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WWE Survivor Series 2002 Review

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Hello wrestling fans of the internet, if you are not a wrestling fan, I have no idea how you found me but hello, I hope your week is going well and that you enjoy! The elimination chamber debuts, yes it is Survivor Series 2002. Brock Lesnar could have met his match in The Big Show while Triple H defends his world championship against five other competitors in The Elimination Chamber. I remember the event fondly, it was on my birthday and I cannot wait to look back on this pay per view with you all. So, sit down, grab a cold one and enjoy WWE’s Survivor Series 2002!

Opening Promo

WWE nails it as always with focus on Lesnar vs Show and The Elimination Chamber. We are in MSG, one of the only pay per view arenas you will recognize as the ramp and entrance way is so short. Survivor Series is one of the big four WWE pay per views so expect something good from WWE.

(Six-man Table Match) The Dudley Boyz/Jeff Hardy vs Three- Minute Warning/Rico

Jeff Hardy looked promising earlier in the year being endorsed by Hogan and Flair, this is his first pay per view appearance in quite some time while Spike and Bubba are teaming together on pay per view for the first time since Vengeance. Rico was the manager of Billy & Chuck but switched sides before Unforgiven. Team babyface through team heel to the floor to begin the match, Spike is military pressed onto Jamal & Rosey, Three- Minute Warning catch Spike so Jeff dives onto Jamal & Rosey. Bubba has Rico in the ring, Rico hammers away on Bubba. Bubba turns the tide with chops, hurricanrana by Spike on Jamal.

What’s Up headbutt by The Dudleys on Jamal and Jeff nails a leg drop to Rico’s groin. Table is in the ring, Bubba has it in the corner and in comes Rosey. Rosey clotheslines Bubba, flapjack to Spike and back drop to Jeff. Spike is bounced off the table in the corner, Rosey charges in and Spike dodges at the last second. Rosey tosses the broken table at Spike, spinebuster by Bubba to Rosey. Rosey splashes Jeff after a failed crossbody. Rico stomps Bubba, Jamal gets a table. Rico sets up a table, Rico looks for a suplex on Spike, Spike escapes and tries a Dudley Dog. In come Three-Minute Warning and Spike is eliminated via wheelbarrow slam.

Spike has been eliminated!

Pair of slams by Three-Minute Warning, Bubba and Jeff crotch Rosey and Jamal, poetry in motion by Jeff to Rosey. Rico saves Jamal with a spinning heel kick to Bubba. Rosey and Jeff are in the crowd, Rico and Jamal are roughing of Bubba. Rosey has a table in the aisle way, Jeff is placed on the table. Rico continues kicking Bubba. Jamal tries a splash but Bubba pulls Rico in the way. Bubba Bomb on Jamal and Bubba knocks Rosey onto the table. Jeff climbs into the stands and nails Rosey with a Swanton Bomb just like he did to Bubba two years prior.

Rosey has been eliminated!

Jamal has Bubba back ringside, Jamal puts Bubba on the table. Rico is looking for a moonsault, it’s time for an infamous botch as Rico screams over and over for Jeff who is nowhere to be seen. Eventually, Jeff crotches Rico, Bubba tries a back drop through the table but Jamal moves the table. Whisper in the Wind on Jamal, Jamal tosses a table at Jeff on the outside when Jeff tries a clothesline using the barricade. Jeff is laid out on the table and Jamal nails a top rope splash through the table, Jeff has been eliminated.

Jeff has been eliminated!

In the ring, Bubba has Rico on a table. Jamal saves Rico from being eliminated, Jamal pushes Rico off the table and looks to hurricanrana Bubba but Bubba powerbombs Jamal through the table. We are down to two, it is Rico vs Bubba.

Jamal has been eliminated!

Rico calls for the return of Rosey, Rosey and Rico put the boots to Bubba. Bubba battles back and almost eliminates Rico but the two on one advantage is too much for Bubba. Here comes Jamal, it is three on one. However, here comes D-Von Dudley. D-Von slaughters all in his path and Rico is all alone. Rico turns around and walks into a beautiful 3D through the table! The Dudley Boyz have been reunited ladies and gentlemen.

Winner: Bubba over Rico via 3D!

