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WCW Fall Brawl 1999 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that never gives you the same matches over and over week after week. This is WCW, this is Fall Brawl 1999 and boys and girls, I might have just hit the jackpot in terms of terrible pay per views. Bischoff is out of power, gone from WCW and creative has had a facelift with no real card or direction going into this pay per view. The main event is Sting vs Hogan, Hogan is in the red and yellow and claims that he would never double-cross Sting (I suppose we will ignore the previous two years). Also, we have Benoit vs Sid for The United States Championship, ICP are here and Goldberg. Will this be awful? More than likely so let’s get into it!

Opening Promo

It’s not much whatsoever, it is mostly Hogan saying trust me like Jake Roberts as Sting is shown not to be trusting Hulk Hogan. Poor production WCW, you are wasting my time.

Vampiro/ICP vs The Filthy Animals

First thing about this match is Raven is no longer with the company, Raven walked out on the company in a meeting with all of the talent, it takes balls and the man went back to ECW. So, The Deadpool are down a member who could wrestle which sucks, it is a rematch from the awful Road Wild. A lot of stalling to begin the match, Vampiro is telling everyone to shut up while Mysterio has the fans chant for Eddie. Kidman and Shaggy 2 Dope begin, Shaggy clubs Kidman. Kidman dropkicks and stomps all over Shaggy, Kidman misses a corner splash and Shaggy nails a huge clothesline. Kidman flips out of a back suplex for a forearm. Mysterio tags in for a springboard leg drop, tag to Eddie who nails a slingshot hilo.

Leaping calf kick by Eddie, tag to Mysterio. Springboard splash by Mysterio, Shaggy tags Violent J. Violent J catapults Mysterio into his corner, Vampiro is the legal man for his team. Mysterio hair slams Vampiro, bronco buster by Mysterio, tag to Kidman. Vampiro tags Violent, Kidman unloads on Violent J, Violent J hides behind the referee. Huge chop by Violent J, DDT by Violent J and a tag to Vampiro. Powerbomb by Vampiro, two as Eddie saves his partner. Kidman fires up before a shoulder block from Vampiro, top rope spinning heel kick by Vampiro for two. ICP put the boots to Kidman behind the referee’s back, Vampiro tags Shaggy. Powerslam for two, Eddie saves Kidman once more.

Clothesline by Kidman, tag to Mysterio. Springboard senton, springboard moonsault as Vampiro saves Violent J. Violent J clotheslines Mysterio to the floor, Vampiro and Shaggy send Mysterio into the barricade. Vampiro applies a reverse chinlock while The ICP distract Eddie & Kidman. Vampiro attacks Eddie & Kidman before applying a front chancery on Mysterio, Eddie finally gets the tag, elbows and chops to Vampiro. Clothesline by Eddie, more chops by Eddie. Vampiro avoids the monkey flip for an enzuigiri, tag to Violent J. Violent J scoop slams Eddie, top rope leg drop by Shaggy with Kidman saving Eddie. Tag to Vampiro, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Eddie. Eddie wipes out ICP before Vampiro beats down Eddie.

Some weird piledriver-cutter manoeuvre by Shaggy & Vampiro, Kidman shoves Shaggy off the top rope. Vampiro gutwrench suplexes Kidman off the top rope. Eddie missile dropkicks Vampiro which sets up the perfect moment for Kidman to score with The Shooting Star Press to win the match.

It was alright, not the worst from a match featuring ICP. Not a good run for a new star in Vampiro though, that’s another match he has lost on pay per view. Anyways, it was sloppy in parts, the crowd were huge into Eddie Guerrero and what they did was not give them a lot of Eddie. However, the crowd was hot like it often is for the start of pay per views, I am sure this will change by the end of the first hour.

Winners: The Filthy Animals over The Deadpool via Shooting Star Press!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Lenny Lane © W/ Lodi vs Kaz Hayashi

Well, this would not be accepted in 2017. Lenny and Lodi are playing a very full-on gay gimmick that drew a lot of criticism from the gay community, Lenny won the championship from Rey Mysterio, I will give you a minute to let that sink in, oh Christ. I also think Lenny might be taking the piss out of Jericho with the hairstyle, Hayashi had beaten Lenny so they are having a match for the championship. Lenny and Lodi bump butts before starting the match because gays are heels.

