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WCW Halloween Havoc 1998 Review

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Good Morning and welcome to another hate-filled edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! One thing I promise to my fans is entertainment, whether it be sarcasm, shitting on matches and angles or cheesy jokes, I promise to entertain. Today, I might reach my breaking point, it is time for WCW's Halloween Havoc 1998, a show that goes down in infamy due to the performance put on by Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior. It is a big card, Bret Hart vs Sting, Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall and DDP vs Goldberg are some of the titantic struggles we are going to get to see, WCW has burned me out after the past number of months with all the shitty pay per views back to back, I do not know how much more I can take but I must try, let's rock and roll!

Opening Promo

What a surprise it is about Hulk Hogan because Hogan matters in WCW and everyone else ain't worth a dime. Opera music with flashes of all the major superstars flash on the screen, it is nothing special. Nitro Girls dance to open the show.

Rick Steiner/Mean Gene

Rick Steiner promises to beat the piss out of Scott Steiner, here comes Buff Bagwell. Buff Bagwell wants to be Rick Steiner's corner man as Bagwell was dumped out of The NWO by Scott Steiner, Rick doubts Bagwell but Bagwell promises to be right there for Rick.

(WCW Television Championship Match) Chris Jericho (C) vs Raven

Raven is on a losing streak, Raven complains of conspiracy and as always, paints himself as a victim and a martyr for society's sins. Raven has lost his Flock but Raven is still a heel, Jericho is also a heel. So, we have a heel vs heel match to open the pay per view but I guess the idea is that Jericho is so entertaining, Raven is just seen as more of a dick. Raven cuts a promo before the match, Raven walks away and Jericho cuts a promo on Raven, insulting Raven.

Raven runs to the ring and Jericho stomps all over Raven, Raven is whipped with his jacket. Back elbow by Jericho, cocky pin for two. Jericho lowers his head off an Irish whip, kick to the face by Raven, clothesline to the floor. Raven front suplexes Jericho onto the steel steps, Raven dropkicks Jericho on the floor. Raven poses in the ring, Jericho stunguns Raven. Triangle dropkick from Jericho, Jericho misses an apron shoulder block as Raven dodges. Jericho Irish whips Raven into the guard rail, Raven rakes the eyes of Jericho in the ring, Raven chokes Jericho with his flannel and bites the head of Jericho. Sleeper by Raven, Jericho counters with a back suplex.

Jericho exposes a turnbuckle, Raven whips Jericho into a corner, powerbomb by Raven and Jericho is catapulted into the turnbuckle, clothesline for two. Raven blocks a spinning sole butt for a belly to belly, two for Raven. Jericho rolls through a German suplex for a Liontamer, Raven makes it to the ropes. Even Flow DDT out of nowhere, two count as Jericho survives. Roll-up with a handful of tights by Jericho, two count and Jericho low blows Raven and connects with a German suplex for two. Jericho is sent into Kanyon on the apron but Jericho counters the Even Flow DDT into The Liontamer and Raven taps instantly.

If you look past the heel vs heel dynamic, this is a fun match that gets the reaction you want from the fans, it does not go too long, it does not bore the fans, it does not do anything fancy but the two wrestlers involved put in a good shift in order to entertain the fans. Not too sure how the future looks for both men in this company, both men would be gone from the company by this time next year.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Raven via Liontamer!

Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff

Bischoff has a terrible goatee, Hogan is sporting an NWO Monday Nitro shirt, that did not last very long. Hogan cuts a good promo, talking about attacking his own flesh and blood Horace Hogan before the match with The Warrior.

Wrath vs Meng

Wrath has been reborn after his failed gimmick with Mortis and stalking Glacier, Wrath is undefeated and Meng loves to kill people so this will be two big boys beating the pis out of one another, this might be fun at the very least. Meng knocks Wrath off the apron before he can enter, Wrath drags Meng to the floor, chops by Wrath. Meng is introduced to the steel steps and the guard rail. Apron senton by Wrath, Wrath stomps all over Meng.

Wrath clotheslines Meng to no effect, middle rope clothesline for two. Shoulder block by Wrath, Meng blocks The Meltdown, huge kick by Meng. Two count for Meng, chops by Meng. Backbreaker for two, Meng rakes the eyes and elbows Wrath. Wrath turns the tide with knees in the corner, clubbing blows but Meng answers with a back suplex. Two for Meng, corner clothesline and inverted atomic drop by Meng. Sunset flip attempt by Wrath, Meng misses The Tonga Death Grip, Wrath nails a uranage for two. Wrath lands The Meltdown and this match is over.

