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WCW World War 3 1997 Review

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Good day to you wrestling fans of the internet, it’s time for another review here at Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! Sticking with WCW for this one and it’s World War 3 1997. A sixty man battle royal to determine the number one contender to Hogan’s world championship. Also, on tonight’s card, Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, the pay per view debut of Raven and Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair. Halloween Havoc was hit and miss but will World War 3 be more of the same? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

We have a soldier spying on the action at WCW, the soldier gets too close to the action and ends up being blown away by the WCW wrestlers. Simple and cheesy but I like it.

Glacier & Ernest Miller vs The Faces of Fear

This is not the type of match I would want to open up a pay per view, Glacier and Miller have done nothing since their feud with Wrath & Mortis while The Faces of Fear have been direction less as the WCW tag team championships continue to not be defended. We start off with a brawl, Miller floors Barbarian. Glacier punches and kicks Meng but Meng kicks down Glacier in the end. Glacier gets up and kicks Meng down, Glacier grabs the arm of Meng and tags in Miller. Miller Irish whips Meng, Glacier helps Miller nails a crossbody. Meng tags Barbarian, chops and kicks by Miller. Tag to Glacier and a forearm by Glacier.

Tag to Meng, Glacier dodges, kicks and punches Meng to no effect. Dropkick by Glacier, Meng headbutts into Barbarian and Miller planchas onto Barbarian. Glacier planchas on Meng, Barbarian is back up and clubs Glacier. Irish whip by Barbarian, Barbarian misses a corner clothesline. Tag to Meng, back drop into a powerbomb. Cover and Miller makes the save. Barbarian elbows the back of Glacier. Choke in the corner, Barbarian whips Glacier into Miller, tag to Meng. Dropkick by Meng, backbreaker for a two count. Tag to Barbarian, The Faces of Fear club the bejesus out of Glacier. Foot choke from Barbarian, reverse chinlock by Barbarian.

Meng is legal, stomps by Meng. Shoulderbreaker for two, shots to the head by Meng and a huge shoulder claw. Tag to Meng, Meng misses an elbow but Meng continues the attack. Glacier fights back, back suplex by Glacier. Tag to Miller, kicks and chops by Miller. Flying clothesline by Miller, Barbarian eats the same clothesline. Huge roundhouses by Miller, Jimmy Hart is attacked too but Meng grabs Miller with The Tonga Death Grip.

Mercifully, it is over. I am kidding, that is a bit harsh but the match was a borefest. Glacier and Miller are not able to pull off a good tag match, both are green and their offense is not great. If they incorporate some wrestling into their moveset, maybe there will be better matches ahead for Glacier and Miller. At this time, not even close to a good match.

Winners: The Faces of Fear over Miller & Glacier via Tonga Death Grip!

(WCW Television Championship Match) Disco Inferno vs Saturn ©

Saturn’s career in WCW is off to a good start with a championship in his possession. At the last pay per view, we saw Disco Inferno beaten by Jacqueline. Saturn comes to the ring with Raven, Raven cuts a four-word promo which gives Saturn the all clear to decimate Disco Inferno.

Takedown by Saturn, lock-up and a firemen’s carry by Saturn. Side headlock by Saturn, shoulder block by Saturn. Lock-up, side headlock by Saturn. Disco hiptosses Saturn, nails a dropkick and Saturn powders to the floor. Slap by Saturn and a huge chop, Disco nails a hiptoss off an Irish whip and Saturn powders to the floor again. Disco yanks Saturn into the ring, Disco lowers his head off an Irish whip. Kick to the head by Saturn and clothesline by Saturn. Inverted atomic drop by Disco, right hands by Disco and huge stomps. Fist drop for a two count, Disco tries for an elbow and Saturn dodges. Pumphandle suplex by Saturn, two count for the champion. Scoop slam by Saturn, Saturn misses a middle rope moonsault. Disco answers with a clothesline, two count.

Saturn goes for a backslide, two count. Disco is crotched on the top rope. Springboard clothesline by Saturn, Disco is on his feet and Disco nails Kidman and Lodi with The Chartbuster. Saturn makes the save with a huge lariat to the back of the head. Disco blocks a tiger suplex, swinging neckbreaker for two. Disco is on the top rope, crossbody but Saturn rolls through for The Rings of Saturn.

Fun little match with Saturn being put over strong with his Rings of Saturn, Saturn looks nasty and in great shape, I like how Saturn is singled out from the very beginning in The Flock as the guy to look out for in the future. Disco did well, nothing to nit-pick. It was a fine match.

Winner: Saturn over Disco Inferno via Rings of Saturn!

