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WWE Great American Bash 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is fighting back at Youtube! Smackdown’s Great American Bash of 2004, the WWE pay per view with a WCW name. The B level pay per views of 2004 were very hit and miss with Backlash standing tall and mighty above the rest, Great American Bash has Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz with the life of Paul Bearer on the line, Eddie Guerrero vs JBL in what should be a good rematch to their bloody encounter at Judgement Day and the likes of RVD, Rey Mysterio, Booker T and John Cena. I have not got high hopes but this should be a solid show at the least, let’s hope I am right as we watch WWE’s Great American Bash 2004.

Opening Promo

America rules, two different sides of America as JBL gets insensitive, vulgar and slightly racial. Strong theme of freedom while hyping up all the big matches on the card, good stuff. Torrie Wilson is dress as an American, she welcomes us to the pay per view.

(WWE United States Championship Match) John Cena © vs RVD vs Booker T vs Rene Dupree (Elimination Match)

Kurt Angle is not a big fan of John Cena, Angle made this match to stack the odds against The Doctor of Thuganomics. Cena raps before the match begins, it is quite good, Cena was on fire on this night. Booker enters and is greeted by kicks from RVD, Cena attacks Dupree. RVD & Cena brawl before the heels club our babyfaces from behind. Booker is tossed to the floor, RVD is rammed into the ring apron by Booker T, RVD tastes the steel steps. Dupree suplexes Cena in the ring for two, Cena fires back but Dupree rakes the eyes. Knee to the ribs by Dupree, dropkick to the back of the head for two.

Left jabs by Dupree, elbow drop for two. Cena catches Dupree for an atomic drop but Cena misses a clothesline being lowbridged to the floor. Booker tosses in RVD, snapover neckbreaker by Dupree. Fist drop for two, reverse chinlock by Dupree. RVD kicks Dupree in the face, split-legged moonsault by RVD for two, Cena & Booker are watching the other two fight. Spinning heel kick by RVD, Rolling Thunder on Dupree for two. Double leg trip and catapult by RVD, Dupree is on the floor. RVD poses, Cena and Dupree are taken down with a tope con hilo. Cena and RVD are in the ring, multiple pin attempts which all end in two.

RVD slides out of the ring and sends Booker into the ring. Cena rolls-up Booker for a two count, right hands by Cena. Back elbow by Cena for two, scoop slam by Cena for two. Cena slides out and throws Dupree into the ring, Booker pummels Dupree. Powerslam by Dupree, Booker counters Dupree’s punch for a spinebuster. Both men are down, Five Star Frog Splash on Dupree. Cena climbs the top rope, RVD sends Cena to the floor. Five Star Frog Splash on Booker, Cena rolls-up RVD for the first elimination.

RVD has been eliminated by Cena!

Booker clotheslines Cena on the floor, Dupree & Booker stomp Cena in the corner. Scoop slam and knee drop by Booker, Harlem Sidekick by Booker for two. Dupree and Booker argue, Booker wanted to eliminate Cena, they come to blows before Cena takes down both with clotheslines. Back drop for Dupree, throwback for Booker. Dupree holds onto the ropes to avoid an FU temporarily, Booker kicks Dupree in the head which leads to Cena FUing Dupree. Booker nails Cena with The Scissors Kick and steals the pin on Dupree.

Rene Dupree has been eliminated by Booker T!

Booker sidewalk slams Cena for two, Cena mounts a comeback before a back elbow from Booker. Reverse chinlock by Booker, Cena fights out of the hold. Booker regains control with a huge shuffle kick for two, cobra clutch hold from Booker. Cena is up again with right hands and a clothesline knocking down Booker. Sidewalk slam, Five Knuckle Shuffle from Cena. Two for Cena, Booker lures in Cena for a kick to the ribs, chops by Booker. Booker has a sunset flip out of the corner for two, sidekick by Booker. Booker calls to end it, Cena dodges The Scissors Kick. FU by Cena and Cena retains his championship.

Solid match, a few iffy decisions here and there. Having Cena eliminate RVD was not a good idea, RVD was the most active man in the match by the point and it is not great for one babyface to eliminate another. Dupree and Booker were not together for long, they did not have the chance to build the sympathy for the babyface Cena. So, it was solid but could have been executed better.

Winner: John Cena over Booker T via FU!

Charlie Haas/John Cena/Jackie Gayda/Kurt Angle Segment

John Cena comes through the curtain and hits on Jackie in front of Charlie Haas (Haas could not come across as more of a loser). Angle comes in and tells Haas that Haas is an embarrassment (Nice bit of continuity there). Angle calls Haas a disgrace and makes Haas face Luther Reigns.

