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WWE Judgement Day 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only internet wrestling review series that could convince Randy Orton to dive. WWE’s Judgement Day 2004, a pay per view with two main events. Undertaker vs Booker T and JBL vs Eddie Guerrero. It is Smackdown’s first pay per view after Wrestlemania, the draft has been quite beneficial to Smackdown, a lot of new faces and fresh matches, let’s see what the blue brand have to offer, there is a lot of competition with Backlash 2004 being an excellent for the most part show, can Smackdown be on par with Raw? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

What? It is not the women asking the philosophical questions? This is different for Judgement Day, we have a man asking the philosophical questions. What is in the afterlife? Will there be mercy? Who will decide out fate? Judgement Day is upon us! The set looks great, a lot of crosses with a gothic vibe.

Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs The Dudley Boyz

Booker T and RVD were damaged goods coming from Raw due to months of bad booking, Booker would turn on RVD which would lead to the forming of the team of Mysterio and RVD. The Dudleys were treated a little better on Raw than Booker & RVD but had become stale. Nice to see another edge to The Dudleys on Smackdown as they are back in a role as heels. RVD and Bubba start, Bubba asks the referee to check with Mysterio. D-Von clubs RVD from behind, interesting way to begin the match. D-Von isolates RVD before tagging Bubba, Bubba chokes RVD with the ropes. Spinning heel kick and a dropkick by RVD, monkey flip by RVD. Back body drop on D-Von by RVD, thrustkick to Bubba. Tope con hilo by RVD, Mysterio nails D-Von with a top rope crossbody. D-Von re-enters against RVD, lock-up and a knee by D-Von. Spinning heel kick to D-Von, RVD sets up for a Rolling Thunder but Bubba clubs RVD. RVD dodges a clothesline from D-Von, Bubba smacks head with D-Von but Bubba regains control as RVD is lowbridged to the floor. Bubba puts the boots to RVD on the floor, jawbreaker by D-Von in the ring. Tag to Bubba, elbow to the balls by Bubba. Bubba eats a kick to the head, sweep and a tag to Mysterio. Springboard senton to Bubba, punch to D-Von.

Springboard crossbody on Bubba for two, headscissors takedown and dropkick by Mysterio. D-Von trips Mysterio, saving Bubba, Mysterio’s senton is blocked for a hotshot. Tag to D-Von, scoop slam and leg drop for two. Mysterio fires up but D-Von ends that with a reverse spinning elbow for two. Tag to Bubba, slaps by Bubba. Suplex by Bubba, Bubba tags D-Von. D-Von chokes Mysterio with the ropes, D-Von Irish whips Mysterio and Mysterio springboard bulldogs D-Von out of nothing (Beautiful execution from Mysterio). Bubba distracts the referee, Mysterio’s tag is not seen. The Dudleys rough up Mysterio, spinebuster by Bubba, RVD saves Mysterio. Mysterio is placed on the top rope, Mysterio is in the tree of woe.

Huge chest slap by Bubba, Mysterio counters for a cutter from the tree of woe position. Moonsault by Mysterio for two, RVD gets the hot-tag. Clotheslines and spinning heel kicks for two, D-Von eats a springboard spinning heel kick, pump kick to Bubba. Clothesline to D-Von, RVD scores with Rolling Thunder on D-Von for two as Bubba saves D-Von. Mysterio attacks Bubba with knees, Mysterio is elevated to the floor. Bubba looks for The What’s Up headbutt, Mysterio crotches D-Von, bronco buster on Bubba. RVD elevates Mysterio for a catapult hurricanrana, Bubba saves D-Von from losing the match. The Dudleys set up for 3D, RVD trips Bubba & D-Von onto the middle rope. Double 619 by Mysterio, RVD Five Star Frog Splash on D-Von and this match is over.

Very exciting tag team match, you cannot go wrong with Mysterio and RVD in the opening match, they are two exciting babyfaces, they have a lot of chemistry and cool moves and they can sell their asses off. The Dudleys are natural heels, they are bullies, they bully Mysterio until the RVD hot-tag, it was exciting, dramatic, it could have gone both ways, it was great. Loved this match, perfect way to start this show, could not ask for a better match.

Winners: RVD & Rey Mysterio over The Dudley Boyz via Five Star Frog Splash!

