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TNA Genesis 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only internet wrestling review series that always loses in its hometown! TNA Genesis 2005, TNA and I have a love/hate relationship. TNA can be good to me, give me good matches and interesting angles, other times it can be mismanaged, annoying and overbooked with so much nonsense that it defies logic. At Bound For Glory, TNA put the world championship on Rhino, no idea why, it does not look like they have plans for Rhino long term but it happened. Also, we have Team 3D and their pay per view debut match as they will team with Rhino to face AMW and Jeff Jarrett. We also have Jeff Hardy vs Monty Brown, Raven vs an old ECW rival and Sabu vs Abyss in your token hardcore match. Will this be a show to remember? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

A new age, clips of presidents and nature spliced with footage of TNA. The torch has been passed to a new generation of stars, TNA is the revolution. It is far from the end, it is the beginning. Some good stuff from TNA, I am impressed. However, TNA loses a lot of points because Jarrett is champion again already, like god forbid somebody else is the focus of the company.

Raven vs PJ Polaco

The most interesting thing going on in TNA, Raven was screwed out of the championship by Larry Zbyszko, Raven does not respect Zbyszko’s authority so Zbyszko puts the screws to Raven constantly. Raven tells Zbyszko to go fuck himself, Zbyszko promises that Raven’s life will be hell. Out comes Justin Credible AKA PJ Polaco. Polaco charges the ring, Raven and Polaco lock-up in the corner, forearm shots by Polaco. Knees by Polaco, Raven mounts Polaco with a lot of right hands.

Knees by Raven, guillotine choke by Raven but Polaco blocks with a knee to the dangly parts of Raven. Stomps by Polaco, foot choke by Polaco. Basement dropkick by Polaco for two, back elbow by Polaco for two. Axe handle by Polaco, Raven tastes the guard rail. Reverse chinlock by Polaco, Raven escapes with a series of knees. Polaco knees Raven to the floor, Polaco has a kendo stick. Casside Riley, the Raven fanatic takes a kendo stick to the head, Raven dodges the stick and clotheslines Polaco. High knee, clothesline and bulldog combination, Polaco dodges The Even Flow DDT, Polaco’s Superkick is turned into an ankle lock, Polaco flicks off Raven and drills Raven with a spinning DDT. Even Flow DDT out of nowhere, Raven wins the match.

You think if they were bringing in ECW Alumni, they would play to their strengths and allow weapon shots and hardcore matches. This was a normal wrestling match that is neither men’s strengths while Polaco looks awful in his gear. Anyways, Raven achieved his goal, winning the match and I look forward to Zbyszko bringing in ghosts from Raven’s past.

Winner: Raven over PJ Polaco via Even Flow DDT!

3-Live Kru vs Team Canada (Kip James as Special Guest Referee)

Despite Kip James turning a leaf, Konnan does not trust Kip James. We also have these two teams fighting for what seems like eternity (Thank God for fresh blood in the form of Team 3D). Not only is Kip James special referee but we have hockey sticks hanging from poles. There is also a major acquisition over the week, there is speculation as to who has joined TNA, the person shall be revealed in a little while. Also, this was just after Eddie Guerrero’s death so we have a tribute to Eddie Guerrero at the beginning of the show and Konnan gives a shout out to Latino Heat.

Match begins with The Kru taking the fight to Team Canada, BG and Roode kick us off. Eric Young brings down a stick immediately, breaking the rules as only the legal man can handle the stick. Roode ramps BG into the turnbuckle, BG nails his two spots, the punches and the knee drop for two. BG cannot climb to the top to get the stick, tag to Killings. Killings brings down the stick, Roode trips up Killings. Theatrics and a leaping calf kick by Killings for two, Roode rakes the eyes of Killings and tags Young. Killings drop toeholds Young, Killings tags Konnan. Konnan beats the piss out of Team Canada with his shoe, tag to BG. Right hand by BG, BG climbs for the hockey stick. Roode electric chair drops BG, multiple elbows by Roode. Middle rope knee drop for two, A-1 chokes BG from the ropes.