Luther Reigns vs Charlie Haas W/ Jackie Gayda

Haas uses his quickness to frustrate the big bull that is Reigns, knee to the ribs by Reigns. Reigns is rolled-up for two, back elbow by Reigns and a huge boot. Stomps by Reigns, Reigns drives Haas into the corner. Hard Irish whip by Reigns, backbreaker by Reigns for two. Reigns chokes Haas using the ropes, right hands by Haas. Dropkick by Haas, make it two. Reigns throws Haas to the floor, Haas is driven into the apron.

Reverse chinlock by Reigns, Haas is clubbed down after escaping. Military press slam by Reigns for two, single leg Boston crab by Haas. Haas rolls-up Reigns for two, clothesline by Reigns for two. Hard Irish whip, Haas avoids a corner splash. T-Bone suplex by Haas, Oklahoma Roll by Haas for two. German Suplex by Haas for two, Haas misses a corner splash. Variation of a Cross Rhodes for the win.

Your standard squash match, maybe Reigns gave Haas a bit more offense but Haas is a soldier and he put over Reigns like an animal. Sad for Haas, Rico must have been injured or something, I liked their little odd couple team sad to see it could be over mere months after it started.

Winner: Luther Reigns over Charlie Haas via Cross Rhodes!

JBL Promo

JBL promises to walk away with the championship, there is nowhere to run or hide for Eddie Guerrero, JBL promises to utterly obliterate Eddie Guerrero when they step inside that ring.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Rey Mysterio © vs Chavo Guerrero

Why could we not have had this after Wrestlemania? Why did they do that feud with Jacqueline? Anyways, Mysterio won the championship some time in between Judgement Day and Great American Bash, it would be Mysterio’s revenge for the ways Chavo cheated to defeat Mysterio at the likes of No Way Out and Wrestlemania.

Lock-up, Chavo takes the back but Mysterio takes the arm and a La Magistral for two. Chavo is not happy with Mysterio’s quick start, Mysterio takes the back but Chavo flips over Mysterio for a two count. Both men are showing exactly what they are made of, the crowd is eating it up at the minute. Lock-up, hammerlock by Chavo. Chavo applies an armbar, Mysterio flips out using the top rope, kick to the arm of Chavo. Armdrag and armbar by Mysterio, beautiful theatrics, Mysterio shoots for the springboard moonsault, Chavo catches Mysterio but Mysterio counters the shoulderbreaker for an armdrag. Chavo has enough, kick to the gut and lots of elbows by Chavo.

Chavo misses a dropkick, Mysterio kicks the shoulder of Chavo, leg drop into a short-arm scissors by Mysterio. Mysterio dropkicks the arm of Chavo into the rope, Irish whip by Mysterio. Chavo reverses the Irish whip, Mysterio’s headscissors out of the corner is blocked, Chavo springboard dropkicks Mysterio to the floor, Mysterio clutches the knee immediately. Chavo goes after the knee, stomps Garvin style to the knee. Chavo drops his weight on the leg of Mysterio, Mysterio uses his good leg to elevate Chavo over the top rope and to the floor. Chavo trips Mysterio and wraps the leg around the ringpost, Chavo begins kicking the leg. Mysterio battles back with a side headlock in desperation, Chavo counters with a shin breaker. Single leg Boston crab by Chavo, Mysterio kicks off Chavo.

Bulldog by Mysterio out of the Boston crab, great counter from the champion. Forearms by Mysterio, Chavo Irish whips Mysterio who collapses as his leg cannot support him, Chavo kicks Mysterio the apron. Apron suplex by Chavo for two, Chavo goes back to the knee. Cover for two, Brock lock-like hold by Chavo. Mysterio works over Chavo’s arm, armdrag by Mysterio to alleviate the pressure. Right hands by Mysterio, Chavo backs Mysterio into the corner. Kicks to the leg, Chavo runs into a boot though. Hurricanrana by Mysterio, Mysterio springboards over Chavo, Mysterio buckles. Chavo places Mysterio in the tree of woe, Chavo misses a spear. Mysterio nails a senton to the floor, both men are down in pain.

Mysterio and Chavo are on the top rope, Chavo wants to suplex Mysterio to the floor. Mysterio fights off Chavo, both men fall to the mat with a facebuster. Chavo pins Mysterio but Mysterio counters for a cradle, two for Mysterio. Chavo goes for the legs, catapult does not work as Mysterio sticks the landing and dropkicks Chavo hard. Springboard crossbody by Mysterio, tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep for two. Mysterio is on the apron after a back drop from Chavo, seated senton by Mysterio for two. Chavo begs for mercy, Mysterio clubs Chavo over and over. Eye rake by Chavo, Mysterio was looking for a hurricanrana but Chavo counters for A Gory Bomb.

