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WCW Wrestlewar 1990 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that makes less sense than The Canadian Destroyer! It’s time for WCW Wrestle War 1990 with a little rap intro telling us it’s time for The Wild Thing! This card is chocked full of Tag Team matches, I am quite intimidated if I am being honest because there is a lot to cover here. First, Sting is out and we have Luger vs Flair which was not the plan and it could be a case of Batista chasing Edge here for a modern day comparison as it looks like Luger is going to come up short once more against Flair as the plan will be for Sting vs Flair and nothing will come between that. We have the return of the United States Tag Team Belts as Z-Man and Pillman battle The Fabulous Freebirds, we have a Street Fight between The Road Warriors and The Skyscrapers, The Rock N Roll Express are back against The Midnight Express and The Steiners defend their tag team championships! Let’s get it on!


Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer vs The Dynamic Dudes

Oh The Dudes are still a thing, that’s cool. Seemed like they were dead in the water after Cornette turned on them, Sawyer and Sullivan are crazy so they naturally gravitate towards one another. Ace and Sawyer to start, clean break? Yes we do, side headlock by Sawyer. Shoulder block, Ace leapfrogs and monkey flips Sawyer who is drop-kicked to the floor. Ace dives to the floor as Sullivan and Douglas brawl briefly, we swap to Douglas and Sullivan. Douglas has the arm, Ace lands a diving fist to the arm. Sullivan pushes Ace to the heels’ corner, Ace escapes the trap as the heels are getting mad with one another. Sawyer is not happy, arm-bar. Chest slap from Sawyer, Ace dodges the corner spear as Sawyer hits the post.


Eye poke on Douglas, Sullivan comes in and is arm-dragged. Douglas is pulled to the floor, Sawyer lands a suplex on the floor. Sawyer works the back as Sullivan distracts the referee, Sawyer lands a belly to belly suplex for two. Gut-wrench suplex for two, Sullivan comes in and clubs Douglas. Sunset flip by Douglas for two, Sullivan holds the leg so Sawyer can come in and work the back. Sawyer bites Douglas, bearhug from Sawyer. Douglas lands massive rights before Sawyer clubs the back, Sullivan comes in and boots Douglas in the face. Cheap-shot to Ace, Douglas is tossed to the floor.


Sawyer stomps all over the back of Douglas, bearhug by Sullivan. Douglas clubs away but is brought to the heels’ corner. In comes Sawyer, Douglas escapes and Ace runs wild. Dropkicks and scoop slams, dropkick by Douglas on Sullivan. Ace dropkicks Sawyer, flying head-scissors is blocked before Sawyer suplexes Ace. Sawyer connects with The Bald Eagle for the win!


Jam Sandwich! That was decent, could have been worse. I like Sawyer and Sullivan as a team, vicious and cruel. I can get behind that, the one time where we have Douglas as the babyface in peril which I am a fan of considering he is the smaller of the two and neither man is truly standing out if I am honest, I think its time for The Dudes to pack it in.


Winners: Buzz Sawyer & Kevin Sullivan over The Dynamic Dudes via Jam Sandwich!


Cactus Jack Manson vs Norman The Lunatic

Cactus jumps Norman, elbow for two. Norman presses Cactus to the floor, Cactus is not happy with this turn of events. Right hands in the ring, bouncing off the buckle does not work as Norman pops up and headbutts Cactus. Hard Irish whip to the buckle and elbow to the face, bearhug from Norman. Another whip to the buckle, then the opposite before Cactus falls to the floor. Norman is in hot pursuit, Cactus rakes the eyes. Norman back-drops Cactus to the concrete, that was a nasty bump. Headbutt from Norman, Cactus sends Norman shoulder-first into the ring-post. Cactus comes off the apron with a dropkick to waffle Norman. Elbow to the head and a knee to the ribs from Cactus, Cactus continues roughing up Norman.


