Sunday 20 February 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite Review!


Hello and welcome to another rasslin’ edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is smoother than Ricky Marvin in NOAH! It’s time for Clash of The Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite! The last two Clashes were total disasters, uninteresting acts and squash matches galore. WCW needs to recover from the disaster of the previous year, some big changes have been made. WCW withdrew from the NWA and Sting is no longer champion having lost to Ric Flair while Dusty Rhodes is back in WCW as the head booker. Can they turn it around in 1991? Let’s find out!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Doom © W/ Teddy Long vs Sting & Lex Luger

Reed and Sting to start the match, good way to rebound with Sting after the disastrous run he had with the world championship, Rhodes is on commentary which I am saddened by as I enjoyed Paul E. Dangerously with Jim Ross. Reed clubs down Sting, Sting ducks a clothesline hip-tosses Reed. Back body-drop and an arm-drag into an arm-bar. Luger comes in and works the arm of Reed, Reed pulls the hair and clubs Luger in the ropes. Irish whip and Luger lands a neck-breaker, Simmons tags into the match. Lock-up and side headlock by Luger, shoulder block with Simmons standing tall. Side headlock and shoulder block by Simmons, nobody budges before Simmons kicks low and lands a shoulder block. Make it two before Luger lands a clothesline, two big shoulder blocks follow.


Atomic drop and Sting lands a shot on Simmons, suplex from Luger for two. Reed takes over on Luger, Simmons is in control after the commercial break. Luger manages to knock down Simmons, Simmons lands a powerslam for two. Luger fights off Simmons but Reed gets the tag, Luger takes it to Reed with massive rights before Reed lands a dropkick. Reverse chin-lock from Reed, Luger manages to take down Simmons but Reed is on the top rope. Diving Shoulder Block from Reed but Luger tags Sting, right hands all around. Dangerous Danny Spivey hammers Luger at ringside while Sting runs wild in the ring, Sting lands a double clothesline but Spivey is battering Luger. The referee is knocked down by a shoulder block by Reed, Sting has Reed on the ropes. Referee calls a DQ because Reed sent Sting to the floor via the top rope.


I wanted to see more of this, I expected the screwy finish but I still wanted more, Sting does not seem diminished by his loss to Flair. The fans are still with The Stinger and Luger has been over like rover for a long time but the calibre of opponents for Luger are continuing to hurt The Total’s Package rise to the top, I mean Danny Spivey next? It’s if you want to hurt Luger on purpose, shame to see Doom back as heels as I thought they were building quite the bit of the momentum as babyfaces against The Horsemen but with The Steiners and now Sting & Luger, it makes sense for Doom to go back being a heel.


Winners: Sting & Lex Luger over Doom via DQ!


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs The Z-Man ©

This feud continues which saddens me, Eaton had beaten Z-Man at Starrcade but Z-Man has the championship here. WCW’s Sexiest Wrestler apparently, have they not seen Luger? Z-Man beat Arn Anderson? Incredible, it is also incredible that the NWA championships are still being used following the withdrawal from the NWA. Shoving and slaps to start, lock-up from Eaton. Side headlock takedown by Eaton but Zenk reverses into a head-scissors. Wristlock from Zenk, shoulder block and arm-drag by Zenk. Eaton goes after the arm, chin-lock from Eaton. Zenk shoves off Eaton, shoulder block by Eaton who climbs high. Dropkick by Zenk which sends Eaton to the floor, wristlock from Zenk but Eaton sends Zenk to the ropes.


Beautiful right from Eaton, Zenk lands one back at Eaton. Test of strength, Zenk wins before Eaton takes a shortcut. Elbow and Eaton climbs high, Zenk yanks down Eaton and lands a superkick. Back body-drop for two, elbow from Eaton. Eaton climbs high, diving knee drop across the throat. Small package by Zenk for two, Eaton whips Zenk. Swinging neck-breaker from Eaton for two, Zenk avoids the suplex and tries an O’Connor roll for two. Backslide from Zenk for three.


Too much stop and start for me, they never really got cooking. The backslide and the way it was set up I thought the kick-out was coming for sure. Zenk lacks big-time in the charisma department so the whole sexiest wrestler thing makes me laugh because it feels like they just will not give up on the guy. His number was up for me when they took away Pillman, anything he gets now should be considered a bonus. I miss The Midnight but I know better days are around the corner for Eaton!


Winner: The Z-Man over Bobby Eaton via Backslide!


