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WCW Uncensored 1998 Review

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews where the reviews are just too sweet! Back to WCW, it’s Uncensored 1998. Remember how CM Punk was usually not in the main event when he was world champion? Well, that is not the first time it has happened and it might not be the most unfair incident. Sting is your world champion, twice defeating Hogan in comically, stupid manners but Sting has made it to the top and Sting faces Scott Hall tonight. However, the main event brother is Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage as The NWO falls apart. Also, there is the continued singles career of Booker T and Bret Hart is in action, will Uncensored be a home-run or a bust? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

It’s not much as we have still frame images of Hogan, Savage, Sting and Hall flash across the screen, it is like when a friend posts a GIF online, it moves fopr a few seconds while also looking awkward. Anyways, it is ok.

(WCW Television Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero W/ Chavo Guerrero vs Booker T ©

Chavo is here as Eddie is dishonouring the Guerrero legacy, Chavo lost a match to Eddie and now Eddie has Chavo as a servant. Couple of months ago, Eddie was the hottest heel in the company, I am saddened that Eddie is no longer carrying the swagger he had during his Cruiserweight Champion run, Booker T is finding his feet as a singles wrestler, improving with each match. Eddie is on the floor, not happy with Booker T. Booker has Eddie, right hands and a back body drop. Sidewalk slam by Booker, Eddie begs for mercy. Clothesline by Booker, clothesline to the floor by Booker. Eddie asks Chavo to help, Chavo does not help Eddie which results in Eddie asking for a handshake.

Booker squeezes Eddie’s hand and nails as sidekick, Irish whip and a powerslam by Booker. Eddie powders to the floor and tries leaving, Booker tees off on Eddie with a huge forearm and a scoop slam on the floor. Eddie is back in the ring, back elbow by Booker. Cover and two, gorilla press slam by Booker. Booker is on the top rope, Eddie recovers and crotches Booker with a dropkick. Top rope superplex by Eddie, Booker blocks Eddie’s right hands, Irish whip and a thrustkick by Booker. Cover and two, Booker misses The Scissors Kick as Eddie dropkicks the leg of Booker. Eddie stomps all over the leg of Booker, Eddie snaps Booker’s leg off the ring apron. Slingshot plancha onto the leg by Eddie, dropkick to the knee by Eddie.

Eddie uses an ankle lock and the ropes for leverage, Booker T reverses an Irish whip but Booker cannot capitalize as Eddie nails a back elbow and a tope hilo. Crossbody to the floor by Eddie, more stomps by Eddie. Back suplex by Eddie, cover and two. Irish whip, flapjack by Booker, Spinaroonie into a Scissors Kick. Irish whip into a spinebuster, Booker is on the top rope. Booker misses a missile dropkick, Booker lands on his feet. Eddie dodges a Harlem sidekick, Booker is hung up on the top rope. Booker shoves off Eddie, missile dropkick and Booker retains his championship. Eddie attacks Chavo after the match, more heel heat for Latino Heat.

It was good but I never got deeply into it as it was over too quick. Solid work from Eddie working the leg, I do not understand why Booker stopped selling in the lead up to the finish as Booker landed on his feet after a missile dropkick and nailed The Scissors Kick with no issues whatsoever. I expect better from Booker and it hurts the match for me. Good stuff with some bad psychology.

Winner: Booker T over Eddie Guerrero via Missile Dropkick!

Konnan vs Juventud Guerrera

Juventud was unmasked by Chris Jericho at Superbrawl, Konnan feels Juventud Guerrera has let down the Mexican people by losing his mask. Juventud feels it is a new beginning, these two meet in the ring to settle their differences. Spinning heel kick by Juventud, Konnan dodges a dropkick and nails a clothesline. Headscissors takedown by Juventud, Konnan powders and avoids a plancha, Juventud is dragged to the floor and sent into the steel steps. Juventud blocks the steel steps, smashes Konnan’s face off the steps and Juventud nails a springboard using the steel steps. Springboard missile dropkick by Juventud for two, Konnan hotshots Juventud off a headscissiors attempt. Indian deathlock by Konnan, Konnan slaps the face of Juventud while in the hold.

