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WCW Road Wild 1998 Review

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Sit down boys and girls for another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews because this is going to be one for the ages as it is time for WCW's Road Wild 1998 headlined by Hogan & Bischoff vs DDP & Jay Fucking Leno...... Looking up and down this card, I see names like Public Enemy, Mongo and Stevie Ray and they are all in the same match meaning there are likely three shit shows for me to watch. I am asking you to pray for me because this one is going to suck but let me waste no more of our time. Let's jump into WCW's Road Wild 1998!

Opening Promo

A demonic voice says our four main eventers' names while then stating the pay per view's name, that is all we get. It is Sturgis time, a whole crowd of people who do not watch wrestling. Why are we here? Bischoff is a motorbike mark.... third time I have had to watch this pay per view and it never fails to disappoint. Tenay, Schiavone and Heenan run down the card while focusing on Hogan vs Leno.

(Special Grudge Match) Barbarian W/ Jimmy Hart vs Meng

The Faces of Fear have broken up, Barbarian attacks Meng as he enters the ring, Barbarian shakes off Meng twice and the two men lock-up. Chops by Meng, palm thrusts and a corner clothesline. Belly to belly suplex by Barbarian, Meng blocks the piledriver. Meng nails a piledriver, Hart is on the apron. Meng misses a diving headbutt, thrustkick by Menh who is up first, Meng is on the top rope and Barbarian has Meng on the top rope. Belly to belly suplex by Barbarian, cover and Meng places a foot on the ropes. Choke by Barbarian, powerslam by Meng for two.

Hart distracts Meng, headbutts by Barbarian. Chop war between the two, headbutt by Meng. Forearm by Barbarian, Barbarian was looking for something on the floor but the spot does not happen. Back drop by Barbarian, Meng has The Tonga Death Grip. Meng chokes out Barbarian, Hart attacks Meng and here comes Hugh Morrus. Jimmy Hart nails a splash from the top rope but Meng battles off everyone briefly before Morrus nails a scoop slam and a No Laughing Matter Moonsault. Hacksaw Jim Duggan finally makes the save while Meng no-sells the moonsault.

Meh, that was not much of a match at all is it? Two mumbering giants who do not sell, that leads to a lot of awkward punching and headbutts and then, Meng just won. The assault afterwards was funny though, Meng no-sells everything before Duggan makes the save after Meng has been mugged by the three. Lesson: Never has Jim Duggan as your backup as he will be more than likely late.

Winner: Meng over Barbarian via Tonga Death Grip!

The Public Enemy vs The Dancing Fools W/ Magnum Tokyo

Wright ties up with Rocco Rock, the crowd is chanting Disco sucks. Lock-up, arm wringer from Wright, Rocco Rock reverses the hold. Arm drag and dropkick from Wright, tag to Disco. Roll-up by Disco for two, Disco powders and everyone high fives. Tag to Grunge, knees and right hands by Grunge. Clothesline by Disco, tag to Wright. Missile dropkick for two, Wright jumps Rocco Rock. Right hands by Wright, Rocco Rock nails a clothesline from the apron. Double flapjack by The Public Enemy to Disco, Wright has a trash can. Grunge is waffled, no DQ? Rocco Rock has a ladder? Schiavone is questioning the use of the weapons.

Wright is walloped with a ladder, Wright and Disco walk towards the back. Disco & Wright bring a table to the ring, this is such a messed up match. Disco makes the match a street fight as if it matters at this point. Weapon shots with Public Enemy winning the war, mailbox is cracked off Disco's head. Wright suplexes Rocco Rock on a trash can, Grunge smashes Wright with a trash can lid. Grunge has Wright on the table but Disco saves his partner, Disco stomps Rocco Rock and Grunge. Kitchen sink to the back by Wright, fans want tables. Magnum Tokyo is in the ring, Tokyo is out of the ring. Disco & Wright are whipped into one another, Wright calf kicks Grunge and in comes Tokyo.

Tokyo forearms Wright by mistake, Wright slaps Tokyo. Wright leaves the arena, Disco is smashed in the face with a ladder. Public Enemy take an eternity to set up the tables for their spot, Rocco Rock is climbing the scaffolding high, elbow through the three tables and this trash is over. Wait, Tokyo returns to splash Disco by mistake. Public Enemy win the match.

Sweet fuckery that was long, so much stalling and pedestrian like wrestling. I do not think I saw a move once the toys came out, it was just slow weapon shots all day long, that was insulting to be honest with you. I cannot believe I had to watch that trash, just awful. DUD!

Winners: Public Enemy over The Dancing Fools via Splash!