That’s a fun opening match right there, tables always generate a reaction from the fans and no better time to do a table match than when The Dudley Boyz are in town. It was chaotic, every elimination was well done and garnered a reaction from the fans. Props to Jamal and Jeff Hardy who took massive bumps in this match. D-Von Dudley coming back to join his brother was simply awesome, I knew it was coming and I thought the reaction was a nice one but the fans really responded to D-Von and it could not have been better. Great opening match, great kick-off to Survivor Series!

Saliva Performance

Solid performance of the pay per view theme set to clips of the various feuds on tonight’s pay per view. Song works well and it is one of the more memorable WWE pay per view songs and promo packages.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Jamie Noble © W/ Nidia vs Billy Kidman

Noble and Nidia have been an entertaining combination, I do like their antics even if the matches have not been on the same level. Kidman has had Noble’s number for the past number of weeks and it could be Kidman’s big moment. Match begins with roll-ups by Kidman, two counts on every attempt. Hurricanrana by Kidman, Noble powders and rolls into the ring. Noble stomps on Kidman and nails a nice neckbreaker for two. Elbow in the corner by Noble and Noble chokes the life out of Kidman using the ropes. Surfboard hold by Noble, trash talk from Noble. Kidman battles back but Noble elevates Kidman to the floor. Suicide dive from Noble, Noble tries a top rope crossbody but Kidman counters with a mid-air dropkick.

Elbows, clothesline and a dropkick by Kidman. Death Valley driver into a neckbreaker by Kidman for two, Noble reverses an Irish whip. Knee to the ribs, falcon’s arrow for a two count. Chicken wing facebuster by Kidman, Kidman is climbing for The Shooting Star Press, Nidia pulls out Noble. Top rope crossbody by Kidman to the floor, slingshot leg drop for two. Noble blocks a clothesline and goes for The Tiger Bomb, Kidman blocks. Nidia slaps Kidman, Noble knocks Nidia to the floor, Sky High by Kidman for two. Noble blocks a powerbomb for a Tiger Bomb attempt, Kidman tries for a backslide but Noble rolls through for  a Tiger Bomb, two count for the champion.

Noble charges the corner, Kidman blocks with a boot. Kidman climbs to the top rope, Noble meets Kidman up there but Kidman nails a top rope facebuster from the top rope, two count for Kidman. Noble nails a tower of London-like DDT for two. Kidman slides out of a scoop slam, enzuigiri by Kidman. Kidman sets up for The Shooting Star Press, Nidia is kicked off by Kidman but Noble is on the top rope with Kidman. Kidman knocks off Noble, Shooting Star Press and Kidman is your new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Really good match from these two, some neat counters and moves from Noble and Kidman. Crowd popped huge for Kidman, happy for the guy. Shame that the division was not being pushed as heavily as anticipated but this match was good, entertaining and the fans loved every part of it.

Winner: Billy Kidman over Jamie Noble via Shooting Star Press!

Angle/Benoit Promo

Angle and Benoit have an argument before their tag team championship match, Angle is comedic gold as always. Benoit extends his hand and Angle hugs a bemused Benoit.

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus © vs Victoria (Hardcore Match)

Both women were fitness models, Trish had clawed her way to make women’s wrestling in the WWE watchable. Victoria debuted on the main roster and went after Trish as Victoria believed that Trish stole everything from her. Victoria is obsessed with winning the championship and bettering Trish Stratus, I have no idea where Jazz is in all of this but I am happy to have a feud that resembles something serious in this division. Victoria is a psycho, she feels Trish stole everything from her and that is much better than feuding with someone over having a fat ass.

Match begins with Victoria choking Trish with her coat, Victoria misses Trish with a broomstick. Victoria chokes Trish with the broom, Trish backs Victoria into the corner, Trish kicks Victoria in the head and pulls Victoria off the top rope. Trish has a trash can lid but Victoria blocks with the broom, Trish is rammed into the trash can lid. Trish is whipped into a trash can hanging from the ringpost. Slingshot leg drop by Victoria, two count for Victoria. Victoria slides out and grabs another trash can, Victoria wedges the trash can into the turnbuckle. Trish takes down Victoria and catapults Victoria into the trash can. Cover and Victoria kicks out at two, Trish has an ironing board and wedges it in the corner.