Irish whip out of the corner, Juventud gets a boot up and looks for a victory roll, Konnan forces Juventud down and nails a German suplex. Konnan catapults Juventud into the corner, stomps and a face wash from Konnan. Hair-toss by K-Dawg, cover and two. Boston crab by Konnan, Konnan applies the rocking horse before sitting on the neck of Juventud, it looked nasty. Juventud has rolled to the floor but gingerly gets back into the ring, Konnan applies a weird firemen’s carry submission thing, two count for Konnan. Konnan tries for a spider suplex, Juventud lands on his feet and Juventud goes to town on Konnan with right hands and boots.

Chop by Juventud, Konnan catches Juventud and delivers a wheelbarrow suplex for two. Konnan picks up Juventud for a gutwrench powerbomb, Juventud counters with a faecbuster. Juventud misses his 450 Splash, Cradle DDT and it looks botched for good measure, two count for Konnan. Samoan drop by Konnan for two, Juventud counters for a crucifix pin from the ground for the win. After the match, Konnan drills Juventud with The Cradle DDT and throws Juventud to the floor.

I need to go back and watch what made Konnan a star in Mexico because that star quality is nowhere to be seen in WCW. This was a tough match to go through, there was nothing to it, Konnan looks lazy and like he is phoning it in and did nothing to put Juventud over. This match sucked!

Winner: Juventud Guerrera over Konnan via roll-up!

Mean Gene/JJ. Dillon

The Giant has requested that the powerbomb is legal for the match between Kevin Nash and The Giant, that’s it.

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho ©

Chris Jericho had found himself as an over the top heel, becoming one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the whole roster. Mysterio and Juventud had been beaten by Jericho, Jericho faces the other top babyface in the WCW Cruiserweight division (I have no idea where Ultimo Dragon has disappeared to).

Lock-up, Malenko takes down Jericho easily with a front chancery. Drop toehold by Malenko, Malenko takes the back and takes down Jericho. Malenko takes Jericho down for a third time, Jericho tries pulling the hair. Shoulder block by Malenko, Jericho is frustrated by Malenko outwrestling him. Shoving contest, Malenko Irish whips Jericho. O’Connor roll goes wrong for Malenko as Jericho nails an enzuigiri, Malenko dodges the springboard crossbody. Jericho tries leaving, right hands by Malenko. Malenko stomps Jericho but Jericho counters with a spinebuster, Jericho struts and pins Malenko with one boot for two. Suplex by Jericho for two, cocky boots to the head by Jericho. Snapmare and a reverse chinlock by Jericho, snap suplex and a Lionsault but Malenko has a foot on the ropes.

Knee by Jericho, Malenko tries battling back but Jericho clubs down Malenko. Backbreaker submission, forearm shot by Jericho. Malenko is firing up, forearms and headbutts by Malenko, back suplex. Cover and two, Jericho is back on top after a senton. Jericho kicks Malenko hard in the ribs, dropkick by Jericho to Malenko who is tied up in the corner. Forearm shots and a boot to the face by Jericho, Jericho slaps Malenko and Malenko is fired up, Malenko blocks a corner clothesline. Malenko tries for a brainbuster, Jericho slides out for a reverse suplex, Malenko goes to the ropes to avoid The Liontamer. Jericho tries for a German suplex, Malenko rolls through for two. Backslide by Malenko for two, Jericho slaps Malenko off the apron.

Malenko whips Jericho into the corner, Jericho blocks the German suplex and props Malenko on the top rope. Back superplex backfires for Jericho as Malenko lands on top, two and a half for the challenger. Jericho is on the apron, Malenko tries for a suplex. Jericho holds onto the ropes as Malenko tries for a dropkick, Jericho goes for The Liontamer. Malenko makes it to the ropes, Jericho places Malenko on the top rope. Malenko counters Jericho’s hurricanrana for a gutbuster, cover and a two. Jericho blocks a calf kick for The Liontamer, Malenko is dragged back to the middle of the ring and Jericho sets and Malenko has to tap to Jericho.

