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TNA Turning Point 2005 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more irrelevant than James Ellsworth! Big show for TNA, it’s TNA Turning Point 2005. Abyss vs Sabu in a barbed wire match, Rhyno vs Jarrett for the championship, AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for The X Division Championship, AMW vs Team 3D in a tables match. There is no other word for this show than fun, I am looking forward to this card. Let’s see what TNA has in its locker!

Opening Promo

Running down the card in a grand fashion, a lot of focus for Rhino vs Jarrett. How Rhino ruined his career in WWE, it’s Rhino’s Turning Point. Rhino has an opportunity to learn from his mistakes and capture the gold. Emotional stuff that hits you where it counts, barbed-wire rope match is also advertised as is the likes of Styles vs Joe, Raven trying to get to Larry Zbyzsko.

(Barb Wire Massacre Match) Abyss W/ James Mitchell vs Sabu

From every type of hardcore match you have ever seen, Abyss and Sabu continue to raise the bar in order to entertain the fans. Abyss was petrified of barbed wire, here he is in a match surrounded by barbed wire. I am guessing Abyss got over it, Sabu tries entering the ring. Abyss stomps Sabu, Sabu makes it in the ring after Sabu appears with a baseball bat. Abyss attacks the back of Sabu, both men try to shove the other towards the barbed wire. Sabu clocks Abyss with the chair, two shots to the head. Sabu tries for a leg lariat, Abyss catches Sabu for a powerbomb but Sabu punches Abyss and pins Abyss in a senton position. Abyss kicks out by shoving Sabu into the barbed wire, that did not take long.

They have a stand-off, Abyss floors Sabu with a right hand. Abyss snake eyes Sabu on the barbed wire, that looks nasty. Sabu low blows Abyss and Sabu pulls out a fork? Sabu stabs the shit out of Abyss, Abyss’ arms are all scarred up in this match. Sabu motions for a leg lariat using the chair, Sabu gets caught in the barbed wire as Abyss dodges. Abyss punches Sabu onto the barbed wire, Abyss tries a clothesline and is dropped onto the wire as Sabu trips the monster. Chair shot to the back and a two for Sabu, Abyss clubs Sabu down. Chokeslam on the chair by Abyss, cover and Sabu kicks out at two! Abyss has a barbed wire chair, it is placed on Sabu’s chest. Abyss tries for a senton but Sabu directs the chair onto Abyss’ balls.

Chair to the face, Abyss is smacked three times on the head with the chair. Tope con hilo using the chair by Sabu, Sabu has a barbed wire board. Abyss attacks and suplexes Sabu onto the barbed wire, Abyss looks for a powerbomb on the barbed wire board. Sabu fights out of the hold, Abyss looks for a Chokeslam, Sabu bites the hand but on the third attempt, Abyss flapjacks Sabu onto the barbed wire board. Abyss has another barbed wire board, Abyss puts the board in the corner. Abyss tries to splash Sabu, Abyss hits the table with his face. Sabu sandwiches Abyss between the two boards, leg drop on the board and Sabu wins the match.

That was pure garbage wrestling at its finest. No rhyme or reason, just violence, so much violence that FMW would be proud of this type of match. Hard to hate a match that the crowd were eating up, difficult match to knock. It was a spectacle, it kept you entertained and intrigued, it delivered everything that it promised so fair play Sabu & Abyss.

Winner: Sabu over Abyss via Leg Drop on Barbed Wire Board!

4-Live Kru Promo

Konnan has accepted Kip James into the group, they will be facing Team Canada tonight, if only you could see how happy I am to see that match again…..FUCK

Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong vs Austin Aries & Matt Bentley W/ Traci

Strong & Aries continue to promote ROH in TNA. Bentley is over with the crowd, this always makes me laugh as the guy is going to disappear soon from TNA. I have no recollection of Bentley as TNA began to gain momentum, he is the first Ultimate X match winner though. Aries and Shelley begin the match, hammerlock by Shelley. Side headlock by Aries, shoulder block and a side headlock takedown. Middle rope elbow and headlock takedown by Aries, Shelley eats a dropkick to the face. Shelley bites Aries’ hand to escape a potential brainbuster, neckbreaker by Shelley. Tag to Strong, armdrags and pendulum elbow drop by Aries. Tag to Bentley, double suplex and fist drop to Strong.

