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WWE Vengeance 2004 Review

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Good evening and welcome wrestling fans to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is breaking down faster than Bray Wyatt’s marriage. It is time for WWE’s Vengeance of 2004. A Raw pay per view headlined by Triple H vs Chris Benoit for The World Heavyweight Championship, Kane vs Matt Hardy and we also have Edge vs Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship. Looking at the card, I am not overly impressed, it seems like this could be a weak entry alongside last month’s Great American Bash. Could I just being ignorant or will I be proved right? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

All focus on the world championship match. Time has run out for Benoit, Triple H maintains Benoit is a fluke champion. Triple H had rid himself of the thorn in his side which was Shawn Michaels, Triple H has manipulated Eugene on his side and wants his baby back.

Garrison Cade & The Coach vs Tajiri & Rhyno

The Coach is still feuding with Tajiri? I have no idea why they keep putting Coach in matches, I would rather not see Coach in action. Cade & Rhyno begin the match, waistlock and armwringer by Rhyno, Cade reverses for an armwringer. Rhyno counters for a side headlock, shoulder block by Rhyno. Cade slaps Rhyno, Rhyno pummels Cade. Hiptoss by Rhyno, Rhyno motions for The Gore. Cade powders fast, Rhyno clubs all over Cade, tag to Tajiri. Cade beats down Tajiri, Irish whip and Tajiri kicks Cade hard. Low dropkick and a cradle for two, Coach nails Tajiri from the apron after an Irish whip. Cade takes control with a back suplex, illegal choke from Cade.

Tag to Coach, Coach kicks and talks trash. Irish whip and scoop slam by Coach, Coach mocks Tajiri and gets kicked in the head. Elbow by Coach, tag to Cade. Double suplex, two for Cade. Tag to Coach, surfboard hold by Coach. Tajiri boots Coach, Tarantula by Tajiri. Enzuigiri by Tajiri, tag to Rhyno. Shoulder blocks to Coach, suplex. Back drop to Cade, belly to belly to Coach. Cade saves Coach, Tajiri blind tags into the match. Cade throws Rhyno to the floor, Handspring Elbow by Tajiri to Coach & Cade. Poison Mist to Cade, Rhyno Gores Cade. Tajiri Buzzsaw Kicks Coach for the win.

It was fine, not my first choice of an opening match but it was not bad. Coach had his run by this point, please no more pay per view matches with Coach in them, I have had my fill, it has run its course. Quit while you are ahead, Coach did come into his own as a comedic heel, it had been almost a year since his turn, not too bad for an announcer.

Winners: Rhyno & Tajiri over Coach & Cade via Buzzsaw Kick!

Evolution Segment

Batista, Flair and Orton are asking The Game about Eugene. Evolution does not like Eugene, Triple H notices Eugene is missing. Triple H goes looking for Eugene, Benoit and Eugene are talking in the hall way.

Chris Jericho vs Batista

Jericho has moved on from his feud with Christian to The Animal Batista. Jericho should be able to make Batista look like a monster in this match. No sign of Christian on this show, I assume he was injured. That’s disappointing, seems like things were going to click into gear for Captain Charisma. Batista catches Jericho in the corner, huge forearms and knees by Batista. Shoulder thrusts by Batista, Jericho holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip. Jericho is lowbridged to the floor, springboard dropkick by Jericho. In the ring, Batista overpowers Jericho, neckbreaker by Batista for two. Reverse chinlock by Batista, Jericho fights back before Batista knocks down Jericho.

Seated full-nelson by Batista, Jericho shakes off Batista to the floor. Jericho dropkicks the knee of Batista, huge kicks to the leg. Batista knees Jericho, Batista places Jericho on the top rope. Jericho fights off Batista, diving reverse elbow for two. Forearms by Jericho, Batista does not even wobble. Sidewalk slam by Batista for two, forearms to the back by Batista. Knee across the throat by Batista, backbreaker for two. Backbreaker stretch by Batista, knees to the head by Jericho. Jericho counters a backbreaker for forearms to the face, forearm floors Batista for the first time. Jericho slides out of a powerslam for a chop block, Walls of Jericho attempt.

Batista kicks off Jericho, drop toehold by Jericho. Jericho looks for a knee across the back but huge spinebuster by Batista for two. Jericho slides out of The Batista Bomb for a cradle, two for Jericho. Batista is angry, right hands to the face. Modified bulldog from the middle rope by Jericho, Lionsault is blocked with the knees. Batista is ready to uncoil, Jericho ducks the clothesline. Running Enzuigiri by Y2J, two as Batista kicks out. Kicks by Jericho, Batista fires up with a spinebuster. Batista Bomb but Jericho’s foot is on the ropes, the referee does not see the foot.