That was a good match, competitive and back and forth from two awesome wrestlers, Jericho is having the run of his career so far, continuing to pull out solid and good to great matches on pay per view. Malenko although not often showing emotion, could fire up when he needed to and Malenko looks distraught after the loss and we have a bit of character development for Malenko which is great for Malenko. It was technical, had a good story and psychology. After the match, Okerlund berates Malenko and Malenko says he is going home. What will this lead to?

Winner: Chris Jericho over Dean Malenko via Liontamer!

Lex Luger vs Scott Steiner

Here comes Scott Steiner for the first time on pay per view with blond hair and a goatee, Big Poppa Pump is here ladies and gentlemen. Scott turned on his brother Rick at Superbrawl, joined The NWO and I am interested to see how Steiner’s heel turn progresses. Scott jumps Luger immediately, kicks and knees by Scott. Belly to belly suplex by Scott, elbow drop. Scott chokes Luger with the ropes, more posing from Scott. Luger is thrown to the floor, Luger is whipped into the guard rail. Scott tries for a suplex into the ring, Luger suplexes Scott from the ring to the floor.

 Luger sends Scott into the crowd, inverted atomic drops and clotheslines. Powerslam by Luger, Luger calls for The Torture Rack. Scott holds onto the ropes and low blows Luger, Steiner Recliner but Luger is under the ropes. Scott grabs a steel chair, here comes Rick Steiner. Luger clotheslines Scott Steiner in the back of the head, Luger pins Scott Steiner. Rick and Scott stand alone in the ring and Rick back drops Scott to the floor.

Well, that was a massive disappointment, Scott Steiner beaten by a weak lariat to the back of the head? Not exactly a great start to a heel turn, looks like we might have a slow build to Rick vs Scott, I am up for that as long as they do not screw it up beforehand. Anyways, this was poor and a waste of time in many ways.

Winner: Lex Luger over Scott Steiner via Lariat!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Raven vs Chris Benoit vs DDP © (Triple Jeopardy Match)

Benoit and DDP had fought at Superbrawl, DDP emerged victorious but both men had problems with The Flock so this led to this triple threat between the three, pin-falls count anywhere and there are no disqualifications. Three-way lock-up, that was funny. They do it again, right hands galore. Another three-way lock-up and everyone is on the floor, Benoit and Raven send DDP into the steps, Benoit chops Raven in the ring. Clothesline and a two for Benoit, back elbow by Benoit for two. Benoit stomps Raven, DDP clotheslines Benoit. Raven tries to steal the pin, DDP stomps Raven out of the ring. DDP dodges a baseball slide from Benoit and planchas onto Raven and Benoit.

Russian legsweep for two by DDP, Benoit nails a snap suplex on Raven. DDP saves his title by stomping Benoit. DDP drops Raven with a slam, Benoit pulls off DDP. Benoit stomps all over DDP, Diving Headbutt by Benoit on Raven. DDP makes the save, Benoit and DDP have as slugfest, DDP and Benoit go to the floor. Raven dives onto both, cover and a two for Raven. DDP whips Benoit into the guard rail but here comes Raven and everyone is down. Everyone is being sent into the guard rail, Benoit shakes off DDP while Raven grabs a trash can. DDP has the trash can, it’s on the head of Raven. DDP and Benoit grab crutches and nails Raven twice, both men try covering Raven but neither are successful. DDP is sent into the guard rail, Benoit has the trash can. Wham to the back of DDP, Benoit suplexes DDP on the ramp.

 DDP is thrown through a piece of the stage by Raven & Benoit, Benoit nails Raven with a kitchen sink. Raven and Benoit are making their way towards the side of the stage, Raven suplexes a table onto Benoit. Raven chokes Benoit with a rope, Raven props a table on the stage. Benoit reverses an Irish whip and sends Raven through a table, Benoit chokes Raven with the rope. Benoit and Raven are back at the stage, Raven low blows Benoit and grabs a chair. Benoit drop toeholds Raven onto the chair, Benoit wedges the chair in between the turnbuckles.

