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WCW Superbrawl 1998 Review

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Good Morning to you wrestling fans of the internet, it’s time for Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! Back to the land of WCW and it’s time for Superbrawl 1998. Sting had won the world championship but because WCW are geniuses, the championship was vacated and Sting battles Hogan for a second time. Once more, The Steiner Brothers face The Outsiders for the tag team championships. Lex Luger battles Randy Savage and much, much more. Souled Out 1998 was one of the better WCW pay per views so can Superbrawl keep the momentum going? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Black and white promo describing the controversy surrounding the WCW World Championship and the continued problems between Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan. Not a great package, a lot of still images and I am sure the fans do not want to see Hulk Hogan in the main event anymore. Schiavone, Heenan and Tenay build up hype for the main event before kicking off the pay per view.

(WCW Television Championship Match) Booker T vs Rick Martel ©

The respect feud continues, Booker T won the first encounter at Souled Out, Martel won the second match and now we have the rubber match but that is not all, Saturn is going to face the winner of this match. Martel seems to have turned heel since the last time I saw him on pay per view, Martel made for a great babyface during the 80s but the man does look like quite the heel.

Martel asks for a handshake, Booker starts with a back body drop, clothesline and Martel is on the floor. Lock-up, Martel tees off on Booker. Knees to the mid-section, Booker blocks a hiptoss and nails a clothesline. Back elbow and two for Booker. Martel comes back with kicks to the mid-section before Booker nails a spinning heel kick, knee drop by Booker for two. Top wrist lock by Booker, Martel fires back with right hands. Martel tries for an O’Connor roll, Booker hangs onto the ropes and nails a thrust kick. Martel is back on his feet but Booker takes the arm. Hard Irish whip by Booker, Martel is hiptossed by Booker and looks to have blown out one of his legs.

Martel is hobbling, Booker is knocked into the guard rail, Martel clubs Booker and sends the challenger into the ring apron. Irish whip by Martel, Booker counters with a boot to the stomach. Sidewalk slam by Booker, Martel dodges an elbow. Spinaroonie by Booker and a flying forearm by Booker. Powerslam by Martel, cover and two. Reverse chinlock by Martel, Booker battles back to his feet. Spinebuster by Martel, Quebec Crab but Booker makes it to the ropes. Knees by Martel, right hands to Booker. Irish whip reversed by Booker, Martel crossbodies off the middle rope, Booker rolls through for a two count. Clothesline by Martel for a two, Irish whip and Booker nails a huge flying forearm. Scissors Kick by Booker, spinebuster and Booker calls for a high risk manoeuvre.

Martel dodges a crossbody, Martel dives off the top rope for a double axe handle and Booker nails The Harlem Sidekick for the win. A good match considering the fact that Martel was meant to go over in this match. The hiptoss tore up Martel’s knee and Martel changed the finish on the fly so the fact that they finished the match and made it entertaining is a credit to both men.

Winner: Booker T over Rick Martel via Harlem Sidekick!

(WCW Television Championship Match) Saturn vs Booker T ©

Saturn applies The Ring of Saturn immediately, Booker makes it to the ropes. Small package, backslide and La Magistral by Saturn, all end in two. Saturn chokes Booker with his flannel, right hands by Saturn. Booker nails a sunset flip out of the corner for two, Saturn stomps the bejesus out of Booker. Saturn pulls Booker’s arms into the ringpost, Booker reverses an Irish whip and Saturn tastes the guard rail. Saturn jumps Booker after the Irish whip, chops and right hands by Saturn. Booker whips Saturn into the corner, falling slam by Booker. Saturn throws Booker to the floor, slingshot plancha by Saturn. Springboard splash by Saturn, Flying forearm from Booker in the ring.

Booker misses a corner attack as Saturn dodges, Saturn places Booker on the top rope. Super back suplex by Saturn, cover and Booker is in the ropes. Booker blocks a suplex, missile dropkick by Booker. Irish whip, spinning heel kick by Booker. Saturn tries for a dragon suplex, Booker counters so Saturn drops the champion with a t-bone suplex. Another suplex for two, Booker is hit with a springboard moonsault.