The Fabulous Freebirds vs Tommy Rich & Allen Iron Eagle

It continues without Ricky Morton, Hayes kicks and chops Hayes. Tag to Garvin, powerslam for Hayes and a knee-lift on Garvin. Scoop slam and Eagle tags into the match, whip to the buckle. Ten punches, chop to Hayes on the apron. Eye-rake by Garvin, Garvin clotheslines Eagle as Hayes come into the match. Running bulldog on Eagle, clothesline and chops by Hayes. Reverse chin-lock from Hayes, Eagle survives but doesn’t sell the stinging left so Hayes brings Eagle to the floor and roughs him up bad. Garvin is legal now, Hayes continues to club down Eagle. Garvin lands massive rights before Garvin misses a corner attack, Eagle stomps and brings in Hayes. Eye-rake on Eagle, Rich ten punches Hayes. Rich elbows Hayes to the floor before Hayes kicks the head of Eagle. Eagle suplexes Garvin, Rich is tagged in but the referee has missed the tag. Double DDT on Eagle and this match is over!


Eagle ballsed up his opportunities anyways, plenty of rough selling here and the match was nothing to write home about, the feud with Rich continues without the heat involving the injured leg of Gibson. Seems Freebirds and Rich are in some sort of purgatory.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over Tommy Rich & Allen Iron Eagle via Double DDT!


Sid Vicious vs Joey Maggs

Side headlock by Maggs who Sid throws off, two-handed choke toss from Sid. Clothesline from Sid, Maggs is battered with a clothesline and Powerbombed into oblivion for the win.


Winner: Sid Vicious over Joey Maggs via Powerbomb!


Ricky Morton vs Terry Taylor

Arm-drag from Morton, wristlock from Taylor. Hammerlocks are traded, arm-drags continue to frustrate Taylor. Lock-up and side headlock from Taylor, hip-toss from Taylor. Side headlock from Morton and a nice arm-drag followed by some nice Japanese arm-drags. Taylor is pissed, side headlock takedown by Morton which Taylor tries to roll out of but to no avail. Side headlock takedown from Morton, hammerlock from Taylor. Jaw-breaker from Morton, arm-drag into the arm-bar from Morton. Alexandra York comes down to ringside, neither men are happy before Taylor smashes Morton from behind. Clothesline and jaw-breaker from Taylor, back-breaker from Taylor for two. Double-arm suplex and knee-drop from Taylor, small package from Morton for two.


Taylor rakes the eyes and chokes Morton on the middle rope, York continues to do calculations at ringside. Taylor and Wallstreet as a potential tag team, good lord. Taylor lands a boot and a bulldog for a close two, Taylor climbs high but Morton blocks with his knees. Morton and Taylor slug it out, eye-rake from Taylor but Morton fires up with rights. Irish whip and back body-drop, whip to the buckle. Ten punches, Taylor wants an inverted atomic drop but Morton blocks and lands a suplex. Dropkick to the face, Taylor dodges the second dropkick with Morton landing on his own head and Taylor covers for the win.


Never got the hype about Taylor, this match does little to change that opinion. No heat to it until Taylor starts heeling it up, still not what we needed from these two. Hopefully, with the angle now established we can have something more between Taylor and Ricky Morton.


Winner: Terry Taylor over Ricky Morton via Cradle!


Ranger Ross vs El Cubano

Been a while since I saw Ranger Ross, I think I last saw him seven Clashes ago, that has to be at least a year or two? Scoop slams and a dropkick to the floor, Cubano runs before catching Ross with a knee after entering the ring. Snap-mare and knee drop from Cubano, arm-bar from Cubano. Ross reverses the hold, forearm before Cubano lands a drop toehold but Ross slips out for a hammerlock. Elbow by Cubano, arm-drag by Ross. Cubano counters with a suplex and climbs high, Ross dodges the splash. Kicks to the ribs, Cubano is ran to the floor. Cubano rakes the eyes on the floor, apron shoulder thrust and a sling-shot sunset flip for the win. SQUASH!


Winner: Ranger Ross over El Cubano via Sunset Flip!


Barry Windham & Arn Anderson vs The Renegade Warriors

We start hot with The Warriors clearing house, Windham without his long hair looks crazy, double chop to Windham who powders with Anderson to talk strategy. We reset with Windham and Mark, big tomahawk chops from Mark. Anderson comes in and gets rocked by right hands, Anderson backs to his corner. Tag to Chris, Anderson pushes Chris to the corner. Chris chops back at Anderson, Anderson is beyond frustrated at this point. A walk in the park this is not for The Horsemen! Drop toehold by Anderson who works the inside of the leg, Chris shoves off Anderson into the buckle and into the schoolboy for two. Windham comes in with Mark, Windham wants the test of strength before going for an eye-rake.


Knees to the face from Windham, Mark is rocked by Windham. Tag to Anderson, Mark tomahawks back into the match. Double chop on Anderson, Chris is in the ring now. Spinebuster from Anderson, tag to Windham. Supplex from Windham for two, DDT by Windham with Chris placing his foot on the ropes. Tag to Anderson, Anderson clamps on the front chancery. Mark is knocked off the apron, Mark chops Anderson who knocks into Chris. Both men down, inverted atomic drop by Anderson. Chris blocks the splash with his knees, tag to Mark. Big right hands to both Horsemen, chops and kicks. Pump kick to Anderson, Windham sends Mark to the floor. Chris fights but is knocked by Windham’s lariat. Superplex from Windham for the win.