Cactus bites the head of Norman, reverse chin-lock from Cactus. Knees to the back from Cactus, headbutts stagger Cactus as Norman has the harder head. Headbutts from Norman, clubbing blows in the corner. Cactus whips Norman, kick to the groin with no DQ for two. Reverse chin-lock again, Norman escapes with a belly to back suplex. Norman misses a splash as Cactus bites the head of Norman. Rope choke, knee to the back and more biting. Cactus goes again, Norman avoids the rope attack. Clubbing blows and a back body-drop from Norman, eye rake from Cactus. Piledriver from Cactus, Norman reverses and sits on Cactus and this match is over.


This went about 5 minutes too long, I really don’t want to see these two fight for longer than 5 minutes and Cactus is a fool for taking that bump to the concrete and it not leading to the finish, why would you do that to yourself?


Winner: Norman The Lunatic over Cactus Jack via Splash!


The Rock “N” Roll Express vs The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette

Oh how I have missed my boys Eaton and Lane, I have also missed Gibson & Morton. The feud of the mid-80s when it came to the tag teams in wrestling, Cornette looks all pumped up because he knows this shit is going to be good. Lane to start with Gibson, Gibson looks bigger and noticeably older, never was one for a good body though so I will just let the wrestling do the talking. Hip-toss by Gibson and then one by Lane, side headlock by Gibson. Shoulder block rocks Lane, Lane complains he was punched in the face by Gibson. Shoulder block again, fist-drop as Lane tried the monkey flip. Lane and Cornette are not happy with the officiating of Nick Patrick. Cornette wants a piece of Nick Patrick, damn Cornette got fat in a few years. Cornette chickens out at the last minute as Patrick had him, crowd loves all of it.


Morton works the arm of Lane, Lane eats an atomic drop as The Midnight Express collide in the ring. Lane and Eaton are mad with one another, Cornette plays peacemaker. Morton is backed to the ropes, mean rights from Lane. Scoop slam and tag to Eaton who runs into arm-drags. Test of strength, Morton walks up Eaton to wipe-out Lane while Gibson attacks Eaton. Lane wants a fist-fight, Lane cowers in the ropes before Morton kicks Lane in the ass. Eaton comes in now, Cornette trips up Morton. Morton goes after Cornette another noggin-knocker and Cornette is decked too. All Rock “N” Roll Express so far, Eaton lands a massive right to Gibson. Blind-tag to Morton, double back body-drop, clothesline to Lane and clothesline to the floor on Eaton.


Eaton and Gibson reset, knee from Eaton. Tag to Lane, Gibson escapes from the corner and they pepper Lane, in comes Morton for a double elbow. Lane goes low and sends Morton to the floor, Lane meets the ring-post as Morton blocks the post. Morton is backed to the corner, Eaton lands a massive right. They are trading blows, Eaton and Morton go to the floor off a crossbody but Morton’s arm is hurt. Lane slams Morton on the floor as the referee is with Gibson, back-breaker from Eaton and a choke-hold on Morton. Tag to Lane, slingshot-splash from Lane. Eaton rakes at the face and Cornette hits Morton with the racket. Lane lands a kick to the ribs and head, tag to Eaton. Drop toehold and an elbow drop, suplex for two by Eaton.


Lane is legal now, powerslam for two. Gibson had to make the save, Morton is cut off from the tag. Gibson is hot, Eaton drops Morton on the guardrail. Morton manages to send Eaton into the ring-post but Lane is still in control in the ring. Lane is caught in a sunset flip but Cornette had the referee, Lane chokes Morton after a kick from Eaton. Lane is caught with an O’Connor roll but Eaton had blind-tagged in with a neck-breaker. Eaton knees Morton before tagging Lane who steps all over Morton, Irish whip but Lane ducks his head off an Irish whip. Kick by Morton, Lane tags Eaton. Single arm DDT by Eaton who works the arm in a hammerlock. Thrust by Lane, camel clutch variation from Lane. Morton fires up, eye-rake from Lane. In comes Eaton, Morton fights back but Eaton is in control.