1…2…. Mysterio kicks out of The Gory Bomb. Chavo stomps the leg of Mysterio, Chavo grabs the leg of Mysterio. Enzuigiri by Mysterio, Chavo falls onto the middle rope. 619 by Mysterio, The West Coast Pop is blocked though as Chavo applies a single leg Boston crab. Mysterio is inches away from the ropes but Chavo pulls away Mysterio. Mysterio reaches the ropes, Chavo is in shock. Chavo tries for a Gory Bomb, Mysterio counters for a sunset flip powerbomb, this match is over.

That was fantastic, Chavo and Mysterio tore the house down with this match. Tremendous psychology, it was just a joy to watch. Mysterio was fantastic, there is good reason Mysterio is considered the best cruiserweight of all-time. Chavo was no slouch, everything had purpose, there was a reason for everything. The facials, the drama, the excitement is was so well put together and the saddest part is it will mean nothing in a month’s time.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Chavo Guerrero via Sunset Flip Powerbomb!

Torrie Wilson/Spike Dudley/Billy Kidman/Funaki Segment

Torrie and the cruiserweights are in the hot tub together, the cruiserweights debate over who could beat Mysterio for the championship. Their argument is interrupted by Torrie Wilson standing up, showing off her fabulous ass and leaving the hot tub. The segment ends with Funaki exclaiming God Bless America, fun stuff.

Kenzo Suzuki W/Hiroko vs Billy Gunn

Kenzo Suzuki had debuted who was the newest I am foreign and hate America guy. Suzuki was on the way to losing to Gunn before Hiroko saved her client. Lock-up, Suzuki misses a chop while Gunn mocks Suzuki with his own karate like movements. Side headlock by Gunn, double palm thrust by Suzuki. Suzuki misses a knee drop, fisherman suplex by Gunn for two. Gunn stomps Suzuki in the corner, swinging neckbreaker by Gunn for two. Suzuki throat thrusts Gunn, STO by Suzuki. Huge knee drop by Suzuki, shoulder claw from Suzuki. Gunn tries coming back but Suzuki takes down Gunn. Hand to the throat by Suzuki, another shoulder claw.

Knee to the ribs by Suzuki, Gunn dodges the second knee for a roll-up, two for Gunn. Palm thrust by Suzuki, knee drop and Suzuki holds Gunn by the throat. Suplex by Suzuki for two, rest hold from Suzuki. Gunn fires back, back elbow and clotheslines by Gunn. Hard Irish whip, Gunn nails a corner splash. Kick to the ribs, Suzuki dodges The FameAsser. Kick to the leg and a Shining Wizard for two, tilt-a-whirl sideslam by Gunn for a close two. Gunn calls for The FameAsser, Suzuki low blows Gunn, modified neckbreaker by Suzuki for the win.

That was flat, another squash like match on pay per view. Not a strong showing for Suzuki, crowd reaction was weak and that finisher was less than impressive. Awkward as well when Mordecai is the other new star on the brand, the gimmicks may be different but they are doing the same shtick for the time being. Not to mention, Luther Reigns was running through babyfaces too, too much of the same at the moment/

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki over Billy Gunn via Modified Neckbreaker!

Paul Heyman/Bearer Segment

Paul Bearer is tied up in a chair while Heyman warns Bearer of the consequences of Undertaker not doing the right thing. Very uncomfortable promo from Heyman, quite good stuff that sets the tone for that match.

Sable vs Torrie Wilson

Sable was jealous of Torrie, it’s the same story that goes for every woman who goes to attack the top Diva of Smackdown Torrie Wilson. Sable mocks Torrie, Torrie gives chase while Sable powders. Torrie trips Sable, Torrie smacks the head of Sable off the mat. Boot by Sable, Sable kicks Torrie in the corner. Snapmare and stiff kick to the spine, snapover neckbreaker by Sable. Irish whip by Sable, sunset flip by Torrie for two. Sable begs for mercy, drop toehold by Sable. Sable chokes Torrie using the ropes, huge forearm by Sable. Two for Sable, choke hold from Sable. Torrie begins to fight back but Sable kicks Torrie back down to the mat.

Sable continues to pull and tug at Torrie, Torrie wriggles free for a suplex. Two for Torrie, low dropkick by Torrie. Sable goes to the ropes, hard chops by Torrie. Corner clothesline by Torrie, Torrie picks up Sable for more chops. Both women bang heads after Sable comes flying out of the corner, Sable clutches her head like she is injured. The referee drags away Torrie, Torrie looks for a doctor to come to ringside or something, Sable gets up and pulls the tights to defeat Torrie. DUD.