Victoria is smashed into the board, Chick Kick for two. Trish has a kendo stick, shot to the ribs and back. Victoria kicks back Trish, Victoria has a lid. Wham to the face of Trish, Victoria is busted open. Trish tries for a handstand headscissors, Victoria hangs on so Trish nails Victoria with a trash can lid. Powerbomb by Victoria, Victoria has a mirror. Trish nails a huge kick, Chick Kick and Victoria kicks out at two. Trish has a baking tray but Victoria nails Trish with a kendo stick. Victoria looks for a back suplex but Trish counters for a bulldog. Two count for Trish, Victoria drop toeholds Trish. Victoria blinds Trish with a fire extinguisher and nails a snap suplex for the win.

A very physical match between these two, arguably the best match between Divas in WWE in a long, long time. They have good chemistry with one another, I like Victoria’s character, she plays a psycho very well. Trish sold well, the only knock on the match I have is the finish. I was certain the mirror would play into the finish but nope, just a snap suplex after all of that. I would not mind if The Widow’s Peak was not so badass but it is and I wish I saw a mirror shot or a Widow’s Peak to end the match.

Winner: Victoria over Trish via Snap Suplex!

(WWE Undisputed Championship Match) Brock Lesnar © W/ Paul Heyman vs Big Show

Big Show went from Raw to Smackdown, made an immediate impact by destroying Undertaker and breaking one of Lesnar’s ribs. Lesnar had beaten Rock, Hogan and Undertaker but the rejuvenated Big Show might have the number of Brock Lesnar. Heyman is nervous for Lesnar as Big Show is as big and as nasty as The Next Big Thing. Promo package is great, highlights Show looking like a beast. Heyman’s voice is all over the promo, repeating the words “You cannot beat The Big Show” Could there be a reason for this type of talk from Heyman? Either way, it makes for a great story as we have seen Lesnar attack Show with a chair but no F-5, no slams and no suplexes.

Lesnar and Show are in one another’s face, lock-up and both men are in a stalemate. Huge Lesnar chants filling the arena, babyface Lesnar is so much fun. Lock-up, Show chops the chest and hurls Lesnar across the ring. Corner splash, Lesnar spears Show and right hands to the face of Show. They are on the floor, right hands and knees by Lesnar. Show grabs Lesnar and slams Lesnar into the ringpost, Lesnar battles back. Lesnar avoids a Chokeslam for a back suplex, shoulder thrusts by Lesnar. Show reverses an Irish whip, Lesnar avoids a corner clothesline and nails a German suplex. Lesnar tries The F-5, Show counters with right hands. Referee has been bumped already, Lesnar belly to belly suplexes Show. Heyman tosses in a chair, Show has Lesnar by the throat. Lesnar battles free, chair shot and a  F-5 by Lesnar.

New referee comes to count the pin and Heyman pulls out the referee and nails him. What? Show smashes Lesnar with the chair, Chokeslam on the chair by Show. Heyman tosses in the referee and Big Show beats Brock Lesnar thanks to Paul Heyman and a chair.

That was short but so awesome, Lesnar comes in and destroys Show. The place erupted when Lesnar nailed The F-5, it was a scary feat of strength. Heyman nails the referee, perfect wrestling drama as the fans cannot believe what they have seen, Show takes advantage and slays Lesnar thanks to Heyman and the steel chair. It was like a tornado of action, drama and excitement. I thought it was awesome and it makes you want more, we were all tuning in to see why Heyman screwed Lesnar. Also, congrats to Big Show on capturing the championship for a second time, Show was great since coming to Smackdown.

Winner: Big Show over Brock Lesnar via Chokeslam on a Chair!

(WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match) Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Los Guerreros vs Edge & Rey Mysterio © (Triple Threat Elimination Tag Match)

Angle and Benoit won the tournament to crown the inaugural champions, Angle and Benoit lost the titles in a two out of three falls match against Edge & Rey Mysterio. The chemistry between Benoit and Angle was off the charts, I could watch them talk and interact and wrestle all day long. The Smackdown Six collide in a battle for the championships. Benoit and Mysterio to start, Benoit kicks Mysterio, Mysterio slides through Benoit’s leg. Chops by Benoit, Irish whip, hurricanrana by Mysterio, flapjack by Mysterio. Leg drop and a shot to Angle, Benoit is dropped onto the second turnbuckle, Edge is legal. Double hiptoss and elbows by Edge, chop by Benoit and a tag to Angle. Right hands by Edge, back body drop and flying forearm by Edge. Angle attacks Chavo with a tag, drop toehold by Edge. Side headlock and shoulder block by Edge, dropkick and scoop slam by Edge. Springboard splash by Mysterio, arm drag by Mysterio.

