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WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that fights back against Youtube! WWE’s No Mercy of 2004 is next on the hit list, Smackdown and Raw were having a rough 2004, Raw was looking worse with Triple H on top, resetting despite Randy Orton’s rise to the main event scene. Smackdown had seen Eddie Guerrero as champion before low drawing numbers led to JBL and his surprisingly good matches and gimmick. However, JBL has hit a brick wall known as The Undertaker and it does not look like The Deadman is doing the JOB anytime soon. We have a rematch from Summerslam as these two go one on one while we have Booker T vs John Cena and Kurt Angle vs The Big Show. Like always, there is potential but will it be a homerun for Smackdown? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Three money matches and they are all advertised and hyped with epic music and fanfare, the good stuff from the WWE production team.

Eddie Guerrero vs Luther Reigns

Tazz says it all, kicking it off strong with Eddie Guerrero facing off against the rather green Luther Reigns, Reigns had his debut pay per view match several months before with Charlie Haas, it was interesting to say the least. Not the best showcase for Reigns but when Eddie is in the ring, I have to think this might be Reigns’ best match of his entire career.

Reigns backs Eddie into the corner, short-arm clothesline by Reigns. Eye poke by Eddie, Eddie chops and scores with a back elbow. Drop toehold and reverse chinlock by Eddie, side headlock by Eddie. Reigns shoulder blocks Eddie, Eddie leg trips Reigns. Side headlock by Eddie, dropkick by Eddie. Snapmare for two, armwringer by Eddie. Reigns whips Eddie into the corner off an Irish whip, gorilla press slam by Reigns for two. Hard Irish whip and bearhug by Reigns, Eddie wriggles free after multiple headbutts but Reigns big boots Eddie. Left jabs by Reigns, Eddie is floored for two. Reverse chinlock by Reigns, transition into a surfboard. Eddie kicks his way out but Reigns nails a huge back suplex for two.

Backbreaker by Reigns, Eddie knees his way out of the hold. Reigns dodges an oncoming Latino Heat, Jindrak puts the boots to Eddie behind the referee’s back. Eddie shakes it off, Eddie grabs the back of Reigns. Knees by Reigns, back elbow by Reigns for two. Backbreaker into a submission hold by Reigns, powerslam by Reigns for two. Eddie avoids the swinging neckbreaker, shiranui-like manoeuvre by Latino Heat.

Eddie nails rights and lefts, elbows by Latino Heat. Dropkick by Eddie, clotheslines and a flying forearm. Three Amigos by Eddie, Reigns counters the third though for a front suplex. Eddie looks hurt by ringside, Eddie sees a security guard and bumps him in the back to steal a baton. Eddie brings in a chair, the chair is dropkicked into Jindrak’s face. Reigns is down, Eddie misses The Frog Splash. The referee throws out the chair while Eddie decks Reigns with the baton, Eddie covers for the win after a Frog Splash.

Big carry job from Latino Heat but you know what? I enjoyed this match, Eddie was fantastic, the man oozed charisma. Crowd loved Eddie, Eddie did a good job in making Reigns’ offense look good and impactful, I did think Latino Heat was sloppy in parts but I will overlook it for the sheer entertainment that Guerrero brought to the match, the finish is unique for Eddie’s character and clever, yeah I liked this a lot.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Luther Reigns via Frog Splash!

Dawn Marie Interview

Dawn Marie is implying that Charlie Haas wants Dawn Marie, Dawn Marie promises to kick Jackie Gayda’s ass, Dawn Marie walks in on a changing Jackie and tells her to her face that she is not all that.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Spike Dudley © W/ The Dudley Boyz vs Nunzio W/ Johnny Stamboli

Nunzio had beaten Spike on Smackdown, that leads to this match. That’s all I expect from this division and I am not surprised. Nunzio backs Spike into the corner, forearm and shoulder block by Nunzio. Big hiptosses and Spike powders, Spike comes in where Nunzio controls the match with quick pins before a huge elbow from Spike. Spike applies a hammerlock but Nunzio sends Spike to the floor. Plancha by Nunzio, cover for two. Scoop slam by Nunzio, Bubba distracts the referee while D-Von shoves Nunzio off the top rope. Spike covers for two, Spike applies a full-nelson. Nunzio escapes before a drop toehold from Spike, Nunzio counters the La Magistral for a roll-up.

