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WCW World War 3 1998 Review

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Hello and welcome to another hard-hitting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! The smoke has settled from Wrestlemania as we look forward to another year of programming from The WWE. Down here at Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, I wish to take you back to a more baffling time in wrestling and of course, I have to be talking about WCW. World War 3 1998, The NWO Hollywood & The Wolfpac have not resolved their issues, Goldberg as champion has been a bore as Goldberg has not competed at at least three pay per views since becoming champion. And looking at this card, I do not have high hopes for this show but I am a professional and the show must go on so, this is WCW's World War 3 of 1998! Let's rock!

Opening Promo

The focus is on DDP, Bret Hart & the sixty-man battle royal with the winner facing Goldberg at Starrcade. It is not much of a promo, I do believe WWE was destroying WCW at the time in terms of production. Anyways, the show begins with Goldberg who will not be wrestling tonight... the great reign of Goldberg continues. Hogan is not here tonight, Hogan would leave the company, returning for the infamous Finger Poke of Doom. Mean Gene plugs the hotline, the number has been burned into my head after so many pay per views.

Glacier vs Wrath

Have I got back in time? Is it early 1997? Are these two battling over Glacier's sacred helmet? No, this is happening again, Glacier who was pushed in 1997 is going up against the undefeated Wrath. The irony of that statement is stifling, they did not even repackage Wrath under a different name but now he is undefeated? Whatever they were doing, it was working with Wrath, fans react warmily to the monster. Glacier is staying away from Wrath, lock-up and Wrath shoves Glacier to the floor. Kicks by Glacier, nice dropkick from Glacier. Wrath does not fall and Glacier is decked with a chop before powdering to the floor.

Wrath knees Glacier from the apron to the guard rail, Glacier slaps and chops Wrath but Wrath shakes it off to send Glacier into the crowd. Wrath throws Glacier into the ringside area, Glacier punches Wrath in the corner, clothesline by Wrath. Stomps in the corner by Wrath, Wrath chokes Glacier using the ropes. Elbows across the throat by Wrath, Glacier kicks his way back into the match before eating another clothesline. Cover using the ropes for two, Wrath chokes Glacier. Glacier is tossed to the floor, more big chops from Wrath.

Wrath chokes Glacier with a camera cable, knees in the corner by Wrath. Snapmare into a reverse chinlock by Wrath, clubbing blows by Wrath. Wrath misses a corner spalsh, big kick by Glacier. Huge superkick by Glacier to the back of the head, Glacier goes for The Ice Pick. Wrath blocks and connects with The Meltdown. Wrath picks up the win.

A good showcase for Wrath, little confused by the psychology of the match. Wrath is the babyface with Glacier stalling and avoiding the giant but Wrath is using the ropes for leverage and using the camera cable for an advantage. That was weird, Glacier got little offence so it really was a one-sided beatdown courtesy of Wrath but did I really want to see a Glacier heat segment? Hell no so, this was good in my books.

Winner: Wrath over Glacier via The Meltdown!

Bret Hart Promo

Bret Hart disrespects DDP, Benoit, Booker T and Lex Luger as Bret Hart claims to be the best wrestler in WCW, the only wrestler that matters and if he wanted to, he could have crippled all of his competition. Good stuff from Hart, I have not said that much when discussing Bret in WCW but he has his moments.

Konnan vs Stevie Ray W/ Vincent

Seems like NWO Hollywood are scraping the bottom of the barrel as Stevie Ray is on my screen again in The NWO. Konnan seems to be connecting big with the fans thanks to his promos, match begins with Stevie Ray mugging Konnan in the corner. Stomps and right hands by Stevie Ray, Konnan blocks a corner clothesline with a boot, rolling clothesline and a low dropkick by Konnan. Rights and lefts by Konnan, Konnan lowers his head off an Irish whip, clubbing blows by Stevie Ray. Clothesline for two, Konnan is flung to the floor. Vincent puts the boots to Konnan, Vincent chokes Konnan while Stevie Ray distracts the referee. Elbow by Stevie Ray for two, reverse chinlock by Stevie Ray.

Konnan fires up, backslide for two. Stevie Ray clotheslines Konnan, scoop slam by Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray misses a huge elbow, thrust kick and a K-Factor by Konnan, Vincent distracts Konnan. Eye poke by Stevie Ray, Konnan reverses and Irish whip and Stevie Ray is waffled with a slapjack by Vincent. Konnan mugs Stevie Ray and pushes down the referee, Konnan gets disqualified and Booker sprints down to ringside and helps up his brother. Stevie Ray is not happy to see Booker T, Stevie Ray wants to be with The NWO over Booker.