A-1 clubs BG, neckbreaker by A-1 for two. Tag to Young, knee drop for two. Backbreaker for two, Young pulls down a hockey stick but BG clobbers Young and another stick falls to the floor. Clothesline by Young for two, tag to Roode who loses a slugfest to BG but recovers for a full-nelson slam. Roode tries using the stick, Killings yanks it out of Roode’s hand. Big boot by BG, Killings receives the hot-tag, punches to everyone. Twisting forearm by Killings, it breaks down into a brawl. Roode blocks the pumphandle, A-1 clotheslines BG. Killings Scissors Kicks A-1, Young and Roode combine for a Death Valley Driver and Elbow Drop on Killings. Konnan nails Young with a rolling clothesline.

Roode saves Young from a Tequila Sunrise, Roode has the hockey stick. A-1 and Young are cracked with the hockey sticks, Killings lands a leg drop on the balls of Eric Young and The 3-Live Kru walk away with the win in this bizarre match. Konnan and Kip James are finally friends, they celebrate together.

It was fine, I have seen it so many times on pay per view. Separate them for a while, have some other matches. Eric Young’s comedy side comes through in this match, a sign of things to come. A weird part for me was there was no Scott D’Amore, Kip James was referee so that he could watch D’Amore and Team Canada could not cheat but D’Amore was not there, Team Canada never tried to cheat, there was no need for Kip James as referee. They did not tease dissension or anything of that kind, I don’t understand but maybe I am missing the point.

Winners: 3-Live Kru over Team Canada via Leg Drop!

Abyss/James Mitchell Promo

TNA continue to build up the mystery signing, everyone is talking about the signing which is a good way to build it up, cannot believe I am saying TNA is doing something right. Anyways, Mitchell says that Sabu is a dead man, simple and to the point.

Christian Cage is here bitches!

What happens when WWE does not see a money feud in John Cena vs you? Easy, you prove them wrong by jumping to TNA and becoming a big deal, that’s exactly what Christian did in 2005. The creative team in WWE had no interest in Captain Charisma vs The Leader of The Chain Gang, Christian said ok, screw you guys, I will be a big star somewhere else. Christian cuts a very passionate promo about why he is in TNA and why he is no longer in WWE. Scott D’Amore is here with Bobby Roode, Christian is Canadian. Thus, D’Amore wants Christian as the centrepiece of Team Canada, Roode gets in Christian’s face for absolutely no reason.

D’Amore panics as Roode explains that Christian should join or get his ass kicked, Christian and Roode are ready to battle it out. D’Amore defuses the tension, handing Christian a Team Canada shirt. Christian does not answer right away, we will find out at the end of the night.

Monty Brown vs Jeff Hardy (Number One Contender’s Match)

Jeff Hardy eliminated Brown in the ten-man battle royal at Bound For Glory, Brown was not happy at all with these turn of events so the two are going to battle it out in the ring. The Franchise Shane Douglas asks Monty Brown about Christian, Brown tells Douglas to shut up and tells Christian that he will lose his head in The Serengeti.

Lock-up, Hardy pummels Brown. Jawbreaker by Hardy, flying forearm by Hardy. Hardy continues kicking Brown, knee by Brown. Fallaway slam, Hardy avoids The Pounce and sidesteps Brown. Brown avoids the baseball slide, Brown pushes Hardy into the guard rail. Hardy is thrown into the crowd, Hardy climbs to the higher ground and jumps onto Brown. Hardy pins Brown in the ring for two, Brown elevates Hardy over the top rope and to the floor belly to belly suplex style. Forearm shots to the face by Brown, Brown throws Hardy in the ring after punking out the announcers. Hardy meets the turnbuckle, Brown chops and smashes Hardy.

