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WCW Bash at The Beach 1998 Review

Good Morning to you wrestling fans of the internet to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! WCW's Bash at The Beach 1998 where wrestling meets celebrities because that's how WCW plans on battling Vince Mcmahon! The main event sees DDP & Karl Malone battle Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman, DDP should be fighting Hogan one on one and chasing the world championship but we have this instead, this is after Goldberg beat Hogan on Nitro for the championship, another terrible decision by WCW. Goldberg defends against Hennig, Chris Jericho battles Rey Mysterio, Booker T faces Bret Hart & Saturn takes on his former friend Raven. It's the two year anniversary of The NWO but is WCW still running wild? Let's find out!

Opening Promo

Surfing, palm trees and interspliced footage of WCW stars, I can barely understand the narrator as he tries speaking the names of the various WCW stars. That was a poor promo, the stage looks awesome as per usual, Schiavone welcomes to the action with Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan.

(Raven's Rules Match) Saturn vs Raven

Saturn was kicked out of The Flock at The Great American Bash because Saturn failed to beat Kanyon, Raven has The Flock swarm Saturn and now, Saturn looks for revenge. Saturn attacks Raven in the rampway, Raven hits the guard rail hard multiple times. Saturn chokes Raven with his flannel, dropkick by Saturn. Drop toehold into an ankle lock by Saturn, Raven makes it to the ropes. Gutwrench suplex by Saturn for two, scoop slam by Saturn. Saturn misses a top rope leg drop, double underhook suplex by Raven. Raven has a table, table is set up on the floor. Raven looks to superplex Saturn through the table, Saturn reverses and Raven is crotched on the top rope.

Saturn misses a springboard clothesline and falls to the floor, Raven Russian legsweeps Saturn into the guard rail. Cover and two for Raven, snap suplex by Raven. Sleeper by Raven, Saturn escapes with a jawbreaker. Right hands and kicks by Saturn, exploder suplex. Saturn smashes Raven with the chair, springboard leg drop by Saturn for two. Lodi and Riggs attack Saturn before Saturn drops both with a suplex. Raven pulls the referee in front of him, Saturn wipes out Nick Patrick. Saturn stays in control as he bulldogs Raven onto the steel steps. Saturn pulls out another table, Raven lays on a table.

Kanyon pulls Raven off the table, Saturn crashes through the table. Kanyon picks up Raven and nails a Flatliner on the chair. Raven covers Saturn in the ring for two, drop toehold onto the chair by Raven for two. Saturn superkicks Raven but Riggs makes the save, Death Valley Driver by Saturn on Riggs but Saturn walks into an Even Flow DDT and Raven walks away as the winner.

It was an ok opening match, while I do love The Raven character, the matches leave much to be desired as they mostly mirror one another with their hardcore spots. Saturn diving through the table was laughably bad as Kanyon pulled Raven off the table way too early, the more I think about it, the less I see as good about this match. It was alright let's leave it at that.

Winner: Raven over Saturn via Even Flow DDT!

Kidman W/ Lodi vs Juventud Guerrera

Kidman looks noticeably cleaner, the heroin addict gimmick must have been dropped by this point, still a member of The Flock though. They lock-up, right hands by both men. Side headlock by Kidman, shoulder block by Kidman. Chops by Juventud, headscissors takedown by Juventud, followed by a clothesline. Juventud looked for a dive but Lodi trips Juventud and beats the piss out of Juventud, Kidman wipes out Lodi with a plancha with Juventud nailing a springboard plancha wiping out both Kidman and Lodi. Wheelbarrow suplex by Kidman, Kidman chokes Juventud. Kidman has Juventud on the floor and Juventud is thrown throat first into the guard rail.

Kidman misses a dive from the apron and Juventud back drops Kidman. Sunset flip powerbomb by Juventud, Kidman low blows Juventud on the top rope and nails a sit-out spinebuster for two. Sleeper hold by Kidman, Juventud fires back with chops. Small package out of a scoop slam by Juventud for two, Kidman regains control with a dropkick. Kidman sidesteps Juventud and Juventud is on the floor, Kidman is on the top rope and Juventud is up there too. Kidman is crotched on the top rope, springboard hurricanrana by Juventud for two. Northern lights suplex by Juventud for two, exploder suplex for two.

Bulldog by Kidman for two, Juventud flips out of a German suplex and scores with a Juvi Driver, Kidman kicks out at two. Spinebuster by Kidman, Juventud dodges The Seven Year Itch. Juventud climbs to the tope, 450 Splash by Juventud for the win.