 Blows to the head by Saturn, boot to the face and foot choke by Saturn. Reverse chinlock, Booker fights back and we have a malfunction at the junction. Powerslam by Saturn, spinebuster by Booker. Scissors Kick by Booker, sidewalk slam and Booker misses The Harlem Hangover. Northern lights suplex by Saturn for two, German suplex for two. Booker slides out of a back suplex for a Harlem Sidekick, Booker retains his championship.

A good match all things considered, this was not even meant to take place and the match could have easily fallen apart but Booker and Saturn are two professionals, they did the best they could and made the most of it. It was not pretty in parts but you try making up a match as you go along on pay per view.

Winner: Booker T over Saturn via Harlem Sidekick!

Disco Inferno vs La Parka

The match starts with La Parka throwing the chair at Disco, running clothesline by La Parka. Powerslam by La Parka, some dance moves from La Parka. Disco eats an elbow before nailing a powerslam, Irish whip and corner clothesline by Disco, make it two. Cover and a two, short-arm clothesline by La Parka. Spinning heel kick by La Parka, corkscrew splash. Chest slaps by La Parka and Disco is sent into the guard rail. La Parka dances in the ring before dropping Disco on the guard rail. Scoop slam but Disco dodges a splash, Disco tosses La Parka to the floor. Clothesline by Disco, Disco drops La Parka on the guard rail.

La Parka hotshots Disco on the rope and La Parka is back in control. Reverse chinlock by La Parka, la magistral and two for La Parka. Irish whip into the corner and more dancing from La Parka. Corner dropkick for two, another reverse chinlock. Disco avoids a corner splash, back elbow by Disco. Two count for Disco, Disco lowers his head off an Irish whip and La Parka nails Disco with a boot in the head. Disco elevates La Parka to the apron, La Parka hurricanranas Disco to the floor.

Tope suicida by La Parka, chops by La Parka. Disco blocks a corner clothesline twice, La Parka hits the ringpost hard. Kicks by Disco, inverted atomic drop and a clothesline for two. Irish whip, swing neckbreaker by Disco for two. More stomping by Disco, Disco hits the referee by accident. Shot to the back by La Parka, La Parka has his chair. Disco is rammed into the chair, La Parka looks for a top rope attack but Disco crotches La Parka. Disco hurls La Parka from the top rope onto the chair and Disco nails The Chartbuster, this match is over.

Not a fan of this one, crowd were silent for the action in the ring. Felt like a bunch of moves with no rhyme or reason, Disco is meant to be the babyface but everyone wanted to La Parka nail Disco with his chair. Was happy to see this match come to an end.

Winner: Disco Inferno over La Parka via Chartbuster!

JJ. Dillon/Nick Patrick

Nick Patrick is reinstated by the WCW committee, Patrick wants to call the main event and clear his name, Dillon informs Nick Patrick that Nick Patrick will not be refereeing the main event. Nick Patrick is not a happy man, Patrick kicks up a fuss.

Goldberg vs Brad Armstong

I do not like Armstrong’s chances in this match, Goldberg is over like rover and the gimmick is five minute matches. Therefore, this should be a fun match to watch as everyone is in awe of Goldberg’s power. Armstrong tries pummelling Goldberg, Goldberg rolls through for a heel hook. Military press into a slam by Goldberg. Armstrong is in the corner, knees by Goldberg. Belly to belly suplex by Goldberg, Armstrong fights back and nails a floatover Russian legsweep. Goldberg no-sells, pumphandle slam, Spear and Jackhammer. Goodnight and god bless!

Good showcase of Goldberg, Goldberg is catching on big time with the fans. WCW saw that Goldberg killing people was working so they continued to do so, one of the rare things that WCW did right when it came to wrestling. Anyways, smart move by WCW to give the fans exactly what they want with Goldberg.