Jawbreaker by Strong, Shelley is legal. Big stomps by Shelley, Strong stomps on Bentley. Choke using the ropes by Strong, Strong eats a big enzuigiri from Bentley, two for Bentley. Tag to Aries, twisting slingshot splash by Aries for two. Shelley attacks Aries from the apron, big backbreaker by Strong. Tag to Shelley, springboard moonsault for two. Double team manoeuvre by Shelley & Strong, front chancery from Strong. Shelley wipes out Bentley to prevent the tag, Aries is on the top rope in Shelley’s corner. Shelley & Strong combine for a missile dropkick into a backbreaker for two. Double team backfires, Aries elbows his way out to tag Bentley. Clotheslines for Strong & Shelley, complete shot for Shelley. Elbow drop by Bentley, Bentley measures for a Superkick.

Strong distracts Bentley, enzuigiri by Shelley. Bentley eats a gutbuster from Strong, diving senton from Shelley but Aries breaks up the pin. Strong knocks Shelley off the apron and onto the camera, Aries elbows Shelley which leads to Bentley Superkicking Shelley for the win.

A lot of fun in this match, everyone was over. Everyone had something to show off, it was entertaining. Never a dull moment, crowd was eating it up. Aries looked like the biggest star of the lot, I am surprised TNA were not able to make something out of Aries before his second run in the company. That being said, everyone shone in this match, I loved this match.

Winners: Matt Bentley & Austin Aries over Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley via Superkick!

Monty Brown/Jeff Jarrett Promo

Monty Brown warns Christian that The Alpha Male is going to run through Captain Charisma. Jarrett tries to suck up to Brown, Brown tells Jarrett to shut his mouth. It does not happen, Jarrett storms off.

Raven vs Kanyon

Raven was screwed out of the championship by Zbyszko, Raven wants revenge. Zbyszko wants to get rid of Raven by any means necessary, Zbyszko is bringing people from Raven’s past in attempt to retire Raven. Last month is was Justin Credible, this time it is Chris Kanyon. Kanyon charges the ring and neckbreakers Raven, knees to the head by Kanyon. Leg drop on the apron by Kanyon, Kanyon misses a guard rail splash. Russian legsweep by Raven against the guard rail, Raven pushes Kanyon into the guard rail. Kanyon regains control with a shoulder block and a hotshot from the apron.

Top rope leg facebuster by Kanyon for two, Kanyon climbs high for a moonsault. Raven avoids the moonsault, Raven clamps on the ankle lock. Kanyon wriggles free and pulls down Raven by the hair. Left jabs and discuss clothesline by Raven, knee lift that sends Kanyon to the floor. They are at the top of the stage, Raven hiptosses Kanyon down the ramp. Raven has a chair, Kanyon avoids the drop toehold. Kanyon looks for the leg drop facebuster, Raven counters for a powerbomb on the chair. Even Flow DDT by Raven and Raven survives another challenge. Raven slaps Zbyzsko, Zbyzsko fights back though.

It was solid, I like the idea of Zbyszko bringing back a ghost from Raven’s past to take his problem out, this good be something which ends up as a lot of fun if they build to climax. Poor Kanyon, barely used by WWE. So much potential and he would ultimately take his life which would be a very sad end to such a talented individual’s life. May he rest in peace.

Winner: Raven over Chris Kanyon via Even Flow DDT!