Kept short, a good idea to protect both men. Wrath continues his undefeated streak, building some positive momentum. Props to Wrath for the uranage and The Meltdown, cannot complain so far but I am sure that will change.

Winner: Wrath over Meng via The Meltdown!

Disco Inferno vs Juventud Guerrera (Winner to face Billy Kidman Later Tonight)

Ok, so remember my rant about WCW resetting the cruiserweight division under Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera? I did not enjoy it as it seemed the division did not progress as Jericho would lose the championship on pay per view only to regain it over and over, I thought Juventud would be a long time champion but would you look at this, Billy Kidman is champion. Anyways, these two will fight to face Kidman later tonight, Disco is aggressive early with right hands and a sidewalk slam before Juventud quickesn the pace with a headscissors and clothesline. Rocker Dropper and kip-up from Juventud, Disco is elevated to the floor.

Headscissors by Juventud, inverted atomic drop and clothesline by Disco. Scoop slam, middle rope elbow for two. Reverse chinlock by Disco, Juventud fires up with a roll-up. Spinning heel kick by Juventud, Disco elevates Juventud to the apron. Juventud hotshots Disco, Disco powders and eats a plancha from Juventud. Hurricanrana by Juventud, Juventud calls for The Juvi Driver, Disco counters for a stungun. Swinging neckbreaker by Disco, Disco drapes an arm for two.

Sunset flip by Juventud, Disco blocks with a right hand but Juventud rolls-up Disco for two. Giant swing by Disco, Disco lands on Juventud's groin. Cover and Juventud places his foot on the ropes, suplex by Disco. Disco is crotched on the top rope, top rope hurricanrana by Juventud, Juventud scores with a spinning heel kick. Bulldog by Juventud for two, Juventud looked for a victory roll but Disco spikes Juventud with a piledriver for the win.

Not a strong match but not a bad match, I have to say WCW is shocking me thus far on this pay per view. I must question the booking, who wants to see a heel go the distance? Would it not be better to have Juventud vs Kidman? If you want a heel vs Kidman, do not do this match as it is pointless. However, the action in the ring was fine and for a match to be alright and feature Disco Inferno is a big deal.

Winner: Disco Inferno over Juventud Guerrera via Piledriver!

Scott Steiner/Nitro Girls

A Big Poppa Pump promo? Count me in so Steiner talks about fucking his freaks, sexual innuendo Steiner is fantastic. Scott asks for a tag match with Rick & Bagwell, Giant will be Scott's partner and somehow Giant & Scott are tag team champions? Poor Scott Hall, have those titles been defended since Slamboree? Titles are on the line and if Scott loses, Rick gets his match with Scott.

Fit Finlay vs Alex Wright

Apprently, Finlay ended the career of Wright's father. Lock-up and Finlay shoves back Wright, Finlay trips Wright but Wright jumps up and arm drags Finlay before dancing, snapmare and elbow by Finlay. Uppercuts by Finlay, knee drop by Finlay. Wright uppercuts Finlay back, stomps by Wright. Wright drops Finlay across the top rope, rope hung guillotine by Wright. Clothesline by Finlay, Wright is dumped to the floor. Finlay rams Wright into the ring apron, Wright trips Finlay and slams Finlay on the floor. Finlay reverses an Irish whip and drops Wright on the guard rail.

Sunset flip from the apron by Wright, uppercut by Finlay. Wright slams Finlay to the mat, Wright crossbodies Finlay to the floor, missile dropkick misses for Wright. Finlay misses a spear in the corner, hitting his shoulder into the ringpost and Wright scores with a neckbreaker for the win.

A nothing match, Wright was to avenge his father being retired by Finlay but Wright is the heel? More of a heel than Finlay? The match brings nothing to the table, and it goes off with a total whimper, a neckbreaker for the finish? Would pass for Saturday Night but Nitro or Thunder? I am not sure and it definitely should not be on pay per view.

Winner: Alex Wright over Fit Finlay via neckbreaker!

Lodi vs Saturn

Is this the squash match power hour? Lodi is against Saturn, Saturn was Lodi's slave before freeing himself and ending The Flock. Saturn grabs Lodi's arm, Lodi runs to the ropes and gets his signs, his signs must stay at ringside. Facebuster and legsweep by Saturn, Lodi powders to the floor. Apron suplex by Saturn, chops by Saturn. Kicks to the head, hard Irish whip before Lodi powders and poses with his signs.

