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WCW Capital Combat 1990 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is mor batshit insane than Nia Jax! It’s time for WCW Capital Combat 1990: The Return of Robocop! What? Robocop? Is this a movie? What is this PPV? We have a main event featuring Lex Luger vs Ric Flair again but this time in a cage while we also have Doom challenging for the Tag Team Championships held by The Steiners and some other interesting matches that make me a little confused but hey let’s give ti a shot!


The Road Warriors & Norman The Lunatic vs Kevin Sullivan/Cactus Jack/Bam Bam Bigelow W/ The Big Kahuna


Norman was feuding with Cactus but hey Bam Bam Bigelow is here and The Road Warriors, liking the presentation of the show in terms of the ring and the return of Schiavone but we have JR and Bob Caudle on commentary. Cactus and Animal start, Animal lands a powerslam and a boot before Hawk wipes out Cactus with a clothesline. In comes Bigelow, his attire is probably the worst I have ever seen. They lock-up with Bigelow shoving back Hawk, Hawk escapes and kicks and punches Bigelow. Bigelow eats a dropkick from Hawk, Sullivan wants in now. Hawk is in the heels’ corner but explodes out with a clothesline, in comes Cactus vs Norman.


Norman whips Cactus to the buckle, corner splash from Norman. Massive leg-drop from Norman, headbutt takes down Cactus. Norman wants Bigelow, I am not sure I want to see these two go at it. Animal comes in with a side headlock, Bigelow survives a shoulder block. Animal clotheslines Bigelow to the floor, Bigelow lands on his feet and throws a tantrum. Hawk comes in with Cactus, Cactus misses a clothesline and eats an apron clothesline from Hawk. Chop from Hawk, Cactus is whipped into the crowd. The steel steps from Hawk are thrown onto the back of Cactus, tag to Norman. Norman and Sullivan go at it, Norman has beaten two members of this team. Sullivan boots down Norman, double stomp to the chest.


Time to get the heat on Norman, headbutt and flying shoulder tackle. Bigelow and Sullivan put the boots to Norman, tag to Cactus. Left-arm clothesline and boot from Cactus, Cactus climbs high and lands a diving axe handle. Hot-shot from Cactus, tag to Sullivan. Stomps and chops from Sullivan, Bigelow lands a cheap-shot from ringside. Bigelow headbutts Norman, back body-drop from Bigelow. Falling headbutts from Bigelow, Cactus stomps on the head of Norman. Snap-mare into a knee-drop from Cactus, Norman reverses an Irish whip and punches Cactus. Tag to Animal, dropkick to Cactus. Shots to the other heels, flying shoulder tackle. Bigelow breaks it up and it’s a brawl time. Sullivan is wiped out with the Diving Clothesline for the win.


Nothing special, bizarre to see an act like The Road Warriors with someone like Norman. Bigelow should be a big act for WCW but I am not so sure, I didn’t know Bigelow was in WCW and I am guessing that Bigelow will not be around for too long in WCW. Finish is abrupt, feels like a nothing match when all was said and done. Not sure what Sullivan can do to turn things around in WCW.


Winners: Team Road Warriors over Team Sullivan via Diving Clothesline!


Mean Mark Callous W/ Teddy Long vs Johnny Ace


Part of The Skyscrapers vs part of The Dudes but I am guessing that the dudes are no more and maybe Skyscrapers are no more too. It does not matter all that much though as Mean Mark would be in The WWF by the end of the year. Ace lands two shoulder blocks and Callous does not move, massive clothesline by Callous. Dropkick by Ace, Callous is on the floor. Plancha from Ace, big forearms. Back in the ring, Callous works the arm. Ace reverses the hold, Callous backs Ace to the corner and lands a massive knee before Ace dodges a corner splash and lands a corner knee. Diving crossbody for two, arm-drag into an arm-bar from Ace. Callous lands a big right hand and kicks Ace to the floor, Teddy Long gets in some cheap shots behind the referee’s back.