4-Live Kru vs Team Canada W/ Scott D’Amore

Kip James and Roode start, lock-up and armwringer into a side headlock from Kip James. Shoulder block from Kip James, hiptoss by Kip James. Suplex by Kip James for two, Williams comes in for a military press slam. Tag to Konnan, shoe to the body of Williams, right hand by BG James. Leg drop to the nuts by Killings, tag to Young. Right hands by Killings, leg lariat by Killings. Tag to BG James, double boot and dancing punches. Right jabs by BG James, Young dodges the last punch but BG James nails a big boot and his knee drop. Young reverses an Irish whip, A-1 clotheslines BG James. BG James is kicked to the floor, Team Canada put the boots to BG James.

A-1 suplexes BG for two, tag to Roode. Roode places BG James in the tree of woe, Williams is in and stamps on BG James’ nuts. BG double clotheslines Williams & Roode, tag to Kip James. Right hands for every Team Canada member, jackhammer on Young. Match breaks down, Scott D’Amore has a chair. FameAsser by Kip James, Konnan cracks Kip James with the chair, Roode pins Kip James after the chair shot. Konnan lays out BG James too, Konnan hugs Killings, not laying out The Truth.

Another solid match with a storyline twist, the angle between Kip James and The 3-Live Kru was not exactly setting the world on fire but to add this twist and have The New Age Outlaws back together, it is probably a great move on TNA’s part. I mean, let’s face it: Everyone wanted to see The Outlaws back together, they could sell shirts and make money under a different name. Killings always deserved better and Konnan is fun on the mic but boring in the ring.

Winners: Team Canada over 4-Live Kru via Chair to The Head!

Simo Diamond/David Young/Elix Skipper vs Sonjay Dutt/Chris Sabin/Dale Torborg

Anything about this match is irrelevant as Bobby The Brain Heenan is on commentary, Heenan looks well but does not sound great. However, who cares? It is Bobby Heenan, Sabin starts with Skipper. Top wristlock by Skipper, Sabin armdrags Skipper down in a sloppy manner. Side headlock by Skipper, hammerlock by Sabin. Skipper botches a snapmare and lands right on his head (The man continues his streak of fucking up on pay per view). Huge sidekick by Skipper, Sabin dropkicks Skipper to the floor. Young tags in, Sabin dropkicks Young before tagging Dutt. Dutt leg lariats and springboard leg drops Young for two, Tag to Torberg. Torberg knocks down everyone on the opposing team.

Torberg military presses Dutt onto the heels, the heels try leaving and the other sports star backs them into the ring with his baseball bat. Diamon attacks Dutt who was running the ropes, facebuster by Young. Tag to Diamond, right hands by Diamond for two. Tag to Skipper, stiff kick to the spine of Dutt for two. Dutt tries for a double rotation headscissors, Skipper drops Dutt right on his head (Skipper is a genius). Tag to Young, Spinebuster by Young, Sabin makes the save. Slingshot headscissors by Dutt, tag to Torberg. Torberg runs wild, back drop to Diamond.

Chokeslam by Torberg, Skipper & Young save their leader. Match breaks down, Asai DDT by Dutt to Skipper. Young is in the tree of woe, corner dropkick by Sabin. Double dive by Sabin & Dutt, Diamond low blows Torberg behind the referee’s back, Diamond knocks down Torberg with a shinpad. AJ pulls out the referee, Heenan distracts the referee which leads to a cookie tray shot to Diamond, followed by a Cradle Shock and Phoenix Splash for the win.

Skipper is the most unsafe worker in wrestling history, I am 99% sure about this now. The man nearly killed himself and his opponent, there cannot be much worse than this man. Torberg was fine, not much of a heat segment but it’s the X-Division, it is not meant to be a whole lot of selling. Great seeing Heenan mobile and moving, another man who has suffered a torrid time, I hope he is not in pain at the current time.

Winners: Team Sabin over Team Diamond via Phoenix Splash!

Christian Cage Promo

Christian pretends to be The Rock, it does not go well. It comes off as cheap imitation, Christian was not the fiery babyface type.  Christian tells Monty Brown he is going to be served? This is 2005, not 1990!