Chops by Benoit, Raven is wiped out as he is thrown into the chair. DDP is crawling back to the ring, Benoit sends Raven into the guard rail. Cover and a two for Benoit, chops by Benoit. Irish whip and a sleeper by Benoit, DDP applies a sleeper to Benoit and Raven drops both men with a jawbreaker. Benoit nails Raven with two German suplexes before DDP German suplexes Benoit and Raven. Benoit and Raven drop DDP, Benoit is clubbed by Raven. Raven asks Benoit for help, Raven smashes DDP with a sign that is actually a stop sign. Raven has brought in a table, Benoit smashes Raven with the stop sign. DDP is on the table, Benoit places Raven on the top rope looking for a superplex.

 DDP stirs and sends Benoit to the floor, DDP nails A Diamond Cutter on Raven from the second rope through the table and we have a winner as DDP retains his United States Championship.

That was a fun hardcore match, a lot of three man spots that were entertaining and there was not a dull moment in the match, I liked the suplex spots, the stop sign and The Diamond Cutter through the table. Everyone was allowed to have their moment in the match, Benoit was suplexing and chopping everyone, Raven was allowed to be his hardcore self while DDP got to nail another great variation of The Diamond Cutter, DDP was the most popular of the three and continues to build momentum. Surely there must be a world championship in DDP’s future?

Winner: DDP over Benoit & Raven via Diamond Cutter through a Table!

The Giant vs Kevin Nash

Nash faced Giant at Souled Out with Nash botching a powerbomb and injuring The Giant, WCW decided to turn the botch into an angle and Nash’s powerbomb was banned due to the injury it caused to The Giant. The rematch is tonight and The Giant has asked for the powerbomb to be legal for this match, perhaps Giant wants to powerbomb Nash or maybe Giant wants Nash at full-strength. Either way, The Giant wants to beat the piss out of Nash.

Lock-up, Nash slips out of a chest slap and mocks The Giant. Another lock-up, side headlock and hammerlock by Nash, Giant clothesline the bejesus out of Nash. Elbow by Giant, second elbow misses. Giant clotheslines Nash to the floor, Nash shoves Giant head first into the ringpost. Elbows by Nash to the neck, Nash chokes Giant with his boot. More clubbing blows to the neck and a sleeper by Nash, a giant leg across the neck of The Giant. The neckbrace is ripped off by Nash, Giant counters a running Nash with a boot to the mid-section. Headbutt by Nash does not work, clotheslines by The Giant. Right hands by The Giant, Nash is lifted into the air for a scoop slam. Giant calls for The Chokeslam. Bryan Adams nails Giant with a baseball bat. Vincent and Konnan beat up The Giant, Giant shakes them off.

Chokeslam to Vincent, Chokeslam to Konnan. Bryan Adams is caught by the throat but Nash saves Adams with a baseball bat to the back. Giant powers up and Nash bails, Giant wins the match by DQ.

That was ok, The Souled Out match was worse and there was a little psychology to this match with Nash working Giant’s injured neck. Still no revenge for Giant so does this mean this feud is going to continue? I hope not, I have seen enough of these two big men fighting one another.

Winner: The Giant over Kevin Nash via DQ!

Curt Hennig W/ Rick Rude vs Bret Hart

Bret Hart’s next feud after Ric Flair is against Curt Hennig who has lost a few steps in my eyes since joining WCW. Despite being featured in that upper mid-card position, I think Hennig has being a disappointing acquisition for WCW. Hennig thinks about jumping Bret, Hennig slaps Bret and we have a lock-up, nobody takes control and we reset. Lock-up, side headlock by Bret, Hennig holds onto the hair. Shoulder block by Bret and another side headlock, Hennig goes to the hair for a second time. Chops by Hennig in the corner, Bret reverses an Irish whip and catches Hennig with another side headlock. Shoulder block by Bret, hiptoss by Bret and Hennig powders. Rude and Hennig talk strategy, Hennig attacks Bret with Rude’s distraction.

