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WCW WrestleWar 1991 Review!


Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is fresher than Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns! It’s WrestleWar 1991 and it is all about The War Games because this card is bizarre, the big matches on this card include Lex Luger vs Danny Spivey for Luger’s United States Championship, Doom will be defending their championships against The Fabulous Freebirds which is ridiculous in my eyes and we have Stan Hansen vs Big Van Vader in a rematch from when Hansen popped out Vader’s eye. This truly is a curious event and I will do my best to explain all my thoughts as the show continues!


(WCW Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match) JYD/Ricky Morton/Tommy Rich © vs The Cat & State Patrol

Where has Dog been? Why is Morton not going after The York Foundation? Where are the championships? Is it fictional? JYD starts with The Cat? They trade big blows and stagger one another, JYD lands a clothesline and a headbutt. Tag to Wright, in comes Morton. Double elbow, hip-toss and arm-drag from Morton. Japanese arm-drags from Morton, tag to Rich who lands a clothesline. Wristlock from Rich, Wright backs Rich to the ropes and lands some blows before eating a scoop slam. Arm-drag from Rich, eye-rake and scoop slam by Wright. Tag to Parker who misses an elbow drop, Rich lands a shoulder block, hip-toss and arm-drags. Tag to Morton who works the arm and tags in JYD.


Face-rake from JYD, headbutt from Dog. Tag to Cat, test of strength. JYD staggers Cat with headbutts before an eye-rake by Cat. Elbow drop and a tag to Parker, clubbing blows by Parker. JYD shakes that off, rights and lefts by JYD. Tag to Morton, Wright nails Morton with his baton behind the referee’s back. Back-breaker and diving headbutt combination for two, Parker tags in Cat who lands a massive elbow drop. Cat lands a dropkick on Morton for two, Morton dodges the elbow drop. Parker tags in, right hands by Parker. Morton runs into a powerslam for two, tag to Wright. Battering ram and bulldog for two, tag to Parker. Double back-breaker and elbows for two, Cat throws Morton into the mat. Back-breaker by Cat, two for Cat. Morton escapes and tags in JYD, right hands and headbutts all around. Thump Powerslam on Parker, Cat interrupts the pin so Morton climbs on top and the referee counts the three.


Does the referee not care about rules? That is allowed? Also what is this match? Rich and Morton are still a team? JYD is still here? Where did El Gigante and Paul Orndorff go? Whatever, this was as basic as you could hope for when opening a PPV, nothing of note here except I really hope by the end of 1991, all these acts have left the company.


Winners: Team Morton over Team Cat via THUMP!


Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Brad Armstrong

Beautiful Bobby jumps Armstrong to start the match, leapfrogs and drop-downs before a head-scissors from Armstrong and a deep arm-drag into an arm-bar. Eaton tosses Armstrong to the floor, Armstrong smashes Eaton off the guardrail. Wristlock before Eaton goes to the ropes, they try a test of strength. Eaton kicks low to gain control, Armstrong leaps over Eaton and tries a diving crossbody for two before slapping on an arm-bar. Eaton backs Armstrong to the corner, massive right from Eaton. Armstrong is bounced off the buckle, Eaton has his suplex countered by Armstrong. Eaton begs for mercy, right hands to the ribs from Armstrong. Arm-bar from Armstrong, O’Connor roll from Armstrong but Eaton holds onto the ropes and drills Armstrong with a clothesline.


Irish whip into the back-breaker from Eaton, two for Eaton. Scoop slam into an elbow drop to the head from Eaton, two for Eaton. Reverse chin-lock from Eaton, Armstrong elbows his way out before Eaton nails a knee-lift, slingshot back-breaker from Eaton for two. Armstrong eats a massive elbow from Eaton, Eaton kicks Armstrong to the floor. Armstrong is dropped across the guardrail in brutal fashion, abdominal stretch from Eaton who uses the ropes for leverage. Referee catches Eaton in the act, Armstrong starts to fire up before Eaton rakes the eyes. Whip to the buckle, Eaton misses a monkey flip attempt I suppose? Dropkick by Armstrong, Russian leg-sweep for two, Eaton places a foot on the ropes to survive. Armstrong sends Eaton to the buckle, Eaton dodges the back body-drop with a big neck-breaker. Eaton delivers The Alabama Jam and this is over!