Giant Promo

Hall broke a bone in Giant’s hand, Giant is a favourite for the match but obviously, Giant is not at 100%. Giant cuts the world’s softest promo as the microphone barely picks up what Giant is saying, it went something along the lines of I am going to kill Scott Hall and everyone else in the match.

Ultimo Dragon vs Yuji Nagata W/ Sonny Onoo

A return match from Halloween Havoc 1997, if Dragon wins this match, Dragon gets five-minutes alone with Sonny Onoo. Nagata is a hired gun who’s goal is to eliminate Dragon as Onoo tuned on Dragon months ago which is why Dragon wants to destroy Onoo. They test the water with some kicks, Dragon’s elbow is taped up which should lead to some sheananigans.

Dragon leg sweeps Nagata, elbow by Dragon. Handspring elbow is blocked by Nagata for a Fujiwara armbar, Dragon wriggles free and Nagata powders after a dropkick. Onoo kicks Dragon which should be a disqualification but Dragon lifts up Onoo for a suplex and Nagata makes the save. Nagata misses a dropkick, side headlock takedown by Dragon. Dragon refuses to let go of his side headlock, punches to the head. Nagata counters for a back suplex, stomps to the face by Nagata. Piledriver by Nagata, reverse chinlock by Nagata. Dragon fights out but Nagata applies a reverse chinlock. Back suplex by Dragon, Nagata is back on top with an elbow and kicks to the chest.

Another piledriver, two for Nagata. Foot choke by Nagata, kicking rush by Nagata which ends with an enzuigiri and a camel clutch. Irish whip, Dragon tries for a suplex by Nagata has the Fujiwara armbar. Dragon makes it to the ropes, another reverse chinlock. Belly to belly suplex by Nagata, Nagata eats a kicking rush from Dragon after Dragon avoids a back drop. Kicks to the chest and back of Nagata, Nagata begs of to the corner. Dragon nails a facewash, dragon screw legwhip on the floor. Crossbody to the floor by Dragon, Nagata and Dragon are on the top rope. Sunset flip powerbomb for two, scoop slam by Dragon. Moonsault, two for Dragon.

Dragon has Nagata in the Dragon Sleeper after slipping out of a suplex but Onoo distracts the referee and the referee misses the tap-out. Frankensteiner by Dragon, Onoo places Nagata’s foot on the ropes. Dragon back suplexes Nagata into Onoo but Nagata falls onto Dragon and in the most awkward looking pin I have ever seen, Nagata wins the match.

Not a good match I am sorry guys, Dragon and Nagata put in the work but the crowd could not care less as they were silent throughout this match. The finish looked like shite too, do not know what they were looking for or going for but the finish was very sloppy.

Winner: Nagata over Dragon via sloppy pin!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers W/ Ted Dibiase vs Dave Taylor & Steven Regal

So, when did this happen? The Outsiders lost the championships and it was not on pay per view? I had to suffer through all those number one contenders matches and you are telling me the title change was not on pay per view? Anyways, Regal and Taylor have come out of nowhere, beaten Harlem Heat and earned this opportunity.

Taylor and Scott begin the match, Scott hiptosses Taylor. Side headlock by Scott, shoulder block by Scott. Lock-up, Taylor pushes Scott into the corner, Regal beats down Scott behind the referee’s back. Taylor Irish whip, lowers the head and Scott nails a Tiger Bomb, Rick clotheslines Regal and The Steiners pose for the fans. Tag to Rick, Regal and Rick lock-up. Rick wrenches the arm, Regal goes for the leg but Rick is too strong for Regal. Huge toss by Rick, forearm shot by Regal, European uppercuts and a knee to the face. Rick is down, Rick blocks a forearm for a Fujiwara armbar. Tag to Scott, huge belly to belly suplex from Scott. Two count for Scott, STF by Scott.

Tag to Rick, Fujiwara armbar by Rick. Regal pokes the eyes and tags in Taylor, inverted atomic drop by Taylor, shoulder block from Rick and a powerslam. Cover and Regal makes the save, tag to Scott. Side headlock by Scott, Taylor shoves off Scott and Regal nails a cheap shot from the apron. Taylor distracts the referee while Regal puts the boots to Scott. Taylor stretches the arm and tags Regal. European uppercut by Regal, two count. Scott fires back with a clothesline, Regal hooks the legs of Scott and tags Taylor. Uppercut for two by Taylor. Surfboard-like stretch by Taylor, tag to Regal.