Nunzio tries a middle rope axe handle but Spike has it well-scouted with a dropkick. Bottom rope choke by Spike, The Dudleys attack Nunzio behind the referee’s back. Full-nelson by Spike once more, Nunzio backs Spike into the corner. Powerbomb by Nunzio, back suplex with a bridge for two. Hard Irish whip by Nunzio, Spike kicks out at two. Middle rope leg drop by Nunzio for two, Spike pulls Nunzio to the floor. Spike misses a double stomp, Nunzio back drops Spike on the floor. Nunzio covers but Spike’s foot is on the ropes. Backslide by Nunzio for two, Bubba is on the apron. Nunzio knocks down Bubba, D-Von grabs the leg of Nunzio. Nunzio misses a corner splash, Bubba pulls Nunzio groin first into the ringpost and Spike steals the win.

A good match, I was worried that the crowd might not give a damn about this match but by the end, they were into the action and were cheering on Nunzio to win the championship. Spike with The Dudleys as his backup is a fun idea, they can get a lot of mileage out of this gimmick if they can build up good babyfaces like Paul London. But yeah, good stuff with no real complains from me.

Winner: Spike Dudley over Nunzio via Shenanigans!

Paul London vs Billy Kidman

Interesting little story here with Kidman injuring Chavo Guerrero with his Shooting Star Press, the injury played on Kidman’s mind. Kidman could not bring himself to perform the move, it would cost London and his partner multiple matches and their tag team championships. Kidman would become an introvert, refusing to finish matches and walking away time after time. The stipulation is Kidman cannot walk away from this match or he is fired, I like to see a bit of personality and character development in my wrestling.

Match starts with a baseball slide from London, forearm shots by London. Back drop by London, snapmare and kick to the spine. Leaping calf kick by London for two, right hands by an irate London. Clothesline by London, dropsault by London. Kidman is on the floor, springboard moonsault by London to the floor. Slingshot splash for two, eye rake from Kidman. Kidman kicks London in the face before hurling London sternum first into the ringpost, low dropkick by Kidman to the back of London. Abdominal stretch by Kidman, London knees his way out of the hold. Kick to the ribs by Kidman for two, surfboard stretch by Kidman. London wriggles free, London tried to leapfrog out of the corner but Kidman saw it coming for a huge gutbuster by Kidman for two.

Flapjack by Kidman, abdominal stretch on the ground by Kidman. Kidman continues working the ribs of Kidman, huge forearm by London. Kick to the ribs, London mounts a comeback before a knee to the ribs by Kidman. London fires up with a flying forearm and a spinning heel kick, enzuigiri by London. Two for London, it is 1998 all over again as Kidman counters a powerbomb for a facebuster. Two for Kidman, London elevates Kidman to the apron. London bounces Kidman’s head off the top turnbuckle, London tries a suplex but Kidman slides out. The BK bomb is turned into a hurricanrana for two, Kidman dropkicks London hard.

Kidman thinks about The Shooting Star Press, Kidman panics and refuses to do the move. Kidman goes back and forth over whether to do the move or not, Kidman runs back to the ring. London superkicks Kidman in the face, London tries sticking it to London with a shooting star press, Kidman blocks with his knees before decimating London with The Shooting Star Press. Kidman sees London bleeding and on a stretcher, Kidman does it again to London.

That was really well-worked, I enjoyed this match a lot. Kidman worked over the ribs the whole match, good psychology on the part of Kidman. Kidman finally seems to have an edge, London was good too but the match falls apart for one reason and one reason only: The crowd wanted to see The Shooting Star Press and when Kidman performed the move, the fans were happy. When London is strapped to the stretcher, Kidman does it again and the crowd cheers louder. It is disappointing that a good match is ruined by poor reception for the fans.

Winner: Billy Kidman over Paul London via Shooting Star Press!