Suplex from Callous, really nice suplex for two. Teddy Long comes through with another shot to the face, Ace is pissed. Callous takes advantage with a double axe handle, flying clothesline from Callous. Reverse chin-lock from Callous, Ace escapes but eats a leg drop for two. Small package from Ace for two, Callous stomps all over Ace. Callous avoids a dropkick, Callous covers for two. Ace begins to rally, whip to the buckle but Ace misses a corner slash. Wristlock and shot to the arm that hit the buckle off the missed splash, Callous wrenches the arm. Teddy Long gets involved once more, Ace comes back into it once more and lands a dropkick and a monkey flip. Ace climbs high, diving clothesline misses as Callous ducks. Heart Punch and a Diving Elbow Drop for the win.


Good God poor Johnny Ace is beyond dead in the water, everything he does the fans just boo the hell out of him. Nothing was going to help him, Callous was not bad here, plenty of potential and we will see how this kid does as time goes on but I would have cut about 4 to 5 minutes from this match.


Winner: Mean Mark Callous over Johnny Ace via Diving Elbow Drop!


The Samoan Swat Team vs Wildfire Tommy Rich & Captain Mike Rotunda


Rotunda as a babyface will always make me laugh, the man looks like a heel just let him be what he is damn it. And we have Wildfire Tommy Rich again who last time stank up the ring with some army gimmick guy that I can’t even remember. Also, they are no longer Wild Samoans? Where is Kahuna? Tama and Rich wrestle, Rich gets the upper hand so in comes Fatu. In comes Rotunda, Fatu wants a handshake. Lock-up, throat thrusts from Fatu. Rotunda lands a face-buster and two dropkicks, Rotunda lands shoulder blocks and dropkicks. Elbow on Tama, tag to Rich. Diving fist to the ribs, arm-wrench from Rich.


Powerslam from Tama, tag to Fatu. Fatu climbs high, diving headbutt misses with Fatu begging for mercy. Rich sends Fatu into the knee of Rotunda. Rotunda slaps on an arm-bar, Rich swaps with Rotunda. Fatu decks Tama by mistake, this happens every match. They hug it out now, Rich works the arm of Tama. Tag to Rotunda who lands a diving axe handle. Arm-bar from Rotunda, Tama cheap shots Rotunda and Rich, wishbone-split from The Samoans. Suplex by Fatu for two, Rotunda is sent to the floor. Thrust-kick from Tama, Fatu clotheslines Rotunda. Tama applies a shoulder-claw, Rich tags in but the referee was distracted. Rotunda is sent over the top rope, Fatu and Tama continue to destroy Rotunda.


Another thrust-kick wipes out Rotunda, Fatu applies a front chancery squeezing the life out of Rotunda. Rich wants in bad but Rotunda is fading fast, Rotunda cannot make the tag after escaping Fatu’s grasp so in comes Tama with a reverse chin-lock. A second missed tag spot and I am mentally wiped out at this point, this is brutal. Rotunda chops back at Tama, flying clothesline from Rotunda. Finally, Rich is in. Dropkick on Fatu, back body drop on Tama. Elbows all around, Rotunda dropkicks down Tama. Sleeper on Fatu by Rich, Tama lands a diving axe handle for the win.


Brutal tag team match, we all know that I hate Rotunda by this point. He bored me to death back in The Varsity Club Days so as a babyface who is in that for far too long, that was brutal. Rich was alright on the hot-tag but beyond that, just a chore to get through this match.


Winners: The Samoan Swat-Team over Team Rich via Diving Axe Handle!


(Hair vs Hair Match) Paul Ellering vs Theodore R. Long


Teddy goes all the way, head-gear and boxing gloves. Eye-rakes from Teddy Long, Ellering grabs Teddy by the throat. Saved by the referee, loaded punch from Ellering for two. Ellering tries taking on the glove, Irish whip and elbow to the face. Scoop slam from Ellering, Ellering has the glove. Teddy is waffled with the glove and this match is over, Teddy should be shaved. Teddy loses his hair, it's a great little moment.