Bret tries for a Sharpshooter, Bret locks in the hold and Rude enters the ring and punches Bret in the face, how the referee did not see that is beyond me. Hennig goes after Bret’s leg, Rude attacks Bret as Hennig is with the referee. Hair-toss by Hennig, slaps in the face by Hennig. Huge right by Hennig, Hennig applies the figure four while using Rude’s hand for leverage. The referee breaks the hold after the referee catches Rude helping Perfect. Bret fires back on Hennig but Hennig goes to the leg and The Hitman is down, spinning toehold by Hennig. Kick to the sternum by Hennig, scoop slam and Hennig is climbing to the top rope. Bret crotches Hennig, Bret hair-pulls Hennig. Inverted atomic drop and a clothesline, small package for two. Russian legsweep for two, right hands by Bret.

Running bulldog by Bret, Hennig puts his foot on the ropes. Backbreaker by Bret and a second rope elbow. Two count for Bret, right hands by Bret. Hennig sends Bret into the turnbuckle sternum first, Hennig signals for The Hennig Plex. Hennig connects and Bret kicks out at two, Rude is knocked off the arpon by Hennig as Bret goes for an O’Connor roll, Hennig rolls through and grabs the tights but Bret kicks out at two. Hennig is shot into the ropes, sunset flip and Bret rolls through for The Sharpshooter and Hennig taps out. Rude and Hennig rough up Bret after the match, Rude Awakening and a chair shot to the head of Bret Hart.

Hennig’s best match in WCW, Bret Hart works a smart match with Hennig, Hennig is cocky and overconfident, Bret outwrestles Hennig and needs Rude’s help to turn the tide. Hennig slaps, taunts and cheats using every tactic in the book to beat Bret but Bret fights through it all and defeats Hennig with The Sharpshooter, Hennig gets his heat back by attacking Bret after the match. Simple and good stuff from Hart and Hennig.

Winner: Bret Hart over Curt Hennig via Sharpshooter!

(WCW World Championship Match) Scott Hall W/ Dusty Rhodes vs Sting ©

Sting as champion take two, they did it wrong the first time and did not fix much at Superbrawl. Nonetheless, Scott Hall won the World War 3 battle royal to earn a shot at Superbrawl, Hall gets his opportunity a month later than expected. Dusty Rhodes is so weird with Hall, I do not think I will get use to it but it’s happening and there is nothing I can do about it.

Match begins with Sting smashing Hall in the face, Hall powders and regroups. Lock-up, Hall takes the arm and nails his shoulder thrusts but Sting decks Hall with a clothesline. Hall asks for a test of strength, poke to the eye and Hall nails a chokeslam while mocking The Giant. Sting is up, kick to the stomach and a huge facebuster, Sting right hands and ear slaps Hall. Dropkick by Sting and Hall is knocked to the floor, right hand by Sting and Rhodes trips Sting. Hall catches Sting with a clothesline, Hall tries to pin Sting using the ropes but gets a two. Stomp to the head by Hall, discuss right hand by Hall. Corner clothesline by Hall, Hall kicks the head of Sting. Fallaway slam by Hall, cover and a two count.

Both men bang heads, Sting lands on Hall’s ball bag. Hall has the referee while Rhodes enters the ring and drops a massive elbow on Sting. Hall covers and gets two, Hall slaps and right hands Sting. Hall continues to punch Sting with no effect, Sting nails an inverted atomic drop, Stinger Splash and a clothesline, Scorpion Deathlock, Rhodes is dropped off the apron by Sting. Hall is whipped into the referee, Sting tries waking the referee. Hall is tossed brass knuckles by Rhodes, Hall drapes an arm on Sting and Sting kicks out at two and a half. Hall cannot believe it, Hall calls for the end.

Outsider’s Edge is blocked by Sting as Sting drops out and nails The Scorpion Death Drop, Sting beats Hall and retains the championship. Dusty Rhodes is in the ring and Rhodes is told to suck it, I thought Rhodes was going to battle Sting.