Lenny takes the back, Hayashi is not pleased by the attempted rape. Side headlock by Lenny, shoulder block and beautiful skips from Lenny. Armbar by Lenny, Lenny hides in the ropes. Kicks to the ass by Hayashi, sunset flip for two. Dropkick by Hayashi and a headscissors takedown, Lenny runs to a hug from Lodi. Twisting Space Tiger Moonsault from Hayashi, elbow drop by Hayashi. Lodi trips Hayashi when Hayashi runs the ropes but Lenny misses elbow drops. Wheelbarrow sit-out slam by Lenny for two, eye rake and back rakes by Lenny. Snapmare and stomp by Lenny, two for Lenny. Hayashi boots Lenny, drop toehold and Lenny hits the middle turnbuckle hard. Hayashi tries a slingshot but Lenny dodges the splash, overly sexual pin from Lenny for two.

Knees to the ribs and gutwrench powerbomb for two, Hayashi lowbridges Lenny and nails a tope con hilo. Lodi attacks Hayashi while the referee tends to Lenny, Hayashi is whipped hard into the guard rail. Two for Lenny, Lenny stomps Hayashi in the corner, foot choke from the champion. Reverse chinlock by Lenny, Hayashi escapes for a hurricanrana for a close two. Lenny nails a huge bulldog for two, Hayashi is caught from a slide. Hayashi escapes out of a back suplex for his own, slingshot bulldog by Hayashi. Both men are on the top rope, running powerbomb by Hayashi. Lodi places Lenny’s foot on the ropes, Lodi crotches Hayashi.

Hayashi nails a middle rope hurricanrana. Jawbreaker by Lenny, Hayashi dropkicks Lenny into Lodi, victory roll for two. Hayashi backbreakers Lenny, Hayashi calls for the end. Hayashi is hotshotted by Lodi, roll-up by Lenny for two. Hayashi walks right into a Stroke from Lenny and Lenny retains the championship.

Crowd were not into this match but these two tried their hardest. It was crazy with all the near-falls, it reminded me of a main event from WWE nowadays. Sadly, the action could not match the quality of a WWE main event, it was slow in parts and the crowd chanting faggot and homo were a nice touch for the gimmick of Lenny & Lodi.

Winner: Lenny over Kaz Hayashi via Stroke!

Sting Interview

Mean Gene interviews Sting, Sting says Luger is so close to losing The Stinger as a friend, Sting agrees that Hogan is a changed man and that there are no problems until they step into the ring.

The Revolution vs The First Family W/ Jimmy Hart

Brian Knobbs & Hugh Morrus are going to battle Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko, Douglas fucks up the town which is so perfect for this company at the time. Slugfest to start the match, Morrus & Douglas are on the floor, Knobbs is pummelling Malenko in the ring. Malenko low blows both family members, noggin knocker. Inverted atomic drop and leaping calf kick by The Revolution, double baseball slide by Malenko & Douglas. Douglas tees off on Morrus, Malenko sends Knobbs into the steel steps. Douglas cracks Morrus with the steel steps, Knobbs whips Malenko into the steel steps. Ten punches by Douglas, boot in the corner and clothesline by Knobbs.

Forearm shots by Knobbs, Douglas is send into Knobbs’ smelly pit. Douglas fires up, tag to Malenko. Drop toehold and low dropkick combination, armdrag and knees to the arm by Malenko to an incoming Morrus. Douglas comes in with Morrus delivering a few big rights before Douglas turns the tide with a boot and a neckbreaker. Eye poke by Morrus, tag to Knobbs. Knobbs walks into an armdrag, tag to Malenko. Malenko hurls Knobbs to the floor, Douglas whips Knobbs into the guard rail. Knobbs reverses Douglas into another guard rail but it means nothing as Douglas is back up quick and Malenko tags in Douglas.

Douglas & Malenko own the ring, Knobbs walks into a drop toehold. Side headlock by Douglas, Morrus nails Douglas from the apron. Morrus puts the boots to Douglas on the floor, Knobbs misses a big splash. Tag to Malenko, Malenko scores with a back drop, right hands for Knobbs. Jimmy Hart is knocked into Knobbs’ lap, Knobbs trips Malenko which allows Morrus to nail his No Laughing Matter Moonsault.

So, the new hot group with the new star in the company lose to Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morrus, a tag team I would consider on the lower side of the heels’ side. Yeah, you wonder why Benoit, Malenko, Eddie and Saturn feared for their jobs under the new booking regime, what a joke of a match and a joke of a finish.

Winners: The First Family over The Revolution via No Laughing Matter!

