Sunday 13 February 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XI: Coastal Crush Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that acknowledges the greatness of El Dandy! It’s time for WCW’s Clash of The Champions XI: Coastal Crush! We are so close to the battle between Ric Flair and Sting at The Great American Bash but before we get there, we will have Ric Flair defending his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against The Junkyard Dog! We also have many squash matches coming up by the look of it but we have some nice tag team matches too! Let’s see if this is a home-run!


The Wide-Eyed Southern Boys vs The Fabulous Freebirds

A new tag team debuts for me at least we have The Wide-Eyed Southern Boys consisting of Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong. Freebirds jump the boys before the boys land flying forearms, big right hands by both. Stereo dropkicks and shoulder blocks, Freebirds are not happy. We settle down with Garvin and Smothers, Smothers runs into a knee from Garvin for two. Scoop slam from Garvin, tag to Hayes. Right hands from Hayes, Garvin lands some hits too before a flying crossbody from Armstrong saves the day. Freebirds have been rattled, Armstrong and Hayes to restart the action. Side headlock from Hayes, they trade counters before Hayes eats a clothesline. Armstrong climbs high but Garvin punches down Armstrong. Flying clothesline from Hayes, Garvin tosses Armstrong on the top rope for two.


Back-breaker from Garvin for two, eye-rake from Garvin. In comes Hayes who locks an arm-bar, Armstrong breaks free but is clubbed down and eats an elbow from Hayes for two. Arm-bar from Hayes, rights and chops from Hayes. Big scoop slam and strut, Hayes climbs high. Armstrong fights back, Hayes is yanked off the top rope. Tag to Smothers who comes in with a kick, back body-drop to Garvin. Right hands and elbows from Smothers, noggin-knocker. We have a brawl, O’Connor roll on Garvin. Hayes comes in with a clothesline, Garvin whips Smothers. Boot and knee to the head from Garvin, cover from Garvin but Armstrong lands a diving headbutt on Garvin for the wi.


Decent little tag team match, Freebirds put over the two youngsters with a nice shine before we get down to the goods, not convinced on Armstrong just yet but I will give him a pass. As far as cheesy heels go, Hayes is one of my favourites to do so and his performance in this match is fun. Not a bad way to kick us off boys and girls.


Winners: The Wide-Eyed Southern Boys over The Fabulous Freebirds via Diving Headbutt!


Bam Bam Bigelow W/ Sir Oliver Humperdink vs Tommy Rich

Squash time! Bigelow in his tank-top is an awful look, Rich uses his speed to avoid Bigelow. The punches just annoy Bigelow more than anything else, Bigelow is getting angry now. Rich avoids another right hand, Bigelow is drilled again but does not go down. Lock-up, Rich works the arm. Elbows to the arm, headbutt from Rich. Bigelow whips Rich and lands a headbutt, here we go. Rich comes with a schoolboy for two, ten punches in the corner. Bigelow counters with an inverted atomic drop. Military press slam from Bigelow, two-handed choke from Bigelow. Bigelow is disqualified for choking Rich.


Rich does not do the J-O-B for Bigelow? Are you crazy? What kind of finish is that? Bigelow must not have been staying around for long in WCW, that’s the only reason I can think for not letting Bigelow destroy Wildfire.


Winner: Tommy Rich over Bam Bam Bigelow via DQ!


The Samoan Swat-Team vs Captain Mike Rotunda & Tom Zenk

Where is Pillman? Must I watch Rotunda as a babyface again? Rotunda and Fatu to start, hip-toss by Fatu. Kick by Rotunda, hip-toss and dropkick by Rotunda. Rotunda works the arm and tags in Zenk, Fatu rakes the eyes and in comes Tama who eats a dropkick and rolls to the outside. Tama’s arm is worked by Rotunda, Tama eats a flying crossbody for two. Fatu lands a boot to the head for two as he swapped places with Tama. Tag to Tama, double clothesline that rocks Rotunda. Tama and Fatu batter Rotunda, superkick from Fatu. Shoulder-claw from from Fatu, Rotunda escapes the hold but eats a clothesline for his resilience. Tama scoop slams Rotunda on the outside, another shoulder-claw. Elbow from Tama, Tama knocks down Zenk. Rotunda lands a double clothesline on The Samoans, tag to Zenk.