Scoop slam from Eaton, Eaton climbs high. Diving elbow drop from Eaton for two, Gibson makes the save again. Lane works the ribs with kicks, Morton’s arm is stretched over the top rope, Cornette gets another racket shot in on Morton. Arm-bar from Lane, Morton escapes but those kicks are too much. Eaton hammerlock throws the arm of Morton into the ring-post. Another single arm DDT, Morton manages to wriggle free out of the hammerlock and Eaton collides heads with Morton. Lane is in now, sidewalk slam from Lane. Tag to Eaton, Rocket Launcher but Morton dodges with the knees. Tag to Gibson who pummels both Eaton and Lane. Back body-drops, scoop slams and dropkicks.


Corner sunset flip, Lane saves Eaton. We have a breakdown as Cornette waffles Gibson in the spine with the racket for a close two, great facials from Cornette at ringside. Gibson survives a double flapjack as Morton tackles Eaton and Gibson rolls up Lane for the finish.


Great tag team match, this went twenty plus minutes and it was a breeze. So much good psychology, so many awesome spots in the match with Cornette and everyone involved using everything including the kitchen sink in terms of their spots. Shame it would be the last time on PPV we would see all of these together because I am quite scared that no other tag team match on this card will top what I just saw, much love to all 4 involved because it was fantastic. Can’t say enough about it from Eaton and Lane’s great heel work, the tactics of Cornette at ringside and Morton’s sell.


Winners: The Rock “N” Roll Express over The Midnight Express via Small Package!


(Chicago Street Fight Match) The Skyscrapers vs The Road Warriors

We start with Ellering decking Teddy Long, we have big flying shoulder tackles and clotheslines all around. Big boots and clotheslines all around, very physical here. We will see weapons? Fist drop by Hawk, I forgot to mention we have a Masked Skyscraper as Danny Spivey left for AJPW, that was a shame for Baba because Spivey sucks. Doom come to ringside, clotheslines by Hawk to save Animal. Callous is sent to the floor and eats a massive apron clothesline. Dropkick by Hawk, Callous and Hawk brawl on the floor as The Masked Skyscraper brawls with Animal. Hawk sends Callous to the floor while The Masked Skyscraper eats a Doomsday Device!


Pretty boring Street Fight considering who we had in the ring, no weapons either but this sets up Doom vs The Road Warriors which might be a bit more watchable considering that Simmons and Reed can work compared to The Skyscrapers. Skyscrapers consisting of Sid and Taker would have been interesting but just did not work out that way.


Winners: The Road Warriors over The Skyscrapers via Doomsday Device!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) The Fabulous Freebirds vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman & The Z-Man ©

Well looks like they want to do something with Pillman and Zenk, good to see for them while The Fabulous Freebirds are exactly where they should be, fighting for the secondary tag team titles. Zenk and Pillman land double back body-drops while stealing the jackets of The Freebirds. I forgot how much Hayes stalls, the man is a true professional. Hayes and Pillman start, chops by Pillman. Whip to the buckle and clothesline, in comes Garvin and Zenk. Garvin takes the back but Zenk is too quick, shoulder block and stalling. Lock-up and side headlock from Zenk, hip-toss and dropkicks by Zenk. Garvin avoids the second, Zenk kicks Garvin in the head. Tag to Pillman, side headlock by Pillman.


Shoulder block by Pillman, crucifix from Pillman for two. Hayes comes in, raking the eyes and clubbing Pillman. Pillman bounces Hayes off the buckle, eye poke by Hayes. Pillman sends Hayes to the buckle, diving crossbody for two. Hayes gets caught in the sunset flip for two, arm-drags into the arm-bar by Pillman. Zenk comes in and lands a diving axe handle before working the arm of Hayes with a Fujiwara arm-bar. Hayes escapes and lands a clothesline, tag to Garvin who elbows and attacks Zenk. Arm-drag from Zenk, Garvin pulls the hair of Zenk to apply a head-scissors but Zenk escapes and tags in Pillman. Crowd pops, someone must be getting killed by security at ringside.