(Raven's Rules Match) Raven vs Saturn vs Kanyon

So, after that street fight match, you give me Raven and his hardcore match? Obviously, this show is planned by morons, this feud began with Mortis being turned down by The Flock. Mortis regrouped and came back as Kanyon, Kanyon defeated Saturn who would be Raven's best friend and Raven took out Saturn. It looks like Raven and Kanyon are in cahoots with Raven accepting Kanyon as Saturn is such a huge threat. Saturn and Kanyon begin battling until Raven jumps the two with a chair, Raven is in the ring alone. Saturn is tossed into the steel steps, Raven hurls Saturn & Kanyon into the ring. Raven watches Saturn & Kanyon slug it out, Saturn & Kanyon realize they are fucking idiots and they go after Raven.

Raven eats two big dropkicks, reverse 3D by Saturn & Kanyon, Total Elimination by Saturn & Kanyon, Kanyon nails Raven with Russian legsweeps as Saturn scores with a leg drop. Kanyon attacks Saturn, both men are fighting for the pin. Moss Covered Three Handled Family Crendenza, Saturn and Kanyon throw bombs before Raven nails both with a chair. Kanyon planchas onto Raven & Saturn, the three fight onto the rampway. Raven suplexes Kanyon on the rampway, knees by Saturn to the had of Raven. Cover and a two for Saturn, Kanyon piledrivers Saturn on the stage.

Kanyon has Raven in the ring, exploder suplex by Saturn but Kanyon makes the save. Saturn has the sleeper on Raven, Kanyon has Saturn in the sleeper. Raven escapes with a double jawbreaker, Raven covers Saturn for two. We have a tower of doom suplex spot, Raven looks for a double Even Flow DDT, Kanyon escapes but Saturn eats the canvas. Kanyon saves Saturn and Kanyon suplexes Raven on the floor. Kanyon misses a splash as Lodi pulls out Raven. Death Valley Driver by Saturn, here is Lodi. Horace is here with a stop sign, Lodi throws powder and it hits Horace by mistake. Horace cracks Lodi and Raven with the stop sign, Saturn scores with the Death Valley Driver for the win.

They tried hard but there is little difference between the last match and this, Horace and Lodi's spot was laughably slow and sloppy, the match was a lot of brawling with no big spots in between to mix things up, show needs something soon or this is going to be one long pay per view.

Winner: Saturn over Raven & Kanyon via Death Valley Driver!

Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio

The winner will face the cruiserweight champion at a later date, lock-up and Psychosis pushes back Mysterio. STF from Psychosis, deep arm drag. Mysterio escapes and lands a dropkick, Psychosis powders. Armlock by Psychosis, victory roll from Mysterio for two. Clothesline by Psychosis for two, sit-out suplex by Psychosis for two. Hard Irish whips by Psychosis, stomps by Psychosis. Suplex and Psychosis climbs to the top, Mysterio blocks Psychosis with a boot to the face, Mysterio rams Psychosis into the top turnbuckle. Hurricanrana by Mysterio, Psychosis powders to the floor.

Mysterio scores with a top rope crossbody for two, Psychosis regains control, two count. Shoulder claw by Psychosis, bridging queen suplex for two. Dropkick on the floor by Psychosis, half crab by Psychosis. Psychosis is on the top rope and Psychosis nails a hurricanrana for two. Scoop slam, Psychosis calls for the end of the match. Mysterio dropkicks Psychosis to the floor, springboard senton by Mysterio. Springboard sunset flip by Mysterio for two, variation of a rocker dropper by Mysterio. Split-legged moonsault for two, spinebuster by Psychosis off an Irish whip. Psychosis misses a leg drop on Mysterio and Mysterio wins after a West Coast Pop.

I am not accustomed to watching boring Rey Mysterio matches but Psychosis has reminded me of what they look like, I think both men had an off day because this was not a good match, I could not wait for it to end. I think the crowd is starting to affect my viewing, it is hard to get into a match while a crowd sits on its hands.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Psychosis via West Coast pop!

(WCW Television Championship Match) Stevie Ray (C) vs Chavo Guerrero W/ Pepe

Booker T was injured at the hands of Bret Hart, Stevie Ray made the worst save in the history of wrestling as he strolled to the ring while Hart destroyed Booker's leg. Stevie Ray is defending his brother's championship but is still a prick in storyline. Chavo demands the championship and talks with his horse head Pepe. Chavo asks for a handshake, dropkick to the knee and uppercuts by Chavo. Stevie Ray catches Chavo and applies a choke hold before Chavo pokes the eyes. Chavo runs around the ring over and over and over and over, Slap Jack by Stevie Ray and this match is over. DUD

Winner: Stevie Ray over Chavo Guerrero via Slap Jack!

Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner Confrontation

Five months since the split between Scott & Rick Steiner, we were suppose to have a match between the two. Rick attacked Scott on Thunder and Scott is not medically cleared to compete against Rick at this pay per view. JJ. Dillon announces that Rick will face Scott at Fall Brawl.

Bryan Adams W/ Vincent vs Steve McMichael

The NWO Hollywood's favourite jobber Bryan Adams is here, Adams was dead in the water long before this as Adams would be knocked around by the likes of Luger, DDP and Sting. Mongo is back and this is fantastic, lock-up and clean break from Mongo, clean break from Adams. Test of strength and Adams goes low, headbutts by Adams, Mongo and and Adams fuck up a spot but Mongo recovers with his godlike ability to take down Adams. Right hands by Mongo, Adams catches Mongo who was trying a kick and pancakes Mongo to the mat. Leg drop for two, shoulder claw from Adams. Mongo is clotheslined to the floor and Vincent hurls Mongo into the steel steps.

Mongo hulks up and Adams has to save Vincent, chops by Adams. Backbreaker for two, Mongo dodges a middle rope knee drop, side slam by Mongo. Three point stance tackles by Mongo, Adams catches Mongo with a knee to the face. Adams tries a piledriver, the referee is down. Vincent has a chair and cracks Adams by mistake, Mongo punches the chair into Vincent's face and Mongo spikes Adams with the tombstone for the win.

Sloppy match, Adams could never carry Mongo to a watchable match. Any love for this match is purely for Mongo during his entrance, the man is a legend.

Winner: Mongo over Bryan Adams via Mongo Spike!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match/Dean Malenko is The Special Referee) Chris Jericho (C) vs Juventud Guerrera

I cannot believe I am still watching Chris Jericho as cruiserweight champion, Jericho has lost the championship twice on pay per view in two memorable sgements, one involving Malenko and the other involving Mysterio yet, WCW had no idea how to advance the division or keep Jericho's star rising so here we are, no progress from the beginning of 1998. Malenko is still stuck around Jericho while Juventud is the third babyface in the division that WCW have built up to fight Jericho. Jericho clean breaks from a lock-up, slap from Juventud and a drop toehold. Dropkick by Juventud, chops by Juventud. Jericho clubs his way back into the match, spinning sole butt from Jericho.

Juventud is on the floor, Malenko shoves down Jericho who is talking trash. Juventud misses a leg drop in the corner, kicks from Jericho. Jericho elevates Juventud to the apron, Juventud hair pulls Jericho and scores with a missile dropkick. Jericho smashes his face off the apron before being chopped into the safety rail. Springboard crossbody by Juventud, Juventud appears to have hurt his knee. Slingshot leg drop for two, slap by Jericho. Springboard crossbody by Juventud for two, Juventud is on the top rope but Jericho blocks for a gorilla press into a powerslam. Suplex and a cocky pin for two, knee lift by Jericho. Scoop slam and senton by Jericho for two, reverse chinlock by Jericho.

Juventud fires up but Jericho scores with a huge knee to the ribs, suplex by Juventud. Juventud blocks The Lionsault with his knee, headscissors by Juventud. Top rope spinning heel kick for two, Juventud flips out of a German suplex. Hurricanrana is blocked for a double powerbomb, kicks by Jericho. Springboard shoulder block by Jericho, clothesline in the ring for two. Chops by Jericho, Irish whip by Jericho goes awry as Juventud scores with a tornado DDT.

Juvi Driver for two, Juventud climbs for The 450 but Jericho crotches Juventud. Superplex by Jericho, Juventud covers with one arm and the challenger gets two. Jericho has The Liontamer but Juventud makes it to the ropes, right hands by Jericho. Juventud hits Malenko in the eye, Jericho waffles Juventud with the championship. Jericho slaps Malenko, Jericho covers and Juventud kicks out at two. Jericho has Juventud by the top turnbuckle, Malenko pulls off Juventud. Jericho kicks Malenko so Malenko elevates Juventud up to Jericho and with a top rope frankensteiner, Juventud becomes champion.

Best match of the night, Juventud and Jericho put together an entertaining match. The finish was a little weird but I can let that pass. What I take issue with is this is the third time that Jericho has put someone over on a big way on pay per view, third pay per view in a row actually and my only thoughts are great but where do you go from here? You have done so much, it needs a change.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera over Chris Jericho via top rope frankensteiner!