Saturn gives chase and slaps Lodi to ringside, Lodi tries clubbing Saturn but Saturn delivers a big belly to belly suplex, clothesline and an exploder suplex. Falcon's arrow by Saturn and a Death Valley Driver by Saturn for the win. Squash match why on pay per view?

Winner: Saturn over Lodi via Death Valley Driver!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Billy Kidman (C) vs Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno has the opportunity to become champion after beating Juventud Guerrera, the announcers talk about Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner which could happen if Rick & Bagwell win the tag team titles, there is also more Nitro Girls. And they wonder why this pay per view went over the pay per view time limit? There is so much filler going on, so many matches in between that did not matter.

Lock-up, side headlock from Kidman. Hiptoss by Disco, Disco misses an elbow and Kidman connects with a dropkick. Lock-up, Disco lands a scoop slam but Kidman kicks off Disco, drop toehold into an armbar by Kidman. Disco hair-pulls Kidman to the mat three times before Kidman comes back with right hands and yanks Disco to the mat. Kidman is elevated to the apron, slingshot headscissors by Kidman. Stomps by the champion, knees to the ribs by Disco. Drop toehold by Disco into the bottom rope, swinging neckbreaker for two. Hard Irish whip by Disco, back elbow by Disco. Kidman fires up but Disco lowbridges Kidman and Kidman flies to the floor.

Kidman recovers to bulldog Disco onto the floor, Kidman misses a top rope splash. Two count for Disco, reverse chinlock by Disco. Kidman is back in the match, huge clothesline by Kidman. Disco flapjacks Kidman, Disco dances and poses. Stomps in the corner by Disco, back suplex by Disco for two. Kidman fires back, Disco rakes the eye. Disco snaps Kidman's head off the top rope, Disco climbs to the middle rope. Kidman dodges the middle rope elbow, Sky High by Kidman for a close two. Powerslam by Kidman, Disco holds onto the ropes off an Irish whip, Kidman crashes and burns.

Piledriver by Disco, Disco covers in a lazy manner and Kidman kicks out, Disco is pissed. Disco tries for a suplex, Kidman slides out but Disco counters a springboard bulldog for a back suplex, front suplex by Disco for two. Kidman counters a powerbomb into the facebuster, Seven Year Itch and Kidman retains his championship.

That was a good match, Disco did well to keep the fans interested in this match, most people think nothing of the man and I see where they are coming from but on this night, Disco was able to hold onto the fans as they did not seem too into Kidman. Disco worked well as a heel and they built the match up to the shooting star press, Kidman delivered so a good night for all those involved despite the stupidity of a heel going the distance instead of a babyface.

Winner: Kidman over Disco Inferno via Seven Year Itch!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Scott Steiner & The Giant (C) vs Rick Steiner & Buff Bagwell

The Giant and Scott Hall were the champions defeating Sting & Kevin Nash, looks like they are using The Freebird Rule as Scott teams with Giant. They have been building Rick vs Scott for months at this stage. Scott turned on Rick in February, this is October. Giant is smoking once more because that is what heels do, Scott hides behind his big buddy. Giant clubs Rick, headbutt and chops by Giant. Atomic drop by Giant, back suplex by Giant. Tag to Scott, Scott clubs Rick and stomps his brother. Right hands by Scott, Giant mugs Rick on the floor. Bagwell shoves Giant but Bagwell is not attacking Giant.

Rick nails Scott with an inverted atomic drop, right hands and ten punches in the corner. Scott tries an atomic drop but Rick blocks and clotheslines Scott. Bagwell wants the tag, Bagwell turns on Rick and Rick looks like the biggest moron in the universe for the second straight pay per view. Low blow by Scott right in front of the referee, no disqualification because I guess the referee does not feel like it, Scott chokes Rick with the bottom rope.

Scoop slam by Scott, foot choke by Scott. Tag to Giant, a chop floors Rick. Scott put the boots to Rick on the floor, Russian legsweep by Giant. Giant does not want to pin Rick, tag to Scott. Rick fires up on Scott, low blow by Scott, this match must be no disqualifications. Tag to Giant, Giant climbs to the top rope and Giant missile dropkicks Scott by accident. Rick clotheslines Giant in the corner, Bulldog by Rick for the win.

Crowd is big into the match so it is hard to knock, the fans want Rick to beat the piss out of Scott. The booking of Rick is ridiculous as Rick looked like a moron again but this feud is coming to an end, there is going to be no more of this bullshit. Overall, a thumbs up for Rick finally getting his hands on Scott.