Winner: Goldberg over Brad Armstrong via Jackhammer!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs Juventud Guerrera (Title vs Mask Match)

Chris Jericho had turned heel and found his personality and charisma similar to the way Eddie Guerrero did months earlier. Juventud has wagered his mask against Jericho in a chance to become champion. This is a high stakes match for Juventud and I am glad Tenay is here to explain and hammer home how important that mask is to Juventud Guerrera.

Before the match, Jericho refuses to take off his belt while wrestling. Lock-up and clean break from Jericho, lock-up and Juventud eats chops from Jericho. Irish whip, Juventud slips through and dropkicks Jericho in the belt, Jericho gasps for air and we reset. Forearm shots by Juventud, spinning heel kick and a reverse chinlock. Jericho counters for a hammerlock, knees by Jericho. Juventud counters for a headscissors takedown, spinning heel kick by Juventud. Springboard hurricanrana by Juventud, Jericho tries getting counted-out to retain, Juventud chops Jericho and throws Jericho into the ring. Jericho eye pokes Juventud in the ring, boots to the face by the champion.

Juventud flips out of a German suplex but Jericho hotshots Juventud, springboard dropkick by Jericho. Jericho runs up the steel steps looking for a clothesline and Juventud flapjacks Jericho into the guard rail. Juventud tries for a springboard crossbody, Jericho reverses for a tombstone. Two count for Jericho, Irish whip and back elbow by Jericho, cocky pin for two. Juventud rolls through a slam for a victory roll, two count for Juventud. Jericho kicks Juventud down and becomes frustrated, stalling suplex by Jericho. Running senton and a two, backbreaker into a submission by Jericho. Juventud fires back but Jericho nails a clothesline to cut off Juventud.

 Jericho has Juventud on the top rope, Juventud fights back and tries for a diving hurricanrana, Jericho counters with an electric chair drop. Jericho goes to the top rope, Juventud dropkicks Jericho to the floor, springboard leg drop by Juventud. Juventud nails a huge fire thunder bomb and a 450 Splash but Jericho’s hand was on the ropes. Juventud celebrates but the referee informs Juventud of his decision, Jericho chops the leg of Juventud. Clothesline by Jericho for two, Juventud fires back with elbows. Jericho looks for a powerbomb but Juventud counters with a DDT. Juventud has Jericho on the top rope, Jericho blocks the hurricanrana.

Juventud nails an inverted atomic drop, springboard hurricanrana for two. Series of pins but Jericho nails a clothesline, Lionsault misses and Juventud tries a springboard arm drag, Jericho throws Juventud down and looks for The Liontamer, Juventud rolls through for a pin, two count for Juventud. Juventud tries a pop-up hurricanrana but Jericho catches Juventud and applies The Liontamer for the win. Juventud unmasks as Jericho mocks the luchador.

The match was slow enough to begin with, I did like the antics of Jericho trying to get counted-out to avoid facing Juventud one on one. After Juventud pins Jericho, the match picks up immensely. There are false-finishes like the Liontamer counter which was great, the ending into The Liontamer was a dramatic finish too. I am sure the unmasking must have been tough for Juventud, props to the man for taking that risk. Anyways, some good action with a slow start and a very good finishing stretch left this as a good match in my mind.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Juventud Guerrera via Liontamer!

Mongo vs British Bulldog

Totally forgot about Bulldog and Neidhart making the move to WCW with Bret, they were appalled by The Montreal Screwjob and rightly so, this led to the three jumping ship. Owen Hart was the only member not to move over to WCW, there was no Hart Foundation in WCW though. Instead, we have Bulldog vs Mongo instead of The Hart Foundation vs The NWO.

Match begins with a drop toehold by Bulldog, Mongo is on top now after a sidewalk slam and a choke. Mongo works Bulldog in the corner with punches, Mongo nails a scoop slam but misses a leg drop. Bulldog works the leg of Mongo, sharpshooter by Bulldog. Mongo makes it to the ropes, Bulldog stomps the bejesus out of Mongo. Eye rake by Mongo, clubbing blows by Mongo. Mongo rubs Bulldog’s face into the mat, Bulldog is thrown to the floor. Bulldog is hurled into the guard rail and kicked in the ribs by Mongo. Mongo tries to chop Bulldog against the ringpost and Bulldog dodges, Bulldog works the arm of Mongo against the steel steps and the guard rail.

