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WWE Armageddon 2002 Review

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Good evening to all you wrestling fans of the internet, the dust has settled from Fastlane, some of you are happy and others are less than happy. Wrestling is subjective and everyone is allowed to have an opinion so let’s hope WWE meets our expectations and does not piss everyone off at Wrestlemania. Where was I? Ah yes, it’s time for the final pay per view of 2002, WWE’s Armageddon. 2002 was a weird time for the company, Hogan had returned and left, Rock and Austin were phased out and we had a new star in Brock Lesnar that gave Vince wet dreams on night. Everyone was gushing about Smackdown while people were turning their noses at Triple H’s domination of Raw. Nonetheless, this is Armageddon and the question is: Will WWE end the year with a bang or go out on a whimper? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

It’s Armageddon so cue the The Doors and Freddie Blassie, footage of bombs and explosions, the end is here. Classic WWE stuff here, I do not know in all my years at looking at their promo packages I have ever seen a bad one. They always nail it and it is fantastic, I love the stage design for Armageddon. It is simple but it works so well. Plus, Armageddon will always be a great pay per view name when compared to Bragging Rights, Over The Limit & Fastlane.

(WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match) The Dudley Boyz vs Booker T & Goldust vs Chris Jericho & Christian © vs Lance Storm & William Regal (Fatal Four Way Elimination Match)

The Dudley Boyz reunited at Survivor Series which was for the best as Bubba’s push fizzled out after a match with Triple H (Yeah, I know what you are thinking). Storm and Regal have united since being left in limbo when Christian and Jericho became teammates and The Un-Americans fell apart. Booker T & Goldust have been so entertaining and it was a shame the titles were not already around their waist while Jericho and Christian have been annoying dickhead champions.

Storm and Bubba begin, forearms by Storm. Bubba nails Regal and Storm, corner splash by Bubba. Huge chest slap, Storm tags Christian. Bubba drags in Christian, tag to D-Von. Double flapjack, cover and a two. Christian catches D-Von with a boot, Christian tags Regal. Regal eats a flying clothesline from D-Von, tag to Goldust. T-bone suplex by Regal to Goldust, Christian tags into the match. Christian and Jericho put the boots to Goldust, Goldust catapults Jericho to the floor. Goldust suplexes Jericho into the ring, Goldust lowers his head off an Irish whip. Jericho boots Goldust and nails a flying forearm, Christian is the legal man. Side headlock by Goldust, shoulder block and an inverted atomic drop into a clothesline for two.

Tag to Bubba, double back elbow. Goldust and Bubba punch Jericho and Christian, Storm & Regal eats elbows from Bubba & Goldust. Christian is hit with The What’s Up headbutt. The match breaks down and D-Von remains in the ring with Christian, Christian walks into a 3D but Regal is the legal man after blind tagging Christian. Storm drops a leg drop on Bubba and Regal sneaks in for the pin and the elimination. It must be said that Regal fucks up this pin royally by pulling Bubba so far that he rolls onto him and Regal has to roll him off and pin him again, the referee is confused and JR is too. However, seconds later Goldust eliminates Regal with a powerslam.

The Dudley Boyz have been eliminated by worst roll-up in history!

Storm & Regal have been eliminated via powerslam!

Goldust side steps Jericho, Booker chases Jericho and Goldust nails a hip attack. Tag to Booker, right hands by Booker. Side thrustkick from Booker for two, armbar. Jericho eats an elbow from Booker, tag to Goldust and we have a Harlem sidekick to Jericho’s face for two as Christian makes the save. Tag to Christian by Y2J, kicks to the mid-section by Christian. Goldust fires back but misses a crossbody and spills to the floor. Christian takes control in the ring with clubbing blows to Goldust. Gutbuster by Christian, abdominal stretch by Christian. Goldust comes back before Christian drags down Goldust. Tag to Jericho who is dancing like a mad man, clothesline by Goldust. Christian wipes out Booker so Goldust cannot make the tag.

The champions put the boots to Goldust, slaps to the face by Christian. Goldust is pissed and Goldust drops Jericho with a right hand and Christian with a sidewalk slam. Christian is shoved off, Booker gets the hot tag. Booker nails Christian and Jericho, flying forearm to Jericho and thurst kick to Christian. Sunset flip for a two and a half, chops in the corner by Booker. Clothesline to Christian but Booker eats a flashback from Jericho. Jericho shoots for The Walls of Jericho, Booker cradles Jericho for a two count. Chops by Booker, knee to the ribs and Booker tries for The Scissors Kick, Jericho dodges and roll-ups Booker into a Walls of Jericho.