Winner: Rick Steiner over Scott Steiner & The Giant via Steiner Bulldog!

Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner

Scott begs for mercy but Rick clotheslines the shit out of Scott. Big boot by Rick, Scott is rammed into the turnbuckle, cover and Scott reaches the ropes. Another low blow by Scott, belly to belly suplex and a clothesline by Scott. Scott chokes Rick using the middle rope, huge powerslam by Rick. Belly to belly suplex by Rick for two, somebody in a Vince Mcmahon suit comes to ringside, Buff Bagwell wallops Rick Steiner and the referee with a slap jack, the bell rings but it does not count as it is no disqualifications? Frankensteiner from the top rope for two, Buff Bagwell was the man under the mask and Rick waffles Scott and Bagwell. Steiner Bulldog by Rick and Nick Patrick counts the pin.

They were lucky, I thought the match was thrown out after Bagwell interfered. Luckily, it was just the timekeeper jumping the gun but what a silly mistake, the pay-off was worth it. Months of seeing Scott get away from Rick come to an end, I am glad we can move on from this feud.

Winner: Rick Steiner over Scott Steiner via Steiner Bulldog!

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall

Scott Hall is basically working for The NWO Black & White as they are paying the man's contract because WCW thought of the brilliant idea of making Scott Hall an alcoholic so art could imitate life, WCW have you no class? Anyways, this match had been teased since Slamboree, it was not exactly the hot feud you would imagine as both men would be sidetracked by other feuds and miss Nitros & Thunders. However, it is a big feud, the two men who began The NWO, The Outsiders who were like brothers have to fight and the story is Nash is reluctant to beat the piss out of Hall, feeling sorry for his drunken former best friend.

Hall throws the beer in Nash's eyes, right hands by Hall. Hall chokes Nash with a camera cable, Nash is bleeding from the mouth. Nash meets the guard rail, huge right hand by Hall. Hall cuts a promo on Nash mid-match, doctors treat Nash. Right hands by Hall, discuss right hand decks Nash, scoop slam by Hall. Hall calls for The Outsider's Edge, Nash shoves off Hall. Ten punches by Hall, Nash pushes Hall away but Nash is asking for Hall's best shot. Corner clothesline by Hall, slaps to the head by Hall. Hard Irish whips and sidewalk slam by Nash, On their knees, both men trade huge bombs, Nash answers Hall with knees and right hands.

Jacknife is countered as Hall powders to the floor, lock-up and Nash shoves off Hall. Hall grabs the arm, shoulder thrusts and slaps by Hall, clothesline by Nash. Nash drops a huge leg across the back of Hall who is laying on the middle rope. Nash does it again, knees in the corner and elbows. More knees, Hall collapses and Nash shoves off Hall. Right hand by Nash, Hall fights on his knees but Nash floors Hall. Big boot by Nash, Nash signals for The Jacknife, Nash connects with The Jacknife, Nash asks the crowd once more. Second Jacknife, Nash tells Hall to suck it before walking away and Hall wins by count-out.

So, the story that they are trying to tell in this match is Nash does not want to fight Hall, Hall is still close to Nash and Nash does not want to end Hall. Problem with that is Nash openly mocks Hall's drinking and smiles at the camera while putting down his friend Hall. Therefore, the story they were telling at the beginning and trying to tell throughout the match was pointless because if you are going to mock Hall and take the piss, how am I suppose to care about the story of Nash not wanting to beat his friend? The announcers say that Nash proved his point by destroying Hall but if that is the narrative you are going for, the first part of the match where Nash restrains himself from killing Hall is pointless. So, this was dumb, thanks for that WCW.

Winner: Scott Hall over Kevin Nash via Count-Out!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Bret Hart (C) vs Sting

The Sharpshooter vs The Scorpion Deathlock, a simple concept to build a match around and with Bret Hart involved, I think this match will do just fine after the last match. Sting is sporting an awful goatee, thank god it did not last long as it looks horrid. When you think about it, both these men should have been leading WCW as top babyfaces against The NWO but to see both men in The NWO is surreal and a perfect example of how WCW had very little idea of what they needed to do in order to be successful.

Match begins with Hart stalling, staying away from Sting. Hart jaw-jacks with a woman at ringside, Sting chases Hart and smashes Hart into the guard rail. Ten punches in the corner by Sting, clothesline by Sting. Sting stomps on Hart's fingers, inverted atomic drop for two. Hart brawls back, rake to the eyes and Sting is dragged into the top rope face first. DDT by Hart for two, right hands and more eye raking from Hart. Inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline, headbutt to the groin. Leg drop for two, Hart screams at the referee. Headbutts to the spine and more choking from Hart, elbows by Hart for two.