JBL interview

Josh Matthews interviews JBL, JBL insults the crowd. It is ok, JBL calls off as a slimeball who the fans want to see get annihilated. What I like about this interview is JBL cannot guarantee victory for once as he is truly terrified of The Deadman.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree © W/ Hiroko & Fifi vs Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio

Seems like it was not long before Kenzo Suzuki found his calling as a comedy character, I think this must have been the inspiration for his gimmick which he portrayed for years in AJPW. Mysterio & RVD are two high-flying babyfaces, they should be a booker’s wet dream of a tag team. Dupree & RVD talk trash before trading wrestling holds, Dupree has a side headlock. Powerbomb attempt is countered for a roll-up by RVD, more roll-ups with lots of theatrics. The crowd appreciates the action, Mysterio blind tags in for a double dropkick before Dupree drives Mysterio into the corner, tag to Suzuki.

Boot out of the corner by Mysterio, low dropkick by Mysterio. Dupree is side-stepped, tag to RVD. Simultaneous tope con hilos by the challengers, RVD covers Suzuki for two. Throat thrust by Suzuki, clothesline by RVD. Dupree is knocked off the apron, Suzuki distracts the referee while Dupree shoves RVD off the top rope. Huge chops by Suzuki, scoop slam and knee drop by Suzuki. Tag to Dupree, snapover neckbreaker and reverse chinlock by Dupree. Mysterio is knocked off the apron, tag to Suzuki. Knee drop with Mysterio saving RVD. Armbar by Suzuki, Suzuki motions to ram RVD’s head into the turnbuckle, RVD kicks Suzuki in the head and tags Mysterio. Tornado DDT by Mysterio, Dupree saves Suzuki.

Dupree is knocked to the floor by Mysterio, ten punches by Mysterio on Suzuki. Suzuki elevates Mysterio to the apron, springboard senton for two. Chop by Suzuki, Mysterio trips Suzuki. Dupree saves Suzuki from a 619. Dupree tries a powerbomb, RVD chop blocks Dupree. Rolling Thunder by RVD, Mysterio 619s Suzuki. Dupree hotshots Mysterio to save Suzuki form a West Coast Pop, RVD takes out Dupree but Suzuki rolls-up Mysterio using the ropes for leverage.

Solid match, nothing overly memorable or exciting about it but a good showing for all involved. The tag team division was not all the great on either brand at this point but I could see RVD and Mysterio having a good championship run had RVD not been injured soon after this pay per view. What I must say about this show so far is it is extremely solid, there is nothing that I hate or can complain about, it’s all middle of the road.

Winners: Suzuki & Dupree over RVD & Mysterio via Roll-Up!

Kurt Angle vs Big Show

Big Show returned on an episode of Smackdown after being kayfabe fired by Kurt Angle. Show came after Angle as revenge, Angle took a tranquilizer dart, firing it into the back of The Big Show and shaving the giant’s head bald. Show is going to kill Angle, that is the basic concept of this match. This would be the beginning of bald Show, Angle looks petrified as Show stares down The Olympic Hero. They lock-up, Show clean breaks and tells Angle that Show will kick Angle’s ass time and time again. Lock-up with Show shoving Angle to the floor, side headlock by Angle, Show counters for a toss and a shoulder block.

Angle takes the back, Show backs Angle into the corner. Huge butt bump by Show, huge toss by Show. Suplex by Show, Show steps all over the chest of Angle. Hard Irish whip and a military press slam by Show, Angle powders and begins leaving the arena. Angle comes back before stopping in front of the referee, Angle gets counted out and Show is declared the winner. Theodore Long comes out and restarts the match. Angle rolls in at nine, huge headbutt by Show. Chest slap by Show, Show steps all over Angle. Another huge toss by Show, hard Irish whip which sends Angle over the top rope and to the floor. Angle has a chair, Show punches the chair into Angle’s face. Leg drop by Show, huge chest slaps by Show.

Angle elbows Show in the corner, Angle dives into a scoop slam. Show calls for The Chokeslam, Angle reverses for a roll-through into an Ankle Lock. Angle grapevines the leg, Show kicks off Angle into the referee. Angle grabs the chair and waffles the leg of Show. Angle begins working the leg while Show writhes in pain, heel hook from Angle. Show kicks off Angle but misses a crucial big boot, Angle delivers an Angle Slam for two. Angle rolls out to grab his gun, Show breaks the gun over his knee. Angle punches Show to no effect, Alley Oop Bomb by Show. Chokeslam with Angle on the top rope, Show has his revenge.