Brown dodges The Whisper in The Wind, both men down after a clothesline. Hardy nails two clotheslines and The Whisper in The Wind. Calf kick by Hardy and a nice leg drop. Twist of Fate is blocked, Brown tries for a fallaway slam but Hardy counters for the reverse Twist of Fate, two for Hardy. Low dropkick by Hardy, Brown dodges The Swanton Bomb. Pounce by Brown and Monty Brown is your new number one contender.

That was a weak performance from Jeff Hardy, the match seemed like an extended squash which is weird as Hardy is so popular with the fans. Perhaps it was to do with Hardy missing a pay per view a few months back, Hardy had blown what good-will he had built up in the company. Anyways, this match was boring, Brown is entertaining but not as leading the match, Brown is good in short bursts and a heel Brown has to control for large periods of time and it is not a good time.

Winner: Monty Brown over Jeff Hardy via Pounce!

Ministry Promo

No Samoa Joe in this interview, Daniels proclaims victory for his team.

(Elimination X Match) Samoa Joe/Alex Shelley/Roderick Strong/Christoper Daniels vs Chris Sabin/Sonjay Dutt/ Matt Bentley/Austin Aries

A big ROH feel to this match with the likes of Aries, Strong, Daniels and Joe. Strong and Bentley begin, lock-up and side headlock by Strong. Shoulder block by Strong, side headlock using the hair by Strong. Side headlock takedowns by Bentley, chops and right hands by Bentley. Hiptoss and armdrags by Bentley, armbar and tag to Dutt. Beautiful theatrics by Dutt, Strong cuts off Dutt and tags Shelley. Kick by Shelley, STF by Shelley, Dutt makes it to the ropes. Hurricanrana by Dutt, Dutt misses a corner splash. Double knees and low dropkick by Shelley. Tag to Joe, facewash but Dutt grabs the boot of Joe. Joe teaches Dutt that you should not block Joe, huge kicks and chops by Joe.

Moonsault by Dutt for two, tag to Aries. Forearms by Aries, inverted atomic drop, huge kick and senton by Joe. Tag to Daniels, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Daniels. Beautiful back elbow off an Irish whip by Aries, Japanese armdrags into an armbar. Tag to Sabin, Daniels works the arm before a test of strength. Headscissors by Sabin for two, hurricanrana which leaves Daniels begging for mercy. Joe cheap shots Sabin from the apron, STO by Sabin. Tag to Strong, double underhook suplex for two, tag to Daniels. Back suplex by Daniels for two, neck crank by Daniels. Sabin escapes Daniels’ clutches and drills The Fallen Angel with an enzuigiri.

Tag to Aries, forearms everywhere. Corner dropkick to Daniels, clothesline to Strong for two. Strong blocks the brainbuster, final cut by Shelley who has interfered, Asai DDT by Dutt by Shelley. Joe kicks Dutt down, Sabin hurricanranas Joe. Strong backbreakers Sabin, Bentley DDTs Strong. Bentley clotheslines himself and Daniels to the floor. Joe is alone, Sabin, Aries and Dutt throw the heels to the floor. Triple babyface suicide dive to the floor, Aries nails Strong with a twisting splash for two. Chops by Strong in the corner, dropkick by Aries. Brainbuster by Aries, 450 Splash by Aries and Strong is eliminated. Aries is distracted by Joe on the apron, Daniels rolls-up Aries using the tights.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong have been eliminated!

Dutt attacks Daniels, low dropkick and leg drop by Dutt for two. Tag to Bentley, scoop slam and a knee drop for two. Knee by Daniels, tag to Shelley. Bentley knees Shelley, tag to Sabin. Double chop, dropkick to the back of the head and Joe saves Shelley. Shelley avoids the Asai DDT from Dutt, Dutt takes down Joe and Daniels, sunset flip roll through by Dutt. Standing shooting star press by Dutt for two, Dutt is on the apron. Slingshot hurricanrana by Dutt, Shelley catches with a huge white cross for two. Crossface by Shelley, Joe and Daniels take out Sabin and Bentley, Dutt has to tap. Shelley gets over confident and jumps over Bentley on the apron, big mistake and Bentley nails a Superkick.