Winner: Sable over Torrie Wilson via Handful of Tights!

Dawn Marie/Nunzio/Rene Dupree Segment

Dupree hits on Dawn, Stamboli and Nunzio steal Dawn from Dupree who is angry that he is not getting laid tonight. Another fun segment, on a roll tonight.

Mordecai vs Hardcore Holly

Mordecai has a cool entrance and an interesting gimmick, Mordecai is boring in the ring. Holly comes after Mordecai, right hands and stomps by Mordecai. Holly ties up Mordecai in the ropes, Holly pounds on Mordecai. Irish whip and Mordecai powders, Holly is smashed into Mordecai’s staff. Axe handles and clubbing blows to the back by Mordecai, Holly is stomped in the corner. Foot choke by Mordecai, huge boot to the side of the head by Mordecai. Reverse chinlock by Mordecai, Holly fights out with right hands.

Stungun by Holly, Clotheslines by Holly. Holly climbs the top rope, diving clothesline for two. Reverse DDT by Holly for two, spinebuster by Mordecai for two. Dropkick by Holly off an Irish whip for two, kick to the ribs by Mordecai. Alabama Slam is blocked by Mordecai for The Crucifix Powerbomb. Mordecai wins the match.

Another squash-type match on this pay per view, the same match we have seen from Reigns & Suzuki earlier in the night. It was not bad but to have seen the same thing three times now is a joke, borderline insulting for the fans in attendance.

Winner: Mordecai over Hardcore Holly via Crucifix Powerbomb!

(WWE Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero © VS JBL (Texas Bullrope Match)

A Texas Bullrope match between two wrestlers who hate one another’s guts. Judging from the first match, they did their best to make this as heated as possible. JBL was insulting, and slightly racist in his approach to the angle, it worked as many people wanted to see JBL get his head kicked in so, it is a success in that regard. One problem with this match for me is it not a brawl but rather touching the four corners in succession match. These matches have a simple formula which makes all matches identical. The babyface touches three corners, the heel does the same without the face noticing and somehow the heel cheats to touch the final corner.

JBL grabs Eddie’s championship, throwing the rope at Eddie’s feet. The two men circle one another, dropkick to the knee by Eddie. Eddie pulls JBL across the ring using the ropes, reverse chinlock from Eddie. The rope falls off, not exactly secured to the wrists. JBL chops and pummels Eddie, rope around the neck from JBL. Eddie is tossed across the ring by JBL. JBL drags Eddie to the corner to touch two corners but Eddie prevents JBL from touching the corners. Back drop by Eddie, Eddie touches two corners before JBL pulls on the rope hard. Eddie steps on JBL’s face, JBL pulls hard to stop Eddie touching the corners. Shoulder block by JBL, big elbow drop by JBL.

Eddie is whipped with the bell, JBL chokes Eddie over his back with the rope. Eddie is walloped with the bell, Eddie is placed in the tree of woe. JBL pulls at the neck of Eddie with the rope, Eddie begins to pass out due to the pain. JBL clears the announce table, JBL is looking for a powerbomb but Eddie trips JBL using the rope. Eddie mounts JBL and delivers huge right hands, bull rope to the back by Eddie. Eddie pulls JBL shoulder first into the ringpost, make it two. JBL whips Eddie over the announce table, Eddie has a chair and we have a throwback to Judgement Day as Eddie grabs a chair and waffles JBL, JBL is a bloody mess.

JBL stumbles around the ring, another shot to the head. Eddie touches three of the corners but JBL does not allow Eddie to touch that final corner. JBL holds onto the ropes like his life depends on it, slugfest between the two with JBL booting Eddie and scoring big with a DDT. JBL touches two of the corners, Eddie touches two of the corners but both men stop one another. Three Amigos by Eddie, Frog Splash by Latino Heat. Eddie touches three of the corners and JBL rolls to the floor so Eddie has to waste energy to bring JBL back into the ring. JBL is on the apron, Eddie is pummelling JBL. JBL uses the cowbell and uses the ropes to throw Eddie onto the table. JBL Powerbombs Eddie through the table. JBL begins touching corners, JBL has three corners.