Jericho drags Booker to the middle of the ring, bulldog by Goldust. Christian is crotched on the top rope, Booker shoves Jericho into Christian and nails a spinning heel kick for two. Booker is on the top rope, Christian slows down Booker and Jericho has Booker for a superplex. Booker shoves off Jericho, missile dropkick and Jericho kicks out at two. Chops in the corner, Jericho reverses an Irish whip for a modified bulldog. Booker dodges The Lionsault and nails a flapjack, Booker does The Spinaroonie. Scissors Kick, Jericho kicks out at two. Booker & Goldust wipe out Christian, Jericho nails Booker with the championship belt, Lionsault but Booker T kicks out at two.

Jericho has the belt, Booker catches Jericho for The Book-End. 1…2…3! Booker T and Goldust have done it! That was a great moment for those two, they deserved those championships for so long and now they have their moment.

Great opening match, little miffed about the back to back eliminations. I mean why include the other two trams if they would be gone one after the other immediately? Anyways, after the other two teams are eliminated, this match kicks into gear. The story is that Goldust is the weak link of the two, Goldust takes a whooping, good babyface in peril segment with the crowd wanting to see the tag to Booker. Good tease of the hot-tag too with Christian taking out Booker before the crucial moment, the slaps fire up Goldust and the tag is made. Booker is on fire with a few really nice false-finishes like the missile dropkick and the Lionsault after the belt shot. Finally, Booker nails The Book-End and we have got the moment we wanted to see for months. Loved this match.

Winners: Booker T & Goldust over Chris Jericho & Christian via Book-End!

Josh Matthews Promo

Lesnar promises to make an impact tonight. Cole and Tazz wonder what kind of impact Lesnar plans to make in tonight’s WWE Championship Match.

A-Train vs Edge

Albert had transformed into A-Train which was a great change for Albert as A-Train took out Mysterio and almost injuring Edge in the process. A-Train would not be able to fully capitalize on his new gimmick in WWE but it would lead a good run in Japan as Giant Bernard in New Japan. Edge is out for revenge tonight. A-Train is in control with Edge being overpowered, Edge dodges a corner clothesline and nails a dropkick to A-Train’s back. Edge tries to pull A-Train groin first into the ringpost but A-Train shoves off Edge. A-Train tries a clothesline against the ringpost, Edge dodges and pulls A-Train shoulder first into the ringpost. Chop block and low dropkick to the left knee of A-Train, leg drop across the neck by Edge.

 Roll-up by Edge for two, A-Train catches Edge with a powerslam. Right hands and knees by A-Train, A-Train chokes Edge against the bottom rope. Rope guillotine choke by A-Train, cover and a two. Reverse chinlock by A-Train, Edge counters with a jawbreaker. Edge fires up with right hands, clothesline and a flying forearm plus a spinning heel kick. A-Train kicks out at two, Edge dodges a clothesline and looks for an Edge O Matic from the second rope for two. Edge looks for a crossbody but A-Train nails a bicycle kick for two. A-Train has had enough, A-Train has the chair but Edge counters with a baseball slide. Crossbody by Edge for two, Edge’s Edgecution is countered.

Baldo Bomb by A-Train for two, A-Train has the chair. Edge Spears A-Train after A-Train wrestles with the referee for the chair. A-Train grabs the chair and nails Edge with the chair anyways for the DQ. Edge dropkicks the chair into A-Train’s face and gets revenge for himself and his partner Rey Mysterio.

Average match, Edge’s leg is messed up in storyline yet A-Train never works the leg at any point in the match so that’s a disappointment. It seems Edge and A-Train are meant to be protected by the finish but I do not think either come off looking better at the end of the match. Edge would shoot up from the big bicycle kick which I thought was a cool big spot, A-Train survives The Spear. However, the finish was flat and there was little heat for the match. Either have Edge avenge his tag team partner or build more heat on A-Train by taking out two big stars on Smackdown, this finish is in the middle and that’s why I do not rate the match that highly.

Winner: Edge over A-Train via DQ!