Booker T Promo

Booker is the biggest star on Smackdown, Booker wants the fans to recognize Booker as the top star on Smackdown, Booker is focused as he intimidates young Josh Matthews.

Kurt Angle is Here

Luther Reigns pushes a giant cart to the ring, Angle emerges from said cart in a wheel chair. Kurt Angle was the general manager of Smackdown at the time, Angle was a heel in the role. Angle runs down the audience, typical heel stuff like making fun of the sports team and the top babyface. Angle addresses Torrie Wilson, Angle is in the wheelchair as Big Show snapped and attacked Angle. Angle stares down Torrie and tells her if you lose, Torrie will be fired from WWE.

Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson

The feud from 2002 continues! Just kidding, I am not sure where Dawn went, she just disappeared while Sable and Shaniqua became more prominent on Smackdown television. Lock-up, Dawn backs Torrie into the ropes, more pushing and shoving. Torrie looks more serious than ever with her career on the line, snapmare and neckbreaker by Torrie. Dropkick to the head for two, knee by Dawn, Torrie counters for a sunset flip and two. Torrie ducks a punch and clotheslines Dawn twice, Dawn sends Torrie into the corner. Torrie elevated to the apron, Dawn bangs her head off the turnbuckle. Torrie looks for a crossbody, Dawn dodges the crossbody.

Dawn slams Torrie into the mat over and over, Torrie chants are ringing out in the arena. Dawn chokes Torrie with the bottom rope, Dawn chokes Torrie with her hands. Elbow across the apron by Dawn, Torrie is dragged to the floor. Dawn stomps Torrie on the floor, Torrie is dropkicked to the floor by Dawn. Leg drop on the floor by Dawn, Dawn pulls Torrie into the ring. Cover for two, reverse chinlock by Dawn. Torries fights back, clothesline and neckbreaker by Torrie for two. Dawn eats a boot in the corner, sunset flip by Torrie for two. Roll-up and Torrie exposes Dawn’s thong. Dawn assaults Torrie, X-Factor for two. Backslide by Torrie and Dawn cannot kick out!

That was watchable and not just for Dawn Marie’s fabulous ass. The girls did not embarrass themselves and it was fun. You know, the more I watch, the more I think with proper training and the machine behind here, Torrie could have been an even bigger deal in the WWE, same with Stacy Keibler, they could have had more but I guess they were labelled as playboy bunnies and were not given the chance like Trish or Mickie James.

Winner: Torrie Wilson over Dawn Marie via Backslide!

JBL Promo

Bradshaw have transformed in the space of weeks to money tycoon JBL, Eddie Guerrero was a big advocate and thus, JBL’s main event push began. JBL cuts a promo on taking out Eddie Guerrero and becoming champion, a lot of racist overtones.

Mordecai vs Scotty Too Hotty

A messenger of god like Jinsei Shinzaki, a white cross and an epic entrance, we have been introduced to Moredcai. It has the Hakushi/Undertaker/Villain from Da Vinci Code vibe. Lock-up and slam by Mordecai, Scotty is tossed into the ringpost. Scotty is choked with his own arm, knees to the face. Scotty is rammed shoulder first into the other ringpost, Mordecai chokes Scotty using the ropes. Boot to the head of Scotty, Scotty fires up. Superkick and facebuster, Mordecai blocks The Worm by throwing Scotty into the ropes, clothesline and a huge crucifix powerbomb.

Mordecai seemed interesting as a character, do not know as a wrestler. Hard to judge on a number of squash matches, the gimmick seemed top notch but the office in The WWE did not think Mordecai had it in the ring and was not seen again until emerging as Kevin Thorn on ECW.

Winner: Mordecai over Scotty Too Hotty via Crucifix Powerbomb!

Chavo Guerrero & Jacqueline Promo

Jacqueline gives Chavo a present, something that will make Chavo feel more comfortable in the ring. Jacqueline presents Chavo with a bra and thong, Chavo Sr. plays with the thong in the background.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Charlie Haas & Rico © W/ Miss Jackie vs Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn

Charlie Haas is the reluctant partner of the eccentric Rico, they won the tag team championships. Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly want no part of Rico, Rico tags in Haas. Both Holly & Gunn want to fight, some fun comedy stuff with Rico’s character. Lock-up, Holly shoves Haas. Hass outwrestles Holly, Holly gets frustrated. Side headlock by Holly, Haas hiptosses Holly and applies an armbar. Rico is the legal man, Rico takes the back of Holly. Holly freaks out and tags Gunn, lock-up with Gunn pushing back Rico. Rico tries kissing Gunn and Gunn jumps back, side headlock by Gunn. Rico grabs Gunn’s ass, Gunn freaks out and tries tagging Holly, Holly jumps off the apron.