Dropkick on Tama and Fatu by Zenk, superkicks all around. Noggin-knocker does not work, double headbutts from The Samoans. Samoan Drop on Zenk, middle rope splash by Fatu but they celebrate early. Rotunda is selling on the floor, small package by the possum-playing Rotunda for the win.


The makeshift team beat The Samoans? You have to be joking me? Nope that really happened, WCW can be a confusing place at times. I am still not sold on Zenk, very average while Rotunda is Rotunda. Weird booking decision for me.


Winners: Mike Rotunda & Tom Zenk over The Samoan Swat-Team via Small Package!


Mean Mark Callous W/ Paul E. Dangerously vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

Callous attacks Pillman from behind, clubbing blows by the bigger and badder Callous. Throat thrust before Pillman leaps over Callous and lands a dropkick, Pillman ramps Callous off the buckle before Callous elbows down Pillman. Boot from the apron to the guardrail from Callous, Pillman is in serious trouble. Irish whip but Pillman escapes the sidewalk slam. Crucifix is blocked as Callous rams Pillman into the buckle, scoop slam from Callous. Massive elbow drop from Callous, snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock from Callous. Pillman fires up, Callous lands a big clothesline to take him down. Two for Callous, Pillman fires up but Callous continues to hurt the big man. Those chops sting Callous, Callous decides it is time for a sidewalk slam.


Two for Callous, reverse chin-lock. Pillman is whipped to the buckle, Callous misses an elbow. Chops to the big man, powerslam from Callous. Pillman dodges the leg drop, another huge chop. Dropkick staggers Callous, Pillman is sent over the top but skins the cat. Missile dropkick by Pillman, Dangerously is dropkicked to the floor. Callous sends Pillman to the buckle, middle rope crossbody is blocked and Callous lands a stun-gun for the win.


Well they botch the finish which is always a shame, I am a little confused why they would put Pillman in there with Callous, Pillman is a rising star and this seems like such an odd step to put Pillman as a singles wrestler and lose to giants in the ring like Callous. Anyways, an ok match but an odd booking decision from WCW.


Winners: Mean Mark Callous over Flyin’ Brian Pillman via Stun-Gun!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) The Midnight Express © W/ Jim Cornette vs The Rock “N” Roll Express

This will be good, the review could end there really. Gibson and Eaton to start, to the ropes we go and Eaton gives a clean break. Lock-up, Gibson works the arm but we have another clean break. Lock-up, arm-drag from Gibson. Make it double, another lock-up. Shoulder block by Eaton, hip-toss and head-scissors from Gibson. Eaton grabs the arm and a tag to Lane, Gibson escapes the corner. Shoulder block by Gibson, Lane lands his karate kicks to Gibson. Gibson lands his enzuigiri, Lane is not happy with these events. Gibson tags in Morton, Gibson lands a shot to rock Lane.


Lock-up, shoulder block by Morton. Hip-toss too, Lane is down. Lane brings Morton to the corner, right hand from Lane. Whip to the buckle, Morton dodges the elbow and lands a back body-drop. Kick by Lane and tag to Eaton who runs into an arm-drag. Arm-bar from Morton, Eaton grabs the hair. Elbow in the ropes and mean right hand by Eaton, Morton slides through the legs and lands a dropkick. Hurricanrana from Morton, in comes Lane. Arm-drag into an arm-bar, Gibson works the arm now. Lane shoves off Gibson, Gibson lands an atomic drop with The Midnight Express banging heads. Drop toehold into a front chancery by Lane, Gibson slips out and works the head of Lane. In comes Morton with a schoolboy, arm-drag before Lane rakes the eyes. Eaton comes in and rocks Morton’s world with right hands.


Morton escapes the superplex, O’Connor roll but Lane comes in and rams Morton into the buckle hard. Lane takes down Morton and Gibson eats a double back body-drop, Morton & Gibson land pins on The Midnight for a close two. Eaton wants to talk strategy with Cornette, Eaton drags Morton to the corner. Lane eats a hip-toss, hurricanrana is countered as Eaton brings Morton crashing to the mat. Twisting suplex from Eaton, tag to Lane. Face-stretch from Lane, snap-mare and elbow drop combination. Two for Eaton, Eaton misses a corner splash. Morton tags in Gibson, right hands all around.  Gut-shot and knee-lift. Lane whips Gibson to the buckle, flying clothesline by Gibson. Morton and Eaton go to the floor, Gibson has the leg of Lane. Eaton is hurled onto the guardrail, Lane shoves Gibson into Morton. Sleeper from Gibson, Cornette is on the apron while Eaton lands a diving axe handle for the close two.


