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WWE Bad Blood 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only internet wrestling review series that is buried more than Bayley (That makes me sad ). It is time for WWE’s Bad Blood, Benoit faces a new test in the form of the Demon Kane while Shawn Michaels will settle their feud once and for all in a Hell in a Cell Match. Raw has a lot of star-power on its side, Backlash was a great show for many reasons but the question tonight is: Can Bad Blood continue Raw’s momentum? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

A focus on death, revenge, sin and blood. Simple stuff but it gets across the difficulty that Benoit will face when facing Kane, the high stakes battle between Michaels and Triple H, good stuff but that is nothing new.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Chris Benoit vs La Resistance ©

What is this fuckery? Benoit in two matches on the pay per view? An interesting turn of events, Benoit looks very proud with his championship. Crowd begins chanting USA despite the faces being Canadian. Side headlock by Edge, Grenier reverses for a hammerlock. Side headlock by Grenier, top wristlock by Edge and a tag to Benoit, side headlock by Benoit. Shoulder block and clothesline by Benoit, tag to Edge. Edge clubs Grenier, chops and right hands by Edge. Grenier knees Edge and tags Conway. Edge reverses Conway in the corner, chop and tag to Benoit. Benoit chops Conway, back suplex by Benoit for two. Tag to Edge, Conway grabs a side headlock and tags in Grenier.

Flapjack by Edge, Conway saves his partner. Edge knocks down Conway but Grenier attacks Edge from behind. Conway rams Edge into the barricade, Conway is the legal man now. Conway elbows and stomps Edge, hard Irish whip and elbow by Conway. Tag to Grenier, leg drop by Grenier for two. Reverse chinlock by Grenier, Edge fires back to crossbody Grenier for two. Tag to Conway, suplex for two. Right hands by Conway, tag to Grenier. Hard Irish whip and back suplex by Grenier, reverse chinlock by Grenier. Edge escapes but Benoit is knocked off the apron by Conway. Edge counters a double suplex for a double neckbreaker. Edge tags Benoit, Benoit cleans house.

Sharpshooter by Benoit, Grenier saves Conway. Grenier gets caught in The Crippler Crossface, Edge Spears Conway but out of nowhere comes Kane. Kane attacks Benoit and Edge, Chokeslam for Benoit and a Chokeslam for Edge. Benoit continues to be assaulted by Kane, Benoit is sent hard into the steel steps. Kane walks away smiling from his handy work while La Resistance are happy to retain their titles despite the loss.

It was a fine match, seemed very like a Raw match. The angle they are trying to sell is Kane injuring Benoit but all he did was Chokeslam Benoit and send him into the steel steps, not exactly a severe beating or anything out of the ordinary. They should have tried a little harder there, match was ok.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Edge over La Resistance via DQ!

Eric Bischoff/Coach/Eugene Segment

Eric Bischoff was not a fan of his nephew Eugene who was a little special. Eugene faces Coach tonight, Bischoff pumps up Coach while trash-talking Eugene who is right behind the evil duo. Bischoff asks whether Eugene would like to cancel the match, Eugene wants to wrestle.

Chris Jericho vs Tyson Tomko W/ Trish Stratus

Tomko is the problem solver, Christian brought in Tomko to take out Jericho. Jericho is continuing his feud with Christian and Trish by battling the man who powerbombed him through the announce table. The match starts with Tomko ragdolling Jericho, huge chops and right hands before Jericho uses his speed to frustrate Tomko. Tomko gains control with a clothesline, stomps in the corner by Tomko. Jericho knees Tomko and nails a dropkick, Tomko rolls to the apron. Springboard dropkick by Jericho, Jericho tries a double axe handle off the apron. Tomko catches Jericho but Jericho shoves Tomko into the ring apron.

Jericho is on the top rope, Trish distracts Jericho on the apron. Tomko military press slams Jericho, shoulder thrusts in the corner by Tomko. Jericho battles back but walks into a sidewalk slam. Bearhug by Tomko, Tomko throat tosses Jericho but Jericho avoids an elbow and a corner splash. Chops by Jericho, flying forearm. Modified bulldog, Lionsault does not connect. Tomko has Jericho for an over-the-shoulder backbreaker for two. Military press slam is reversed by Jericho, chop block. Tomko avoids The Walls of Jericho, Tomko shoves off Jericho but misses a knee in the corner. Trish is on the apron, Tomko runs into Trish. Running Enzuigiri by Jericho and this match is over.