That was a little weird, Batista was a big monster. I was certain The Animal was going over but that finish is there to protect Y2J? I did not expect it in the slightest, I am interested to see what is going on in the coming months for Y2J. The match was fine, Jericho did his best to make Batista look menacing, solid stuff with a bizarre finish.

Winner: Batista over Chris Jericho via Batista Bomb!

Eugene & Evolution Sgement

Eugene comes back to Triple H, Triple H convinces Eugene that Benoit is a liar, Evolution is his friends and everything is going to be ok. Triple H has a gift for Eugene, it’s one of Flair’s robes. Flair shakes his head in disgust as Eugene struts.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) La Resistance © vs Ric Flair & Eugene

Eugene has been befriended by Evolution due to Triple H’s manipulation. Eugene & Flair challenge for the championships, Flair looks at Eugene with utter disgust. Huge Eugene chants echo around the arena, Eugene and Conway begin the match. Eugene begins stealing Flair’s mannerisms, lock-up with Eugene pushing back Conway and strutting. Lock-up, side headlock by Eugene. Hammerlock by Eugene, Conway reverses before Eugene trips and floats over on Conway. Shoulder block and hiptoss by Eugene, chop and down goes Conway. Tag to Grenier, shin breaker by Eugene into a knee drop. Chop by Eugene and more strutting, knee by Grenier. Irish whip and back drop by Grenier, Eugene begs for mercy and eye pokes Grenier.

Conway comes in for chops, Eugene turns the tables. Conway counters for a pummelling, Eugene flops like Flair. Flair tags in off Eugene, Flair keeps Wooing at Conway. Chops by Flair, right hands to Conway and a chop to Grenier. Back elbow to Grenier, knee drop to Grenier. Conway is in the corner selling, more chops. Suplex by Flair, Figure Four by Flair, Grenier elbows Flair in the face. Tag to Grenier, Grenier chokes Flair. Right hand by Grenier decks Flair for a two count, tag to Conway. Flair chops back at Conway, Conway takes down Flair. Conway slaps Flair, chop by Flair. Clothesline by Conway for two, tag to Grenier. Grenier stomps all over Flair, hard Irish whip and a back body drop for two.

Reverse chinlock by Grenier, Flair walks into a shoulder block. Tag to Conway, front chancery by Conway. Flair inches towards Eugene, Grenier attacks Eugene, preventing the tag. Flair is double teamed by La Resistance, Au Revoir by La Resistance. Eugene saves Flair, Conway is thrown to the floor and Eugene batters Grenier. Eugene shoves the referee in a fit of rage, Stunner for Grenier. Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow to Conway, the referee DQs Eugene for the shove.

That was so much fun, as a match it was mostly average but damn it was entertaining. Eugene was great mimicking Flair, Flair would get more irate with each imitation while the crowd were so riled up and into it, by the time Flair entered the ring, the crowd wanted to see Flair battle La Resistance.

Winners: La Resistance over Flair & Eugene via DQ!

(No Disqualification Match) Matt Hardy W/ Lita vs Kane

Kane had attacked Hardy on multiple occasions, Kane threatened Matt which led to Lita sacrificing herself for Matt’s safety. Lita had to do something to save Matt, that something was sleeping with Kane. Kane raped Lita, that is the pay-off to that story, Lita is pregnant and it is Kane’s baby. Hardy is ready to put it all on the line, this leads to this match with no rules. They meet on the ramp, Kane batters Hardy around the ring. Hardy tries to get back into the match, Kane outpowers Hardy. Kane misses a right hand and Hardy sends Kane into the ringpost and the announce table. TV monitor to the head by Hardy, Hardy looks for a Twist of Fate on the announce table, Kane shoves off Hardy.

They are in the crowd, Kane throws Hardy back to ringside. Hardy eats huge right hands from Kane, short-arm clothesline by Kane. Camel clutch by Kane, Hardy fights out before a boot to the head. Clothesline by Kane and a foot choke, Hardy is slammed off the ramp. Kane climbs to the top rope, diving clothesline by Kane. Kane taunts Hardy, Hardy battles back before Kane cuts off Hardy with a knee and a throw to the floor. Big boot by Kane, Hardy rolls into the ring. Kane is clothesline and is tied up in the ropes, Hardy pummels Kane. Ring bell to the head by Hardy, Hardy climbs to the top rope. Leg Drop to the back of the head, Kane blocks The Twist of Fate.

Kane looks for a Tombstone, Hardy counters for The Twist of Fate, two count for Hardy. Kane sits up, Chokeslam by The Big Red Machine. Kane grabs the steel steps, Lita comes sprinting to ringside, Lita gets in the way of Kane. Kane puts it down and gets Lita out of harm’s way, asking her to watch what Kane does to Hardy. Hardy uses a chair to whack the steel steps into Kane’s face, Hardy picks up the win.

