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WWE Wrestlemania XIX Review

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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another editon of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! We are edging ever closer to Wrestllemania 33, it's a mixed bag this year, a lot of divided opinions and seemingly, nobody wants to see Goldberg & Lesnar close the show. Whether it happens or not, remains to be seen. However, right now I want to take you back to what could be Brock Lesnar's finest hour: Wrestlemania XIX. This is the showcase of the immortals, wrestling's superbowl. We have Austin vs Rock 3, Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho, Hogan vs Mcmahon, Triple H vs Booker T and Lesnar vs Angle. Will Wrestlemania XIX be as great as I remember it? Let's find out!

Opening Promo

Footage of all the biggest stars in wrestling warming up and training while talking about the importance of Wrestlemania. It seems like a huge deal, it is a huge deal and nothing can top Wrestlemania. Footage of past Wrestlemanias play interspliced with footage of today's stars. Great stuff from WWE, killing it when the pressure is on.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy (C) W/ Shannon Moore

Mysterio earned this opportunity on the pre-show of No Way Out, defeating Jamie Noble. Matt Hardy won the championship from Billy Kidman at No Way Out. Mysterio elevates Matt to the floor, corkscrew plancha onto Matt and Moore by Mysterio. Two count for Mysterio, headscissors out of the corner by Mysterio. Mysterio looks for a sunset flip powerbomb but Moore smashes Mysterio with a boot to the ribs, Matt drops Mysterio on the barricade and nails his richochet manœuvre in the ring. Two count for Matt, Matt misses his version of 619 crotching himself on the middle rope. Right hands from Mysterio, Matt counters a springboard with a boot, Mysterio blocks The Twist of Fate with a Delphin Special for two.

Side-Effect by Matt for two, Mysterio finds himself in a surfboard. Mysterio fires up, Matt clubs Mysterio. Matt misses a spear in the corner, springboard senton by Mysterio. Springboard crossbody by Mysterio for two, headscissors takedown. Spinning tornado DDT for two, drop toehold by Mysterio. Moore trips Mysterio as Mysterio ran off the ropes for a 619. Matt nails The Twist of Fate and Mysterio kicks out at two. Matt has Mysterio on the middle rope for a splash mountain powerbomb. Mysterio counters for a hurricanrana for two, Moore puts Matt's foot on the ropes. Matt drills Moore off the apron, 619 by Mysterio. Matt ducks the senton and counters a victory roll near the ropes, Matt uses the ropes for leverage and Matt retains the championship.

That was fast-paced and a good opening match, Mysterio and Matt pack as much high impact offence into this few minutes as they can. It was blistering, it was fun, it was exciting. I thought they would suffer with the little amount of time they had but this match was really good.

Winner: Matt Hardy over Rey Mysterio via Shenanigans!

Catfight Girls/ Limp Bizkit Performance

Two women arrive named The Catfight Girls, I do not even want to know what trashy things they had to do or did, just know they are here for mindless T&A. Anyways, Limp Bizkit perform Taker's old Rollin Theme and I am pretty sure these guys were mostly irrelevant by 2003 but I could be wrong as WWE was always in touch with their audience right? Oh yeah....... silly me.

The Undertaker vs A-Train & The Big Show

Nathan Jones was attacked on Heat, WWE had their doubts about Nathan Jones being able to perform at Wrestlemania. Undertaker beat Show at No Way Out which killed this feud for me which was meant to be build around Taker's revenge. Match begins with Show being lowbridged and Taker Chokeslamming A-Train for a close two as Show saves his partner. Hiptoss by Taker, Old School on A-Train. Show is stomped on by Taker but Taker runs into a Baldo Bomb. Show hurls Taker into the ringpost, Show drops Taker on the barricade. Rope guillotine by A-Train, choke by A-Train. Tag to Show, right hands by both men. Show looks for The Chokeslam, Taker counters for a Fuijwara armbar. Cross armbreaker by Taker on A-Train, leg drop by Show stops that move.