Kept short for the best, I do not know how long Tomko was on the main roster by this point. It could not be any long period of time, Jericho does his best to keep his entertaining, I think Jericho succeeded on this night. Must be time for both men to move onto new feuds though, the feud was centred on Christian vs Jericho, no need for more side players other than Trish.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Tyson Tomko via Enzuigiri!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Randy Orton © vs Shelton Benjamin

Orton cuts a promo before the match, calling himself the greatest and such. Orton seemed to be hitting his stride as a cocky heel, Benjamin had been traded to Raw, he also had victories over Orton, Flair and Triple H. The company was high on both men, this should be an entertaining match between two young lions. Match starts with a roll-up, two for Benjamin. Orton tries leaving, Benjamin baseball slides the champion. Orton misses a corner clothesline, armdrags by Benjamin. Boot by Orton, clothesline by Benjamin after a nice leapfrog, two for Benjamin. Orton powders to the floor, Benjamin throws haymakers at ringside before Orton sends Benjamin into the barricade.

Benjamin recovers to send Orton flying into the crowd, cover in the ring for two. La Magistral for two, small package for two. Sunset flip by Benjamin for two, clothesline to the floor by Benjamin. Suplex into the ring by Benjamin for two, Benjamin misses a corner splash, tumbling to the floor. Orton stomps Benjamin in the ring as Flair comes to ringside. Orton chokes Benjamin, reverse chinlock by the champion. Benjamin bridges out of the hold for an electric chair drop, two for Benjamin. Gutwrench into a neckbreaker by Orton for two, knees to the head and face of the challenger. Reverse chinlock by Orton, Orton climbs to the top rope but misses a crossbody. Northern lights suplex by Benjamin for two, slugfest between the two.

Benjamin eats a knee, Irish whip to the corner. Forearm by Orton, shoulder block by Benjamin. Clothesline and back body drop by Benjamin, top rope clothesline for two. Side Russian legsweep by Benjamin for two, RKO is blocked for a backslide. Orton eats a massive Dragon Whip, two for Benjamin. Corner splash, T-Bone Suplex by Benjamin. Ric Flair places Orton’s foot on the ropes, Benjamin attacks Flair who is walking up the ramp. Benjamin throws Flair in the ring, back body drop on Flair. Corner splash on Orton & Flair, figure four by Benjamin on Flair. Benjamin almost rolls-up Orton, two and a half for the challenger. Benjamin is on the top rope, crossbody but Orton rolls through and grabs the tights to secure victory.

That was a solid match that became good towards the finishing stretch. Interesting to see the crowd reaction towards Benjamin, a lot of boos for the pushed babyface but after that hardcore match with Cactus Jack, Orton had solidified himself in the fans’ eyes. Anyways, it seemed like an average Raw match until all the drama towards the end. Flair was a joy at ringside, Benjamin showed a lot of heart at the end with Orton selling well and putting over Benjamin. In the end, Orton walked away with the win but both men looked good when the match was over.

Winner: Randy Orton over Shelton Benjamin via Handful of Tights!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Lita vs Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim vs Victoria ©

Before the match, Bischoff had Matt Hardy escorted out of the building for Lita’s match as Bischoff feared Matt would have problems with The Big Red Machine Kane and try to ruin the world championship match. Everyone is in Trish’s face to begin, Trish powders to the floor. Gail and Victoria pair off, back drop by Victoria. Lita and Trish brawl, Tyson Tomko saves Trish. Victoria moonsaults Gail, Lita makes the save. Trish and Lita combine for a clothesline on Gail, Lita and Trish slug it out in the ring. Trish misses The Chick Kick, O Connor roll with a bridge for a two count. Tomko is ejected from ringside, Reverse Twist of Fate by Lita but Gail makes the save. Victoria sidewalk slams Gail but Lita makes the save. Trish rolls-up Lita for two, Lita nails Trish with right hands.