That was solid, I liked Kane being dominant, I feel he has been portrayed a bit weak since Wrestlemania. Yes, he did lose the match but when you rape somebody’s girlfriend, I do not think there is going to be any doubt about whoever is going to win the match.

Winner: Matt Hardy over Kane via Chair Shot!

Matt Hardy/Lita Segment

Matt calls Lita foolish for stepping into the ring when she is pregnant, Matt tells Lita to stay away from him while he has time to think. Lita looks on in shock, not believing what her potential husband is telling her to her face.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Randy Orton © vs Edge

Orton is on a roll, the Backlash match with Cactus Jack was a humongous leap forward for The Legend Killer. Orton was maturing well and growing steadily for the company. On the other side, we have Edge. One of the fastest rising stars on Smackdown before a neck injury robbed Edge of a year in his career. Edge came back on the Raw brand, Edge is destined to be a big star in the grand scheme of things. Two of WWE’s rising stars, two stars who are hungry and want to steal the show, expect something special here.

Side headlock by Orton, Edge reverses for his own headlock and a shoulder block. Side headlock by Edge, another shoulder block by Edge. Side headlock by Orton, shoulder block by Edge and a side headlock by the challenger. Shoulder blocks by Edge (3x), Orton powders and begins leaving the arena. Edge chases Orton up the ramp, Orton sidesteps Edge when the two re-enter the ring. Edge is on the floor, Orton sarcastically claps Edge. Edge is bounced off the ring apron. Suplex from the apron by Orton, two for Orton. Uppercut by Orton, Orton forearm smashes Edge on the apron and applies a wristlock to wear down Edge. Edge fires up, wriggling free and nailing a forearm to the face. Edge clotheslines Orton to the floor, baseball slide by Edge.

Missile dropkick by Edge for two, Edge measures for a Spear. Orton counters with a kick to the face, Orton backbreaker for two. Orton rakes Edge’s face on the floor, Orton elbows Edge across the throat. Orton chokes Edge in the ring, neck vice from the champion. Leg drop on the neck by Orton for two, Orton runs into a boot from Edge, forearm shots by Edge but Orton cuts off the challenger with a huge knee, knee drop to the face and a choke with the knee. Standing dropkick by Orton for two, reverse chinlock by Orton. Edge fires up but Orton pulls Edge down by the hair, clubbing blows to the neck by Orton. Reverse chinlock by Orton, Orton & Edge sit in it for a good amount of time.

High crossbody by Edge for two, O Connor roll for two. Clothesline by Orton, Orton tries a middle rope double axe handle but Edge nails a huge dropkick. Neckbreaker out of desperation by Edge, side Russian legsweep by Edge for two. Edge dodges a dropkick from Orton, catapult by Edge. Orton hits the corner hard, Edge O Matic for two. Edge is on the top rope, Orton prevents Edge diving. Edge yanks Orton off the top rope, crossbody by Edge but Orton rolls through for two. Eye poke by Orton, Orton exposes a turnbuckle. Small package by Edge for two, Orton rolls-up Edge with a handful of tights for two. Dropkick by Orton, two count for the champion.

Edge counters a right hand for an Edgecution, two count for Edge. Ten punches by Edge, Orton flapjacks Edge on the exposed turnbuckle. Roll-up with feet on the ropes by Orton for two, Edge shoves off Orton’s RKO attempt. Orton leapfrogs The Spear, RKO is blocked for a backslide. Two for Edge, Edge Irish whips Orton into the exposed turnbuckle, Spear by Edge and we have a new champion.

Great match at the very end, you could have shaved a lot of time off this match though. I was not invested in the first 15 minutes of this, a lot of headlocks and the heat segment from Orton was nothing special. Orton could have worked the neck more and or went after Edge’s hand, it did not happen.  Crowd chanted boring and were growing restless, I have to agree with them when it comes to most of the match. However, that ending five minutes were magic, crowd was eating up every counter. Every near-fall was great and that final Spear had the crowd erupting with joy.

Winner: Edge over Randy Orton via Spear!

(Number 1 Contender’s Match) Victoria vs Molly Holly

A rematch from Wrestlemania, with Lita being pregnant in storyline, the WWE is back to being behind Victoria as the top babyface of the division. Molly takes the arm, nice wristlock into a pin for two. Armwringer by Molly, Victoria reverses the hold. Forearms by Molly, Victoria does the splits and a monkey flip RVD Style, booty shaking moonsault is blocked for a roll-up, two for Molly. Side headlock by Molly, Victoria planchas onto Molly on the floor but before Victoria can re-enter the ring, Molly trips Victoria who lands on the steel steps and hurts her arm. Handspring elbow by Molly for two, Molly continues working the arm. Fujiwara armbar by Molly, Victoria inches her wat towards the ropes.