Eddie dives onto the bottom rope to stop JBL, cowbell to the head by JBL. JBL is touching corners, three corners for JBL but Eddie drags with everything he has, cowbell to the balls by Eddie. Eddie whips JBL with the cowbell repeatedly, Eddie wraps the bell around JBL’s neck. Both men touch three corners as Eddie touches first, JBL touches behind Eddie. Eddie pulls at JBL who is so close to the corner, Eddie splashes JBL in the corner and touches the final turnbuckle. Kurt Angle comes out and changes the decision as JBL touched the turnbuckle before Eddie.

As I said in the beginning, this type of match is hard to pull-off because of the gimmick. It restricts the two wrestlers in the match as opposed to allowing freedom and creativity. There were nice moments like the throwback to Judgement Day with the steel chair spot but a lot of it was slow and repetitive with multiple attempts at trying to touch the corners. For me, the stars have to align for this type of match to be mind-blowing and great, it did not come together for Eddie and JBL on this night.

Winner: JBL over Eddie Guerrero via Touching The Four Corners!

The Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz W/ Paul Heyman (Concrete Handicap Match)

We are entering crazy territory folks, if Undertaker does not do the right thing, Paul Bearer will be killed before our very eyes. The Dudley Boyz kidnapped Paul Bearer, Heyman took the urn. Undertaker seemingly joined forces with Paul Heyman, Heyman was not happy with Undertaker’s allegiance being based on Paul Bearer being in danger. Heyman wants to make sure that Undertaker is loyal so Undertaker must do the right thing in this match.

Paul Heyman is by the stage with Paul Bearer in the crypt, Heyman demonstrates that the cement is filling the crypt fast. Bubba tells Undertaker to lay down, Taker looks toward Bearer and takes a knee. Undertaker lays down, Bubba gets lippy which leads to Undertaker grabbing both men by the throat. The Dudleys fight off Taker, The Dudleys put the boots to Taker. Taker bounces The Dudleys off the announce table. Bubba is bounced off the announce table again while D-Von is taken into the ring by Undertaker. Taker looks for Old School, Heyman distracts Taker which leads to more cement being poured onto Bearer.

D-Von pummels Taker, choke in the corner by D-Von. Taker starts whipping ass when Bubba tags in, sidewalk slam on D-Von. Taker leaves the ring and walks towards the cement truck and Heyman. Taker is distracted, The Dudleys jump Taker from behind. Bubba wants to take down Taker without Heyman’s help, D-Von stomps Taker on the floor. Bubba pulls out the steel steps, D-Von smacks Taker against the steel steps. Reverse chinlock from D-Von, Taker fights back on his knees. Reverse elbow by D-Von for two, tag to Bubba. Double suplex, elbow drop for Bubba. Two for Bubba, tag to D-Von. D-Von chokes Taker using the ropes, Bubba hotshots Taker. Elbows by D-Von, Taker is thrown to the floor. Bubba attacks Taker with the top of the announce table.

Cover for two, tag to Bubba. Right hands by Bubba, Taker begins fighting back with right hands. D-Von is decked by a right hand, sleeper by Bubba. Taker counters for a back suplex, D-Von tags into the match. Leaping clothesline by Taker, hard Irish whip, snake eyes and a big boot. Knees and a right hand by Taker, big leg drop. Bubba enters the ring, Taker knees Bubba. Bubba misses a corner splash, Taker corner clotheslines both Dudleys. Old School on Bubba, D-Von low blows Taker behind the referee’s back. The Dudleys nail their modified 3D from behind, Heyman walks to the ring.

Taker sits up, staring down Heyman. Bubba clubs Taker in the back, Chokeslam on Bubba by Taker. Tombstone Piledriver for D-Von. Heyman backs up to the cement truck, Heyman is not a happy man. A bolt of lightning hits the truck, Heyman is scared to death of Taker. Taker walks towards the truck, Bearer rejoices but Taker knows what he has to do, Taker sacrifices Paul Bearer.

What a babyface move, sacrificing Paul Bearer and killing the man. Yeah, the angle was garbage, that’s the first thing of note about the match. Secondly, Undertaker was not turning out the quality matches since his return, Undertaker is a legend without a doubt, one of my all-time favourites and many others’ too but we cannot ignore the period before every match seemed like a show-stealer, this was during the time where Undertaker felt slower and the match was not going to be carried by The Dudleys, it was a little wacky in places, just not a good main event.

Winner: The Undertaker over The Dudley Boyz via Tombstone Piledriver!

That was WWE’s Great American Bash of 2004, not a bad show but one of the more boring shows. Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero was fantastic, I loved every moment of the story they were telling, it was very entertaining. Everything else was meh, three squash matches showing off strong heels like did I need to really see that? Other matches ranged from dull to solid, I breezed through it without any trouble but you could cut out over an hour of this pay per view, it was not needed or necessary. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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