That was better than both Hogan matches, Hall gave Sting a shine, tried to use every cheap trick to gain the upper hand on Sting but it was to no avail, Sting was too strong and puts away another member of The NWO. Hall was entertaining, I am loving his singles work after watching so many tag matches that dragged on forever, Hall is showing the talent he always had, sad to see that he was never able to hold that world championship. Anyways, this was a fun match with a lot of smoke and mirrors which worked well.

Winner: Sting over Scott Hall via Scorpion Death Drop!

(Steel Cage Match) Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

The feud had been building for months, Savage was a wild man, Savage had an ego that would not let Hogan control him. Hogan is the leader of The NWO, Savage is saying that Hogan will be stabbed in the back soon enough, these two who have been rivals since their days in the WWF collide inside a cage. Beginning a feud with a cage match is a backwards idea, the cage match should be the blow-off but we are starting with the damn cage match. What is strange as well is that Savage is a member of The NWO despite attacking members of the group, why would Savage still be considered a part of the group?

Hogan knees and punches Savage, Hogan chokes Savage with his boot and nails more right hands. Hogan chokes Savage with a shirt while scraping the back of Savage, big boot by Hogan and a two count. Savage is rammed into the cage over and over, it has been all Hogan so far in this match. Scoop slam but Hogan misses elbows and Savage is on his feet. Left jabs by Savage, back elbow by Savage and a foot choke. Savage chokes Hogan with a shirt and rakes the eyes of Hogan, Hogan rakes the eyes of Savage and whips Macho Man. Chops by Hogan, Hogan misses The Leg Drop. Savage whips Hogan, Hogan meets the steel cage wall. Elbows to head by Savage, Hogan is bleeding but Hogan cuts off Savage with back body drop into the cage. More whipping by Hogan.

Back suplex by Hogan, two count for Hogan. Hogan lawn darts Savage into the cage wall, Savage has been opened up by Hogan. Both men are bleeding, Savage meets the cage wall, two count for Hogan. Right hand floors Savage, flurry of punches by Hogan for two. Savage is almost kicked out the door by Hogan, Hogan and Savage are on the floor and I guess you cannot win by going through the door. Savage sends Hogan into the cage and fires up, Savage is climbing to the top of the cage. Double axe handle by Savage, two count for Savage. Hogan tastes the cage, Hogan begs for mercy. Scoop slam by Savage, Savage is heading to the top, here comes The Disciple aka Brutus Beefcake.

The Disciple saves Hogan and dares Savage to jump, Savage comes down and here comes Sting from the rafters. It is two on two, Sting and Savage vs The Disciple and Hogan. Savage clotheslines Sting, piledriver by Savage on Sting. Savage leaves the ring after dropping Sting, Hogan tells Savage that Savage works for Hogan.

What the fuck was that ending? The match itself before the ending was ok at best, Hogan punched and uses his belt, same stuff as always, dominated the match to the point where nobody cared for Savage’s comeback, Savage was not much better, it seems he had a death wish to shatter his knees with that axe handle off the top of the cage. It was slow, dull and plodding. Then, comes the ending with Savage who was a tweener going back to being a heel by wiping out Sting which means Savage is helping Hogan but Savage is helping Hogan so what was resolved? Why did the cage match end in a no-finish? Is that the end of Savage’s face turn? Damn you WCW, damn you to hell!

No Contest!

It’s back to the same old WCW I am afraid to say, Uncensored 1998 has good and bad, the bad involves a lot of The NWO (Surprise, surprise) and the good involves WCW. I liked the three way falls count anywhere match, I liked Malenko vs Jericho and Bret vs Hennig delivered while Hall vs Sting was enjoyable too. The Giant vs Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner vs Lex Luger and Hogan vs Savage were all bullshit when you get down to the nitty gritty, overbooked, illogical and just plain boring and wastes of time. If anything, watch this for Malenko vs Jericho and DDP vs Benoit vs Raven. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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