Big Show/Heyman Backstage

Show is not a happy man as Brock Lesnar is in town and Lesnar plans to make an impact. Show wants Stephanie to ban Lesnar, Heyman is not happy with Show’s plan so Heyman tells Show to go back to the locker room while Heyman goes to handle Stephanie.

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Two former best friends going at it, the tag team championships were in the way at first and now the WWE Championship was in the way as Benoit eliminated Eddie from a number one contender’s match while Eddie led to Benoit’s elimination by attacking him from behind with a championship.

Eddie shoots for Benoit’s leg, Benoit clubs off Eddie. Lock-up, Eddie has the back but Benoit takes down Eddie but Eddie is back in control. Eddie backs Benoit into the corner and chops Benoit hard before jumping back, side headlock takedown by Eddie. Shoulder block by Eddie, back drop by Benoit. Snapmare and reverse chinlock by Benoit, Eddie judo flips Benoit and has a short-arm scissors. Benoit powers out and slams Eddie to the mat electric chair drop style. Cover and a two for Benoit, Eddie chops Benoit and applies a headscissors choke hold. Benoit escapes and stomps Eddie, Irish whip and a flapjack by Benoit. Eddie elevates Benoit to the floor, Eddie climbs to the top and nails a crossbody.

Eddie stomps the left leg of Benoit, Benoit crawls to the ropes but Eddie continues stomping his former friend. Indian deathlock like manoeuvre by Eddie to weaken the leg of Benoit, cover and a two for Latino Heat. Forearm and clubbing blows from Eddie, corner clothesline by Eddie. Benoit counters with a boot, looks for The Crossface but Eddie blocks so Benoit nails five German suplexes. Eddie rolls away from The Diving Headbutt so Benoit climbs down and nails two more German suplexes. Eddie slides out of a powerbomb for his own German suplexes. Three Germans and a suplex by Eddie, Eddie climbs to the top rope.

Frog Splash connects, Benoit kicks out at two! Eddie bundles Benoit and himself to the floor, Eddie and the referee are having words in the ring when Chavo comes out of the crowd and nails Benoit with the championship title. Benoit is dragged into the ring, cover and Benoit kicks out again. Benoit slides out of a suplex, Eddie drop toeholds Benoit for The El Lasso from El Paso.

 Benoit makes it to the ropes, Irish whip by Eddie but Benoit recovers with chops to the chest. Powerbomb by Benoit, Benoit climbs to the top rope, Eddie holds onto the referee while Chavo goes after Benoit. Benoit shoves Chavo to the floor, Eddie jumps up and crotches Benoit. Eddie is shoved off by Benoit, Diving Headbutt connects. Eddie was playing possum after the headbutt and applies The El Lasso from El Paso, Benoit counters for a Crossface but Eddie is struggling for the rope but Benoit switches arms.

Really fun match, hard-hitting, stiff and hard fought. These two work so well together, loved the counters and false-finishes. Benoit was put over big time in this match, preparing Benoit for his match with Angle at the next pay per view. But yes, a great contest between two of the very best, they are so good at 50%, that it outshines 90% of the roster.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Eddie Guerrero via Crippler Crossface!


Heyman tries to smooth talk Stephanie, it fails epically as Heyman goes back to The Big Show empty handed.

Dawn Marie/Al Wilson/ Torrie Wilson

Dawn Marie continues to mess with the head of Torrie Wilson, Dawn is engaged to Al Wilson so Dawn Marie is now Torrie’s step-mother. Dawn blackmailed Torrie by asking her to come to her hotel room so that Dawn will not marry Al. Dawn takes advantage Torrie by asking her to strip and kissing her, it was every little boy’s fantasy and I am sure every boy enjoyed that moment. We see the footage of Dawn stripping Torrie and the two locking lips, Al is not happy about the footage (understandably). It is hilarious as Dawn, the evil manipulative bitch is the mega babyface to the fans while Al is a boring man who is ruining everyone’s fun. Al’s acting is laughable but this feud did get a lot of time and I do remember clearly.