Headscissors by Lita, Gail applies a submission hold to Lita. Victoria is caught in The Black Widow by Gail, Trish saves the championship. Gail slaps Trish hard, neckbreaker into a dragon sleeper. Victoria dropkicks Gail, Victoria and Lita brawl. Lita suplexes Victoria, Lita and Victoria bang heads. Gail and Lita are in the ring, roll-up for two by Lita. Clotheslines by Lita, Gail reverses an Irish whip and hits her shoulder off the ringpost. Lita DDTs Gail but Trish rolls-up Lita from behind.

That was good for the time allowed, a lot of fast-paced action. Everyone had their moments, Trish was a slimey heel, jumping in for her opportunities, Lita hit a lot of her big moves and shined, Victoria looked good and Gail Kim was very creative with her offense and that black widow was flawless. No matter how many times The WWE will tell you about this great division they had during the mid-2000s, the great matches are few and far between but matches like this show us, the fans that the women on the roster have talent and can wrestle.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Everyone Else via Roll-Up!

Eugene vs The Coach

The Coach and Eric Bischoff did not like Eugene, Coach was embarrassed multiple times by Eugene which leads us to this match. Eugene continued to be victorious week after week with his popularity growing, Coach seeks to take down the undefeated Eugene in this match. Expect comedy and lots of it ladies and gentleman. Eugene ask for a handshake to begin, Coach tries squeezing Eugene’s hand, Eugene outpowers Coach.

Side headlock by Coach, shoulder block by Coach. Eugene rolls into a ball, Coach is perplexed by this change of events, Eugene lures in Coach for a deep armdrag. Eugene messes with Coach and rides Coach, knee by Coach. Eugene gets a teddy bear from ringside, Coach runs the ropes and looks at Eugene as if to say what are you doing, Coach attacks Eugene from behind. Headbutt by Eugene, bodyscissors and rolling cradle by Eugene. Junkyard Dog headbutts by Eugene who pretends to pee on Coach, Coach powders.

Coach calls for back-up, out comes a bikini-clad woman with a tray of cookies. Eugene takes a cookie before Coach slams Eugene into the cookie tray, Coach slams Eugene’s head off the turnbuckle but it is not working. Eugene drops Coach with rights and lefts, inverted atomic drop and atomic drop followed by a dropkick. Airplane spin, Garrison Cade is here with Eugene’s toy, Cade rips up the stuffed animal. Cade grabs Eugene, Coach hits Cade by mistake. Rock Bottom by Eugene and a People’s Elbow, Coach has been defeated.

That was fun, I did not it expect it to be that fun after watching Coach vs Tajiri. However, with Eugene out there, it seemed to work well. Coach put in the work, Coach was someone the fans wanted to see get killed. Surprised to see how crowd were into the Eugene thing, most fans are dismissive of the character and the gimmick but things did not look so bad at this point.

Winner: Eugene over Coach via People’s Elbow!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Kane vs Chris Benoit ©

After being jobbed out to Undertaker and beaten in five minutes by Edge with a cast, Kane is getting a world championship opportunity. However, Kane is still one nasty SOB as Kane is stalking Lita while also chasing after Benoit’s title. In the packages, they get over how Benoit cannot apply The Crossface to Kane, Kane is too big and strong so the question is can Benoit use The Crossface on Kane, Benoit had also competed earlier in the night so there is talk of fatigue and injuries for the champion. Benoit goes after Kane with chops, Kane overpowers Benoit but Benoit is not letting Kane rest. The hardest chops you have ever heard echo throughout the arena.

Benoit says bring it, Kane obliges with a huge powerslam. Benoit chops and kicks Kane, reversal of an Irish whip and huge shoulder block by Kane. Chops by Benoit but Kane knocks down Benoit once more, right hand by Kane. Benoit ducks a clothesline and tries for a German, Kane elbows off Benoit. Kane misses an elbow, enzuigiri by Benoit. Kane shoves off a sharpshooter attempt, Benoit attempts The Crossface but Kane shrugs off the champion, right hand by Kane. Benoit begins to work the arm of Kane after dodging a clothesline, Crossface attempt is blocked for snake eyes. Kane stunguns Benoit, foot choke by The Big Red Machine. Benoit fires up before a Kane neckbreaker shuts down Benoit.