Everyone is brawling in the ring, double dropkick to Eaton but Lane stops the referee from counting the three in the match. Double back body drop to Eaton, double clotheslines to Lane and Eaton.


Wow, one of the lamer matches that I have seen from these two. Blown spots and an awkward finish make this one of the worst tag matches that I have seen from these two teams who are usually stellar in terms of enjoyable tag team wrestling, I cannot believe you are doing this to me WCW.


Winners: Rock “N” Roll Express over The Midnight Express via DQ!


Barry Windham vs Doug Furnas

The return of Windham to my screen, Windham is back from the WWF. Furnas starts with a shoulder block, victory roll for two and another shoulder block. Windham is irate on the floor, Windham lands a massive right. Whip to the buckle, Furnas flips over Windham and military presses Windham. Ten punches in the corner and massive clothesline for two, Windham is begging off from Furnas who lands disgusting chops. Whip to the buckle but Furnas eats a knee and a clothesline. Clothesline and suplex from Windham for two, reverse chin-lock from Windham. Atomic drop from Windham, Furnas sends Windham into the mat with a face-buster. Belly to belly suplex from Furnas for two, powerslam for two. Back body-drop, dropkick sends Windham over the top and to the floor. Windham flips out of a suplex and lands a belly to back suplex with his feet on the ropes for the win.


Not bad, Furnas was always a tag team wrestler for me and his short-comings are evident as a singles wrestler, just does not have what you need to get it done alone. Glad to have Windham back in there, wanted to see more of Windham against Luger and Sting so he can really shine.


Winner: Barry Windham over Doug Furnas via Belly to Back Suplex!


Lex Luger vs Sid Vicious W/ Ole Anderson

This worries me, Luger jumps in and cracks Ole Anderson before Sid cracks Luger. Luger lands a clothesline as Sid was talking to Anderson. Well that is one way to get out of a difficult position but really Sid pinned like that? Wow!


Winner: Lex Luger over Sid Vicious via Clothesline!


(NWA World Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers vs Doom © W/ Teddy Long

Rematch for the championships that many feel Doom stole from The Steiners at the previous PPV, Simmons and Scott to start. Flipping powerslams from Scott, crowd loses their collective minds. Simmons backs Scott to the corner, headbutts from Simmons. Whip to the buckle reversed by Scott, clothesline to the back of the head. In comes Reed, Reed pushes Scott to the ropes. Clubbing blows from Reed, shoulder block from Scott with nothing happening. Reed leapfrogs Scott, backslide from Scott for two. Scoop slam from Scott, Reed tags in Simmons. Rick wants in the match, Simmons is cautious to lock up with Rick. Simmons slaps Rick, whip to the buckle. Belly to belly is blocked, Simmons is lifted high with a belly to belly suplex.


Reed comes in now, knee and clubbing blows from Reed. Hip-toss does not work, Steinerline from Rick. Scoop slam, Reed rolls to the apron. They lock-up again, eye-rake from Reed. Rick slips out of a slam, O’Connor roll for two. Reed brings Rick to the corner, Rick brawls his way out of the corner. Reed dodges the clothesline, Simmons ducks down and nails Rick. Scoop slam and stomps from Doom, Scott wants into this match bad. Swinging neck-breaker from Reed for two, Rick barely hangs on as Simmons chokes one of the challengers. Irish whip but Simmons ducked the head, big boot from Rick. In comes Reed who climbs high and lands a diving axe handle. Reed provokes Scott again, Rick is tossed over the top rope to the floor. Simmons sends Rick into the ring-post, Rick fires back with right hands but lowers his head off an Irish whip. Scoop slam from Reed, butterfly suplex from Reed.


Reed climbs high for a middle rope elbow drop, reverse chin-lock from Reed. Reed misses a high knee in the corner, diving axe handle from Rick. In comes Scott, dropkick from Scott to both members of Doom. Powerslam on Simmons, Reed is bounced on the apron. The match breaks down with everyone in the ring, Teddy Long gives Reed an object. Superplex by Scott, Reed drilled Scott with the foreign object and Doom retain the championships!


Solid tag team match, not the length or as exciting as some of their previous matches but it is serviceable for sure and better than a lot of what I had to see so far on this show. Happy to see these two tear it up when given the proper amount of time again on PPV!


Winners: Doom over The Steiner Brothers via Foreign Object To The Head!