Sonjay Dutt/Alex Shelley have been eliminated!

Bentley powerslams Daniels and tags Sabin, Sabin puts Daniels in the tree of woe, dropkicks to the face and a fisherman buster for two. Jawbreaker by Daniels, tag to Joe. Joes eats a dropkick, powerslam by Joe and Bentley makes the save. Joe misses a corner knee, tag to Bentley. Bentley gets crotched on the top rope, Joe is knocked off the top rope. Elbow by Bentley, Daniels makes the save, Daniels gets the tag. Uranage slam by Daniels, BME for two. Sabin has Daniels on the top rope, Bentley joins in and we have an obligatory tower of doom spot as Joe powerbombs everyone down.

Sabin is tossed to the floor, high knee for Bentley. Facewash but Bentley mauls Joe with a Superkick, Daniels saves Joe. Backslide by Bentley for two, Bentley tries a victory roll on Daniels, Joe interrupts for a Muscle Buster and a Coquina Clutch, Chris Sabin is against Daniels and Joe.

Matt Bentley has been eliminated!

Sabin is clobbered by the heels, tornado DDT and enzuigiri combination by Sabin on Daniels & Joe. Joe slaps back at Sabin, Muscle Buster set up by Joe but Sabin counters Joe with a kick to the sternum, springboard dropkick to the back of the head. Sabin tries a Cradle Shock on Joe, Daniels saves Joe. Sabin tries a Cradle Shock on Daniels, Joe interrupts and tries for a Muscle Buster, Bentley pulls out Joe despite Bentley’s elimination. Daniels takes out Sabin with an Angel’s Wings for the win. Joe and Daniels argue, Daniels is happy that they won but Joe wanted the glory. Joe turns on Daniels, beating the piss out of The Fallen Angel, leaving Daniels a bloody mess.

A very entertaining match, the X-Division put TNA on the map and it was fast-paced, entertaining matches that made everyone fans of TNA. I liked there was time between each of the eliminations despite the back to back eliminations. You had everyone with their moment to shine, some beautiful wrestling and transitions, counters and spots. Joe turning on Daniels failed miserably, the idea was to put heat on Joe and get sympathy for Daniels, it did not work at all. Daniels was such a prick that everyone cheered Joe tearing The Fallen Angel apart. No matter the amount of trainers or security or blood or the chair shots, people wanted to see Joe kill Daniels.

Winners: Team Daniels over Team Sabin via Angel’s Wings!

Jeff Jarrett Promo

Jeff Jarrett is here with AMW, Jarrett is not afraid of the likes of Christian, Rhino and Team 3D, Jarrett has no plans of losing his spot to the new crop of stars that are coming to TNA. Daniels is loaded into an ambulance with Don West checking on Daniels’ condition.

Sabu vs Abyss W/ James Mitchell (No Disqualification Match)

Despite going through fire, thumbtacks and more than likely barbed wire at some point in his TNA run, Abyss is now afraid of barbed wire like terrified and petrified of barbed wire. Match starts with Sabu hurling a chair at Abyss’ head, baseball slide by Sabu. Triple Jump crossbody by Sabu to the floor, right hands by Sabu. Sabu tries an Irish whip, Abyss is too strong and Irish whips Sabu into the guard rail. Sabu pulls out tables, Abyss clubs Sabu in the back. Sabu punches Abyss in the ring until Abyss clobbers Sabu with a huge right hand. Foot choke by Abyss, corner splash by Abyss. Sabu fires up on Abyss but Abyss is too strong with forearms to the nose. Scoop slam by Abyss, Abyss climbs up to the top rope, Sabu hurricanranas Abyss off the top rope.