Not bad by Kidman for his first pay per view match, bit spotty in places with little selling but I can let it slide for I am use to it with the luchadors, good to see a continued push for Juventud Guerrera, I am not sure if it will lead to anything in the future but it is looking good at this moment.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera over Kidman via 450 Splash!

Chavo Guerrero vs Stevie Ray

Chavo has a hair vs hair match with Eddie after this so it looks like Chavo is going to be the underdog babyface battling the odds, Chavo grabs the microphone and dedicates the match to his uncle Eddie, the story with Chavo is he has lost his mind as a result of the abuse from Eddie Guerrero. Chavo is dancing and stalling, Chavo asks for a handshake and Chavo taps right away. Chavo has outsmarted Eddie by tapping to Stevie Ray in seconds.

Winner: Stevie Ray over Chavo Guerrero via Handshake of Doom!

Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Guerrero (Hair vs Hair Match)

Shoulder block by Chavo, Chavo bites Eddie's ass. Eddie powders, Chavo is dancing and stalling while Eddie is on the floor throwing tantrums. Eddie asks for a handshake, Chavo grabs Eddie for a clothesline. Eddie drills Chavo before Chavo nails a back body drop, Chavo bites Eddie for a second time. Lock-up, Eddie goes for the leg and Chavo is smashed into the turnbuckle and dropkick by Eddie. Brainbuster by Eddie, slingshot hilo by Eddie. Slingshot chop to the back of Eddie, Irish whip into the guard rail by Eddie. Gory Special by Eddie, Chavo escapes with an arm drag but Eddie regains control with a clothesline.

Camel clutch by Eddie, uppercut by Eddie. Headscissors takedown by Chavo and a nice mokey flip, chops and uppercuts by Chavo. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Chavo, Eddie lures in Chavo and Chavo is tossed into the ringpost. Eddie begins tearing up the protective ring mats, Chavo blocks a suplex and suplexes Eddie. Scoop slam by Chavo, Chavo is on the top rope and Eddie crotches Chavo. Top rope superplex, Chavo elevates Eddie onto the turnbuckle, scoop slam and Chavo tries a Frog Splash but Eddie blocks with his knees. Eddie nails a tornado DDT and Eddie has a scissors, the referee takes away the scissors.

Eddie misses his Frog Splash, Chavo nails his tornado DDT. Chavo has the scissors, the referee pulls away the scissors. Eddie rolls-up Chavo in the chaos, Eddie wins the match. Chavo takes the razor and shaves his own head as Chavo is a psychopath.

First, I do not understand why the Stevie Ray match took place, I get that Chavo was to outsmart Eddie but if you are going to have Chavo lose, why did that have to take place in the first place? Secondly, this was not a good match as they never really had the crowd. They seem bored and Chavo's character is not the most natural babyface which leads to people not responding to the guy, it was as awkward as Chavo shaving his head in the middle of the ring at the end of the match.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Chavo Guerrero via Roll-Up!

Disco Inferno W/ Alex Wright vs Konnan W/ Kevin Nash/Lex Luger

So, The Wolfpac are battling against The Dancing Fools? Interesting, Disco Inferno and Alex Wright make fun of Konnan and his phrases before being interrupted by The Wolfpac. Nash & Konnan do their usual shtick and we are underway, right hands and a hiptoss by Konnan. Japanese arm drag and drop toehold by Konnan, Disco dances as Konnan lands a sunset flip for two. K-Factor and rolling clothesline by Konnan, Disco blocks the cradle DDT and Wright works over Konnan on the floor.

Luger Racks Wright on the floor and Nash Powerbombs Disco, Konnan locks in The Tequila Sunrise and the match is over. Well, that was pointless, where is Hall vs Nash? Why are they not fighting against NWO Hollywood? Poor Konnan, he could not beat Disco Inferno by himself, just teasing but I could not give a fuck about this match.

Winner: Konnan over Disco Inferno via Tequila Sunrise!

The Giant vs Kevin Greene

Greene is a football player, last time we saw the man, Mongo was knocking the man out with his briefcase. Why is he back? No idea but these two big men are going to fight, Greene avoids The Giant from the beginning, Giant corners Greene. Slap by Greene, elbows and Giant shakes it all off, Greene powders to the floor. Greene hammers Giant in the corner before Giant nails a spinebuster. Huge elbow by Giant, Giant steps all over Greene's head and shoulders. Greene hotshots The Giant, shoulder thrust by Greene but Giant headbutts Greene to the floor. On the floor, Greene sends Giant into the ringpost and the guard rail. Greene is on the top rope, shoulder block by Greene. Cover and two, chop block by Greene. Greene runs into a Chokeslam, Giant wins.