Well, that finish was lame. I thought Konnan would go over due to his connection with the fans but I was wrong. It was a ok-ish match, Stevie Ray looks like he is never motivated which leads to boring matches, I have not been a huge fan of WCW Konnan and he is yet to prove me otherwise in the ring. To be honest, it did not need to be on a pay per view.

Winner: Stevie Ray over Konnan via Disqualification!

Sonny Onoo & Ernest Miller vs Saturn & Kaz Hayashi

This is what Saturn is doing after ending Raven's Flock? Damn you WCW, can you not recognize when you have something that is getting over on your hands? Sonny Onoo had turned on Hayashi, Miller starts the match with his usual shtick of I will turn around and you better be gone, Saturn jumps in and Miller powders in fear of Saturn. Hayashi chops and kicks Miller before Miller scoop slams Hayashi. Big kicks and stomps by Miller, illegal choke hold by Miller. Scoop slam and tag to Onoo, Onoo kicks the back of Hayashi with no effect, Onoo offers Hayashi money. Hayashi decks Onoo before Onoo scrambles away.

Saturn and Miller are legal, exploder suplex and back elbow, low kick by Miller who stomps Saturn. Miller sweeps Saturn, scoop slam and Onoo does not want to be in the ring with Saturn. Onoo kicks Saturn, Saturn grabs the leg and we have an STF, Miller saves Onoo and here comes Hayashi. Double dropkick by Saturn & Hayashi, Miller rakes the eyes of Hayashi. Cheap shots by Onoo before Hayashi grabs Onoo but Miller saves Onoo. Tag to Miller, cover for two. Jawbreaker by Hayashi and in comes Saturn.

Snap suplex by Saturn, tag to Hayashi. Throat thrust by Miller, cheap shot by Onoo. Scoop slam and tag to Onoo, stomps by Onoo. Hayashi avoids strikes from Onoo, tag to Saturn. Onoo begs for mercy, Saturn throws Miller across the ring. Clotheslines and exploders, Hayashi and Onoo have a scuffle before Saturn grabs Onoo, Miller saves Onoo with The Feliner and Saturn loses to Onoo.

Really? Really? Really? Saturn loses to a kick from Miller, Saturn who worked Goldberg preparing the champion for his main event push, the same man who worked an entertaining feud with Raven and tonight, Saturn loses to Ernest The Cat Miller & Sonny Onoo..... Stupid trash!

Winner: Miller & Onoo over Saturn & Hayashi via Feliner!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Juventud Guerrera (C) vs Billy Kidman

Juventud Guerrera joins The LWO as Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio argue as there is dissension in the group, Juventud is now a heel after months of being built as a top babyface of the cruiserweight division once he lost his mask. I suppose it is not the end of the world considering after Juventud's big push, he dropped the title to Kidman and lost to Disco Inferno last month.

Side headlock by Juventud, shoudler block and chops by Juventud. Rocker dropper by Juventud, Juventud poses for the fans. Kidman misses a corner splash, headscissors takedown by Juventud before Kidman counters with a Sky High, powerslam and slingshot leg drop by Kidman for two. Juventud recovers to deliver a spinebuster, two for Juventud. Reverse chinlock by Juventud, big chop and Kidman reverses an Irish whip into the corner and connects with a huge clothesline. Kidman blocks a tornado DDT but Juventud hotshots Kidman using the ropes, Kidman answers Juventud with a dropkick as Juventud tries a crossbody. Kidman stomps the bejesus out of Juventud.

Plancha by Kidman, Juventud and Kidman battle to the top turnbuckle before Juventud scores with a hurricanrana to the floor. Brainbuster by the champion for two, springboard missile dropkick and springboard crossbody to the floor by Juventud. Slingshot leg drop for two, double springboard dropkick for two. Dropkick and side slam by Kidman, Kidman misses a corner splash. Inverted atomic drop by Juventud, Juventud climbs to the top but Kidman springs up and nails a hurricanrana into another ring. Springboard crossbody by Kidman, two count for Kidman. Kidman is flapjacked onto the top rope, top rope hurricanrana by Juventud for two.

Juventud scores with a Juvi Driver after a series of counters, Juventud misses The 450 Splash but lands on his feet, hurricanrana for two as Kidman kicks out again. Juventud tries a powerbomb but Kidman nails a facebuster for two. Wheelbarrow suplex by Kidman, Kidman is crotched attempting The Seven Year Itch, Juventud tries a hurricanrana but Mysterio holds onto Kidman so Juventud tumbles to the mat, Seven Year Itch by Kidman and we have a new champion as The LWO are in the face of Rey Mysterio. Mysterio truns on The LWO and sprints to the back.

I am glad somebody realized that we needed to have a good match on this pay per view. Juventud and Kidman bring their working boots as they bust out every trick in their book in order to pop the fans, it might not have been the most exciting match or their best but it is a welcome addition on this show where the action has been less than thrilling.