Headbutts by Show, abdominal stretch. Show uses Train's hand for leverage, heel work 101. Tag to A-Train, stomps by A-Train. Abdominal stretch by A-Train, Taker counters for his own abdominal stretch. Back suplex by Taker, Show smacks Taker as Taker runs the ropes, clothesline by A-Train for two. A-Train slaps the head of Taker, Taker battles back against A-Train. Massive running DDT by Taker for two as Show makes the save. Taker pummels Show in the corner, corner clotheslines on Show and A-Train. Taker big boots A-Train, huge clothesline by Taker on Show. Bicycle Kick by A-Train on Taker, Show measures for The Chokeslam. Show connects but here comes Nathan Jones who floors Show with a roundhouse. Jones boots A-Train and Taker nails The Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

It was alright, never thought Show and A-Train had a chance in this match, poor Nathan Jones, that is not the best start to your WWE career. It was not Taker's worst Wrestlemania match but it is not going to be mentioned among the top Wrestlemania matches.

Winner: Undertaker over Big Show & A-Train via Tombstone Piledriver!

Catfight Girls/Torrie & Stacy

A lot of titties and asses appear on the screen and apparently, they will have a segment at some point.

(WWE Women's Championship Match) Trish Stratus vs Victoria (C) vs Jazz

Jazz has returned after nine months off, it is a welcome return to the division for the woman. Much like the cruiserweights, the women's division has not been getting a lot of love on pay per view either even though this is considered a golden time with the rebirth under Trish Stratus.

Match begins with Jazz wiping out Victoria and applying various submissions to Trish, Jazz boots Victoria to the floor. Trish fires up on Jazz before Victoria takes everyone down with right hands and stomps. Slingshot leg drop by Victoria on Trish, Jazz pulls out Victoria and nails a leg drop. Victoria and Jazz decide to wipe out Trish, double backbreaker by Victoria & Jazz. Powerslam by Victoria on Jazz for two, delphin special by Trish for two.

Massive clothesline by Victoria, huge slap by Victoria. Clothesline by Trish, Jazz emerges to powerslam Trish. Victoria and Jazz push one another, Jazz slaps Victoria. Trish bangs the heels' heads together. Jazz decks Victoria by mistake, roll-up by Trish for two. Victory roll by Trish for two, Chick Kick by Trish on Jazz for two. Victoria makes the save, Trish nails her handstand headscissors on Victoria.

Jazz has Trish in a single leg Boston Crab, STF by Jazz. Stevie Richards throws Jazz to the floor, helping Victoria. Trish rolls up Victoria for two, Victoria reverses the hold for two. Jazz clotheslines Victoria and Chicken Wing faceplants Trish. Victoria superkicks Jazz, Victoria misses a moonsault. Victoria elevates Jazz to the floor, Trish measures Victoria before Richards runs into the ring. Richards is wiped out with a Stratusfaction. Trish slides out of The Widow's Peak and Trish nails The Chick Kick for the win.

A great women's match for Wrestlemania. They brought it all in this match, gutsy Trish as the babyface, Jazz dominates with her power and Victoria tries to sneak in and win when she can. It has nothing on the matches put on by the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch but it is still a really good match. Kudos to those all involved, they brought their A Game for that triple threat.

Winner: Trish Stratus over Jazz & Victoria via Chick Kick!

The Rock Promo

Rock kills it as usual, Rock puts over how Rock is consumed by the fact that he cannot beat Austin at Wrestlemania, Rock will rest easy once Austin is beaten at Wrestlemania. So far ahead of the pack it is ridiculous.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Team Angle (C) vs Los Guerreros vs Rhyno & Chris Benoit

Benoit deserves better, his performances since his return have warranted a more high-profile match on the card. Plus, Rhyno? Really? Anyways, I was impressed by Haas & Benjamin at No Way Out, they seem to be more than ready for the main roster. Match starts off in chaos, Chavo and Haas start the match once order is established. Back drop and back suplex by Chavo, dropkick by Chavo. Haas tags Benoit, Chavo tags Eddie. Slingshot hilo by Eddie, forearm shots by Eddie to Benoit. Chops by Benoit in the corner, right hands by Benoit. Shoulder block by Eddie, Benoit tags Rhyno. Hard Irish whip and running powerslam by Rhyno, Eddie tags Benjamin. Back elbow by Benjamin for two, tag to Haas. Double dropkick by the champions, Rhyno tags Benoit.