Passable but barely, no need for this on pay per view either. Giant should not be having competitive matches with a football player especially when Giant was meant to be facing Goldberg at this pay per view before the title change. No business on this pay per view but it did not long go on too long so it passes.

Winner: The Giant over Kevin Greene via Chokeslam!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Chris Jericho (C) vs Rey Mysterio

Jericho won the championship at the last pay per view by disqualification, Jericho and Malenko were set to do battle at this pay per view but Malenko broke a no-contact clause and Malenko was suspended, losing his championship opportunity. They show why this happened before the match and even though it is nice to get a recap, I feel it was done just to kill time rather than help the storyline. Jericho comes out and plans to dance to entertain the fans as he has no opponent. JJ. Dillon comes out and explains to Jericho that Jericho will have a match on this night.

Jericho thinks he will have an easy night as Dillon talks about a wrestler who has not fought in 6 months, it turns out to be Rey Mysterio who was taken out 6 months ago by Jericho at Souled Out. Not for one second do I believe that WCW had this much vision to book ahead to this moment and match, Mysterio chops and dropkicks Jericho. Springboard leg drop for two, headscissors into the guard rail by Mysterio. Forearms by Mysterio, Jericho chop blocks Mysterio's knee. Jericho loses control and thinks about leaving, Mysterio and Jericho battle on the sand. Mysterio climbs atop a lifeguard stand and hurricanranas Jericho.

Jericho has Mysterio on the top rope, powerslam by Jericho. Jericho has a chair, chair to the knee of Mysterio. The chair is wrapped around the leg of Mysterio, Jericho misses a knee drop. Mysterio wallops Jericho with the chair to the knee. Facebuster by Mysterio, Jericho counters for a Liontamer after a springboard, Mysterio reaches the ropes. Jericho tries again but Mysterio rolls-up Jericho.

Well that was disappointing, two botches by Mysterio in a short match that feels like a copy of Malenko beating Jericho at Slamboree. That being said, I feel like I saw the better version of this match at Slamboree, looks like Malenko vs Jericho is still going, I have had enough sorry to say WCW but one of the things I praised you for, you have managed to fuck that up.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho via Roll-Up!

(WCW Television Championship Match) Booker T (C) vs Bret Hart

Hart has attacked Booker on numerous occassions, Hart is also being wasted in this company. The television championship? Bret Hart competing for that? I do not buy it for a second, the united states championship has been vacated for god's sake. Arm drag by Booker, Booker takes down Hart. Flying forearm by Booker for two, thrust kick for two. Booker hiptosses Hart to the floor, flapjack by Hart onto the guard rail. Eye rake by Hart, back elbow from The Hitman. Headbutt to the groin, Booker nails a spinebuster and cover for two, Hart pops up and nails a clothesline sending Booker to the floor. Booker tastes the guard rail, Booker is rammed into the ringpost.

Backbreaker and middle rope elbow by Hart for two, Russian legsweep for two. Hart asks for the fans to cheer Booker, love heel Bret Hart. Hart scrapes Booker's face across the rope, European uppercuts by Hart. Booker botches his corner sunset flip hope spot. Spinning heel kick from Booker, Scissors Kick by Booker. Flapjack and spinaroonie, Booker calls for the end. Missile dropkick, Hart places his foot on the ropes and rolls out, Hart grabs a chair and smashes Booker with the chair.

When I saw this match, I was excited thinking that this could be something really special. To say I was dissapointed is an understatement, I only liked Hart's heelish antics. Short match, sloppy botch from Booker and a finish that does not leave me wanting more, it was trash and a waste of a match but it is nothing new on this pay per view.

Winner: Booker T over Bret Hart via No DQ!

(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Goldberg (C) vs Curt Hennig

Recap of Goldberg beating Hogan on Nitro, it was an incredible moment for WCW but it should have been on pay per view, it should have happened at Bash at The Beach. Poor WCW hotshotted the angle, you think most people thought they were nuts for doing it, I wonder who did ok that decision. Anyways, you know my thoughts on Hennig at this point in his career, he had one good match with Bret Hart but the rest of the time, it looked as if Hennig had lost a lot of his step. Crowd explodes for Goldberg and no I a, not talking about those piped in chants.

Lock-up, side headlock by Goldberg, massive shoulder block and a judo throw from Goldberg. Hennig clubs Goldberg, chops by Hennig. Hennig powders as Goldberg reverses an Irish whip, forearm shot by Goldberg. Boots by Hennig, Hennig climbs to the top, Goldberg powers Hennig down with a powerslam. Hennig lures in Goldberg, Hennig goes for the knees, Goldberg rolls through for a heel hook and Hennig escapes to nail a clothesline. Hennig Plex for two, clothesline by Goldberg. Spear, Jackhammer, Goodnight Hennig.