Christian Cage vs Monty Brown

An unofficial number one contender’s match, Christian wants Jarrett or Rhino. Brown was not happy with another ex-WWE star coming in to steal his spotlight. Christian pumps up this crowd, they lock-up with Brown shoving down Christian. A little shoving back and forth, Christian slaps Brown. Knee by Brown, Christian is tossed to the corner. Brown clubs down Christian, Christian ducks two elbows. Chops by Christian, Brown looks for The Pounce but Christian powders. Christian slides in the ring while Brown slides out, Christian mocks Brown. Christian sends Brown into the guard rail, Brown gets caught off a double axe handle. Christian escapes the military press, Brown is sent to the floor. Christian nails a diving body press to the floor.

 In the ring, Brown stunguns Christian. Brown military presses Christian to the floor, Brown clubs Christian on the floor. Brown motions to thrown Christian into the crowd before throwing Christian into the ring. Brown stomps Christian in the ring for two, Christian fires up before a flapjack from Brown. Reverse chinlock from Brown, forearms to the face. Christian kicks out at two, right hands by Brown. Back elbow by Brown, Christian blocks the exploder suplex but doesn’t block the belly to belly suplex, two for Brown. Rights and lefts by Christian, Brown hard Irish whips Christian, big knee in the corner by Brown.

Christian rips off the turnbuckle padding, hard Irish whip by Brown into the opposite corner. Brown pulls Christian against the ringpost, Christian sends Brown into the ringpost after a failed lawn dart from The Alpha Male. Rights and lefts by Christian, flying forearm by Christian. Discuss elbow and mounted punches by Christian, tornado DDT by Christian for two. Christian tries a roll-up for two, Christian is on the top rope. Brown looks for a belly to belly suplex, Christian bites the head of Brown. Beautiful Frog Splash for two, Brown pushes off Christian onto the referee. Brown delivers a huge Alpha Bomb for two, Brown is irate at the referee. Brown and Christian avoid hitting the exposed turnbuckle until Christian sends Brown into the exposed pad, Unprettier by Christian and Christian wins this match.

I liked this match a lot, Christian brought his A game to his pay per view debut. Not only did Christian make himself look good, he did all he could to make The Alpha Male look unstoppable. The action was good, Christian sold his ass off for Brown, Brown looks good when he is in there with a veteran, it was the best match they could get out of Brown.

Winner: Christian Cage over Monty Brown via Unprettier!

(Elimination Tornado Tag Table Match) AMW W/ Gail Kim vs Team 3D

AMW had laid out Team 3D, Team 3D had never been beaten so badly in all of their illustrious career. Team 3D vowed revenge and what better way to get revenge than beating AMW in the match that Team 3D made famous. Storm was coming into his own on the microphone as this sarcastic smartass heel, this was the type of feud I was crying out for when AMW were running out of opponents. Team 3D jump AMW on the ramp to begin, Brother Ray has a table. Brother Devon is with Harris at ringside, Storm and Brother Ray battle on the ramp. Brother Devon chokes Harris in the ring, Storm sends Brother Ray into the guard rail. Delayed suplex by Harris, double clothesline by Brother Devon. Harris and Brother Ray battle on the floor, Brother Ray whips Harris into the guard rail. Diving Heabutt to the nuts by Brother Devon.

Team 3D have a table, they motion for a 3D. Harris takes out Brother Ray, Brother Devon flapjacks Storm onto the canvas as Harris moves the table. A table is propped in the corner, AMW try to whip Brother Devon through the table. Brother Ray saves his partner by spearing him to the ground, Harris lays Brother Devon on the table. Brother Ray crotches Harris on the top rope,

Brother Ray suplexes Harris but Storm moves the table. Storm boots Brother Ray, Harris clotheslines Brother Devon on the floor. Brother Ray elevates Storm onto Harris and Brother Devon by ringside with a back drop. Open hand slaps by Brother Ray to Storm, Storm is on the table. Brother Ray climbs to the top rope, Storm crotches Brother Ray and delivers a hurricanrana but Brother Devon moves the table. Superkick by Storm on Brother Devon, AMW try for a 3D. Brother Devon DDTs Storm to survive, Team 3D look for The Death Sentence. Brother Devon leg drops Storm through the table. Harris and Brother Devon fight up the ramp, Brother Ray comes to help Brother Devon. Harris gets caught with a 3D through the table and this match is over.

