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WCW Great American Bash 1998 Review

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Welcomes brothers and maniacs to another WCW-edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! Last time, I wanted to kill myself covering WCW as Slamboree was anything but memorable but fear not as it's time for The Great American Bash. Chris Benoit and Booker T battle it out in the best of seven series, we have Roddy Piper & Randy Savage vs Bret Hart & Hollywood Hulk Hogan. In the main event, Sting battles The Giant for control of the tag team titles, this pay per view is going to annoy me isn't it? Well, screw it I have nothing better to do, let's sink out teeth into WCW's Great American Bash 1998!

Chris Benoit vs Booker T (Winner to face Fit Finlay for The TV Championship)

Chris Benoit had Booker T beaten thanks to a chair shot from Bret Hart but Benoit did not want to win the series like that so the win was stricken from the record books and we have this final encounter to decide who will face Fit Finlay for the championship. Arm drag by Benoit, lock-up and Booker throws Benoit. Lock-up, side headlock by Booker and Benoit answers with a drop toedhold. Lock-up and Benoit takes the arm, hammerlock by Booker. Benoit has a hammerlock, elbow by Booker floors Benoit. Cover and two for Booker, scoop slam by Booker. Forearm shots by Booker, Irish whip and Benoit reverses.

Dragon screw legwhip by Benoit, huge chops by Benoit. Huge knockdown by Benoit for two, back suplex by Benoit. Reverse chinlock by Benoit, Booker battles back but Benoit cuts off Booker with a clothesline. Snap suplex by Benoit for two, hard Irish whip by Benoit. Booker floats out of a back suplex for two, sleeper by Benoit. Booker wriggles free but Benoit nails a massive knee to the ribs, front suplex by Benoit across the top rope. Lariat by Benoit for two, chop and a reverse chinlock by Benoit. Booker escapes the hold, powerslam by Booker. Booker misses a top rope crossbody, knees by Benoit to the back.

Booker crawls to the ropes to avoid The Crossface, another reverse chinlock. Booker drops Benoit with an enzuigiri, spinebuster by Booker. Flapjack, spinaroonie and Booker is on the top rope, Benoit crotches Booker and nails a superplex. Benoit covers for two, Benoit nails two German suplexes before nailing a dragon suplex for a close two. Chops by Benoit, short arm clothesline and Benoit is on the top rope. Diving Headbutt by Benoit, two count for Benoit. Small package by Booker for two, Booker nails Benoit with two Harlem Sidekicks, Booker is on the top rope. Missile dropkick by Booker and Booker will face Fit Finlay later tonight.

Really good match from two stars who are being elevated thanks to this fued, it starts a little slow and there are a lot of chinlocks that could have been left out. Maybe drop two or three minutes but towards the end, the fans are standing after the suplexes and sidekicks. I do not know how far both men will go with the political atmosphere in WCW but both men deserve to be higher on the card due to their body of work.

Winner: Booker T over Chris Benoit via Missile Dropkick!

Saturn vs Kanyon

Kanyon AKA Mortis attacked Raven at the end of his Bowery Death Match, nailing Raven with a chair shot similar to Tommy Dreamer's shot to Raven's head. Anyways, Kanyon attacked Raven due to not being allowed into The Flock. Satrun was chosen to face Kanyon by Raven, Saturn is not exactly happy but Saturn is here to fight Kanyon. Mortis appears in the rampway but Kanyon is in the ring, Saturn eats a neckbreaker after a roll-up attempt. Electric chair drop by Kanyon for two, Kidman is decked by Kanyon. Saturn is on the floor, Saturn hotshots Kanyon and nails a slingshot splash. Kicks to the face and ribs by Saturn, Saturn misses a corner spear and Kanyon nails a rocker dropper.