Kane vs Batista W/ Ric Flair

This was right before the formation of Evolution, Batista moved from Smackdown to Raw and Flair is in Batista’s corner. Kane vs Batista, two big monsters going at it in the ring. Shoulder block by Kane, Batista does not go down. Clothesline by Batista, clubbing blows to the back. Kane blocks a clothesline for a neckbreaker, Batista is clotheslined to the floor. Batista re-enters the ring and eats a scoop slam and an elbow for two. Batista stunguns Kane, Kane is down. Spear by Batista for two, suplex by Batista for another two. Kane blocks a corner clothesline with a boot, clothesline by Kane. Kane stunguns Batista, Batista is with the referee. Flair attacks Kane and Kane roughs up Flair before Batista makes the save. Corner clothesline by Kane, big boot.

Sidewalk slam, Kane flies with a diving clothesline but Batista dodges, Batista looks for The Batista Bomb, it goes wrong and Kane low blows Batista. Diving clothesline by Kane, Kane looks for The Chokeslam. Batista fights out and nails a spinebuster for two, Kane nails a Chokeslam. Flair is on the apron, Kane brings Flair into the ring, right hands and a big boot by Kane. Batista nails a Batista Bomb, the match is over.

Bare basic match, not a good botch for Batista but an ok showing. Flair was the best part if I am being totally honest, it was there and nothing special.

Winner: Batista over Kane via Batista Bomb!

John Cena/B2

John Cena and B Squared make fun of the audience, it’s a good rap. Do not know why it was needed but it was here. Yay?

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Victoria © vs Trish Stratus vs Jacqueline

Victoria won the championship at Survivor Series in a hardcore match, Victoria is playing the psycho character to perfection, Jacqueline beat Victoria on Raw and Trish still has her rematch so we get this triple threat. Victoria runs down to the ring and is thrown to the floor by Jacqueline, Victoria kicks Jacqueline to the floor. Hotshot to Trish, Victoria nails her slingshot leg drop but Jacqueline pulls out Victoria. Jacqueline sweeps the legs of Victoria, huge lariat but here’s Trish. Double back suplex by Jacqueline and Victoria on Trish, shoulder thrusts by Victoria. Victoria looks for a superplex, it connects. Jacqueline tries to steal the pin, Victoria breaks up the pin.

Victoria chops Jacqueline, Jacqueline answers with a headscissors takedown. Trish and Jacqueline slam Victoria, Jacqueline throws Trish to the floor. Trish crossbodies onto Jacqueline, Jacqueline rolls through for two. Jacqueline knocks Victoria to the floor, Trish nails her handstand headscissors on Jacqueline. Chick Kick to Victoria, Victoria is down. Neckbreaker to Jacqueline, Victoria big boots Trish. Victoria is shoved off the top turnbuckle by Jacqueline, Trish nails a Chick Kick to Jacqueline, Victoria makes the save at two. Trish pins Jacqueline after a corner clothesline but Victoria knocks out Trish with the women’s championship. Victoria steals the pin on Jacqueline.

That was a million miles a second, they had so little time and they had to try and pack in so much into it, it was sloppy in parts. Particularly, Trish’s Chick Kick as Victoria was way out of position as well as the finish was pretty weak. Trish was going to beat Jacqueline with a clothesline? That’s not good enough!

Winner: Victoria over Trish & Jacqueline via Shenanigans!

Kurt Angle/Lesnar

Kurt Angle wants Brock in his corner, Angle helped lift Lesnar’s suspension. Lesnar says Angle will not regret helping him but Lesnar gives no definite answer, Angle gives Lesnar a tape of Heyman turning his back on The Next Big Thing.

(WWE Championship Match) Big Show © W/ Paul Heyman vs Kurt Angle

Heyman turned his back on Brock Lesnar, Lesnar was irate and beat the piss out of The Big Show, Stephanie kept her promise to suspend Lesnar and Lesnar was suspended, Angle won a fatal four-way elimination match to become the number one contender. Angle helps Lesnar by convincing Stephanie to lift the suspension, the shadow of Lesnar looms over this title match. They lock-up and Show shoves down Angle, Angle takes the back and Show shakes off Angle again. Angle tries for a front chancery, Show throws Angle out of the ring and onto Paul Heyman. Angle dumps Show to the floor, Angle tries for a plancha but Show catches Angle and drops him on the barricade.