(WCW Television Championship Match) Saturn vs Rick Steiner ©

Rick Steiner has been in limbo with Scott Steiner disappearing from out screens, Rick is television champion, the title never meant much and it does not help when Rick hardly defends the damn thing. Steiner takes down Saturn, eye rake by Steiner. Clothesline by Steiner for two, Saturn superkicks Steiner down. Springboard leg drop by Saturn, suicide dive by Saturn. Ten punches by Saturn, German suplex by Saturn for two. Steiner places the referee in the way, low blow by Steiner, Saturn is thrown to the floor. Saturn is sent into the steel steps, Steiner rips up the safety mats and DDTs Saturn onto the concrete. Steiner clubs down Saturn, huge German release suplex for two.

Clothesline by Steiner, camel clutch by the champion. Steiner transitions into a single leg Boston crab, belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Saturn is placed on the top rope, Saturn fights back for a missile dropkick. Springboard forearm and exploder suplex by Saturn, Steiner recovers well for a huge powerslam, snatching Saturn out of mid-air. Saturn reverses an Irish whip for The Death Valley Driver, Steiner kicks out at two. Steiner blocks the second DVD, Saturn is rammed into the turnbuckle. Steiner climbs to the top rope, Saturn crotches Steiner. Steiner blocks the suplex, sending Saturn to the floor and Steiner nails The Steiner Bulldog for the win.

Again, the hot new group which you are trying to get over loses to an established star, you have to feel for Saturn. The guy looked to have so much potential in his feud with Raven and within months, it was snatched from him. Match was boring, mostly a one-sided affair with Steiner wiping the floor with Saturn, crowd did not care and I did not when it was all over.

Winner: Rick Steiner over Saturn via Steiner Bulldog!

Hulk Hogan Interview

Hogan is walking the straight path ladies and gentlemen, Hogan does not like to be called a liar (The irony!) and Hogan wants to kick Sting’s ass and Luger’s ass if he sticks his nose where it does not belong.

Berlyn W/ The Bodyguard vs Jim Duggan

Berlyn is Alex Wright with a mohawk look right out of Fist of The North Star, Berlyn was feuding with Buff Bagwell but Bagwell refused to put Berlyn over so we have a replacement in Jim Duggan. This had to be Duggan’s first pay per view singles match in at least three years, Duggan gets a bigger pop than anybody who has wrestled so far on the night, just brilliant. Huge dropkick by Berlyn to start the match, Duggan turns the tide with a hard Irish whip and a lot of clotheslines which leaves Berlyn on the floor.

Atomic drop by Duggan, forearms in the corner. Polish hammer by Duggan, Berlyn is begging for mercy. Duggan lowers his head off an Irish whip, big kick and clothesline by Berlyn. Side headlock into an uppercut by Berlyn, Duggan fires backs with huge right hands. Eye poke by Berlyn, stomps in the corner. Snapmare into a reverse chinlock, Duggan escapes for huge shoulder thrusts. Berlyn stops Duggan with a boot, elbow drop by Berlyn. Duggan clubs down Berlyn, they wrestle on the mat a bit. No idea what is going on here, they reset for a lock-up.

Berlyn snapmares Duggan over, they just seem to be hugging one another. Berlyn is holding onto a sleeper awkwardly, Duggan fires up and back drops Berlyn. Berlyn powders to the floor, the bodyguard has ripped up the safety mats, the bodyguard clotheslines Duggan. Neckbreaker by Berlyn and this is mercifully over.

The pick of the bunch in terms of shite matches. They were on two different wave-lengths, it was awkward, disjointed and sloppy. One of the most boring matches committed to pay per view, Duggan did not feel like selling Berlyn’s offense. Looks like they got lost the whole time and Bagwell comes out to talk to Duggan afterwards, Duggan shoves him off looking legitimately pissed. Just a beautiful clusterfuck of a match, this was one of the worst.

Winner: Berlyn over Duggan via Neckbreaker!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Harlem Heat vs The West Texas Rednecks © W/ Curt Hennig

After winning the championships from The Jersey Triad, Harlem Heat are the challengers once more because this company has no idea what they are doing, Barry and Kendall Windham are your champions, The West Texas Rednecks are over with the southern audience (Big shocker right?), WCW have no clue what they are doing. Booker and Kendall start, forearms from Booker. Kendall powders and Booker gives chase, Kendall stomps Booker before a flying forearm and a clothesline from Booker ends that.

Barry is in, armdrag and clothesline by Booker. Tag to Stevie Ray for a double suplex, right hands by Stevie Ray. Inverted atomic drop, one for Kendall too. Big boot to Barry, eye rake from Barry. Tag to Kendall, back elbow from Kendall. Huge chops, Stevie Ray asks for more. Right hands by Stevie Ray, Kendall blocks with a boot, cheap shot by Barry. Barry elbows Stevie Ray, double clothesline, tag to Barry. Powerslam by Stevie Ray, Booker gets the hot-tag. Sidekick by Booker, backbreaker to Kendall. Kendall kicks out at two, Kendall drags Booker to the floor. Barry and Hennig attack Booker, knee drop by Kendall for two.