Winner: Paul Ellering over Teddy Long via Loaded Glove!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman & The Z-Man ©


YES! My boys on back to back PPVs! You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment, we will have a decent match I have no doubts about that! Pillman and Zenk should do just fine, Zenk is hopefully improving because he’s the weak link of this match. Cornette is forced into the cage that he must stay in during the match, been a while since I saw this stipulation. Eaton and Pillman to start, clean break from Eaton. Lock-up again, push to the ropes. Beautiful right from Eaton, chops from Pillman. Pillman and Eaton wrestle around with Pillman landing dropkicks, scoop slams in stereo with Z-Man and monkey flips on The Midnight Express. Noggin-knocker and a sling-shot clothesline by the champions, good little sequence there.


Zenk and Lane are in, kicks from Lane. Drop-downs and leapfrogs before Zenk lands arm-drags, Lane dropkicks Eaton by mistake. Dropkick by Zenk, Lane is bounced around the champions. Cornette talks advice with Lane, Pillman is in there with Lane. Lane eats an arm-drag, Lane pokes the eye and tags Eaton who ends up in the arm-drag once more. Pillman has the arm but Eaton breaks free with a massive right, sunset flip with Pillman rolling through and surviving a monkey flip to deck Eaton with a dropkick. Babyfaces looking great thus far, Pillman arm-drags Lane. Tag to Zenk, throat thrust by Lane. Lane misses the elbow and Zenk arm-drags Lane.


Zenk sends Lane into Eaton with an atomic drop, Zenk lands an arm-drag on Eaton and works the wrist. Eaton pulls the hair for an advantage, Pillman swaps in with Zenk. Eaton sends Pillman to the floor, Eaton meets the buckle. Diving sunset flip for two, tag to Zenk who lands a back body-drop. Zenk back-drops Eaton to the floor, Lane is yanked in and eats a dropkick. Double hip-toss on Lane, the babyfaces are looking fantastic at this point. Zenk and Pillman work the arm of Eaton, axe handles on the arm. Eaton looks to Corny for advice, Eaton grabs the head of Pillman but nothing changes thus far. Eaton pulls the hair and Pillman shoves off some great strength and monkey flips Eaton before Pillman misses a clothesline.


Pillman lands on the floor and is drilled with a neck-breaker, Lane kicks Pillman off the apron onto the guardrail. Hot-shot and a clothesline from Lane, tag to Eaton. Snap-mare with a neck-breaker and elbow drop for two, Lane smacks Zenk before choking Pillman with the middle rope. Lane distracts the referee, Eaton chokes Pillman. Drop toehold into the elbow drop combination for two by the challengers, Lane lands his karate kicks to the ribs. Lane throws Pillman to the floor, Zenk is distracted once more. Lane hurls Pillman into the guardrail, Lane is caught in a sunset flip but Eaton distracts the referee, Pillman could have won the match. Eaton lands a scoop slam and goes high, diving elbow drop for two.


Eaton drags Pillman to his corner, Lane comes in and gets caught in a small package for two. Eaton comes back in, clubbing blows by Eaton and a tag to Lane. Forearm from Lane, scoop slam by Lane. I think on the diving elbow drop, Eaton busted open Pillman which is a nice little touch although not intended I believe. Eaton drills Pillman with rights, Pillman tries yanking Eaton off but Eaton lands a thumb to the eye. Alabama Jam by Eaton for two and a half, Pillman manages to powerslam Eaton and by God, Zenk gets the tag. Right hands by Zenk, Irish whip and back body-drop. Elbow for Lane, Sleeper on Lane. Lane escapes thanks to Eaton, Russian Leg-sweep and a Rocket Launcher for two.


Eaton whips Zenk to the buckle, Eaton misses the monkey flip. Pillman wants back in, Zenk lands his diving crossbody but Lane makes the save. Lane lands an enzuigiri to the back of the head and Eaton lands a small package for the win!