It was fine, the ending was super anti-climatic. I have no idea why they did not finish the match with The Death Sentence, it would have been clever and poetic justice. However, they kept going for one more minute only to get The 3D in? Pointless but this was your fun hardcore match, lots of brawling with the crowd being involved, right team went over as now we can lead to an actual title match.

Winners: Team 3D over AMW via 3D!

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) AJ Styles © vs Samoa Joe

TNA did something silly to put heat on Samoa Joe, TNA had Joe attack Daniels which was a foolish move in the grand scheme of things as Daniels was a fellow heel alongside Joe but the fans liked Joe and despised Daniels. Anyways, Styles was disgusted with Joe’s actions, standing up for his enemy Daniels. Joe is unbeaten and over like rover while Styles has always been over with those in attendance being TNA’s golden boy. These two were part of the only five-star match in TNA history, you know this is going to be a good match. Styles comes out of the block fired up, a whole new intensity from Styles. Rights and lefts followed by a suplex, snapmare and a stiff kick to the spine. Knee to the face by Styles, Styles stomps on Joe’s head.

Styles lowers his head off an Irish whip, boot by Joe but Styles retaliates with a picture-perfect dropkick. Forearms by Styles, stare-down before Joe slaps Styles hard. Huge kicks from Joe, Styles is knocked to the apron, seeing stars. Styles is on the floor, Joe headbutts Styles. Styles hotshots Joe, Joe avoids a plancha and swings Styles into the guard rail. Styles is sent into the guard rail hard, Joe measures Styles. Flying boot from Joe, Joe slaps Styles down for a huge knee drop.

Chop by Joe, huge running senton from Joe for two. Reverse chinlock from Joe, Styles escapes but Joe whips Styles into the corner. Running high knee by Joe, face wash by Joe but Styles blocks the foot. Joe slaps some sense into Styles, running boot from Joe. Joe continues kicking and toying with Styles, Styles looks like he has no idea who he is anymore. Joe puts Styles on the apron, Styles battles back before a boot from Joe, Styles is on his knees. Enzuigiri by Styles, springboard hurricanrana by Styles is blocked for a powerbomb into a Boston crab. Styles reaches the ropes before Joe drags back for a high angle Boston crab, Styles kicks his way out of the hold. Styles elevates Joe to the floor in desperation, Fosbury Flop from Styles.

Springboard Forearm to the back of the head by Styles for two, Styles flips out of the german suplex for a springboard reverse DDT for two. Styles runs off the ropes into a powerslam from Joe, Joe keeps kicking Styles with Styles asking for more from Joe. Joe happily obliges, Styles hits two nice kicks. Joe is dazed, Styles motions for The Styles Clash, Styles powerbombs Joe for a close two. Huge lariat from Joe for one, Styles is firing up after another tigerbomb. Coquina Clutch from Joe, Styles wriggles free for a Pele Kick. Styles has Joe on the top rope for a Muscle Buster, Joe escapes. Styles avoids a middle rope Muscle Buster. Styles Clash for two, O Connor roll by Styles which Joe counters for a Coquina Clutch, Styles passes out. After the match, Daniels saves Styles from a potential injury at the hands of the new champion.

Great wrestling match, where do I begin? How about Joe’s character and wrestling style, Joe comes in and carries himself like an absolute badass. Joe is stiff, Styles is happy to take everything that Joes fires out and it is beautiful as Styles looks off into the distant, no idea where he is and blood dripping from his mouth. Joe is unstoppable, with each second that the match goes on, Styles loses the will to continue as Joe batters the life out of the champion. Styles was selling his ass off for show, tremendous from the champion and the fire is there, Styles is a very underrated babyface. Styles killed it in this match, Joe killed it in this match, both men stole the show.