Technically fine, it’s interesting to me how despite Eaton’s heel status, Beautiful Bobby continues to be one of the most cheered wrestlers on the roster, Armstrong is underrated if you believe everything that is said on the internet, I suppose I can buy into the idea but the man is always jobbing out to the stars so how can I see if he was ever worth the hype? It’s a fine match but you will remember nothing about it in an hour.


Winner: Beautiful Bobby Eaton over Brad Armstrong via Alabama Jam!


Miss A & Miki Handa vs Itsuki Yamazaki & Mami Kitamura

Miss A and Miki attack Itsuki and Mami before Itsuki and Mami land a double dropkick, diving arm-drag and springboard sunset flip with Miss A taking a whooping from Team Itsuki. Miss A survives and kicks the head of Itsuki? Arm-drag and side headlock takedown, shoulder block by Itsuki but Handa counters with a back body drop and a scoop slam. Miss A is in and delivers a massive suplex for two, Miss A works the leg while Itsuki tries to work the face of Miss A. Knees to the leg from Miss A, Irish whip to the buckle but Itsuki comes back with a massive springboard elbow. Mami lands a flying forearm and dropkick, double arm suplex for two.


Mami tags in Itsuki, belly to back suplex before Handa interrupts the pin, Handa tags into the match. Massive forearm to the face of Itsuki, small package by Itsuki for two. Handa delivers a suplex for two, Itsuki sends Handa to the buckle. Corner dropkick and bulldog from Itsuki, Mami lands a rolling headbutt and a gut-wrench suplex for two. Handa charges Mami to the corner, Miss A comes in and kicks the shit out of Mami. A kick knocks the wind out of Mami, test of strength into a sunset flip for two. Miss A lands a Northern lights suplex for two, belly to back suplex high and tight for two. Miss A tags in Handa, fisherman suplex for two. Tag to Itsuki, Miss A is tagged in too.


Double shoulder block and suplex on Itsuki, double missile dropkick by Mami. Miss A sends her to the buckle, assisted clothesline and sunset flip for two. Irish whip to the buckle, kick and lariat by Miss A but Mami places her foot on the ropes. Miss A lands a victory roll for the win.


Dusty Rhodes and Jim Ross have no idea which woman is which, it’s rather disappointing that you would take the time to showcase the athletes and not bother to learn who is who. Disastrous from a reviewer’s point of view because I probably botched all their names. Anyways, they work hard and showcase a better match than most of the men on this card, I have no doubts about this.


Winners: Team Itsuki over Team Handa via Victory Roll!


The Natural Dustin Rhodes vs Buddy Landell

Landell continues to get booked to my disgust, Landell slaps Rhodes before Rhodes fires up with right hands. Back body-drop from Rhodes, massive dropkick for two. Landell asks for a break, Landell hides behind the referee. Knees and right hands from Landell, chops from Landell before Rhodes lands rights and lefts, elbow to the head. Whip to the buckle and hip-toss before a running clothesline for two. Arm-drag into the arm-bar from Rhodes, Landell escapes the hold but climbs high and talks trash. Rhodes yanks Landell down to the mat, Landell begs for mercy. Lock-up and Landell works the ribs, Rhodes reverses the Irish whip and misses a corner spear. Rhodes hits his shoulder off the ring-post, Landell stands all over the face of Rhodes. Massive chop and right hand from The Nature Boy, cover for two.


Knee to the ribs and Landell pulls down Rhodes by the hair, wristlock into the arm-bar from Landell. Landell rakes the eyes of The Natural, scoop slam for two. Irish whip and Landell slaps on the sleeper, Rhodes slips out and applies a sleeper but Landell runs Rhodes into the buckle. Whip to the opposite buckle, Rhodes blocks with a boot. Irish whip and clothesline rocks Landell, clothesline to the floor. Military press slam by Rhodes, Running Bulldog from Rhodes for the win!


Good PPV debut from Rhodes I guess, nothing spectacular here and unfortunately for Landell, his ways of working seem almost archaic at this point. It really is crazy to think the likes of JYD, Ricky Morton, Tommy Rich and Buddy Landell were still in WCW in 1991, they seem so out of place with the current crop of talent.


Winner: Dustin Rhodes over Buddy Landell via Running Bulldog!