 Molly knees the arm of Victoria, back to the Fujiwara armbar. Victoria fights back before Molly stunguns Victoria on the arm. Molly kicks Victoria to the floor, kick to the head by Victoria. Jacknife cover by Victoria for two, backslide for two. Left hand by Victoria, back elbow by Victoria. Powerslam by Victoria, Victoria calls for The Widow’s Peak, Victoria could not do it with her arm. Superkick by Victoria and she wins the match.

Not much time for the match but a well-executed match from these two great women’s wrestlers. Victoria sells the arm the whole match, it plays into the finish with The Widow’s Peak failing, she had to be resourceful and she came up with the superkick, Molly worked the arm and when the match was over, Victoria was still selling the arm. Today’s talent could learn a thing or two from these two.

Winner: Victoria over Molly Holly via Superkick!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs Triple H

Most of this match centres around Eugene, Eugene had manipulated his biggest friend Eugene to attack Benoit, to join Evolution and help The Game win the championship back from The Rabid Wolverine. They lock-up, clean break with the referee separating the two. Hammerlock by Triple H, top wristlock into an armdrag by Benoit. Side headlock takedowns by Triple H, Benoit uses his legs to escape every time. Side headlock by Triple H, followed by a shoulder block. Benoit attempts a Crossface, Triple H powders to the floor. Benoit throws Triple H into the ring, Triple H gains control with a running high knee, suplex by Triple H, make it two.

Chops by Benoit, back elbow by The Game. Two for Triple H, backbreaker by Triple H. Benoit fires up but Triple H pulls Benoit to the floor, Benoit is sent back first into the ring apron. Chops by Benoit in the ring, boot to the face of Triple H. More chopping, snap suplex by Benoit. Hard Irish whip by Benoit, German suplex by Benoit. Triple H dodges another German and a northern lights suplex, catapult by Benoit. Triple H is clotheslined to the floor, eye poke by The Game. Benoit sends Triple H into the steel steps, Benoit misses his Diving Headbutt. Triple H Irish whips Benoit hard into the turnbuckle, Triple H whips Benoit into the corner again. Knee drops by Triple H, stalling front suplex by Triple H. Two for The Game, vicious stomps by Triple H. Another front suplex by Triple H, two for The Game.

Surfboard by Triple H, Benoit mounts a comeback before sidestepping the champion. Benoit is sent into the barricade, two for Triple H. Abdominal stretch by Triple H, Benoit breaks free to reverse the hold. Triple H breaks free with a hiptoss, sleeper hold by Triple H. Benoit has his own sleeper, Sharpshooter is blocked by Triple H. Pedigree is countered for The Sharpshooter. Triple H is close to the ropes, Benoit drags away. On the second attempt, Triple H reaches the ropes. German suplex by Benoit, make it three. Benoit calls for The Diving Headbutt, Triple H rolls to the floor to avoid the manoeuvre. Suicide dive by Benoit, they re-enter the ring and Triple H waffles the referee with a clothesline. DDT by Triple H, Eugene calls for Triple H to come down to ringside.

 Benoit catches Triple H in The Crossface, Benoit ask the referee to wake the referee. Eugene is conflicted, Triple H cannot reverse the hold. Triple H is tapping, Benoit peppers Eugene, knocking Eugene to the floor. Low blow by Triple H, Pedigree. Eugene wakes the referee with Benoit kicking out at two, Eugene grabs a chair. Eugene has the chair, handing it to Triple H. Eugene tries taking back the chair, Triple H shoves Eugene to the floor. Benoit has the chair, Flair is whacked in the head as is Batista, Eugene is in the ring. Benoit pleads Eugene to leave, Triple H kicks the chest of Benoit. Triple H stands over Benoit, low blow by Benoit. Both are down, the chair is up for grabs. Eugene does not whack Benoit, Eugene does not whack Triple H. Benoit and Eugene fight for the chair, Eugene waffles Triple H by mistake. Roll-up by Benoit and Benoit retains his championship.

Good match with a lot of drama heightened with Eugene. Some will argue Eugene should not have been involved in the angle, I do not agree. I think Eugene helped to heighten the tension for the final moments of the match, you did not know whether he would hit Benoit or screw over Triple H. In the end, Eugene accidently hit Triple H which would lead into their feud, Benoit and Triple H have a lot of chemistry, the match was interesting and I was invested 100%

Winner: Chris Benoit over Triple H via Roll-Up!

That was WWE’s Vengeance of 2004, a pay per view that seems to follow the norm of the year. You have one or two matches that you want to watch and the rest is utter filler. The brand split gave rise to some stars but I do not know if it was an overall success with so many matches that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. That being said, there was nothing horrible or time-wasting on the show, a lot of the matches were just there. The main event was fun, Triple H and Benoit worked great together and I did not mind Eugene being in the madness. The intercontinental championship match was good too albeit being flat in the middle, it was your standard pay per view from the time. It had good stuff but the quality dipped throughout the night. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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