Snap suplex by Benoit for two, back suplex by Benoit. Two for Benoit, tag to Rhyno. Haas grabs a headlock and tags Benjamin, Rhyno reverses an Irish whip into the corner and Gores Benjamin in the corner. Eddie tags in and dropkicks Rhyno, Rhyno backs Eddie into the corner and tags Benoit. Back suplex by Eddie, Eddie climbs to the top rope but Benoit nails a superplex. Cover and Team Angle break the count, flapjack into a Crossface by Benoit. Haas makes the save, Eddie blocks a tilt-a-whirl for a brainbuster.

Haas makes the save, Chavo shoulder blocks Haas and headscissors Benjamin. Benoit German suplexes Chavo four times. Superkick by Benjamin on Benoit but Eddie saves the match. Eddie and Benoit bang heads, Benjamin slams Benoit. Leg drop, Eddie Frog Splashes Benjamin and Benoit. Haas suplexes Chavo and Rhyno Gores Haas and Chavo. Eddie pulls out Rhyno but Benjamin steals the pin.

It was ok, this type of match is usually a mess and chaotic, that's exactly what we got. I would have preferred a straight-up tag team match between the champions and one of the teams. A waste of Benoit and Eddie in my eyes but I am happy to see the continued push of Team Angle, I really dig the team.

Winners: Team Angle over Everyone Else via Gore!

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho wanted to be Shawn Michaels, Jericho idolised Michaels. Chris Jericho grew out of idolising Michaels and focused on being the first ever Chris Jericho. Jericho wants to become immortal by beating Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. Jericho believes to his core that he is superior to HBK in every way possible, this is a great set-up for a feud and Jericho has always been one of the easy to hate individuals.

Lock-up, clean break. Side headlock takedown by Michaels, Jericho arm drags Michaels. We reset, side headlock by Michaels into a hammerlock. Hiptoss by Michaels but Jericho kicks off Michaels, Michaels kicks off Jericho. The two are feeling one another out, side headlock takedown by Michaels. Shoulder block by Jericho, slap by Jericho. Right hand by Michaels and Jericho is flung over the top rope. Baseball slide by Michaels, crossbody but Jericho rolls through for two. Right hand by Jericho, Irish whip and a spinning heel kick by Jericho. Michaels meets the turnbuckle hard, chops by Jericho. Hard Irish whip by Jericho, choke in the corner by Jericho. Michaels see the modified bulldog coming and throws Jericho into the corner. Figure four by Michaels, Jericho reverses the hold and Michaels breaks.

Shinbreaker by Michaels, Jericho kicks off Michaels who hits the ringpost shoulder first. Right hands by Jericho, Michaels skins the cat and headscissors Jericho to the floor. Plancha by Michaels, right hands on the floor by Michaels. Michaels misses a dropkick and applies a Walls of Jericho on the floor. Michaels' back has been made the target, Jericho rams Michaels back first into the ringpost twice. Springboard dropkick by Jericho, back suplex by Jericho. Vertical suplex by Jericho for two, backbreaker by Jericho. Cocky pin for two, reverse chinlock by Jericho. Michaels fires up, eye rake from Jericho. Huge DDT by Michaels, slugfest with Michaels winning the war before Jericho nails Michaels' flying forearm and kip-up before posing. Michaels kips-up and nails the flying forearm, back drop and an inverted atomic drop.

Top rope moonsault by Michaels for two, crucifix into a roll-up by Michaels, both men trade pins until Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho. Michaels kicks off Jericho and Jericho nails a northern lights suplex, clothesline by Jeericho after a two count. Modified bulldog and a Lionsault by Jericho, Michaels kicks out at two and a half. Michaels tries for a hurricanrana and Jericho counters for The Walls of Jericho. Michaels makes it to the ropes, Jericho tries for the submission again but Michaels counters for a small package, two for Michaels. Backbreaker by Jericho and a reverse elbow from the top rope, Jericho looks for The Sweet Chin Music. Jericho drops Michaels with The Sweet Chin Music, two count for Jericho. Springboard crossbody by Michaels, right hands by HBK.