The Young Pistols vs The Royal Family

No longer Wide-Eyed Southern Boys, Jack Victory on PPV again? Sweet Jesus how is this possible? Rip Morgan back on my screen? The Royal Family jump The Pistols, Armstrong lands a variation of his diving crossbody spot. Stereo dropkicks from The Pistols, the lights go out in the building. Morgan and Smothers start the match, clubbing blows from Morgan. Hammerlock throw to the buckle, wristlock from Morgan. Smothers reverses before Morgan grabs a headlock, Morgan uses the hair to maintain the headlock. Steve Armstrong  is tagged in, dropkicks all around.


Morgan kicks and batters Armstrong on the reset, scoop slam and tag to Victory. Arm-drag from Armstrong, side headlock from Victory and a shoulder block. Smothers tags in, double shoulder block on Victory for two. Lock-up and wristlock from Smothers, wrenching attacks and leg-drop to the arm from Smothers. Smothers has good control, tag to Armstrong. Double wrenches and chops, Victory pulls the hair and dodges a crossbody. Tag to Morgan who lands a boot to the head, stomps to the spine. Victory is in, big kicks to the ribs. Stinging rights from Victory, tag to Morgan who works the ribs. Elbow to the face, two for Morgan. Victory comes in, Armstrong fights back from his knees. Victory clubs Armstrong down, whip to the buckle. Boot by Armstrong, Morgan tags in and so does Smothers. Right hands all around, superkicks all around.


Morgan eats a flying elbow, right hands to Victory. Smothers is kicked in the back from the apron, Victory clotheslines Smothers to the floor. Morgan slams Smothers into the ring-post, Smothers is down at ringside. Morgan applies a bearhug, spinebuster cuts off a comeback attempt from Smothers. Two for Morgan, double belly to back suplex plants Smothers. Bearhug from Victory, tag to Morgan. Smothers is bounced off the buckles, tag to Victory. Massive clothesline to Smothers, Armstrong makes the save. Elbow by Morgan, Armstrong is kicked to the ramp by Victory. Double suplex is thwarted as Armstrong dropkicks Smothers who lands onto Morgan for the win.


Average in the finest sense of the word, how many gimmicks has Jack Victory ran through in the NWA/WCW? The man must have played so many different gimmicks in his time there, shockingly that none of them ever stuck and he’s best remembered for his tenure in ECW. Finish looks rough, Morgan spikes Smothers with a brainbuster.


Winners: The Young Pistols over The Royal Family via Dropkick!


(No Disqualification Match) Terry Taylor W/ Alexandra York vs The Z-Man

Terry Taylor joined The Foundation, trying to recapture some of the edge that he had in the UWF but it might all be too late. The man he is wrestling is WCW’s Sexiest Wrestler but The Z-Man is rough around the edges and I really wish that I did not have to watch this match. No DQ because both men were disqualified in matches with one another, clean breaks before Zenk makes Taylor powder to the floor. Lock-up and hip-toss from Zenk, massive dropkick and Taylor wants no more of Zenk. Shoving contest with Zenk slapping the taste out of Taylor. Taylor continues to cower behind the referee, Taylor talks strategy on the computer. Taylor is back in the ring, lock-up and shove to the corner. Right hand by Taylor, right hand by Zenk and more powdering.


Side headlock takedown from Zenk, Taylor tries rolling over into a roll-up. More powdering before a slug-fest, Zenk back body-drops Taylor for two. Side headlock takedown from Zenk for two, Zenk rolls-up the buckle for another nice headlock takedown. Taylor is back on his feet, Taylor backs Zenk to the corner. Headbutt from Taylor, not the best strategy but it works. Irish whip to the buckle, belly to back suplex from Taylor. Taylor has Zenk on the floor, Zenk is bounced off the guardrail and choked with the camera cable. Zenk throws big rights in the ring but Taylor uses a thumb to cut off Zenk. Back-breaker from Taylor, two for Taylor. Zenk’s foot is on the ropes, sunset flip from Zenk for a close two.