Show is a good wrestler, Show can be very good when he is allowed work a match that suites his style. Angle is extremely good and this was the perfect match for Show, Show tosses and hurls Angle around the ring, Angle makes every punch, every boot and every slam look like it has broken him apart. Angle is entertaining and crafty as he uses the chair as the only way to cripple the giant before Angle does the job and puts over Show like an absolute monster with that top rope Chokeslam.

Winner: Big Show over Kurt Angle via Top Rope Chokeslam!

(WWE United States Championship Match) John Cena vs Booker T © (Final of Best of Five Series)

Cena clotheslined Angle by mistake, Angle stripped Cena of his championships. Booker T won the championship and the two engaged in a rivalry over the championship. Like all series matches, it comes down to the wire as the final match will decide who goes home with the championship. In a nice touch, both men are shown walking towards the stage before making their entrance. Cena wins the initial slugfest, shoulder block by Cena for one. Another shoulder block, Booker avoids the third with a drop toehold. Cena dodges the shuffle sidekick, clothesline to the floor by Cena. Knee by Booker, clubbing blows that weaken The Doctor of Thuganomics.

 Boot out of the corner by Cena, clothesline for two. Spinebuster by Booker for two, Cena is sent into the steel steps. Booker tries again but Cena sends Booker into the steel steps, cover by Cena for two. Booker suckers in Cena for a hotshot, huge thrustkick by Booker for two. Reverse chinlock by Booker, Cena wriggles free for a crossbody. Two for Cena, Cena tries an Irish whip but Booker Irish whips Cena hard into the corner. Suplex by Booker for two, another reverse chinlock. Cena blocks a suplex for his own suplex, Booker regains control with a flapjack. Cena reaches the ropes, Booker lays in some vicious rights to the head of Cena. Booker misses a Harlem Sidekick, Booker is all tied up in the ropes.

Cena fires up, clotheslines and back elbows by Cena. Shoulder block for two, bulldog by Cena which leads to The Five Knuckle Shuffle. Two for Cena, Cena pumps the sneakers, FU does not connect. Book-End for two, Booker grabs a chair from ringside. The referee talks Booker out of using the chair, Scissors Kick misses and Cena covers for two. Booker grabs a front chancery, Cena backs Booker into the corner and delivers an FU to become The United States Champion.

Underwhelming in a lot of ways, they had been working a lot with one another and that shows as it was not a bad match by any stretch. However, it did not have that big fight feel, it was not back and forth with lots of drama and excitement. Cena never looked like he was in danger against Booker T, Cena’s victory look assured as soon as the bell rang for the match. It was just there which is fine for this pay per view, it fits with that theme but for a blow-off to a feud, it was tame.

Winner: John Cena over Booker T via FU!

Charlie Haas/Rico/Jackie Gayda vs The Dudley Boyz/Dawn Marie

So, the story of the match is that Jackie and Charlie are getting married but Dawn claims Haas wants Dawn and that the marriage is essentially a sham. Dawn is wearing a shirt with the words “Charlie loves Dawn” printed on it, nice heel work from Ms. Marie. D-Von jumps Haas to begin the match, Haas leapfrogs out of the corner, nice hiptosses and dropkick by Haas. Back drop by D-Von, tag to Dawn. Dawn checks on Haas, tag to Jackie. Dawn was showing her thong to Haas, Jackie rips off Dawn’s shirt and chokes her with it. Dawn is tied up in the ropes, Bubba pulls down Jackie by the hair.

Dawn tags Bubba, Bubba pulls on the hair of Jackie. Bubba closes his eyes, Jackie tags Rico. Rico and Bubba kiss, Bubba freaks out while Rico celebrates. Bubba pretends to puke at ringside, Bubba tags D-Von. Backslides and other pins by Rico, D-Von kicks out over and over. Spinkick and huge boot to the face by Rico, Bubba returns to crotch Rico on the top rope. D-Von scoop slams amd elbows Rico for two, tag to Bubba. Bubba chokes Rico with tape, Rico breaks free and DDTs Bubba. Tag to Haas, right hands by Haas. Back drop for D-Von, dropkick for Bubba. Exploder suplex by Haas, flying forearm to D-Von. Bubba elbows D-Von by mistake.