Two count for Kanyon, The Flock are here and they beat the piss out of Kanyon before Saturn nails a tope con hilo onto everyone. Saturn whips Kanyon into the guard rail, Middle rope suplex by Saturn, cover and a two. Drop toehold by Saturn into an ankle lock, Kanyon makes it to the ropes. Cattle mutilation by Saturn but Kanyon makes it to the ropes, Saturn props Kanyon on the top rope. Saturn nails a springboard clothesline with both men tumbling to the floor. Saturn grabs a chair and springboards for a dropkick, scoop slam and a triple jump moonsault by Saturn for two (Sabu would be proud). Kanyon cuts off Saturn after Saturn lowers his head off an Irish whip. Kanyon nails a nothern lights suplex for two, Kanyon misses a slingshot elbow and Saturn scores with a neckbreaker.

Two for Saturn, reverse chinlock by Saturn. Kanyon tries a back suplex but Saturn floats over for two, Kanyon delivers a back suplex on the second attempt. Stungun by Kanyon, small package for two, Saturn backslides for two. Right hands by Saturn, spinning back elbow by Kanyon. Pancake-like facebuster by Kanyon, Kanyon nails a neckbreaker out of a Burning Hammer hold. Saturn blocks The Flatliner by holding onto the ropes, Saturn nails a half-nelson suplex for two. Saturn motions for a death valley driver but Kanyon slides out so Saturn nails a thrustkick. Saturn and Kanyon were on the top rope, both throwing fists and both men collapse to the floor.

Two Mortis appear in the ring, they begin hammering one another. One Mortis decks the other, Saturn is distracted and jumps from the middle rope into The Flatliner. Raven dressed up as Mortis and lays out Kanyon with The Even Flow DDT. Saturn is belittled by Raven and Saturn snaps, The Flock beat up Saturn before Saturn turns the tide with suplexes to everyone.

A whole lot going on right there, it was a long match and it suffered due to the length, the ending with the two Mortis was wacky, good establishment for Kanyon though getting a win over Saturn but I am not sure where Kanyon goes from here as it looks like Saturn will be facing Raven in the coming months. Anyways, the match was solid but suffered from the time given and a weak finish.

Winner: Kanyon over Saturn via Flatliner!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho

Fuck this company, Malenko won the crusierweight championship from Jericho at Slamboree in one of the best angles and pay-offs from WCW. Jericho winged and complained so Malenko forfeited the title to kick Jericho's ass again. This is silly, they should have moved on from one another, there was no reason to see these two fight anymore. Match starts with a clothesline by both men, Jericho catches Malenko with a spinning sole butt and Jericho stays on offence kicking Malenko in the back of the head. Malenko recovers by way of a German suplex and a thousand punches, Jericho goes low and clubs Malenko.

Shoulder block by Jericho, Malenko shakes off Jericho's Liontamer and answers with right hands, Suplex by Malenko for two, knees to the head by Malenko. Snapmare into a surfboard by Malenko, Jericho mule kicks out of the holf but Malenko nails a right hand, Flair flip by Jericho. Malenko misses a low dropkick as Jericho pulls himself out of the tree of woe and Jericho nails a plancha. Suplex and cocky pin by Jericho for two, sleeper hold by Jericho. Malenko fights back with elbows and applies his own sleeper but Jericho counters for a back suplew, two count for Jericho. Jericho poses and kicks Malenko right in the head. Scoop slam by Jericho but Malenko dodges The Lionsault.

Calf kick by Malenko, roll-up for two. Facebuster by Malenko for two, Malenko elevates Jericho to the apron. Jericho nails a forearm, Malenko has Jericho on the top rope, looking for his gutbuster but Jericho counters for a super hurricanrana. Jericho covers for two, Malenko fights out of the powerbomb and lands for a pin, two for Malenko and Jericho rolls out for a Liontamer, Malenko reaches the ropes. Right hands by Jericho, Makenko was looking for a headscissors, Jericho nails an Alabama Slam. Jericho and Malenko trade counters until Malenko has The Texas Cloverleaf, Jericho crawls to the ropes.

Knee to the ribs and underhook backbreaker by Jericho, stomps by Jericho. Slaps by Jericho, Malenko explodes with a clothesline and right hands, Jericho is sent into the guard rail, chair shot to the back by Malenko. The match has been thrown out, Jericho wins by disqualification.