Forearm shots by Bulldog, Mongo reveres an Irish whip to send Bulldog into the turnbuckle. Mongo nails a chop block with his bad arm, Mongo goes for The Mongo Spike but Mongo’s arm gives out so Bulldog applies a Fujiwara armbar and Mongo has no choice but to give up in the pain.

That was ok, I have seen worse from Mongo. Mongo sells the arm and it plays into the finish, that aspect of the match was fine. The ringwork was a lot less than stellar but I do love to watch Mongo talk shit. Not much of a showing for Bulldog on pay per view but I guess it is the victory that counts.

Winner: British Bulldog over Mongo via Fujiwara armbar!

(WCW United States Championship Match) DDP © vs Chris Benoit

This is going to be good, two of the hardest workers on the roster colliding for a championship. They had been friends and partners due to their shared problems with Raven and The Flock. Match begins with a handshake as a sign of respect. Benoit has the arm, DDP nails a few shoulder thrusts before Benoit rolls through and takes the arm of DDP. DDP sweeps the leg and have a stare-down. Lock-up, side headlock by Benoit and DDP switches to his own hammerlock. Arm drag by Benoit, DDP smiles as if to say you got me, knees and right hands by DDP. Irish whip into the corner by DDP, gutwrench ribbreaker by DDP, Benoit blocks a suplex and  front suplexes DDP onto the top rope. Stomps to the head by The Canadian Crippler.

Benoit almost has The Crossface, DDP grabs the ropes and bails to the floor. DDP asks for a test of strength, DDP is winning the test before Benoit catches DDP with chops after a series of pins, DDP answers back with a knee to the ribs and a back suplex. Benoit slides out of The Diamond Cutter, Benoit bides his time. DDP and Benoit talk trash before slapping one another and pummelling one another, Benoit decks DDP with a right hand. Irish whip, DDP and Benoit tries for pins before DDP nails a wheelbarrow suplex on Benoit, cover and two. Benoit ducks a clothesline and dropkicks the knee of DDP, short-arm clothesline by Benoit. Benoit rams DDP head first into the turnbuckle.

Snapmare and reverse chinlock from Benoit, jawbreaker by DDP. Benoit stomps and chops DDP in the corner, DDP pulls himself up and attacks Benoit but Benoit cuts him off immediately with a snap suplex. Cobra clutch like hold from Benoit, DDP snaps off Benoit. Chops by Benoit, Irish whip and a sleeper from Benoit. DDP tries a back suplex, Benoit lands on his feet and has the sleeper. DDP shakes off Benoit, Benoit climbs to the rope and DDP crotches Benoit. Top rope superplex by DDP, DDP fires back and nails a clothesline. DDP is thrown to the floor but DDP answers back with a huge diving clothesline. DDP looks for a suplex but Benoit has The Crossface, DDP makes it to the ropes to stay in the match. Small package by both men for two.

 Chop and headbutt by Benoit, Irish whip into the corner is reversed by DDP, belly to belly suplex by DDP for two. German suplex by Benoit, make it three with a bridge, two for Benoit. Stomps by Benoit, DDP counters with a DDT, arm over Benoit and it’s a two count. Benoit backslides for a way out of The Diamond Cutter, DDP pulls Benoit over and nails The Diamond Cutter for the win.

Good back and forth contest between the two popular faces, I think a bit more time could have helped the match and perhaps Benoit locking in The Crossface in the middle of the ring could have helped but that’s just nit-picking. Might be the best worked match of the night, thought it flowed a little better than Jericho vs Juventud.

Winner: DDP over Chris Benoit via Diamond Cutter!