Chavo catches Mysterio with a flapjack, tag to Eddie. Irish whip, beautiful headscissors by Mysterio, monkey flip by Mysterio and Eddie tags Angle. Angle nails right hands, headscissors by Mysterio. Irish whip, Angle runs shoulder first into the post. Angle elevates Mysterio onto the top rope and crashes to the mat, Angle chokes Mysterio with his boot. Suplex by Angle, cover and a two. Tag to Benoit, neckbreaker by Benoit. Back suplex, cover and two for Benoit. Hard Irish whip by Benoit, tag to Angle, back suplex by Angle. Cheap shot to Edge, Mysterio dodges an Angle Slam with an arm drag but Angle nails a clothesline. Tag to Benoit, Irish whip and knee to the ribs.

Snap suplex, two for Benoit. Snapmare and front chancery by Angle. Mysterio battles back, slides out of a suplex and nails right hands to Angle. Spinning heel kick by Mysterio, Angle goes to The Guerrero corner, Eddie & Chavo jump off the apron. Hot tag to Edge, Edge nails a facebuster on Benoit. Belly to belly suplex on Angle, Chavo is side-stepped. Mysterio frankensteiners Eddie to the floor. Angle and Benoit has Edge in a Crossface/Ankle Lock combination, Mysterio saves Edge with springboard dropkicks and sentons. Edge and Benoit are in the ring, Mysterio dives onto Angle on the floor. Eddie attacks Benoit, Benoit drops out of a suplex. Eddie is suplexed to the floor, German suplex by Benoit on Edge. Benoit climbs for The Diving Headbutt.

Eddie nails A Frog Splash on Edge, Benoit nails The Diving Headbutt to Eddie. Angle Slam on Eddie, Crossface on Edge and Ankle Lock on Eddie. Chavo nails Benoit with the championship, Angle decks Chavo but Angle has the championship in his hand, Benoit thinks Angle hit him and they shove one another. Edge nails Benoit with The Spear, Edge pins Benoit!

Angle/Benoit have been eliminated!

Angle and Benoit nails Mysterio and Edge with suplexes, Benoit nails Chavo with a suplex. Angle Slam on Edge, Angle & Benoit continue to have a war of words. Eddie tries stealing the pin, Edge kicks out at two. Suplex on Edge, low dropkick by Chavo for two. Slingshot hilo by Eddie, two count for Eddie. Elbows by Eddie, sleeper by Eddie. Blind tag to Chavo, dropkick by Chavo. Referee is with Mysterio, Los Guerreros put the boots to Edge. Back suplex by Eddie for a two count, front chancery by Eddie. Tag to Chavo, Chavo clubs Edge. Edge does a double clothesline and nails a double flapjack. Tag to Mysterio, springboard crossbody, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Eddie. Chavo splashes Eddie by mistake, low dropkick to Eddie. Edge elevates Mysterio into a hurricanrana on Eddie, Chavo makes the save.

 Mysterio nails a 619, Chavo nails Mysterio with the championship belt. Edge and Chavo go to war on the floor but Eddie has The El Lasso from El Paso. Mysterio has to tap to the pain of the hold.

Great tag team match from the best of Smackdown, fantastic psychology from The Guerreros who duck, weave and hide from the competiton. Benoit and Angle continued to play the dissension between the two, I thought it was a little played out by this point but the team would go separate ways after this so I am ok with that. Mysterio was great in the ring, flying around the ring like only he can, Eddie and Chavo played great heels and Angle/Benoit were awesome technicians in the ring. Great mix of psychology and moves from everyone in this match.

Winners: Los Guerreros over Edge & Mysterio via El Lasso from El Paso!