 Regal is whipped into the corner and walks into a belly to belly suplex, tag to Rick. Rick hammers Taylor and Regal, slams all around. Scott tees off with Taylor, Rick back drops Regal. Scott back drops Taylor onto Regal, Taylor is dumped to the floor. Steiner Bulldog and this match is over.

Standard Steiner tag match, suplexes and ass-whipping. Not a long heat segment for Taylor & Regal, never looked like a real threat to the champions. Glad that Steiners are champion and they had new challengers, I will be happy as long as I do not see The Steiners vs Harlem Heat.

Winners: Steiners over Regal & Taylor via Steiner Bulldog!

Raven/JJ. Dillon Promo

Dillon states that Raven has to sign a contract to wrestle in WCW, Raven has been a confusing character for the powers that be in WCW.

Raven vs Scott Riggs (Raven’s Rules Match)

Riggs sports an eyepatch due to being drop toeholded onto a chair by Raven, Riggs seems to be caught in a dilemma as Raven seems to have control of Riggs despite Riggs wanting to beat the crap out of Raven. The Flock come with Raven and Riggs dives onto The Flock. Right hands by Riggs, Raven is sent into the steel steps. Right hands in the corner by Riggs, Riggs is fired up for this match. Raven is stomped in the corner, swinging neckbreaker and splash by Riggs. Two count for Riggs, Irish whip into the corner. Schoolboy by Riggs for two, Raven pulls Riggs into the top turnbuckle.

Raven chokes Riggs with his flannel, Riggs is tossed to the floor. Riggs reverses an Irish whip and Raven eats the steel steps. Riggs uses a camera cable to choke Raven, more right hands by Riggs. Jawbreaker by Raven, snapmare and an elbow. Raven has a chair, chair shot to the back of Riggs. Raven sets up the chair, Riggs reverses the Irish whip and drop toeholds Raven into the chair. Riggs covers Raven for two, Riggs dropkicks the chair into Raven’s face. Raven kicks out for a second time, Riggs has the chair set up. Riggs calls for a bulldog on the chair, Riggs scores with the bulldog. Cover and Raven kicks out at two.

Raven slides out of the suplex and nails The Even Flow DDT. Raven grabs a microphone and asks Riggs to join The Flock. Another Even Flow DDT, Raven screams at Riggs for not joining The Flock. A third Even Flow DDT by Raven, Riggs is out cold and Raven wins the match as Riggs is unable to continue the match.

Something different, the positives of this show so far have been strong showings for two Flock members Raven and Saturn. Raven gets his assed kicked for the majority of the match, surprised that Riggs received so much offense. Interesting angle though, I do like Raven as a performer and The Flock was awesome, Riggs is carried off by The Flock and would soon be a member of the group. It was a decent match, I preferred the character work of Raven over the match.

Winner: Raven over Riggs via TKO!

Mongo vs Alex Wright

Mongo comes to the ring carrying a lead pipe. Goldberg’s music plays throughout the arena, Mongo is on the microphone and Mongo tells the crowd that Mongo laid out Goldberg, it is funny how WWE do not mention this part of Goldberg’s career, guess it was not always the story that Goldberg was super-over and kicking ass. In Goldberg’s place, we have a rematch from the last pay per view as Wright battles Mongo. Wright is not happy with Queen Debra, Wright clearly wants no part of Mongo.

Wright attacks Mongo from behind, Wright whips Mongo with his jacket. Chops by Wright but Mongo nails a back elbow and a series of clotheslines and slams. Wright is kicked to the floor, Wright tries walking away. Wright attacks Mongo briefly before Mongo nails a flapjack. Elbow to the head by Mongo, sidewalk slam by Mongo. Two count for Mongo, calf kick from Wright. Chops by Wright, Mongo counters an Irish whip. Massive chop blocks by Mongo, lariat, sidewalk slam and a Mongo Spike. Goodnight, it is over.

Trash, thank god it was brief this time. Disappointed for Wright who was showing some promise with his heel persona but looks like that is all over. Love Mongo the personality but Mongo the wrestlers blows big time.

Winner: Mongo over Wright via Mongo Spike!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero ©

As you look at the title of this match, you will see that Eddie won back the championship after their great match at Halloween Havoc. So, that great match was wasted, no recap of how Eddie won the championship but Eddie’s character work is fantastic. The look of disgust on his face is fantastic.