Reverse chinlock, Booker dodges a big boot. Scissors Kick by Booker, followed by a Spinaroonie. Barry nails his Leaping Clothesline, Stevie Ray is irate. Hennig sends Booker into the guard rail, back suplex by Barry for two. Barry scores with a superplex for two as Stevie Ray saves Booker. Kendall is in, lariat by Kendall for two. Booker nails a sunset flip out of the corner, two for Booker. Kendall applies a front chancery, tag to Barry who applies a sleeper. Tag to Kendall, Stevie Ray gets the tag but Barry has distracted the referee. Scoop slam by Stevie Ray on both Windhams, Barry saves Kendall from the Slapjack. Hennig nails Stevie Ray with a cowbell off an Irish whip, Kendall covers but Booker fights off Hennig & Windham to nail a missile dropkick for the win.

That was fine, you cannot go wrong with Booker working most of the match and Barry doing the same for his team, I feel Booker was beyond this at this point in his career but WCW did not see it that way. The finish was quite confusing, Kendall had the cover and was screaming at the referee who simply ignored Kendall’s request, Booker calmly comes in and kicks his head off, it amused me greatly. And why change the titles if you are only going to put them back on Harlem Heat? Pointless booking WCW. Anyways, it was a good match compared to everything I had seen on this card so far.

Winners: Harlem Heat over The West Texas Rednecks via Missile Dropkick!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs Sid Vicious

Sid is undefeated, Benoit seemed to be finally getting somewhere in WCW, you know where this is going though don’t you? Lock-up, Benoit shoves back Sid. Sid shoves back Benoit with ease, Sid shoves back Benoit. Side headlock by Benoit, shoulder block from the bigger Sid. Eye rake by Sid, choke against the rope by Sid. Benoit slides through Sid’s leg, dragon screw by Benoit. Benoit goes right for the leg, Sid wriggles free and begins kicking the ribs of Benoit. Huge right hand by Sid, multiple stomps by The Millennium Man. Sid misses a huge splash, Benoit goes for the leg again.

Benoit places the steel steps on Sid’s legs, Benoit dropkicks the steel steps onto Sid’s leg. Sid catches Benoit in mid-air, Benoit slides out for a German suplex, Sid whips Benoit off the ropes. Benoit goes for a crucifix but Sid takes down Benoit with a Samoan drop. Cobra clutch from Sid, transition to a slam for two. Reverse chinlock by Sid, sunset flip but Sid covers for a pin, two for Sid. Benoit slides out of a powerslam, Irish whip by Benoit is reversed, dropkick to the knee by Benoit. Crippler Crossface by Benoit, Sid powers up and reaches the ropes with his foot. Benoit goes for a Diving Headbutt, Sid avoids and delivers the powerbomb for the win.

I liked the story they were telling in this match, Sid was treated like a huge behemoth who was unbeatable in many ways. Benoit knows this and goes for the leg, chopping away at the big man to whittle him down to his size. Benoit showed a lot of heart and had a match that the crowd were into which is something that most did not achieve on this card. However, it is another case of The Revolution losing on this night, they did not win a singles match. How demoralizing it must be for a new group to lose every match on pay per view.

Winner: Sid Vicious over Chris Benoit via Powerbomb!

Goldberg vs DDP

A rematch from Halloween Havoc 1998, the best match that Goldberg ever had. Hoping to create the magic? And what is the deal with Goldberg? I feel he has not been around a lot in WCW for the year of 1999, some ppvs he is here and others he is not. Before the match begins, the referee finds a lot of weapons on DDP’s person, we have a chain and a roll of quarters, Goldberg clotheslines DDP to the floor. Side headlock by Goldberg, shoulder block by Goldberg. Armwringer and side headlock by DDP, Goldberg escapes and DDP is on his ass again.

Side headlock by DDP, Goldberg dumps DDP on the floor with a shoulder block. DDP has the mic, the fans chant Goldberg and DDP is not a happy man. Goldberg chases after DDP, they brawl in the crowd before Goldberg dumps DDP ringside. DDP jumps on Goldberg in the ring, Diamond Cutter is dodged for a huge powerslam, DDP low blows Goldberg using the referee for cover. DDP nails Goldberg with brass knuckles, Goldberg is down. Foot choke by DDP, DDP poses for the fans.