Matt Hardy/Chris Nowinski/Scott Steiner Debut

Hardy and Nowinski agree that New Yorkers are losers and fools, Hardy is complaining that the New Yorkers are sucking the life out of him. They make fun of New York sports teams, cheap heat all around. New York comes alive as Scott Steiner, The Big Bad Booty Daddy is here in New York. Steiner suplexes and victimizes Hardy and Nowinski in a way only Steiner can do, I love me some Steiner so this is automatically the greatest segment on earth. Matt Hardy is tossed onto Nowinski. Short and sweet promo by Steiner, Steiner would be hampered in the WWE as Steiner’s ankle had not fully recovered from injury so I am not looking forward to covering the matches with Triple H.

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Triple H © vs Shawn Michaels vs Kane vs RVD vs Booker T vs Chris Jericho

Best part of this is that Randy Orton interrupts Shawn Michaels’ interview before the championship match. Anyways, six men who had been feuding with one another battle inside the ominous elimination chamber for the very first time. Triple H had won the championship and no matter how popular the superstar was, Triple H seemed to edge his way to victory when it mattered. However, a ghost from Triple H’s Summer had come back to haunt him, Shawn Michaels had returned from the assault by The Game. Michaels was feeling well enough for another run with the company, Michaels is gunning for Triple H. But that is not all, we have RVD, Kane, Booker T and Chris Jericho vying for the championship. Bischoff cuts a promo in the chamber beforehand, claiming this will be something truly special.

Four pods, four men must wait in their pods and they will be released at timed intervals. Two men will begin in the ring, the match continues until one man is left standing. Eliminations occur by pin-fall and submission. Before the match begins, Shawn Michaels has the worst haircut and attire I have ever seen, it’s the ugliest tights that Michaels ever wore. Also, Kane was the last Intercontinental Champion before the title was reactivated in 2003. Triple H and RVD to start the match, the champion is not too happy about beginning the match.

Lock-up, Triple H shoves back RVD. Right hands and kicks by RVD, Irish whip and a spinning heel kick by RVD. Enzuigiri by RVD, facebuster by Triple H. Triple H tries a Pedigree, RVD back drops Triple H onto the floor, that looks like it sucked. Triple H is whipped into the chamber three times. Triple H is bleeding, that must be a record. RVD monkey flips Triple H onto the steel, Rolling Thunder by RVD. RVD clotheslines Triple H into the ring, scoop slam by RVD. RVD climbs the cage and onto the pod, Jericho grabs RVD through the pod allowing Triple H to attack RVD. RVD kicks off Jericho and The Game, senton attack by RVD.

RVD puts the boots to Triple H in the ring, Jericho is in the match. Spinning heel kick by RVD, make it two and a standing moonsault by RVD for two. Springboard thrustkick by RVD, Jericho is clotheslined to the floor. RVD jumps from the turnbuckle to the chamber wall to nail a crossbody. Triple H nails a huge clothesline, Jericho and Triple H put the boots to RVD. Back suplex by Jericho, cocky pin for one. RVD battles back against the odds, high knee by The Game. Senton by Jericho, two count for Y2J. Jericho tells Michaels to suck it, RVD is thrown into the chamber by Jericho and Triple H. Over and over, RVD is slammed into the chamber wall. Chops by Jericho, RVD clotheslines Triple H and spinning heel kick to Jericho.

DDT by Triple H on RVD, in comes Booker T. Booker T knocks down Jericho and Triple H, right hands and a clothesline to Triple H and Jericho. Spinaroonie time, RVD & Booker face off, kicks by RVD. Booker T nails a spinning heel kick, cover and a two. RVD slides out of a scoop slam, step-over heel kick for two. Leaping sidekick by Booker for two, Triple H hammers Booker. Scissors Kick by Booker on The Game, Jericho knocks down Booker. RVD climbs to the top of the pod and nails a Five Star Frog Splash on Triple H (Looks like shit and smashes Triple H in the chin with his knees). Booker T drops RVD with a missile dropkick and RVD is eliminated!

RVD has been eliminated via Missile Dropkick!

Jericho is all over Booker, foot choke by Jericho. Modified facebuster by Y2J, Booker dodges the Lionsault for a spinebuster. In comes Kane, Kane pummels everyone with right hands. Back body drop to Y2J, corner clothesline to Booker. Jericho is lawn darted into the cage, Jericho is thrown through a pod. Right hands to Triple H, corner clothesline to Triple H. Booker is low blowed by Jericho, Chokeslam by Kane on Booker and a Lionsault by Jericho. Booker T does not kick out after those two moves.