Michaels catapults Jericho into the ringpst, schoolboy for two. Jericho goes to the back, Michaels is on the top rope with Jericho. Michaels counters the back superplex for the crossbody, cover and Jericho kicks out at two. Jericho shoves the referee into the ropes to stop Michaels scoring with his elbow. Michaels blocks the superplex, elbow drop by Michaels. Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music, Jericho ducks and applies The Walls of Jericho for a third time in this match. Michaels makes it to the ropes, Jericho runs into Sweet Chin Music. Michaels crawls for the cover and Jericho kicks out at two. Right hands in the corner by Michaels, Jericho whips Michaels into the corner and Michaels does his trademark flip. Jericho tries for a back suplex, Michaels slides out and rolls-up Jericho for the win. The ending is great too, Michaels and Jericho embrace after a show-stealer and Jericho decks Michaels in the balls and spits on his idol.

That match was all kinds of awesome, the story-telling, the psychology, the hard work the two men put in, it was just great wrestling. Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania for a reason, he sold and sold, everything was done at the right moment, his bumping, his comebacks, his hope spots, they were all great. Jericho was top-notch, the imitation spots were a treat, the cut-offs were good, his demeanour and body language, facials were all fantastic. It was exciting and dramatic, I was sucked into this match, it was great.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Chris Jericho via Roll-up!

More Limp Bizkit/ Catfight Girls Crap

More of Fred Durst? Yay.... I think live performances for entrances are cool but nobody really wants to see music in the middle of their show. After that experience, we have the girls from The Miller-Lite commercials on a bed, their names are Tanya Ballinger and Kitana Baker (Hope the first names are references to Mortal Kombat). Coach is our host, you can almost see Coach die a little as the girls come out. Stacy Keibler enters the match as Torrie Wilson enters the match too. Spanking, pillow shots and girls tops come off. They roll over Coach, Coach is rolled up and Stacy pins Coach. Fantastic.........

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Triple H (C) W/ Ric Flair vs Booker T

This is the first controversial moment of the night so I feel I should do my best to explain my thoughts on the whole situation. Ok, I am fine with Booker T losing this match as a babyface who is challenging for the world championship and is just not at that level yet, it would be fair to say that Booker T was not at the level in 2003, he had been doing comedy with Goldust and in the tag team divsion for a majority of the year so Booker T losing a match to Triple H, I have no issue with that result. However, the second that Triple H turned this angle racist with his remarks that people like you do not win world titles and that people like you are here to entertain me, that's too far. Booker T should have beaten Triple H plain and simple after that, you do not bring racism into wrestling and show that the heel is right all along

Lock-up, Booker pushes back Triple H. Triple H drags Booker to the corner, Booker decks Triple H. Right hands and chops by Booker, Irish whip into the corner and a back body drop by Booker. Triple H cuts off Booker with a right hand and goes to the top, Booker drags Triple H down with an arm drag. Triple H powders and tries luring Booker in, Booker smacks Triple H's head off the ringpost. Shoulder block by Triple H, Booker nails a clothesline. Right hands by Booker, kicks to the head. Triple H elevates Booker to the apron, Booker is introduced to the ringpost. Triple H stomps Booker in the ring, elbow across the throat. Neckbreaker by The Game, two count for the champion. Booker fires back but Triple H drills Booker with a spinebuster for two. Corner clothesline by The Game, two for Triple H.