Woah, what was that finishing stretch? This was your typical Midnight match in the sense that it was awesome, you shine those babyfaces making them look like amazing wrestlers before you get the heat, Pillman does a great job as the babyface in peril. Eaton and Lane have great tag team manoeuvres and they pulverize Pillman before building to that hot-tag. Zenk’s hot-tag is as flat as possible, could not have been worse if I was being honest with you. The match is awesome up until the hot-tag, they build everything and the crowd is cooking and Zenk comes in and the finish happens and you are wondering why it didn’t just finish with The Rocket Launcher if the actual finish was going to be a small package. Great beginning and middle stretch with Pillman looking like a bigger star with every match, happy to see my boys take home the gold but finish was a little weak for my tastes.


Winners: The Midnight Express over Zenk & Pillman via Enzuigiri & Small Package!


(Corporal Punishment Match) The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Rock “N” Roll Express


Hayes stalls like always, slap from Gibson. Tag to Garvin, Garvin wants Morton. Morton comes in, Garvin is sent to the babyface corner. Garvin eats clotheslines and dropkicks from both. Lock-up, eye rake by Garvin. Back body drop and Garvin misses a shot with the strap and Garvin eats a clothesline and is whipped with the strap. Gibson and Garvin are in, side headlock from Gibson. Garvin shoves off, drop-down but Gibson lands a sunset flip for two. Morton comes in, Garvin is getting frustrated now. Garvin is caught in a side headlock, takedown from Morton. Gibson and Morton swap places, reverse chin-lock from Gibson. Hayes is irate as The Rock “N” Roll Express continue to wear down Garvin.


Garvin backs Morton to the corner, right hands by Garvin. Whip to the opposite buckle, Morton lands a figure four while Gibson does the same to Hayes. Hayes tags in and clubs Gibson, elbows to the head. Back elbow from Hayes who struts before a fist drop, Gibson is whipped with the strap. Gibson has a strap now, Hayes is not happy about this turn of events. Gibson beats both Freebirds around the ring, Garvin assumes control by dropping Gibson on the top rope. Garvin slams Gibson hard, knee-drop to the head. Two for Garvin, Gibson is sent to the floor before Hayes lands a stinging left-hand to Gibson. Morton is not happy, Garvin eats a kick to the face and in comes Morton.


Shots and eye-rake by Morton, O’Connor roll from Morton and Garvin shoves off Morton with Hayes landing that left to put down Morton. Reverse chin-lock from Garvin, Garvin decks Gibson while Hayes lands a double team with Garvin. Hayes comes in and lands the left with three elbow drops for two, reverse chin-lock from Hayes. Morton eats a massive bulldog from Hayes for two, Garvin comes in with a big stomp. Snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock, Morton escapes the hold but Garvin tosses Morton to the floor. Massive strap shot from Hayes, Hayes chokes Morton too. Scoop slam by Garvin in the ring, Garvin is climbing high. Morton pops up and yanks Garvin off the top rope. Hayes is in quick, Hayes is rammed off the buckle but manages an elbow to rock Morton.


Running bulldog is avoided by Morton, Gibson receives the hot-tag. Sleeper from Gibson, we have a brawl with Garvin sending Morton to the floor. Hayes clotheslines Gibson, Garvin kicks Morton in the head. Hayes lands the DDT on Gibson, Hayes struts around the ring. Hayes wants one more, Morton is on the top rope. Diving sunset flip for the win!


But Gibson was the legal man! What is this blatant abuse of the rules? Anyways, this was decent. Hayes is a master at stalling but can be entertaining in the right environment, the stipulation was a non-factor with little drama or excitement coming from the usage of the strap. Good tag team wrestling match, not great but good.


Winners: The Rock “N” Roll Express over The Fabulous Freebirds via Diving Sunset Flip!


(NWA World Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers © vs Doom W/ Teddy Long


Doom who were destroyed at Starrcade in the tag team tournament are challenging for the tag team championships, Scott to start with Simmons. Shoulder blocks, powerslam from Scott. Reed wants a piece but here comes Rick, we have a stand-off. Eye-rake from Simmons, big right hands. Whip to the buckle and German suplex from Scott, love that spot. Reed comes into the ring, Reed works the arm of Scott. Scott reverses the hold and works the arm of Reed, Reed is looking for a breather. Reed pushes Scott to the ropes, clubbing blows. Shoulder block with no movement, dropkick and a Steinerline for both members of Doom. In comes Rick, Reed rocks Rick with knees and clubbing blows.