Neck crank by Kane, hard Irish whip and sidewalk slam by Kane for two. Another neck crank by Kane, Benoit mounts a comeback. Benoit shoots for a double leg takedown but Kane clubs down Benoit, Benoit is hurled to the floor. Benoit shoves Kane into the ringpost after Kane’s lawn dart attempt backfires, clothesline by Kane. Two for Kane, Benoit is whipped off the ropes and dropkicks Kane’s leg, stomps to the leg and a nice chop block. Sharpshooter attempt but Kane boots off Benoit, another dropkick to the knee by Benoit. Kane grabs the throat of Benoit from a ground position, Benoit fights out of the hold and dodges a boot from Kane. Dropkick to the leg by Benoit, Benoit finally applies the sharpshooter.

Kane reaches the ropes, German suplexes by Benoit. Benoit was thinking Diving Headbutt but Kane sits up, Benoit drills Kane with three more German suplexes. Diving Headbutt by Benoit, Kane sits up again. Benoit tries for a Crossface, Benoit is shoved down again. Chokeslam connects, Kane covers but Benoit kicks out at two! Kane tries for a Tombstone, Benoit slides out but eats a big boot. Kane is on the top rope, Benoit counters the diving clothesline for a Crippler Crossface. Kane bridges up but Benoit catches Kane for a cradle La Magistral style and Benoit walks away with the championship.

Disappointing was what I thought of this match, it was a good match do not get me wrong but I felt it was missing something. Kane had supposedly injured Benoit’s back in his attack earlier in the night but Kane worked over the neck the entire match. Benoit worked the arm over and over, making you believe there would be a Crossface despite Kane fighting it off over and over, it was teased so much. So, when Benoit did not win with The Crossface, I was in shock, they teased it so much and built up to that, the cradle win was lame.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Kane via Cradle!

Chris Benoit Promo

Chris Benoit is interviewed by Todd Grisham after this match, probably not the best time to interview someone as Grisham asks the same question three different ways which leads to a repetitive answer from Benoit.

(Hell in a Cell Match) Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

You know the story, the two man began D-Generation X, Michaels was the big star while Triple H was the lackey, Michaels retired due to injury. Triple H picked up the ball and ran with it, Michaels returned and Triple H was in no mood to be overshadowed by his once upon a time best friend. They had been waging war since the Summer of 2002, it was the final battle. Two men enter with only one being named the victor.

Lock-up, Michaels nails Triple H with right hands. They trade blows, chops by Michaels. Back elbow by Triple H knocks down HBK, Michaels spears Triple H and mounts with right hands. Triple H throws Michaels to the floor, Michaels stands and spears Triple H. Neckbreaker by Michaels turns the tide, two for Michaels. Chop by Michaels, Michaels drives The Game into the cage. Chop by Michaels, Triple H is bleeding. Fist drops by Michaels, Triple H boots HBK. Michaels is hurled to the floor, Michaels sends Triple H into the cell wall. Triple H rolls into the ring, snapmare and a stomp to the head by Michaels. Chops in the corner by Michaels, ten punches by HBK. Michaels seemed to have hurt his back or tweaked his knee, The Game is clotheslined to the floor.

Michaels could not suplex Triple H into the ring, chops by Michaels. Triple H reverses an Irish whip and Michaels hits the corner hard. Another hard Irish whip by Triple H, elbows to the spine by The Game. Backbreaker by Triple H, suplex by The Game for two. More backbreakers for two, Triple H brings in a chair. Michaels blocks the backbreaker on the chair, right hands by HBK. Triple H knees Michaels down, Michaels manages to kick the chair out of The Game’s hands, Triple H is on the floor. Michaels misses with a double axe handle, Triple H rams Michaels into the cell wall and the ringpost, Michaels collapses in pain from his back. Michaels is whipped into the cell wall, right hand by The Game. Sidewalk slam on the chair by Triple H, two for Triple H.