Despite this feud having no reason to continue after Slamboree, it's going to continue as we have a no-contest. This company is stupid, the action was good but I have deflated after seeing that finish. Why does this have to continue? Why did this match happen? Why did Jericho not move onto bigger things? Why did the company not realize what they had on their hands? I just do not understand, thumbs down for the weak finish.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Dean Malenko via Disqualification!

Juventud Guerrera vs Reese

A promo for Juventud Guerrera? Sorry, I am just so accustomed to everyone thinking the man is a douche, never puts anyone over and has heat with the majority of the world. The hype package reflects this well actually as he says nothing, wears sunglasses and stares off into the distance like he has something better to do than wrestle. Juventud is fighting Reece, the company wants to push Juventud so they put him in there with Reese. I get their thinking of putting Juventud in there with a big bully to get him over there but Reese is not known as a bumping machine or a maker of superstars.

Reese tosses Juventud into the corner, right hands by Juventud but Reese shoves off Juventud. Juventud calls Reese to the floor, kick to the face by Juventud. Juventud tries a plancha and Juventud is caught by Reese, Reese rams Juventud off the ringpost and presses Juventud into the ring. Juventud attacks the legs, sleeper by Juventud. Reese squishes Juventud in the corner, backbreaker by Reese. Toss across the ring by Reese, Reese stands on Juventud's hair and pulls up, bearhug by Juventud.

Juventud low blows Reese in front of the referee, make it two. Reese punches Juventud in the nose, suplex by Reese. Reese has a chair, the referee saves Juventud. Van Hammer wallops Reese with the chair and Juventud lands a hurricanrana for the win. DUD, let's move on......

Winner: Juventud over Reese via Hurricanrana!

Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Guerrero

Chavo snapped after the mistreatment and abuse from Eddie, Eddie offered Chavo freedom but Chavo wanted to whoop Eddie's ass. Eddie should been firther up the card after his run as Cruiserweight Champion at the end of 1997 but Eddie has been stuck in this storyline that looks set to keep going despite this match. Eddie tries pleading and not fighting but Chavo slaps Eddie hard, chops by Eddie. Right hands by Eddie, Chavo ducks a chop and nails right hands. Back body drop by Chavo, Eddie catches Chavo's leg and trips Chavo, right hands by Eddie. Eddie elevates Chavo onto the ringpost, European uppercuts and a face stomp by Eddie.

Chavo elevates Eddie to the ringpost, Eddie is rammed off the turnbuckle. Headscissors takedowns by Chavo, Eddie powders to the floor and Chavo gives chase. Back suplex by Eddie, Chavo monkey flips Eddie. Eddie elevates Chavo to the apron, Chavo goes to the top rope, misses a senton but lands on his feet and runs to the other turnbuckle for a moonsault. Eddie lowbridges Chavo, Chavo is on the floor. Brainbsuter by Eddie, Eddie stands over Chavo and slaps Chavo hard. Chavo grabs the throat and chokes Eddie, Chavo chases Eddie around the ring. Eddie hides behind the referee, Eddie takes out the knee. Low dropkick by Eddie, figure four by Eddie.

Gory Special by Eddie, Chavo counters for an arm drag. Chavo misses a dropkick and Eddie applies the camel clutch. Whirly bird slam by Eddie, scoop slam by Eddie. Chavo elevates Eddie to the floor, tope con hilo by Chavo. Flapjack by Chavo, springboard bulldog by Chavo for two and a half. Scoop slam by Chavo, Eddie crotches Chavo and Chavo takes the worst bump I have ever seen, Eddie misses The Frog Splash. Tornado DDT is countered by Eddie, Chavo is dumped to the floor so Chavo regroups and nails a springboard DDT for the win.

Mercifully, it ended with that DDT. This match goes with the theme of the night, too much time given to the matches. Crowd were happy to see it end as they were chanting boring and were more into a fan being ejected in the arena. It is a shame because this should have been a very enjoyable match and a pay-off to the months long feud but it did not come together.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Eddie Guerrero via Springboard DDT!