German suplex to Bubba, Dawn distracts Haas. Rico blind tags in, crossbody for two. Jackie and Dawn brawl in the ring, headbutt by Dawn. Jackie hits the floor hard, What’s Up headbutt does not happen as Rico wants D-Von’s shiny head on his balls. Rico grabs Sawn allowing Jackie to hit a Spear. Crossbody by Haas, Moonsault by Rico and Team Babyface win this match.

This was your comedy break match and I loved it, Rico ran the whole nine yards with his gimmick. Commitment and hard work can get you a long way if you put in as much effort as Rico, this was fun. I had a smile on my face as I watched it and it served its purpose to hold over the crowd for the main event.

Winners: Haas/Rico/Jackie over The Dudleys Boyz & Dawn Marie via Moonsault!

(WWE Championship Match) The Undertaker vs JBL © (Last Ride Match)

Think of an ambulance match, the only way to win is to drag your opponent to the stage and place him in the hearse. JBL brought back Viscera and Gangrel to take out Undertaker, Undertaker would destroy both his former associates, leaving JBL without any backup, JBL’s days as champion could be numbered. They hype the bejesus out of how this could be Undertaker’s next championship reign, video packages played throughout the night detailing Undertaker’s championship reigns.

JBL goes right after Taker, bad idea with Taker winning the war of the fists. Elbows by Taker, Taker stomps JBL in the corner. Taker works the arm setting up Old School, Taker pummels JBL some more. JBL clubs Taker, no effect on The Deadman. Big boot by Taker, JBL avoids an elbow drop. Eye poke by JBL, Taker ducks a clothesline and drills the champion with a Chokeslam. Taker wallops JBL with a huge right hand, elbow across the throat. Leg drop across the apron by Taker, Taker rams JBL into the barricade. JBL greets the steel steps with his face as Taker eyes up the hearse, Taker decides JBL shall meet the announce table. JBL uses the steel steps to take down Taker, Taker is bounced off the announce table.

JBL picks up the steel steps again, right to the face of The Deadman. JBL begins smacking around Taker with huge rights, JBL climbs high and nails a massive shoulder block. Taker lures in the champion for a triangle choke, JBL is knocked to the floor by Taker. JBL turns the tide by sending Taker into the steel steps, JBL was looking for a piledriver but Taker back drops JBL to the floor. They spill out to the crowd, Taker Tombstones JBL on the steel steps. JBL manages to recover enough to strike Taker with a chair shot to the skull. JBL rips apart the other announce table, JBL has a chair looking down at Taker.

Taker blocks the chair and Chokeslams JBL from one announce table through the other announce table, Taker picks up JBL, bringing the champion towards the hearse. Taker opens the hearse and out springs Heidenreich, Heidenreich has ether and begins choking out The Deadman. The hearse almost leaves with Taker before Taker fires up on Heidenreich. JBL and Heidenreich place Taker in the hearse and this time, Taker loses the match and JBL retains his championship. Heyman was driving the hearse and Heidenreich rams the hearse with a hummer which explodes.

Solid match, I am torn on the booking of JBL as champion. Since being thrust into the main event, JBL has managed to not pin anyone in his title matches, I am not against a heel cheating to win, heels are meant to cheat but the fact that JBL has still not managed a pin-fall or submission victory on pay per view saddens me. Taker pummels JBL for 90% of the match, the fans love that and after seeing their Summerslam match, I am very happy with the type of story they told in this one. Not big into Heidenreich, seemed like another big guy to clash with Taker in the sense of “oh look it is Godzilla vs King Kong kind of thing”. That angle does not have a lot of success when it comes to Taker, Taker usually triumphs and works circles around his opponent. Anyways, it was a good brawl which was so much better than their last effort but the finish does no favours for either man.

Winner: JBL over Undertaker!

That was WWE’s No Mercy of 2004, a solid show for Smackdown. Judgement Day and Great American Bash had issues in terms of poor match quality and squashes matches, those problems were not present here/ There was nothing truly worth seeing on this show but it was an easy watch, I had fun watching the show and I don’t feel like I wasted my time. Big stars like Taker and Show were allowed to do what they did best, the relief moments and comedy was fine and even the lower card stuff was entertaining. A good bounce back from the Blue Brand, hoping the momentum keeps up as we head into 2005! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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