Abyss stops an incoming Sabu with a chair to the head, Sabu dodges hitting a wedged chair with his head. Sabu dodges as Abyss smashes his head off the chair, triple jump moonsault for two. Sabu rolls towards the table, Abyss clubs Sabu but Sabu grabs a chair in the ring and smacks Abyss. Abyss lays with his face across the table, Sabu with the slingshot Arabian Facebuster through the table. Abyss is up first, thumbtacks are here because it’s Abyss on pay per view. Sabu has a chair wrapped in barbed wire, Abyss does not see the chair. Mitchell stops Sabu using his cane, Abyss motions for The Chokeslam. Sabu fights out of the hold, Sabu clotheslines Abyss but Abyss does not fall. Another Chokeslam attempt, Sabu tastes the thumbtacks.

Two count for Abyss, Abyss is on the middle rope. Sabu avoids the splash and Abyss tastes the tacks. Springboard shoulder block by Sabu, Abyss falls onto the tacks. Camel clutch by Sabu, Abyss reaches the ropes (In a NO DQ Match? Silly TNA, you are forgetting your own rules). Abyss tries powerbombing Sabu on the chair, Sabu fights out but runs into a Black Hole Slam.

Some fun violence but it is like every Abyss match you have ever seen and every Sabu match you have ever seen. The Monster’s Ball of the previous month was better than this match, if you like hardcore stuff, you will enjoy this match.

Winner: Abyss over Sabu via Black Hole Slam!

(TNA X Division Championship Match) AJ Styles © vs Petey Williams W/ A-1

AJ Styles was able to walk away with his championship after a battle with Christopher Daniels while Petey Williams won an Ultimate X Match to earn the right to face Styles at this pay per view. Lock-up, clean break. Second lock-up and another clean break, armdrags by Styles. Williams calls for a time-out, pin attempts by both men and a stand-off. More pins and another stand-off, Willians is frustrated by Styles. Huge right hands by Williams, clubbing blows by Styles. Dropkick by Styles, Williams meets the turnbuckle. Elbow by Styles, shots to the ribs by Williams, scoop slam and knee drop by Styles.

Suplex by Styles for two, Styles looks for a tigerbomb into The Styles Clash but Williams escapes to the apron. Styles kicks Williams to the floor, tope con hilo by Styles. A-1 distracts Styles, Williams slides over Styles and German suplexes Styles into the guard rail (That looked like it sucked a lot). A-1 is sent to the back despite not doing anything really, that’s a shame. German suplex for two, bodyscissors by Williams, Williams tries for another German and Styles counters for a victory-roll. Two for Styles, Williams kicks the ribs and back of Styles. Shoulder thrusts by Williams, Styles counters out of the corner for a sunset flip, two for Styles. Styles is elevated to the apron, Williams crotches Styles and delivers a slingshot hurricanrana.

Styles is rolled into the ring and placed in the tree of woe, Oh Canada while stepping on Styles’ balls. Williams kicks at Styles’ head, no respect from Williams. Clotheslines by Styles and a spinning heel kick, gutbuster by Styles who was fired up from Williams’ kicks to the head. German suplex and sit-out facebuster for two, Styles is now in control. Forearms in the corner, Styles has Williams on the top rope. Williams pushes off Styles, Williams attempts a diving hurricanrana but Styles counters for a roll-up, two for Styles. Counters galore as The Styles Clash is reversed into a tornado DDT, close two for Williams. Canadian Destroyer is blocked but Styles eats a tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep, sharpshooter by Williams but Styles reaches the rope.

Styles is on the apron, Phenomenal Forearm by Styles. Williams drop toeholds Styles into the corner, Williams is on the top rope. Styles plays possum and kicks Williams’ head off. They are on the top rope, Styles back drops Williams from the top rope. Samoa Joe appears on the ramp, Williams has Styles for a superplex. Styles counters the suplex for a middle rope Styles Clash while staring down Samoa Joe, AJ Styles retains his championship.

Solid match, that suplex onto the guard rail was a crazy spot and I was a little let down by Williams’ heat segment, I thought they could have played up the injured back for Styles. Styles and Williams have touched a thousand times by this point so everything is smooth, crisp and looks hard-hitting. They play up Joe vs Styles again, I look forward to that but they cut away immediately before we get to see what will happen, that is quite annoying. TNA has a habit of doing that.

