. Flair rakes Orton’s face off the steel cage, knee drop by Flair. Chops by Flair, Flair tastes Orton’s blood as The Nature Boy struts around the cage like he owns the damn thing. Flair chops but they have no effect on Orton, Flair is sent into the cage. Elbows to the face by Orton, Flair is now bleeding.

Flair tries running away, Flair’s ass is exposed. Flair falls groin first on the top rope, Flair begs for mercy. Ten punches by Orton, Flair low blows Orton down. Orton rakes Flair’s face off the cage, rights and lefts by Orton. Orton dropkicks Flair into the steel cage, Orton yanks Flair off the top rope. Orton climbs for a top rope crossbody, two for Orton. Backbreaker by Orton, two for Orton. Flair chops down Orton, Flair crawls towards the door. Orton holds onto Flair’s foot, elbow to the back of the head by Orton. Flair pulls brass knuckles out of his trunks, Flair waffles Orton but Orton kicks out at two. Flair tries escaping again, Flair is stuck at the door but Flair drags in a chair. Orton ducks the chair shot for an RKO, Orton wins the match with the two embracing at the end of the night.

That was a lot of fun, Flair turned back the clock with this match. They got colour pretty earlier and went into classic Flair stuff, Flair was on fire for this match, Flair did all he could to solidify Orton as the man in the WWE. Orton did great toom it was fantastic stuff. I loved the drama and the spots, everything was perfect from the two of them. What a great end to the pay per view, that might be the last time that Flair main evented a pay per view and what a way to go out if it was, fun stuff from the past and the present of wrestling.

Winner: Randy Orton over Ric Flair via RKO!

That was WWE’s Taboo Tuesday of 2004, a great little show I tell you! You could probably take out the Divas stuff but the show came together very nicely. You had the feel of fans being in control, you had a lot of gimmick matches which rarely disappoint fans, you had good stuff like Benjamin and Snitsky being made out to be stars, you had great performances from the likes of Flair, Michaels and Benoit. It was a breeze to go through, Raw and Smackdown have been delivering as we near 2005, I am hoping for much action like this. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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