Rick ducks a clothesline, Reed lands his own clothesline though. Rick is thrown to the floor, Irish whip and Rick clotheslines Reed. Reed meets the guardrail, Simmons is in there with Rick. Clubbing blows by Simmons, piledriver from Rick. Steinerline sends Simmons to the floor, Scott sends Simmons into the guardrail before we reset with Scott and Reed. Reed backs Scott to the corner, clean break from Reed. Reed misses a right hand, hip-toss from Scott. Scott sends Reed into the buckle and lands a shoulder-breaker for two. Reverse chin-lock from Scott, knee drops to the arm by Scott. Rick comes into the ring now, right hands by Rick. Reed sends Rick to the floor, Simmons lands a massive boot to the head.


Reed ducks his head off an Irish whip, massive kick to the face by Rick. In comes Scott who eats a massive knee to the face. Simmons chokes Scott and clubs the younger of The Steiner Brothers. Scott boots away Simmons but cannot make the tag as Reed comes down with a diving axe handle. Swinging neck-breaker from Reed for two, snap-mare into right hands by Reed. Scott is dumped to the floor, Reed chokes the life out of Scott. Scott counters the suplex and drills Reed, tag to Simmons who knees Scott to the floor. Simmons distracts Rick, Reed and Teddy Long batter Scott. Rope guillotine from Simmons before Scott lands an exploder suplex. Simmons waffles Scott with a clothesline for a close two, Reed boots Scott in the head.


Running bulldog by Reed for two, piledriver from Reed. Simmons lands a shoulder blocks, Scott lands a powerslam out of desperation. Simmons retaliates with a face-buster, Simmons eats a back body-drop from Scott. Frankensteiner and the tag to Rick is coming, Rick gets into the match. Steinerline on Reed, powerslam on Reed. Simmons makes the save, Scott sends Simmons to the floor. Double suplex on Reed, Simmons breaks up the pin. Scott is alone in the ring, middle rope clothesline from Doom. We have a brawl, Scott and Simmons are down on the floor. Scott meets the ring-post, Simmons drags Rick down with Reed on top, Doom steal the tag team championships from The Steiners!


Hard-hitting tag team match from two teams that bring the pain every night, this is a shock to me considering that I thought The Steiners would rule as tag team champions until the next big team came into the company but it was not meant to be, I love the way all these guys will just batter one another. Always looks great and sounds great as the fans react big to it too. Finish looks good too, it looks as if Reed squishes Rick and Simmons really drives him into the mat. Lots of potential here in The Steiners and Simmons, looking forward to seeing the continuation of the feud.


Winners: Doom over The Steiner Brothers!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match) Ric Flair © W/ Woman vs Lex Luger


The Thunderdome cage returns which is garbage looking and brings me bad memories because the thunderdome was rather boring when watching it back at Halloween Havoc. Importantly, Luger has a staph infection in reality on his knee which will impede and hamper him for this match. So, Flair has to work with an injured babyface in a cage for a main event of a match that we saw at the previous PPV while praying that Sting is ready for July.


Luger starts hot with big right hands, Flair sends Luger to the buckle. Luger clotheslines out of the corner, Luger suplexes Flair into the ring. Flair knees and elbows Luger, Luger responds with a military press slam. Flair powders again, Flair lures in Luger. Chops and right hands but no effect, Luger hip-tosses Flair and lands a clothesline. Flair is trying to climb away from Luger, Flair kicks Luger in the face. Flair goes after the knee of Luger, massive chops. Snap-mare into a knee-drop. Suplex with no effect, Luger lands another clothesline. Ten Punches, Flair flip into a clothesline and the champion is down once more. Flair climbs the Thunderdome cage. Luger drags him down and bounces him off the cage wall. Flair climbs again, Luger stops Flair once more. Flair is rocked, Luger is in complete control.