Paul Orndorff vs Arn Anderson

What is this match? Orndorff taking on one of The Horsemen? Orndorff grabs a side headlock, Anderson tries a monkey flip and has his faced stepped on by Mr. Wonderful. Anderson is not happy, hammerlock from Orndorff. Anderson makes it to the ropes, clean break. Another side headlock from Orndorff, backslide from Orndorff for two. Anderson and Orndorff shove one another, right hands by Orndorff. Sleeper from Orndorff, sleeper from Anderson. Anderson is rammed into the buckle for two, headbutt from Anderson. Gut shots from Anderson, Orndorff trips up Anderson and applies the figure four. Anderson makes it to the ropes as Orndorff wraps that leg around the ring-post, Anderson is begging for mercy as Orndorff steps all over the leg.


Right hands, Irish whip but Anderson reverses and lands that Spinebuster to drill Orndorff. Left hands from Anderson, sunset flip from Orndorff but Anderson survives and drills Orndorff with a right hand. Knee to the head by Anderson, choke with the ropes by Anderson. Abdominal stretch from Anderson, Anderson uses the ropes for leverage. Reverse chin-lock from Anderson, Orndorff escapes but cannot take control before Anderson misses a left hand. Atomic drop from Orndorff but Anderson bounces off the buckle and smacks his head off Orndorff. Orndorff smashes Anderson with stinging jabs and a roundhouse right. Ten punches in the corner, inverted atomic drop from Anderson.


Side headlock from Anderson, flying shoulder tackle and elbow drop from Orndorff. Repeated elbows from Orndorff, knee-lift rocks the life out of Anderson. A big elbow drop connects to the face of Anderson for two, whip to the buckle and a clothesline by Orndorff. Anderson brings up the knees to block the middle rope splash. Small package but Orndorff reverses the hold and wins the match.


Crowd is into it, it is an alright match. Orndorff is not lighting my world on fire but I am happy to see Anderson bumping around my screen again, Orndorff, El Gigante and JYD is quite the team, this company continues to confuse me during this year.


Winner: Paul Orndorff over Arn Anderson via Small Package!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Junkyard Dog

Flair taking on JYD, it is not the mid-80s and Flair is not touring Mid-South but this is WCW in 1990. This starts with trash-talk before JYD slaps down Flair, Flair is a little rocked by The Dog. Flair is now realizing what kind of fight this will be, JYD shoves down Flair. Make it twice, side headlock from JYD. Shoulder block and headbutt from JYD which rocks Flair. Right hand sends Flair to the ramp, chops do not work on JYD. Rights and lefts, ten punches from Dog. Whip to the buckle and clothesline, Flair is getting destroyed here. Eye-poke from Flair, right hands and chops from the champion. Knee-drop from Flair, JYD no-sells the knee. Flair is concerned, Flair backs up to the corner.


Flair chops and chops, nothing as JYD lands his punches and staggers Flair who flops down. Whip to the buckle and a back body-drop, Flair begs for mercy. Eye-poke and hot-shot from The Nature Boy, Flair grabs a chair as Ole Anderson distracts the referee. Chair to the head, no effect on JYD. Ten punches from JYD, whip to the buckle and a Flair flip. Diving axe handle does not work for Flair, Ole Anderson is knocked down by JYD. A knee in the spine from Flair, Flair climbs high. JYD yanks Flair down to the mat, headbutt and right hands from JYD. In comes Ole Anderson for the immediate DQ and we have The Horsemen in the ring attacking JYD. Big brawl to set us up for The GAB PPV.


Well it was brief and probably for the best but this was more of an angle than anything else, sometimes I am find with that but in a world championship match? Going six minutes before a DQ? Rough times


Winner: JYD over Ric Flair via DQ!


WCW’s Clash of The Champions XI: Coastal Crush is really poor from WCW, you have the squash matches and bigger matches that do not deliver whatsoever on the card. The opening match is fine establishing the new and fiery tag team in The Southern Boys, things take a down turn with Bigelow taking a DQ over Tommy Rich, the makeshift team of Rotunda and Zenk upsetting The Samoan Swat Team, a poor Windham match and a very average Anderson match against Orndorff. The Midnight and Rock “N” Roll have their worst match that I have ever seen them have and the main event is simply an angle. Only saving grace is Doom vs Steiners is fun but nowhere near good enough to save the show. I would skip this one entirely, feels like I wasted time watching a show where nothing happened. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!


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