Show throws Angle over the top rope with one hand, Show flings Angle back in the ring. Clothesline by Show, Show chokes Angle in the corner. Suplex by Show, cover and a two. Angle fires back on Show, sidewalk slam by Show cuts off Angle. Two count for Show, headbutt by Show. Jawbreaker by Angle, Angle is caught and Show drills Angle with The Final Cut for two. Bearhug by Show, Angle bites the face of Show. Angle is reversed off an Irish whip, Angle has a sleeper. Show begins fading, Show recovers and shakes off Angle. Angle nails a tornado DDT to take down the champion. Right hands by Angle, dropkick to the knee by Angle and more right hands. Angle is on the top rope, missile dropkick by Angle. Cover and two for the challenger.

 Show knees Angle, Irish whip into the corner and Angle nails a moonsault to floor Show for two, short-arm clothesline by Show. Show looks for a powerbomb, Angle slides out and runs off the ropes for a headscissors-like spin into an Angle Slam for two. Angle tries An Ankle Lock, Show grabs Angle by the throat. Angle counters The Chokeslam for a roll through into The Ankle Lock, Show shoves off Angle into the referee. Heyman slides in a chair, Angle kicks Show in the face, chair shot to the head by Angle. Angle covers but Show kicks out at two and throws Angle onto the referee. Ankle Lock, Show taps like a little girl but there is no referee.

A-Train nails The Derailer on Kurt Angle, A-Train runs away through the crowd. Show delivers The Chokeslam, here comes Lesnar. F-5 by Lesnar to Show, Lesnar locks eyes with Heyman and Lesnar chases after Heyman. Angle crawls over to Show and wins the championship.

Not a great match, Angle does everything he can to make this a watchable affair but it just does not come off on this night. Everything at the end was fun with Lesnar screwing Show but even that could not save this match, I have seen many years of Show wrestling at this point and that great match is still yet to come.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Big Show via F-5!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Shawn Michaels © vs Triple H W/ Ric Flair (Three Stages of Hell)

It was a great story of two former friends turned rivals due to one being jealous of the other’s success. Triple H wiped out Shawn Michaels at Summerslam even though Shawn Michaels won the match, Michaels made a dramatic return before Survivor Series and would win the championship at Survivor Series in one of the best feel good moments in WWE history. Now, this is a three stages of hell match but a bizarre one for one reason in my mind: It has two main event calibre stipulations instead of one. We have not only a cage match but a ladder match too, it’s overkill in my eyes and I think this is going to hurt the match when rating how good it was.

First, Ric Flair has been ejected from ringside, Michaels pummels Triple H. Triple H tries throwing Michaels over the top rope, Michaels skins the cat and clotheslines Triple H to the floor. Triple H looks for a weapon immediately, baseball slide by Michaels. Michaels tries a plancha but Triple H bases Michaels with the trash can, clothesline on the floor. Triple H drops Michaels on the barricade, Triple H pulls Michaels into the barricade. Triple H uses his foot to choke Michaels, elbows across the throat by The Game. Michaels crossbodies onto Triple H to slow The Game’s momentum.

Michaels has a table, right hands by Michaels. Michaels want a suplex through the table, Triple H blocks but Michaels makes Triple H eat the steel steps. Michaels grabs the trash can and climbs to the top rope, Triple H blocks the trash can with a boot to the face of Michaels. Irish whip into the corner by Triple H, Michaels blocks the clothesline and nails a crossbody but Triple H rolls through for a two, Triple H has another table after clotheslining Michaels. Triple H tries for a suplex to the floor, Michaels suplexes Triple H into the ring from the apron. High knee by Triple H, Triple has a chair. Triple H punches Michaels in the lower bag, shoulder thrusts by Triple H. Triple H looks for the backbreaker on the chair, Michaels floats out and backbreakers Triple H on the chair.

Hard Irish whip by Michaels, make it two. Double axe handle by Michaels, Triple H is rammed into the ring apron. Michaels has a trash can lid, shot to the back by Michaels. Michaels looks for Sweet Chin Music, Triple H catches the leg and drives Michaels to the mat with a dragon screw like manoeuvre, Triple H has zeroed in on the leg. Triple H sends Michaels’ leg into the ringpost over and over, chopblock by The Game. Figure four by Triple H, Michaels is pulled away from the ropes so Michaels reverses the pressure. Trash can lid shot by Triple H, cover and a two for the challenger. Michaels and Triple H are battling up the rampway, Triple H has a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire and Triple H decides to light the 2x4 on fire using the flames from the stage, Triple H looks to end Michaels’ career, Michaels scores with a low blow and Michaels nails Triple H in the face with the 2x4.