Clothesline by Taylor, camel clutch from Taylor. Zenk ducks a clothesline and lands a big one to the floor. Taylor pulls down Zenk, they are brawling by the guardrail. Zenk meets the guardrail, two in the ring for Taylor. Knee-drop from Taylor for two, Irish whip to the buckle followed by a clothesline for two. Irish whip with Zenk countering with a vicious neck-breaker. Right hands by Zenk, superkick to the face for two. Taylor was almost beaten, Irish whip by Zenk. Powerslam for two, Taylor takes the leg but Zenk counters with an enzuigiri. Diving Crossbody by Zenk, Alexandra York distracts the referee. Taylor rolls-up Zenk with a handful of tights.


Decent match, Zenk is not a stellar babyface by any means but I am warming up to the chicken-shit ways of Taylor, just wish there was a bit more venom to the match, these two guys hate one another and it’s no DQ so why not use a weapon or two? Show the brutality, show the hatred. Could you really separate this from the other matches on the card as a heated contest? Probably not so it falls flat there.


Winner: Terry Taylor over The Z-Man via Handful of Tights!


Stan Hansen vs Big Van Vader

I had no clue these two wrestled in WCW against one another, this is a shock but then again if nobody has ever talked about it to me and it’s not well-known, I have a feeling this will suck! So it’s been almost a year since Vader rocked up and destroyed Z-Man, Vader’s legend has grown in NJPW while Hansen is still the gaijin to beat in AJPW. Hansen runs at Vader, Vader lifts him to the mat. Brawling with headbutts and chops, Lariat knocks Vader into the ring. Knees and boots to the face, Vader meets the buckle. Vader lariats Hansen, headbutts from Vader. Vader dives onto Hansen at ringside, they are stiffing the shit out of each other on the floor.


Hansen is back in the ring now, Vader lands right hands to the face of Hansen. Hansen staggers to this feet, whip to the opposite buckle and Hansen dodges, belly to back suplex from Hansen for a close two. Hansen and Vader start swinging bins and chairs at one another. Hansen tosses Vader back into the ring, big shots to the head from Hansen. More clubbing and Vader drops Hansen across the guardrail, Vader drops a massive elbow. Hansen and Vader brawl on the floor now, knee-drop across the ribs from Hansen. They beat one another on their knees, the referee disqualifies both men in an unpopular finish. Diving clothesline from Vader lays out Hansen, they brawl to the back.


Disappointing but then again, I should have known. Two large bastards mauling one another can be fun but then they represent two different companies in AJPW and NJPW, there was no way we were getting any sort of decisive finish so we end up with what we saw here.


Double DQ!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Lex Luger © vs Dangerous Danny Spivey

The shitty part of every tag team he was ever in Danny Spivey is your next challenger for Luger’s championship, not my idea of an ideal opponent for The Total Package. I don’t expect Spivey to do any favours or play to the strengths of Lex Luger, Spivey had attacked Luger at The Clash to build up to this match.


Left hands out of a lock-up from Spivey, Luger lands a back body-drop and two shoulder blocks before a massive clothesline. Spivey slows it down, clubbing blows from Spivey. Luger blocks the atomic drop and nails a belly to back suplex for two, Luger seems cautious of Spivey. Luger lands massive right hands before knocking down Spivey, Irish whip and hip-toss from Luger. Luger tries a flying crossbody but Spivey ducks, Luger hurts his knee on the fall. Spivey suplexes Luger into the ring, face-rake and kick to the ribs from the challenger. Tombstone for two, neck-breaker for two. Spivey lands a DDT for a close two, Luger has a quick pin attempt but Spivey maintains control.


Spivey’s suplex is blocked, Luger drills Spivey with the suplex. Spivey uses a head-scissors to wear down the champion, big boot from Spivey for two. Powerbomb is blocked by Luger but the piledriver is not blocked, Luger barely survives the piledriver. Luger is firing up though, left hands from Spivey. Luger is back with right hands, Spivey kicks low. Belly to belly suplex by Spivey for two, reverse chin-lock from Spivey. Luger fades before firing up, Spivey lands a shoulder block before Luger lands a stun-gun. Spivey chases but Luger lands an elbow, Luger goes to the middle rope. Diving clothesline from Luger, Luger wants the rack. Powerslam from Luger, RACK TIME! Spivey pulls Luger to the apron, sunset flip from the apron but Spivey lands a left.


Spivey picks up Luger, Irish whip and both men collide in the middle of the ring with a massive clothesline. Right hands from Luger, side headlock from Luger. Spivey and Luger collide on a shoulder block, Luger thinks of climbing to the top. Spivey is there to meet Luger, Spivey wants a powerslam but Luger rolls through for the win.