Rico slaps the ass of Gunn and nails huge kicks in the corner, Gunn falls to his knees in front of Rico’s ….erm…area. Gunn powders, Haas tags into the match. Gunn wallops Rico, Holly enters illegally and waffles Haas. Holly is in, chops and stomps to Haas. Suplex by Holly for a two-count, tag to Gunn. Right hands by Gunn, tag to Holly. Reverse chinlock by Holly, Haas escapes for a dropkick but Holly regains control, putting a stop to Haas’ comeback. Tag to Gunn, Gunn boots Haas in the face. Stomps by Gunn, tag to Holly. Kick to the sternum by Holly for two, Haas fires back at Holly. Holly scoop slams Haas, Holly climbs to the top rope. Attempted elbow by Holly does not work as Haas boots Holly in the face, Haas crawls towards Rico.

Rico gets the hot-tag, inverted atomic drop and a series of clotheslines. Haas blind tags in, Gunn hits The FameAsser on Rico, Haas German Suplexes Gunn. Holly has Haas for the Alabama Slam but Rico superkicks Holly which allows Haas to roll through for the victory roll, Haas & Rico manage to walk away with their championships.

That was a fun match, the crowd were into the antics of Rico and the straight man Charlie Haas. Holly and Gunn work well together in bringing the heat to this match, it was not as hot as the opening match but it was fun nonetheless.

Winners: Rico & Charlie Haas over Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly via Victory-Roll!

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Jacqueline © vs Chavo Guerrero W/ Chavo Sr.

Oh, cruiserweight division, how I hate you so, so much sometimes. After a great match between Chavo and Mysterio, the division seemed to be right on track and well, they put the championship on a woman. Chavo has one arm tied behind his back, the match begins with Chavo kicking and clubbing Jacqueline in the corner. Shoulder thrusts and a backbreaker by Chavo, make it three. Chavo stomps all over Jacqueline, Chavo continues punching Jacqueline. Jacqueline reverses an Irish whip for a headscissors out of the corner, Jacqueline stomps and sleepers Chavo. Chavo backs off Jacqueline before Jacqueline kicks the shit out of Chavo. Kick-out from Chavo, Chavo Sr. is dropkicked by Jacqueline.

Clothesline by Chavo, Jacqueline low blows Chavo as the referee distracts Chavo Sr. Sunset flip by Jacqueline, two for Jacqueline. Chavo powders and Chavo Sr. unties the arm. Chavo takes out Jacqueline with a clothesline, Chavo Sr. continues to distract the referee. While Chavo Sr. distracts the referee, Chavo plants Jacqueline with a Gory Bomb for the win.

Well, it was not awful. I have seen much worse, this match is watchable. Let me take a moment to say that this should not have happened to the title, every time they build a credible heel in this division, they managed to screw everything up. And it is the second match between a cruiserweight and a woman in a comedy style match on a Smackdown pay per view that year. Just build credible babyfaces and heels, let the division breathe and not be such a disappointment for all the fans.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Jacqueline via Gory Bomb!

(WWE United States Championship Match) John Cena © vs Rene Dupree

Blah blah blah Typical Stereotype Foreigner Gimmick blah blah blah Americans are fat and ugly people. Dupree laid out Cena under a French flag and put The Doctor of Thuganomics through an announce table. Dupree was the youngest member of La Resistance and was drafted to Smackdown as the one with the most potential.

Lock-up, Dupree pushes back Cena. Right hands by Cena, Dupree powders and runs away from Cena. Lou Thesz Press by Cena, Irish whip to the corner. Cena talks trash and eats a big boot, Dupree lays in some nice right hands before Cena reverses Dupree with knees to the ribs, a back body drop and a clothesline to the floor. Headbutt by Cena, Dupree rakes the eyes and pulls Cena head first into the ringpost. Dupree chokes Cena using the bottom rope, right hands by Dupree.