Triple H is a bloody mess, right hands by Michaels. Trash can lid to the head by Michaels, Michaels has a chair. Irish whip by Michaels, Triple H reverses and drop toeholds Michaels into the chair (Raven Style). DDT by Triple H, Michaels escapes The Pedigree with a low blow, flying forearm by Michaels. Kip-up by Michaels, chopblock by Triple H. Pedigree by Triple H and the first fall is over.

Triple H wins the first fall by Pedigree!

Cage match is the second fall, pin-fall or escape are the ways to win (Sorry submission there is no space for you). Trash can to the head by Triple H, Triple H props a table into the corner. Triple H pummels Michaels, Michaels misses a dropkick and Triple H catapults Michaels into the cage wall. Michaels is also bleeding, right hands by Triple H. Another trash can shot by Triple H, Michaels is sent into the cage wall. Michaels manages to send Triple H into the cage wall and deliver a clothesline. Lou Thesz Press and right hands by Michaels, Triple H tries escaping but Michaels stops The Game’s plans and drags Triple H back into the ring. Triple H and Michaels battle at the top of the cage, Triple H wants to throw Michaels through the tables at ringside. Michaels and Triple H are essentially doing fuck all while Flair sets up the tables.

Triple H lands groin first on the top rope, Michaels drops the elbow on Triple H. Flair enters the cage, Michaels hammer away at Flair. Triple H is caught at the door, Michaels wallops Flair and Triple H with a chair, Flair is bleeding (Of course Flair is bleeding). Triple H tries for a Pedigree, Michaels nails Sweet Chin Music on Flair and Triple H. Michaels places Triple H on a table and Michaels climbs to the top of the cage and splashes Triple H through the table, pinning The Game and we are tied!

Shawn Michaels win the second fall via splash from the top of the cage!

Flair is escorted away by referees, Michaels has a ladder. Irish whip into the ladder by Michaels, Michaels nails Triple H in the face with the ladder and drops the ladder across The Game’s back. Michaels suplexes Triple H on the ladder, Michaels has the ladder in the corner and begins climbing for a big move. Michaels misses a splash off the top of the ladder, Triple H drills Michaels with The Pedigree. Triple H is climbing but Michaels will not let go of The Game’s leg, Michaels yanks down Triple H. Sweet Chin Music, Triple H has spilled out to the floor. Michaels edges his way towards the championship, Triple H is up on his feet and Michaels is shoved off the ladder through four tables. Triple H climbs towards his prize and reclaims his throne at the top of The Raw Mountain.

I get what they were going for with this match, they wanted the big epic blow-off between the two, an absolute war between the two very best on Raw but I just do not think it ever came together on this night. The first fall was enjoyable with a lot of work put in by both men, psychology was off with Triple H working the leg of Michaels and by the second fall, that was thrown out the window. Triple H had a heavily taped leg but Michaels never went after that, I thought that was weird.

First fall was finish was funny too, Michaels kips-up forgetting his leg is fucked and Triple H attacks the leg and Pedigrees Michaels. Anyways, the cage match nor the ladder match ever got going, they were very rushed and over within minutes. I do think it was overkill to have a ladder match after a cage match but it was not much of a match, you had Michaels attack Triple H, miss the dive and two finishers before it was over. I did not feel the struggle or the intensity in the last two falls, I felt it needed something and the two big stipulations were not what the match needed. This would be the final time that Michaels ever held a world championship but there were plenty of great matches ahead for The Heartbreak Kid.

Winner: Triple H over Shawn Michaels via Retrieval of The Championship!

WWE’s Armageddon of 2002 was a lacklustre show in my opinion and not a great end to the year for Mcmahon and co. You had some poor booking in terms of A-Train & Edge, some rushed matches from The Raw brand in the case of the women and Batista vs Kane, Smackdown had a good day at the office in terms of building for the next pay per view but the matches specifically Show vs Angle did not deliver and The Three Stages of Hell was not the epic showdown and climax that Triple H & Shawn Michaels could have hoped for as it was rushed and lacked the intensity/emotion that the two men wanted to generate. I would say watch only for Booker T & Goldust finally winning the tag team titles and remember: There’s always another night!

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