Eddie works the arm, Mysterio arm drags out of the hold. Eddie tells the referee that Mysterio was using the tights, love it. Eddie has a hammerlock, snapmare by Mysterio and Eddie says Mysterio pulled the hair. Lock-up, shoulder block by Mysterio, beautiful headscissors takedown by Mysterio. Eddie uses a double underhook pin for two, Mysterio is caught trying to slide through Mysterio’s leg and Eddie nails a nasty German suplex. Back suplex from Eddie, abdominal stretch by Eddie. Irish whip by Eddie, lowers the head and Mysterio nails a kick to the head, beautiful headscissors by Mysterio. Mysterio and Eddie block dives, Mysterio elevates Eddie on the top rope. Eddie blocks a sunset flip powerbomb and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Eddie is on the top rope, Mysterio crotches Eddie. Eddie nails a top rope superplex, Eddie sets up for The Frog Splash. Mysterio dodges, hurricanrana for two, flapjack by Eddie cuts off Mysterio. Mysterio counters a Gory Special with an arm drag, headscissors takedown for two. Eddie is back on top with a dropkick to the head, chops by Eddie. Uppercut by Eddie, Eddie drops Mysterio across the top rope. Eddie tries for the sunset flip powerbomb, Mysterio counters for a hurricanrana. Tope con hilo from Mysterio, split-legged moonsault for two. Right hands by Mysterio, Eddie is elevated onto the top turnbuckle.

Mysterio shoots for a hurricanrana, Eddie counters with a powerbomb. Gory Special by Eddie, transition to a pin, two count. Mysterio bridges out for a victory roll, two for Mysterio. Spinning heel kick by Mysterio, Mysterio climbs to the top, Eddie tries a powerbomb and we have a major botch. Eddie whips Mysterio into the corner, Mysterio answers with a moonsault for two, guillotine leg drop by Mysterio. Mysterio is looking for The West Coast Pop, Mysterio scores but Eddie holds the ropes at two. Mysterio looks for a springboard frankensteiner but Eddie drops Mysterio face first on the top turnbuckle. Frog Splash by Eddie and Eddie retains the championship.

Not as good as The Halloween Havoc match, sloppy at points and a fuck up or two in between. Still some beautiful things in this match, loved Eddie accusing Mysterio of cheating at the start of the match. Both wrestlers are great but this was just not their night. Still better than half of what I have seen on this card though.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Rey Mysterio via Frog Splash!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Curt Hennig © vs Ric Flair (No Disqualification Match)

Flair and Hennig continue their war, Hennig had injured Flair at Fall Brawl, slamming a cage door on Flair’s head. Flair kicked the championship on Hennig’s face, not exactly on the same level but Flair did get revenge. So, this match is a no DQ match to make sure that there is a winner in this match. Hennig avoids Flair on the floor, Hennig jaw-jacks with a fan and here comes Flair! Flair punches and tosses Hennig into the crowd.

Hennig gains control on the floor with huge punches and Flair is tossed ringside. Hennig roughs up Flair against the guard rail, Flair is choked with a camera cord. Right hands by Hennig, clothesline to the floor. Flair hotshots Hennig and Flair is in control, double axe handle by Flair. Flair is limping after the double axe handle from the top, chops by Flair. Eye poke by Hennig, back drop on the floor by Hennig. Clothesline by the champion, Hennig pins Flair in the ring for two, Hennig hits the referee in the face. Elbow by Hennig and another two count, Hennig scissor stomps on the leg of Flair. Leg drop to the groin by Perfect, more leg work from Perfect.

Spinning toehold and slaps from Hennig, Flair fights back with right hands. Chop block by Flair, kick to the hamstring. Snapmare and a knee drop, right hands by Flair. Chop by Flair, Flair goes on the top rope and Hennig throws Flair off the top rope. Cover and two for the champion, slugfest with Hennig winning the war with chops. Cover and two for Hennig, Flair fires up with chops and right hands. Hair-toss by Flair, Irish whip and Hennig holds onto the ropes. In comes Flair with chops, eye rake from Flair. Eye poke by Hennig, Irish whip by Flair and both men bang heads.

Hennig rolls to another ring, back suplex by Flair, cover and two for Flair. More chopping in the corner from Hennig, snapmare into the snap-over neckbreaker. Irish whip, Flair flip and Flair is on the floor. Flair eats the steel steps and the guard rails, more chopping. Flair grabs Hennig and throws Hennig into the guard rail, Flair suplexes Hennig from the apron into the ring. Flair grabs a chair, Hennig is crotched on the chair and Flair kicks the chair into Hennig’s leg. Flair has the championship and a belt, Flair is looking to injure Hennig. Chair shots to the leg of Hennig, Flair has the belt.

Figure Four by Flair, Hennig wriggles and struggles but Hennig has the championship and Flair is knocked out with the championship. Hennig retains as Hennig pins Flair after the championship to the face.