Cena fires back, Dupree flips to the apron but Cena misses a crossbody and crashes to the floor as Dupree pulls down the ropes. Dupree tosses Cena into the ring, forearms to the face by Dupree. Backbreaker for two, bearhug by Dupree. Cena clubs and headbutts Dupree, Dupree backs Cena to the corner. Jawbreaker by Cena, right hands and a clothesline, back elbows and a shoulder block. Sidewalk slam by Cena, Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena but Dupree dodges for a spinebuster. Dupree dances but misses a elbow drop, boot to the face by Cena. Double axe handle by Cena is blocked for a DDT by Dupree.

Dupree measures for The French Bomb, Cena counters. FU is countered for a neckbreaker by Dupree, two for Dupree. Dupree calls for a powerbomb, Cena counters for a back drop, Dupree holds on but Cena has the pin for two. Backslide by Cena for two, Dupree tried to leapfrog Cena out of the corner but Cena caught Dupree for an FU, Cena retains his championship.

Solid match from these two young athletes, nothing special, it was clear that neither wrestler was the finished product just yet, they would need hot finishes to carry their matches. Cena was over like rover though, fans were going nuts for the man. Soon, the in-ring content will reflect the reaction from the crowd but for now, this was a solid match on pay per view for both.

Winner: John Cena over Rene Dupree via FU!

Kenzo Suzuki Vignette

They hype the debut of Kenzo Suzuki, it did not work out for the company, that’s a shame.

The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer vs Booker T

A rare appearance from The Undertaker? Undertaker has appeared on every Smackdown except for one or two for the past two years, how is this a rare appearance? Anyways, Booker T ran his mouth about how he is the best thing on Smackdown, big mistake as The Undertaker appeared and Booker’s fate was sealed, you have a date with destiny, you shall meet your maker and The Undertaker is going to crucify you.

Booker is using rituals and “magic” to give him the power to defeat The Deadman. Why does Booker have to be such a joke? Undertaker cuts off the ring quickly, Booker is cornered. Taker raises his fists, lock-up with Booker pushing back Undertaker. Clean break by Booker, shove from Booker. Taker throws Booker to the corner, one punch and Booker powders to the floor. Booker grabs his lucky charms and rubs himself with it, knee and forearms shots by Booker. Boot by Booker, no effect on Taker who clotheslines Booker. Taker yanks at Booker’s arm, shoulder thrusts by Taker. Taker gets caught with a thrust kick by Booker, sidewalk slam by Taker puts down Booker.

Leg drop for two by Taker, Booker is clotheslined to the floor. Booker hotshots Taker, missile dropkick by Booker for two. Booker punishes Taker in the corner, Booker goes back to the magic bag. Taker and Booker slug it out, knee by Booker. Harlem Sidekick misses, flying clothesline by Taker, Old School by Taker. Complete shot by Taker into a guillotine choke, Booker reaches the ropes with his feet. Booker slips out of The Last Ride, the referee is down. Booker blinds Taker with the contents of the magic bag, Taker no-sells the powder? Corner clothesline by Taker, Taker misses a corner boot and is hung up on the top rope, Booker decides to work the leg. Booker smashes Taker’s leg into the steel steps and ringpost.

Double axe handle off the apron by Booker, Taker continues to fight back against Booker. Harlem Sidekick in the ring by Booker, two for Booker. Taker fires up on his knees, Booker nails The Scissors Kick for two. Taker sits up, Chokeslam by Taker. Tombstone Piledriver by Undertaker and this match is all over.

Another solid match, I do not understand the powder spot. Powder usually blinds the opponent or plays into the finish, Booker uses the powder and Taker no-sells it? That’s bizarre, I would also have liked a bit more of a back and forth contest between the two, Booker never seemed like he had a chance despite The Scissors Kick and the little bit of psychology that was implemented in the match.

Winner: Undertaker over Booker T via Tombstone Piledriver!

(WWE Championship Match) JBL vs Eddie Guerrero ©

The change from Bradshaw to JBL was a sudden one, Faarooq was fired from The WWE and this led to the birth of the money tycoon and Mexican hating JBL. They did everything to get heat on JBL, JBL was racist, attacked Eddie and put his hands on Eddie’s mother. The build-up to the match was heated, a lot of the promo work and packages/storylines leading into Eddie’s main event matches were great. You had one chance at redemption with Lesnar, proving he was not a fluke with Angle and now, standing up for his family. Eddie stares a hole through JBL before the bell rings, Eddie looks ready to tear apart JBL.