Winner: AJ Styles over Petey Williams via Styles Clash!

Rhino & TEAM 3D vs Jeff Jarrett & AMW W/ Gail Kim

Rhino won the championship at Bound For Glory, AMW joined forces with Jarrett and took out 3D when they came to TNA, laying them out in a pool of their own blood and held a mock funeral for the fallen team. Really good stuff right there, I am dying for matches between AMW and Team 3D, somebody new to work with and AMW seem to be flourishing in their role as heels. Now, putting the championship on Rhino was dumb and it’s back on Jarrett already, Jarrett in the main event…. This could be a long, long couple of months until Kurt Angle comes along.

Jarrett and AMW are in the crowd, begging Team 3D and Rhino to come after them. They oblige, crowd brawling that I can barely see but the fans eat up the brawling. Five minutes later and everyone is still brawling around the ring, nothing of significance going down, both teams trading control. Brother Ray has Storm in the ring and a cheesegrater, Storm is bleeding. Brother Devon has Harris bleeding after a ringbell to the face. Rhino and Jarrett are fighting up the ramp, Brother Devon pulls out a table. Storm avoids going through the table as Harris moves the table. Double clothesline by Harris, cheesegrater to the nuts of Brother Ray.

Rhino looks for a piledriver off the stage, Harris is powerbombed on the floor by Brother Ray. Storm wipes out Team 3D with chairs, camera crew misses this moment. Rhino brings a table to the top of the ramp, Rhino piledrivers Jarrett on the ramp. Rhino props the table against the entrance way, Rhino measures for The Gore. Storm saves Jarrett with a Superkick on Rhino, Harris nails Brother Devon with a double axe handle. Catatonic is blocked by Brother Devon, Saving Grace by Brother Devon for two.

Storm boots Brother Devon and nails a middle rope diamond dust for two. Bubba Bomb by Brother Ray for two, Jarrett low blows Brother Ray. Stroke by Jarrett, Brother Ray kicks out of The Stroke. Jarrett argues with the referee, Gore by Rhino, Harris pulls out the referee. Storm clotheslines Rhino, Rhino is sent balls first into the ringpost. AMW double spinebuster Brother Ray in the ring, Brother Devon pummels AMW until he walks into a Hart Attack for two. Storm plans a Death Sentence through the table, Brother Ray shoves Harris off the top rope into the guard rail. 3D by Team 3D, this match is over.

After the match, Team 3D and Rhino are attacked by Team Canada. Jarrett waffles Rhino with a guitar first though, Jarrett must always have his heat back you see. Gail Kim is caught by Brother Ray and in comes Team Canada. Christian’s music hits, Christian hits the ring with a chiar. AMW and Team Canada powder, Christian produces a Team Canada shirt before laying out Coach D’Amore with an Unprettier. Team 3D and Christian put Jarrett through the table with the show going off the air.

Well, that was entertaining. I thought the crowd brawling was excessive and lazy, the match never materialized past Team 3D & Rhino punching Jarrett and AMW, it was one-sided which sometimes is not a bad thing. Crowd was hot for the finish and when Christian hit the ring and destroyed Jarrett, the fans were wetting their pants. Hard to knock something that proved such a hit with the fans, I will say poor Rhino, Rhino got hit with a guitar for god knows what reason and did not get to celebrate with the other babyfaces, sucks to be him.

Winners: Team 3D & Rhino over Planet Jarrett via 3D!

That was TNA’s Genesis 2005, a show that flew by. One of the easiest shows to watch I have ever done for these reviews. Even the bad stuff was tolerable and there was not a lot bad, it was more repetitive. TNA needed Team 3D and Christian not just for their starpower but rather fresh match types and fresh matches. Like I said, a quick show to go through, after Monty Brown vs Jeff Hardy, it became so much faster. Everything was mindless fun and good wrestling, one of the better shows I have reviewed by TNA and look, Jarrett managed not to piss me off on this review, I think that could be a first. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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