Finish sums up the match, it was just meh. Never been high on Spivey, Luger can do good things even great things with the right opponent, Luger’s been fortunate to have worked with Flair etc but when it has been Hansen and his tag partner Spivey, it has been brutal.


Winner: Lex Luger over Dangerous Danny Spivey via Small Package!


(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Fabulous Freebirds W/ DDP vs Doom © W/ Teddy Long

Simmons and Hayes to start, Hayes stalls. Whip to the buckle, make it two and a bearhug slam for two. Irish whip to the buckle, left hand and running bulldog from Hayes for two. Chops by Hayes, Simmons reveres the Irish whip with a powerslam. Garvin comes in off the top and eats a powerslam, Garvin wants Reed. Knees by Garvin, hip-toss does not work as Reed clotheslines Garvin. Garvin tries a sunset flip for two, stand-off. Hayes comes in, blind-tag. Military press slams before Hayes lands his signature left-hand. Reed lands a back-breaker on Garvin, Reed and Simmons put the boots to Garvin.


Leg-drop and headbutts to the spine, Hayes is distracted by Simmons. Garvin is dumped to the floor, Reed comes down to whoop Garvin. Garvin is slammed onto the floor, Hayes protects his partner. Are the Freebirds babyfaces in this match? Simmons clubs the spine of Garvin, Garvin meets the boot of Reed. Garvin almost escapes but Simmons comes in, spinebuster city for two as Hayes makes the save. Irish whip into a powerslam, Hayes makes the save. Match breaks down, Hayes is caught by Simmons. Long throws Reed an object, Simmons is decked with the object and Garvin is pushed on top for the win.


So The Freebirds who have been the opening match tag team and beaten by everyone from The Southern Boys to The Steiner Brothers were challenging for the tag team championships and not only that but they are the team to dethrone Doom who have been babyface sort of since their feud with The Four Horsemen. Reed turns on Simmons at the end of the match so this team which has lasted little more than a year has come to an end after a great run with The Steiners and The Four Horsemen? I would call this a bizarre one because I do not want to see Butch Reed in that ring without Ron Simmons.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over Doom via Foreign Object To The Face!


(WarGames Match) The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair/Larry Zbyszko/Sid Vicious/Barry Windham) vs Sting/Flyin’ Brian Pillman/The Steiner Brothers

2 rings, 2 cages and you can only win once all team members have entered and the only ways to win is by submission or surrender. Pillman was attacked in the lead-up to the PPV, his shoulder is heavily taped going into the match. Barry Windham will start and Pillman will start for Sting’s team, Windham attacks the shoulder. Pillman lands a massive clothesline, Windham grabs a side headlock. Shoulder block by Windham, Pillman uses the cage for a dropkick and hurricanrana. Windham is begging for mercy, chops in the corner by Pillman. Pillman and Windham are brawling, Pillman misses a crossbody. It looks rough, low blow from Pillman. Windham’s face is raked across the cage, Pillman bites and batters the head of Windham.


More right hands from Pillman, Windham is a bloody mess. Pillman climbs high, diving clothesline from Pillman. Jaw-breaker, Windham is begging for mercy. Kicks and elbows to the knee from Pillman, Windham kicks Pillman in the face. Windham rakes the eyes, Pillman back-drops to avoid the piledriver. Diving axe handle from Pillman, The Horsemen win the toss. In comes Flair who chops Pillman, they trade chops. Pillman is fired up though, Windham allows Flair to gain control. Pillman is launched like a dart into the cage, Flair chokes and kicks the shoulder of Pillman. Flair and Windham try to separate the shoulder of Pillman. In comes Sting, Flair is petrified. Sting stomps the crap out of Flair, Windham is attacked too. Sting explodes out of the corner with a double clothesline on The Horsemen.


Face-buster on Windham, Pillman and Sting combine on Flair. Another face-buster, Windham crotches Pillman on the top rope. Flair’s chops have no effect on Sting, right hands by The Stinger. Stinger Splash in the corner, Pillman has the figure four but in comes Zbyszko. Sting flies across the ring to wipe out Zbyszko but the numbers are too much for Sting, Zbyszko and Flair attack Sting. Sting is sent into the mat, Windham and Flair are preparing for Rick Steiner. Rick comes in right away, massive Steinerline to both Windham and Flair. Ten punches from Rick, Flair gets caught into a belly to belly suplex. Flair meets the cage wall, Rick rakes the head of Flair off the cage wall. Windham sends Sting to the cage, Pillman and Zbyszko are brawling it out in the other ring.