Well, Goldberg runs through everyone so it is hard to say this was a good match or a bad match or even if it was a good way to establish Goldberg as the new chalpion. Bottom line is the continued push of Goldberg is one of the only things that the comapny is doing right, they could make more stars in the likes of DDP, Raven, Benoit, Saturn Eddie Guerrero & Jericho but they are not. Luckily for WCW, Goldberg is on fire.

Winner: Goldberg over Curt Hennig via JackHammer!

DDP & Karl Malone vs Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman

DDP has been rising like a rocket all through 1997 and 1998, there was a glass ceiling in WCW though and it looks like DDP is about to hit that wall because that wall is named Hulk Hogan. This was a big match though, Malone and Rodman were huge stars at the time and WCW had drawn a lot of press due to the two being involved in the pay per view. How important were they? Well this produced WCW's highest pay per view buyrate of the year.

Malone & Rodman to start, Rodman stalls and stays away from Malone. Malone calls for a test of strength, huge hand slap by Malone. Lock-up, side headlock by Rodman, Rodman powders to the floor wanting no part of Malone. Tag to Hogan, the both pose with Hogan not happy. Lock-up, Malone has Hogan in a submission hold, Hogan tries using the ropes to survive. Scoop slam by Malone, tag to DDP. DDP wants Rodman, lock-up and DDP shoves down Rodman. DDP does it one more time, they spit on one another. Lock-up and arm drag by Rodman, side headlock by DDP. Shoulder block by DDP, lock-up and side headlock by Rodman.

Shoulder block by Rodman after two leap frogs but Rodman falls down hard. Rodman tags Hogan, DDP tags Malone. Lock-up and top wristlock by Hogan, Malone shakes down Hogan, Rodman attacks Malone behind the referee's back. Right hands by Hogan, choke hold by Hogan. Scoop slam by Hogan and an elbow drop, tag to Rodman. Big elbow by Rodman, Malone is rammed into Hogan's boot. Cover and two, right hands by Hogan. Cover and two, reverse chinlock by Hogan. More choking by Hogan, tag to Rodman. Hogan continues the match despite Rodman being legal, back suplex by Hogan. Hogan misses an elbow drop, Malone tags DDP.

DDP whacks Rodman off the apron, shots to Hogan. Hogan reverses an Irish whip, cheap shot by Rodman and Hogan clotheslines DDP. Hogan whips DDP with the belt, Rodman chokes DDP behind the referee's back. Double clothesline by Hogan & Rodman, back rake by Hogan and a foot choke for good measure. Corner clothesline by Hogan, Hogan scrapes DDP's face off the rope. Double big boot by Rodman & Hogan, Hogan stomps DDP in the corner. Right hands in the corner by Hogan, tag to Rodman. DDP fires up in the corner, Hogan drop toeholds DDP and Rodman keeps DDP away from the corner. Front chancery from Rodman, Hogan distracts the referee so Charles Robinson misses the tag.

Right hands by Hogan, big boot by Hogan. DDP dodges The Leg Drop, tag to Malone. Clotheslines by Malone, clothesline to Rodman. Scoop slams to btoh Rodman & Hogan, Malone bangs the heads of Hoagn and Rodman. Hogan is rammed into the top turnbuckle, big boot by Malone and Malone calls for The Diamond Cutter. Right hands by DDP, Diamond Cutter by DDP on Hogan, cover by DDP. Here is Rodman and Malone Diamond Cutters Rodman. In the madness, The Disciple Stunners DDP and Hogan covers DDP. Malone Diamond Cutters The Disciple and the referee.

Despite Rodman botching almost every move that he took part in, the match was entertaining. Malone was a ball of energy, looked like he loved every minute of being in the ring. Malone Diamond Cutters Rodman, huge pop and DDP Diamond Cutters Hogan for a bigger pop, those were highlights.

Then, the finish comes with The Disciple Stunnering DDP and Hogan wins, The fucking Disciple finishes off DDP? I could not believe that when I saw it, it happened though. Why did Hogan have to win this match? Why did DDP and Malone celebrate like they won by going through the crowd like heroes? Why did DDP & Malone not just win this match?

Winner: Hogan & Rodman over DDP & Malone via Stunner!

WCW's Bash At The Beach 1998 was not a good show from WCW, a pattern is emerging with declining quality coming to the forefront. Kidman vs Juventud was a decent match with the pay per view taking a nosedive after that match. Just bad finishes, bad booking and wasting of my time. My advice: do not watch this pay per view, you are missing nothing!

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