Not a big fan of this match either, both men half-ass it in the sense that they go to their spots and not much is going on in the ring. Flair and Hennig’s offense are weak, this match is like 90% chopping and it makes the match drag a lot. Leg work was good psychology, Flair did rough up Hennig’s leg but I have still not seen a good match between these two and Hennig’s WCW run continues to be a disappointment. Hopefully, that is the end of this feud because it has lacked the intensity needed for such a personal feud.

Winner: Hennig over Flair via Championship Match!

Sixty Man Battle Royal

Sixty men and the winner will face the World Heavyweight Champion at SuperBrawl, elimination occurs when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope. Three rings with twenty wrestlers in each, when there are five wrestler left in each ring, they move to one ring and the final 15 compete to become the number one contender. It will be difficult for obvious reasons to keep drag of every wrestler in this match so I will note anything worth mentioning and once we are down to the final 15.

Ok, so I see Greg The Hammer Valentine, Norman Smiley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Big Bubba Rogers who have not been on pay per view for at least a year. I did not know Chris Adams was still in WCW. Renegade is in this match, Bobby Blaze and The NWO get their own entrance. Everyone is wearing Syxx shirts, I assume Waltman had been fired at this stage so Nash and Hall are showing support for their buddy. Rick Rude is here too after jumping from the WWF and DX. No Kevin Nash at number sixty, could number sixty be a surprise?

The Giant throws out at least 6 people in ten seconds, nice to see they still care about The Giant. Public Enemy botch their elimination three times with Meng, it’s hilarious. The NWO are all in one ring together and WCW wrestlers are not teaming up take out the NWO, guess they are not a huge threat. Giant is sitting in the corner doing fuck all while ring 2 seems to be packed. Ernest Miller eliminates Malenko, this is priceless. A lot of focus placed on The Giant and his injured thumb.

Only Giant and Meng remain in ring three, Giant and Meng begin clubbing gone another in the corner. NWO controls ring one, Giant dropkicks Meng over the top rope. Luger, DDP, Rick Steiner and Booker T remain in ring two. The NWO are refusing to move, sticking together as a unit. WCW and The NWO go to war, Diamond Cutter on Vincent. DDP and Savage are brawling, Giant eliminates Vincent. Booker T & Rick Steiner have been thrown out of the ring, The Giant has Bagwell and Savage, noggin knocker. The NWO gang up on Luger, Giant throws out Bagwell, Luger and Hennig.

Final four, DDP, Savage, Hall and The Giant. Savage blocks The Diamond Cutter, scoop slam by Savage. Giant protects DDP and Savage cannot nail The Elbow Drop. Diamond Cutter, Giant stops the elimination of Savage, Giant Chokeslams Savage. Savage has been eliminated, Hall shits himself at the sight of Giant and DDP. Hall points to the entrance way, The NWO music plays. Here comes Hogan, Hogan is number sixty. DDP vs Hall, Giant vs Hogan. Hogan slams Giant effortlessly. Giant has Hall on the top rope, DDP is straddled on the ropes. Bearhug by Giant on Hall, crowd is going crazy and here comes Sting!

Hogan is on the floor, Hogan is eliminated but Sting hits Giant. What happened to DDP? It’s Kevin Nash, DDP was tossed over like garbage by Hogan. Fantastic WCW, you never seem to disappoint. Scott Hall wins the match and the championship opportunity at Superbrawl.

Oh boy, this match and finish is trash. Ok, trying to follow all the action with sixty men and three rings makes a difficult watch, it was not unbearable or bad but the constant camera cuts are irritating. When the match was down to only stars, I thought it was good. The interaction between The NWO & WCW was cool, it goes to hell in the last few minutes.

First, Hogan comes out and slams Giant like a mega babyface, Hogan enters a match to become the number one contender for his own championship which is silly to begin with, DDP, the rising star in the company is thrown out like garbage by Hogan. DDP was not even hit with Nash’s bat, it was Hogan dumping out and The NWO beat the piss out of DDP afterwards. It’s another finish involving fake Stings in the match and to top it all off, WCW looks like idiots again as The NWO outsmart everyone.  

This was an awful pay per view, there was a lot of matches that meant nothing, had no heat and were just there. It felt like everything was building to the main event in a way that was like “Ah fuck it lets mess around until the battle royal” So, there was a whole lot of awful and average throughout this pay per view, I do like Saturn going over strong and the character work from Raven but everything up until the main event was nothing special. And then, the main event itself was trash, same old NWO conquering everyone, no Sting before Starrcade. The more and more I watch, the more I am convinced WCW survived on The NWO vs Sting carrying the product because this stuff is terrible! Remember: There’s always another night!

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