Garvin grabs the hair to back Pillman into the corner, Pillman escapes and lands a big knee. Garvin brings Pillman to his corner, Hayes is legal and applies a sleeper. Pillman elbows his way out of the hold, big chop to the chest before Hayes lands a stinging left to rock Pillman. Diving crossbody but Pillman rolls through for two, tag to Garvin. Double elbow for two, knee to the ribs from Garvin. Pillman fires up on Hayes, snap-mare by Hayes who gets sent into the mat. More chops by Pillman, Pillman lowers his head off an Irish whip so Hayes is back in control, tag to Garvin. Both men bang heads after drop-downs, tag to Zenk.


Dropkick on Garvin, scoop slam on Garvin. Irish whip but Garvin boots Zenk in the head, tag to Hayes. Hayes is sent to the buckle, ten punches by Zenk. Sleeper by Zenk or The Z-Lock! Garvin lands an axe handle to the back of the head, Hayes covers for two. Zenk and Hayes brawl on the floor, clubbing blows by Hayes. Zenk meets the ring-post, snap-mare into a chin-lock by Garvin. Garvin rakes and rakes at the face of Zenk, Hayes swaps with Garvin and applies the chin-lock. Powerslam by Zenk, elbow drop misses as Hayes dodges the manoeuvre. Small package by Zenk for two, in comes Garvin. Big kick by Garvin, knee to the head for two. Tag to Hayes who applies another chin-lock, Hayes says “He ain’t going nowhere!”.


Zenk escapes but cannot make the tag, Garvin stomps all over Zenk. More chin-locks, can we try something different? Shot to Pillman who is irate, diving axe handle by Hayes for two. Running bulldog by Hayes with Pillman making he save, Hayes lowers his head off an Irish whip and Zenk lands a DDT. Tag to Pillman with Garvin screaming for mercy, back body-drops and dropkicks. Pillman dropkicks everyone in sight, the match breaks down and Pillman lands a double clothesline. Zenk goes to the floor with Hayes, eye rake by Garvin. Hayes has the championship, Pillman is sent into the cameraman. Garvin wants a DDT on Zenk but Pillman lands The Diving Crossbody for the win! The Freebirds nail bulldogs and DDTs after the match to get their heat back.


The opposite of earlier tag match as this was just nowhere near the level of the first match. The first ten minutes or so go nowhere as we simply reset with the heat on Zenk. By that time, the chin-locks are offensive in the sense that is the only move they continue to use throughout. Garvin and Hayes are mildly entertaining when stalling and such but I do not need a twenty-three minute match of The Fabulous Freebirds. Glad to see a continued push for Pillman, the guy is a star but to be dragged down by Zenk is a cruel fate but at least when Pillman is in there doing his thing, I am paying attention.


Winners: Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk over The Fabulous Freebirds via Diving Crossbody!


(NWA Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers © vs The Minnesota Wrecking Crew

Scott to start with Arn, Rick peppers Arn when Arn rolls to the floor. Two-handed choke toss by Scott, ten punches in the corner as Rick takes down Ole. Arn takes down Scott, Scott blocks the knee and atomic drops Arn who meets the boot of Rick. Ole is bounced around and slammed by Scott and Rick, Ole and Scott to start now. Ole wants to sucker in Scott, Scott pulls down the leg of Ole. Ole wants a timeout, not happy with Rick’s aggressive style. Rick is pacing back and forth, lock-up with Rick being sent to the heels’ corner. Rights to Ole and Arn, everyone is brawling with the champions winning that war again. Ole works the arm on the reset, tag to Arn. Rick escapes again, Rick has the side headlock on Arn.


Powerslam from Rick, two for Rick. Arn is begging for mercy, Ole tries the sneak attack but that will not work. Arn lures in Rick and lands a knee-drop, Arn is caught on the top rope and powders. Ole and Scott now legal, clubbing blows to the arm by Ole. Using the ropes for leverage, Scott fights back with his free arm. Arn takes over and works the arm, Scott lands an inverted atomic drop. Figure four leg-lock by Scott, Rick decks Ole but Ole did the damage with the boot to Scott first. Scott exploder suplexes Ole getting sick of his arm-work. Knee to the chest for two, tag to Rick. Ole brings Rick to the corner, The Andersons knock Rick into the buckle. Suplex does not work for Arn as Rick reverses for a sickening suplex. Arn holds onto Rick so Ole can come in, bouncing Rick’s head off the buckle does nothing.