Choke by Triple H, Booker battles back on Triple H but Triple H knees Booker. Triple H tries a suplex but Booker slides out and nails a DDT. Right hands and chops by Booker, spinning heel kick by Booker. Sidewalk slam by Booker, flying forearm for two. Chops by Booker, knee to the ribs and Booker was thinking Scissors Kick but Triple H applies a sleeper. Booker wriggles free but Triple H nails a huge running knee, chops from the champion. Facebuster by Triple H and Booker answers with a spinebuster for two. Irish whip by Booker to the corner, Triple H counters with a boot and eats a Harlem sidekick after a double axe handle goes wrong, two count for Booker. Triple H dodges The Scissors Kick and Triple H lowbridges Booker who misses a Harlem sidekick. Flair smashes the knee of Booker into the steel steps.

Indian Deathlock by Triple H, Booker escapes by reaching the ropes. Triple H drops his weight on the knee of Booker, Triple H whips Booker to the corner but Booker collapses. Booker counters a shinbreaker for a roll-up, two for Booker. Triple H tries for a Pedigree, Booker trips Triple H but Triple H kicks Booker into the referee. Spinning back elbow by Booker, Scissors Kick by Booker. Booker drapes an arm over for two, Booker is climbing to the top rope. Booker decks Flair, Triple H is on the top rope with Booker. Booker fights off Triple H, Flair is decked for a second time. Houston Hangover by Booker, Booker crawls for the cover but Flair places Triple H's foot on the ropes.

Booker tried running off the ropes for The Scissors Kick, Booker's leg gives out and Triple H delivers The Pedigree. Triple H puts an arm over Booker T and Triple H retains his World Heavyweight Championship.

I feel anything I say about the match will be overshadowed by the sublte and implied racism in the storyline, the match should have ended with Booker T standing tall after Triple H said all those terrible things but that did not happen. The match was average at best, an improvement on Triple H's matches with Scott Steiner months earlier but it was not Wrestlemania worthy, it seemed like just another B-Level pay per view match for The Game.

Winner: Triple H over Booker T via Pedigree!

Vince Mcmahon vs Hulk Hogan (Street Fight Twenty Years In The Making)

Vince believes he was the one who created Hulk Hogan, Hogan argues the fans made Hulk Hogan. Mcmahon screwed Hogan at No Way Out by helping The Rock defeat Hogan, Vince is one of the most over the top heels in wrestling history but he is one hell of a heel I will tell you that, the promos of Mcmahon ranting and raving about how he created Hulkamania and now, he is going to kill Hulkamania are fantastic. If Hogan loses, he must retire, it's high stakes for Hogan.

Vince slaps Hogan, Hogan tackles Vince and pummels the chairman. Right hands by Hogan, axe bomber and more rights and lefts from Hogan. Hogan stomps Vince in the corner, Vince counters Hogan with an elbow. Clothesline by Vince, kick to the ribs by Vince. Shoulder thrusts by Vince, knees to the ribs by Vince. Elbows and rights by Vince, Hogan falls to the mat. Hammerlock by Vince on the mat, Vince wraps Hogan's arm around the ringpost. Vince outpowers Hogan in a test of strength before Hulking up, Vince kicks Hogan low and regains control. Hogan fires up but Vince is quick to throw Hogan to the floor. Hogan is hurled shoulder first into the ringpost, Vince has a chair. Vince misses Hogan's head, Hogan decks Vince with a right hand, Vince meets the ringpost.

Vince is walloped with the chair, Vince is a bloody mess. Right hands by Hogan, Hogan drills Vince with a chair to the spine, make it two. Hogan aims for a third but Hogan destroys Hugo Savanovich with a chair. Low blow by Vince and Hogan tastes the steel chair. Vince pulls out a ladder, Hogan is kicked beside the Spanish announce table. Vince smacks Hogan with the monitor, Hogan is laid out on the table. Vince climbs the ladder and drops a leg drop on Hogan through the announce table. Cover in the ring by Vince, 1....2..... Hogan kicks out! Vince pulls out a pipe from under the ring, low blow from Hogan. Rowdy Roddy piper is here, what in God's name is going on in this match?

Piper nails Hogan with a lead pipe, Vince covers but Hogan kicks out at two again! Vince throws a referee to the floor and cracks Hogan with a lead pipe and a leg drop, Hogan kicks out at two. Hogan Hulks up, right hands to Vince and the crooked referee Slyvain Grenier. Right hands and a big boot by Hogan, Leg Drop three times and it's goodnight for Vince.