(WCW Television Championship Match) Fit Finlay (C) vs Booker T

Booker T beat Benoit earlier in the night to earn this opprtunity, Booker is clearly not 100% while Finlay is well rested having not competed earlier on the pay per view. I was impressed with Finlay on the last pay per view, his match with Benoit was an entertaining match so I am looking for this to be a good match and something to watch after the last thee matches.

Booker hammers Finlay with right hands, clothesline and shuffle kick from Booler. Booker misses an enzuigiri so Finlay looks for an STF. Side headlock by Booker, flying forearm for two. Booker clotheslines Finlay to the floor, plancha by Booker. Finlay dodges the Scissors Kick for a spinebuster into a single leg Boston Crab, Finlay transitions into an Indian Deathlock. Single leg Boston crab by Finlay into a satnding figure four, Finlay is twisting and stretching the leg of Booker. Booker kicks off Finlay but Finlay is right back on Booker, more stomps to the leg. Shoulder thrusts by Finlay, Booker counters for a sunset flip but Finlay powers out at two. Booker wriggles free of a hold and unloads with a number of forearm shots.

Finlay goes back to the leg, Booker is flung to the floor. More kicks to the leg, Booker's leg is introduced to the ringpost. Another fan has been ejected, Finlay stops so everyone's eyes are back on the ring (smart move). Booker fires back after ducking a clothesline and nailing a spinning heel kick, powerslam and a Scissors Kick. Spinaroonie but Finlay springs up for a clothesline, Booker counters the Tombstone, they botch it and it's awkward. Finlay misses a spear, spike piledriver by Booker and Booker wins the match.

That was a shame about the piledriver, disappointing that the leg work played no part in the finish, disappointing that the leg work was forgotten about during Booker's comeback. The finish came out of nowhere too, Finaly no sold The Scissors Kick too. Just clumsy and sloppy at the end, Booker not selling the leg after all that leg work was just poor from Booker.

Winner: Booker T over Finlay via Piledriver!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Konnan W/ Curt Hennig/Rick Rude vs Goldberg (C)

Forgot that Hennig was originally in The Wolfpac, that does not last too long. Hennig has no loyalty whatsoever, the man truned on The Horseman and The Wolfpac. Goldberg is 99-0, we all know how this is going to end for Konnan, just a little strange that The Wolfpac who are meant to be the babyfaces against NWO Hollywood are battling other babyfaces instead of the other members of NWO Hollywood.

Goldberg shoves Konnan to the floor, side headlock by Goldberg. Ankle Lock by Goldberg, Konnan makes it to the ropes, Konnan clubs Goldberg. Irish whip, boot by Konnan. Spear by Goldberg, Jackhammer and it's over. Good work to continue pushing Goldberg. Rude and Hennig beat the piss out of Konnan. Luger and Nash make the save, Hennig is in The NWO Black & White.

Winner: Goldberg over Konnan via Jackhammer!

Randy Savage & Roddy Piper vs Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart

Savage and Piper do not like one another, Savage trusts nobody and Piper is just looking for excuses to beat the piss out of people. Hart and Hogan are part of NWO Hollywood, they will be on the same page but the story is whether Piper and Savage can stay together to beat Hart & Hogan. Just for shits and giggles, Piper and Savage will fight one another after the match, I am not sure why they hate one another. Piper thought Savage nailed him at Slamboree but Piper watched the footage on Nitro and reversed the decision. I love how Bret Hart looks like he does not give one fuck about this match, it is fantastic. The Disciple is here which means this must be gmmick one thousand for the former BootyMan/Brutus/Zodiac. Also, I believe Piper must have it in his contract to fight Hogan at every chance he can get, it seems he only returns to mess with Hogan.