Winner: Billy Kidman over Juventud Guerrera via Seven Year Itch!

Scott Steiner W/ Buff Bagwell & Referee vs Rick Steiner

No no no, you blew this feud off as Rick murdered Scott and Bagwell at the last pay per view, there is no need for this match, there is no need for this feud. It is over, please let us all move on, The NWO Hollywood beat up Rick Steiner as The Giant drags Rick to the arena. Scott & Bagwell put the boots to Rick, Scott wallops Rick with forearms. Rick drops Scott with clotheslines, shots to Bagwell and Rick uses his left arm to beat up Scott, referee is decked by Rick and Scott low blows Rick. Bagwell chokes Rick, right hands by Scott. Steiner Recliner by Scott, here comes Goldberg and Scott clubs Goldberg before we see a massive Spear! Jackhammer is blocked as Bagwell saves Scott.

Look at that reaction for Goldberg, I would love to see Scott vs Goldberg at this point, it would be magical. Luckily, we would see it before the end of WCW but yes, that was a nice little segment but there was no need for Scott or Rick to touch again for at least a year, they messed up that feud big time and the fact they were still doing it shows how blind WCW could be when it came to booking.

No Contest!

Scott Hall W/ NWO Hollywood

Here comes Eric Bischoff, Bischoff had been waffled by Scott Hall on Nitro, Bischoff orders The NWO to beat the piss out of Hall. Nash comes down to the ring and saves his Outsider buddy, The NWO Hollywood are knocked to the floor as Hall & Nash stand in the same ring on the same page. Huge Outsiders chants from the fans, Hall asks for the reunion but Nash walks away from Hall, Hall looks down at the ring in shock.

(WCW Television Championship Match) Bobby Duncum Jr. Vs Chris Jericho (C) W/ Ralphus

Lock-up, slap by Bobby. Lock-up and Bobby shoves down Jericho, Jericho is out on the floor with Ralphus. Jericho takes down Bobby and pulls the hair, bow & arrow by Jericho. Clothesline by Bobby, vertical suplex for two. Reverse chinlock by Bobby, Bobby knocks Jericho with a huge boot, shoulder block and choke from Bobby. Jericho is thrown to the floor, Bobby has his bullrope but the referee takes the bullrope. Jericho is tossed into the crowd, Bobby is lured in as Jericho blinds Bobby with a drink and nails a crossbody. Missile dropkick by Jericho for two, reverse chinlock by the champion.

Shoulderbreaker by Bobby for two, cross armbreaker by Bobby. Springboard dropkick by Jericho, Bobby hits the guard rail. Jericho stomps Bobby, cocky pin and Bobby kicks out. Front chancery by Jericho, spinning sole butt and foot choke by Jericho. Irish whip to the corner and Bobby explodes with a clothesline for two. Chops by Jericho, Bobby chops back at Jericho, boot by Bobby. Flapjack by Bobby, clothesline for two. Jericho tries a middle rope sunset flip, Bobby counters for a throat toss, two count for Bobby.

Jawbreaker by Jericho, Lionsault for two. Jericho is crotched on the top rope, superplex by Bobby for two. Jericho rolls through a German suplex for a Liontamer, Bobby flips out of the hold. Bobby slams Jericho, middle rope elbow for two. Ralphus saves Jericho, Bobby has Ralphus and Jericho wallops Bobby with the belt for the win.

That was an ok match, Bobby had just debuted in WCW so it would be difficult to build any sort of pay per view match around a wrestler who has not been established whatsover. Jericho did his best to be entertaining but I do not think anybody cared about this match.

Winner: Jericho over Bobby Duncum Jr. Via Shenanigans!

Sixty-Man Battle Royal (Winner main events Starrcade against Goldberg)

It will be two hard to keep track of all the action in this match so I will let you know important moments or moments that I found funny, you can win by pin-fall or throwing your opponents over the top rope, I do not think I have ever see someone be pinned in this match it truly is a useless rule. Some faces that are notable in my eyes: Chris Adams, Bobby Eaton, Barry Horowitz, Bobby Blaze, Johnny Swinger, The Renegade & Kenny Kaos.

Nash dominates his ring with nearly everyone being thrown out by Big Sexy, Nash clears his whole ring. Ring 1 combines to attack The Giant, it is like eight on one yet The Giant continues to knock every down. Scott Hall battles back against NWO Hollywood members, Nash has been standing watching for minutes now, way to look like badass Nash. Eventually, we are down to twenty man. The Wolfpac and NWO Hollywood stick to their corners, a heap of cruiserweights are thrown out before Nash & The Giant fight.