Michaels fires up, backbreaker on the chair by Triple H for two. Chair shot to the back by Triple H, cover and Michaels kicks out again. Michaels blocks an abdominal stretch and hiptosses The Game to the floor, Triple H knees Michaels in the face from the apron. Michaels goes to lower his head after an Irish whip, Triple H sets up The Pedigree but Michaels counters with a low blow. Inverted atomic drop, make it two by HBK. Right hand decks The Game, corner clothesline for two. Michaels knees Triple H to the floor, Triple H tastes the cell wall. Triple H is sent into the steel steps, Michaels wants the piledriver on the steel steps, Triple H back drops Michaels to the floor, Triple H grabs a steel chair for more punishment to Michaels’ back. Triple H grabs steel steps, Michaels blocks the steel steps and chops The Cerebral Assassin.

Flying forearm by Michaels, kip-up and Michaels motions for Sweet Chin Music. Triple H ducks and decks Michaels with the steel steps, Michaels is bleeding like only he can, everywhere in tonnes of volume. Steel steps to the face, Michaels kicks out at two. Right hands by Triple H, Michaels is on the floor and thrown into the cell wall. Triple H lawn darts Michaels into the cell wall, Triple H rakes Michaels’ face off the cage in a sickening manner. Spinebuster by Triple H for two, Michaels stands and goes toe-to-toe with Triple H. Sleeper from The Game, Michaels shakes off Triple H who bangs his head off the turnbuckle. Pedigree is countered for a DDT, Michaels waffles Triple H with a chair shot to the face.

Another shot by HBK, cover for two. Facebuster off an Irish whip by Triple H, Michaels pulls out a ladder. Ladder to the face and to the black heart of The Game, Michaels pummels Triple H. Triple H is sent crashing into the ladder, Michaels begins to rake Triple H’s face off the cell wall. In the ring, Triple H tries for a Pedigree, Michaels drops The Game and catapults Triple H into the ladder, cover and two for Michaels. Scoop slam, Triple H dodges Michaels’ Elbow Drop. Triple H covers for two, both men pummel one another on their knees. Michaels wins the war bit both men have collapsed, a lot of blood and they are severely fatigued.

 Right hands by Michaels, Triple H knees HBK and sends him into the ringpost. Triple H crawls to the floor, looking for a table. Triple H edges his way towards Michaels, Michaels takes down Triple H with right hands. Triple H is on the table, Michaels climbs the ladder and delivers an Elbow Drop through the table onto The Game. Michaels covers for two, Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music. Triple H dodges and low blows Michaels, Pedigree by The Game. Triple H is fatigued, Triple H edges his way over and Michaels manages to get a shoulder up before the three count. Both men pull one another up using the other, Sweet Chin Music by Michaels, beautiful set-up. Michaels slowly crawls over to Triple H. the arm is over. 1….2… Triple H kicks out!

Triple H drops Michaels with another Pedigree, both men have spent every piece of energy they had. Triple H and Michaels are somehow moving once again, they are relying on each other to stand. A third Pedigree from Triple H, the second Pedigree in a row, Triple H crawls and covers Michaels with one arm. Triple H gets the win, the war is over.

Way too long, I know they wanted to blow off the feud and these two guys had so much power within the company that nobody was going to tell them no but it was far too long. There was a lot of good to the match, the heat segment on Michaels’ back, Michaels selling and fire was great as per usual. It just lost me the longer it continued, the work that went into Michaels’ back was wasted as the match went on, Michaels did do a great job showing fatigue throughout the match as did Triple H but you could easily have dropped 1o to 12 minutes of the match.

That being said, the two have undeniable chemistry, they worked their asses off for this match. You believed they hated one another, there was a realism behind the punches and the scarping off the cage, the Michaels elbow through the black heart of The Game., Triple H continually trying The Pedigree to end the comeback of Michaels. It had violence, an interesting heat segment that mirrored The Summerslam match and some well-crafted spots that helped the match when it became as I said, dull and felt long.

Winner: Triple H over Shawn Michaels via Pedigree!

That was WWE’s Bad Blood of 2004, a show I would rank as a weak one compared to the beginning of the year. Judgement Day and Bad Blood were pay per views that had matches that just did not deliver, whether it was Cena vs Dupree/Undertaker vs Booker T or Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin/Chris Benoit vs Kane. Neither pay per views had anything truly horrible, you had a nice women’s match and the comedy of Eugene & Coach was fine. The strong points were the main events but they were not perfect. Michaels vs Triple H was far too long to stay invested in despite the violence, the drama was lacking parts and the crowd seemed to feel that. Not a bad show but not anything spectacular, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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