That was so ridiculous and I loved it, some people would find it overbooked, trust me I know where you are coming from but I just could not say I did not enjoy this match. Vince is the most cartoon like villain in the world of wrestling, his expressions are priceless and he puts on one amazing performance when the time comes, Hogan did well to keep up with Vince I thought. Just kidding, I did like this a lot though, a very entertaning match.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Vince Mcmahon via Leg Drops!

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock

The final encounter, the final chapter to what many consider wretling's greatest rivalry. Rock had left for Hollywood having conquered professional wrestling but there was one thing that The Rock had not done and that was beat Stone Cold at Wrestlemania. Rock needed this, Rock was consumed by it, Rock had to eclipse Austin on the grandest stage of them all. Austin's final match even though none of us knew it at the time but you could tell this was emotional.

Right hands by Austin, Irish whip and an early Stunner attempt with Rock powdering to the floor, Austin clotheslines Rock on the floor. Chops by Austin, Rock meets the steel steps. Rock is dropped on the barricade multiple times and sent into the steel steps. Stomps by Austin, Austin chokes Rock. Back suplex by Austin for two, hard Irish whips by Austin. Clothesline by Austin, Austin chokes Rock using the ropes. Austin jaw-jacks with Earl Hebnar and Rock clips the knee, chop block on the floor by Rock. Rock sends Austin's knee into the annouce table, more stomps by Rock. Rock sends Austin's leg into the ringpost, more rights from Rock.

Austin show heart with right hands, Rock goes to the knee and Austin is down once more. Rock applies the sharpshooter, Austin makes it to the ropes. Right hands by Rock to a downed Austin, Rock tries on Austin's vest. Right hands by Austin, huge clothesline and both men are down. Right hands by Austin, Rock is caught in The Lou Thesz Press, right hands by Austin and an elbow drop. Cover and two, Austin stomps Rock in the corner. Rock drills Austin with a flying clothesline, Austin drops Rock with a Rock Bottom. Rock kicks out at two, Austin measures for The Stunner. Rock blocks and Stunners Austin, cover by Rock and Austin kicks out at two.

Right hands by Rock, Rock misses the final blow as Austin connects with a massive Stunner. 1....2.. Rock kicks out of The Stunner. Austin goes to pick up Rock, low blow by The Rock behind the referee's back. Austin dodges The People's Elbow, Austin tries for The Stunner but Rock counters for a spinebuster and a People's Elbow. 1...2.... Austin kicks out! Rock Bottom, cover and Austin kicks out. Austin fights out of a second Rock Bottom momentarily but Rock nails the second Rock Bottom after a missed right hand from Austin. Again, Austin kicks out at two. Rock coils for a third Rock Bottom, it's a massive Rock Bottom and Austin cannot kick out as Rock vanquishes his greatest foe.

As the camera goes off Rock, Rock whispers to Austin I love you brother. What could you say about this match? It was so many people's childhood coming to an end, Rock would be gone a month later after putting over Goldberg while this was Austin's last match. Most people cite these two leaving wrestling as the reason they stopped watching, they weer fantastic and this match was just as great as the two wrestlers involved in it, Rock leaves to give the ring to The Tewas Rattlesnake. Two class acts, two of the very best. One of the most emotional matches you would see from the WWE, a classic and a fitting end to the career of perhaps the greatest wrestler ever to lace up a pair of boots.

Winner: The Rock over Stone Cold Steve Austin via Rock Bottom!

(WWE Championship Match) Kurt Angle (C) vs Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was unstoppable in 2002 and that carried into 2003, Lesnar lost Heyman and turned babyface. Lesnar won The Royal Rumble while Angle won the championship a month prior thanks to Lesnar. This was also controversial like Triple H vs Booker T as Angle found out he needed neck surgery urgently and this match was thrown into doubt, Angle got the all clear to compete and thus, the match goes ahead. Angle has no Team Angle, Angle cannot get counted out or disqualified. Angle is all alone against Lesnar. Lesnar's ribs are taped up for the match after weeks of assaults from the champion.