Winner: Samoa Joe over AJ Styles via Coquina Clutch!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett © vs Rhino

This might ruin my night, Rhino cuts the promo of his life, talking about his marriage, his divorce, his children and his career. Jarrett and main events do not work for me, he is embarrassing. Never a main eventer in my eyes, mid-carder at best. However, when you own the company, you can do what you want, Jarrett won the championship thanks to AMW & Gail Kim. This is the rubber match between the two, if you follow these reviews, you will know that despite Rhino being put over strong on certain occasions, Rhino has been the odd man out in the main events. Twice overshadowed in the main event, first by Team 3D and next by Christian.

Jarrett goes for the test of strength, armwringer by Jarrett. Side headlock and shoulder block by Rhino, clothesline for two. Dropkick by Jarrett for two, hiptoss and short-arm scissors by Jarrett. Rhino powers up Jarrett for a stungun and a military press slam, front suplex and a big boot by Rhino. Jarrett hits the guard rail hard, crossbody by Rhino. They are in the crowd, Rhino hits a board hard. Rhino reverses Jarrett into the board, Rhino poses as the sound quality goes to poop. Jarrett is bleeding as Rhino hammers the champion with right hands.

Rhino has a chair, Jarrett is whacked in the arm. Rhino and Jarrett climb scaffolding which leads to Rhino falling through a table below. Suplex on the ramp by Rhino, Rhino has pulled out a table from the backstage area. Rhino sets up the table on the entrance way, Rhino Gores Jarrett through the table. For whatever reason, the referee starts enforcing rules to the match, Team Canada assault Rhino and bring Jarrett to the ring. Rhino makes it into the ring, right hands by Rhino. Flying clotheslines, right hands to Team Canada. Spear in the corner, Williams and Young are sent to the floor. Spinebuster by Rhino for two, Williams crotches Rhino on the top rope. Superplex by Jarrett for two, TKO by Rhino for two.

 Rhino Gores the referee by mistake, Rhino blocks The Stroke. Belly to belly suplex, Bobby Roode is here. Here is A-1, Gore to A-1. Roode hits Rhino with his Lariat, two for Jarrett. Guitar shot to the head and Rhino kicks out of the guitar shot. Here comes Jackie Gayda, Jackie slaps Jarrett. Gore by Rhino, Jarrett kicks out of The Gore. D-Amore attacks Rhino, Stroke from the second rope onto the chairs, Jarrett wins the match. And at the end of the night, here comes Sting or does he? All we see is a pair of boots, a coat and a baseball bat.

What a load of shite, Jarrett and his main events frustrate so bloody much. Ok, I was curious to see how Rhino would last in a fifteen-minute match as wrestling for such a long period is not his strongest suite. So, they throw out the rulebook and allow them to use a tonne of weapons and crowd brawling, that was smart, they knew Rhino and Jarrett without the toys would be shite. Then, they try to enforce the rules, there is a count-out spot when they have been fighting on the floor for about eight minutes and the constant interference leads to no disqualifications yet Jarrett has to hide the chair and guitar shots despite the referee seeing  Team Canada jump Rhino? Bullshit right there.

Finally, poor Jarrett does not understand the concept of a false-finish and killing a match. You had Williams & Young, you had the guitar shot, you A-1 & Roode, you had Jackie Gayda and then you had more Team Canada and a Stroke onto chairs, that is way too much! How is anyone supposed to buy into Jarrett winning with a Stroke when Rhino survived belts, finishers and guitar shots beforehand. Bullshit like that does not help build drama, it is overkill plain and simple.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Rhino via Stroke!

 That was TNA’s Turning Point of 2005, a good example of why I should do TNA more often on this review site. It was mostly wonderful, so many good matches, a bit of everything with the hardcore match, the x-division match, the story-telling of Styles vs Joe and big matches like Christian vs Monty Brown. Time flew by with this pay per view and the only criticism I have were small apart from the main event which I will say this about: Less Jarrett, thank you very much. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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