Eddie charges at JBL, right hands galore leave the challenger on the floor. Eddie pummels JBL on the floor, stomps from Eddie. JBL continues to dodge Latino Heat, JBL meets the ringpost face first, JBL is thrown over the Spanish announce table. Eddie chokes JBL with the camera cable, JBL is begging for mercy. Right hands by Eddie, JBL spills to the floor. JBL thinks about leaving, Eddie makes the decision for JBL. Eddie batters JBL off the barricades and ring apron, JBL is all over the place. Eddie talks trash to the challenger, Eddie steps on JBL’s face repeatedly. JBL finally mounts some offense after sending Eddie into the steel steps, right hands by JBL. Eddie is bounced off the announce table, Eddie fires up before JBL boots Eddie.

Right hands and chops by JBL, hard Irish whip by JBL. Side headlock takedown by JBL, Eddie escapes but JBL shoulder blocks Eddie. Another side headlock takedown by JBL, another shoulder block by JBL. Eddie nails two quick armdrags, Eddie tries for a plancha but JBL catches Latino Heat for a Last Call fallaway slam. Eddie is up first, hammering away on JBL before JBL back drops Eddie onto the Spanish announce table. Neckbreaker by JBL for two, both men stand and trade bombs. JBL back drops Eddie for two, JBL applies a bearhug. Eddie pokes the eyes of JBL to escape, Irish whips into the corners by Eddie, right hands by Latino Heat. Dropkick by Eddie, Three Amigos by Latino Heat.

JBL blocks the third with a knee, Clothesline From Hell is dodged, JBL’s Powerbomb is blocked too. Eddie runs into the referee by accident, Eddie elevates JBL over the top rope and to the floor. Eddie rams JBL’s head off the ring apron and over the announce table, JBL grabs a chair and knocks out Eddie with a massive chair shot. Eddie blades deep, so deep that the crowd just collectively goes oh shit. JBL is punishing Eddie with right hands, steel steps to the head by JBL. JBL holds Eddie for the hard camera, very graphic imagery. JBL calls for The Clothesline From Hell, it connects. The referee is down, JBL tries reviving the referee.

JBL beats on the referee trying to wake him, a new referee slides in. 1….2… Eddie kicks out, the crowd erupts in Eddie chants. JBL tries for The Clothesline, Eddie dodges and the referee takes the massive hit. Powerbomb by JBL and Eddie kicks out at two and a half. Eddie continues to stay alive while JBL cannot believe his luck, JBL applies a sleeper. Eddie counters with a back suplex, JBL clubs Eddie with no effect.

Eddie is showing his Latino Heat, right hands by the champion. JBL catches Eddie for a Last Call, Eddie counters for a DDT. Eddie climbs to the top rope and misses a Frog Splash, JBL rolls out to grab the championship and a chair. JBL throws in the chair to distract the referee, JBL is low blowed before the championship shot, Eddie waffles JBL with the belt and JBL wins by DQ. After the match, Eddie mauls JBL with the chair and Frog Splashes the challenger.

That was a damn good match, I loved the story they were telling with Eddie dominating the early portion of the match, Latino Heat was enraged after all JBL had done to the champion, JBL runs and runs while applying headlocks to wear down the champion. The referee bump was crucial as JBL opened Eddie’s skull with the chair shot, this led to that dramatic segment of the match with JBL dominating Eddie and almost winning the championship. Eddie was put over so strong, kicking out of JBL’s finishes, JBL was very good in the heel role considering it was his first pay per view main event. It was violent, dramatic and had some great psychology.

Winner: JBL over Eddie Guerrero via DQ!

That was WWE’s Judgement Day of 2004, a show that was marketed around Undertaker vs Booker T but the match to watch was Eddie Guerrero vs JBL. Backlash was the superior show, Raw had more starpower though. Smackdown may have the likes of RVD, The Dudleys, Dupree and Booker but the roster is a bit thin. You could have more cruiserweight action on this pay per view but when the champion of that division is a woman, you know you won’t be having many cruiserweight matches on pay per view. That being said, it was a solid pay per view, there was no match I outright hated or could not sit through. From a quality standpoint, the main event is the only match worth seeing, it is bloody, it has psychology and has Eddie in that babyface role with that babyface fire that he could generate, it was great stuff. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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