Low kick and knee-lift to maintain control, tag to Arn. Rick has his arm worked over by The Andersons, scoop slam for two. Scott comes in and knees Arn, elbow to the face. They are on the floor, Scott misses a clothesline decks the ring-post. Arn works the arm as law would dictate, clubbing blows from Ole onto the arm and head. Hammerlock throw into the guardrail, hammerlock scoop slam from Arn. Arm-bar from Arn, Frankensteiner from Scott to take down Arn. Ole tags in but so does Rick, Rick clubs Ole. Steinerlines all around, Arn attacks Rick in the back. Boot to Arn and a small package to Ole for the win.


I wanted more, that’s the finish? I wanted/expected more considering how entertaining Arn can be inside that ring, they put over The Steiners strong in the beginning and the heat segment on Scott is good too. The big pay-off and that tremendous finish never comes though, Rick comes in and we have a small package for the win. Disappointing for something that could have been really good.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over The Andersons via Small Package!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Lex Luger

Sting is here to support Luger, Luger is still United States Heavyweight Champion. Woman is here with Flair, I am all for that while Luger wants to decimate Flair. Luger was heel in the leadup to the show being turned face as a solution to the Sting problem. This starts like their previous clash and Starrcade match, Luger out-wrestles Flair and shoves him down. Flair is pissed like usual, lock-up and side headlock. Luger powers down Flair after a top wristlock, test of strength with Luger taking down Flair. Flair powders, Luger laughs along with Flair’s theatrics. Flair kicks Luger in the ribs, whip to the buckle and Luger explodes out with a clothesline. Woman and Flair say screw it but Luger gives chase and brings Flair back to the ring. Hot-shot by Flair, no effect on Luger who poses and scares Flair.


Military press by Luger, you would swear we went back in time. Flair lands a kick, shoulder block but Luger drops-down and leapfrogs before a gigantic military press slam. Flair is down, Flair is in the ropes. Flair chops at Luger, Luger marches forward with another military press slam. Flair begs for mercy again, bearhug from Luger. Flair survives but begs for more mercy, more ten punches from Luger in the corner. Flair flop, Woman is concerned. Flair continues to beg, hip-toss but Flair ducks the clothesline and Luger sails over the top rope to the floor. Flair chops Luger on the floor, Luger is on the apron and is dragged into the ring. A chop floors Luger, Luger is sent to the floor again.


Woman is on the apron, Flair slams Luger off the guardrail. Massive chop from Flair, measured right hand to Luger. Another hot-shot decks Luger, snap-mare into a knee-drop from Flair. Snap-mare into another knee-drop on Luger for two, Luger presses up with strength. Chops by Flair, Flair fights off Luger’s right hands and works the arm with a hammerlock. Flair uses the ropes for leverage to do the damage to Luger’s arm, Flair chops Luger some more and hurts that arm. Luger cannot stop Flair working the arm, a desperation clothesline breaks Flair’s control. Eye-poke by Flair, Flair chokes Luger with the middle rope before Woman smacks Luger. Hammerlock from Flair, Luger escapes but eats a boot in the process while Woman attacks Luger behind the referee’s back.


Another arm-wrench into a hammerlock, nice knee-drop with the ropes for leverage for two. Arm-wrench again with Luger grabbing Flair by the throat, Luger has snapped. Irish whip with a Flair flip, Flair is on the floor and the chops have no effect. Woman looks concerned as Flair begs for mercy, sleeper from Luger. Luger is caught with a belly to back suplex, Flair is on the apron. Flair wants a suplex to the floor, Luger blocks and suplexes Flair into the ring. Luger drags Flair to the corner, Luger sends the leg of Flair into the ring-post. Flair writhes around in pain, Flair is begging for mercy. Flair is yanked to the middle of the ring, Luger’s figure four looks like ass and Flair pulls out of that.