Piper hammers Hogan, eye poke by Piper. Poke by Savage, huge right by Piper. Tag to Savage, left jabs by Savage. Tag to Piper, atomic drop and inverted atomic drop, Piper bites Hogan's head. Rights and lefts by Piper, elbow by Savage from the apron. Cover and a two for Piper, tide turns as Disciple smacks Piper with Hogan's championship. Tag to Hart, backbreaker by Hart. Tag to Hogan, Hogan chokes Piperusing the ropes, right hands by Hogan. Hart and Hogan put the boots to Piper, side Russian legsweep and a middle rope elbow by Hart. Hogan chokes Piper as the referee deals with Savage. Small package by Piper for two, Hart reverses for two.

Right hands by Hart, front chancery. Hogan distracts the referee so the referee misses Savage's tag. Savage grabs a chair, Hart looked for a headbutt on Piper and Savage throws the chair on Piper's lap. Tag to Savage, right hands by Savage to Hart & Hogan. They bang heads, back elbow to Hogan. Hart makes the save, Hogan clotheslines Hart by mistake. Hogan & Hart bang heads again, Piper is whipped into the ropes and Savage's leg gives out as Savage falls from the top turnbuckle.

The Disciple pummels Piper with the championship belt, Piper is up and saves Savage from Hogan but Hart has The Sharpshooter on Savage and Savage has to give up as Hrt refuses to let go of the hold. Piper wants more and fights off The NWO but now, Savage has to fight Piper.

Meh, it was fine. Nothing special, nothing memorable, I have seen Hogan vs Piper a million times by this point, Savage cannot exactly work on the bad wheel, it is hurting his matches big time. I do not want to see Savage vs Hogan anymore, good lord give me something new.

Winners: Bret Hart & Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage & Roddy Piper via Sharpshooter!

Randy Savage vs Roddy Piper

Savage decks Piper and nails his Elbow Drop, two count for Savage and the referee is decked. Piper low blows Savage, pokes his eyes and applies a figure four. Savage is forced to tap in the figure four because his leg is all screwed up.

What did that accomplish? Why did we need to see that? I am so confused, I just do not understand who thought this made sense or was a good idea. I am sticking by my call that anything with Hogan or The NWO is bullshit now because they have no idea where they are going with any of this shit.

Winner: Roddy Piper over Randy Savage via Figure Four!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Sting vs The Giant

The winner of the match controls the championships, Giant smokes a cigarette on the way to the ring, what is that about? Sting and Giant won the championships at Slamboree as Scott Hall turned on Kevin Nash, Sting was given an ultimatum and chose The NWO Wolfpac. Giant blows smoke in the face of Sting, Sting slaps Giant in the face. Giant goes back to smoking before missing a Giant splash, Stinger Splash by Sting. Giant blocks the second splash with a boot, Sting is thrown to the floor. Chest chop by Giant, crossbody by Sting but Giant shakes it off with no effect.

Elbow and gorilla press slam by Giant, Giant steps on the head of Sting. Giant bearhugs Sting, Sting bites his way out of the hold. Low dropkick by Sting, Stinger Splash times two. Scoop slam by Sting, Scorpion Deathlock is locked in but Giant pushes off Sting. Scorpion Death Drop, Giant kicks out at two. Giant signals for The Chokeslam, Sting kicks Giant in the dick but there is no DQ. Second Scorpion Death Drop and Giant survives, right hands by Sting. Giant runs into a boot from Sting and Giant is hit with a third Scorpion Death Drop and Sting win this match.

Probably, the easiest night of Sting's career but as a main event, that is laughable. Some ups the last two matches well, it is about the starpower and the personalities as opposed to the ring work.

Winner: Sting over The Giant via Scorpion Death Drop!

That was WCW's Great American Bash of 1998, another less than great show from WCW. I will give credit to the first three matches, everyone tried their hardest to make it work and gets the fans behind them, it worked for Benoit & Booker, it did not work for Saturn & Kanyon due to the two Mortis thing, Malenko vs Jericho should have never happened and the finish was awful. Next two matches were too long, Booker was sloppy in the championship match and the last two were all about the personalities and the big names. The wrestling was not on the same level unfortunately so I would say give this a miss!

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