Sid comes into the cage, brutality time. Sid comes right after Rick, Rick meets the cage hard. Rick is kicked in the dick hard, Sid tees off with Sting. Flair is bleeding everywhere, Zbyszko makes the save and takes down Rick. Sting sends Flair into the cage, low blow by Flair. In comes Scott Steiner! Scott lands a massive clothesline, Zbyszko is caught in a Tiger-Driver. Scott lands a diving Steinerline on Sid, Side meets the cage wall. Stinger Splash on Flair, Scorpion Death-Lock on Flair. Zbyszko makes the save for his team, Sid slams Pillman on his shoulder. Eye-rake from Sid, hammerlock throw into the buckle. Sid chokes Pillman on the ropes, 4 Figure Fours are on in the ring by Team Sting. Sid rakes Rick’s eyes and it leads to a change reaction of escapes, Sting press slams Flair.


Sid clotheslines Rick Steiner down, Sting continues to pummel Flair. Pillman is choking Zbyszko, Sting rakes Flair’s face into the cage. Windham and Sid double clothesline Rick Steiner, Windham and Sid nail Scott Steiner. Pillman fights back at Flair, Flair tries to grab the hair but Pillman will not be stopped with rights and lefts. Scott drops Windham with a DDT, Sid boots down Scott. Sid presses Pillman into the top of the cage, Sid Powerbombs Sid in a sickening way, it’s a damn Ganso Bomb because of the cage. Sid does it again, Pillman is planted twice with a powerbomb. Anderson wants the referees to ask Pillman, Gigante comes into the cage. Pillman is wiped out, Gigante comes to the aid of Pillman.


Wow that is not exactly a stellar ending, I thought Gigante was going to take the place of Pillman who could no longer continue but no Sid killed him, Sid Vicious Powerbombed Pillman into oblivion. Anti-climatic but the match was hot, all you want from a match like this is brawling and blood, we get plenty and that finish is absolutely brutal. Sid destroys Pillman, putting over the monster that is Sid Vicious, great little interactions here with Pillman going right into the cage to rough up The Horsemen for the attacks on them, Flair and Sting brawling for the majority of the match and Sid plus The Steiners just hitting one another as hard as humanely possible. Very entertaining WarGames match from all involved with plenty of action to keep things interesting, just a flat finish that left me wanting more but I can understand why they went they way they did. Pillman came into the match injured and ultimately paid the price for competing when injured. Protects him and the babyface team in defeat but maybe just maybe Gigante should have took his place and went another five minutes before wrapping things up.


Winners: Team Horsemen over Team Sting via Surrender!


That was WCW’s WrestleWar 1991, a decent PPV from WCW. At the time when Clashes were a struggle to get through and the PPVs at the end of 1990 were tough due the awful Black Scorpion angle, WCW seems to be returning to some sort of normality on their cards. The opening match shows there is still a lot of work to do, I am not sure of the impact made by JYD, Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton in WCW during their tenure beginning in 1989, I know there was a little fanfare when The Rock “N” Roll Express came back but it was soon forgotten in favour of new teams like Doom and The Steiners. I think all these acts need to go, Bobby Eaton and Armstrong is fine technically, not much there angle-wise but Eaton continues to be seen as an incredible talent but the gimmick or the helping hand is not there, the complete picture is not there like it was with The Midnight so we need to do something to fix that. Taylor vs Z-Man again is fine, not much to it and that continues with Hansen vs Vader going to a double DQ, it’s fine but I am looking for something with a little substance. Luger vs Spivey is bad, Spivey is bad and I feel for Luger because it is only a matter of time before they say let’s have Luger chase Flair again and I can’t watch Luger lose again. Freebirds winning the championships is baffling, breaking up Doom when you have nobody to take their spot is mind-boggling, I do not know how tag team wrestling in WCW will look moving forward but I am little concerned while the main event delivers a bloody and violent spectacle which is what I want but the finish is just disappointing albeit understandable. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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