Battle Royal

Eliminations occur by pin-fall or over the top rope. The participants are Scott Hall, The Giant, Curt Hennig, Scott Norton, Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, Konnan, & Goldberg. Why is this taking place? I am not too sure, there is a lot of big names in this match and it seems odd to have Wolfpac & Hollywood members face-off before Fall Brawl where you could do that huge WarGames Match but I have a feeling it is not going to happen..... A nine man battle royal is small and an odd number, Goldberg is satnding around while everyone else fights, talk about making a champion seem lame. Hall is eliminated first by Goldberg, Nash eliminates himself to beat up Hall.

NWO Hollywood & Wolfpac members fight while Goldberg stands by watching, everyone is just pairing off in corners. There is little going on in this match, Goldberg Spears Konnan and tosses Konnan. Giant attacks Goldberg, Hennig helps Giant overpower Goldberg. Goldberg Spears Hennig and Hennig is tossed. Sting and Norton are tossed over like trash by Goldberg, Luger eats a Spear and we are down to The Giant and Goldberg. Chokeslam by The Giant, Goldberg shakes off The Chokeslam. Spear by Goldberg and a Jackhammer, this match is over.

What a waste of time that was, you could have just had Goldberg vs Giant for the championship. That match was about those two, everyone else was secondary. Nash & Hall were gone almost immediately, those two had the second juiciest story going into the match so with those two gone, everyone else was cannon fodder. Way too long and no action for large parts.

Winner: Goldberg over Everyone Else via Survival!

DDP & Jay Leno vs Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff

WCW drew a huge buyrate for Bash at The Beach with Karl Malone & Dennis Rodman, they were two athletes and brought something to the match. This match has Jay Leno and Eric Bischoff, this is a huge downgrade. Also, the match ended with DDP taking the fall for Hogan after The Disciple took out DDP, it was a stupid finish, DDP should have went over and even more baffling, DDP and Malone would celebrate through the crowd like they had won the match.

DDP & Hogan begin the match, lock-up with Hogan shoving back DDP. Arm twist by DDP, shoulder thrusts by DDP but Hogan pulls the hair and slaps DDP, right hands by DDP and one from Leno. Neckbreaker by DDP, Hogan powders to the floor. Kevin Eubanks shoves Hogan into the ringpost, roll-up by DDP for two. Right hand by Hogan, choke in the corner by Hogan. Tag to Bischoff, Leno is tied up with the referee. Bischoff kicks DDP in the corner until DDP boots Bischoff in the mouth. Here's Leno, Bischoff tags Hogan. Leno mocks Hogan's bald spot, so much pandering and stalling. DDP is in the match, right hands by DDP.

Hogan takes over with an eye rake, DDP shoulder thrusts to the arm of Hogan. Tag to Leno who twists the arm of Hogan, Hogan backs Leno into the corner and Hogan nails a massive knee to the ribs. Hogan misses a splash and Leno tags DDP, right hands to the arm by DDP. Quick tag to Leno, double clothesline for two. Tag to DDP, right hands by DDP and Hogan reverses an Irish whip. Bischoff cheap shots DDP and Hogan takes control with a clothesline. Corner clothesline by Hogan, tag to Bischoff. Kicks by Easy E, rights and lefts by Bischoff. DDP fires up on Bischoff, The Disciple hands Hogan brass knuckles; Hogan scores with a right hand to the face of DDP. Bischoff covers for two, Hogan is the legal man.

Right hands by Hogan, Leno is held back by the referee. Bischoff chokes DDP while Hogan stomps DDP. Big Boot but DDP nails a massive discuss clothesline. Leno and Bischoff are legal, Bischoff rakes the eyes. Leno low blows Bischoff, clotheslines by Leno that look majestic. Bischoff meets the turnbuckle over and over, Hogan is behind Leno. Bischoff has Leno, Leno ducks and Hogan decks Bischoff. Eubanks Diamond Cutters Bischoff and Jay Leno covers Bischoff for the win.

Ah I do not even care anymore to give out that much about this match. WCW thought this was the way forward but Leno is not Karl Malone or Dennis Rodman, the match is slow and stalling plus pandering plus posing. Another garbage main event courtesy of Hulk Hogan & WCW.


Winners: Jay Leno & DDP over Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff via Diamond Cutter!

WCW's Road Wild 1998 was a terrible WCW pay per view and it might not even be the worst of the year but it is pretty fucking bad. I would call the Road Wild shows similar to The WWF UK shows where they tend to take it easy but this was way worse. So many bullshit matches with terrible action, Jericho vs Juventud is watchable but we have seen the same storyline play out over three pay per views in a row. There needs to be something special done to turn it around for this company because this is getting just ridiculous!

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