Flair is limping, Flair kicks the leg of Luger. Chop in the corner, shoulder block and both men are down. Powerslam from Luger for two, chops from Flair and a massive forearm have no effect. It’s time for Flair to pay, Flair is on the floor and pokes Luger in the eye. Hip-toss does not work for Flair, backslide from Luger for two. Ten punches in the corner, inverted atomic drop counter by Flair. Flair climbs high and lands an axe handle, Flair climbs up again and connects again for two. Butterfly suplex from Flair for two, sleeper by Flair. Luger escapes, schoolboy by Flair for two. Clothesline by Luger for two, Luger misses an elbow drop. Chop from Flair, shin-breaker and it looks like it is time to go into the formula.


Another shin-breaker, Luger is scrambling. Flair drops all his weight on the leg of Luger. Flair grabs the leg and pulls Luger into the middle of the ring, knee-drop to the leg. Figure Four Leg-Lock with the ropes for leverage, Luger is in serious trouble. Flair is caught as Luger reverses the hold, Sting is cheering on Luger at ringside. Sting wants Luger to kick his ass, Sting slaps Luger. Flair’s chops have no effect, Flair is on the floor again. Luger is sent into the guardrail but shakes it off, military press slam by Luger. Eye-poke by Flair, Flair is caught on the top rope, Luger yanks him down. Clotheslines by Luger, Flair is clotheslined to the floor.


Luger says come on, it’s time for The Rack. Apron suplex into the ring, Flair is in all sorts of trouble. Two for Luger, Luger drills Flair with a powerslam. Two for Luger, Woman attacks Luger. Luger pulls up Woman, Flair knees down Luger and the referee. The chops do not work, ten punches again by Luger. Whip to the opposite buckle with Flair flip and a clothesline that drills Flair coming off the top rope. Superplex from Luger, cover with no referee. Arn and Ole come down, Luger knocks them down. Torture Rack from Luger, The Andersons wisely decide to attack Sting. Luger has to save his friend Sting but Luger loses track of the referee’s count and Flair survives due to a count-out!


What a fucking match, this is great on all levels. Luger and Flair do the Flair formula with a hot crowd, that will always deliver. Flair is on fire in this one, making Luger look like a God on this night. Luger’s firing up is pure poetry in motion, Sting cheering on his friend is tremendous and Luger having to sacrifice his championship moment to save Sting could lead to long-term angles down the line but boy was this good. I love the sinister look on Ole’s face as he thinks I am going to kill Sting. It’s perfect, Sting’s hobble too is all 100%. Just great wrestling all around here, it hurts to see Luger fall short again and there is only so many times that can happen but it was still such a great wrestling match.


Winner: Ric Flair over Lex Luger via Count-Out!


WCW’s WrestleWar 1990 may have been booked on the fly when it comes to the main event but it delivers a lot of fun on a card stacked with tag team matches. The opening tag match should be the nail in the coffin for the dudes, they have been beaten and never had a PPV rematch with The Midnight who have thankfully moved onto bigger things so they seem to be dead in the water which sucks for two young talents but it’s nice to see Sullivan have some steam after being in limbo following the death of The Varsity Club. Norman vs Cactus is atrocious and should be forgotten like the previous Norman match, not sure why Cactus wasn’t going over but then again, it’s WCW so why the hell not right? Rock “N” Roll vs Midnight kicks all sorts of ass, no wasted motion and twenty three minutes flew by, it was incredible from start to end. Chicago Street Fight is the tamest street fight I have ever seen in my life, nothing more than an angle to setup Doom vs Road Warriors when this should have been a blow-off spectacle. Steiners vs Andersons is good in parts but the finish is a little flat, leaving much to be desired while the main event is ridiculous. Terrific stuff from beginning to end, a finish that may be frustrating for some but Luger is still pretty hot and if they wanted to pull that trigger, they could but they are saving it for The Stinger. 2 fantastic matches on this card that you would want to see and nothing that insults you for watching except Norman vs Cactus so check out WrestleWar 1990! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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