Randy Savage vs Lex Luger (No Disqualification Match)

It’s a rematch from Souled Out as Luger battles Savage. Last time, the match ended before it really got started as we had a huge NWO run-in with Sting saving Luger. Savage is a tweener as Savage is still part of The NWO but there are problems between Savage & Hogan. It looks like Savage could be leaving The NWO but Luger stands in Savage’s way for now. Luger’s ribs are all taped up so this is not good for Luger as the announcers expect Savage to target the ribs and maul The Total Package.

Luger hammers Savage with right hands and tries for a gorilla press slam, Luger’s ribs do not allow him to perform the move. Savage kicks the ribs of Luger over and over, Savage drops Luger on the guard rail. More kicks to the ribs by Savage, Savage kicks and spits on Luger. Shots to the ribs and shoulder thrusts by Savage, double axe handle and a two count for Savage. Luger applies a small package for two, Savage flings Luger to the floor. Savage kicks Luger in the ribs over and over, Savage throws Luger into the crowd. Chair to the ribs of Luger, right hands by Savage. More kicking from Savage, Luger tastes the guard rail. Luger fights back, Savage stops Luger’s momentum.

In the ring, Savage tees off on Luger. Snap suplex by Savage, Luger no-sells and nails a powerslam. Luger applies The Rack but Elizabeth rips at the eyes of Luger, Savage and Luger are fighting off The NWO, the bell rings like a DQ but there cannot be a DQ in a NO DQ match. Luger racks Savage while Hogan calls back The NWO, Hogan calls Savage trash and kicks him out of The NWO.

Well, that was rushed. Savage and Luger for the most part, worked a decent match. Savage went after the ribs and broke down Luger, the last minute of the match is hilarious as Luger no-sells a suplex and it seems the rib work has not hurt Luger in the slightest. Then, comes The NWO, they first attack Luger but they also go for Savage, from what the commentators say, Savage had been attacked by The NWO before so why would he be with them? Why come out to their music? Why does WCW not want us to see a clean finish to a match between these two? Why was the bell rang for a DQ in a NO DQ match? It’s essentially almost a copy of what happened at Souled Out and for that, it’s a thumb’s down.

Winner: Lex Luger over Randy Savage via Torture Rack!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Outsiders W/ Dusty Rhodes vs The Steiner Brothers © W/ Ted Dibiase

Dusty Rhodes with The NWO looks so strange, it did not work at all and why they bothered, I have no idea. Anyways, the only feud that is longer than life itself continues as The Outsiders battle The Steiners, The Steiners had been chasing The Outsiders since Halloween Havoc 1996. Hall does his survey which buries WCW and makes it look like The NWO are the babyfaces. Interestingly, The Steiners are on the same page once more, Scott had shown a personality change, working matches by himself without tagging Rick. Tensions were high but The Steiners have turned a corner and on the same page once more.

Rick and Hall start, toothpick to the face and Rick floors Hall. Shoulder block by Hall, Rick is on his feet. Clothesline by Rick, belly to belly suplex by Rick. Right hands in the corner by Rick, belly to belly by Rick. Rick hammers away on Nash, clothesline to the floor and The Steiners pose before Scott does the unthinkable, Scott hammers away at Rick. Double underhook and a right hand to Ted Dibiase, Scott Steiner has joined the ranks of The NWO. Nash and Hall double team Rick, Rick fights back but Nash nails Rick from behind and Scott nails Rick for The Outsider’s Edge. Game, set and match.

Not a match but an angle, interesting as The Steiners were a dominant team in WCW so how would they fair on their own. Well, Scott would ultimately do better than his brother Rick but you could see that from day one as Scott would be the more charismatic wrestler. Looking forward to see the evolution into The Big Bad Booty Daddy.