Huge stare-down to kick us off, you can feel the intensity. Lock-up, Lesnar has Angle in the corner, clean break from Lesnar. Lock-up, Angle takes down Lesnar with a front chancery, fireman's carry by Lesnar. Fireman's carry from Angle into an armbar, side headlock takedown by Lesnar and we reset, crowd appreciates the action. Lesnar takes the back, Angle takes the back, side headlock takedown by Angle. Shoulder block by Lesnar, Angle shoots for the leg and trips Lesnar but Lesnar wriggles free and takes the back, deep armdrag by Lesnar. Knee to the ribs by Angle, Angle clubs the injured ribs. Back elbow by Lesnar and shoulder thrusts by the challenger. Powerslam by Lesnar, two count for Lesnar.

German suplex by Angle, Lesnar pops up fast for a clothesline. Angle powders to the floor, Angle lures in Lesnar to the ring for stomps to the ribs. Military press slam by Lesnar, Lesnar runs into a boot to the ribs from Angle. Angle German suplexes Lesnar into the turnbuckle, Lesnar falls to the floor. Angle rams Lesnar ribs first into the barricade. Back suplex and snap suplex by Angle for two, variation of a bow & arrow by Angle. Lesnar rams Angle into the turnbuckles to break the hold, stomps in the corner by Lesnar. Lesnar is cut-off by a belly to belly suplex, knee to the back by Angle. Another knee sends Lesnar to the floor, Angle runs right into a spinebuster by Lesnar. Right hands by Angle, knees by Lesnar.

Flying forearm by Lesnar, shoulder thrusts by Lesnar. Belly to belly suplex by Lesnar, make it two. Cover for two, Angle blocks a suplex for a series of German suplexes. Lesnar dodges The Angle Slam, Angle counters The F-5 for a trip into The Ankle Lock. Transition into a half-crab by Angle, Lesnar makes it to the ropes. Lesnar elevates Angle to the floor, Angle misses a corner clothesline and Lesnar nails shoulder thrusts before Angle retaliates with a massive German suplex for two. Angle nails The Angle Slam, 1.....2... Lesnar kicks out! Lesnar blocks a second Angle Slam for a small package, two count for Lesnar. F-5 by Lesnar, 1....2... Angle kicks out!

Lesnar tries picking up Angle, Angle lures Lesnar in for The Ankle Lock, Angle grapevines the leg. Lesnar reaches the ropes, Lesnar kicks off Angle. Small package by Angle for two, Lesnar counters The Angle Slam for another F-5. Lesnar looks to the top rope and begins climbing, what could this be from Lesnar? One of the most incredible botches in wrestling history as Lesnar misses the shooting star press, Angle covers but Lesnar kicks out at two. Angle eats a third F-5 and Lesnar wins the match. Lesnar and Angle embrace ina hug at the end of the match.

Tremendous effort from both men all things considered, Angle was barely in condition to wrestle, being cleared mere weeks before the show and that shooting star press, Lesnar has no idea where he is following that match as you can see it clearly on his face. I thought the match was a little slow in the middle but picked up a lot of steam towards the end. The false- finishes were dramatic and the match built well towards what was supposed to be the finish, unfortunate that Lesnar could not nail The Shooting Star Press even though watching this back now, I feel Angle was so far away from Lesnar but that would not have changed the outcome for poor Lesnar. Anyways, it was a sour note for the main event but the two gladiators pulled it together and went out like men.

Winner: Brock Lesnar over Kurt Angle via F-5!

That was Wrestlemania XIX, one of the better Wrestlemanias in my book. You had Jericho vs Michaels, Rock vs Austin and Lesnar vs Angle all turning out to be classic matches, the women's match was good for the time and Hogan vs Mcmahon was entertaining. Not a big fan of The Triple H match like most of the world but apart from that and The Undertaker match, this show was really good. Check it out for the three matches I mentioned above, you will not be disappointed.

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