Ring-post goes Flair, Flair blades because you know what time it is brother. Ten punches in the corner again, clothesline by Luger who blocked the inverted atomic drop. Two for Luger, Flair is climbing high on the cage. Luger bounces Flair off the cage repeatedly, Flair flops down to the ground. Flair chops back at Luger, Flair is sent into the cage again. Luger is screaming and posing, Flair’s chops do little to dent Luger. A shoulder block does not work for Flair, Flair meets the buckle. Luger scoops up Flair, superplex from Luger. Luger’s leg buckles off the superplex, Flair zeroes in on the leg. Chops and stomps to the knee of Luger, Luger does flips around the ring as Flair knee-drops onto the knee. Flair continues working the leg, Flair drills Luger with a belly to back suplex. Figure Four Leg-Lock with the ropes for leverage, Luger survives but The Horsemen come to ringside. Luger begins drilling Flair with clotheslines, three of them knock down Flair. The Horseman are trying to get inside the cage, Luger is going for ten punches on Flair again. Whip to the buckle and massive clothesline for two, Ole Anderson is freaking out at ringside while Arn is trying to get inside that ring.


Military press slam from Luger, Flair is down while Sting is here. Right hands to Arn and Ole, Sid stands around. Wait who is this? El Gigante is here! He’s bigger than Sid! Gigante scares away The Horsemen, Luger lands a powerslam and Barry Windham is in the ring and Windham knees Luger in the spine. We have a DQ in a cage match???????? FUCK This Company!


So they were hamstringed anyways with Sting not being able to capture the championship and now Luger had a staph infection that they worked into the actual match but obviously, it hurts the quality of the match when they had a great match the previous PPV and with the main event pool being so limited in the company, it’s Luger until Sting is ready for Flair. The blade job is mighty impressive from Flair but the Thunderdome cage for all its size, is not very menacing and hardly used during the course of the match, Flair tries to climb up it more than ram Luger’s head  into it. We also have the debut of Gigante which was largely a waste of time much like the man’s career so starting strong I suppose, will he be injected into big matches with The Horsemen? I hope not! Anyways, this was fine albeit they are painted into a corner for 2 PPVs and this one is much more irritating because a DQ in a cage match is utterly shameful.


Winner: Lex Luger over Ric Flair via DQ!


WCW’s Capital Combat 1990 is a disappointing PPV from WCW, we kick off with a six-man tag team match that is really bizarre, I can’t put it together in my head that I saw The Road Warriors teaming with a comedy act like Norman, you have a free agent in Bigelow there too and it’s just uninteresting to watch. We have Mean Mark vs Johnny Ace on PPV, not on Clash but on PPV. Both men are relatively unestablished as acts, Ace is a terrible babyface due to his negative reaction with the fans so they do the best they can but it feels right at home on an episode of Worldwide or The Power Hour. Things do not get much better with BABYFACE MIKE ROTUNDA and Tommy Wildfire Rich lighting up my screen against The Samoans, we continue to where we have a very entertaining Midnight Express vs Pillman & Zenk tag team match that kicks all sorts of ass, the finish is weak considering what was done to establish the babyfaces as great, seems odd in the grand stretch of things but my boys are champions and the match was great. Freebirds and Rock “N” Roll was alright, Hayes and his stalling can get on your nerves the longer it goes. Doom and Steiners is solid, big hits and a finish that is shocking but needed for the team of Doom, this could take them to the next level. Robocop and Sting is cheesy garbage, if that is your thing, it won’t offend you with how silly it is. I don’t have a problem with it and then we have the main event. Hampered by a small main event scene and an injured challenger but Flair puts on a show. Not as good as their previous encounter and bordering on stale despite Luger’s recent face turn but still enjoyable despite the terrible finish. WCW chugs forward and I have questions regarding the main event: What happens when Sting ascends?  What heels do we have for him? Sid? Barry Windham? Flair rematch? Guess we will see! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!


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