DDP slaps the head of Goldberg, huge right hands with his brass knuckles. Elbow by DDP for two, reverse chinlock by DDP. DDP uses the ropes for leverage behind the referee’s back, Goldberg begins to shake off the damage. Right hands by Goldberg, hug boot to the face of DDP. Irish whip by Goldberg, float-over DDT by DDP, two for DDP. DDP runs into a double underhook slam for two, here comes The Triad. Kanyon clocks Goldberg with a hubcap, DDP slams Goldberg for two. Kanyon and Bigelow attack Goldberg with DDP holding the referee. Double clothesline by Goldberg on Bigelow & Kanyon, Spear to DDP and Jackhammer goodnight.

Well, it still gets monster reactions when it happens. The match was nothing on their match from the previous year, it was quite boring with a lot of stalling from DDP. I just found myself bored watching it until the very end when Goldberg hit The Spear.

Winner: Goldberg over DDP via Jackhammer!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sting vs Hulk Hogan ©

Hogan had turned babyface, retiring the black and white colours while also retiring Kevin Nash, Sting was next in line for a championship match after Hogan had beaten Savage for the championship. Sting trusts Hogan as Hogan now wears the red and yellow but Sting’s best friend Lex Luger has caused friction by saying Hogan cannot be trusted. Over the next few weeks on Nitro, questionable things happened to Sting which made him doubt Hogan’s words, we go into this match with Sting not sure whether he should trust Hogan or Luger.

Bret Hart is here to offer good luck to both competitors, how nice of Bret Hart and how funny is it to see Bret shake Hogan’s hand when Hogan would never put over Bret. Lock-up, Hogan shoves Sting because Sting did not break. Not exactly heeling it up, lots of trash-talking between the two. Roll-up by Hogan, Sting escapes using the ropes. Lock-up and armwringer by Hogan, Sting reverses for his own. Hammerlock counter by Hogan, Sting returns the favour and Hogan takes down Sting and applies a sleeper. Side headlock by Hogan, hammerlock by Sting. Hogan goes to the ropes, Sting shoves Hogan in the back and Hogan talks with the fans.

Lock-up, Hogan shoves back Sting and knees the challenger. Right hands by Hogan, Irish whip and a corner clothesline. Scoop slam and elbow drops by Hogan, Sting scoop slams and elbows Hogan. Hogan gains control with a knee and multiple elbows to the arm of Sting. Suplex by Hogan, Sting no-sells. Right hands by Sting, ten punches in the corner. Hogan rolls to the floor, Hogan drags out Sting. They slug it out on the floor, eye rake by Hogan. Hogan smacks Sting off the guard rail, Sting knees Hogan and turns the tide, hurling the champion into the guard rail. Hogan chokes Sting with a camera cord, elbow across the throat by Hogan. Back suplex for two, Hogan applies a surfboard stretch.

Abdominal stretch into a roll-up for two, Hogan continues punishing Sting. Ten punches by Hogan, Hogan bites the head of Sting. More right hands by Hogan for two, crossbody block by Sting for two. Stinger Splash, make it two. Hogan avoids the third and Hogan hulks up, right hands. Big boot and The Leg Drop, DDP wipes out the referee. Diamond Cutter by DDP, Sting is placed on top of Hogan and of course, Hogan kicks out of The Diamond Cutter. DDP Diamond Cutters the referee, Hogan is on his feet in no time. Bret Hart is with DDP, Hogan boots Sid before Lex Luger appears. Sting has the baseball bat, Hogan looks at Sting with the bat. Sting waffles Hogan with the bat, Scorpion Deathlock, Hogan is out-cold and Sting is your winner.

Jesus Christ what the hell was this match? First, you have babyface vs babyface which is a tough deal to do yet Hogan DOMINATES the match. Not controls it, not works as the heel, flat out DOMINATES Sting for the entirety of the match. No-sells DDP’s Diamond Cutter and takes down the hot heel in Sid and Luger so that’s three men in total. You make Sting champion in a way that makes The Stinger look heel? Sting as a heel? How is that going to get over when everyone is sick to death of Hogan being in the company? Place erupted for Sting’s win, Sting as a heel I have no faith in and the way Hogan is portrayed is so cartoony, it borders on insanity.

Winner: Sting over Hogan via Scorpion Deathlock!

That was WCW’s Fall Brawl of 1999, a show that had a lot of bad and very little good, I did not enjoy a lot of this card. I thought they were some shocking booking decisions like new stars such as Vampiro and Douglas losing, the treatment of Berlyn was a joke with that new gimmick being dead before it really got started. Action was boring, rising stars were put down rather dominantly with only Sid, Sting, Hogan and Goldberg looking like big deals by the end of the night. The main event was a shit-show and the whole pay per view was terrible. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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