Booker T has been eliminated via Lionsault!

Kane batters Jericho with right hands, Kane presses Jericho into the ring. Suplex by Kane, Jericho kicks out at two. Kane misses an elbow, Kane drags Triple H off the top rope. Jericho avoids The Chokeslam with a low blow, missile dropkick by Jericho. Shawn Michaels is in the match, right hands to Kane and Jericho. Kane takes down Michaels with a clothesline, flying forearm by Michaels. Michaels flips in the corner after an Irish whip from Kane, Kane tosses Jericho to the mat. Kane measures for a Chokeslam, Michaels eats a Chokeslam, Triple H does too and Jericho eats one as well. Kane signals for the end, Tombstone but Triple H slides out and shoves Kane into a Sweet Chin Music. Pedigree on Kane, Lionsault on Kane. Kane cannot survive three finishers.

Kane has been eliminated via Lionsault!

Jericho clotheslines Michaels to the floor, Michaels is introduced to the chamber wall. Jericho and Triple H continue to double team Michaels. Michaels is bleeding and thrown to the outside. Triple H rakes Michaels’ head off the cage, Jericho slaps and punches Michaels. Michaels sends Jericho into the chamber wall, right hands to Triple H. Michaels tries for a piledriver but Jericho back drops Michaels onto the steel. Flying forearm by Michaels on Triple H, kip-up but Jericho nails a modified bulldog. Lionsault but Michaels kicks out at two. Jericho nails Michaels with right hands, Michaels dodges Jericho in the corner. Moonsault by Michaels for two, Michaels trips up Jericho.

Walls of Jericho applied to Jericho. DDT by Triple H, Triple H wants to pin Michaels, Jericho slaps Triple H and the two go to war. Clothesline by Triple H, facebuster by The Game. Cover and a two, Triple H looks for The Pedigree, Jericho counters for The Walls of Jericho. Sweet Chin Music by Michaels on Jericho, Jericho has been knocked out.

Jericho has been eliminated via Sweet Chin Music!

Michaels and Triple H duke it out, spinebuster by Triple H. Triple H elevates Michaels to the steel floor, Michaels whips Triple H into the chamber wall. Michaels looks for a Pedigree but Triple H catapults Michaels into the chamber pod. Triple H pummels a resilient challenger, more right hands by Triple H. Michaels fires up, slugfest and Michaels wins the exchange. Facebuster by Triple H, clothesline to the floor. Triple H wants to Pedigree Michaels on the steel, Michaels catapults Triple H into the chamber wall. Michaels has Triple H down in the middle of the ring, Michaels is on top of the pod. Elbow from the top of the chamber into the black heart of the champion.  Michaels calls for The Sweet Chin Music, Triple H dodges and Triple H nails The Pedigree!

Triple H crawls for the cover and gets a two and a half. Triple H is irate, Michaels is still alive. Triple H tries Pedigree again, Michaels counters with a back drop, Sweet Chin Music! 1…2…3! Shawn Michaels is your new World Heavyweight Champion!

The first time is always memorable and this was no different, it was a long match, do not get me wrong, I thought some parts were a bit dull and the heat segment on Michaels could have been handled better but those last five minutes were amazing. Michaels showed why he is one of the best of all-time, so much drama, so much excitement and an ending that gave me goosebumps reliving the match, listen to that pop from the crowd, it is one of the all-time feel good moments in the WWE. I think everyone had a good night in this match apart from Booker T, RVD did his cool spots, Jericho was the best performer with all the trash talk and the eliminations. Triple H was the iron man of the match, Kane dominated before being taken out by everyone’s finisher and Shawn Michaels was his typical awesome self.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Triple H via Sweet Chin Music!

Overall, WWE’s Survivor Series of 2002 was a great show, it might not be the best of 2002 (I think that goes to Summerslam) but it’s top three for the year and possibly one of the best Survivor Series of all-time. You had fun matches and spotty matches with no bad matches in between. The Smackdown tag team championship match was great and what a first match for The Elimination Chamber with an action-packed ending, it was great. Had a blast rewatching this pay per view and encourage you to check it out if you have the time. That’s all from me and remember: There’s always another night!

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