Another squash, it’s draining me more and more with each match but I do love Anderson being back in WCW, shocking I have seen so little of Windham and Anderson on PPV despite being Horsemen.


Winners: The Horsemen over The Renegade Warriors via Superplex!


Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

Massive reaction for Pillman again, Pillman is certainly a star in WCW but the progress has been slow, Pillman needs a championship or a program that he can sink his teeth into. Test of strength with knees by Parker, Pillman bridges up and has the wristlock. Hip-toss and dropkick from Pillman, deep arm-drags from Pillman. Eye-rake from Parker, crucifix pin from Parker for two. Pillman clubs and fights, Parker fights back too. Scoop slam by Parker, Parker stalls on the ramp for no particular reason. Pillman dives onto Parker, Parker is back in the ring. Parker sends Pillman to the apron, Diving Crossbody for the win. SQUASH!


Winner: Flyin’ Brian Pillman over Buddy Lee Parker via Diving Crossbody!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Scott Steiner

Ric Flair defends his newly acquired WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Steiner, Steiner is one of WCW fastest rising stars with The Steiners regularly receiving some of the biggest reactions from the fans when performing in the ring. This should be a good test for Steiner to see if he can perform at the highest level. Flair talks massive amounts of trash before starting the match, posing at Flair before Steiner poses back and this pops the crowd.


Side headlock by Scott, shoulder block by the challenger. Clean break from the corner, Flair takes a fireman’s carry. Steiner takes the leg but Flair holds onto the ropes, side headlock again by Scott. Flair wants a shin-breaker but Flair has the top wristlock but Steiner is too strong. Flair scrambles to the ropes, sidewalk slam from Scott. Flair powders, Flair backs Scott to the corner. Forearms and chops to the chest, side headlock from Flair. Shoulder block by Flair, hip-toss and arm-drags from Scott. Clean break from the corner, side headlock into a hammerlock from Flair but Scott counters. Flair drop toeholds Scott but Scott squeezes out of the hammerlock so Flair powders again. Test of strength but Flair kicks down Steiner, Flair whips Steiner to the buckle. Steiner explodes out with a Steinerline, Flair powders. Suplex into the ring, ten punches in the corner. Inverted atomic drop counter from Flair, make it two. Steiner is tossed to the floor, slingshot sunset flip but Flair lands a right hand to counter.


Flair tries a roll-up with the feet on the ropes but Rick shoves off the ropes, Steiner lands a drop toehold into a figure four, Flair survives the hold and kicks Steiner low. Steiner ducks the clothesline but Flair lands the crossbody with both tumbling to the floor, shin-breaker on the floor. Flair has Steiner in the ring, Flair starts working the knee. Another shin-breaker from Flair, Figure Four Leg-Lock with ropes for leverage. Rick Steiner is trying to stop Flair from cheating, the referee watches Rick Steiner too. Referee Nick Patrick stops Flair, Flair reapplies the hold in the middle of the ring. Scott reverses the hold, hangman’s neck-breaker from Steiner.


Whip to the buckle with a Flair Flip, Flair collapses on the ringside area. Steiner lands a Steinerline near the announce table, Rick throws Flair in the ring. Flair is begging for mercy, Steiner reverses the figure four into a small package for two. Sleeper from Steiner, front chancery from Steiner. Steinerline to the floor, Flair comes back into the ring gaining control and almost rolls-up Steiner but it is not going to happen with Rick Steiner stopping Flair’s cheating ways. They go through various pin attempts, Tiger-Bomb from Steiner. Flair rolls to the floor, Steiner is happy to watch Flair walk around the ringside area when there is a minute left in the match. Flair begs for mercy, chop misses for Flair but Steiner lands a flying clothesline. Ten punches in the corner, Flair Flip and clothesline to Flair. Belly to belly suplex for a close two, we have a time-out!


Unfortunately it is not Luger vs Flair, Steiner does hit anything that  makes Steiner so much fun to watch, no military press slams, no powerslams. Not a thing that makes me want to get invested into this one, really disappointing main event on a show that needed a home-run to kick off the new era. Really poor finishing stretch with Steiner not even looking to finish the match with time running down, what is the logic there from Steiner? Just makes no sense, really had high hopes for these two together.


Time-Limit Draw!


WCW Clash of The Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite was another poor Clash from WCW, the calibre of the matches continue to drop as does the relevance or importance of anything that takes place on this show, no interactions between The Horsemen or Team Sting in the form of singles matches except for the world championship match, no idea who Doom are facing at the PPV, they mentioned a six-man championship but I don’t even know who is involved, it’s rather bizarre that the quality has come crashing down with each and every addition, I want to cover all of them but it’s becoming a more difficult task with terrible cards such as the ones I have seen in the last 3 additions that I have covered. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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