Reverse chinlock, Sting fires up but Hart lands a knee to the ribs, Hart chokes Sting with the rope. Running bulldog by Hart followed by a foot choke, small package from Sting for two. Russian legsweep by Hart, Hart was on the middle rope and tries a double axe handle but Sting drops Hart and applies The Scorpion Deathlock but Hart reaches the ropes almost instantly. Right hands by Sting, side headlock and shoulder block by Sting. Hart goes down clutching his knee after a leapfrog, Sting attacks Hart but the referee pulls away Hart. Hart pops up suffering no damage, Hart has something in his hand. Sting clotheslines Hart and steals the brass knuckles, Hart low blows Sting as the referee steps in to stop Sting using the brass knuckles.

Backbreaker and middle rope elbow by Hart for two, Hart hurls Sting to the floor. Sting is dropped onto the guard rail, Hart has Sting on the apron, clubbing blows from the champion. Sting elbows the referee by mistake, Hart leg drops the referee. Sting mounts a comeback, clothesline by Sting. Hart blocks a Stinger Splash with a boot, Hart right hands Sting. Hart is on the top rope, Sting crotches Hart. Superplex by Sting, Stinger Splash but Sting knocks himself out by hitting his head on the ringpost, Hart waffles Sting with the baseball bat. Middle rope elbow with the bat, Hart wakes the referee and applies The Sharpshooter. Sting is out-cold and Hart is declared the winner.

That was a boring match, Hart's heel work was tremendous. Eye-poking, faking an injury, stalling, using a foreign object, the brass knuckles, I do not think Hart could pack anymore cheating into the match, it was ridiculous but enjoyable. Yeah, Sting was not blowing me away in The NWO days of WCW, just looks lost like his character in the shuffle. No drive or motivation while Hart is trying to make the most of what little he has when he is given the time in WCW.

Winner: Bret Hart over Sting via Multiple Baseball Bat Shots!

Hulk Hogan vs The Warrior

Oh God, here we go, the match which is so bad, it is meant to give you nightmares. Ok, the build was a little corny as Warrior would haunt Hogan like a ghost, Hogan could see Warrior in mirrors while nobody else could see Warrior. We had inane promos which went on too long and made little sense, it was all a bit silly and that is me putting it nicely.

Warrior decks Hogan, lock-up and Hogan clubs down Warrior. Arm twist from Hogan before Warrior reverses the hold, shoulder block by Warrior and Hogan is on the floor. Lock-up, Hogan backs Warrior, clubbing blows by Hogan, Hogan chokes Warrior. Stomps by Hogan, knuckle lock by Hogan. Hogan controls the test of strength, Warrior eventually stands but Hogan slams Warrior. No effect and Warrior slams Hogan, Hogan is clotheslined to the floor. Right hands by Warrior, Hogan rakes the eyes but Warrior sends Hogan into the guard rail, Hogan meets the ringpost. Hogan shoulder blocks the referee and knees Nick Patrick. Hogan clubs Warrior, Hogan asks for back-up to take down Warrior.

Here comes Giant, Giant boots Hogan by mistake and Warrior clothelines The Giant. Vincent & Stevie Ray are knocked down, cover and there is no referee. Back suplex by Hogan for two, reverse chinlock by Hogan. Hogan whips Warrior with the belt, Warrior is choked with the belt but Nick patrick saves Warrior. Eye rake by Hogan, scoop slam but Warrior dodges the elbows. Warrior misses his Splash, right hands by Hogan. Warrior whips Hogan over and over, right hand with the belt by Warrior. Warrior and the referee argue, Hogan pulls out his flash powder to blind Warrior, it goes to shit as Hogan lights himself up instead of Warrior.

Double axe handle by Warrior, make it two. Hogan is bleeding, low blow in front of the referee. Leg Drop by Hogan, here is Horace in the rampway. Warrior dodges a Leg Drop and pumps himself up, clotheslines by Warrior. Bischoff distracts the referee and Horace cracks Warrior with the chair, Hogan covers Warrior to win the match. At the end, Hogan thought of lighting Warrior on fire, amazing cannot believe they leave out that part.