Hall & Nash combine as the fans are happy to see the two working together, a wild Bam Bam Bigelow appears in the match and gets destroyed by everyone, what a debut? Here comes Goldberg, Goldberg and Bigelow begin to brawl on the floor, what is going on here this is nuts. Konnan eliminates himself by diving through the ropes like a fool, Benoit, Malenko, Hall, Nash, Luger & The Giant.

Everyone attacks The Giant, they succeed in throwing out The Giant. Benoit & Malenko attack Hall, Luger & Nash watch the carnage unfold before Nash throws out Benoit and Hall tosses Malenko to the floor. Luger, Nash & Hall are all that remain. Nash goes after Luger, knees in the corner and here comes Hall with right hands to Nash. Luger knocks down Hall and Nash, forearms to both Hall & Nash. Luger tries racking Hall and moves towards the ropes but Nash boots both Hall& Luger over? Nash wins the match.

These matches are hit and miss, they can be really long and boring, this was not an exception. Nash eliminates everyone in his ring and watches while nothing happens for about ten minutes. They could have taken a lot of time off this match, it is just unnecessary. Nash winning is no surprise as he was the most over man in the match, Nash vs Goldberg could be a lot of fun but unfortunately, Starrcade is not known for a great match between those two, oh I cannot wait to cover that match.

Winner: Kevin Nash over Everyone Else!

(WCW United States Championship Match) DDP (C) vs Bret Hart

Bret Hart does not like anyone, Bret Hart looks out for himself and sees DDP as nothing more than a punk. While Hart's WCW time has been a waste, Hart's heel work makes me smile time after time, match begins with a plancha by DDP onto Hart. DDP introduces Hart to the steel steps, rights and lefts by DDP. Hart hotshots DDP, elbow by The Hitman. Hart chokes DDP in the corner, DDT by Hart for two. DDP blocks a suplex for a small package, Hart kicks out and elbows and chokes DDP. Snapmare into a reverse chinlock by Hart, DDP battles back and scores with a shoulder block and a neckbreaker.

Two for DDP, Hart dodges a Diamond Cutter. Eye rake on the floor by Hart, DDP meets the steel steps. Inverted atomic drop and a clothesline, foot choke by Hart. Russian legsweep for two, DDP reverses and connects with a tombstone for two. Eye rake by Hart, backbreaker and leg drop by Hart for two. Headbutt to the groin by Hart, European uppercuts in the corner. DDP hooks Hart for a belly to belly suplex, DDP scores with a discuss lariat, front slam by DDP for two. Hart clotheslines DDP and himself to the floor, Hart pulls something out of his tights, DDP nails a top rope clothesline for two. The referee takes away the weapon, sunset flip by Hart and DDP rolls through for a sharpshooter.

Hart reaches the ropes, Hart low blows DDP in front of the referee, no DQ? Ok, let's ignore the rules in this match, stomp to the gut by Hart. Hart works the leg of DDP, DDP's leg meets the ringpost. Figure four around the ringpost by Hart, more knee work from Hart. Figure four by Hart, Hart uses the ropes for leverage. DDP pushes off Hart after loads of punishment, Hart is flung into the steel steps. Hart is crotched on the guard rail, DDP gains revenge with a figure four around the ringpost. DDP grabs a chair from ringside, Hart begs off in the corner.

The referee takes the chair, Hart shoves DDP into the referee. Hart steals back the brass knuckles, The NWO referee is knocked down by DDP but Hart waffles DDP with the brass knuckles, Sharpshooter by Hart. NWO referee declares Hart the winner, a WCW official distracts Hart and DDP drops Hart with a Diamond Cutter with the original referee counting the pin and DDP is still your champion.

It was ok, crowd seemed quiet, I would not blame them if they were sick of the action in the ring. Heel Hart continues to entertain with his incorporation of the brass knuckles and the constant eye rakes and rule breaking. Honestly, I was feeling let down by this match, Hart & DDP can be great workers but this match says otherwise, the booking at the end was flat, I would much rather DDP overcome his injuries and beat Hart as opposed to what took place on pay per view. Besides, why would Bret not ask the referee to check DDP if DDP was knocked out from the brass knuckles? Why did it have to be The NWO referee? Does it not make Bret Hart look stupid?

Winner: DDP over Bret Hart via Diamond Cutter!

That was WCW's World War 3 of 1998, an all around terrible show. The opening three matches may have been the worse start to a pay per view I have ever witnessed, it was shit-show after shit-show. Konnan may be over but his matches are not, Saturn should not be losing to Sonny Onoo and Wrath has no idea of what his character is, Juventud vs Kidman was enjoyable, Scott vs Rick was garbage and poor Bobby Duncum was not on television long enough at this point for the fans to care about him. The battle royal was boring for the majority and that main event fell flat with the finish. Bottom Line: avoid this show it is not worth your time!

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