Winners: The Outsiders over The Steiner Brothers via Outsider’s Edge!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sting vs Hogan

Sting runs to the ring and Hogan whips the shit out of Sting, Sting is choked with the belt. Right hands by Hogan, choke hold by Hogan. Hogan chokes Sting with his jacket, Sting is hurled to the floor. Hogan chops Sting over and over, right hands by Hogan. Sting is being rocked all over the place, this is just like Starrcade and I am beginning to worry. Sting hits the ringpost and the guard rail, Hogan has Sting down in a power of strength, Sting begins powering up and Hogan is backing off but Hogan kicks Sting in the ribs and Sting is down.

Knees and right hands by Hogan, corner clothesline and Sting is down while Hogan poses some more. Cover and two for Hogan, scoop slam and an elbow by Hogan. Make it three, more posing and Sting pops up, Sting hammers away at Hogan with right hands. Hogan tastes the turnbuckle, inverted atomic drop and Sting has Hogan’s belt. Sting whips Hogan with the belt over and over, Hogan powders to the floor. Sting chases Hogan, Sting chokes Hogan with the belt. Sting and Hogan are in the crowd briefly, Hogan begs for mercy from Sting. Sting misses a Stinger Splash on the guard rail (Am I watching The Starrcade match again?). Hogan whips Sting with his belt again, eye rake and chops by Hogan.

Right hands by Hogan, Hogan bites the head of Sting. Sting reverses an Irish whip and nails a Stinger Splash, Scorpion Deathlock by Sting and Hogan reaches the ropes. In a bizarre spot, the referee is up in Hogan’s face and Sting splashes Hogan and the referee. Clothesline by Hogan and a Leg Drop, Nick Patrick runs down and it is a two count for Hogan. Hogan nails right hands on Sting’s face, Patrick admonishes Hogan for the closed fists. Sting is in the corner, back suplex by Hogan. Two count for Hogan, another test of strength with Hogan stomping on Sting’s hands. Reverse chinlock by Hogan, schoolboy by Hogan for another two count.

Elbow by Hogan, Sting is thrown to the floor. Sting slams Hogan into the guard rail, Hogan low blows Sting in the ring. Clubbing blows by Hogan, Sting is beginning to shake it off. Hogan backs off as Sting is alive and well, Stinger Splash. Make it two, Scorpion Death Drop but Hogan kicks Patrick at the same time. Sting takes down The NWO members, Savage hits Sting with a can of spray paint and Sting pins Hogan thanks to Savage………

They vacated the world championship after Starrcade, I was not happy about it but they planned to rectify their wrongs by having Sting defeat Hogan in a decisive manner at the Superbrawl. Apparently, WCW did not get the memo! In a match that is similar to The Starrcade fiasco, Sting beats Hogan thanks to Savage? Hogan and Savage are the big picture not Sting?

Just so we are all clear: Sting, the man you spent over a year and a half building up as WCW’s saviour, has had his ass kicked by Hogan at two pay per views only to win thanks to Bret Hart and Randy Savage. How Sting can be a successful top star and champion I do not know because the guy has been fucked around by the company with this booking. Sting plays second fiddle to Hogan and Savage even though the company has been building towards Sting’s championship win for almost two years. This kind of booking is ridiculous, it’s a great showcase for anyone who thinks Hogan is a spotlight stealer because it looks like Hogan was out for himself and wanted to ruin Sting’s momentum but also Savage’s momentum. It’s 1998 but I think WCW is already looking like a sinking ship!

Winner: Sting over Hulk Hogan via Spray-paint Can to the head!

That was WCW’ Superbrawl 1998 and it looks like we are back to normality for WCW. Card is a mixed bag with some good and some bad, mostly bad to be honest. I did like two of the four title matches, Jericho vs Juventud was good even if the fans were not super into Juvi and DDP vs Benoit was a good back and forth face vs face match. The matches involving NWO members were mostly trash, I did like Scott Steiner’s heel turn as it could be fun and interesting but the Savage vs Luger and Sting vs Hogan were trash. They were almost identical to the Souled Out and Starrcade matches, they were a lot going on and it’s something I have no interest in getting through, WCW is still strong but the magic is starting to be lost on me, The NWO stuff is too much almost and I think there is a change needed. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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