What a load of crap this match was, Warrior and his wrestling could not hold up in the late nineties it is a sad truth. Hogan as a heel, I have never been a fan of the in ring product, the man has not produced one good match over the two years I have been watching. The man never looks weak, dominates the matches and rarely, does the job. It really is a load of garbage, the match stinks and the fire spot is the icing on the cake. Hogan fails completely as he sets himself on fire, it just sums up everything you can hope for from WCW. Honest to god, I never want to see another Hogan match when he is in The NWO, I cannot take it, it is so ridiculous and Warrior had no business being in a ring at this point. It was sad to watch, I am washing my hands of this trash and I did not even mention Horace's bogus heel trun.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over The Warrior via Chair Shot!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Goldberg (C) vs DDP

DDP was over, very over with the fans. DDP could have been done a favour by Hogan by beating him in the tag matches leading up to the pay per view but no, it did not happen. DDP earned this opportunity by beating Stevie Ray of all people in The WarGames, it was a crock of shit but at least we are getting the two top babyfaces going at it for the championship. Goldberg's reign has been not much to talk about, he has not defended on some pay per views and mid-carders like Curt Hennig did little to help the career of Goldberg.

Match begins with Goldberg shoving back DDP, DDP arm drags Goldberg, taunting the champion and they spill to the floor. We reset in the ring, lock-up and side headlock by DDP, Goldberg trips DDP and DDP trips Goldberg. Slam into a cross armbreaker by Goldberg, DDP reaches the ropes and catches Goldberg with a jawbreaker. Goldberg shoves off DDP from The Diamond Cutter, arm twist by Goldberg and DDP trips Goldberg but Goldberg shoulder blocks DDP to the floor. DDP hotshots Goldberg, swinging neckbreaker by DDP. Right hands, Irish whip and a Russian legsweep by DDP for two. DDP grabs a front chancery, knees by DDP.

Goldberg lands a spinning neckbreaker on DDP, right hands by Goldberg. Double underhook suplex by Goldberg, sidewalk slam by Goldberg for two. Cross armbreaker by Goldberg, DDP reaches the ropes. Headscissors takedown by DDP, Goldberg pounces up for a thrustkick. Goldberg goes for The Spear, DDP dodges and Godberg hits the ringpost hard. Top rope clothesline by DDP for two, DDP stomps Goldberg who is favouring his arm.

One-armed jumping DDT by DDP after an Irish whip, DDP calls for The Diamond Cutter but Goldberg nails a massive Spear. Goldberg motions for The Jackhammer, Goldberg puts down DDP as the shoulder is hurt, Goldberg calls for it but DDP counters The Jackhammer for a Diamond Cutter. DDP crawls, 1......2... Goldberg kicks out of The Diamond Cutter, DDP tries for a suplex but Goldberg reverses for a Jackhammer. Game, set and match.

Not hard to see why this could be Goldberg's best match, it flowed really well and was end to end stuff with Goldberg throwing around DDP while DDP sold his ass off to put over Goldberg, you have the drama of Goldberg hitting the ringpost and DDP going in for the kill, the final blow but out of nowhere, Spear and it looks to be the end to DDP's cinderella story. Goldberg lifts him up and DDP connects with The Diamond Cutter, the crowd erupts at the thought of DDP becoming champion, great story-telling with DDP selling and crawling for the pin but Goldberg is too strong and delivers a Jackhammer for the win. It was short but what they were able to accomplish was great, DDP continued to over-achieve and this was a highlight for both men.

Winner: Goldberg over DDP via Jackhammer!

That was WCW's Halloween Havoc 1998, it was a long show with its faults but I think it was better than some of the more recent shows I had to stomach while getting to this point. The company looked to be in trouble at the beginning of 1998, things for me fell apart at Slamboree and it looks to be the continuing trend.

There was matches I liked, Goldberg vs DDP is a great highlight for both men, the cruiserweight matches were fun despite the questionable booking. Rick taking down Scott at last was satisfying and Jericho vs Raven was a fun opening match. There was also a lot of shit on this show, three squash like matches and the booking for Hall vs Nash was confusing. It was like Nash was trying to say oh my poor firend but the guy was smiling and winking, playing it up for the cameras. The action did not fit the narrative, Hogan vs Warrior was atrocious, Warrior could not do it and Hogan was stinking up the joint left, right and centre by this point, the less said, the better.

If you want to check out this show, do it for the main event. There are other good moments but the main event is the match you want to see, DDP does a tremndous job pulling a great match out of Bill Goldberg and it is nice to see DDP have his moment in the maine event. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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